Above Connection Bandwidth Starting Inventory Accelerate Growth Revenues
Acceptable Gifts Meals Services Entertainment Acceptance Insiders Affiliates Associates
Accesses Access Revenues Accesses Average Revenues Per Access
Accesses Reuters 3000 Xtra Installed Client Sites Accessing Global Talent Pool
Accordingly Board Unanimously Recommends Shareholders Vote Favour Resolution Accounting Change
Accounting Changes Accounting Estimates
Accounting Policies Accounting Policies Involving Management Judgement
Accounting Principles Accounting Principles Methods
Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Business Combinations
Accounts Accrued Benefits
Achievements Acknowledgement Reasonableness
Acknowledgment Requirement Acquisition Clearforest Limited
Acquisition Cost Acquisition Feri Fund Market Information Limited
Acquisition Related Costs Acquisition Thomson Corporation Reuters Group Plc
Acquisition Thomson Reuters Corporation Entities Acquisitions
Action Action Without Consent Holder Thomson Reuters Plc Founders
Activities Activity
Activity Based Costing Methodology Actual Change
Actual Rate Changes Actuarial Gains Losses
Additional Agreements Woodbridge Additional Assets
Additional Covenants Additional Information
Additional Ordinary Shares Additional Revenue Growth Core Plus
Additional Tax Considerations Adjusted Earnings Continuing Operations
Adjusted Earnings Per Share Adjusted Eps
Adjustments Administration
Admission Adoption International Financial Reporting Standards
Adoption International Financial Reporting Standards Ifrs Ads Dividends
Ads8221 Adsl Connections
Adss Advice Guidance Reporting
Affiliate After Inventory Verification Date
Against Agency
Agency Services Agenda
Agreed Agreed Follows Efinitions
Agreed Form 2007 Agreed Form Documents Accompany Implementation Agreement
Agreed Principles Agreement
Agreement 2005 Between Agreement Service Categories
Agreements Woodbridge Respect Voting Aiver
Alary Benefits Alex Hungate Managing Director Asia
Alfred Tadros Thank Very Much Allowable Capital Loss
Allowable Capital Loss8221 Also Acquire Radianz Reuters
Alteration Share Capital Alternate Directors
Alternative Proposals Break Fees Am1a Am1 Products
Amended Definitions Amended Restated Short Form Base Shelf Prospectus
Amended Restated Thomson Reuters Corporation Articles8221 Amended Restated Thomson Reuters Corporation By-laws8221
Amended Restated Trust Deed Dated 2006 Between Reuters Amendment
Amendment Agreement Amendment Network Services Agreement
Amendment Network Services Agreement Joint Re-planning Exercise Amendment Network Services Agreement Joint Re-planning Exercise Further
Amendment Network Services Agreement Security Summary Document Amendment Rights Obligations
Amendments Amendments Special Voting Share Agreement
American American Depositary Shares
Amortisation Impairment Intangibles Acquired Business Combination Investment Income Amortization Computer Software
Amortization Other Intangible Assets Amount Capital
Analysis Charge Analysis Charge Period
Analysis Development Software Licence Impact 2004 Analysis Free Cash Flow
Analysis Ifrs Impact 2004 Analysis Shareholders
Analytics Engine Annex Notification Major Interests Shares Xvi Identity Person
Announcement Listing Rule 9614 Annual Cash Incentive Bonus
Annual General Meetings Extraordinary Annual Information Update
Annual Performance-related Bonus Antitrust Clearance
Appendices Appendix
Applicability Defeasance Covenant Applicable Accounting Policies 2004 Comparatives
Applicable Charges Date Lease Relevant Site Legally Transferred Applicable Laws
Appointed Directors Thomson Reuters Named Enclosed Proxy Form Appointed Directors Thomson Reuters Proxy Form Voted Recommended
Appointment Auditors Appointment Thomson Reuters Plc Directors
Appointment Trustees Reuters Founders Share Approval Authority Thomson Reuters Plc Call General Meeting
Approval Directors8217 Remuneration Report Approval Renewal Authority Allot Thomson Reuters Plc Shares
Approval Renewal Authority Buy Back Thomson Reuters Plc Approval Renewal Disapplication Preemptive Rights Thomson Reuters Plc
Approved Person Approx Revenue Impact
Arden Leave Suspension Ariel Limited Reuters Group Plc Llc Transactions Services
Articles Asset Retirement Obligations
Assets Assignment
Associate Associates Joint Ventures
Associations Assumption Subsidiary
Assurance Given Price Received Thomson Reuters Corporation Common Attached
Attendance Meetings Attendance Voting Obligations
Audit Committee Audit Opinion
Auditors Auditors Remuneration
Australian Associated Press Pty Limited Authentication Documents
Authority Allot Securities Disapplication Pre-emption Rights Available-for-sale Financial Assets
Average Exchange Rates Average Sale Price
Back Contents Background
Balance Sheet Banks
Base Salary Basic Earnings Per Share
Basic Eps Continuing Operations Basic Salary Benefits
Basis Accounting Basis Analysis
Basis Audit Opinion Basis Consolidation
Basis Opinion Basis Preparation
Basis Preparation Profit Estimate Basis Preparation Profit Forecast
Basis Presentation Before Acquisitions Core Plus
Before Inventory Verification Date Beneficial Interests
Beneficial Ownership Beneficiaries
Benefit Payments Benefits
Benefits Ncib Benefits Ncib 8211
Better Products Service Between
Bilateral Loan Facilities Block Listing Applications 2006
Block Listing Monthly Return Dsop Fsa Block Listing Monthly Return Psp Fsa
Block Listing Monthly Return Rsp Fsa Block Listing Shares
Board Board Committee Director Assessment Process
Board Committees Board Composition Directors Independence
Board Directors Board Establish Formal Transparent Arrangements Considering They Apply
Board Maintain Sound System Internal Control Safeguard Shareholders Board Performance Evaluation
Board Present Balanced Understandable Assessment Position Prospects Board Supplied Timely Manner Information Form Quality Appropriate
Board Undertake Formal Rigorous Annual Evaluation Own Performance Bonus
Book-entry Debt Securities Borrowing Powers
Borrowings Boundaries
Braley Deutsche Bank Brand
Break Fee Bribes Improper Payments Gifts
British Telecommunications Plc Business
Business Combinations Business Combinations Deferred Tax Assets Not Previously Recognized
Business Combinations Investments Business Environment
Business Highlights Business Outlook
Business Outlook Thomson Reuters Business Performance
Business Strategy Business Strategy Operating Environment
Business Update Business-to-business Information Services
Buy-backs Combined Business Shares Buy-side
Calculation Losses Calling Meetings
Calls Shares Canada Yield Price8221
Canadian Gaap Canadian Resident Holder
Canadian Resident Holder8221 Canadian Taxation
Cancellation Shares Cancellation Shares8221
Cap Capex
Capital Commitments Capital Expenditure
Capital Investments Expenditure Divestments Capital Reduction
Capital Reorganization Capital Reorganization Scheme Arrangement
Capital Reserves Capital Structure
Capital Structure Dividend Policy Capitalisation Profits Reserves
Capitalised Software Internal Capitalised Software Marketed
Capturing History Carlson
Carrying Amounts Cash 016 Thomson-reuters Plc Shares Each Reuters Share
Cash Distributions Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Cash Flow Acquisitions Disposals
Cash Flow Fair Value Interest Rate Risk Cash Flow Hedges
Cash Flow Net Debt Funds Cash Flow Statement
Cash Returned Shareholders Cash-settled Share-based Payments
Cash-settled Stock Options Awards Cautionary Concerning Factors Affect Future Results
Cds Certain Income Tax Considerations
Certificate Certificate 8211
Certificate Agents Certificated Form
Certificates Certification David Grigson Filed Pursuant Cfr 24013a-14
Certification Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes Oxley
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Certifications
Cessation Compensation Chain Controlled Undertakings Through Voting Rights Financial Instruments
Chairman Chairman Audit Committee
Chairman Non-executive Directors Chairmans Board
Chairmans Statement Change
Change Control Change Control8221
Change Reportable Segments Changes Estimates Useful Economic Lives
Changes Previously Reported 2007 Results Property Plant Equipment Changing Shape Marketplace
Changing Way Product Development Teams Work Chapter Listing Rules
Charitable Conduct Contributions Charitable Contributions
Charles Sinclair Step Down Reuters Board Chicago Mercantile Exchange Relating Fxmarketspace
Chief Executive Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer Chris Ahearn President Reuters Media
