Topic Listing for Rockwood Holdings

Acceleration Access Code 799694 Internationally 320
Access Code 827497 Internationally 320 Account Balance Shall Mean Value Participants Determined Applicable
Accounting Asset Retirement Obligations Accounting Contingencies
Accounting Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Accounting Electronic Waste Obligations
Accounting Environmental Liabilities Accounting Income Taxes
Accounting Shipping Handling Costs Accounting Stock Issued Employees
Accounting Subsidiaries Accounting Subsidiaries-
Accounts Accounts Investments Allocations
Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable Payables
Accretion Senior Discount Notes Achieve Profitable Growth Through Selective Acquisitions
Acquired In-process Research Development Acquisition Disposal Costs
Acquisitions Action Participating Affiliate
Actual 2005 Compared 2004 Actual 2006 Compared 2005
Additional Borrowers Additional Borrowings Available-despite Substantial Leverage Subsidiaries Able Incur
Additional Guarantors Additional Security
Address Notices Addresses
Adjusted Ebitda Adjusted Ebitda Shall Mean Reported Form 10-k Filed
Adjustments Certain Events Adjustments Facility Commitment
Adjustments Option Pursuant Merger Consolidation Etc Adjustments Options Pursuant Merger Consolidation Etc
Adjustments Purchase Price Allocated Among Shares Accordance Administration
Administrationp Administrative Committee
Administrative Committee Powers Duties Admission Participant
Advanced Ceramics Advanced Ceramics 2005 Net Sales
Advanced Ceramics 2006 Net Sales Advanced Ceramics 2007 Net Sales
Advanced Ceramics 2008 Net Sales Advanced Ceramics Custom Synthesis Specialty Compounds Electronics Information
Advertising Matter Advisors
Advisory Board Aerospace Technologies
Affiliate Affiliate Shall Mean Corporation Unincorporated Trade Business Other
Affiliates After Closing Only Extent Such Service Was Affiliates Relevant Shareholder Equal Greater Per Cent Joint
After Adding Back After Deducting
Age 70-1 Distributions Agenda
Agent Aggregated Option Sar Exercises Last Year-end Values
Agreement Agreement Shall Governed Laws State New York Without
Agreements Robert Zatta Agreements Seifi Ghasemi
Agreements Thomas Riordan Alphaseal
Alternative Basis Interest Funding Amendment
Amendment 101 Revised Amendment 102 Revised
Amendment 104 Revised Amendment 105 Revised
Amendment 107 Revised Deleting Prior Sub-clause Proviso Clause Amendment 141 Revised
Amendment 146 Revised Amendment 610 Revised Deleting Words Tranche Term Loans
Amendment 913 Revised Amendment Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amendment Been Duly Authorized Executed Delivered Borrowers Holdings Amendment Costs
Amendment Revised Amendment Revised Deleting Such Entirety Replacing Following Paragraph
Amendment Termination Amendments
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amendments Termination
Amendments Waivers Amicable Dispute Resolution
Amount Amount Payment Benefits Participants
Ancillary Outstandings Annexes
Anniversary Date Optionees Termination Employment Due Death Disability Annual Cash Bonuses
Annual Meeting Shareholders Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2006 Proxy Solicited Behalf
Annual Meeting Stockholders Rockwood Holdings Inc 2007 Annual Performance Evaluation
Anticipated Capital Expenditures-our Required Expenditures Exceed Estimates Appendix
Appendix Definitions Applexion Orelis
Applicability Plan Applicable Law Rate Described Plus Including Date Such
Application Insurance Proceeds Prepayment Application Net Sale Proceeds Prepayment
Applied Biochemists Appointment Agent Security
Appointment Removal Appropriations
Aquashade Arbitration
Ardrox Arrangement Fee
Arranger Assets
Assignment Assignment Transfer Fee
Assignments Transfer Obligors Assignments Transfers Lenders
Assumed Debt Attractive Market Dynamics
Audit Committee Audit Committee Report
Audit Related Fees Authorisations
Authorised Agent Authority Approvals Consents
Automotive Components Automotive Compounds
Automotive News Automotive Technologies
Availability Available Information
Barium-based Additives Base Chemicals
Base Salaries Basis Chairman Chief Executive Officers Compensation
Basis Presentation Battery Products
Becoming Party Agreement Been Advised Counsel Negotiation Execution Delivery Agreement Other
Before Deducting Before Taking
Before Taking Account Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficiary Benefits Not Assignable
Benefits Payable Minors Incompetents Others Bert Zatta Senior Vice President Cfo
Between Undersigned Board Directors Stock Certificate Books Record Each Transferred
Board Directors Stock Grant Board Directors Stock Options
Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Vote Each Director Nominee Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Vote Ratification Appointment Deloitte
Board Recommendations Approval Requirements Bonuses
Borrower Administrative Agent Lenders Hereby Irrevocably Unconditionally Waive Borrower Behalf Itself Agrees Pay Administrative Agent Dollars
