Topic Listing for SL Green Realty

Absolute Rate Auction Absolute Rate Loan
Acceleration Maturity Rescission Annulment Acceleration Maturity Rescission Annulment Waivers Past Defaults
Acceptance Appointment Successor Accession Agreement
Account Thereof Seller Purchaser Shall Execute Deliver Proration Accounting
Accounting Matters Accounting Standards Updates
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss Acquire
Acquisitions Act
Action Termination Expiration Origination Period Activities Increasing Approximately 1966 4657 2005 Compared 2691
Acts Holders Add Opp Unit Equivalent Dividend Resulting Number Hereafter
Additional Agreements Additional Amounts
Additional Conditions Precedent Additional Costs Capital Adequacy
Additional Covenants Additional Information Find
Additional Interest Additional Interest Amount
Additional Portfolio Activity Additional Tax Sums
Additional Taxes Adjusted Ebitda
Adjusted Libor Adjustments Certain
Adjustments General Certain Change Control Provisions Administration
Administrative Action Administrative Trustee
Administrative Trustees Administrative Trustees Named Herein
Adverse Economic Geopolitical Conditions General Northeastern Commercial Office Affected Lenders
Affiliate Affirmative Covenants
Agency Agent
Agents Reliance Etc Aggregate Stock Ownership Limit
Aggregated Option Sar Exercises 2004 Year-end Values Agreed Tax Treatment
Agreed Tax Treatment Trust Securities Agreement
Agreement Not Petition Agreement Plan Merger
Agreement Regarding Interest Charges Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New
Alcohol Drugs Allocation Proceeds
Allonge Allowance Doubtful Accounts
Also Closed Mortgage Financings 711 Avenue Madison Clock Also Closed Mortgage Financings Sixteen Properties Totaling Approximately
Also Recapitalizes 521 Fifth Avenue Partnership City Investment Ambiguity
Amended Restated 2005 Stock Option Incentive Plan Amended Restated Asset Servicing Agreement
Amended Restated Employment Noncompetition Agreement Amendment
Amendment Amended Restated 2005 Stock Option Incentive Plan Amendment Bylaws
Amendment Termination Amendments
Amendments Amendment Modification Waiver Respect Agreement Shall Effective Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amendments Waivers American Financial Realty Trust
Amount Amount Limitations
Andrew Levine Andrew Mathias
Announced Announced Had Entered Agreement Sell Property Located
Annual Base Salary Annual Incentives
Annual Institutional Investor Conference Annual Meeting Stockholders
Annualized Rent Applicable Depositary Procedures
Applicable Law Applicable Paying Agents
Application Money Collected Application Trust Money
Applies Sfas 133 Accounting Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Applies Statement Financial Accounting Standards 133 Derivative Instruments
Appointment Administrative Trustees Appointment Authenticating Agent
Appointment Paying Agents Approvals Authorizations Orders Court Governmental Agency Body Required
Approvals Lenders Approved Fund
Articles Amendment Restatement Asset Management Agreement Outsourcing
Asset Purchase Agreement Asset Retirement Obligation
Asset Servicing Agreement Assignment
Assignment Acceptance Agreement Assignment Assumption Contracts
Assignment Assumption Leases Assignment Change Control Manager
Assignment Contracts Assignment Leases
Assumability Assumptions Concerning Funding Libor Loans
Audit Committee Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Committee Report Audit Fees
Audit-related Fees Authenticating Agent
Authorization Action Authorized Trust Securities
Available Shares Avenue Americas
Average Awards Plan
Bank Accounts Bankruptcy Code
Bankruptcy Event Bankruptcy Laws
Base Rate Base Salary
Based Square Feet Leased Basis Presentation Significant Accounting Policies
Basis Presentation Summary Significant Accounting Policies Basis Quarterly Presentation
Been Significant Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Beneficial Ownership
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Benefit Arrangement
Benefit Plans Benefits
Benefits Indenture Bid Rate Loans
Bid Rate Quote Bill Sale
Binding Nature Agreement Successors Assigns Biographical Information Regarding Executive Officers Not Directors
Board Committees Board Directors
Board Directors Committees Board Directors Shareholders
Board Directors Shareholders Green Realty Corp Board Directors Staggered Separate Classes
Board Directors Stockholders Board Directors Stockholders Green Realty Corp
Board Recommend Vote Each Proposals Board Resignation Letters
Board Resolution Bona Fide
Book-entry Preferred Securities Book-entry Preferred Security
Books Records Borrower
Borrower Shall Obligation Indemnify Agent Lender Respect Liability Broadway
Brokerage Services Business
Business Growth Strategies Business Operations Suffer Event System Failures
Calculation Agent Cancellation
Capital Expenditures Capital Reserves
Capital Stock Capitalization
Capitalized Lease Obligation Cappelli Loans
Cash Equivalents Cash Flows
Cause Covered Security Listed New York Stock Exchange Cause Procedures
Certain Accounting Matters Certain Duties Responsibilities
Certain Permitted Investments Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence Certain Rights Property Trustee
Certain Rights Trustee Certificate Correction