Chris Collett Great Thanks Very Much Chris Wheaton Commissions
Christopher Hagman Christopher Hagman Managing Director Global Sales Service Operations
Cica 3064 Goodwill Intangible Assets Circular Not Constitute Offer Buy Solicitation Sell Securities
Class Rights Actions Class Type Shares
Classification Clause
Clear Division Responsibilities Head Between Running Board Executive Clears Final Regulatory Hurdle
Closed Acquisitions Cme Options
Code Code Applies
Code Business Conduct Ethics Code8221
Colin Tennant Colin Tennant Lehman Brothers
Colin Tennant Thanks Very Much Combination Leaders
Commitment Commitment Ethics Compliance
Common Control Common Control Transactions
Common Economic Interests Common Examples
Common Shares Common Shares Average Daily Trading Volume Tsx Prior
Community Companies Act
Companies Act 2006 Companies Divisions Compete Reuters
Companies Reuters Strategic Relationship Companies Reuters Strategic Relationships
Comparative Amounts Comparatives Been Restated Combine Ireland Emea West East
Competing Business Concerns Competing Business Concerns Date Agreement
Competition Competition Act Canada
Competitive Enterprise Competitive Media
Competitive Research Asset Management Competitive Sales Trading
Competitors Complementary Geographies
Completed Fast Forward Programme Aimed Transform Core Business Completion
Comply Applicable Trade Restrictions Export Controls Boycotts Comply Environmental Laws Regulations Apply Thomson Reuters
Components Net Debt Funds Components Net Funds
Components Net Funds 2005 Computer Hardware Other Property
Computer Software Computershare Trust Canada
Conclusion Conditions Obligations
Conduct Business Conduct Claims
Confidence Invest Core Plus Simplification Confident Tom Glocer His Team Partnership Board
Confidential Anonymous Reporting Confidential Information
Confidentiality Conformed Copy
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consents Required Variation
Consideration Consideration Offered
Consideration Offered 8211 Consideration Remuneration Matters
Consideration Remuneration Matters General Consolidated Balance Sheet 2004
Consolidated Balance Sheet Data Consolidated Cash Flow Statement 2004
Consolidated Financial Highlights Consolidated Financial Highlights 2008
Consolidated Gaap Financial Highlights 2008 Consolidated Gaap Financial Highlights 8211 2008
Consolidated Pro Forma Financial Highlights 2008 Consolidated Pro Forma Financial Highlights Six-months 2008
Consolidated Pro Forma Financial Highlights Thomson Reuters 2008 Consolidated Profit Loss Account 2004
Consolidated Statement Earnings Consolidated Statement Recognised Income Expense
Consolidated Statement Recognised Income Expense 2005 Consolidated Statement Total Recognised Gains Losses
Consolidated Statement Total Recognised Gains Losses 2004 Consolidation Cancellation Subdivision Shares Other Thomson Reuters Plc
Consolidation Subsidiary Undertakings Constitution Thomson Reuters Plc Board Directors
Consultation Rights Consumer Media
Consumer Services Contact
Contact Elizabeth Maclean Assistant Secretary Elizabethmacleanreuterscom Tel 020 Contacts
Contacts Victoria Brough Reuters Tel 207 542 8763 Content
Contents Contingencies
Contingent Consideration Contingent Liabilities Assets
Contingent Purchase Consideration Continuing
Continuing Directors8221 Continuing Operations
Continuing Operations Movement Cash Flow Contract Amendment Form
Contract Change Request Form Contractual Obligations
Control Controlled
Convertible Securities Copy News Release Along Slides Other Materials Webcast
Copy Thomson Reuters Notice Intention Related Ncib Core
Core Cost Growth Core Plus
Core Plus Early Successes Core Plus Investment Growth
Core Plus Transformation Core Volume Growth
Corporate Communications Corporate Compliance Audit Department
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Committee
Corporate Headquarters Corporate Investment Banking Management
Corporate Other Corporate Other Includes Costs Associated Thomson Reuters Stock-based
Corporate Responsibility Corporate Structure
Corporation Board Corporation Common Shares
Corporation Group Corporation Guarantee
Corporation Special Voting Share Corporation Special Voting Share Trust Deed
Corporations Acting Representatives Counterparty Credit Risk
Countries Required After Anniversary Closing Date Court Hearing
Court Meeting Court Order
Court Order8221 Cover Caption
Creation Well Capitalized Market Leader Credit Facilities
Credit Facilities Commercial Paper Programme Credit Facility
Credit Ratings Credit Ratings Assigned Debt Securities Change
Credit Risk Credit Risk Fair Value Financial Assets Liabilities
Creditors Amounts Falling Due After Creditors Amounts Falling Due Within
Crest Crest Manual8221
Crest Proxy Instruction Crest Proxy Instruction8221
Crest Regulations Crest8221
Critical Accounting Policies Cross-guarantee8221
Cross-guarantees Currency
Currency Parties Invoices Following Inventory Verification Date Currency Parties Invoices Prior Inventory Verification Date
Currency Profile Current Reuters Thomson Structures
Current Tax Liabilities Current Trading Thomson
Customer Customer Information Privacy
Customer Perspectives Customer Reaction
Cycle Agreed Requirements Cycle Scope
Daily Prime Rate Daily Prime Rate Banks
Daleo Dando
Date Date 2007
Date Agreement Date Payment Principal
Date Transaction Date Transition Ifrs Group
Dated 2008 David Craig Group Strategy Director
David Grigson David Grigson 2005
David Grigson Cfo David Grigson Chief Financial Officer
David Grigson Recurring David Grigson Right
David Grigson Say David Lister Chief Information Officer
David Schlesinger Appointed Editor-in-chief Reuters Geert Linnebank David Schlesinger Editor-in-chief
David Thomson Deal
Deal Timetable Dealing 3000
Dealing Disclosure Requirements Dealing Facility
Dealing Facility Instruction Booklet8221 Dealing Facility8221
Debt Debt Issuance
Debt Payable Entities Common Control Thomson Reuters Corporation Debt Receivable Entities Common Control Thomson Reuters Corporation
Debt Securities Subordinated Creditors Subsidiaries Debt Shelf Registration
Debtors Dec
Declaration Declaration Payment Dividends
Declaration Trust Deemed Variations Abrogations Thomson Reuters Plc Founders Share
Default Defense Set-off Counterclaim
Deferred Compensation Plan Deferred Gain Assets Contributed Joint Ventures
Deferred Income Taxes Deferred Revenue
Deferred Share Units Deferred Tax
Deferred Tax Assets Not Recognised Business Combination Deferred Tax Liabilities
Defined Benefit Plans Defined Contribution Plans
Definition Group Names Definitions
Deirdre Stanley Delivery Satellite Equipment
Demographic Assumptions Determining Technical Provisions Depositary
Depository Services Depreciation
Depreciation Amortisation Depreciation Amortization
Depreciation Segment Derivative Financial Instruments
Derivative Financial Instruments Hedging Derivative Financial Instruments Hedging Effective 2005
Derivative Instruments Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Derivatives Not Qualify Hedge Accounting Derivatives Other Financial Instruments
Description Debt Securities Description Notes
Description Thomson Reuters Plc Guarantee Designation Approved Person
Devin Wenig Devin Wenig Coo
Devin Wenig Something Like Di8221
Diagram Client Site Boundary Diagram Core Network Boundary
Dialog Impairment Dialogue Shareholders Based Mutual Understanding Objectives Board Whole
Diclosure Transpranecy Rules Announcement Differences Adoption Dates
Director Attendance Director Been Granted Options Please Complete Following Boxes
Director Qualifications Board Size Director Recruitment Induction Education
Directors Directors Induction Training Information
Directors Interests Directors Pensions
Directors Report Directors Responsibilities
Directors Senior Managers Directors Senior Managers Reuters Group 2005
Directors Senior Managers Reuters Group 2006 Directors Share Options
Directors Statement Responsibility Directors8217 Report
Directors8217 Responsibilities Dis
Discharge Defeasance Covenant Disciplinary Process
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disclosure Interests Ordinary Shares
Disclosure Interests Shares Disclosure Rules Transparency Dtr
Discount Multiplier Disenfranchisement Disposals Excess Interests
Disparaging Statements Disposals
Disposals Loan Notes Disposals Thomson Reuters Plc Shares
Dispositions Distance Insensitivity Tail Circuits
Distress Notice Distribution
Distribution Trust Fund Termination Date Distributions Prior Termination Date
Divestments Dividend
Dividend 12p Per Share Dividend Distribution
