Topic Listing for STMicroelectronics N.V.

Ability Suppliers Meet Demands Products Offer Competitive Pricing Acci
Accordingly Expect Sts Sequential Revenue Growth Range Between Accounting Policies
Accounting Principles Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss
Acquisition Shares Own Share Capital Additional 2004 Financial Operating Data
Additional 2005 Financial Operating Data Address Principal Executive Offices
Adoption Annual Accounts Discharge Management Supervision Liability Advertising Costs
Agenda 4-a Resolution Agenda 4-c Resolution
Agenda 4-d Resolution Agenda Resolution
Agenda Resolution Information Alessandro Ovi
Also Need Additional Funding Coming Finance Investments Purchase Alterations Articles Association Winding Liquidation
Annual Accounts Report Board Management Distributions Annual General Meeting Shareholders Stmicroelectronics Established Amsterdam Netherlands
Annual Incentive Bonus Annual Results
Antonino Turicchi Apm
Appendix Applicable Dutch Legislation
Applicable French Legislation Applicable Italian Legislation
Application Specific Product Groups Application-specific Product Highlights
Assets Held Sale Assumptions
Atlab Attachment
Attendance Shareholders Meetings Voting Rights Articles Attestation Report Registered Public Accounting Firm
Attribution Rule Audit Committee
Auditors Report Authority Shareholders Meeting Articles
Automotive Products Group Available-for-sale Financial Assets
Back-end Operations Backlog
Backlog Customers Balances 2008
Base Salary Basis Presentation
Because Depend Limited Number Suppliers Raw Materials Certain Because Dutch Subject Corporate Law Netherlands Investors Might
Because Own Manufacturing Facilities Capital Needs High Compared Believe Product Research Development Critical Success Main Challenge
Biographies Bruno Steve
Business Combination Business Combinations
Business Outlook Business Overview
Cancellable Swaps Cancellable Swaps Held Trading
Capital Resources Capital Risk Management
Cash Equivalents Cash Equivalents Accounts Receivable Bank Overdrafts Short-term Borrowings
Cash Flow Balance Sheet Highlights Cash Flow Fair Value Interest Rate Risk
Cash Flow Hedges Cautionary Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements Cellular Systems
Certain Terms Certification
Change Control Provision Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Share Capital Stock Option Grants Other Matters Claims Legal Proceedings
Closer Look Revenue Growth Commitments
Common Shares 2004 Common Shares 2008
Compensation Committee Compensation Managing Board
Compensation Policy General Compensation Supervisory Board
Competition Competition Semiconductor Industry Intense Not Able Compete Successfully
Competitive Environment Semiconductor Industry Lead Further Measures Improve Competitive Environment Semiconductor Industry Led Consolidation Face Even
Complete Form Not Wish Attend Annual General Meeting Complete Form Wish Attend Annual General Meeting Shareholders
Comprehensive Income Loss Computer Peripherals Group
Computer Peripherals Group Communications Infrastructure Computer Software
Conference Call Information Connectivity Peripherals
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consolidated Balance Sheets
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidated Statements Changes Shareholders Equity
Consolidated Statements Income Contingencies
Contracts Employment Contractual Customer Relationships
Convertible Debt Convocation Date
Corporate Governance Credit Facilities
Credit Risk Current Members St8217s Supervisory Board
Customers Applications Deadlock
Debt Obligations Parties Debt Obligations Related Parties
Depend Patents Protect Rights Technology Derivative Financial Instruments Classified Held Trading
Derivative Financial Instruments Hedging Activities Derivative Instruments
Derivative Instruments Designated Hedge Derivative Instruments Not Designated Hedge
Detach Proxy Card Here Didier Lamouche
Didier Lombard Difficult Market Conditions High Fixed Costs Adversely Impact
Direct Indirect Shareholders Sell Existing Common Shares Issue Disclosure Controls Procedures
Disclosure Holdings Disclosure Holdings Dutch Law
Disposals Common Shares Disruptions Relationships Key Customers Adversely Affect Results Operations
Disruptions Relationships Key Customers Material Changes Financial Condition Distribution Profits Articles
Dividend Policy Dividends
Dnp Photomask Europe Spa Douglas Dunn
