Topic Listing for STATOIL ASA

Accounting Issues Accretion Expense
Acquiring Major Operatorship Brazil Activities Iran Lead Sanctions
Additional Information Address Principal Executive Offices
Adjustment Settlement Demerger Balance Adjustments Property Plant Equipment Ppe
Agreements Between Hydro Companies Petroleum Annex
Annex Articles Association Annex Hydro Report
Annex Overview Companies Related Petroleum Activities Annex Overview Group Management Merged
Annex Statoil Report Annual General Meeting
Annual General Meeting Held Statoilhydro Asa Annual General Meeting Statoil Asa Ose Stl Nyse
Annual Overview Ndash Statoilhydro Asa Annual Report Form 20-f
Appendix Report Degolyer Macnaughton Archive Material
Articles Association Articles Association Norsk Hydro Asa Last Amended 2006
Articles Association Norsk Hydro Asa Last Amended Hellip Asset Impairments
Asset Retirement Obligations Asset Retirement Obligations Aro
Asset Retirement Obligations Other Provisions Liabilities Assets Rights Obligations Cannot Transferred
Attachments Merger Plan Between Statoil Ose Stl Nysesto Audit Committee
Audit Committee Financial Expert Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures
Auditors Remuneration Auditorsrsquo Remuneration
Available Sale Financial Asset Average Sales Price Production Cost Per Unit
Background Basis Preparation
Behalf Statoil Ose Stl Nyse Sto Dnb Nor Behalf Statoil Osestl Nysesto Dnb Nor 2005 Purchased
Behalf Statoil Osestl Nysesto Dnb Nor 2006 Purchased Behalf Statoil Osestl Nysesto Dnb Nor 2007 Purchased
Behalf Statoil Osestl Nysesto Dnb Nor Desember 2006 Behalf Statoil Osestl Nysesto Dnb Nor Purchased 168000
Board Directors Board Directors Hydro Statoil Agreed Recommend Shareholders Merger
Board Directors Merged Board Directors Shareholders Statoil Asa
Board Directors Statoil Asa Request Annual General Meeting Board Management Confirmation
Board Practices Bond Loans
Building Profitable International Growth Business
Business Combinations Business Combinations Goodwill
Business Developments Subsequent Events Business Environment
Business Overview Business Segments
Capital Expenditure Capital Markets Value Capture Growth
Capital Reduction Capitalised Costs Before Development Phase
Capitalised Expenditures Related Oil Gas Producing Activities Capitalized Exploratory Drilling Expenditures Pending Booking Proved Reserves
Cash Equivalents Cash Flows Operating Activities
Cash Flows Used Financing Activities Cash Flows Used Investing Activities
Cautionary Statement Relevant Forward-looking Information Change Estimate Asset Retirement Obligations
Changes Capital Structure Before Implementation Changes Corporate Executive Committee
Changes Corporate Executive Committee Statoilhydro Changes Merger Plan
Changes Standardized Measure Discounted Future Net Cash Flows Changes Statoilhydro`s Corporate Executive Committee
Claus Clausen Cmd Statoil Raises Ambitions Ncs
Code Ethics Commitments Contingent Liabilities
Commitments Contingent Liabilities Assets Commodity Price Risk
Compensation Compensation Committee
Compensation Key Management Personnel Competition
Competition Expected Increase European Gas Market Currently Main Completion Merger
Conditions Completion Merger Confidentiality Information
Confirmation Draft Opening Balance Connection Statoils Ose Stl Nyse Sto Acquistion Deepwater
Consolidated Balance Sheets Ifrs Consolidated Balance Sheets Usgaap
Consolidated Statemens Recognised Income Expense Ifrs Consolidated Statements Cash Flows Ifrs
Consolidated Statements Cash Flows Usgaap Consolidated Statements Income Ifrs
Consolidated Statements Income Usgaap Consolidated Statements Shareholders8217 Equity Usgaap
Consult Own Tax Advisor Regarding United States Federal Contacts
Contracts Formally Allocated Another Operational Contracting Party Controls Procedures
Corporate Assembly Corporate Governance
Corporate Targets Costs Connection Merger
Creating Platform New Energy Credit Risk Management
Critical Accounting Judgements Key Sources Estimation Uncertainty Critical Judgements Applying Accounting Policies
Cross Reference Form 20-f Crude Oil Natural Gas Reserve Data Annual Report
Crude Oil Price Developments Cumulative Currency Translation Differences