Dividend Payment Date Dividend Policy
Dividends Dividends Distributions
Dividends Other Distributions Dividends Per Share 2005
Dividends Thomson Reuters Plc Shares Division Business Segment Information
Divisional Analysis Divisional Performance
Divisional Profitability Briefing Dlc Equalization Principle
Dlc Structure Dlc Structure Operation Principles
Dlc Structure8221 Documents Filed Companies House
Documents Filed Furnished Securities Exchange Sec Documents Filed Part Registration Statement
Documents Incorporated Reference Dont Tip Information Others
Douglas Gilstrap Myron Tataryn Radianz Ltd Douglas Gilstrap Myron Tataryn Radianz Ltd Americas Inc
Draft Form Dsus8221
Dtcc Dual Listed Benefits Shareholders
Dual Listed Shares Dual Listed Structure
Dual-listed Structure Duration
Duration 8211 Duties Connection Special Voting Share
Duties Trustee Early Progress Announced Today Core Plus Growth Strategy
Earnings Per Common Share Earnings Per Ordinary Share
Earnings Per Share Earnings Per Share Eps
Ecn Economic Equivalence
Economic Voting Rights Generally Edical Isability Insurance
Editors Editors Cme
Edt 600 Bst Business Before Effective Date Edward Kozel Non-executive Director
Effect Acquisition Effect Certain Events
Effect Change Control Effective Date
Effectively Disseminating Information Environment Efficient
Efficient Capital Structure Efficient Fast Forward Cost Savings
Electing Shareholder Electing Shareholder8221
Election Ratification Directors Election Return Date
Election Return Date8221 Electronic
Electronic Copies Electronic Proxy Appointment Through Crest
Electronic Proxy Appointment Through Share Vote Electronic Software Services Revenues
Electronic Trading Electronic Trading Systems Important Reuters
Eligibility Investment Eligibility Participation
Eligible Shareholder Eligible Shareholder8221
Embedded Derivatives Employee Benefit Plans
Employee Communications Employee Future Benefits
Employee Information Employee Profile
Employee Safety Employee Share Plans
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employee Stock Purchase Plans
Employee Survey Employees
Employees 401 Retirement Savings Plan Employer Taxes
Employment Encumbrance
End Ends
Energy Performance Enforce Guarantee Brought Courts England Wales
Enforceability Civil Liabilities English Court
Ension Lans Ension Schemes
Ent Enterprise
Enterprise Business Line Enterprise Division
Enterprise Division Results Enterprise Division Results 2005
Enterprise Division Results 2006 Enterprise Division Results 2007
Enterprise Information Enterprise Performance
Enterprise Segment Entire Agreement
Environment Environmental Impact
Eps 66p 326p Adjusted Eps Continuing Operations
Equal Opportunities Diversity Equalization Agreement
Equalization Governance Agreement Equalization Payment
Equalization Principle Equalization Ratio
Equalization Ratio Calculation Close 2007 Equiniti
Equities Fixed Income Wealth Management Equity Incentive Plans
Equity Plans Equivalent Resolution
Equivalent Treatment Principle Equivalent Treatment Relation Takeovers
Estimated Impact Ifrs 2008 Financial Results Estimates
Euro Commercial Paper Programme Euro Medium Term Programme
Euroclear Ireland Europe Middle East Africa Emea Excluding Asia Operations
Events Events Default
Examples Accounting Auditing Issues Report Examples Confidential Information
Examples Conflicts Examples Fraud Report
Examples Gifts Examples Thomson Reuters Assets
Exception Exceptions Prohibition Voting
Exchange Exchange Act
Exchange Act8221 Exchange Control
Exchange Rates Excluded Shares
Exclusion Amortisation Goodwill Other Intangibles Impairments Disposals Exclusion Amortisation Impairment Intangibles Acquired Business Combination Investment
Exclusion Obligations Exclusion Restructuring Charges
Executed Parties Execution
Executive Committees Executive Directors
Exercise Conversion Period Date Exercise Employee Share Options
Existing Obligation Existing Services
Expands Reach Hedge Fund Data Research Expected Timetable Principal Events
Expenses Experts
Explanation Adjustments Explanation Principal Differences Between Cash Flow Statements Presented
Explanatory Explanatory Statement
Extension Other Persons External Requests Information
External Thomson Reuters Disclosure Facilitation Payments
Factiva Factors8221 Beginning Page Prospectus
Fair Value Estimation Fair Value Estimation Effective 2005
Fair Value Hedges Fair Value Movements
Fair Value Plan Assets Fair Values
Fasb Statement 157 Fair Value Measurement Fas Fasb Statement 159 Fair Value Option Financial Assets
Fast Forward Fast Forward 2005 Focus Completion
Fast Forward Completed Fast Forward Just Completed Did Achieve Objectives
Fast Forward Progress Review Federal Income Taxation
Fees Expenses Filed London Stock Exchange 2005
Filed London Stock Exchange On15 2005 Filling Casual Vacancies Appointing Additional Thomson Reuters Plc
Final 2006 Final Evaluation Tests
Financial Financial Assets Fair Value Through Profit Loss
Financial Diary 2005 Financial Guarantees
Financial Headlines Instinet Reuters Group Financial Headlines Reuters
Financial Highlights Financial Implications
Financial Information Compared 2004 Financial Information Compared 2005
Financial Instruments Financial Instruments Comprehensive Income
Financial Instruments Resulting Situation After Triggering Transaction Financial Markets
Financial Performance Financial Position
Financial Reporting Financial Review Reuters
Financial Review Thomson Financial Statements
Financials Financing
Financing Activities Financing Arrangements
Find Find Additional Information Instinet Nasdaq Merger
Find Information Fix
Fixed Asset Investments Fleet Street London Ec4p 4aj England
Fleet Street London Ec4p 4aj England Address Principal Fluctuations Exchange Rates Give Rise Foreign Currency Exposure
Following Release Replaces Directors Transaction Notice Issued Today Foreign Currency
Foreign Currency Risk Foreign Currency Translation
Foreign Exchange Foreign Exchange Contracts
Forfeiture Lien Forfeiture Shares
Forfeitures Form 20-f
Form 6-k Report Foreign Issuer Form Denomination Exchange Transfer
Form Election Form Proxy Meeting Enclosed Notice Alternatively Scheme Shares
Form Undertaking Formal Rigorous Transparent Procedure Appointment New Directors Board
Forward Looking Statements Forward-looking Statements
Founders Share Founders Share Agreement
Free Cash Flow Free Trials
Fujitsu Master Services Asset Transfer Agreements Full
Full 2007 Full Name Person Subject Notification Obligation
Full Name Shareholder Full Name Shareholder Different
Full Operational Highlights Full Revenue Growth Since 2001
Full-year Business Segment Highlights Fully Unconditionally Guaranteed Thomson Reuters Plc
Fundamental Change Funding Agreement Reuters Pension Fund Dated 2006 Among
Furnished Securities Exchange Further Issuances
Fxmarketspace Gaap
Gaap Reported Gain Disposal Associates
Gains Losses Disposal Subsidiary Associated Undertakings Gathering Information Competitors
General General Counsel Secretary
General Meeting General Meetings
General Provisions Applicable Notes Geoffrey Beattie
Geographic Information 2005 Geographic Information 2006
Geography Giasone Salati Understood Thank
Gift Considerations Global Markets Talent
Global Reach Glocer
Goodwill Goodwill Amortisation
Goodwill Other Intangibles Got Here
Governing Law Governing Law Jurisdiction
Government Canada Yield8221 Government Regulation
Governmental Agency Graph
Group Group Limited
Group Statement Total Recognised Gains Losses Groups Share Contingent Liabilities Commitments Respect Associates Joint
Grow Grow Revenues Core Business Through Plus Initiatives
Growth Electronic Transactions Gss Relevant Site
Guarantee Guidance
Harassment Hare Ption Lans
Hauffeur Driven Car Headings
Headlines Healthcare
Hedge Accounting Hedges Fair Values
Hedges Net Investment Foreign Entity Hedging Program Reuters Consideration
Hedging Programme Reuters Consideration Held Sale
Held-to-maturity Investments Hereof
High Value Content High-value Content
Highlights Holder
Hsr Act Hsr Act8221
Human Resources Committee Human Resources Representatives Thomson Reuters Lawyers Communications
Ian Strachan Non-executive Director Icap
Identifiable Intangible Assets Identifiable Intangible Assets Goodwill
Identify Pre-clear Conflicts Ife Assurance Ermanent Health Scheme
Ife Ssurance Ifrs
Ifrs 8211 Ifrs Impact
Ifrs Impact Organization Ifrs Operating Margin
Ifrs Operating Profit Ifrs Restated
Ifrs8221 Ime Editorial Services
Impact Impact Currency Movements
Impact Other Operating Costs Income Impairment Assets