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Change Control
Change Lending Office Change Receive Proxy Materials Future
Change Vote After Submit Proxy Card Change-in-control Shall Deemed Occurred
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Market Conditions Adversely Affect Price Common Stock
Charitable Beneficiary Check Box Only
Chief Executive Officer Compensation Chose Each Element Fits Overall Compensation Objectives
Citigroup Global Markets Inc City Investment Fund
Claim Meaning Set Forth Hereof Class Continuing Director-term Expire 2010
Class Continuing Director-term Expires 2007 Class Continuing Director-term Expires 2010
Class Continuing Directors-terms Expire 2006 Class Continuing Directors-terms Expire 2009
Class Continuing Directors-terms Expire 2011 Class Nominee Directors-terms Expire 2011
Class Nominees Election-terms Expire 2008 Class Nominees-terms Expire 2012
Cleaning Cleaning Security Messenger Restoration Services
Cleaning Services Clearing Price
Closed Previously Announced Sale 1372 Broadway 2740 Generating Closed Refinancing 420 Lexington Avenue Financing Provided
Closing Closing Location
Code Business Conduct Ethics Code Ethics
Collateral Collateral Account
Collateral Management Agreement Collection Indebtedness Suits Enforcement Trustee
Commitment Commitment Percentage
Commitments Contingencies Committees
Common Equity Common Securities
Common Securities Certificate Common Security
Common Stock Communications Board
Communications Board Directors Compared 2002
Compared 2003 Compared 2004
Comparison 2007 2008 Cash Bonuses Comparison 2007 2008 Total Bonuses
Compensation Compensation Benefits Consideration Executives Services Hereunder Employer Shall
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Reimbursement Indemnity
Compensation Termination Change-in-control Competition
Competition Acquisitions Reduce Number Acquisition Opportunities Available Increase Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets
Compliance Applicable Law Material Contracts Compliance Certificate
Compliance Certificate Opinions Compliance Certificate Other Reports
Compliance Changing Regulation Applicable Corporate Governance Public Disclosure Compliance Changing Regulation Corporate Governance Public Disclosure Result
Computations Concentrations Credit Risk
Condition Employment Services Condition Subsequent
Conditional Asset Retirement Obligations Conditions Precedent
Conditions Precedent Loans Letters Credit Condominium
Conduct Business Conference Call Audio Webcast
Confidential Documents Confidentiality
Confidentiality Policy Against Retaliation Conflicts Interest
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consents Present Former Owner Properties Erection Structure Structures
Consolidate Etc Only Certain Terms Consolidate Investment 919 Avenue Own Controlling Interest
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidated Properties
Construction Construction Budget
Construction-in-process Constructive Ownership
Contact Contact Gregory Hughes Chief Financial Officer -or- Andrew
Contact Gregory Hughes Chief Financial Officer Operating -or- Contact Gregory Hughes Chief Operating Officer Financial -or-
Contingent Loan Continuation
Continuing Threat Terrorist Attacks Adversely Affect Value Properties Contracts
Contracts Loans Checks Deposits Control Holders
Controls Procedures Conversion
Conversion Exchange Series Excess Preferred Converted
Convertible Preferred Stock Convey Unto Purchaser Agrees Purchase Assume Accept Assets
Cooperate Assist Filings Required National Association Securities Dealers Corporate Boards
Corporate Financings Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Guidelines Corporate Governance Matters
Corporate Opportunities Corporate Profile
Corporate Structure Corporate Trust Office
Corporate Trustee Required Counterparts
Covenants Operating Property Management Covenants Relating Conduct Business Pending Mergers
Coverage Ratios Credit Agreement
Credit Event Credit Rating
Credit Suisse Boston Joint Venture Credit Suisse Boston Provides Financing
Critical Accounting Policies Current Maturity Profile
Current Pronouncements Current Report
Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Cusip Numbers
Date Deadline Date Initial Shelf Registration Statement Not Been
Dealings Press Communications Public Death Disability
Death Executives Employment Hereunder Shall Terminate His Debt
Debt Market Capitalization Ratio Debt Not Assumable
Declaration Dedication Other Activities
Deed Default
Defaulted Interest Defaulting Lenders
Deferrals Interest Payment Dates Deferred Costs
Deferred Financing Costs Deferred Lease Costs
Deferred Stock Compensation Plan Directors Definition Terms Business Subsidiary
Definitions Definitive Preferred Securities Certificates
Definitive Securities Delaware Trustee
Delaware Trustee Required Delay Omission Not Waiver
Delegation Power Delivered Other Party Requesting Closing Agrees Reasonably Cooperate
Delivery Documents Each Required Delivered Applicable Parties Closing Delivery Documents Each Required Delivered Purchaser Closing Shall
Delivery Payment Shares Denominations
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Dependence Smaller Growth-oriented Businesses Rent Office Space Adversely
