Topic Listing for Renegy Holdings, Inc.

Absence Direction Instrument Proxy Intended Managements Proxyholders Selected Absence Dividends
Absence Dividends Rockwell Paid Shares Since Incorporation Not Acceptance
Accompanying Notes Integral Part Consolidated Financial Statements Accredited Investors
Acknowledgement Consent Acknowledgement Personal Information
Acknowledgments Subscriber Acquisition Details
Acquisition Durnpike Investments Pty Limited Acquisition Saxendrift Mine Pty Ltd
Additional Alluvial Diamond Prospects Moro Area Additional Disclosure Venture Issuers Without Significant Revenue
Additional Information Addressing Financial Personnel Shortages Changes Management
Adjustment Number Optioned Shares Adoption New Articles
Advice Beneficial Holders Shares Affiliated Entities Control
Affirmation Sellers Broker-dealer Agency Agreement
Agents Certificate Aggregate Option Exercises Most Recently Completed Financial Year-end
Agreement Agreements
Amending Power Amendment Articles Notice
Amendment Share Incentive Plan Amendments 1400 Going Concern
Annual Confirmation Rolling Share Option Plan Annual Exchange Rates
Annual General Meeting Matters Annual Meeting Matters
Appointment Auditor Appointment Proxy Holders
Appointment Proxyholders Appointment Revocation Proxies
Approval Share Option Plan Assessments
Asset Retirement Obligations Assignment
Audit Committee Audit Committee Charter
Audit Committee Code Ethics Accountant Fees Exemptions Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Committee Oversight Audit Committee Relationship Auditor
Audit Committees Charter Auditors Registrar Transfer Agent
Auditors Report Authorized Share Capital
Availability Additional Information Background
Base Salary Basis Unit Production Depletion Mineral Resources Rockwell
Beneficial Holders Not Disclose Names Address Receive Copy Beneficial Shareholder
Beneficial Shareholders Beneficial Subscribers
Biographical Information Biographical Information Board Nominees
Black Economic Empowerment Holdings Bee Holpan Klipdam Wouterspan Black Economic Empowerment Holdings Bee Rockwell Properties
Board Decisions Board Directors
Board Practices Bonus Compensation
Borrowing Powers Bristow Director
Bristow- Director British Columbia Properties
Bulk Sampling Makoenskloof Business
Business Combinations Consolidated Financial Statements Non-controlling Interests Business Overview
Capital Disclosures Capital Market Risk
Capital Reorganization Approved Shareholders Capital Resources
Certain Canadian Federal Income Tax Consequences Certification Annual Filings
Certification Interim Filings Certification Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Change Control
Change Registrants Certifying Accountant Changes Accounting Policies Including Initial Adoption
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Rights Common Shareholders
Check Appropriate Boxes Chile Economic Political Climate
Closing Code Ethics
Collection Personal Information Comments Auditors Readers Canada 8211 Reporting Difference
Comments Auditors Readers Canada Reporting Difference Committee Purposes
Committees Board Commodity Price Risk
Comparative Figures Compensation
Compensation Chief Executive Officer Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Disclosure Compensation Directors
Compensation Discussion Analysis Completing Certificate Purchaser Authorizes Indirect Collection Information Each
Compliance Resale Laws Composition
Composition Audit Committee Composition Board
Comprehensive Income Loss Conditions Closing
Consent Author Consent Qualified Person
Consolidation Common Shares Continuation Plan
Contractor Agreement Contracts
Contractual Obligations Commitments Controlled Foreign Corporation
Controls Procedures Conversion Notice
Convertible Debenture Corporate
Corporate Placee Registration Form Corporation Intends Sell Units Offering Pursuant Terms Agency
Covenants Subscriber Creation Preferred Shares
Credit Agreement Credit Facility
Credit Risk Critical Accounting Estimates
Critical Accounting Policies Currency
Date David Copeland Chairman Director
David Copeland Peng Chairman Director David Copeland Peng Chief Executive Officer Director
David Copeland- Chairman Director Davidson Llp
Deferred Financing Charges Defined Benefit Actuarial Plan Disclosure
Definition Acquiring Person Definition Beneficial Ownership
Definition Competing Permitted Bid Definition Expiration Time
Definition Flip-in Event Definition Permitted Bid
Definition Separation Time Definitions
Delivery Certificate Hold Periods Delivery Certificate Not Constitute Good Settlement Transactions Stock
Description Securities Other Equity Diamond Market Risk
Diamond Market Trends Diamond Market Update
Diamond Price Risk Directors Powers Limitations
Directors Senior Management Directorships
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disclosure Interest Directors
Disclosure Outstanding Share Data Disclosure Schedule
Disinterested Shareholder Approval Disposition Common Shares Rockwell