Impairment Assets Held Sale Impairment Derecognition
Impairment Subsidiary Intangibles Impairment Tests Goodwill
Impairment Tests Other Intangible Assets Impairments Long-term Assets
Impairments Long-term Assets Held Sale Implementation Agreement
Important Notice Important Notice Information Prospectus Supplement Accompanying Amended Restated
Improved Products Customer Service Income Tax Effect Other Reconciling Differences Between Canadian
Income Taxes Increase Capital Consent Holder Thomson Reuters Plc Founders
Increases Technology Regulations Indemnification
Indemnification Trustee Indemnity
Independence Reuters Independent Auditors Consent
Independent Auditors Report Independent Auditors Report Members Reuters Group Plc
Independent Auditors Report Shareholders Reuters Group Plc Independent Auditors Statement Members Reuters Group Plc
Independent Auditors8217 Report Members Radianz Limited Independent Directors
Independent Expert Independent Review Report Reuters Group Plc
Index Individual Considerations
Industry Context Information
Information Contact Information Forward-looking Read Conjunction Sections Below Entitled Material
Information Management Systems Ims Information Overseas Persons
Information Reporting Withholding Information Shareholders
Information Thomson Infosys Ceo Nandan Nilekani Joins Reuters Board
Infrastructure Assets Initial Adoption International Accounting Standards
Initial Issue Date Innovation Key
Innovation Programme Insolvency
Insolvency Notice Insolvency Notice Date
Instinet Instinet Group
Instinet Group Acquired Nasdaq Instinet Group Announces 2004 Earnings
Instinet Group Review Intangible Assets
Integration Program Objectives Integration Synergy Programs
Intellectual Property Parties Intellectual Property Thomson Reuters
Interacting Competitors Intercompany Transactions
Interest Interest Coverage
Interest Loan Notes Interest Maturity
Interest Rate Risk Interest Shares Reuters Group Plc
Interim Order Interim Results Financial Highlights
Internal Building Costs Internal Control
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Internal Control-integrated Framework
Internally Generated Intangible Assets Internally Generated Intangible Assets Product Development
International Financial Reporting Standards Gaap International Financial Reporting Standards Ifrs
Interpretation Not Affected Headings Etc Introduction
Invalidity Provisions Inventories
Inventories Contract Work Progress Inventory Correction Orders
Investigation Process Investing Activities
Investment Act Investment Advisory
Investment Advisory Formerly Research Asset Management Investment Banking Management Corporates
Investment Drive Revenue Growth Investment Drive Transformation
Investment Grade Rating8221 Investment Hedge Foreign Subsidiaries
Investments Investments Effective 2005
Investor Investor Contact
Investor Queries Investor Relations Enquiries
Investors Investors Financial Data
Ios Upgrades Irectors Indemnity Insurance
Irrevocable Commitments Irs8221
Isability Insurance Isciplinary Rules Grievance Procedure
Issued Thomson Reuters Corporation Fully Unconditionally Guaranteed Plc Ithholding
Ithholding Deductions Tax Jenny Reardon Telephone 207 356 5369 Jenniferreardonbtcom
Joerg Floeck Managing Director Europe Middle East Africa John Alcantara
John Alcantara Global Head Service Operations John Clark Correct
John Thompson Joint Electorate Actions
Joint Ventures Associates Jon Robson President Focus Group Accounts Americas
Jonathan Helliwell Cazenove Keep Ahead Competition Constantly Improving What Offer Customers
Ken Olisa Kenneth Ken Olisa Non-executive Director
Key Business Benefits Key Driver
Key Drivers Key Features Dlc Structure
Key Impacts Reuters 2004 Financial Statements Key Performance Indicators
Knowledge Family Large Deliverable Synergies
Last Launched Core Plus Growth Initiatives Said Strengthen Later 100 Edt 600 Bst Business Before Effective
Launch Date Lawsuits Legal Claims
Lawton Fitt Lawton Fitt Non-executive Director
Leading Provider Information Solutions Trading Leases
Leasing Lee Ann Daly Chief Marketing Officer
Legal Legal Matters
Less Complex Segmented Product Line Place Letter Number Network Services Agreement
Letter Reuters Chairman Libor
Limitation Liability Trustee Liquidated Damages
Liquidation Liquidation Dissolution Winding
Liquidation Dissolution Winding-up Liquidity Risk
List Infrastructure Assets Price They Sold List Pops
List Sites Required Global Test Environment Listing Admission Trading Application
Listing Authority Listings
Loan Option Loans Receivables
Local Customs London
London Reuters Lse Rtr Nasdaq Rtrsy Today Announced London Stock Exchange8221
Long-lived Assets Long-term Incentive Bonus
Looking 2006 What See Lying Ahead Looking Ahead 2007
Looking Forward Confidence Loss Redemption Debt Securities
Low Low Cost Share Dealing Service
Lse Ltip
Mail Major Shareholders
Make Money Management Financial Risk
Management Generally Management Relation Equalization Governance Agreement
Management Risks Managing Portfolio
Manvinder Banga Market Capitalization
Market Risk Market Share
Market Share 2004 Market Share Consumer Media Markets
Market Share Financial Markets Marketing Products Services
Marketplace Markets
Markets Division Mary Cirillo
Matching Action Matching Actions
Material Assumptions Material Changes Affairs Issuer
Material Differences Between Ifrs Adopted Gaap Material Differences Between Ifrs Adopted Published
Material Information Matter Companies Act 1985
Measurement Date Measures
Media Media -h1 Performance
Media Business Line Media Conference Call Tuesday Edt
Media Contacts Media Division
Media Division Results Media Division Results 2005
Media Division Results 2006 Media Division Results 2007
Media Enquiries Media Journalism
Media Queries Media Revenue Type
Media Segment Media Services
Meeting Location Members
Mendments Merger Consolidation Amalgamation
Method Acquisition Michael Peace Global Head Research Asset Management
Migration Dependencies Migration Milestones Dependencies
Migration Period Migration Plan
Minority Interest Minutes Review Sessions
Miriam Mckay Miscellaneous
Mitigation Modernising Customer Administration Systems
Modification Waiver Monthly Review Sessions
Mortality Assumptions Movement
Movement Currency 2004 Rates Todays Following Impact Revenue Movement Net Debt
Movement Pension Provisions Similar Obligations Movement Shareholdings
Movements Multicurrency Revolving Credit Facility
Multiple Element Arrangements Name Changes
Name Trust Nandan Nilekani Non-executive Director
Nasdaq Nash Incident
National Insurance Social Security Costs Stock Options Awards Ncib Commence 2008 Terminate Later 2009
Negative Pledge Net Cash Flow Operating Activities
Net Cash Inflow Operating Activities 2004 Net Debt Funds
Net Funds Net Funds Debt
Net Gains Disposals Businesses Investments Net Gains Foreign Currency Exchange Rates
Net Interest Expense Net Interest Expense Income
Net Interest Expense Income Other Financing Costs Net Interest Expense Other Financing Costs
Net Interest Income Expense Other Financing Costs Net Investment Hedges
Net Losses Foreign Currency Exchange Rates Net Losses Freestanding Derivative Instruments
Net Other Expense Net Other Expense Income
Net Other Income Expense Network Services Agreement
New New Audit Committee Chairman
New Challenges New Channel Serve Indias Growing Urban Audience
New Enterprise Approach New Enterprise Approach Holistic Solution Algorithmic Trading
New Enterprise Services New Financial Profile
New Markets New Opportunities
New Services New Shares
New Shares8221 New Thomson Reuters Plc Shares
New York 10036 United States New York 2008
New York 2009 New Zealand Press Association Limited
News Release Next Steps
Niall Fitzgerald Niall Fitzgerald Kbe
Niall Fitzgerald Kbe Chairman Nic Trading
Njury Sickness Pay Nomination Committee
Non Cash Transactions Non-competition
Non-current Assets Held Sale Non-current Assets Held Sale Effective 2005
Non-current Assets Liabilities Held Sale Non-dealing
Non-executive Directors Non-gaap Financial Measures
Non-gaap Financial Measures Including Pro Forma Information Non-gaap Measures
Non-price Book Services Non-representation
Non-resident Holder8221 Non-solicitation Business
Non-solicitation Employees Normal Course Issuer Bid
North American Revenues Not
Not Acting Individual Capacity Not Meaningful
Not Trading Market Debt Securities Notes
Notes Analysts Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notes Editors Notes Summary Differences Between
Notice Court Meeting Notice Extraordinary General Meeting