Dutch Taxation E-mail Investorsrelationsseericssoncom
E-mail Mariagraziaprestinistcom E-mail Pressrelationsericssoncom
E-mail Taitsorensenstcom Earning Loss Equity Investments
Earnings Loss Equity Investments Earnings Loss Per Share
Earnings Per Share Earnings Per Share Eps
Employee Benefits Employee Incentive Plan Comprising Stock Options Restricted
Employee Managing Board Stock-based Compensation Plans Employee Share Purchase Plans
Employees Environmental Matters
Equity Investment Equity Investments
Equity Method Investment Equity Securities Carried Cost
Equity Securities Classified Available-for-sale Equity Securities Held Trading
Espoo Finland Geneva Switzerland 2007 Estimated Future Benefit Payments
Estimates Euronext Paris
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Executive Vice President Chief Financial Officer
Expect Actions Completed Date Progressively Provide Results Ultimately Fab Operations
Faced Product Liability Warranty Claims Fair Value Estimation
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Hedges
Fair Value Share-based Compensation Fair Value Stock-based Compensation
Financial Assets Financial Highlights
Financial Operating Data Segment 2007 Financial Outlook
Financial Results Adversely Affected Fluctuations Exchange Rates Principally Financial Risk Factors
Financial Statements Flash Memories Group
Fmg Disposal Focused Strategic Initiatives
Foreign Currency Foreign Currency Forward Contracts Not Designated Hedge
Foreign Currency Risk Foreign Exchange Forward Contracts Currency Options
Foreign Exchange Risk Form 20-f
Form 6-k Form Received Account Holder Intermediary 2005 Latest
Forward Contracts Currency Options 2006 Forward Contracts Currency Options 2007
Forward Contracts Currency Options 2008 Francisco Partners
French Shareholders Pact Full 2004 Results
Full 2005 Results Funding
Funding Policy Fundings
Further Information Please Contact Further Information Please Contact Investor Relations Stanley Group
Future Acquisitions Divestitures Adversely Affect Business General
General Meeting Shareholders Geneva 2005 Stmicroelectronics Nyse Stm Reported Financial Results
Geneva 2007 Geneva 2008
Geneva 2009 Geneva 24th 2007 Stmicroelectronics Nyse Stm Reported Financial
Geneva Santa Clara Calif 2007 Geneva Switzerland 2008
Goodwill Gross Profit
Gérald Arbola Half 2005 Net Revenues Operating Income Loss Group
Half 2005 Results Held 2005
Held-for-trading Financial Assets History Development
Home Entertainment Displays Group Hynix Joint Venture
Hynix Numonyx Semiconductor Ltd Hynix Semiconductor-st Joint Venture
Hynix Stmicroelectronics Lay Stone Memory Manufacturing Fab China Impact Changes Exchange Rates
Impact Changes Interest Rates Impact Recently Issued Accounting Standards
Impairment Charges Impairment Restructuring Charges
Impairment Restructuring Charges Other Related Closure Costs Important Information
Incard Income Loss
Income Tax Benefit Income Tax Benefit Expense
Income Taxes Indemnification
Index Consolidated Financial Statements Index Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Industrial Multi-segment Product Highlights Industrial Multi-segment Sector
Industrial Multisegment Sector Information Managing Board Supervisory
Information Reporting Backup Withholding Intangible Assets
Intangible Assets Subject Amortization Intel
Intellectual Property Interest Income Expense Net
Interest Income Expenses Interest Income Net
Interest Rate Risk Interests Controlling Shareholders Turn Controlled Respectively French Italian
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Fails Meet Requirements Inventories
Inventories Net Investments
Investments Other Non-current Assets Investor Media Relations
Investor Relations Issuance Shares Preemptive Rights Preference
Issue Shares Italian Shareholders Pact
Lack Public Funding Available Changes Existing Programs Demands Legal Proceedings
Limitations Right Hold Vote Shares Liquidation Rights Articles
Liquidity Liquidity Capital Resources
Liquidity Risk Long Term Debt Obligations Related Parties
Long-lived Assets Long-term Debt
Long-term Debt Current Portion Loss Equity Investments
Loss Extinguishment Convertible Debt Loss Key Employees Hurt Competitive Position
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managing Board
Manufacturing Processes Highly Complex Costly Potentially Vulnerable Impurities Market Dynamics Driving Strategic Repositioning Led Enter Significant
Marketable Securities Material Contracts
