Ability Retain Senior Professionals Recruit Additional Critical Strategy Absence Certain Events
Acceptance Access
Accounting Changes Error Corrections Accounting Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Accounting Grantee Equity Instrument Received Conjunction Providing Goods Accounting Impairment Disposal Long Lived Assets
Accounting Limited Partnership Investments Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes-an Interpretation Fasb Statement 109
Accuracy Representations Warranties Aceras Biomedical Llc
Aceras Biomedical Llc Formation Aceras Biomedical Portfolio Acquired Biomarin
Aceras Partners Aceras Partners Llc Formation
Acquisition Acumenbiofin
Additional Incentive Compensation Administration Operation
Administration Plan Adoption New Accounting Pronouncements
Aicpa Audit Accounting Guide Brokers Dealers Securities Alger Boyer
Amendment Rodman Rensaw Capital Group Inc 2007 Stock Amendments Termination
Announces Formation London-based Rodman Renshaw Capital Partners Ltd Annual Report Stockholders
Anti-takeover Effects Delaware Law Application Issue 98-5 Certain Convertible Instruments
Approval Amendment 2007 Stock Incentive Plan Increase Authorized Approvals Consents
Asset Management Asset Management Business Intensely Competitive
Assets Assignability Amendments
Assumption Assumption Agreement
Attract Retain Highest Quality Professionals Audit Committee
Audit Committee Pre-approval Policy Audited Financial Statements
Authority Compliance Authorization Agreement
Authorizations Consents Available Information
Avenue Americas Floor New York 10020 Tel 212 Avenue Americas New York 10020 212 356-0500
Background Background Reason Proposal
Base Salary Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficial Stock Ownership Principal Selling Stockholders Management Beneficial Stock Ownership Principal Stockholders Management
Benefits Biofin
Biotech Partners Llc Biotechnology Sector
Board Committees Board Composition
Board Meetings Brokers Dealers Securities
Business Business Combinations
Business Environment Business Highlights Investment Banking
Business Model Business Segments
Cannot Assure Common Stock Become Listed Securities Exchange Capital
Capital Market Segment Capitalization Options Etc
Cash Bonus Cash Equivalents
Cash Flows Cautionary Notice Regarding Forward Looking Statements
Cautionary Regarding Forward Looking Statements Ccm Excluded Assets
Ccm Instruments Transfer Certain Limitations Remedies
Certain Payments Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certain Relationships Related Transactons Certification
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Change Control
Change Control Provisions Change Shell Status
Changes Control Registrant Changes Disagreements Accountants Accounting Financial Disclosure
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Registrants Certifying Accountant
Claims Period Client Base Number Products Offer Limited Rate Growth
Closing Code Ethics
Commissions Committees Established Board
Common Stock Considered Penny Common Stock Currently Traded Otc Bulletin Board Because
Communications Non-management Members Board Compared 2004
Compared 2005 Compared 2006
Compensation Compensation Benefits
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Components
Compensation Directors Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Expense Compensation Policy Adversely Affect Ability Recruit Retain Motivate
Competition Competitive Strengths
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Compliance Law
Comprehensive Income Comprehensive Income Loss
Concentrations Credit Risk Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements
Condensed Consolidated Statements Financial Condition 2009 2008 Conditions Precedent Obligations Rodman Rrllc
Conditions Precedent Obligations Sellers Interestholders Conduct Business Until Closing Date
Conference Call Conference Call Details
Conference Call Information Conference Fees
Conference Fees Other Revenues Conference Revenue Expenses
Conflict Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Balance Sheet Data Consolidation Financial Services Industry Created Opportunity Grow Business
Consolidation Variable Interest Entities Construction
Continuation Employee Benefits Contracts Commitments
Contractual Obligations Controlled Limited Number Stockholders Whose Interests Differ Those
Controlled Single Stockholder Whose Interests Differ Those Other Controls Procedures
Corporate Finance Corporate Finance Strategic Advisory Engagements Singular Nature Not
Corporate Governance Nominating Committee Corporate Information
Cosco Capital Management Llc Cosco Capital Management Llc Acquisition
Cost Savings Initiatives Fixed Costs Cost Savings Restructuring Initiatives
Counterparts Headings Covenant Not Compete
Credit Risk Critical Accounting Policies
Ctlp Excluded Assets Ctlp Instruments Transfer
Cum Laude Current Plan Pay Dividends Common Stock Investors Lose
Current Report Form 8-k 502 Appointment Certain Officers Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Date Report Earliest Event Reported 2007 David Horin