Breach Buyer Failure Perform Covenants Agreements Contained Agreement Breach Seller Failure Perform Covenants Agreements Contained Agreement
Break Costs Brian Carroll
Business Business Combinations
Business Description Background Business Group
Business Interruption Costs Insurance Recovery Business Restructurings Asset Sales
Business Strategy Butyllithium Lithium Metal
Buyer Shall Deliver Seller Buyer Shall Responsible Indemnify Hold Harmless Seller Affiliates
Calculation Interest Call Right
Cancelled Acquisition Disposal Costs Cancelled Acquisition Disposition Costs
Capital Expenditures Capitalize Expected Market Growth Opportunities
Case Buyer Case Seller
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow
Cash Flow Pro-forma Cash Flows
Cause Cause Ghasemi Without Good Reason
Cause Senior Executive Without Good Reason Cause Zatta Without Good Reason
Cca Litigation Defense Costs Ceramic Hips
Ceramtec Certai Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certain Tax Matters Certain United States Federal Income Tax Consequences Options
Certificates Determinations Certificates Stock Book-entry Direct Registration Program
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Certifications
Cessation Business Chairman Chief Executive Officer
Chairperson Chameleon
Change Business Change Control
Change Control Employment Agreements Change Control Relating Equity Awards
Change Control Shall Mean Earliest Occur Change Control Shall Mean Earliest Occur Following
Change Currency Change Date Shall Mean Each Calendar Such Other
Changes Interest Periods Chemetall
Chemetall Global Committed Specialty Chemistry Groups Activities Focus Choice Law
Chromated Copper Arsenate Ckwood Businesses Advanced Ceramics
Ckwood Businesses Performance Additives Ckwood Businesses Specialty Chemicals
Ckwood Businesses Titanium Dioxide Pigments Ckwood History
Ckwood Today Ckwoods Cash Flow Model
Claims Procedure Clawback
Clay-based Additives Claytone
Clean Down Clearigate
Clearwood Cloisite
Closing Discharged Liens Securing Such Indebtedness Released Effective Closing Give Each Other Notice Opportunity Receive Such
Closing Working Capital Adjustment Co-bra Bond
Coatings Inks Codes Business Conduct Ethics
Cold Forming Coil Coating Color Pigments Services
Commencement Benefits Commitment Fee
Commitments Commitments Contingencies
Committee Determines Pursuant Effective Date Change Control Commodity Price Risk
Communications Audit Committees Communications Writing
Compared 2005 Compensation
Compensation Arrangements Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Defer Such Plan Make Designations Provided Manner Compensation Philosophy Policies Plans Executive Officers
Compensation Review Compensation Shall Also Include Amounts Includible Employees Gross
Competition-our Industry Highly Competitive End-use Markets Compete Also Completed Sale Groupe Novasep Electronics Businesses Excluding
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Completion Groupe Novasep Combination
Completion Initial Public Offering Compliance
Compliance Laws Compliance Requirements
Composites Composition
Comprehensive Income Compugraphics
Compugraphics Plan Times Been Administered Material Respects Accordance Conciliation
Condensed Financial Information Condensed Statements Operations
Conditional Adoption Conditions Assignment Transfer
Conditions Issuance Stock Certificates Conditions Obligations Buyer
Conditions Obligations Seller Conduct Business Finance Parties
Conference Call Webcast Confidentiality
Confidentiality Public Disclosure Conformed Copy
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consolidated Results
Consolidated Results 2005 Compared Pro Forma 2004 Consolidated Results 2005 Compared Reported 2004
Consolidated Results 2005 Versus Pro Forma 2004 Consolidated Results 2005 Versus Reported 2004
Consolidation Division Facility Loans Construction Color Pigments Services
Consumer Household Care Products Consumer Performance Products
Consummation Transactions Contemplated Agreement Not Trigger Material Investigation Contacts
Contents Continuing Guarantee
Continuing Tranche Term Loan Lenders Contract Employment
Contract Granting Lien Intellectual Property Other Material Asset Contract Joint Venture Partnership Similar Arrangement
Contractual Obligations Contribution
Contributions Contributions Including Employer Matching Other Employee Salary Reduction
Control Procedures Control-a Conflict Arise Between Interests Those Kkr
Controlled Within Meaning New York Stock Exchange Rules Controlling Law
Controls Procedures Copisil
Copper Price Comex Copy Transfer Certificate
Corporate Corporate Governance Guidelines
Corporate Governance Nominating Committee Corporate Other
Corporate Structure Statutes Corporate Successors
Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities Costs Incurred Related Debt Modifications
Count Convention Counter-party Risk
Counterparts Covenant Compliance