Dispositions Common Shares Distribution Common Shares Rockwell
Dividend Policy Dividends
Dividends Common Shares Other Income Documents Display
Documents Incorporated Reference Documents Reports Review
Dominique Roche Chief Financial Officer Director Dominique Roche Hdiptax Chief Financial Officer Director
Dominique Roche- Chief Financial Officer Director Douglas Silver Director
Douglas Silver- Director Durnpike Acquisition Settled Finders Fee Paid Inward Listing
Durnpike Agreement Eic 173 Credit Risk Fair Value Financial Assets
Election Directors Eligibility
Eligible Optionees Employees
Employment Services Ending 2008
Entire Agreement Environmental Matters
Epresentations Arranties Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Participation Establishment Share Option Plan
Estimates Estimates Mineralization
Ethical Business Conduct Evaluating Merits Risks Investment Units Able Bear Economic
Even Rockwell Discovers Mineral Reserve Assurance Related Property Exchange Controls
Exchange Rate Sensitivity Exchange Rates
Execution Facsimile Counterparts Executive Compensation
Executive Pensation Exemption
Exercise Price Exercise Rights
Exhibits Exploration Bulk Sampling
Exploration History Exploration Operation
Exploration Programs Date External Auditor Service Fees
Farhom Property Financial Information
Financial Instruments Financial Instruments Other
Financial Instruments Risks Uncertainties Financial Reporting Process
Financial Statements Financial Statements Not Been Reviewed Auditors
Financial Summary Financing
Financing Raise Financings
Foreign Currency Translation Foreign Exchange Risk
Foreign Investment Foreign Personal Holding
Foreign Tax Credit Form 20-f
Form 52-109f2 Certification Interim Filings Form 6-k
Form Completed United States Investors Form Declaration Removal Legend
Formerly Rockwell Ventures Inc Forward Looking Other Cautionary Information
Forward Looking Statement Forward Looking Statements
Full Text New Option Plan Filed Prior Meeting Future Rockwell Diamonds Inc Determined Outcome Vote Not
Galputs Minerale Project Galputs Minerale Project Northern Cape Province South Africa
Gender General
General Authority Increase Capitalization General Information
General Provisions Geology
Glossary Annual Report Form 20-f Following Terms Meanings Glossary Terms Geological
Going Concern Going Concern Amendments 1400
Goodwill Intangibles 3064 Gordon Fretwell Bcomm Llb Director
Governing Law Government Regulation
Guarantee Title Rockwells Properties History
Holders Holpan Klipdam
Holpan Klipdam Property Holpan Klipdam Property South Africa
Hunter Dickinson Inc Impact Recent United States Accounting Pronouncements
Impairment Long-lived Assets Incentive Plan Awards
Incentive Plan Awards Value Vested Earned Income Taxes
Increase Authorized Capital Indebtedness Directors Executive Officers
Indemnity Provisions Independence Directors
Independent Auditors Independent Auditors Report
Information Circular Information Circular Unless Otherwise Indicated Contains 2009 General
Information Concerning Estimates Indicated Inferred Resources Information Concerning Estimates Inferred Resources
Interest Certain Persons Companies Matters Acted Interest Informed Persons Material Transactions
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Risk Equity Price
Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting Procedures International Financial Reporting Standards Ifrs
Interpretation Inventories 3031
Inventory Investment Units Speculative Not Without Risk Subscriber Disclosed
Issue Rights Jeffrey Brenner Director
Jeffrey Mason Bcomm Chief Financial Officer Secretary Director Jeffrey Mason Bcomm Director Chief Financial Officer Secretary
Jeffrey Mason Chief Financial Officer Secretary Director John Bristow
John Bristow President Chief Executive Officer Operating Director John Bristow President Chief Operating Officer Director
Kempisty Kpmg Inc
Kwango River Project Kwango River Project Democratic Republic Congo
Kwango River Project Drc Kwartelspan
Language Documents Legal Compliance
Legal Proceedings Limitation Foreign Ownership
Limitation Responsibility Limitations Issue
Liquidation Liquidity
Liquidity Risk Loan Agreement
Loan Agreements Location Access
Location Access Infrastructure Long-term Incentive Plan Awards
Loss Per Share Loss Rockwells Key Management Employees Material Adverse Effect
Major Shareholders Major Shareholders Related Party Transactions
Majority Votes Policy Makoenskloof Project
Makoenskloof Property Makoenskloof Property Acquisition
Management Contracts Management Services Agreement
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managements Responsibility Financial Statements
Mandate Board Manner Exercise
Market Trends Marketable Securities
Marketing Agreement Steinmetz Diamond Group Markets
Material Contracts Material Terms 2004 Plan
Material Terms Plan Matter Personal Information Provided Rockwell Ventures Inc Issuer
Maximum Plan Shares Measurement