Dependent External Sources Capital Deposit Redemption Price
Depositary Depositary Participant
Depositor Depositor Affiliate
Derivative Instruments Derivatives Contract
Derivatives Termination Value Description Business
Designated Event Repurchase Notice Designated Lender
Designation Agreement Designation Number
Determination Libor Determine Executive Compensation
Determined Based Financial Performance Including Without Limitation Stock Development Property
Director Attendance Annual Meetings Director Compensation
Director Independence Directors
Directors Executive Officers Registrant Directors Executive Officers Registrant Corporate Governance
Disability Executive Terminate His Employment Hereunder Within Meaning Disclosure Committee
Discretionary Annual Bonus Disparagement Following Termination Executives Employment Reason Executive Shall
Dispositions Dissolution Expiration Date
Distribution Date Distributions
Dividend 054 Per Share Dividend 060 Per Share
Dividend Equivalents Dividend Reinvestment Stock Purchase Plan
Dividend Rights Dividends
Documents Incorporated Reference Dollars
Dtc Duties Responsibilities
Duties Responsibilities Trustees Each Element Decisions Regarding Fit Overall Compensation Objectives
Early Termination Event Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation Amortization Ebitda
Earnings Guidance Earnings Per Share
Ebitda Edgar
Edwin Thomas Burton Eemerge
Effect Supplemental Indentures Effective Date
Effective Date Agreement Effectiveness Deadline Date Meaning Set Forth Hereof
Elated Arty Ransactions Election Redeem Notice Trustee
Electronic Delivery Elements Compensation Program
Elements Compensation Program Chose Each Element Eligible Assignee
Eligible Property Employee Benefits
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employees
Employer Employment Duties
Employment Noncompetition Agreement Employment Noncompetition Agreements
Employment Practices Enforcement
Entered Agreement Sell 1250 Broadway 3100 Expected Generate Enters Joint Venture Ownership Agreement Sitq
Entire Agreement Entire Agreement Addendum Amendments
Entire Agreement Amendments Entitled Vote Annual Meeting
Entitled Vote Meeting Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Laws Environmental Matters
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Income Loss Affiliates
Equity Interest Equity Issuance
Erisa Erisa Exemptions
Erisa Group Estimates
Evaluated Subsequent Events Through Time Filing Consolidated Financial Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Event Default Events Default
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Exceptions
Excess Costs Exchange Act
Exchange Listing Exchange Notice
Excluded Subsidiary Exclusions Exceptions Coverage Contained Title Policy Marked-up Commitment
Execution Authentication Delivery Dating Execution Counterparts
Execution Supplemental Indentures Executive Committee
Executive Compensation Objective Executive Director Compensation
Executive Sessions Non-management Directors Executive Stock Compensation
Exhibits Exhibits Fianancial Statement Schedules
Existing Secured Credit Agreement Existing Title Tax Survey Matters
Existing Unsecured Credit Agreement Expense Reports Reimbursements
Expenses Expiration Date
Expiration Long Term Leases Operating Sublease Interests Adversely Expiration Maturity Date Letters Credit Past Termination
Expiration Time Explanatory
Extension Period Extension Termination Date
Face Potential Conflicts Interest Face Risks Associated Property Acquisitions
Face Significant Competition Tenants Facility Fee
Failure Hedge Effectively Against Interest Rate Changes Adversely Failure Qualify Reit Costly
Fair Dealing Fair Market Value
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Financial Investments
Fasb Issued Interpretation Federal Funds Rate
Fee Disclosure Fees
Ffo 113 Per Share Ffo 118 Per Share
Ffo 126 Per Share Ffo 203 Per Share
Ffo Totaled 200 Per Share Diluted Compared 126 Fiduciary Obligation
Fifth Avenue Financial Attributes Non-wholly Owned Subsidiaries
Financial Covenants Financial Covenants Adversely Affect Ability Conduct Business
Financial Highlights Financial Instruments Derivatives Hedging
Financial Performance Financial Statements Business Acquired
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Pro Forma Information Exhibits
Financial Statements Required Filed Amendment Not Later Calendar Financial Statements Supplementary Data
Financing Financing Capital Activity
Finite Life Joint Venture Agreements Fixed Charge
Fixed Charge Coverage Fixed Charges
Floating Rate Junior Subordinated Due 2035 Floating Rate Preferred Securities Liquidation Amount 1000 Per
Following Table Rollforward Total Loan Loss Reserves 2009 Foregoing Tax Discussion General Description Certain Expected Federal
Foreign Lender Form 10-k
Form 10-k Amendment Form 10-q
Form Assignment Assumption Ground Lease Form Assignment Assumption Interest
Form Assignment Interest Form Assignment Lease
Form Certificate Authentication Form Common Securities Certificate
Form Designated Shares Form Notice Tenants
Form Reverse Security Form Tenant Notification Letter
Form Trustees Certificate Authentication Forms Documents Delivered Trustee
Forward-looking Information Forward-looking Statement