Cumulative Translation Differences Currency Interest Rate Risk
Current Current Financial Investments
Current Financial Liabilities Decommissioning
Decommissioning Liabilities Included Cost Property Plant Equipment Decommissioning Removal Liabilities
Defaults Dividend Arrearages Delinquencies Deferred Tax
Deferred Tax Assets Deferred Tax Assets Liabilities
Demerger Consideration Derivative Financial Instruments Hedge Accounting
Derivatives Designated Hedging Instruments Desember 2006 Dnb Nor Purchased Behalf Statoil Osestl
Determination Exchange Ratio Demerger Consideration Developing Profitable Midstream Downstream Positions
Development Development Projects Involve Uncertainties Operating Risks Prevent Realising
Development Projects Involve Uncertainties Operating Risks Prevent Realizing Directors Senior Management Employees
Disclaimer Discoveries Appraisal
Disputes Distribution Assets Liquidation
Diversity Equality Dividend Policy
Dividends Dnb Nor Purchased Behalf Statoil Osestl Nysesto
Documents Display Early Adoption Standards Interpretations
Earnings Fixed Charges Earnings Per Share
East Coast Offshore Effects Merger Employees
Eivind Reiten Steps Down Chair Statoilhydro Asa Election Committee Statoil Asa Ose Stl Nyse Sto
Election Committee Statoil Ose Stl Nyse Sto Nominated Election Statoilhydro Board
Electronic Voting Eliminations Other Operations
Elisabeth Grieg Employee Benefits
Employee Retirement Plans Employees
Encounter Competition Other Oil Natural Gas Companies Areas End Notes
Energy Retail Equity Risk
Erling Øverland Withdrawing Statoils Ose Stl Nyse Essence Reason Suggested Merger
Ethics Code Conduct European Gas Market
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Exchange Controls Other Limitations
Exchange Rates Exchange Similar Assets
Execution Debt Capital Market Transactions Execution Debt Capital Markets Transaction
Exemptions Listing Standards Audit Committees Exhibits
Exibit Subsidiaris Expenditures Incurred Oil Gas Property Acquisition Exploration Development
Exploration Exploration Expenditure
Exploration Expenses Exploration Production Norway
Exploratory Development Drilling Process Exploratory Drilling Involves Numerous Risks Including Risk Encounter
Exposed Potential Losses Seriously Harmed Natural Disasters Operational Exposed Potentially Adverse Changes Tax Regimes Each Jurisdiction
Exposed Risks Relating Trading Supply Activities Extraordinary General Meeting Held Statoil Asa
Extraordinary General Meetings Face Foreign Exchange Risks Adversely Affect Results Operations
Fail Acquire Find Develop Additional Reserves Production Decline Failure Integrate Operations Merged Successfully Timely Basis Reduce
Fair Value Hedges Fields Development
Fields Production Financial
Financial Assets Financial Effective Date
Financial Highlights Financial Income Tax
Financial Information Financial Instruments Risk Management
Financial Liabilities Financial Other Tax
Financial Performance Financial Risk Management
Financial Statements Financial Tax
Finding Developing New Resources Fixing Consideration
Foreign Currency Translation Form 20-f
Form 20-f Amendment Form 6-k
Formerly Statoilhydro Asa Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Founders Subscription Certificates
Functional Currency Funding Liability Management
Further Further Amendments Statoilrsquos Articles Association Result Merger
Further Amendments Statoils Articles Association Result Merger Further Assets Rights Obligations Related Former Activities
Further Corporate Costs Further Employment Issues
Further Existing Financial Debt Between Hydro Petroleum Companies Further Herøya Research Centre
Further Information Further Pension Issues
Further Specification Assets Rights Obligations Transferred Gas Directive European Union
Gas Position Gas Sales Agreements
Gas Sales Marketing Gas Sales Transportation
Gassco Geir Nilsen
General Information General Information Relevant Risks
General Meeting Norsk Hydro Asa General Meeting Shareholders
Gives Clearance Statoilhydro Merger Grace Reksten Skaugen
Gross Versus Net Presentation Derivative Assets Liabilities Group Balance Sheet
Group Outlook Guarantee Liability
Gulf Mexico Handling Claims Lawsuits Regarding Assets Rights Obligations Related
