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Acceptance Accountants Comfort Letter
Accounting Income Taxes Accounting Matters
Accounting Preexisting Relationships Between Parties Business Combination Accounting Standards Codification
Accounting Standards Recently Issued Not Yet Adopted Accounting Stock-based Compensation
Accreditation Licensing Acquisitions
Acquisitions Investments Affiliates Loans Actions Against Parties Notification
Additional Documents Additional Information Find
Additional Paid-in Capital Adjustment Investment Experience
Administration Administration Eligible Employees
Administration Plan Administrative Agent
Advertising Advertising Funds
Affiliated Ownership Interests Aggregate Number Shares
Agreement Agreement Commitment Regis Subsidiary Foregoing
Agreement Enforce Preserve Respective Rights Separation Full Extent Agreement Plan Merger
Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Substantive Laws State Agreements Paid
Alberto-culver Alberto-culver Group Member Spinco Indebtedness Incurred Connection Financing
Algue Algue Jld International
Alternative Debt Financing Amended Restated Employment Deferred Compensation Agreement
Amended Restated Notes Amendment
Amendment Compensation Non-competition Agreement Amendment Employer
Amendment Modification Amendment Termination Plan
Amendments Accounting Variable Interest Entities Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Analysis Income Tax Expense Annual Incentive Bonus Compensation
Annual Incentive Compensation Decisions 2007 Annual Incentive Compensation Decisions 2008
Annual Incentive Compensation Decisions 2010 Annual Meeting Shareholders 2006
Annual Meeting Shareholders 2007 Annual Meeting Shareholders 2008
Annual Meeting Shareholders 2009 Annual Report Shareholders Form 10-k
Appointment Approval Listing
Artal Artal Group
Artal Services Asset Impairment Assessments
Assets Liabilities Measured Fair Value Nonrecurring Basis Assets Liabilities Measured Fair Value Recurring Basis
Assignment Associates
Audit Committee Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures
Audit Committee Report Audit Fees
Audit Related Fees Authority Conflicts
Authorized Shares Designation Preferred Class Available Information
Awards Background
Bank Counterparties Barbers Hairstyling Men Women
Bas Base Salary
Base Salary Decisions 2007 Base Salary Decisions 2008
Base Salary Decisions 2009 2010 Basic Plan Document
Basis Preparation Basis Presentation Interim Condensed Consolidated Financial Information Summary
Basis Presentation Interim Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Summary Beauty School Acquisition Growth
Beauty School Business Beauty School Growth Opportunities
Beauty School Operating Income Beauty School Organic Growth
Beauty Schools Support Growth Objectives Ability Maintain Satisfactory Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Benefits Blue Sky Qualifications
Board Directors Recommends Vote Each Director Nominees Proposals Board Directors Regis Corporation
Board Meetings Attendance Borrowing Notices Payments Dollars
Borrowing Notices Payments Offshore Currencies Bridge Commitment Letter Project Pie
Bridge Facility Bring-down Comfort Letter
Business After Date Following Employees Separation Service Within Business Combinations
Business Combinations-goodwill Business Description
Business Industry Affected Cyclical Global Economic Factors Including Business Means Banks Not Required Authorized Close City
Capital Structure Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Hedges Cause
Centralized Control Over Salon Operations Ceo Cfo Certifications
Certain Pre-merger Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Terms Provisions Convertible Notes Recently Issued Adversely Certificates Ownership Shares
Certification Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Certification Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Cessation Resumption Participation Following Change Status Change Control
Change Control Distributions Change Control Employment Termination
Change Control Provisions Changes Fashion Trends Impact Revenue
Changes General Economic Environment Impact Business Results Operations Changes Interest Rates Foreign Currency Exchange Impact Results
Changes Internal Controls Changes Key Relationships Adversely Affect Operating Results
Changes Manufacturers Choice Distribution Channels Negatively Affect Revenues Changes Regulatory Statutory Laws Result Increased Costs Business
Check Claims Review Procedures
Closing Date Closing Deliveries
Code Code Business Conduct Ethics
