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Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Acquisitions
Acquisitions Strategic Investments Make Turn Out Unsuccessful Actual Initial Estimated Individual Risk Segment Claims Claim
Actual Initial Estimated Specialty Reinsurance Claims Claim Expense Actual Results Initial Estimates
Added Value Ventures Unit Additional Information
Additional Paid-in Capital Administrative Agent
Admitted Market Regulation Adversely Affected Foreign Currency Fluctuations
Adversely Affected Tria Not Renewed Adversely Impacted Failure Comply Terms Settlement Agreement Sec
Adversely Impacted Government Authority Investigations Arising Restatement Financial Adversely Impacted Government Authority Investigations Non-traditional Loss Mitigation
Agents Amended Restated Credit Agreement
Amended Restated Reimbursement Agreement Amendment
Amendment Employment Agreement Neill Currie Annual Statutory Financial Return
Annualized Operating Return Equity 234 199 Annualized Roe 297 2007
Appointment Jeffrey Kelly Ashley William
Attribution Net Income Audit Committee
Audit Committee Board Directors Management Audit Committee Report
Audit Fees Audit-related Fees
Available Information Bank Debt
Basis Presentation Because Depend Few Insurance Reinsurance Brokers Large Portion
Because Depend Few Insurance Reinsurance Brokers Segment Program Because Depend Few Insurance Reinsurance Brokers Segment Several
Because Holding Dependent Dividends Payments Subsidiaries Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Bermuda Best
Between Board Directors
Board Directors Expands Share Repurchase Program 500 Board Directors Meetings Committee
Board Directors Shareholders Renaissancere Holdings Ltd Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Vote Approval Auditors Proposal
Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Vote Approval Nominees Proposal Book Value Per Common Share
Book Value Per Common Share Increases 193 2007 Bowden Tracy
Business Combinations Accounting Reporting Noncontrolling Interest Consolidated Financial Business Combinations Noncontrolling Interest Consolidated Financial Statements
Business Development Joint Ventures Other Investments Business Segments
Cancellation Insurers Registration Capital Resources
Cash Equivalents Beginning Cash Equivalents Beginning Period
Cash Equivalents Restricted Receivable Investments Sold Payable Purchased Cash Flows
Cash Flows Liquidity Cash Flows Provided Operating Activities
Cash Flows Provided Used Financing Activities Cash Flows Provided Used Investing Activities
Cash Flows Used Financing Activities Cash Flows Used Investing Activities
Catastrophe Catastrophe Excess Loss Reinsurance
Catastrophe Reinsurance Gross Premiums Written Ceded Premiums Written
Ceo Employment Agreement Ceo Performance Share Grant
Certain Defined Terms Certain Other Bermuda Law Considerations
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certification Certifications
Change Control Severance Charitable Donations
Chartered Accountants Chief Executive Officer Neill Currie
Claims Claim Expense Reserves Subject Inherent Uncertainties Class Directors
Co-investments Code Ethics Conduct
Comments Regulation Commitment Corporate Governance
Common Stock Common Stock Additional Paid-in Capital
Communicating Concerns Directors Communication Presents Only Overview Complete Proxy Materials Available
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Decisions Relating 2008
Compensation Philosophy Objectives Compensation Process
Competition Components Compensation
Comprehensive Income Comprehensive Income Loss
Condensed Financial Information Registrant Conditions
Confidence Future Consent Independent Accountants
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consistent Strategy
Consolidation Insurance Industry Adversely Impact Contents
Continue Renaissancere Through End 2007 Contractual Obligations
Controls Procedures Core Strategies Key Success
Corporate Expenses Corporate Governance Guidelines Code Ethics
Corporate Resolution Corporate Strategy
Covenants Debt Agreements Limit Financial Operational Flexibility Adverse Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement
Credit Default Swaps Credit Derivatives
Credit Ratings Credit Risk
Criteria Board Membership Cultural Fit
Current Outlook Currie Consulting Agreement
Customized Reinsurance Transactions Davincire Revolving Credit Facility
Debt Decline Investment Performance Reduce Profitability
Decline Investment Performance Reduce Profitability Hinder Ability Pay Decline Ratings Assigned Financial Strength Adversely Impact Business
Deferred Income Taxes Deferred Premium Revenue
Definitions Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Derivative Assets Derivative Instruments
Derivative Liabilities Deterioration Investment Markets Economic Conditions Lead Additional Losses