Health Safety Environment Health Safety Environment Hse
Helge Lund Chief Executive Officer High Production Solid Operations
Hilde Merete Aasheim Executive Vice President Staffs Corporate History
Horton Case Horton Matter
Hse Regulation Ifrs Exemptions Elections Applied Ias Presentation
Impact Cash Flow Statement Impact Inflation
Impairment Implementation International Financial Reporting Standards Ifrs
Important Events Important Events 2008
Income Before Taxes Consists Income Tax
Income Taxes Increase Share Capital Statoil Result Merger
Increased National Control Resources Incur Material Costs Comply Result Health Safety Environmental
Incur Material Costs Connection Complying Result Health Safety Independent Auditor
Industriforsikring Industry Overview
Information Information Communications
Information Results Tender Offer Calculation Repurchase Price Holders Ingrid Wiik Lars Thunell Elected New Members Statoils
Insurance Intangible Assets
Intangible Assets Property Plant Equipment Integration
Inter-company Balance Between Hydrorsquos Remaining Activities Petroleum Inter-company Balance Between Hydros Remaining Activities Petroleum
Interest Currency Risk Interest Overdue Payments
Interests Majority Shareholder Norwegian State Not Always Aligned International
International Exploration Production Introduction
Introduction Conclusion Inventories
Inventory Application Fifo Cost Method Instead Lifo Investments
Investments Associated Companies Investor Contact
Issuers Publicly Listed Negotiable Securities Required Submit Stock Issues
Johan Fredrik Odfjell Informed Election Committee Statoil Ose Jointly Controlled Assets Associates Joint Venture Entities
Jon Arnt Jacobsen Executive Vice President Manufacturing Marketing Justification Exchange Ratio
Key Events 2008 Key Information
Kjell Bjørndalen Kurt Anker Nielsen
Kårstø Gas Processing Plant Lars Thunell Withdraw Statoils Ose Stl Nyse Sto
Leases Legal Consequences Merger
Legal Procedure Other Aspects Pertaining Law Legal Proceedings
Liability Exemption Relation Parties Lill-heidi Bakkerud
Liquidity Liquidity Capital Resources
Liquidity Risk Management Long-term Interest-bearing Debt
Macroeconomic Outlook Main Feature Merger General Principles Completion
Main Principle Maintains Production Guiding
Major Shareholders Management
Management Merged Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Manufacturing Manufacturing Marketing
Margareth Øvrum Executive Vice President Technology New Energy Marit Arnstad
Market Information Market Risk Management
Marketing Petroleum Behalf Norwegian State Marketing Sale Sdfi Oil Gas
Markets Market Prices Material Contracts
Maximising Long-term Value Creation Ncs Measurement Fair Values
Merger Hydro Petroleum Mergerrsquos Impact Employees
Method Accounting Applied Hydro Petroleum Merger Method Accounting Applied Merger Oil Gas Assets Norsk
Minutes Meeting Ordinary General Statoil Asa Minutes Meeting Ordinary General Statoilhydro Asa 2008
Minutes Meeting Ordinary General Statoilhydro Asa 2009 Morten Loktu Executive Vice President Technology Projects Statoil
Morten Ruud Executive Vice President Projects Morten Svaan
Name Hydro Etc Name Logo
Natural Gas Ncs Portfolio
Net Financial Net Productive Dry Oil Gas Wells Drilled
New Board Member Statoilhydro New Energy
New Production Guiding New Review Snøhvit Projectrsquos Progress Shows Necessary Raise
Nomination Committee Nomination Corporate Assembly Committee
Non-current Financial Liabilities Non-gaap Measures
Norsk Hydro Asa Produksjon Announce Preliminary Results Consent Norsk Hydro Canada Inc
Norsk Hydro Produksjon Announces Extension Consent Solicitation Norway
Norwegian Gas Sales Organization Norwegian Licensing System
Norwegian States Participation Not Able Produce Some Oil Gas Economically Due
Not Insured Against Potential Losses Seriously Harmed Natural Notice Annual General Meeting
Notice Ordinary General Meeting Notifiable Trading
Object Off Balance Sheet Arrangements
Oil Gas Exploration Development Expenditure Oil Gas Reserves
Oil Sales Trading Supply Oil Sands
Opening Ifrs Balance Sheet Operating Financial Review
Operating Financial Review Prospects Operations Subject Political Legal Factors Countries Operate