Debt Equity Instruments Deemed Investment Act 1940 Applicable Restrictions Make Impractical
Deferred Financing Cost Demands Running Public Result Additional Costs Require Senior
Depend Services Limited Number Key Executives Loss Material Depend Services Vasinkevich Borer Chambers Rubin Loss Material
Depend Services Vasinkevich Borer Rubin Loss Material Adverse Derive Significant Portion Revenues Life Science Sector Primarily
Determination Compensation Determining Fair Value Financial Asset Market Not Active
Determining Whether Instruments Granted Share-based Payment Transactions Participating Development Innovative Solutions
Difficult Market Conditions Adversely Affect Business Ways Materially Director Compensation
Director Independence Director Officer Indemnification
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Directors Executive Officers Key Employees
Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Dispute Resolution Arbitration
Disputes Distributions
Distributions Members Dividends
Documents Incorporated Reference Duration Amendment Plan Award Agreements
Earn Out Price Earnings Per Share
Edward Rubin Eligibility
Eligibility Participation Certain Award Terms Employee Benefits
Employee Compensation Benefits Employee Misconduct Difficult Detect Deter Harm Impairing Ability
Employees Employment Agreement
Employment Agreements Employment Arrangements
Employment Arrangements Named Executive Officers Endorsement Checks
Enthrust Financial Services Inc Enthrust Financial Services Inc Restricted Stock Grant Agreement
Entire Agreement Entrust Financial Form 10-qsb 2005
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Equity Commitment
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Price Risk
Equity Research Equity-based Compensation
Established Respected Brand Estimates
Evaluating Prospects Light Limited Operating History Fluctuations Results Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedure
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Exact Name Specified Charter Exchange Transaction
Executive Bonus Plan Executive Compensation
Executive Session Exhibits
Exhibits Financial Statement Schedules Exhibits Incorporated Reference Filed Report
Exibit 991 Expand Existing Biotechnology Sector Platform
Expand Existing Merchant Banking Asset Management Businesses Expand New Sectors
Expect Growth Rates Decline Anticipate Downward Pressure Operating Expenses
Expenses Including Interest Expense Experienced Professionals Deep Knowledge Broad Skills
Explanatory Exploit Strategic Relationships
Exposure Legal Liability Significant Damages Other Costs Required Face Strong Competition Other Investment Banks Serve Biotechnology
Face Strong Competition Other Investment Banks Serve Life Fair Value Measurements
Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities-including Amendment Fasb Family Relationships
Fasb 161 Fax 212-981-3001
Federal Income Tax Consequences Financial Information Geographic Areas
Financial Information Industry Segments Financial Instruments Fair Value
Financial Services Firms Been Subject Increased Scrutiny Over Financial Statements
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Liabilities
Financial Statements Supplementary Data Finder
Fixed Price Focus Biotechnology Sector Allows Benefit Significant Demand Investment
Focus Financing Transactions Focused Equity Research
Foregoing Not Intended Constitute Tax Advice Nor Necessarily Forgivable Loans
Form 10-k Form Amendment Employment Agreement Dated 2007 Amended
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Fractional Shares
Friedman Fsp Eitf 03-6-1
Fsp Fas 115-2 157-4 Funds Relationship Chief Executive Officer
Further Assurances Future Sales Common Stock Cause Price Decline
Future Sales Common Stock Cause Price Decline Interest Future Success Depends Ability Continue Expand Investment Banking
Future Success Depends Ability Expand Investment Banking Services General
General Development Business General Matters
Good Standing Certificates Goodwill
Goodwill Impairment Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Impairment Governing Law Jurisdiction
Government Regulation Grants Plan-based Awards
Gregory Dow Growth Depend Ability Complete Acquisitions Integrate Operations Acquired
Growth Strategy Hidden Liabilities Adverse Impact Market Value
Hierarchy Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Historical Financial Information Not Permit Predict Costs Operations
Historical Pro Forma Financial Information Not Permit Predict Historically Been Limited Public Market Common Stock Cannot
History Holders
Horin Householding
However Ignatures
Incentive Compensation Income Taxes
Indemnification Interestholders Sellers Indemnification Procedures
Indemnification Rodman Rrllc Independence Discussions Audit Committees
Index Audited Consolidated Financial Statements Industry Leading Conferences
Information Accredited Investor Insurance
Interest Diluted Issue Additional Shares Common Stock Interest Expense
Interest Rate Risk Interestholder Representative