Commitment Letter Committee Considerations
Committees Board Common Stock Par Value Per Share
Communication Participants Communications Board
Company-owned Revenue Recognition Deferred Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Committee Report Executive
Compensation Committee Responsibilities Compensation Directors
Compensation Discussion Analysis Compensation Expenses
Compensation Philosophy Compliance Regis Terms Conditions Agreement Ancillary Agreements
Compliance Securities Regulations Requests Payment Filing Fees Comprehensive Income
Conditions Closing Conditions Empires Obligations
Conditions Precedent Conditions Purchase Option Securities
Conditions Regis Obligations Confidentiality
Connection Purchase Offer Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consideration Received Vendors Consolidated Financial Statements Statement Schedule
Consolidated Results Operations Consolidation
Consolidation Merger Sale Assets Constant Currency Presentation
Consulting Agreement Consulting Services
Contingencies Continue Negative Same Store Sales Business Results Operations
Continue Negative Same-store Sales Business Results Operations Affected Contracts Loans Checks Deposits
Contractual Obligations Commercial Commitments Contribution
Contributions Contributory Stock Purchase Plan
Control Over Salon Operations Controls Procedures
Controls Procedures Evaluation Disclosure Convertible Offerings
Cool Cuts Kids Inc Copy Shall Not Constitute Notice Seller Party
Corporate Action Corporate Community Involvement
Corporate Employees Corporate Governance
Corporate Trademarks Cost Cutters Choice Haircutters Magicuts North America
Cost Cutters Franchise Salons Cost Product Services Used Sold
Cost Product Used Sold Covenants
Covenants Empire Covenants Prior Closing
Covenants Regis Covenants Relating Conduct Business
Credit Risk Critical Accounting Policies
Date Participation Dated 2008
Death Deductibility Executive Compensation
Defaulted Securities Such Amounts Agreed Terms Herein Set Deferral Contributions
Deferred Compensation Agreement Deferred Compensation Contracts
Deferred Rent Expense Deferred Tax Assets
Deferred Taxes Definition Cash-generating Units
Definitions Definitions Capitalized Terms Used Agreement Meanings Set Forth
Definitions Executive Agreements Delivery Prospectuses
Delivery Registration Statements Denominations Registration
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Depreciation Amortization
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivative Instruments
Description Amendment Description Stock Purchase Plan
Designated Charges Determination Awards
Determination Method Distribution Differences Predecessor Plan
Directions Administrator Directions Indemnification
Directions Participants Director Independence
Director Nomination Process Director Orientation Continuing Education
Directors Disbursements
Disclosures Concerning Related Parties Disclosures Fair Value Financial Instruments
Discounted Vested Monthly Benefit Distribution Dates
Distribution Termination Plan Dividends
Documents Incorporated Reference Dollars
Duration Ebitda
Economies Scale Education Regulatory Compliance
Effect Capital Stock Effective Time Virtue Merger Without Effectiveness Registration Statement Filing Prospectus Payment Fee
Effects Inflation Election Directors
Electronic Delivery Future Shareholder Communications Electronic Services
Eligibility Eliminations Consolidation
Empire Accredited Investor Defined Rule 501 Promulgated Securities Empire Education Group
Empire Education Group Inc Empire Newco Applicable Ancillary Agreements Regis Party Executed
Employee Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits Matters Employer
Employer Contributions Employment Agreement Myron Kunin Former Vice Chairman
Employment Agreement Myron Kunin Vice Chairman Employment Agreement Paul Finkelstein Chairman Ceo
Employment Agreement Randy Pearce Sevp Cfo Cao Employment Agreements Remaining Named Executive Officers
Employment Arrangements Encumbrance Imposed Empire Assets Outstanding Shares Stock Clic
Encumbrance Imposed Regis Assets Outstanding Shares Stock Subsidiaries Enrollment Periods
Entire Agreement Entire Agreement Party Beneficiaries
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Equipment Leasehold Notes Payable
Equity Income Loss Affiliated Companies Net Taxes Equity Income Loss Affiliates
Equity Loss Income Affiliated Companies Net Taxes Equity Method Investment Accounting Considerations
Equity Put Option Equity Warrants
Erisa Means Employee Retirement Income Security Act 1974 Establishment