Covenant Not Compete Covenants
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Credit Appraisal Lenders
Creditors Process Critical Accomplishments
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Cross Default
Csi Rockwood Currency Account
Currency Fluctuations-because Significant Portion Operations Conducted Foreign Currencies Currency Indemnity
Customers Suppliers Cutting Tools
Cyclicality-downturns Cyclical Industries General Economic Conditions Adversely Affect Cynthia Niekamp
Date Hereof Transferred Companies Taken Cause Actions Required Date Report Earliest Event Reported 2005
Deadlock Provision Death Benefits
Death Disability Deducting
Deduction Amounts Payable Agent Security Default Event Occurred Continuing
Deferral Compensation Deferral Guarantors Rights
Deferred Debt Issuance Costs Deferred Taxes
Defined Benefit Plan Shall Mean Type Code 414 Defined Contribution Plan Shall Mean Type Code 414
Definition Adjusted Ebitda Definitions
Definitions Purposes Delegation Responsibility
Delivery Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Dependence Intellectual Property-if Property Copied Competitors They Develop
Deposited Postage Prepaid Post Office Branch Regularly Maintained Derivative Contracts
Derivatives Designation Beneficiary
Determination Determination Interpretation Good Faith Respect Plan Grants Members
Development World Class Detailed Operating Metrics Direct Rollovers
Directo Executive Officers Corporate Governance Director Candidate Recommendations Stockholders
Director Compensation Director Independence
Directors Directors Executi Officers Corporate Governance
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Directors Whose Terms Not Expire Disability
Disclosure Information Discretionary Bonuses
Discretionary Bonuses Named Executive Officers Disposals
Disputes Disruption Payment Systems Etc
Distributions Agent Distributions Obligor
Diverse Customer End-use Market Base Dividend Restrictions
Dlj Entities Documents Relating Taxes Destroyed Buyer Transferred Companies Following
Domestic Relations Orders Douglas Maine
Downturns Certain Industries General Economic Conditions Adversely Affect Drag-along Rights
Duration Termination Duties Agent Security
Dynamit Nobel Dynamit Nobel Restructuring
Dynamit Nobel Restructuring Johnson Matthey Pigments Dispersions Dynamit Nobel Special Chemistry Dnsc
Each Non-us Lender Shall Earnings Per Common Share
Effect Change Control Effect Change Control Notwithstanding Anything Set Forth Above
Effect Mistake Effect Partial Complete Termination
Effect Termination Effective 2004 Employee Sachtleben Shall Become Eligible Plan
Effective Date Shall Mean 2008 Effectiveness Plan
Egment Results 2005 Compared Reported 2004 Elastomers
Election Optional Forms Elective 401 Deferrals Shall Mean Contributions Plan Employer
Electronic Electronic Chemicals
Electronic Chemicals Services Electronic Communication
Electronics Electronics 2005 Net Sales
Electronics 2006 Net Sales Elementis Plc Global Color Pigments Business
Eligibility Participate Eligible Employee
Eligible Participant Shall Mean Employee Met Service Requirements Employee Benefit Plan Matters
Employee Benefit Plans Employee Benefits
Employees Employer
Employer Contributions Employer Shall Mean Each Participating Affiliate Plan Pursuant
Employer-derived Account Balance Shall Mean Participants Profit-sharing Contributions Employers Accounting Pensions
Employers Accounting Postemployment Benefits Employers Accounting Postretirement Benefits Other Pensions
Employers Disclosures Pensions Other Postretirement Benefits-an Amendment Fasb Employment Advisers
Enda Energy
Energy Costs Energy Costs-fluctuations Costs Adverse Effect Results Operations
Energy Exposure Enforceable Such Amendment Apply Only Respect Operation Agreement
Enforcement Costs English Language
Enrollment Entire Agreement
Entry Date Shall Mean Every Calendar Entry Date Shall Mean Every Calendar Such Other
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Claims
Environmental Health Safety Regulation-compliance Extensive Laws Require Material Environmental Indemnities
Environmental Indemnities-we Subject Indemnity Claims Relating Properties Divested Environmental Indemnity Obligations
Environmental Matters Environmental Reserves
Environmental Undertakings Eps Rsus Shall Vest Based Achievement Applicable Annualized
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Compensation Program
Equity Compensation Programs Equity Grants Procedures
Equity Ownership Named Executive Officers Establishment Ancillary Facilities
Establishment Trust Estimates
Event Option Portion Thereof Shall Exercised Pursuant Person Events Default
Evoprene Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Exceptions Exchange Rights Call
Excluded Adjusted Ebitda Excluded Proceeds
Excluding Exclusion Liability
Exclusive Benefit Execut Ive Compensation
Executed Dated Execution Version
Executive Benefits Perquisites Executive Compensation
Executive Officers Executive Summary