Notice General Meetings Notice Hereby Given
Notice Meetings Notice Meetings Voting Rights
Notices Notification Interests Directors Connected Persons
Notification Major Interests Share Notification Major Interests Shares
Notification Obligation Notification Relates Transactions Notified Accordance Disclosure Rule 314r
Notification Significant Shareholder Notification Transaction
Notification Transactions Notification Transactions Directors Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibility
Notification Transactions Directors Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibility Connected Now Therefore
Now Therefore Deed Trust Witnesseth Npa
Npa Nominees Limited Nventions Improvements
Nyse Obca
Objective Objectives
Objectives Session Obligation
Obligations Guaranteed Observance Reuters Trust Principles
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Commitments Contractual Obligations
Offer Repurchase Change Control Triggering Event Office
Ole Powers Duties Olidays
Ollective Greements Omgeo
Ompany Car Onfidentiality
Ong Term Incentive Plan Only Limited Covenants Trust Indenture Governing Debt Securities
Ontinuous Employment Onus
Opening Net Debt Funds Jan 2005 Operating Activities
Operating Cash Flow Operating Costs
Operating Costs Also Include £21 Thomson Deal-related Not Operating Costs Trading
Operating Environment Operating Expenses
Operating Financial Review Operating Highlights
Operating Lease Payables Operating Margin
Operating Margin Before Restructuring Amortisation Impairment Subsidiary Intangibles Operating Profit
Operating Profit Also Includes £21 Thomson Deal-related Costs Operating Profit Before Restructuring Amortisation Impairment Subsidiary Intangibles
Operating Profit Trading Operating Profit £13 Trading
Operational Shifts Operational Structure
Operations Opinion
Opportunities Further Transformation Opposite Page
Option Exercise Price Sar Grant Optional Redemption
Options Order Process
Ordinary Ordinary Resolution
Ordinary Resolutions Ordinary Shares
Ordinary Shares Thomson Reuters Plc 2008 Organisational Matrix
Original Agreement Ormal Place Work
Other Other Acquisitions
Other Benefits Other Business Performance Measures
Other Competition Filings Other Events Default Notes
Other Expense Net Other Finance Costs
Other Financial Assets Liabilities Other Income Net
Other Information Provided Shareholders Other Intangibles
Other Intangibles Impairments Restructuring Other Investments
Other Key Provisions Implementation Agreement Other Material Contracts
Other Matters Other Movements
Other Operating Income Other Pictures
Other Service Contracts Other Transactions
Otices Ours Work
Outlook Outright Revenue
Outside Businesses Overning Law
Overview Overview Divisional Insight
Ownership Page
Page Information Parallel Shareholder Meeting
Part Part Awards After 1997 Prior 2001
Part Awards After 2001 Prior 2004 Part Awards After 2004
Part Awards After 2006 Part Contractual Terms
Part Definitions Interpretation Part Existing Services
Part Nash Services Part Scope
Part Service Management Part Sites Requiring On-ramps After Closing Date
Part Transfer Participating Organization Information
Participation Adjustment Past Service Cost
Patrick Wellington Morgan Stanley Paul Gooden Abn Amro
Paul Gooden Great Thank Payment Invoices
Payment Principal Interest Payment Principal Interest Paying Agents
Payments Notices Pbt
Pbt Basic Eps Continuing Operations Pending Dispositions
Pending Transactions Pending Transactions Post Balance Sheet Events
Penelope Penny Hughes Non-executive Director Pension Arrangements Past Directors
Pension Plan Deficit Funding Pensions
Pensions Similar Obligations Pensions Update
People Performance Business Division 2005
Performance Business Division 2005 Restated Performance Condition
Performance Division Performance Graph
Performance Highlights Performance Restricted Share Units
Permissible Positions Permitted Bid Acquisition
Perquisites Other Personal Benefits Person
Person Discharging Managerial Responsibilities Been Granted Options Issuer Persons Acting Jointly Concert Issuer
Persons Acting Jointly Concert Issuer 8211 Peter Moss
Peter Moss Global Head Enterprise Solutions Peter Oneill Sorry Progress Sales
Peter Thomson Pfic Status
Phantom Stock Plan Picture
Picture Cover Place Payment
Plan Distribution Platform Potential Revolutionise Accelerate Growth Global Market
Platforms Plc
Plc Ads Plc Board
Plc Entrenched Dlc Provisions Plc Equivalent Number
Plc Group Plc Guarantee
Plc Memorandum Articles Plc Ordinary Shares
Plc Special Voting Share Plc Special Voting Share Trust Deed
Plus Policy External Appointments
Political Conduct Contributions Polo Tang Ubs
Portions Marked Asterisks Within Brackets Been Omitted Pursuant Possible Plans Employees Other Countries
Post Balance Sheet Events Post-retirement Medical Benefits
Power Sale Uncertificated Shares Powers
Powers Duties Directors Powers Give Pensions Thomson Reuters Plc Directors
Pre-emptive Rights New Issues Shares Sale Treasury Repurchase Pre-restructuring Margin
Preliminary Purchase Price Allocation Preliminary Results
Prescribed Value Prescription
Presentation Analysts Presentation Given Tom Glocer Reuters Ceoat Group Plc
Presentational Currency Press
Press Contacts Press Inquires
Presumption Innocence Prevention Reporting
Previous Purchases Previous Purchases 8211
Price Book Price Book Services
Price Risk Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp
Primarily Japanese Yen Swiss Francs Prime Brokerage
Prime Rate Principal Accounting Policies
Principal Debtor Principles Consolidation
Principles Review Sessions Prior 2005
Prior Period Restatements Priorities
Priority Change Privacy Thomson Reuters Review
Prix Rendement Des Obligations Canada Pro Forma
Pro Forma 114b Pro Forma 2008
Pro Forma Adjustments Pro Forma Consolidated Earnings Information 2007
Pro Forma Depreciation Segment Pro Forma Financial Information
Pro Forma Financial Information Thomson Reuters Corporation Presented Pro Forma Geographic Split
Pro Forma Information 2008 2007 Pro Forma Information Calculation
Pro Forma Key Metrics Pro Forma Results
Pro Forma Underlying Operating Profit Pro Forma Underlying Operating Profit Margin
Procedural Resolutions Proceeds
Products Products Services
Professional Professional Division
Professional Group Professional Group Growing Profitable
Profit Profit Basic Eps Continuing Operations Before Impairments Amortisation
Profit Before Taxation Profit Before Taxation Pbt
Profit Continuing Operations Profit Loss After Taxation
Profit Period Profits
Programme Agreement Progress Update Thomson Reuters Transaction
Prohibited Conduct Examples Projected Savings Existing Programs
Proper Assets Proper E-mail Communication Systems
Proper Financial Accounting Recordkeeping Property Plant Equipment
Proportionate Consolidation Proposed Acquisition Reuters
Proposed Acquisition Reuters Group Plc Proposed Transferee
Prospectus Prospectus Supplement
Protection Trustee Proven Creditors
Provision Doubtful Debts Provisions
Provisions Regarding Liability Provisions Relating Redemption
Proxy Voting Public Securities Filings Regulatory Announcements
Public Speaking Publications Purchase Shares Other Thomson Reuters Plc Founders Share
Purchased Subsidiaries Purchaser Warranties
Purchasers Statutory Rights Purchases
Purchases Sales Financial Assets Purpose
Purpose Document Qualified Dividend Income
Qualifying Take-over Bid Qualifying Takeover Bid
Quarterly Dividend Period Quarterly Dividend Rate
Question Answer Session Question Through Miriam Mckay
Quorum Radianz
Ram Ranking Other Indebtedness
Rating Agencies8221 Rating Event8221
Re-election Directors Reached
Ready Service Rfs Reason Notification
Reasonable Accommodation Reasons Ncib
Reasons Ncib 8211 Receipt Directors8217 Report
Receipt Financial Statements Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Developments Recently Issued Accounting Standards
Recitals Reclassification Minority Interest
Recognition Deferred Tax Assets Recognition Expense
Reconciliation Actual Percentage Change Underlying Reuters Revenue Geography Reconciliation Actual Percentage Change Underlying Revenue Division Type
Reconciliation Actual Percentage Change Underlying Revenue Geography Reconciliation Actual Percentage Change Underlying Revenue Type
Reconciliation Basic Eps Adjusted Reconciliation Basic Eps Reuters Adjusted
Reconciliation Cash Equivalents Reconciliation Cash Flow Continuing Operations Free
Reconciliation Cash Generated Reuters Group Operations Free Flow Reconciliation Eps
Reconciliation Free Cash Flow Reconciliation Ifrs Operating Margin Trading