Forward-looking Statements Forward-looking Statements Contained Report Subject Number Risks Uncertainties
Forward-looking Statements Prove Inaccurate Fund
Funds Available Distribution Fad Funds Operations
Funds Operations Ffo Furnish Trustee Names Addresses Holders
Further Further Agreements
Further Assurances Future Funding
Future Issuances Common Stock Preferred Dilute Existing Stockholders Gaap
Gap Notice General
General Provisions General References Times
General Terms Leases Midtown Manhattan Markets Generally Fund Investment Activity Through Property-level Financing 2005
Generated 585 Net Proceeds Sale Structured Finance Investment Generation Tis Lcs
Gerard Nocera Global Preferred Security
Global Securities Global Security
Governing Law Governing Law Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws
Government Obligation Governmental Approvals
Governmental Authority Gramercy Capital Corp
Gramercy Capital Corp Equity Awards Gramercy Capital Corp Green Realty Completed Internalization Gramercys
Gramercy Green Completed Gkk Internalization Was Through Gramercy Value
Grand Central Square Properties Grant Securityholders Other Holders Such Capacity Right Include
Grantee Relied Making Decision Solely Background Documents Other Grantees Covenants Representations Warranties
Green Announces 165183 Lease Expansion Renewal 1372 Broadway Green Announces Sale Midtown Office Properties
Green Capital Trust Green Incur Adverse Tax Consequences Reckson Failed Qualify
Green Operating Partnership Green Operating Partnership 300 Exchangeable Senior Notes Due
Green Operating Partnership Interests Gramercy Investments Green Owns Tenancy-in-common Interest Fee Leasehold Gramercy Remaining
Green Realty Corp Green Realty Corp 2006 Long-term Outperformance Plan Award
Green Realty Corp 2006 Supplemental Data Green Realty Corp 2010 Notional Unit Long-term Compensation
Green Realty Corp Announces 125 Increase Common Stock Green Realty Corp Announces 167 Increase Common Stock
Green Realty Corp Announces Acquisition 333 West Green Realty Corp Announces Acquisition Long Island Office
Green Realty Corp Announces Commencement Public Offering Common Green Realty Corp Announces Consecutive Annual Dividend Increase
Green Realty Corp Announces Reduction Regular Quarterly Common Green Realty Corp Announces Sale 110 East 42nd
Green Realty Corp Announces Sale 292 Madison Avenue Green Realty Corp Articles Amendment Restatement
Green Realty Corp Declares Dividend 060 Per Share Green Realty Corp Invests 800 Avenue
Green Realty Corp Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Green Realty Corp Nyse Slg
Green Realty Corp Office Peer Group Green Realty Corp Profile
Green Realty Corp Refinances 485 Lexington Avenue Green Realty Corp Reports Ffo 122 Per Share
Green Realty Corp Selected Operating Data-unaudited Green Realty Corp Sells West Street 615
Green Realty Corp Sitq Group Seb Immobilien-investment Gmbh Green Reckson Announce Expected Closing Date Merger
Green Reckson Announce Intention Conclude Shareholder Vote Today Green Unable Successfully Integrate Operations Reckson Business Earnings
Gregory Hughes Gregory Hughes Certify
Gregory Hughes Chief Financial Officer Certify Ground Lease
Guarantee Guarantor
Harassment Discrimination Hazardous Materials
Headings Hereof Herein Hereby Refer Agreement Singular Term Shall
Highlights Hold Securities
Holder Holder Action Written Consent
Householding Proxy Materials However
Http Wwwslgreencom Identification Director Candidates
Identified Property Identified Property Indebtedness
Identified Property Value Illegality
Immediate Release Important Information Find
Improper Influence Conduct Audits Incentive Fee Earned Was Included Ffo 190 Associated
Incentive Stock Options Income Taxes
Incorrectly Apportioned Closing Subsequent Thereto Such Shall Reapportioned Increase Commitments
Increases 2007 Guidance Ffo 575 Per Share Increases Ownership Penn Station Asset 675
Incur Adverse Tax Consequences Reckson Failed Qualify Reit Incur Significant Costs Complying Americans Disabilities Act Similar
Indebtedness Indebtedness Management
Indemnification Indemnification Advances Expenses
Indemnification Agent Indemnification Contribution
Indemnified Person Indemnity Guaranty Agreement
Indenture Indenture Rights Obligations Each Holders Trustee Shall Construed
Index Index Exhibits
Index Financial Statements Schedules Indulgences Not Waivers
Industrial Commercial Incentive Program Industry Segments
Inflation Information
Information Regarding Nominees Continuing Directors Information Requirements
Initial Conditions Precedent Initial Contribution Trust Property Fees Costs Expenses
Initial Ownership Initial Purchaser
Injunction Order Decree Action Governmental Entity Competent Authority Inspection Records
Insurance Intellectual Property
Interest Direct Action Holders Preferred Securities Interest Expense
Interest Period Interest Rate
Interests Gramercy Interests Gramercy Investments
Interim Financial Information Internal Accounting Controls
Internal Revenue Code Internet Telephone Voting Available Through 1159 Eastern Time
Introduction Investment
Investment Act Investment Commercial Real Estate Properties
Investment Event Investment Grade Rating
Investment Grade Rating Date Investment Gramercy Capital Corp
Investment Marketable Securities Investment Policy