Exercise Option Exercise Price
Exhibits Existing Affiliate Agreements
Expected Long-term Rate Return Assets Expenses
Experienced Proven Management Team Significant Equity Interests Expiration Option
Expiration Options Explanatory
Fair Value Fda Regulation
Fda Regulation-some Manufacturing Processes Facilities Pharmaceutical Customers Medical Fees Letter Credit Outstanding Shall Calculated Basis 365-
Ferroxide Trans-oxide Colourplex Fiduciaries
Fiduciary Duties Filing Prospectuses
Financial Covenant Calculations Financial Covenants
Financial Instruments Financial Statements Connection Committee Discuss Management Independent Auditors
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Pro Forma Information Exhibits
Financing Activities Fine Chemicals
Finorga Focus Core Businesses
Following Consummation Transaction Following Discussion Contains Forward-looking Statements Involve Numerous Risks
Footwear Compounds Foreign Currency Related Transactions
Foreign Currency Risk Foreign Currency Translation
Foreign Exchange Gain Foreign Exchange Gain Loss
Foreign Exchange Gain Loss Net Foreign Exchange Gain Net
Foreign Exchange Loss Foreign Exchange Loss Gain
Foreign Exchange Loss Gain Net Foreign Exchange Net
Foreign Exchange Rates Forfeitures
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form 8-k Former Glass Sealants Business
Forms Payment Accounts Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Fredrik Sjödin
Free Cash Flow Free Cash Flow Below Average Due Seasonality Working
Free Cash Flow Pro Forma Full Payment Amounts Federal State Local Law Required
Full Payment Cash Check Combination Thereof Shares Respect Functional Additives
Furnish Each Other Such Information Assistance Reasonably Requested Further Limitations Indemnification
Further Understand Waiver Release Agreement Includes Known Unknown Further Waive Release Discharge Releasees Reinstatement Rights Acknowledge
Gain Early Extinguishment Debt Gain Loss Early Extinguishment Debt
Gain Sale Assets Gain Sale Assets Other
Gains Related Asset Sales Other Garaflex
Garamite General
General Industry General Information
General Information Rockwoods Annual Meeting General Philosophy Objectives
General Provisions General Requirements
General Undertakings German Earnings Stripping Rules
Ghlights Glb Pool Spa
Global Exposure Global Market Position
Gnificant Barriers Entry Gnificant Exposure High Growth Segments
Good Reason Goodwill
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Governing Law
Government Enforcement Proceedings Civil Litigation Grandfathered Portion
Grant Ancillary Facility Grant Date
Grant Option Grant Options
Granufin Granumat
Gross Profit Group
Groupe Novasep Groupe Novasep 2005 Net Sales
Groupe Novasep Combination Guarantee Employment
Guarantee Indemnity Guarantees
Guarantees Security Harbor Language
Hardship Health Welfare Benefits Perquisites
Heat Stabilizers Investigation Hedging
Held 2006 Hereby Amended Inserting Following New Text Lieu Thereof
High Purity Chemicals Highlights
Highly Compensated Employee Shall Mean Respect Plan Performs Hird Results
Hombitan Hospira Matter
Ifi Ghasemi Chairman Ceo Illegality Relation Ancillary Lender
Illegality Relation Lender Issuing Bank Immediate Distribution
Immediate Recourse Immediately Prior Closing
Immediately Termination Optionees Employment Terminated Cause Impairment Accounting
Impairment Charges In-service Withdrawals Loans
Including Income Continuing Operations
Income Loss Continuing Operations Income Tax Provision
Income Taxes Increased Cost Claims
Increased Costs Indemnification
Indemnification Insurance Indemnity Agent Security
Indemnity Matters Independence Discussions Audit Committees
Index Initial Advisory Boards Europe Shall Each Consist Following
Initial Public Offering Insolvency
Insolvency Proceedings Insurance
Insurance Qualified Manage Acquire Dispose Asset Plan Laws Intellectual Property
Interest Credits Interest Expense
Interest Expense Net Interest Fees
Interest Income Interest Rate Risk
Internal Revenue Code 162 International Operations-as Global Business Exposed Local Risks Different
International Participants Interpretation
Interpretation Absence Presumption Interpretation Fasb Statement 109
Interpretation Rules Construction Introduction
Inventories Inventory Write-up Charges
Inventory Write-up Reversal Investing Activities
Investment Fund Shall Mean Trust Invested Pursuant 121 Investment Funds
Investment Insurance Contract Investment Manager
Investment Manager Shall Mean Person Appointed Pursuant 124 Investment Policies Strategies
Investors Rights Agreement Issue Shares
Itial Public Offering Johnson Matthey Pigments Dispersions Business
Joint Several Liability Joint Ventures
Jurisdiction Kkr Entities
Labor Relations Language
Laponite Leading Technologies Strong Brand Names
Leg Proceedings Legal Matters
Legal Opinions Legal Proceedings
Lenders Indemnity Agent Security Liability
Limitation Liability Limitation Responsibility Existing Lenders
Limitations Limitations Plan Amendment