Reconciliation Ifrs Operating Profit Trading Reconciliation Ifrs Percentage Change Underlying Reuters Revenue Geography
Reconciliation Instinet Group Results 2004 Reconciliation Instinet Results 2004
Reconciliation Movement Shareholders Equity 2004 Reconciliation Net Cash Flow Movement Funds Debt 2004
Reconciliation Net Cash Flow Movement Funds Debt 2005 Reconciliation Net Cash Provided Operating Activities Free Flow
Reconciliation Non-gaap Operating Margin Reconciliation Non-gaap Operating Profit
Reconciliation Non-gaap Profit Before Taxation Reconciliation Non-gaap Profit Before Taxation Continuing Operations
Reconciliation Operating Margin Trading Reconciliation Operating Profit Trading
Reconciliation Operating Profit Trading Margin Measures Reconciliation Operating Profit Underlying
Reconciliation Profit Before Taxation Continuing Activities Reuters Non-gaap Reconciliation Reuters Non-gaap Basic Eps Continuing Operations
Reconciliation Reuters Non-gaap Basic Eps Continuing Operations Ifrs Reconciliation Reuters Non-gaap Profit Before Taxation
Reconciliation Reuters Non-gaap Profit Before Taxation Ifrs Reconciliations Equivalent Ifrs Figures Found Wwwaboutreuterscom Investors Financial
Reconciliations Gaap Ifrs Reconciliations Non-gaap Measures Ifrs
Reconciliations Profit Before Taxation Continuing Operations Adjusted Tax Recurring Revenue
Recycled Recycling Foreign Currency Translation Differences
Redemption Reduction Capital Becomes Effective
Reduction Capital Exception Regarding Thomson Reuters Plc Founders Redwood
Redwood Global Head Sales Trading References Shareholders
Registered England 02035362 Registered Number 3296375
Registers Registrar
Registration Transfers Uncertificated Shares Regulatory Information Service
Regulatory Pre-conditions Related Party Transaction Material Contracts
Related Party Transactions Related-party Turnover
Relations Shareholders Relationship Management
Relationship Thomson Reuters Release Includes Certain Non Gaap Figures Performance Measures
Release Includes Certain Non-gaap Figures Business Performance Measures Release Thomson Reuters 2008 Report
Relevant Holders Relevant Sites
Reliance Advice Reliance Documents
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Remuneration
Remuneration Committee Remuneration Directors
Remuneration Expenses Remuneration Framework
Remuneration Policy Remuneration Report
Reorganisation Record Time Report 2004
Report 2007 Report Foreign Issuer
Report Foreign Private Issuer Report Foreign Private Issuer Pursuant Rule 13a-16 15d-16
Report Independent Auditor Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Members Reuters Reportable Segments 2004
Reportable Segments 2005 Reportable Segments 2006
Reported Tax Charge Reporting
Representations Warranties Repurchase Change Control Triggering Event
Required Divestitures Requirements Form Transfers Certificated Shares
Requirements Transfers Uncertificated Shares Requisition Shareholders Meeting
Research Asset Management Research Asset Management Business Line
Research Asset Management Division Research Asset Management Division Results
Research Asset Management Division Results 2005 Research Asset Management Division Results 2006
Research Asset Management Division Results 2007 Research Asset Management Performance
Research Asset Management Segment Research Development
Reserves Residency
Resignation Director Resignation Trustee
Resolutions Resolutions Appoint Thomson Reuters Plc Directors Subject Consent
Respective Responsibilities Directors Auditors Responsibilities
Responsibility Responsibility Statement
Restated Restricted Share Units
Restrictions Ownership Restrictions Shareholdings Takeovers
Restructuring Restructuring Actions
Restructuring Charges Included Within Employee Costs Services Depreciation Restructuring Thomson Reuters Transaction Costs
Resulting Situation After Triggering Transaction Results
Results Ifrs Gaap Results Operations
Results Operations Thomson Results Reuters Agm Resolutions
Retaliation Retaliation Prohibited
Retention Reports Complaints Investigations Retirement Benefit Assets
Retirement Benefits Retirement Plus Plan
Return Documents Return Invested Capital
Returning Assets Returning Cash Market Via Share Buyback Was Method
Reuter Trust Principles Reuters
Reuters 2004 Performance Division Reuters 2005 Guidance
Reuters 2005 Outlook Reuters 2005 Revenue Statement
Reuters 3000 Xtra Reuters Accounting Policies
Reuters Acquire European Fund Research Specialist Reuters Acquire Telerate
Reuters Acquires Action Images Reuters Acquisition
Reuters Acquisition Telerate Clears European Review Reuters Adjusted Eps
Reuters Adopts International Financial Reporting Standards Reuters Announces Appointment Devin Wenig Chief Operating
Reuters Appoints Chief Technology Officer Reuters Appoints New Key Business Division Head
Reuters Appoints Sir Deryck Maughan Board Reuters Aquire Leading Provider Global Economic Data
Reuters Average Revenue Per Access Reuters Backs Indias Financial Market Expansion Fresh
Reuters Beyond Fast Forward Reuters Board Appointments
Reuters Building South Colonnade Canary Wharf London E14 Reuters Business Highlights
Reuters Business Strategy Reuters Buys Application Networks Accelerate Growth Risk
Reuters Citigroup Sign Groundbreaking Enterprise-wide Contract Reuters Cme Complete Fxmarketspace Joint Venture
Reuters Community Reuters Completes Ecowin Acquisition
Reuters Completes Sale Factiva Stake Dow Jones Reuters Completes Telerate Acquisition
Reuters Concludes Agreement Over Pension Fund Deficit Reuters Cost Type 2004
Reuters Culture Changing Reuters Customer Segments Instinet Group Revenue Summary
Reuters Datafeed Direct Reuters Datascope
Reuters Datascope Tick History Reuters Dealing
Reuters Development Software Licence Costs Reuters Director Penny Hughes Appointed Home Retail
Reuters Disposals Reuters Electronic Trading
Reuters Employee Benefits Pension Costs Reuters Employee Benefits Share Based Payments
Reuters Enterprise Information Reuters Exchange Rates
Reuters Expected Impact Ifrs 2005 Profit Eps Reuters Financial Performance
Reuters Fixed Fee Reuters Founders Share
Reuters Founders Share Appoints New Board Member Reuters Founders Share Articles
Reuters Founders Share Bank Account Reuters Founders Share Control Notice
Reuters Founders Share Limited Reuters Founders Shares
Reuters Goodwill Amortisation Impairment Reuters Group
Reuters Group Cash Flow Reuters Group Eps
Reuters Group Eps Before Amortisation Goodwill Other Intangibles Reuters Group Financial Performance
Reuters Group Interim Results Profit Loss Review Reuters Group Operating Profit
Reuters Group Performance Summary Profit Results Reuters Group Plc
Reuters Group Plc Actual 2008 Reuters Group Plc Annual Report Accounts 2007
Reuters Group Plc Annual Report Form 20-f 2006 Reuters Group Plc Block Listing Shares
Reuters Group Plc Block Listing Shares 2007 Reuters Group Plc Files Annual Report Form
Reuters Group Plc Long Term Incentive Plan Rules Reuters Group Plc Movement Shareholdings
Reuters Group Plc Preliminary Results 2007 Reuters Group Plc Recurring Revenue Guidance
Reuters Group Plc Rule 210 Rns Announcements Reuters Group Plc Transaction Own Shares
Reuters Group Profit Before Taxation Reuters Group Profit Before Taxation Amortisation Goodwill Other
Reuters Group Profit Loss Account Reuters Group Results
Reuters Group Trading Performance Reuters Guarantee
Reuters Guidance Reuters Half 2005 Performance Division
Reuters Headlines Reuters Icap Enter Extended Data Agreement
Reuters Impact Ifrs 2004 Cash Flow Balance Sheet Reuters Impact Ifrs 2004 Operating Profit
Reuters Impact Ifrs 2004 Profit Eps Reuters Information Management
Reuters Instinet Group Announces 2004 Results Reuters Knowledge
Reuters Knowledge Family Reuters Launch New Electronic Trading Capability
Reuters Leader Financial Services Reuters Market Data System
Reuters Markets Monitor Reuters Messaging
Reuters Movement 2004 Post-tax Profit Reuters Movement Cash Flow
Reuters News Services Reuters Now
Reuters Operating Cost Movements Reuters Operating Margin Before Amortisation Goodwill Other Intangibles
Reuters Operating Profit Reuters Pending Acquisition Moneyline Telerate
Reuters Pictures Archive Reuters Plus
Reuters Preliminary Results Reuters Profit Before Taxation
Reuters Profit Before Taxation Amortisation Goodwill Other Intangibles Reuters Prospects
Reuters Receive Approximately Stake Instinet Group Reuters Results 2005
Reuters Revenue Continuing Operations Division Product Family 2006 Reuters Revenue Continuing Operations Geography 2006