Operator Statoil Osestl Nysesto Licensees Kvitebjørn Field North Ordinary General Meeting Held Statoil Asa
Ordinary General Meeting Statoilhydro Asa Organisation
Organisation Basis Preparation Organisation Basis Presentation
Organisation Presentation Organisational Structure
Organization Basis Presentation Organizational Structure
Other Commitments Contingencies Other Corporate Bodies
Other Expenses Other Operations
Other Transactions Other Transactions Norwegian State
Outlook Outlook Update
Parent Companies Liability Obligations Subsidiaries Parent Companiesrsquo Liability Obligations Subsidiaries
Part Pension Assets
Pension Assets Allocated Respective Investments Classes Pension Obligations
Pensions People
People Group Performance Update
Peter Mellbye Executive Vice President International Exploration Production Petoro
Plan Planning Integration
Political Economic Policies Norwegian State Affect Business Portfolio Management
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principal Contractual Obligations
Production Cost Per Boe Productive Oil Gas Wells Developed Undeveloped Acreage
Project Development Property Plant Equipment
Property Plants Equipment Proved Oil Gas Reserves
Provision Rig Rental Contracts Provisions
Provisions Contingent Liabilities Assets Provisions Regarding Distributions Etc
Provisions Regarding Issues Provisions Regarding Other Intra-group Transactions
Provison Rig Rental Contracts Purchase Shares Cancellation
Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Ragnar Fritsvold Reasons Merger
Recent Important Events Include Following Reclassifications
Reconciliation Adjusted Earnings After Tax Net Income Reconciliation Between Ifrs Usgaap Figures Prior
Reconciliation Between Usgaap Ngaap Reconciliation Net Income Adjusted Earnings After Tax
Reconciliation Shareholders Equity 2006 Consolidated Net Income Record Results High Production
Recoverable Reserves Statoil-operated Ose Stl Nyse Sto Kvitebjørn Reduction Share Capital Hydro Result Merger
Regarding Guarantee Liabilities Registered Office
Registered Office Location Regulation
Reidar Gjærum Been Appointed New Executive Vice President Related Parties
Related Party Transactions Remuneration
Remuneration Independent Auditor 2007 Report
Report Degolyer Macnaughton Report Deloitte Carve-out Financial Statements Hydro Petroleum
Report Ernst Young Financial Statements Statoilhydro Asa Report Ernst Young Statoilhydros Internal Control Over Financial
Reported Volumes Representatives Employees Board Directors Corporate Assembly
Research Development Research Development Expenditures
Restrictions Conduct Business Terms Merger Plan Result Ordinary Updating Investment Estimate Kristin Project Operated
Results Operation Oil Gas Producing Activities Return Capital Employed Roace
Revenue Recognition Revenue Recognition Gross Versus Net Presentation Traded Sdfi
Reversal Impairment Exploration Costs Rights Redemption Repurchase Shares
Risk Management Risk Update
Risks Related Ownership Norwegian State Risks Related Regulatory Regime
Roy Franklin Rune Bjørnson Executive Vice President Natural Gas
Safe Efficient Operations Essential Business Sale Shallow Water Operations Gulf Mexico
Securities Exchange Washington 20549 Report Foreign Private Issuer Segments
Settlement Balances Between Hydro Companies Petroleum Share Based Compensation
Share Capital Share Ownership
Share-based Compensation Share-based Payments
Shareholder Information Shareholders Equity
Shares Interests Companies Shares Purchased Dnb Nor Behalf Statoil Ose Stl
Shares Purchased Dnb Nor Behalf Statoil Osestl Nysesto Shelf
Short-term Interest-bearing Debt Signature Page
Signatures Significant Acquisitions Dispositions
Significant Components Income Tax Expense Follows Solid Performance Demanding Market
Solid Performance Financial Strength Some International Interests Located Politically Economically Socially Unstable
Stable Production Standards Interpretations Issue Not Yet Adopted
Statement Compliance Statement Merger Plan Between Statoil Asa Norsk Hydro
Statements Competitive Position Statements Regarding Competitive Position
Statoil Asa Statoil Asa Acquire North American Oil Sands Corporation