Interests Property Activities Companies Interim Disclosures Fair Value Financial Instruments
Interim Financial Statements Internal Control Integrated Framework
Introduction Introduction Pro Forma Condensed Combined Balance Sheet Statements
Invest Own Principal Capital Equities Limited Liquidity Expose Investment Affiliate
Investment Affiliates Investment Banking
Investment Banking Industry Highly Competitive Fail Address Challenges Investment Banking Revenue
Investment Intent Investors Security Holders Cowen Rodman Urged Read Such
John Borer John Chambers
Lacovara Leading Industry Conferences
Lease Commitments Legal Proceedings
Legal Proceedings Etc Legal Reserves
Letter Credit Level Incentive Compensation
Limitation Liability Indemnification Matters Limitations Access Capital Impair Ability Expand Businesses
Limitations Access Capital Impair Ability Expand Underwriting Businesses Limited Cash Equicalents Rely Flow Operations Operate Business
Liquidation Rights Liquidity Capital Resources
List Ccm Assets List Ctlp Assets
List Pesi Assets Listing
Litigation Litigation Etc
Management Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Market Information
Market Opportunity Market Price Common Stock Volatile
Market Price Registrants Common Stock Related Stockholder Matters Market Price Trading Volume Common Stock Volatile
Market Risk Marvin Haas
Material Adverse Change Material Adverse Changes
Matthew Geller Phd Member Finra Sipc Cautionary Regarding Forward Looking Statements
Merchant Banking Merchant Banking Segment
Messrs Borer Rubin Vasinkevich Michael King
Michael Lacovara Michael Vasinkevich
Miller Mathis Llc Miller Mathis Llc Acquisition
Minimum Share Price Narrative Description Business
Net Capital Requirements Net Income
Net Income Loss Net Income Loss Per Share
Net Income Per Share Net Revenues
New York New York 2007
New York 2009 Rodman Renshaw Capital Group Inc Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Nominees Standing Election Board Non-cash Fair Value Adjustments
Non-compensation Expenses Non-compensation Related Expenses
Non-controlling Interests Non-gaap Financial Measures
Noncontrolling Interests Consolidated Financial Statements Amendment Arb Notices
Now Therefore Number
Number 001-33737 Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Operating Expenses Operating Margin
Operating Results Investment Banking Operational Covenants
Operations Operations Infrastructure Those Service Providers Rely Malfunction Fail
Organization Good Standing Organization Nature Operations Basis Presentation
Other Awards Other Compensation
Other Events Other Including Conference Fees
Other Information Other Matters
Other Operating Expenses Outstanding Equity Awards 2006
Outstanding Equity Awards 2007 Overview
Part Financial Information Party Beneficiaries
Patents Trademarks Copyrights Etc Payable Brokers Dealers Clearing Agencies
Payment Consideration Allocation Performance Agreements
Performance Units Pesi Excluded Assets
Pesi Instruments Transfer Peter Drake
Pipe Financing Transactions Pipe Transactions Been Subject Intense Regulatory Scrutiny Over
Plan Policies Procedures Related Party Transactions
Potential Payments Change Control Potential Payments Termination Change Control
Preferred Research Trading Partner Target Sectors Preferred Stock
Premises Equipment Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Accounting Fees Services Audit Committee Pre-approval Policy Principal Independent Accountant Fees Services
Principal Independent Accountants Principal Transaction Platform Invest Own Capital Expose Significant
Principal Transactions Principal Transactions Realized Gains
Principal Transactions Realized Gains Losses Principles Consolidation
Private Energy Securities Inc Private Investment Public Equity
Private Placements Pro Forma Adjustments
Pro Forma Information Pro-forma Condensed Results Operations
Proceeds Professional Standards
Profit Distributions Membership Interests Properties
Property Equipment Proposal Approval 2007 Stock Incentive Plan
Proposal Approval Executive Bonus Plan Proposal Approval Performance Based Compensation Contained Lacovara Employment
Proposal Election Directors Provisions Organizational Documents Discourage Acquisition Adversely Impact Price
Proxy Statement Proxy Statement ----------------------------
Public Offering Public Offerings
Publicity Purchase Ccm Assets
Purchase Ctlp Assets Purchase Method
Purchase Pesi Assets Purposes
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Real Property
Reasonable Estimation Amount Loss Interpretation Fasb Statement Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Sales Unregistered Securities Reclassifications
Recognition Presentation Other-than-temporary Impairments Registered Direct Offerings
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 212-356-0500 Registration Payment Arrangements
Registration Rights Regulatory Inquiries Investigations
Related Employees Related Party Transactions
Reorganization Transactions Corporate Structure Report Audit Committee Board
Report Compensation Committee Representations Warranties Interestholders