Meetings Midamines Payment Vendors Finders Fee
Middle Orange River Operations Middle Orange River Operations Moro Agreement
Middle Orange River Properties Mineral Exploration Development Subject Extraordinary Operating Risks Rockwell
Mineral Exploration Development Subject Particular Operating Risks Rockwell Mineral Prices Subject Dramatic Unpredictable Fluctuations
Mineral Properties Deferred Exploration Costs Mineral Property Interests
Mineral Resources Mineral Resources 2009
Mineral Resources Reserves Carrying Values Property Plant Equipment Mineral Rights Conversions
Mining Democratic Republic Congo Mining Industry Highly Competitive Assurance Rockwell Continue Successful
Mining Processing Mining Republic South Africa
Miscellaneous Modification Agreement
Moro Diamond Resources Moro Mineral Rights
Mportant Nformation Egarding Ollection Ersonal Nasd Sales Practice Requirements Also Limit Stockholders Ability
Nasd Sales Practice Requirements Limit Stockholders Ability Buy Net Proceeds Offering Released Corporation Closing Date
Niewejaarskraal Niewejaarskraal Disclosure
Niewejaarskraal Project Nominating Governance Committee
Nomination Directors Non Assignable
Not Available Residents Ontario Saskatchewan Not Public Document
Notice Annual Extraordinary General Meeting Shareholders Notice Annual General Meeting Shareholders
Notice Annual Special General Meeting Shareholders Notice Articles
Notice Shareholders United States Ntario Lberta Ritish Olumbia
Objects Purposes Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Offence Person Make Statement Document Required Filed Furnished Offer Listing
Officers Only United States Investors Need Complete Sign
Operations Optical Flow Sort Facility Application Alluvial Sector
Option Amendment Option Based Awards
Option Commitment Option Grants Most Recently Completed Financial
Optionee Ceasing Director Employee Service Provider Options
Options Granted Plan Options Not Exercised
Organizational Structure Orientation Continuing Education
Other Other Board Committees
Other Considerations Other Directorships
Other Matters Other Mda Requirements
Other Moro Exploration Prospects Other Words Phrases
Outstanding Option-based Awards Overview
Own Expense Ownership Details
Ownership Summary Part
Passive Foreign Investment Patrick Bartlett Director
Patrick Bartlett- Director Penalties Sanctions Orders
Pension Plan Benefits Plans Directors Officers Employees Termination Performance Graph
Persons Companies Making Solicitation Philosophy Objectives
Plan Operation Planned Program
Plans Moving Forward Plant Equipment
Pledge Shares Potential Payments Termination
Power Attorney Powers Board
Pre-approval Policies Procedures Pre-emptive Rights
Prediction Grade Challenging Type Deposit Exploiting Principal Accountant Fees Services
Private Placement 145 Private Placement 2007
Private Placement 2008 Private Placement Convertible Promissory Notes
Private Placement Financing Private Placement Financing 2008
Process Improvement Production
Production Costs Production Properties
Production Sales Production Sales -nine Comparison
Production Sales -six Comparison Production Sales Comparison
Project History Promissory
Properties South Africa Property Agreement
Property Description Property Description Ownership
Property Location Access Property Plant Equipment
Property Plants Equipment Proposed Transactions
Purpose Purpose Rights Plan
Purposes Private Placement Unlisted Convertible Securities Deemed Underlying Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quest Capital Corp Ratification New Option Plan Resolution
Ratification Shareholders Rights Plan Agreement Recent Exploration
Recommendation Recruitment New Directors Assessment Board Performance
Redemption Redemption Rights
Regarding Forward Looking Statements Registered Shareholders
Registration 2001 006812 Registration Delivery Instructions
Regulatory Authority Approved Disapproved Information Contained News Release Related Party Transactions
Related Party Transactions 2005 Relevant Education Experience
Reliance Certain Exemptions Removal Pre-existing Provisions
Rene Carrier Director Report 2004 Work Rockwell39s Ricardo Copper Property Chile
Report Executive Compensation Report Foreign Private Issuer Pursuant Rule 13a-16 15d-16
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Representation Warranty
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Corporation
Representations Warranties Covenants Representations Warranties Covenants Agents
Representations Warranties Subscriber Request Annual Interim Financial Statements Mda
Results Operations Revenue Recognition
Revocation Proxies Ricardo Property
Ricardo Property Chile Richard Linnell Director
Rights Rights Certificates Transferability
Rights Holder Not Shareholder Rights Restrictions Attached Shares
Rio Tinto Terminates Letter Understanding Ricardo Property Risk Factors
Risks Associated Mining Risks Related Rockwell
Risks Related Rockwell Been Exploration Stage Mining History Robert Dickinson Bsc Msc Chairman Board Director