Establishment Purpose Estimates
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Events After Balance Sheet Date
Events Requiring Distribution Benefits Participants Beneficiaries Exchange Shares
Execution Page Employers Copy Execution Page Fidelitys Copy
Executive Officers Executive Profit Sharing Plan
Executive Sessions Non-management Independent Directors Exhibits
Exhibits Reports Form 8-k Expenses
Explanatory Fabien Provost
Facility Payment Fail Protect Security Personal Information Customers Subject Costly
Failure Appoint Successor Failure Comply Extensive Regulations Material Adverse Effect Beauty
Fair Value Hedges Fair Value Measurements
Fee Filing Amendments 1934 Act Documents Preparation Final Term
Financial Information Foreign North American Operations Financial Information Segment
Financial Information Segments Financial Instruments
Financial Liabilities Financial Statement Impact Cash Flow Hedges
Financial Statement Schedules Financial Statements
Financial Statements Exhibits Financing
Financing Activities Financing Arrangements
Financing Student Education Fixed Charges
Following Baseline Forecast Pertains Ending 2009 Consistent Past Following Significant Affected Operating Net Income
Force Majeure Forecast Excludes Revenue Earnings Future Acquisitions
Foreign Currency Exchange Risk Foreign Currency Translation
Forfeitures Form 10-k
Form 10-k Amendment Form 10-q
Form 8-k Form Distribution Benefits Participants Beneficiaries
Forward Foreign Currency Contracts Franchise Network
Franchise Revenues Franchise Royalties Fees
Franchise Stock Purchase Plan Franchise Terms
Franchisee Training Franchisees
Freestanding Derivative Forward Contract Full-year Results
General General Administrative
General Development Business General Financing Information
General Information General Provisions
Good Reason Goodwill
Goodwill Impairment Governing Law
Governing Law Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Governmental Regulations
Grantor Trust Gross Margin Excluding Depreciation
Group Hair Club Men Ltd
Hair Restoration Acquisition Growth Hair Restoration Business
Hair Restoration Centers Hair Restoration Growth Opportunities
Hair Restoration Operating Income Hair Restoration Revenues
Headings Hedge Net Investment Foreign Subsidiaries
Hedge Net Investments Foreign Operations Held 2005
Held 2006 Held 2007
Held 2009 High Quality Professional Products
Highlights Trade Secret Transaction Http Wwwsecgov
Identity Administrator Immediate Release
Impact Acquisition Real Estate Availability Impact Acquisition Real Estate Availablity
Impact Changes Interest Rates Foreign Currency Exchange Impact Changes Manufacturers Choice Distribution Channels
Impact Changes Regulatory Statutory Laws Impact Competition
Impact Economic Environment Impact Fashion
Impact Financial Instruments Impact Key Relationships
Impact Merger Impact Seasonality
Impairment Non-current Assets Important
Important Notice Regarding Internet Availability Proxy Materials Annual Income Tax Information
Income Taxes Indemnification
Indemnification Directors Officers Indemnification Underwriters
Indemnified Party Index
Individual Accounts Industry Affected Cyclical Global Economic Factors Including Risk
Industry Overview Information
Information Between Employer Trustee Information Future Events Otherwise However Attention Directed Further
Information Supplied Initial Securities
Insolvency Sponsor Intelligent Nutrients Llc
Interest Interest Expense
Interest Income Other Net Interest Rate Risk
Interest Rate Swap Contracts Interest Rate Swaps
Interests Joint Ventures Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Internal Control-integrated Framework International Salon Operating Income
International Salon Operating Income Loss International Salons
Inventories Investment Affiliates Loans
Investment Cameron Capital Purebeauty Beautyfirst Investment Cool Cuts Kids Inc
Investment Decisions Investment Empire Education Group Inc
Investment Intelligent Nutrients Investment Intelligent Nutrients Llc
Investment Loans Affiliates Investment Provalliance
Investment Style Investment Trust
Investment Yamano Holdings Investments
Investments Non-consolidated Companies Involuntary Termination Not Related Change Control
Issuer Free Writing Prospectuses Jean Louis David Jld
Jean Mouton Joint Life Expectancy
Joint Ventures Unsuccessful Financial Results Affected Knowledge Person Infringed Misappropriated Otherwise Violated Rights Regis
Kunin Agreement Lease Premiums
Lease Termination Costs Legal Notices Shall Directed 7201 Metro Boulevard Edina