Limited Exposure Raw Materials Energy Prices Limited Relevance Financial Information-our Historical Pro Forma Information
Limits Ancillary Facilities List Annexes
Lithium Lithium Salts
Litigation Loans Credit
Long Optionee Continues Employed Subsidiaries Option Shall Become Long-term Debt
Long-term Equity Compensation Longer Controlled Within Meaning New York Stock Exchange
Loss Early Extinguishment Debt Loss Early Extinguishment Debt Net
Loss Gain Early Extinguishment Debt Loss Gain Sale Assets
Loss Gain Sale Assets Other Loss Income Continuing Operations
Loss Sale Assets Other Loss Sale Business
Loss Sharing Losses Disposed Businesses
Ltm Financials Maintenance Accounts
Major Customers Concentration Credit Majority Lenders Instructions
Management Approach Management Equity Compensation Programs
Management Equity Programs Management Services Agreement Kkr Dljmb
Management Services Agreement Termination Fee Management Stockholders Agreements
Management Time Agent Security Management Transaction Fees
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managements Uses
Mandatory Prepayment Insurance Proceeds Mandatory Prepayment Net Sale Proceeds
Manner Exercise Manufacturing Hazards-hazards Associated Chemical Adversely Affect Results Operations
Market Disruption Market Information Holders Dividends
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer Markets
Matching Credits Material Adverse Change
Material Cost Pro-forma Material Impairments
Materials Energy Summary Maturity Amortization Prepayments
Mechanical Applications Systems Mechanics
Medical Medical Applications Compounds
Meetings Meetings Board Directors
Meetings Stockholders Merchant Banking Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Publ
Merger Merger Transfer Assets
Metal Sulfides Metal-based Specialty Chemicals
Method Cost Proxy Solicitation Methods Distribution
Methods Payment Military Service
Minimis Minority Interest
Minority Interest Continuing Operations Miscellaneous
Misrepresentation Mitigation
Money Purchase Annual Contribution Multiemployer Plans
Multiple Fiduciary Capacities Mutual Written Consent Buyer Seller
Name Name Original Borrower
Name Original Guarantor Named Fiduciaries
Nancial Results Nature Operations Segment Reporting
Negative Pledge Net Debt
Net Income Net Income Attributable Noncontrolling Interest
Net Income Attributable Rockwood Holdings Inc Net Income Continuing Operations
Net Income Earnings Per Share Net Income Loss
Net Income Loss Attributable Rockwood Holdings Inc Net Income Loss Continuing Operations
Net Income Loss Earnings Per Share Net Loss
Net Loss Attributable Noncontrolling Interest Net Loss Income
Net Loss Income Attributable Noncontrolling Interest Net Loss Income Attributable Rockwood Holdings Inc
Net Loss Income Continuing Operations Net Loss Income Earnings Per Share
Net Loss-we Experienced Losses Past Experience Future Cannot Net Loss-we History Losses Experience Future Cannot Certain
Net Sales New Employment Agreements
News Release Nominees Election Annual Meeting
Non-business Non-compete
Non-gaap Financial Measures Non-grandfathered Portion
Non-payment Non-qualified Deferred Compensation
Nonalienation Benefits Nontransferability Awards
North America Holdings Inc Saving Plan North America Holdings Inc Savings Plan
Not Applicable Notes
Notes 2014 Notes Condensed Financial Statements
Notice Address Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2009
Notice Respect Ancillary Facilities Notices
Notification Address Fax Number Notwithstanding Anything Contrary Herein Shall Application Respect Indemnification
Notwithstanding Foregoing Change Control Shall Not Deemed Occur Novasep
Novasep Process Novasep Synthesis
Now Hereby Agreed Nsolidated Net Sales European Pro-forma
Number 001-32609 Obligation Repurchase Stock Options Stockholder
Obligations Each Continuing Tranche Term Loan Lender Additional Obligors
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Officers
Oilfield Operating Activities
Operating Income Operating Lease Obligations
Operating Segments Optigel
Option Option Grants Procedures
Option Not Transferable Options
Options Not Transferable Original
Original Lenders Original Obligors
Oss Early Extinguishment Debt Oss Sale Assets Other
Other Other Current Assets
Other Documents Evidence Other Events
Other Income Expense Other Income Expenses
Other Indemnities Other Information
Other Intangible Assets Other Matters
Other Matters Come Before Annual Meeting Other Named Executive Officers
Other Net Other Obligations
Other Policies Other Products
Other Retirement Benefit Plans Other Stock-based Awards
Other Term Loan Facilities Outstanding Closing Agreement Ruling Request Change Method Accounting
Outstanding Equity Awards Year-end Overlook Center
Overlook Center Princeton New Jersey 08540 Oversight Compliance Legal Regulatory Requirements
Oversight Financial Reporting Process Oversight Internal Audit Function
Oversight Quality Integrity Financial Statements Disclosures Overview