Investment Unconsolidated Joint Ventures Investments
Investments Generally Issuance Common Securities Subscription Purchase Notes
Issuer Issuer Purchases Equity Securities
John Alschuler John Levy
Joint Investments Adversely Affected Lack Sole Decision-making Authority Joint Venture
Joint Venture Agreements Contain Terms Favor Partners Adverse Joint Venture Interest Trophy Manhattan Property
Joint Venture Properties Junior Subordinate Deferrable Interest Debentures
Junior Subordinated Indenture Know Men Presents
Land Leases
Legal Compliance Legal Proceedings
Legend Lehman Brothers Inc
Lender Lender Credit Decision Etc
Lending Office Less After Borrowing Date End Business
Letter Credit Letter Credit Documents
Letter Credit Liabilities Letters Credit
Level Lexington Avenue
Libor Libor Auction
Libor Business Libor Determination Date
Libor Margin Loan Lien
Liens Negative Pledges Other Matters Like Amount
Limitation Debt Adversely Affect Cash Flow Limitation Liability
Limitation Rights Holders Limitation Suits
Limitations Ability Sell Reduce Indebtedness Specific Mortgaged Properties Limitations Redemption
Limitations Voting Rights Limits Manager Responsibility Indemnification
Liquidation Liquidation Amount 1000 Per Common Security
Liquidation Date Liquidation Distribution
Liquidity Capital Resources Litigation Jurisdiction Other Matters Waivers
Loan Assets Loan Document
Loan Party Loan Payable
Loans Other Financial Transactions Long Island Land
Long Lived Assets Long-term Incentives
Long-term Outperformance Compensation Plan Long-term Outperformance Compensation Program
Loss Key Personnel Harm Operations Madison Avenue
Maintained Manhattan Occupancy Rate 957 Increases 100 Park Maintenance Property
Majority Liquidation Amount Management
Management Agreement Management Fees
Management Indebtedness Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Restated Mandatorily Redeemable Stock
Manhattan Office Market Overview Marc Holliday
Marc Holliday Certify Marc Holliday Chief Executive Officer Certify
Market Capitalization Market Interest Rates Effect Value Common Stock
Market Price Market Price Green Common Stock Greens Earnings Per
Market Rate Risk Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer
Maryland Maryland Takeover Statutes Prevent Change Control Depress Stock
Material Adverse Effect Material Contract
Material Federal Income Tax Consequences Material Subsidiary
Maturity Maximum Offer Amount
Measuring 2006 Performance Measuring 2007 Performance
Measuring 2008 Performance Mechanics Materialmens Lien Affecting Properties Other Those Created
Meetings Holders Preferred Securities Members Management Conflict Interest Over Whether Enforce Terms
Membership Interests Purchase Agreement Merger Consolidation Sales Assets Other Arrangements
Merger Conversion Consolidation Succession Business Merger Green Realty Corp
Mergers Consolidations Amalgamations Replacements Trust Messenger Services
Metlife Lease Minimis
Minimum Amounts Minimum Purchase Price
Minority Interest Miscellaneous
Modifications Material Contracts Modifications Organizational Documents
Money Security Payments Held Trust Mortgage
Mortgage Financing Mortgage Payable
Mortgage Receivable Mortgage Recording Tax Hypothecated Loan
Mssg Multiemployer Plan
Mutilated Destroyed Lost Stolen Securities Mutilated Destroyed Lost Stolen Securities Certificates
Name Names Addresses Representative
Negative Covenants Negative Pledge
Net Lease Net Proceeds
New Accounting Pronouncements New Guarantors
New York -january 2006 New York 10170
New York 2005 New York 2006
New York 2007 New York 2008
New York Mortgages News America 1185 Avenue Americas
Noi Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Non-business Non-cash Investing Financing Activities
Non-gaap Financial Measures Non-qualified Stock Options
Non-transferability Excess Stock Noncontrolling Interest
Noncontrolling Interest Operating Partnership Nonliability Agent Lenders
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Nonrecourse Indebtedness
Nonrecourse Secured Indebtedness Not Responsible Recitals Issuance Securities
Not Responsible Recitals Issuance Securities Representations Notes
Notes Means 300 Exchangeable Senior Due 2027 Issuer Notes Pro Forma Condensed Consolidated Income Statement 2006
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Notice Borrowing
Notice Continuation Notice Conversion
Notice Default Notice Defaults
Notice Election Partner Convert Ltip Units Class Notice Election Partnership Force Conversion Ltip Units Class
Notice Holders Waiver Notice Meetings
Notice Redemption Notice Restricted Transfer
Notice Swingline Borrowing Notice Trustee
Notices Notices Defaults Extensions
Notices Etc Trustee Notwithstanding Anything Contrary Contained
Notwithstanding Foregoing Such Termination Due Partys Default Performing Now Therefore
Number 1-13199 Number Interest Periods
Number Trustees Nyc Notice
Nycdot Objectives Compensation Program
Obligations Obligations Manager Restrictions
Obligations Respect Loan Parties Occupancy
Occupancy Rate Occurred Respect Seller Financing Such Term Defined Respective
Ofac Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Off-balance Sheet Obligations Offer Documents
Offering Financings Offering Shares Underwriter