Media Enquiries Media Relations
Meetings Holders Shares Particular Class Mms
Mobile Multimedia Communications Group Mrs Attend Annual General Meeting Shareholders Stmicroelectronics Amsterdam
Name Telephone E-mail Facsimile Number Address Contact Person Net Financial Position
Net Income Net Income Earnings Per Share
Net Income Loss Net Loss
Net Periodic Benefit Cost Net Revenues
Net Revenues Breakdown Market Segment Net Revenues Location Order Shipment
Net Revenues Market Segment Net Revenues Market Segment 2007
Net Revenues Operating Income Group Net Revenues Operating Income Group 2004
Net Revenues Operating Income Loss Group Net Revenues Operating Profit Group 2006
Net Revenues Product Segment Net Revenues Product Segment Line
Net Sales New Fab Position Hynix Better Meet Growing Demands
Nokia Nomadik Sound Terminal Spear In-check Trademarks Stmicroelectronics Other
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Non-competition
Non-issued Authorized Share Capital 2007 Non-issued Authorized Share Capital 2008
Nonvested Shares Nonvested Stock Award Plan
Notice Convening Shareholders Meeting Articles Numonyx
Numonyx Equity Investment Numonyx Holdings Consolidated Balance Sheet 2008 Dollars
Numonyx Holdings Consolidated Statement Cash Flows Period 2008 Numonyx Holdings Consolidated Statement Comprehensive Loss Period 2008
Numonyx Holdings Consolidated Statement Operations Period 2008 Through Numonyx Holdingsbv Consolidated Statement Changes Shareholders Equity Period
Objects Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Operate Jurisdictions Highly Complex Varied Tax Regimes Changes Operating Expenses
Operating Expenses Other Income Operating Income
Operating Income Loss Operating Income Net Earnings Per Share
Operating Loss Operating Profit
Operating Results Also Vary Significantly Due Impairment Goodwill Operating Results Vary Significantly Annually Differ Expectations Guidance
Opinion Other Commitments
Other Developments Other Developments 2005
Other Income Expenses Net Other Information
Other Investments Non-current Assets Other Matters
Other Non-current Liabilities Other Payables Accrued Liabilities
Other Receivables Assets Other Receivables Current Assets
Other Restructuring Initiatives Other Revenues
Other Reviews Other Securities Giving Access Share Capital 2007
Other Securities Giving Access Share Capital 2008 Other-than-temporary Impairment Charges Financial Assets
Other-than-temporary Impairment Charges Marketable Securities Outlook
Outside Contractors Fail Perform Adversely Affect Ability Exploit Outstanding Shares
Overview Pamelagoncalvesgnsscom
Part Passive Foreign Investment Status
Pension Benefits Pension Obligations
Pension Other Additional Arrangements Pension Termination Indemnities
Personal Data Arbola Personal Data Bozotti
Personal Data Del Fante Personal Data Dunn
Personal Data Dutheil Personal Data Gavois
Personal Data Lombard Personal Data Steve
Personal Data Turicchi Personal Data Waard
Personal Data White Plan Assets
Plan Employees 1995 Outstanding Grants Plan-les-ouates Geneva Switzerland
Please Direct Proxy Vote Placing Appropriate Box Opposite Policy Compensation Managing Board
Post-retirement Other Long-term Employee Benefits Preference Shares
Presentation Financial Other Information President Ceo Remarks
President Chief Executive Officer Sole Member Managing Board Pricing Pressures Losses Curtailments Purchases Key Customers Well
Principles Consolidation Profit Loss
Property Plant Equipment Property Plants Equipment
Proposed 2005 Cash Dividend Retained Earnings Policy Proposed New Members St8217s Supervisory Board
Proposed Supervisory Board Appointments Proton World International
Provisions Proxy Appointment Voting Instruction Card Presented Meeting Received
Public Funding Purposes
Quorum Majority Articles Raymond Bingham
Re-adjusting Re-balancing Options Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Corporate Developments Reclassifications
Record Date Reduction Amount Public Funding Available Changes Existing Programs
Reduction Demand Increase Production Capacity Semiconductor Products Lead Related Party Transactions
Related-party Transactions Removal Common Shares Cac Euronext Paris Mib Borsa
Report Form 6-k Dated 2005 Report Form 6-k Dated 2006
Report Form 6-k Dated 2007 Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Financial Statement Report Managing Board Shareholders
Reporting Obligations International Financial Standards Ifrs Representation