Determination Impairments Taken Investments Highly Subjective Materially Impact Determining Whether Instruments Granted Share-based Payment Transactions Participating
Developments Sub-prime Mortgage Securities Market Adversely Affect Financial Director Compensation
Director Compensation Table Director Independence
Director Share Ownership Guidelines Director Stock Ownership Policy
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Disclosure Controls Internal
Disclosure Regarding Net Unrealized Gains Disclosure Regarding Net Unrealized Gains Losses
Disclosure Regarding Net Unrealized Losses Gains Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Dividend Policy Dividends
Durhager Peter Earnings Per Share
Effects Inflation Elected Expire 2011
Emergence Matters Impact Certain Coverages Such Asserted Trend Emerging Claim Coverage Issues Other Litigation Adversely Affect
Employee Employment Agreement Employee Stock Ownership Policy
Employees Employment Agreement
Employment Agreements Employment Agreements Other Named Executive Officers
Energy Risk Operations Related Foreign Currency Contracts Energy Weather-related Derivative Risk
Energy Weather-related Derivatives Enterprise Risk Management
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Earnings Losses Other Ventures Equity Earnings Other Ventures
Equity Losses Earnings Other Ventures Equity Ownership Retention Guidelines
Equity Price Risk Evaluation
Events Default Effect Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Excess Loss Retrocessional Reinsurance Excess Surplus Lines Regulation
Excise Tax Modified Cutback Provisions Executed Above Written
Execution Copy Executive Committee
Executive Compensation Exhibits
Expenses Explanatory
Exposed Counterparty Credit Risk Including Respect Reinsurance Brokers Exposure Catastrophic Events Cause Financial Results Vary Significantly
Exposure Catastrophic Events Other Exposures Cover Cause Financial Exposure Sub-prime
Fail Execute Strategy Impair Future Financial Results Fail Execute Strategy Newer Lines Business Impair Future
Fair Value Measurements Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities
Fairness Asbestos Injury Resolution Act 2005 Final Judgment Defendant Renaissancere Holdings Ltd
Final Term Sheet Financial Condition
Financial Negative Covenants Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Supplementary Data Fixed Maturity Investments Available Sale Corporate Sector
Fixed Maturity Investments Available Sale Corporate Top Issuers Fixed-maturity Securities
Focus Key Business Areas Fonner Todd
Foreign Currency Derivatives Foreign Currency Risk
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form Amendment Employment Agreements Executive Officers Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Forward-looking Statements Fred Donner
Full 2007 Highlights Full 2008 Highlights
Funds Lloyds Facility General
General Economic Conditions General Information
Geographic Information Glencoe Group Claims Management Inc
Glencoe Specialty Holdings Inc Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Government Investigations Gramm-leach-bliley Act
Gross Written Managed Premium Guarantees
Gush Claims Heightened Scrutiny Issues Practices Insurance Industry Adversely Affect
Held 2008 Held 2009
Holding Regulation Holdings Ltds Filings Securities Exchange Including Annual Report
Housing Lease Arrangements Http Materialsproxyvotecom
Http Wwwproxyvotecom Http Wwwrenrecom
Identifying Opportunities Impact Recent Economic Market Conditions
Impairments Fixed Maturity Investments Available Sale Important Notice Regarding Internet Availability Proxy Materials Annual
Income Tax Benefit Expense Income Tax Expense
Income Tax Expense Benefit Income Taxes
Incurred Independent Approved Auditor
Index Consolidated Financial Statements Index Exhibits
Index Form 10-q Index Schedules Consolidated Financial Statements
Individual Risk Individual Risk Claims Claim Expense Reserve Sensitivity Analysis
Individual Risk Gross Written Premium Major Type Business Individual Risk Segment
Individual Risk Segment Gross Premiums Written Information Technology
Instalment Premiums Insurance Contracts Accounted Fair Value
Interest Rate Futures Interest Rate Risk
Internal Audit Internet Telephone Vote Authorizes Named Proxies Shares Same
Investment Portfolio Related Foreign Currency Forward Contracts Investment Risk Management Committee
Investments Investments Capital
Investments Other Ventures Equity Method Investor Contact
Investor Contacts Investors
Investors Difficulties Serving Process Enforcing Judgments Against Issuer Repurchases Equity Securities
John Nichols Legal Fees Expenses
Legal Proceedings Legislative Regulatory Proposals
Legislative Regulatory Update Letter Credit Facility
Letter Shareholders Letters Credit
Leveraging Franchise Liabilities
Liabilities Minority Interest Shareholders Equity Liabilities Minority Interest Shareholdersrsquo Equity