Offering Size Office Delaware Trustee Trust
Officers Officers Certificate
Officers Financial Certificate On- Ash Nvesting
Operating Agreements Operating Earnings Per Share
Operating Leasing Activity Operative Documents
Opinion Counsel Option Agreement Properties
Option Exercises Stock Vested Optional Redemption
Optional Redemption Price Order
Organization Organization Basis Presentation
Organization Formation Original Trust Agreement
Originated 1350 Mezzanine Loan Yields 135 Mature Origination Agreement
Other Other Contracts
Other Equity Incentive Awards Other Events
Other Fees Other Information
Other Matter Other Matters
Other Policies Other Sold Assets
Other Stock-based Awards Outperformance Award
Outperformance Plan Outperformance Plans
Outside New York Outsource Agreement
Outstanding Overpayments
Overview Owner
Owners Required Provide Information Ownership Common Securities Depositor
Ownership Limit Ownership Limitations
Ownership Trust Parent
Pari Passu Park Avenue
Part Parties Hereto Agree Holders Registrable Securities Suffer Damages
Partnership Agreement Partnership Other Equity-based Awards Board Shall Review Executives
Patriot Act Pay-for-performance
Paying Agent Payment Account
Payment Permitted Default Payment Principal Interest
Payment Principal Premium Interest Payment Procedures
Payment Securities Called Redemption Payment Senior Debt Default Over Proceeds Dissolution Etc
Payment Taxes Claims Payment Taxes Duties Etc Trust
Payments Payments Award Recipients Amount Shall Payable Partnership Grantee
Payments Gifts Payments Indenture Pursuant Direct Actions
Payout Taxable Income Analysis Pbgc
Pending Class Action Lawsuits Adversely Affect Greens Recksons Pension Benefit
Pension Benefits Percentage Leased
Performa Performa Nce Goals
Performance Agent Performance Goals
Period 2005 Formation Through Green Management Corp Permitted Issuer Information Contained Free Writing Prospectuses Used
Permitted Liens Perpetual Preferred Stock
Perquisites Other Personal Benefits Person
Personal Financial Interests Outside Business Personal Property
Persons Deemed Holders Persons Deemed Owners
Persons Entitled Benefit Agreement Phantom Shares
Physical Property Place Payment
Plan Please Vote Sign Other Side Return Promptly Enclosed
Policies Procedures Respect Related Party Transaction Policies Procedures Respect Related Party Transactions
Policy Limitation Debt Adversely Affect Cash Flow Post-default Rate
Potential Conflicts Interest Between Green Pre-approval Policies Procedures Audit Committee
Predecessor Security Preferred Dividends
Preferred Equity Interests Preferred Equity Investments
Preferred Equity Stock Preferred Securities
Preferred Securities Certificate Preferred Security
Preferred Security Global Then Insert Prepayment
Prepayments Preservation Existence Similar Matters
Preservation Information Communications Holders Press Release
Previously Enacted Tax Legislation Reduces Rates Dividends Paid Prime Rate
Principal Accounting Fees Services Principal Maturities
Principal Office Principal Office State Resident Agent
Principles Consolidation Principles Construction
Private Placement Transaction Pro Forma
Pro Forma Results Pro Rata
Pro Rata Treatment Procedures Redemption
Proceeding Proceeding Meaning Set Forth Hereof
Proceedings Compensation Committee Proceeds
Proceeds Letters Credit Profile
Prohibited Activities Prohibited Activities Because Executives Services Employer Essential Executive
Properties Property
Property Acquisitions Property Reports
Property Trustee Property Trustee Proofs Claim
Property Trustee Required Proposal Approval Amended Restated 2005 Stock Option Incentive
Proposal Approval Amendment Restatement Articles Incorporation Proposal Election Directors
Proposal Ratification Selection Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Protection Assets
Provided Provided Further
Provided However Provision Taxes
Provisions Articles Incorporation Bylaws Inhibit Changes Control Provisions Defining Limiting Regulating Certain Powers Corporation Stockholders
Provisions Separable Provisions Shall Survive Closing
Provisions Shall Survive Closing Other Termination Agreement Provisions Solely Define Relative Rights
Proxies Etc Proxy Solicited Board Directors
Prudential Real Estate Investors Joint Venture Public Private Information
Purchase Agreement Meaning Set Forth Preamble Hereof Purchase Agreements
Purchase Offer Purchase Rights Series Excess Preferred
Purchase Shares Underwriter Purchaser
Purchaser Assignment Applicable Partys Right Such Award Other Purchaser Shall
Purchasers Common Stock Purchases Common Stock
Purported Beneficial Transferee Purported Record Transferee
Purpose Purposes Trust
Qib Quantitative Qualitative Disclosure Market Risk
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Financial Statements
Quarterly Period 2006 Questions Code Reporting Suspected Violations
Raised Gross Proceeds Approximately 4057 Issuance 19550000 Shares Rank
Rates Payment Interest Loans Real Estate
Real Estate Investment Activity Real Property
Reason Time Effectiveness Period Shelf Receipt Escrow Holder Cash Deposit Shall Cause Same
Received 165 Dividends Investment Gramercy Representing Annualized Return Recent Developments
Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements Recitals