Rockwell Achieves Outstanding Premiums Sale Cut Polished Stones Rockwell Announces Appointment New Chief Financial Officer
Rockwell Diamonds Inc Rockwell Diamonds Inc Ste 1020-800 West Pender Street
Rockwell Diamonds Inc Suite 1020 800 West Pender Rockwell Discussions Potential Bee Partner
Rockwell Executive Directors Cite Strong Fundamentals Final Appeal Rockwell Expects Passive Foreign Investment Consequences Investors
Rockwell Exploration Stage Mining History Operating Losses Assurance Rockwell Number Outstanding Share Purchase Options Warrants Exercise
Rockwell Raise C125 New Equity Through Rights Offering Rockwell Requires Additional Financing Order Continue Business Going
Rockwell Significant Number Outstanding Options Warrants Exercise Result Rockwell Subject Potentially Volatile Exchange Rate Fluctuations
Rockwell Ventures Inc Rockwell Ventures Inc 1020 800 West Pender Street
Rockwell Ventures Inc 3150000 Rockwell Ventures Inc British Columbia Having Chief Executive
Rockwell Ventures Inc Ste 1020-800 West Pender Street Rockwell Ventures Inc Suite 1020 800 West Pender
Rockwell Wiring Instructions Rockwellinfolaurelhillagcom
Rockwellquestionshdgoldcom Rockwells Properties Located Chile Operations Affected Varying Degrees
Rockwells Properties Located Chile South Africa Democratic Republic Rockwells Properties Located Republic South Africa
Rockwells Properties Located South Africa Democratic Republic Congo Ronald Thiessen Chairman Board Director
Ronald Thiessen Chief Executive Officer President Director Rvi Warranties
Safe Harbor Sales Carats
Sampling Method Approach Sandile Donald Muziwenkosi Zungu Director
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Saxendrift
Saxendrift Kwartelspan Saxendrift Property
Schedule Schedule Agency Agreement Among Rockwell Ventures Inc Rbc
Schedule Certificate Additional Representations Warranties Covenants Non-canadian Subscribers Schedule Rockwell Ventures Inc 3150000 Term Sheet
Schedule Term Sheet Schedules
Scott Cousens Director Scott Cousens- Director
Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans Securities Exchange Washington 20549
Securities Held Insiders Selected Financial Data
Share Capital Share Certificates
Share Option Plan Share Ownership
Share Ownership Reporting Share Purchase Options
Share Purchase Warrants Shareholder Rights Plan
Shareholders Meetings Shares Issued 2007
Signatures Signed
Signed Original Statement Been Provided Retained Furnished Securities Significant Changes
Site Closure Reclamation Obligations Site Restoration Costs
Solicitation Proxies Some Rockwells Directors Officers Serve Boards Other Exploration
South African Government Empowerment Initiatives South African Government Empowerment Initiatives Adversely Affect Rockwells
Special Meeting Matters Special Rights Restrictions
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Based Compensation
Stock-based Compensation Stock-based Compensation Expense
Submitted Herewith Subordinated Convertible Subscription Agreement
Subscription Agreement Units Ontario Alberta British Columbia Offshore Subscription Agreement Units United States Subscribers
Subscription Description Units Subsidiaries
Summary Summary Compensation Table
Summary Rights Plan Surveys Not Been Performed Properties
Survival Survival Representations Warranties Covenants
Tabular Disclosure Contractual Obligations Taxation Material Canadian Federal Income Tax Consequences United
Technical Committee Technical Details
Technical Summary Term Option
Term Rights Plan Termination Change Control Benefits
Termination Employment Change Responsibilities Contracts Terms Amendments Requiring Disinterested Shareholder Approval
Terms Conditions United States Offers Sales Terms Offering
Trade Accounts Receivables Trading Markets
Trans Hex Group Limited Transaction Risk Currency Management
Transactions Related Parties Transferring Employees
Trend Information Tsxv Personal Information Acknowledgement
United States United States Federal Income Tax Consequences
United States Institutional Accredited Investor Certificate United States Securities Exchange Washington 20549
Unless Permitted Securities Legislation Holder Security Not Trade Vancouver
Vancouver Rockwell Diamonds Tsx Rdi Jse Otcbb Vancouver Rockwell Ventures Inc
Variable Interest Entities Versus 2003
Versus 2004 Versus 2005
Vesting Options Vesting Options Granted Consultants Conducting Investor Relations Activities
Vesting Schedule Votes Necessary Pass Resolutions
Voting Exercises Discretion Proxies Voting Proxy Holder
Voting Proxyholder Voting Rights
Voting Securities Principal Holders Voting Shares Principal Holders Thereof
Waiver Warranties
Warrants Rights West Pender Street
West Pender Street Vancouver Canada V6c 2v6 Tel Willem Jacobs Director
William Fisher Director Working Capital
Wouterspan Wouterspan Property
Wouterspan Property South Africa Wwwexecutivedirectorsrockwellcom
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