Statoil Asa Effective 31st 2006 Statoil Asa Ose Stl Nyse Sto Closed Sale
Statoil Asa Ose Stl Nyse Sto Modifying Target Statoil Asa Ose Stl Nyse Sto Sold Per
Statoil Asa Osestl Nysesto 2006 Purchased 1070000 Own Statoil Asa Osestl Nysesto 2006 Purchased 1130000 Own
Statoil Asa Osestl Nysesto 2006 Purchased 458000 Own Statoil Asa Osestl Nysesto 2006 Purchased 580000 Own
Statoil Asa Osestl Nysesto 2006 Purchased 585000 Own Statoil Asa Osestl Nysesto 2006 Purchased 650000 Own
Statoil Asa Osestl Nysesto 2006 Purchased 694000 Own Statoil Asa Osestl Nysesto 2006 Purchased 700000 Own
Statoil Asa Represented Annual General Meeting 2005 Statoil Asarsquos Ose Stl Nyse Sto Income Before
Statoil Asas Ose Stl Nyse Sto Corporate Assembly Statoil Complete Acquisition North American Oil Sands Corporation
Statoil Extends Offer Naosc Statoil Menpet Sign Memorandum Understanding Migration Sincor
Statoil Ose Stl Nyse Sto Announces Reached Agreement Statoil Ose Stl Nyse Sto Buying Bps Per
Statoil Ose Stl Nyse Sto Hold Annual General Statoil Ose Stl Nyse Sto Raising Long-term Gas
Statoil Ose Stl Nyse Sto Today Publishing Online Statoil Osestl Nysesto Affiliates Encana Corporation Today Signed
Statoil Osestl Nysesto Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Nyseapc Signed Statoil Osestl Nysesto Plains Exploration Production Nysepxp Today
Statoil Osestl Nysesto Reaches Agreements Securities Exchange Department Statoil Reports 2006 Online Today
Statoil Revises 2007 Production Forecast Statoil Today Submitted Plan Development Operation Pdo Tyrihans
Statoil Writes Down Iranian Gas Project Statoilhydro Asa
Statoilhydro Asa Announcement Regarding Outstanding Debt Securities Statoilhydro Asa Announces Consent Solicitation Relating Outstanding Notes
Statoilhydro Asa Announces Results Meetings Holders Certain Outstanding Statoilhydro Becomes Statoil
Statoilhydro Changes Corporate Executive Committee Statoilhydro Forms Strategic Alliance Major Gas Player
Statoilhydro Ifrs Accounting Effects Change Functional Currency Statoilhydro Maintains Growth Ambition
Statoilhydro Merger Implemented Statoilhydro Ndash Plan Completion Merger
Statoilhydro Operator Jointly Controlled Assets Statoilhydro Osestl Nysesto Ifrs Accounting Effects Change Functional
Statoilhydro Share Savings Plan Statoilhydro Signs Shtokman Agreement Gazprom
Statoilhydrorsquos Share Saving Plan Allocates Shares Statoilhydros Financial Calendar 2009
Statoilhydros Share Saving Plan Statoilhydros Share Saving Plan Allocates Shares
Statoilrsquos Share Saving Plan Statoilrsquos Share Saving Plan Allocates Shares
Statoils Ose Stl Nyse Sto Financial Calendar 2006 Status Pension Plans Reconciled Consolidated Balance Sheets
Stock-based Compensation Strategic Market Risk
Strategy Strategy Value Creation Growth
Strong Operational Performance Subsequent Events
Subsequent Events Business Developments Subsequent Events Significant Business Development Transactions
Subsequent Events Significant Business Developments Subsidiaries
Substantial Extended Decline Oil Natural Gas Prices Material Summary Articles Association
Summary Financial Information Unconsolidated Equity Affiliates Summary Significant Accouting Policies
Svein Rennemo Svein Rennemo Elected New Chair Statoilhydro
Svein Rennemo Proposed New Chair Statoilhydro Sætre Chief Financial Officer
Table Contents Tactical Market Risk
Tax Accounting Law Aspects Taxation
Taxation Disposition Shares Taxation Dividends
Taxation Realisation Shares Taxation Statoilhydro
Technical Implementation Technology
Technology Development Technology Research Development
Technology Strategy Temporary Production Shut-down Kvitebjørn
Termination Merger Plan Terms Definitions
Terms Measurements Relating Oil Gas Industry Time Schedule
Tore Torvund Executive Vice President Exploration Production Norway Total Exploration Appraisal Wells
Total Oil Gas Liftings Total Oil Gas Production
Trade Other Payables Trade Other Receivables
Transactions Norwegian State Transactions Other Entities Norwegian State Major Shareholder
Translation Financial Statements Foreign Operations Trend Information
Unions Representatives Unrecognised Deferred Tax Assets
Writ Following Kårstø Expansion 1997-2000 
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