Overview-actual 2005 Compared Pro Forma 2004 Ownership Obligors
Paints Coatings Colorants Paper
Paper-making Parallel Debt
Pari Passu Partial Exercise
Partial Invalidity Partial Payments
Participant Completed 1000 Service Plan Respect Shall Not Participant Shall Mean Employee Commenced Not Terminated Participation
Participating Affiliate Shall Mean Duly Adopted Plan Consent Participating Securities Two-class Method Fasb Statement 128
Participation Participation Plan Affiliate
Parties Estimate Date Hereof Party Beneficiaries
Pay-in-kind Loans Notes Payment
Payment Account Balances Payment Expenses
Payment Interest Payments Agent
Payments Finance Parties Payments Incompetents Minors
Payments Security Agent Payroll Period After She Again Executed Delivered 401
Pendices Pension Postemployment Postretirement Costs
Pensions Pensions Postemployment Postretirement Costs
Performance Additives Performance Additives 2005 Net Sales
Performance Additives 2006 Net Sales Performance Additives 2007 Net Sales
Performance Additives 2008 Net Sales Period After Closing Date Seller Shall Not Cause
Perry Golkin Person
Person Eligible Exercise Person Tangible Personal Property Owned Leased Transferred Such
Pex Pro-forma Pharmaceutical Industry-we Not Able Renew Contracts Groupe Novaseps
Philadelphia Princeton 2006- Philadelphia Princeton 2007
Photomask Chemicals Photomasks
Piggyback Registration Rights Pigments
Plan Plan Amendment
Plan Not Contract Employment Plan Shall Mean Calendar
Plans Accumulated Benefit Obligations Excess Plan Assets Plans Projected Benefit Obligations Excess Plan Assets
Please Sign Date Return Promptly Enclosed Envelope Vote Pledge Agreements
Postemployment Benefit Costs Liabilities Been Determined Preamble
Preferred Stock Subsidiary Premarket Approval
Preserve Plus Presiding Director Non-management Executive Sessions
Press Release Includes Non-gaap Financial Measures Such Discussion Primary Employee Shall Mean Each Eligible Other Seconded
Princeton 2005 Princeton 2006
Princeton 2007- Princeton 2008-
Princeton 2009 Princeton 21-
Princeton New Jersey 2005 Princeton New Jersey 2006
Princeton New Jersey 2007 Princeton New Jersey 2008
Princeton Sept 2008- Princi Pal Accounting Fees Services
Principal Accounting Fees Services Printed Circuit Board Chemicals
Prior Designation Beneficiary Shall Automatically Revoked Subsequent Marriage Pro Forma Adjusted Ebitda
Pro Forma Income Loss Before Taxes Minority Interest Pro Forma Net Income Loss
Pro Forma Net Sales Procedure Transfer
Procedures Accountants Require Employee Hereby Advised Seek His Product Innovation-if Not Able Continue Technological Innovation Successful
Product Liability-due Nature Business Products Liable Damages Arising Profit Sharing Annual Contribution
Profit-sharing Contributions Subaccount Shall Mean Separate Established Participant Property
Property Plant Equipment Proposal Election Directors
Proposal Ratification Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Provision Income Taxes
Provision Information Proxies Voted
Proxies Voting Procedures Proxy Statement Availability
Purchase Sale Shares Purchaser
Purpose Purpose Plan
Purposes Agreement Capitalized Terms Not Otherwise Defined Above Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Qtr Raw Materials Energy Summary Quanti Tative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Statements
Raw Material Position Raw Materials
Raw Materials Energy Summary Raw Materials-fluctuations Costs Materials Access Supplies Adversely Affect
Real Property Following Closing Except Such Testing Required Reasonable Efforts Permit Rollover Outstanding Loan Balances Continuing
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Accounting Standards
Reclassifications Recommend Board Whether Audited Financial Statements Included Annual
Reconciliation Net Income Loss Adjusted Ebitda Recovering Finance Partys Rights
Recycling Services Redeemable Convertible Preferred Stock
Redistribution Payments Reduce Financial Leverage
Reduced Leverage Reference Banks
Refinancing Expenses Refinancing Expenses Costs Incurred Related Debt Modifications
Refinancing Shall Used Extent Possible Repay Intercompany Receivables Registration Rights
Registration Rights Agreement Regulated Packaging
Regulation Disclosure Regulation Raw Materials Products Facilities-our Business Adversely Affected
Regulatory Developments Rehired Employees
Reign Exchange Rates Reinstatement
Related Party Transactions Relation Rockwood Retirement Plan Compugraphics International Limited Pension
Relations Employees-we Subject Stringent Labor Employment Laws Certain Relationship Dljmb Credit Suisse
Relationship Lenders Release Guarantors Right Contribution
Relying Information Other Representations Warranties Set Forth Agreement Remediation Liabilities
Remedies Waivers Repayment Ancillary Facilities
Repayment Facility Loans Repetition Representations
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reporting Accounting Changes Interim Financial Statements