Legal Proceedings Letter Agreement
Level Lieu
Limitation Rights Liquidity Risk
Listing Litigation
Litigation Compliance Laws Loans Investments
Lock-up Agreements Long Term Incentive Plan
Long-lived Asset Impairment Assessments Excluding Goodwill Long-lived Assets
Long-lived Assets Excluding Goodwill Long-term Incentive Compensation
Long-term Incentive Compensation Decisions 2007 Long-term Incentive Compensation Decisions 2008
Long-term Incentive Compensation Decisions 2009 Long-term Incentives
Lti Awards Main Criteria Used Groups Accounting Finance Departments Impairment
Maintenance Rating Management
Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managements Overview
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managements Statement Responsibility Financial Statements Report Internal Control
Manner Investment Margin Disposals Non-current Assets
Market Price Dividends Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Market Risk
Master Agreement Mastercuts
Matching Contributions Material Adverse Effect
Material Modification Rights Security Holders Material Modifications Rights Security Holders
Meeting Information Meetings Shareholders
Merger Merger Agreement
Merger Financing Minimum Maximum Participant Contribution
Minimum Net Worth Minority Interest
Miscellaneous Monitoring Recoverable Amount Goodwill
Monitoring Recoverable Amount Other Assets Monthly Benefit
Mrs Monique Rizza Mrs Olivia Provost
Name Regis Immediately Following Effective Time Shall Remain Narrative Description Business
Nelson Agreement Net Income Per Share
New Compensation Agreements Amendments New Financing Arrangements
New Standards Interpretations Amendments Existing Not Yet Applied Newco
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Non-assignment
Non-competition Non-solicitation Non-core Detail
Non-core Operational Charges Income Expense Non-current Assets Held Sale Related Liabilities
Non-gaap Diluted Net Income Per Share Non-gaap Ebitda
Non-gaap Financial Measures Non-operational Detail
Nonalienability Benefits Noncompetition Related Provisions
Nondiscriminatory Exercise Authority Normal Early Retirement
North American Salon Operating Income Not Able Achieve Anticipated Cost Savings Related Approved
Not Able Achieve Anticipated Costs Savings Related Approved Not Able Increase Number Salons Grow Revenue Earnings
Not Able Successfully Compete Business Segments Financial Results Not Able Successfully Convert Product Assortment Trade Secret
Not Able Successfully Convert Trade Secret Concept Purebeauty Not Applicable
Notes Pro Forma Financial Statements Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2008
Notice Period Notice Trustee
Notices Notices Regis Buyer
Notices Seller Party Notwithstanding Other Provision Agreement Empire Shall Not Authority
Now Therefore Now Therefore Consideration
Number 0-11230 Number 1-12725
Nyse Means New York Stock Exchange Inc Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Officers Officers Certificate
Offices On-balance Sheet Obligations
Operating Activities Operating Leases
Opinion Counsel Opinion Counsel Underwriters
Option Securities Order Shall Specify Amount Securities Authenticated Provide Such
Ordinary Course Organic Growth
Organization Standing Power Subsidiaries Other
Other Contingent Obligations Other Debt
Other Employee Benefit Obligations-statutory Training Entitlement Long-service Awards Other Fees
Other Financial Assets Other Financing Arrangements
Other Franchise Concepts Other Information
Other Intangible Assets Other Notes Payable
Other Termination Employment Outlook
Outlook Remains Unchanged Overview
Overview 2006 Results Overview 2007 Results
Overview 2008 Results Overview 2009 Results
Overview Results Overview Results 2006
Overview Results 2007 Overview Results 2008
Overview Results 2009 Paris
Part Partial Invalidity
Participant Considered Disabled Check Participants Solicitation
Participating Securities Granted Share-based Payment Transactions Participation Plan
Party Such Efforts Indemnified Shall Keep Indemnifying Reasonably Pay Fixed Rates Receive Variable
Pay Variable Rates Receive Fixed Payment
Payment Purchase Price Payroll Deductions Payment Purchase Price Payroll Deductions Dividends
Payment Such Amount Including Interest Thereon Been Duly Payments Sponsor
Peer Group Performance Criteria
Performance Trustee Agents Affiliates Performance Units
Periods 2004 Plan Information
Post-employment Compensation-change Control Arrangements Postretirement Benefits
Potential Payments Termination Change Control Powers Responsibilities Administrator