Reckson Associates Realty Corp Acquisition Reckson Limitations
Reckson Operating Partnership Reclassification
Reclassifications Recognized Combined Same-store Gaap Noi Growth
Reconciliation Statements Record Date Voting Other Purposes
Records Confidentiality Records Retention
Recourse Recurring Capital Expenditures
Redemption Redemption Date
Redemption Date Meaning Ascribed Indenture Redemption Holders
Redemption Price Redemption Right
Redevelopment Costs Reduce Operating Costs
Reference Banks Reference Securities Supplemental Indentures
Registers Office Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registration Expenses Meaning Set Forth Hereof Registration Rights Agreement
Registration Rights Agreements Registration Transfer Exchange Generally
Registration Transfer Exchange Preferred Securities Certificates Regular Record Date
Regulation Regulation Disclosure
Regulatory Change Reimbursement Obligation
Reimbursement Underwriters Expenses Reit
Reit Election Related Party Transactions
Relationships Competitors Relationships Tenants Contractors Real Estate Brokers Agents Partners
Release Money Other Property Written Request Release Prices
Reliance Judicial Order Certificate Liquidating Agent Reliance Major Tenants Insolvency Bankruptcy Other Adversely Affect
Rely Large Properties Significant Portion Revenue Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Signature Follows
Remediation Steps Address Material Weakness Remedies Breach
Remedies Event Default Remedies Not Limited
Rent Expense Rent Growth
Rental Income Rental Property
Rents Repayment Loans
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Board Directors
Reports Reports Notices Demands
Reports Property Trustee Representations Warranties Agreements Transaction Entities
Representations Warranties Depositor Representations Warranties Property Trustee Delaware
Representations Warranties Purchaser Representations Warranties Seller
Requirement Requisite Lenders
Rescission Acceleration Requisite Lenders Reserve Possible Credit Losses
Reserves Resignation Removal Appointment Successor
Respect Award Ltip Units Amount Equal Total Unit Responsible Officer
Restoration Rights Remedies Restricted Cash
Restricted Legend Restricted Legends
Restricted Payment Restricted Payments
Restricted Stock Restricted Stock Award
Restriction Ownership Transfer Restrictive Covenants
Results Operations Financial Condition Results Operations Rely Major Tenants Including Financial Services
Retired Loans Retirement Benefits
Retirement Date Commitment Percentage Revenue Recognition
Revenue Recognition Accounts Receivable Revocable Consents
Revolving Loans Rights
Rights Cumulative Rights Holders
Rights Liquidation Rights Plan
Rights Remedies Cumulative Rights Trustee Holder Senior Debt Preservation Trustees
Rising Interest Rates Adversely Affect Cash Flow Risk Factors
Rock-green Inc Rockefeller Group International Inc Joint Venture
Rofo Properties Rsvp
Sale Offer Sale Purchase Properties
Sale Unregistered Registered Securities Sale Unregistered Registered Securities Proceeds
Same Period 2008 Same-store Net Operating Income
Same-store Noi Growth Same-store Properties
Sanctioned Entity Sanctioned Person
Satisfaction Discharge Indenture Schedule
Schedule 14a Information Scheduled Debt Payments Adversely Affect Results Operations
Scheduled Repurchase Notice Schedules
Seal Secured Indebtedness
Secured Revolving Credit Facilities Secured Revolving Credit Facility
Securities Securities Act
Securities Certificate Securities Certificates
Securities Exchange Securities Exchange Act 1934 Amended
Securities Register Securities Registrar
Securities Subordinate Senior Debt Security
Security Deposits Security Global Insert
Security Global Then Insert- Such Other Principal Amount Security Messenger Restoration Services
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
Security Services Security Shall Construed Enforced Accordance Governed Laws State
Selected Operating Data-unaudited Selection Securities Redeemed
Seller Seller 1031 Exchange
Seller Loan Commitment Seller Shall Direct Applicable Party
Senior Debt Senior Indebtedness
Senior Unsecured Notes Separability
Separability Clause Series Excess Preferred
Service Corporation Services Agreement
Serving Member Board Directors For-profit Corporation Approval Chief Setoff
Setting Executive Compensation Settlement
Severability Severability Provisions
Several Obligations Shall Prohibit Either Employer Executive Testifying Truthfully Legal
Share Ownership Limit Reit Tax Purposes Sharing Payments Etc
Shelf Registration Signature
Signature Page Credit Agreement Green Operating Partnership Signature Page Follows
Signature Page Follows- Signatures
Signed 293 Office Leases Totaling Square Feet 2004 Significant Accounting Policies
Significant Subsidiary Signs Lease Apple Computer Street
Single Asset Entity Sitq
Sitq Profile Slgs Share Total Debt Market Capitalization
Sold 19550000 Shares Common Stock Net Proceeds Sold Land
Sold Subsidiaries Sold Subsidiary
Sold Subsidiary Land Solicitation Proxies
Soliciting Proxy Solvent
Source Standard Poors 500 Composite Stock Price Index Special Event Redemption
Special Record Date Special Redemption Price
Start Date Term Location Stated Amount
Statement Compliance Statements Account
Status Redeemed Shares Stephen Green