Liabilities Shareholdersrsquo Equity Limitations Effectiveness Controls
Liquidity Capital Resources Loss Adjustment Expense Reserves
Loss Key Senior Members Management Adversely Affect Loss Per Common Share
Loss Reserve Specialist Losses Recoverable
Managed Cat Management Procedures Culture
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Market Conditions
Market Conditions Competition Mdash
Media Media Contact
Meetings Directors Message Chairman
Minimum Liquidity Ratio Minimum Solvency Margin Restrictions Dividends Distributions
Minority Interest Minority Interest Davincire
Moodys Naic Ratios
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Ndash
Neill Currie Net Cash Provided Financing Activities
Net Cash Provided Operating Activities Net Cash Provided Used Financing Activities
Net Cash Provided Used Investing Activities Net Cash Used Financing Activities
Net Cash Used Investing Activities Net Cash Used Operating Activities
Net Cash Used Provided Financing Activities Net Decrease Increase Cash Equivalents
Net Impact Hurricanes Gustav Ike Net Income
Net Income 1372 2008 205 Per Common Share Net Income 973 2009 157 Per Common Share
Net Income Available Common Shareholders Net Income Loss
Net Income Loss Available Attributable Common Shareholders Net Increase Cash Equivalents
Net Investment Income Net Loss
Net Loss 2310 2008 379 Per Common Share Net Realized Gains Investments Other-than-temporary Impairments
Net Realized Gains Losses Investments Net Realized Investment Gains Losses
Net Realized Investment Losses Net Realized Investment Losses Gains
Net Realized Losses Gains Investments New Accounting Pronouncements
New Business New Developments Individual Risk
Nichols John Non-employee Director Stock Plan
Not Applicable Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notice Proxy Statement Annual Report Now Access Renaissancere Holdings Ltd Account Online
Odonnell Kevin Off Balance Sheet Special Purpose Entity Arrangements
Off-balance Sheet Special Purpose Entity Arrangements Offerings Committee
Operate Highly Competitive Environment Operating Income 2422 2009 385 Per Diluted Common
Operating Income 2541 2009 405 Per Diluted Common Operating Income Loss Per Share
Operating Return Average Common Equity Operational Risks Including Systems Human Failures Inherent Business
Option Exercises Stock Vested Table Ordered
Organization Organization Economic Cooperation Development Oecd European Union Considering
Other Other Action Annual Meeting
Other Activities Other Benefits Table
Other Compensation Table Other Events
Other Fees Other Income
Other Income Loss Other Information
Other Investments Other Investments Related Parties
Other Loss Other Loss Income
Other Political Regulatory Industry Initiatives Adversely Affect Business Other Secured Assets Liabilities
Other-than-temporary Impairment Process Prior 2009 Outlook
Overview Part
Part Mdash Financial Information Part Mdash Other Information
Part Ndash Financial Information Part Ndash Other Information
Pembroke Bermuda Pembroke Bermuda 2007
People Most Important Resource Performance Graph
Platinum Warrant Pledge Agreement
Policies Procedures Dealing Review Approval Ratification Related Party Political Regulatory Industry Initiatives Adversely Affect Business
Potential Impact Compensation Executive Misconduct Potential Payments Termination Change Control
Pre-fas 115-2 Other-than-temporary Impairment Process Preference Shares
Preliminary Statements Premium Forecasts
Premiums Price Range Common Shares
Pricewaterhousecoopers Principal Accountant Fees Services
Properties Property Cat Joint Ventures
Property Catastrophe Managed Joint Ventures Property Catastrophe Reinsurance
Property Catastrophe Reinsurance Claims Claim Expense Reserve Sensitivity Property Catastrophe Specialty Reinsurance
Proposal 1-the Board Nominees Proposal 2-the Auditors
Published Cusip 759705aa2 Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Ratings
Receiving Proxy Materials Via Internet Recent Developments
Recent Future Legislation Decrease Demand Property Catastrophe Reinsurance Recent Legislation Decrease Demand Property Catastrophe Reinsurance Products
Recommendation Vote Redeemable Noncontrolling Interest Davincire
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Registration
Registration Statements Form S-8 Regulation Disclosure
Regulatory Challenges Elsewhere Bermuda Operations Claims Exemption Insurance Regulatory Regimes Changes Accounting Rules Adversely Impact Financial
Reinsurance Reinsurance Business Historically Cyclical Pricing Terms Products Decline
Reinsurance Contracts Accounted Fair Value Reinsurance Regulation
Reinsurance Relationships Results Reinsurance Renewals Conference Call
Reinsurance Segment Reinsurance Segment Gross Premiums Written
Related Party Transactions Major Customers Relationship Axa
Relationship Citigroup Relationship Deutsche Bank