Preopening Expenses Preparation Joint Proxy Statement Prospectus Shareholders Stockholders Meetings
Prepayment Amendment Pricing Schedule
Private Letter Ruling Tax-free Reorganization Treatment Pre-distribution Private Placement Senior Term Notes
Private Shelf Agreement Pro Cuts North America
Proceeds Product Diversion Material Adverse Impact Revenues
Product Margin Excluding Depreciation Product Margins
Product Revenues Profit Sharing Plan
Projections Promenade Salons
Property Equipment Property Plant Equipment
Proposals Shareholders Provalliance
Provided Further Sections Shall Survive Such Termination Remain Provided However
Provision Statutory Retirement Bonuses Provisions Applicable Shares Acquired Plan
Provisions Other Liabilities Charges Proxy Annual Meeting Shareholders 2005
Proxy Annual Meeting Shareholders 2007 Proxy Annual Meeting Shareholders 2008
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Public Announcements Regis Alberto-culver Spinco Each Shall Reasonable
Purchase Agreement Purchase Price
Purchase Price Allocation Purchase Stock
Purpose Plan Purposes Determining Contributions Plan Compensation Shall Defined Check
Pursuant Pursuant 103 Following Employees Eligible Participate Plan
Pursuant Rule 172 1933 Act Documents Required Filed Put Call Rights
Put Option Granted Minority Shareholder Elexia Put Option Granted Minority Shareholder Provalliance Poland
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Period 2006
Ratification Appointment Independent Auditors Ratification Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Ratification Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Rbc Reduction Event
Reaffirmation Realization Anticipated Costs Benefits Time Frame Ability Consummate
Reasonable Best Efforts Receivables
Receivables Allowance Doubtful Accounts Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Accounting Standards Adopted Recent Salon Additions
Reclassifications Recordkeeping Administrative Services Performed
Reference Effect Shelf Agreement Notes Regarding Availability Proxy Materials
Regis Accredited Investor Defined Rule 501 Promulgated Securities Regis Acquire Purebeauty Beautyfirst
Regis Ancillary Agreements Empire Newco Party Executed Applicable Regis Announces Advanced Stages Discussions European Combination Franck
Regis Announces Plans Close 160 Underperforming Salons Regis Announces Sale Trade Secret Division Reports 2009
Regis Announces Termination Merger Agreement Alberto-culver Regis Completes Acquisition Purebeauty Beautyfirst
Regis Completes Merger European Franchise Salon Operations Regis Completes Sale Trade Secret Division
Regis Corp Regis Corporation
Regis Corporation 7201 Metro Boulevard Edina Minnesota 55439 Regis Corporation Announces Completion Over-allotment Options Convertible Common
Regis Corporation Announces Exercise Full Underwriters Over-allotment Options Regis Corporation Announces Pricing Convertible Common Stock Offerings
Regis Corporation Nyse Rgs Salon School Hair Restoration Regis Corporation Nysergs Reconciliation Gaap Earnings Per Share
Regis Corporation Nysergs Salon School Hair Restoration Center Regis Elects Stephen Watson Board Directors
Regis Merge Beauty Schools Empire Education Group Regis Merge Continental European Franchise Operations Franck Provost
Regis Netherlands Regis Provides Quarterly Guidance Update
Regis Provides Same-store Sales Trend Update Regis Provides Updated Quarterly 2006 Guidance
Regis Reports 2006 Results Regis Reports 2007 Results
Regis Reports 2008 Results Regis Reports 2009 Results
Regis Reports 2010 Results Regis Reports Revenues 603
Regis Reports Revenues 604 Regis Reports Revenues 655
Regis Revenues Grew Percent 584 Regis Revenues Grew Percent 604
Regis Revenues Grew Percent 607 Regis Revenues Grew Percent 636
Regis Revenues Grew Percent 639 Regis Revenues Grew Percent 657 -second Same-store Sales
Regis Revenues Grew Percent 668 Regis Revenues Grew Percent 675
Regis Revenues Grew Percent 680 Regis Revenues Grew Percent 682
Regis Revenues Grew Percent 709 Regis Salons
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Not Applicable Regulation
Regulation Disclosure Reliance Plan
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Rent
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Reporting Requirements Reports Financial Statements
Reports Form 8-k Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Buyer Holder Request Copy Materials
Required Vote Reserves Been Established Required Estimated Tax Payments Sufficient