Representations Warranties Rodman Rrllc Representations Warranties Sellers Interestholders Respect
Required Make Substantial Payments Certain Indemnification Agreements Research
Restricted Stock Restricted Stock Awards
Restricted Stock Grant Restricted Stock Units
Results Adversely Affected Future Periods Volatility Financial Instruments Results Adversely Affected Future Periods Volatility Securities Portfolio
Results Operations Results Operations Financial Condition
Revenue Profits Highly Volatile Make Difficult Achieve Steady Revenue Recognition
Revenues Richard Cohen
Right Cosco Name Risk Factors
Risk Management Compliance Risk Management Policies Procedures Leave Exposed Unidentified Unanticipated
Risks Related Business Risks Related Common Stock
Risks Related Industry Difficult Market Conditions Adversely Affect Rodman Renshaw
Rodman Renshaw Capital Group Affiliate Sells Huxley Pharmaceuticals Rodman Renshaw Capital Group Inc
Rodman Renshaw Capital Group Inc Acquire Leading Energy Rodman Renshaw Capital Group Inc Announces Acquisition Miller
Rodman Renshaw Capital Group Inc Announces Appointment New Rodman Renshaw Capital Group Inc Announces Financial Results
Rodman Renshaw Capital Group Inc Announces Formation London-based Rodman Renshaw Capital Group Inc Announces Merchant Banking
Rodman Renshaw Capital Group Inc Announces Preliminary Financial Rodman Renshaw Capital Group Inc Announces Record Revenue
Rodman Renshaw Capital Group Inc Announces Stock Repurchase Rodman Renshaw Capital Group Inc Announces Termination Cowen
Rodman Renshaw Capital Group Inc Exact Name Registrant Rodman Renshaw Capital Group Inc Restricted Stock Grant
Rodman Renshaw Capital Group Inc Subsidiaries Condensed Consolidated Rodman Renshaw Capital Group Inc Subsidiaries Notes Condensed
Rodman Renshaw Llc Rodman Renshaw Llc John Borer Edward Rubin Michael
Rodman Renshaw Llc Mathew Murray Rodman Renshaw Llc Matthew Murray
Sales Trading Sales Trading Business Adversely Affected Potential Changes Industry
Sam Dryden Sec Reports
Sector Focus Securities Analysts Not Publish Research Reports Business They
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Owned Sold Not Yet Purchased
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Title Class Securities Transactions Revenue Recognition
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
Segment Reporting Senior Convertible Debentures Warrants
Separation Agreement Service Fees Paid Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Severability Share-based Payment
Shares Available Issuance Shares Outstanding
Shares Stock Subject Plan Short Sales
Signatures Significant Accounting Policies
Significant Accounting Policies Critical Estimates Significantly Expanded Corporate Governance Public Disclosure Requirements Result
Solicitation Revocation Proxies Special Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Statement Regarding Performance Statement Regarding Termination Asset Management Operation
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Based Compensation
Stock Incentive Plan Stock Options
Stock Power Stock-based Compensation
Stockholder Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting Stockholder Recommendation Director Nominations
Stockholder Return Performance Graph Stockholders Proposals 2009 Annual Meeting
Stockholders Voting Rights Strategic Acquisitions
Strategic Advisory Services Strategic Investments Acquisitions Joint Ventures Entry New Business
Strong Client Relationships Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subsequent Evens Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Summa Cum Laude
Summary Summary Compensation
Summary Description 2007 Stock Incentive Plan Survival Representations Warranties Covenants Agreements
Table Contents Tax Deductibility Compensation
Tax Indemnification Agreement Tax Matters
Tax Treatment Taxes Tax Returns
Tem Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Tem Controls Procedures
Tem Exhibits Tem Legal Proceedings
Tem Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations Tem Other Information
Tem Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Tem Risk Factors
Termination Asset Management Operation Termination Employment
Termination Payment Termination Stock Repurchase Program
Terms Conditions Options Thomas Pinou
Total Revenues Transaction Create Rodman Energy Group
Transfer Agent Registrar Transition Corporate Structure Adversely Affect Ability Recruit Retain
Types Terms Awards Unable Satisfy Nasdaqs Maintenance Requirements Including Bid Price
Underwriter Placement Agent Warrants United States Securities Exchange Washington 20549 Form 10-k
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Valuation Financial Instruments Valuation Securities Owned Marketable Non-marketable
Valuation Securities Owned-marketable Non-marketable Value Underwriter Placement Agent Warrants
Variable Price Voting
Waivers Remedies Warrants
Weighted Average Shares Outstanding Wesley Clark
Whereas William Iommi
Winston Churchill Witness Whereof
Working Capital Xpenses
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