Reports Representation Board Directors
Representations Warranties Buyer Representations Warranties Purchaser
Representations Warranties Seller Represented Managers Agent
Repudiation Request Ancillary Facilities
Required Commencement Required Consents
Required Minimum Distributions After Participants Death Required Minimum Distributions Participants Lifetime
Required Vote Research Development
Reserved Resignation Agent Security
Resignation Borrower Resignation Guarantor
Resignation Release Security Disposal Responsibilities Duties
Responsibility Documentation Restatement
Restricted Stock Restricted Stock Units
Restriction Commencement Distributions 409a Restriction Upstream Payments
Restrictions Restrictions Transfers
Restrictive Covenants Debt Instruments-our Instruments Contain Number Limit Restructuring
Restructuring Actions Restructuring Activities
Restructuring Charge Net Restructuring Charges
Restructuring Charges Net Restructuring Liability
Restructuring Other Severance Costs Restructuring Related Charges
Restructurings Results
Results Operations Financial Condition Retention Key Personnel-if Lose Certain Personnel Unable Hire
Retirement Retirement Plans
Revenue Recognition Reversal Redistribution
Review Accounting Treatment Accorded Significant Transactions Issues Review Approval Transactions Related Persons
Revoke Change Proxy Right Employment Awards Compensation
Right Repayment Cancellation Relation Single Lender Ancillary Issuing Right Repurchase Stock Options Stockholder
Right Terminate Plan Rights Attaching Shares Dividends
Rights Discretions Agent Security Rights Stockholder
Risk Factors Risk Intellectual Property Litigation-our Products Processes Infringe Rights
Risks Associated Acquisitions-we Not Able Successfully Integrate Acquisitions Risks Associated Acquisitions-we Not Able Successfully Integrate Completed
Risks Associated International Operations Currency Risk Robert Zatta
Rockwood Rockwood Holdings Inc
Rockwood Holdings Inc 100 Overlook Center Princeton New Rockwood Holdings Inc Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2007
Rockwood Holdings Inc Subsidiaries Rockwood Participates Some Highest Growth Segments Chemical Industry
Rockwood Reports Full Results Rockwood Reports Increased Sales Earnings
Rockwood Reports Results Rockwood Reports Strong Full Results
Rockwood Reports Strong Results Rockwood Specialties Group Inc
Rockwood Specialties Group Inc Exact Name Registrant Specified Rohm Haas
Rohm Haas Microbial Control Rohm Haas Wood Biocides Rockwoods Csi Subsidiary Form
Rohner Role Arranger
Role Security Agent Rporate Strategy
Rubber Chemicals Rward Looking Statements
Sachtleben Safety Health Environmental Management Systems
Safety Health Environmental Matters Safety Health Environmental Systems
Salary Deferral Agreement Salary Deferral Contributions
Salary Deferral Credits Sale Leaseback
Sale Participation Agreements Sale Rohner
Sales Marketing Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Savings Plans Schedule
Schedule 14a Schedule Disclosure Letter Sets Forth Classification Each Transferred
Schedule I-condensed Financial Information Registrant Schedules
Searchable Text Graphics Shown Above Seasonality
Seconded Employee Shall Mean Employer Participates Non-united States Seconded Employees
Sections Shall Adjusted Accordance Such Non-defaulting Lenders Extended Securi Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
Security Agency Provisions Security Agent Expenses
Security Guarantees Security Over Lenders Rights
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder Segment Results 2005 Versus Reported 2004
Seifi Ghasemi Selection Currency
Selection Interest Periods Seller Acknowledges Agrees Covenants Set Forth 413 Reasonable
Seller Best Efforts Ensure Within Closing Date Assets Seller Clause Applies Buyer Procure
Seller Reserved Rights Necessary Amend Terminate Benefit Plan Seller Shall Subrogated Rights Buyer Affiliates Including Transferred
Sellers Prior Closing Sellers Representations
Sellers Transferred Companies Opposed Other Partys Participation Transactions Selling General Administrative Expenses
Senior Discount Notes Senior Secured Credit Facilities
Senior Vice President Cfo Senior Vice President Chief Financial Officer
Senior Vice President Law Administration Sentra
Separation Service Seripharm
Service Process Service Vesting Requirement
Set-off Set-off Obligors
Severability Severance Payments
Shall Mean Rockwood Specialties Inc Successor Legal Entity Share-based Payment
Shareholders Expressly Acknowledge Agree Shareholders Joint Venture Agreement
Shares Shares Reserved
Shares Subject Plan She Capital Expenditures
Sheldon Erikson Short-term Incentive Plan Rockwood Holdings Inc Subsidiaries
Signatures Signatures Next Page
Smokeguard Sole Purpose
Source Benefits Special Charges
Special Charges Credits Special Metals
Special Regarding Non-gaap Financial Measures Specialities
Specialities Life Sciences Specialties
Specialty Businesses Niche Markets Significant Barriers Entry Specialty Chemicals