Resignation Removal Resignation Removal Termination Notices
Resignation Removal Trustee Restricted Payments
Restricted Stock Units Restriction Sale Common Stock
Results Results Operations
Results Operations Financial Condition Results Operations Hair Restoration Centers Adversely Affected Unable
Results Operations Segment Resumption Participation Following Reemployment
Retroactive Amendments Returns Reports Information
Revenue Recognition Revenue Recognition Deferred
Revenue Recognition-rendering Services Revenues
Review Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Revolving Credit Facility
Rgs Rhs
Rhs France Sas Rhs Netherlands Holdings
Rights Obligations Hereunder Shall Assignable Either Party Hereto Risk Factors
Role Executive Officers Compensation Decisions Royalties Fees
Rule 158 Safe Harbor Provisions Private Securities Litigation Reform Act
Sales Taxes Sales Trends
Salon Acquisition Growth Salon Business
Salon Closures Salon Competition
Salon Concepts Salon Design
Salon Development Salon Development Program
Salon Education Training Programs Salon Franchising Program
Salon Growth Opportunities Salon Hair Restoration Center Counts Revenues
Salon Management Information Systems Salon Markets Marketing
Salon School Hair Restoration Center Counts Revenues Salon Site Selection
Salon Staff Recruiting Retention Same-store Sales Percent-
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Satisfaction Discharge Indenture
Schedule Schedule 14a
Sec Reports Each Alberto-culver Regis Shall Timely Required Securities
Securities Shall Executed Behalf Officers Signatures Manual Facsimile Self-insurance Accruals
Senior Notes Separate Account
Separation Agreement Kris Bergly Former Executive Vice President Service Margin Excluding Depreciation
Service Revenues Share Grants
Share Repurchase Program Shareholders Directors Regis Corporation
Shareholders Rights Plan Shares Subject Plan
Shipping Handling Costs Short-term Incentives
Signature Signature Page Follows
Signatures Site Operating Expenses
Situs Trust Assets Smartstyle
Solicitation Revocation Proxies Spinco
Standards Operations Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Options Stock Ownership Named Executive Officers
Stock Purchase Agreement Stock Purchase Plan
Stock Repurchase Plan Stock-based Compensation Expense
Stock-based Employee Compensation Stock-based Employee Compensation Plans
Strip Center Salons Structure
Style Subject Articles Distributions Plan Always Available Lump Sum
Subject Default Risk Accounts Notes Receivable Subject Restrictions Contained 210 Security Not Cease Outstanding
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsequent Merger
Subsidiaries Successor Trustee
Successors Assigns Summary Benefit Plans
Summary Short Term Plan Summary Stock Purchase Plan
Supercuts Supercuts Corporate Shops Inc
Supercuts Inc Supercuts North America
Support Agreement Survival
Syndicated Revolving Credit Facilities Takeover Statutes Fair Price Moratorium Control Share
Tax Fees Tax Proof
Taxes Tem
Term Loan Term Loan Agreement
Terminated Acquisition Income Net Termination
Termination Agreement Termination Amendment
Termination Due Death Termination Due Disability
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Termination Participation
Termination Prior Closing Reorganization Termination Sale Trade Secret Prior Closing Adversely Affect
Then Time Distribution
Time Making Contributions Time Shall Essence Agreement Except Otherwise Set Forth
Title Eligible Beauty Schools Title Properties Assets Services
Total Assets 2006 2005 Follows Total Shareholders Equity 2006 2005 Was Follows
Trade Other Receivables Trade Secret
Trade Secret Inc Trademarks
Transact Other Business Properly Come Before Meeting Transaction Materials
Transactions Transfer Interests Combined Business
Transition Assistance Trust
Trust Agreement Trust Assets
Unforeseeable Emergency Withdrawals Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Updated 2006 Outlook Updated 2007 Outlook
Updated 2008 Outlook Updated Outlook
Vidal Sassoon View Materials Via Internet
Voluntary Termination Not Related Change Control Vote Internet
Vote Internet Http Wwweproxycom Rgis Quick Easy Immediate Vote Internet Wwwproxyvotecom
Vote Mail Vote Person
Vote Phone 1-800-690-6903 Vote Phone Internet Please Not Mail Proxy Card
Vote Phone Toll Free 1-800-560-1965 Quick Easy Immediate Voting Rights
Waiver Waiver Release Material Claim Regis Respect Business Subsidiary
Ways Vote Proxy Whereas
Witness Whereof Witnesseth
Wwwregiscorpcom Yvon Provost
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