Reliance Reinsurance Brokers Exposes Credit Risk Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Renaissance House 8-20 East Broadway Pembroke Bermuda Renaissance Investment Management Limited Rimco
Renaissancere Announces 300 Public Offering 660 Series Preference Renaissancere Announces Public Offering Preference Shares
Renaissancere Announces Redemption 810 Series Preference Shares Renaissancere Finalizes Previously Announced Settlement Sec Investigation
Renaissancere Holdings Ltd Renaissancere Holdings Ltd 2001 Stock Incentive Plan
Renaissancere Holdings Ltd Announces Jeffrey Kelly Succeed Fred Renaissancere Holdings Ltd Non-employee Director Stock Plan
Renaissancere Holdings Ltd Proxy Solicited Behalf Connection Annual Renaissancere Holdings Ltd Subsidiaries
Renaissancere Participate 2008 Lehman Brothers Global Financial Services Renaissancere Participate Fox-pitt Keltons Bermuda Boston Conference
Renaissancere Participate Merrill Lynch Insurance Investors Conference Renaissancere Revolving Credit Facility
Renaissancere Revolving Credit Facility Agreement Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Schedules Require Additional Capital Future Not Available Only Unfavorable
Reserve Review Reserve Reviews
Resignation Fred Donner Results Certain Newer Potentially Expanding Business Lines Cause
Results Operations Financial Condition Retained Earnings
Retrocessional Reinsurance Become Unavailable Acceptable Terms Revenues
Rihl Rising Challenge
Risk Factors Risk Management
Risk Management Underwriting Risk Mitigation Investing Future
Risk Modeling Resources Risk-based Capital
Role Non-executive Chairman Rothstein Lewis
Rtl Credit Facility Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Schedule Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Shareholder Senior Notes
Sensitivity Analysis Severance Benefits Components Table
Shareholder Communications Board Shareholder Proposals 2007 Annual General Meeting Shareholders
Shareholder Proposals 2009 Annual General Meeting Shareholders Shareholder Proposals 2010 Annual General Meeting Shareholders
Shareholders Equity Shareholdersrsquo Equity
Short Term Investments Fixed Maturity Available Sale Top Short-term Investments
Signature Signatures
Signatures Mdash Some Aspects Corporate Structure Discourage Party Takeovers Other
Some Aspects Corporate Structure Discourage Third-party Takeovers Other Some Investments Relatively Illiquid Asset Classes Been Experiencing
Specialty Specialty Reinsurance
Specialty Reinsurance Claims Claim Expense Reserve Sensitivity Analysis Starbound
State Other Jurisdiction Incorporation Statutory Financial Statements
Statutory Requirements Stock Incentive Plan
Stock Information Strong Financial Performance
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subordinated Obligation Capital Trust
Subsequent Event Subsidiaries Renaissancere Holdings Ltd
Summary Critical Accounting Estimates Summary Investments
Summary Stock Compensation Activity Superior Risk Management
Supervision Investigation Intervention Supplemental Financial Data Gross Premiums Written Analysis
Supplemental Financial Data Investment Portfolio Fixed Maturity Investments Supplemental Financial Data Total Investment Result
Sustained Weakness Weakening Business Economic Conditions Generally Specifically System
Table Contents Tangible Book Value Per Common Share Plus Accumulated
Tangible Book Value Per Share Plus Accumulated Dividends Tax Fees
Taxing Authorities Contend Bermuda Subsidiaries Subject Corporate Income Tem Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Terrorism Timicuan Reinsurance Ltd
Total Assets Total Expenses
Total Liabilities Total Liabilities Minority Interest Shareholders Equity
Total Liabilities Minority Interest Shareholdersrsquo Equity Total Liabilities Shareholdersrsquo Equity
Total Revenues Total Shareholders Equity
Total Shareholdersrsquo Equity Transaction Committee
Transaction Davincires Shareholders Agreement Transfer Agent
Transition Period Travel Aircraft
Triggering Events Accelerate Increase Direct Financial Obligation Unable Predict Effect Governmental Actions Purpose Stabilizing Financial
Uncertain Tax Positions Underestimate Exposures Potentially Adversely Impact Financial Results
Underwriting Operations Related Foreign Currency Contracts Underwriting Related Foreign Currency Contracts
Underwriting Results Underwriting Results Segment
Underwriting Risk Management United Kingdom
United States United States Dollars
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Utilization Brokers Party Program Managers Other Parties Support
Utilization Brokers Program Managers Other Parties Support Business Valuation Assumptions
Variable Interest Entities Ventures
Voting Weatherpredict Consulting Inc
Weinstein Stephen Well-positioned Future
Whose Terms Elected Expire 2012 Whose Terms Expire 2009
Whose Terms Expire 2010 Whose Terms Expire 2011
Wilcox William Riker
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