Stock Stock Based Payments
Stock Option Awards Stock Option Incentive Plan
Stock Option Plan Stock Options
Stock Ownership Limit Stock-based Employee Compensation Plans
Stockholder Proposals Stockholder Rights Plan
Structured Finance Structured Finance Activity
Structured Finance Investments Structured Finance Investments Cause Expenses Adversely Affect Results
Structured Finance Investments Cause Incur Expenses Adversely Affect Structured Finance Value
Subject Possible Environmental Liabilities Other Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subordination Common Securities Subrogation Rights Holders Senior Debt
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsidiary Successor Agent
Successor Securities Successor Substituted
Successors Successors Assigns
Such Not Case Specify Default Event Nature Occurred Suffer Adverse Consequences Revenues Decline Since Operating Costs
Summary Summary Provisions 2005 Stock Option Incentive Plan
Summary Provisions 2008 Employee Stock Purchase Plan Summary Provisions Amended Restated 2005 Stock Option Incentive
Supplemental Disclosure Non-cash Investing Financing Activities Supplemental Disclosure Noncash Operating Investing Financing Activities
Supplemental Disclosures Cash Flows Information Supplemental Indentures Consent Holders
Supplemental Indentures Without Consent Holders Supplemental Information
Survey Survival
Survival Provisions Shall Survive Termination Executives Employment Other Survival Representations Warranties Etc
Suspension Libor Loans Swingline
Swingline Commitment Swingline Lender
Swingline Loan Swingline Loans
Table Contents Tangible Net Worth
Tax Accounting Treatment Tax Deductibility Executive Compensation
Tax Event Tax Fees
Tax Returns Other Reports Taxes
Taxes Fees Duties Levies Imposts Charges Deductions Withholdings Temporary Securities
Tenant Diversification Tenant Leasing Arrangements
Tenant Notice Term
Term Loan Term Loans
Term Termination Termination
Termination Date Termination Employer
Termination Executive Termination Grantees Employment Vesting Change Control
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Termination Severance
Termination Survival Terrorist Attack Cause Insurance Premiums Increase Significantly
Threshold Tilles Loans
Title Commitment Title Notes
Title Policy Title Trust Property
Titled Agents Titles Not Affect Interpretation
Total Asset Value Total Indebtedness
Total Square Feet Owned Tower
Tranche Properties Transactions
Transactions Affiliates Transactions Involving Securities
Transfer Transfer Agent
Treatment Affected Loans Treatment Securities
Trust Trust Agreement
Trust Indenture Act Trust Property
Trust Securities Trust Security
Trustee Trustee Effectuate Subordination
Trustee Enforce Claim Without Possession Securities Trustee Not Fiduciary Holders Senior Debt
Trustee Proofs Claim Trustees
Trustees Certificate Authentication Type
Unable Renew Leases Relet Space Expire Unconsolidated Affiliate
Unconsolidated Asset Value Underpayments
Undertaking Costs Underwriting Commissions Costs
Unencumbered Adjusted Noi Unencumbered Asset Value
Unfunded Liabilities Unimproved Land
Units Unless Boxes Checked Trustee Refuse Register Notes Evidenced
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Unresolved Staff Comments
Unrestricted Subsidiary Loan Retirement Unsecured Credit Facility Bridge Term Loan
Unsecured Credit Facility Term Loan Unsecured Indebtedness
Unsecured Interest Expense Unsecured Revolving Credit Facility
Used Herein Term Other Sold Assets Means Each Used Herein Term Sold Property Means Applicable Parties
Used Herein Term Sold Subsidiary Properties Means Applicable Uses Term Including Shall Mean Not Limited Unless
Usury Vacations
Vacations Executive Shall Entitled Paid Accordance Then Regular Valuation Seller Purchaser Shall Readjust Real Estate Taxes
Variable Interest Entities Variations Between Tax Lot Lines Record Title
Vesting Provisions Ltip Units Violence Prevention Weapons
Visits Inspections Voluntary Reductions Commitment
Vote Vote Counted
Voting Rights Voting Rights Series Excess Preferred
Voting Stock Wachovia
Wachovia Lender Waiver Covenants
Waiver Notice Waiver Past Defaults
Waiver Subordination Provisions Waiver Usury Stay Extension Laws
Was Increase Investment Activity 2005 Compared 2004 Closed West Street
What Compensation Program Designated Reward What Compensation Program Designed Reward
What Constitutes Quorum What Notice Internet Availability Proxy Materials Received Mail
What Other Information Review Before Voting What Purpose Annual Meeting
What Purpose Meeting What Received Notice Internet Availability Proxy Materials
What Vote Needed Approve Each Proposal What Vote Required Approve Each Proposal
Whistleblowing Whistleblower Protection Policy Wholly Owned Subsidiary
Wire Instructions New York Office Withholding Employer Shall Entitled Withhold Payments Deemed Amount
Withholding Tax Within New York
Without Representation Warranty Recourse Seller Applicable Party Provided Witness Whereof
Witness Whereof Agreement Entered Date Written Above Being Witnesseth
Written Notice Thereof Board Serving Member Directors For-profit Wwwslgreencom
Xviii Changes Absence Per Share Aggregate Market Price Year-end Statements
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