Reuters Revenue Division Product Family 2005 Reuters Revenue Geography 2004
Reuters Revenue Geography 2005 Reuters Revenue Segment
Reuters Revenue Segment Product Family 2004 Reuters Share Price 2003 2006
Reuters Share Schemes Reuters Shareholders Approve Grant Cme Options Fxmarketspace
Reuters Shareholders Receive Instinet Sale Reuters Stack
Reuters Taxation Reuters Tick Capture Engine
Reuters Trade Notification Service Reuters Trade Risk Management
Reuters Trader Reuters Trader Families
Reuters Trader Family Reuters Trading
Reuters Trading Foreign Exchange Reuters Trends Access
Reuters Trends Accesses Reuters Trends Accesses Average Revenue Per Access
Reuters Trust Principles Reuters Trust Principles Founders Share
Reuters Trust Principles State Integrity Independence Freedom Bias Reuters Trust Principles8221
Reuters Trustees Reuters Unique Advantages
Reuters Wealth Manager Reuters Wealth Manager Family
Reuters Xtra Family Reuterscom
Revenue Revenue Business Division
Revenue Costs Profit Measures Revenue Decline Slowing
Revenue Division Revenue Geography
Revenue Geography 2005 Revenue Geography 2006
Revenue Growth 133 Simplification Revenue Growth Since 2001
Revenue Per Access Revenue Recognition
Revenue Review Revenue Tracker
Revenue Type Revenues
Review Conclusion Review End Results
Review Session Review Sessions
Review Work Performed Revised Accounting Esots Employee Share Schemes
Revised Accounting Esots Employee Share Schemes 2004 Revised Accounting Transaction-related Regulatory Fees Instinet Group
Richard Dick Olver Non-executive Director Rievance Procedure
Rights Attaching Shares Rights Conferred Founders Share
Rights Conferred Ordinary Shares Rights Relation Acquiring Person
Rights Shareholders Rights Winding
Risk Risk Factors
Risk Management Internal Controls Disclosure Procedures Risk Radar Reviewed Board Captures Key External Internal
Risks Related Business Operations Thomson Reuters Risks Related Transaction
Risks Relating Debt Securities Risks Relating Thomson Reuters Plc Guarantee
Rmds Rns Number0843a 2006 Reuters Group Plc
Rns Number1601a 2006 Reuters Group Plc Rns Number2355a 2006 Reuters Group Plc
Rns Number3175a 2006 Reuters Group Plc Rns Number3805z 2006 Reuters Group Plc
Rns Number4017a 2006 Reuters Group Plc Rns Number4490z 2006 Reuters Group Plc
Rns Number5149z 2006 Reuters Group Plc Rns Number5861z 2006 Reuters Group Plc
Rns Number6596z 2006 Reuters Group Plc Rns Number7262z 2006 Reuters Group Plc
Rns Number7972z 2006 Reuters Group Plc Rns Number8717z 2006 Reuters Group Plc
Rns Number9509z1 2006 Reuters Group Plc Rogan Angelini-hurll Citigroup
Roger Martin Role Board Committees
Role Board Niall Fitzgerald Chairman Discussion Rosemary Martin Roof Space Costs
Rosemary Martin Rosemary Martin General Counsel Secretary
Roy Lowrance Roy Lowrance Chief Technology Officer
Rsus8221 Rules Reuters Group Plc Long-term Incentive Plan 1997
Run Business Through Divisions Rxn A-end Shifts Phase
Rxn A-end Shifts Phase Migration New Services Sab 108 Considering Effects Prior Misstatments Quantifying Misstatements
Safeguarding Confidential Information Said 133
Sale Factiva Sale Leaseback
Sale Leaseback Transactions Sale Radianz
Sales Trading Sales Trading Division
Sales Trading Division Results 2005 Sales Trading Division Results 2006
Sales Trading Division Results 2007 Sales Trading Performance
Sales Trading Product Type Sales Trading Segment
Satellite Novations Savings Outlook
Savvis Network Services Agreements Schedule
Schedule Contract Management Schedule Contracts
Schedule Exit Provisions Schedule Notification Interests Directors Connected Persons
Schedule Pension Schemes Definition Scheme
Scheme Arrangement Scheme Record Time
Scheme Shareholde Scheme Shares
Scheme Voting Record Time Scheme8221
Scientific Scope Growth Core
Scope Growth Each Business Division Scope Interim Review
Scrip Dividends Seal
Seasonality Sec
Secondary Reportable Segments Geographical Secretary
Securities Exchange Law Securities Law Matters
Securities Offence Claim Otherwise Securities Sought
Security Security Meeting
See Pages See Pipe News Content Now Flowing Directions Ought
Seek Legal Guidance Certain Types Agreements Segment Information
Segment Reporting Segmental Analysis
Segmental Information Selected Closed Dispositions
Selected Financial Data Selected Financial Highlights
Selected Historical Financial Information Thomson Selected Historical Pro Forma Financial Information
Selected Pro Forma Consolidated Financial Information Selection Criteria
Self Reporting Self-assessment
Sell-side Senior Managers
Separate Entities Identical Boards Management Series Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
Series Preference Shares Series Preference Shares8221
Service Service Agreement Devin Wenig Reuters America Llc 2006
Service Boundaries Service Contracts
Service Drive Efficient Service Driven Aiming Competitive Advantage
Service Levels Credits Service Levels Credits Existing Services
Service Management Serving People Machines
Sexual Harassment Share Buy Back Announcements
Share Buy Back Announcements 2006 Share Buyback
Share Buyback Program Share Capital
Share Dividend Data Share Ownership Guidelines
Share Post-tax Earnings Equity Method Investees Share Qualification Thomson Reuters Plc Directors Attend Speak
Share Re-purchase Announcements Share Repurchase Program
Share Repurchase Programme Share Repurchase Rns Announcements
Share Repurchases Share Schemes
Share-based Payments Shareholder
Shareholder Approvals Shareholder Rights Plan
Shareholders Shareholders Vote Sums Unpaid Shares
Shares Shares Available
Shares Held Employee Ownership Share Trusts Shares Indices
Shares Repurchased Shelf Prospectus
Short-term Indebtedness Short-term Uncommitted Facilities
Side Letter Network Services Agreement Side Letter Nsa
Signature Signatures
Signed Deed Significant Accounting Policies
Significant Information Regarding Ncib Not Disclosed Above Including Significant Shareholdings
Silver Lake Partners Acquire Instinet Institutional Broker Bank Simon Walker
Simplification Simplifying Product Delivery Infrastructure Making Robust
Sir Deryck Maughan Sir Deryck Maughan Non-executive Director
Sites Requiring On-ramps After Closing Date Slide
Smith Software
Software-related Products Services Sources Bases Information
Sourcing South Colonnade Canary Wharf London E14 5ep England
Special Regarding Forward-looking Information Special Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Special Resolution Special Voting Share
Special Voting Share Agreement Special Voting Shares
Special Voting Shares Founders Spouse
Stamp Duty Reserve Tax Standard Care
Standard Gold Split Site Standards Amendments Interpretations Effective 2007
Standards Interpretations Amendments Issued Adopted Standards Interpretations Amendments Issued Not Yet Adopted
Statement Corporate Governance Compliance Statutory Income Statement
Statutory Results Steady Growth Further Transformation Core Business
Stephen Dando Stephen Dando Group Human Resources Director
Steven Denning Stock Asset Purchase Agreement
Stock Contract Work Progress Stock Incentive Plan
Stock Options Stock-based Compensation
Stock-based Compensation Plans Stock-based Payments
Strengthen Strictly Private Confidential Subject Contract
Strong Board Governance Strong Editorial
Strong Experienced Team Style
Subdivision Reclassification Reuters Shares Subscription Recurring Revenues
Subscription Special Voting Share Subscription-based Products Excluding Software
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries
Subsidiaries Acquired View Resale Radianz Subsidiary
Subsidiary Undertaking Share Plans Successor Trustee Automatic Amendment
Summarised Cash Flow Summarised Cash Flow Reuters Free
Summarised Financial Statements 2007 Summarised Group Balance Sheet
Summarised Group Cash Flow Summary Consolidated Balance Sheet
Summary Consolidated Cash Flow Statement Summary Consolidated Statement Recognised Income Expense
Summary Differences Between Summary Dismissal
Summary Financial Results 2004 Dollars Summary Research Asset Management
Summary Results Summary Termination
Summary Terms Conditions Shareholders Agreement Supplemental Cash Flow Information
Supplemental Thomson Reuters Policies Guidelines Supplementary
Supplementary Summary Supplier Name
Supplier Payment Terms Supply Chain Ethical Code
Support Arrangements Support Costs
Support Reuters Trust Principles Supporting Financial Information Management Risks
Table Contents Take-over Bid Thresholds
Takeover Bids Takeover Offers