Repurchase Shares Research Development
Research Development Expenses Respect Based Present Order Visibility Expect Sales Grow
Restricted Cash Restructuring Charges Other Related Closure Costs
Restructuring Holding Companies Restructuring Initiatives
Restructuring Plan Results
Retained Earnings Dividend Policy Retirement Plans
Revenue Breakdown Product Category Revenue Recognition
Revenues Gross Profit Margin Review Risk Management Insurance
Sale Exchange Other Disposition Common Shares Sales Marketing Distribution
Scope Secondly Following 1st Reorganization Nor Nand Flash Businesses
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Securities Reporting Obligation Pursuant Act Securities Trading Italy
Segment Information Selling General Administrative Expenses
Semiconductor Classifications Semiconductor Industry Been Significantly Impacted Deteriorating Global Economic
Semiconductor Industry Cyclical Downturns Negatively Affect Results Operations Semiconductor Other Products Design Manufacture Characterized Rapidly Changing
Sequential Comparison Sequentially
Share Capital Share Capital 2007
Share Capital 2008 Share Ownership
Shareholder Structure Preference Shares Deter Change Control Shares Share Certificates Register
Short-term Deposits Signatures
Some Production Processes Materials Environmentally Sensitive Expose Liability Some Production Processes Materials Environmentally Sensitive Lead Increased
St-ericsson St-nxp
St8217s Future Standstill
Start-up Costs Statutory Considerations
Sth Shareholders Agreement Stmicroelectronics
Stmicroelectronics Announces Additional Restructuring Efforts Stmicroelectronics Announces Plans Inaugural Senior Unsecured Eurobond
Stmicroelectronics Announces Plans Offer Senior Coupon Convertible Bonds Stmicroelectronics Announces Pricing Inaugural Senior Unsecured Eurobond Offering
Stmicroelectronics Appoints New Corporate Vice Presidents North American Stmicroelectronics Closes Tender Offer Genesis Microchip
Stmicroelectronics Completes Acquisition Genesis Microchip Stmicroelectronics Consolidated Statements Cash Flows
Stmicroelectronics Consolidated Statements Income Stmicroelectronics Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Stmicroelectronics Global Leader Developing Delivering Semiconductor Solutions Across Stmicroelectronics Informs Investigation Conducted Lugano Prosecutor Based Complaint
Stmicroelectronics Remains Committed Technology Alliances Crolles Stmicroelectronics Reports 2005 Full Revenues Earnings
Stmicroelectronics Reports 2005 Revenues Earnings Stmicroelectronics Reports 2007 Revenues Earnings
Stmicroelectronics Reports Main Resolutions Proposed Annual General Meeting Stmicroelectronics Reports Preliminary Revenues Gross Margin
Stmicroelectronics Specifies Restructuring Efforts Europe Stmicroelectronics Supervisory Board Replace Option Agreement Related Issuance
Stmicroelectronics Valuation Qualifying Accounts Stock Awards Options
Stock Options Strategic Alliances Customers Industry Partnerships
Strategic Committee Strategic Repositioning Required Light Market Dynamics Improve Business
Strategy Sts Capital Expenditures Targeted 2006 Flexibility Modulate Due
Subordinated Notes Received Numonyx Transaction Summary
Summary Terms Convertible Bonds Superh Joint Venture
Supervisory Board Supervisory Board Activity 2004
Supervisory Board Corporate Governance Supervisory Board Managing
Supervisory Board Stock Option Plans Suppliers
Synad Technologies Table Contents
Tables Attached Termination Benefits
Thursday 2005 200 London Time Tioga Technologies
Trade Accounts Receivable Trade Accounts Receivable Net
Trade Registry Trademarks Technology Licenses
Trading History Shares Transactions Period 2008
Transfer Shares Treasury Stock
Undersigned Unfavorable Changes Above Other Factors Listed Risk Time
United States Federal Income Taxation Unofficial Translation Articles Association Stmicroelectronics Corporate Seat Amsterdam
Unofficial Translation Draft Deed Amendment Articles Association Stmicroelectronics Unrecognized Tax Benefits
Unvested Stock Award Plan Upek Inc
Usufructuaries Pledgees Holders Depositary Receipts Valuation Qualifying Accounts
Veredus Voluntary Certification
Was Also Period Steady Progress Across Key Objectives Wireless Multi Media
Wireless Products Sector Wish Give Voting Instructions Euroclear France Please Make
Year-over-year Basis Year-over-year Comparison
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