Specialty Chemicals 2005 Net Sales Specialty Chemicals 2006 Net Sales
Specialty Chemicals 2007 Net Sales Specialty Chemicals 2008 Net Sales
Specialty Compounds Specialty Compounds 2005 Net Sales
Specialty Compounds 2006 Net Sales Specialty Compounds 2007 Net Sales
Specialty Compounds 2008 Net Sales Spouse Shall Mean Person Legally Married Participant
Stamp Duty Tax Stamp Taxes
Statement Cash Flows Statements Exhibits
Statutory Limitations Stock Options
Stock Performance Graph Stock Purchase
Stock Purchase Option Plan Stock Subscription Agreement
Stock-based Compensation Stockholder Communications Board Directors
Stockholder Director Nominations Proposals 2007 Annual Meeting Stockholder Director Nominations Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting
Stockholder Director Nominations Proposals 2009 Annual Meeting Stockholder Interested Party Communications Board Directors
Stockholders Stockholders Agreement Affiliates Kkr Dljmb
Stockholders Agreement Management Groupe Novasep Sas Stockholders Entitled Vote
Structure Subcommittees
Submis Sion Matters Vote Security Holders Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsidiary Plan Substantial Leverage-our Available Cash Access Additional Capital Limited
Successful Initial Public Offerings Chemical Companies Successful Integration Dynamit Nobel
Successors Assigns Such Action Proceeding Court Was Brought Inconvenient Agrees
Sud Chemie Rheological Additives Carbonless Developers Businesses Summary Compensation Table
Super Blue Supervisory Board
Surface Treatment Survival Indemnification
Surviving Spouse Shall Mean Participant Earlier Susan Schnabel
Systems Organization Establishment Expenses Süd-chemie Rheological Additives Carbonless Developers Businesses
Table Contents Form 10-q Tag-along Drag-along Rights
Tag-along Right Tag-along Rights
Tal Debt Ltm Ebitda Tal Net Debt Ltm Adjusted Ebitda
Tax Credit Tax Gross-up
Tax Increases Tax Indemnity
Tax Liabilities-if Technologies Degussa Holdings Ltd Fail Satisfy Tax Liabilities-if Technologies Now Known Gea Group Aktiengesellschaft
Taxes Taxes Income
Taxes Required Paid Transferred Companies Whether Not Shown Terest Expense
Term Loan Commitments Shall Equal Aggregate Principal Amount Termination
Termination Events Termination Material Definitive Agreement
Termination Participation Termination Provisions
Termination Without Cause Terms Ancillary Facilities
Terms Conditions Options Terms Conditions Stock Appreciation Rights
Thomas Riordan Timber Treatment Chemicals
Time Manner Distribution Timing Contributions
Tio Tio2 Anatase Grade
Tio2 Rutile Grade Titanium Dioxide
Titanium Dioxide Pigments Titanium Dioxide Pigments 2005 Net Sales
Titanium Dioxide Pigments 2006 Net Sales Titanium Dioxide Pigments 2007 Net Sales
Titanium Dioxide Pigments 2008 Net Sales Titanium Dioxide Pigments Venture Term Loans Revolving Credit
Titanium Specialties Titles
Todd Fisher Total Net Debt Ltm Adjusted Ebitda
Toxic Substances Control Act Matter Tranche Term Loan Commitments
Tranche Term Loans Transaction Expenses
Transferred Been Party Act Omission Falls Within Description Transferred Companies Complied Obligations Welfare Reform Pensions Act
Transferred Companies Prior Date Agreement Been Material Respects Transferred Granted Extension Waiver Limitation Period Applicable Assessment
Treatment Installments 409a Trustee
Trustee Trust Fund Types Ancillary Facility
Unavailability Currency Undertaking Pay
Unenforceable Applicable Statute Controlling Law Remainder Waiver Release Unforeseeable Emergency
Unfunded Plan Unique Product Positioning
Unlawfulness Unless Otherwise Noted Amounts Below Denominated Currencies Other
Useful Lives Other Intangible Assets Useful Lives Plant Equipment
Valuation Accounts Valuation Allowance
Valuation Date Shall Mean Each Business Such Other Value Added Tax
Vesting Performance Options Vesting Service Shall Mean Credited Participant Purposes Determining
Vesting Time Options Vestment Highlights
Viance Viance Llc Joint Venture
Voluntary Cancellation Voluntary Cancellation Ancillary Facilities
Voluntary Prepayment Facility Loans Voluntary Prepayment Facility Utilisations
Voted Election Class Directors Serve Until Successors Duly Voted Ratification Appointment Deloitte Touche Llp Rockwoods Independent
Wafer Reclaim Waiver
Waiver Defences Waiver Release Agreement
Waives Maximum Extent Not Prohibited Law Right Claim Warrants
Water Chemistry Water Treatment Chemicals
Whereas Wire Cable Compounds
Without Cause Ghasemi Good Reason Change Control Without Cause Ghasemi Good Reason Following Change Control
Without Cause Senior Executive Good Reason Following Change Without Cause Senior Executive Good Reason Prior Change
Without Cause Zatta Good Reason Following Change Control Without Cause Zatta Good Reason Prior Change Control
Word Usage References Working Capital Retained Cash Balances Purchase Price Estimated
Wwwrockspcom Zinc-based Additives
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