Talent Performance Management Employee Development Tatutory Provisions
Tax Tax Accounting
Tax Act Canada Tax Adjusted Eps
Tax Benefit Tax Charged Equity
Tax Expense Tax Rate
Tax Recognised Equity Tax Treatment
Taxable Capital Gain Taxable Capital Gain8221
Taxation Taxation Capital Gains
Taxation Dividends Taxation Information Shareholders
Taxation Interest Other Taxes
Technical Service Levels Telephone Number Contact
Telerate Tell Straight
Term Exercisability Vesting Termination
Termination Amendment Termination Board Service
Termination Call Option Termination Change Control
Termination Date Termination Employment
Termination Equalization Governance Agreement Termination Good Reason
Termination Other Circumstances Termination Special Voting Share Agreement
Termination Through Illness Termination Through Illness Death
Termination Through Loss Directorship Termination Trustees Appointment Successor Trustee
Termination Without Cause Termination Without Good Reason
Terms Approval Terrapop Locations
Terrapop Order Information Text Updates Previous Respect Accounting Adjustments Statement Directors8217s
Ther Agreements Ther Benefits
Ther Greements Ther Interests
Think Customers Responding Those Changes Thomas Glocer
Thomas Tom Glocer Ceo Thomson Articles Newco Special Voting Principles
Thomson Common Shares Thomson Corporation
Thomson Corporation Actual 2008 Thomson Corporation Reuters Group Plc Recommended Transaction
Thomson Deal-related Costs Thomson Family
Thomson Financial Thomson Financial Actual 2008
Thomson Healthcare Thomson International Legal Regulatory
Thomson Legal Thomson Plus
Thomson Plus Program Thomson Reports Full-year 2007 Results
Thomson Reuters Thomson Reuters 2008 Dividend Schedule
Thomson Reuters 8211 Notification Meeting Record Date Thomson Reuters Board Committee Composition
Thomson Reuters Board8221 Thomson Reuters Corporation
Thomson Reuters Corporation Articles Thomson Reuters Corporation Deed Guarantee
Thomson Reuters Corporation Guarantee Thomson Reuters Corporation Meeting
Thomson Reuters Corporation Meeting8221 Thomson Reuters Corporation Special Voting Share
Thomson Reuters Corporation Special Voting Share Trust Deed Thomson Reuters Corporation Voting Shares
Thomson Reuters Corporations Articles Thomson Reuters Group
Thomson Reuters Helpline Thomson Reuters Management Directors Employees Advisors Proxy Solicitation
Thomson Reuters Managements Discussion Analysis Thomson Reuters Plc
Thomson Reuters Plc Articles Thomson Reuters Plc Board Directors Notify Refusals Register
Thomson Reuters Plc Board Directors Refuse Register Certain Thomson Reuters Plc Board Directors Refuse Register Transfers
Thomson Reuters Plc Board Directors Suspend Registration Transfers Thomson Reuters Plc Court Hearing8221
Thomson Reuters Plc Court Meeting Thomson Reuters Plc Court Meeting8221
Thomson Reuters Plc Deed Guarantee Thomson Reuters Plc Directors Interested Contracts Companies Party
Thomson Reuters Plc Directors Interests Contracts General Prohibition Thomson Reuters Plc Founders Share
Thomson Reuters Plc Founders Share Defeat Resolution Vary Thomson Reuters Plc General Meeting
Thomson Reuters Plc General Meeting8221 Thomson Reuters Plc Guarantee
Thomson Reuters Plc Guarantor Thomson Reuters Plc Ordinary Shares8221
Thomson Reuters Plc Reduction Capital Thomson Reuters Plc Reduction Capital8221
Thomson Reuters Plc Shares Thomson Reuters Plc Special Voting Share
Thomson Reuters Plc Special Voting Share Trust Deed Thomson Reuters Plc Voting Shares
Thomson Reuters Plcs Articles Thomson Reuters Plcs Guarantee Governed Laws England Action
Thomson Reuters Plcs Guarantee Unenforceable Due Fraudulent Conveyance Thomson Reuters Provide Regulatory Update
Thomson Reuters Report 2008 Results Webcast Scheduled 1000 Thomson Reuters Report Voting Results Shareholder Meetings
Thomson Reuters Reports 2008 Results Thomson Reuters Transaction Own Shares
Thomson Reuters Voting Stock8221 Thomson Reuters Webcast Discussion Results Beginning 1000 Today
Thomson Reuters Webcast Discussion Results Today Beginning 1000 Thomson Reuters8221
Thomson Scientific Thomson Tax Accounting
Thomson Transaction Thomson-reuters
Thomson-reuters Financial Overview Thomson-reuters Limited
Thomson-reuters Reuter Trust Principles Thomson-reuters Transaction Update
Thomson8221 Thursday
Thursday 2005 Tick History
Time Times Group
Times Square Associates Llc 3xsq Timetable
Timing Invoices Tolerance Policy
Tom Glocer Tom Glocer Ceo
Tom Glocer Ceo Reuters Tom Glocer Okay Almost Done Now Let Show
Tom Glocer Reuters Chief Executive Tom Glocer Reuters Group Chief Executive
Total Total 2006 Revenue £2566m
Total Average Revenue Per Access Total Restructuring Charges
Total Reuters Total Reuters Associate Joint Venture Profits Losses
Total Revenue Total Revenue Geography
Toto Tr-1 Notification Major Interests Shares
Trade Other Payables Trade Other Receivables
Trade Receivables Trade Risk Management
Trademarks Trader Family Products
Tradeweb Tradeweb Ownership Interests Net Tax
Tradeweb Partnership Trading Cash Flow
Trading Cost Movements Trading Costs
Trading Margin Trading Margin Defined Operating Continuing Operations Before Acquisition-related
Trading Performance Trading Profit
Trading Profit Defined Operating Continuing Operations Before Acquisition-related Trading Profit Division
Trading Profit Loss Trading Profit Tracker
Trading Profits Trading Results
Transaction Details Transaction Highlights
Transaction Own Shares Correction Transaction Thomson Corporation
Transaction Thomson Reuters Shares Transactions Investments Affiliates Joint Ventures
Transactions Involving Directors Officers Transactions Joint Ventures Associated Undertakings
Transactions Volumes Transactions Woodbridge
Transfer Transfer Alternative
Transfer Election Alternative Transfer Election Alternative8221
Transfer Election Form Transfer Election Form8221
Transfer Election Shares Transfer Election Shares8221
Transfer Notes Transfer Shares
Transfer Subsidiary Transfer Thomson Reuters Plc Founders Share
Transfer Thomson Reuters Plc Special Voting Share Transferor Remain Holder Until Transfer Actually Registered
Transformation Transforming Way Content Created Collected Processed
Transition Ifrs Canadian Gaap Transitional Adjustment Balance Sheet 2005 Primarily Comprises Recognition
Transmission Shares Treasury Locks
Treasury Policies Treasury Shares
Treatment Legacy Above Circuits Going Forward Treatment New Reuters Non Consolidated Connections
Treatment Reports Complaints Trend Reuters Net Sales Recurring Revenue
Trends Accesses Average Revenue Per Access Trigger Event
Trust Fund Trust Principles
Trustee Tsi
Tte Instruction Tte Instruction8221
Tuesday 2005 Tuesday 2007
Tuesday 2007 0930 Type
Types Awards Types Remuneration
Ukla Ukla8221
Uncertificated Shares Uncertificated Shares General Powers
Unconditional Guarantee Underlying
Underlying Change Underlying Constant Currency Results
Underlying Recurring Revenue Growth Underlying Results
Underlying Revenue Growth Returns Unification Resolution
Unification Resolution8221 Unification8221
Untraced Shareholders Update 2008
Update Required 2007 Update Required 2008
Update Required Prior 2007 Uration Employment
Usage Revenue Usd
Users Uspension
Vacancy Vacation Office Thomson Reuters Plc Director
Valuation Valuation 8211
Valueact Capital Master Fund Valueact Indirect Holders
Vance Opperman Variation Rights
Variation Rights Alteration Share Capital Variation Termination
Version Control Vice President Media Relations Director Corporate Affairs
Vision Visitors Reuters Websites
Vote Voting Arrangements
Voting Arrangements Thomson Reuters Voting Instructions Indicated Above Appointed David Thomson Failing
Voting Instructions Indicated Above Proxy Form Voted Recommended Voting Mail
Voting Mail Internet Voting Meetings
Voting Rights Attached Shares Voting Shares
Voting Trust Agreement Principles Waivers
Warranties Indemnities Wealth Management
Wealth Manager Family Wednesday
Wednesday 2005 Wednesday 2006
Wednesday 2007 Wenig
Wet Toezicht Effectenverkeer 1995 What
What Ambitions Media Business What Product Offering Reuters
What Was Highlight 2005 Whereas
Wholly-owned Subsidiary Wholly-owned Subsidiary8221
Winding Witness
Woodbridge Group Woodbridge Group8221
Woodbridge Limited Woodbridge Parties
Woodbridge Transferee Woodbridge8221
Working Capital Workplace Violence Hostility
Worlds Centrally Cleared Market Wwwvoteproxycom
Xpenses Xsq Associates
£126m £175m
£20m £23m
£298 £309
£661m £680000000 Multicurrency Revolving Facility Agreement Dated 2006 Among
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