Topic Listing for Sanmina-SCI

Accelerate Time Market Access Global Manufacturing Services
Access Leading Design Engineering Capabilities Account Control Agreements Form Substance Reasonably Satisfactory Required
Account Receivable Account Reconciliations Review
Accounting Changes Make Material Change Treatment Reporting Practices Accounting Consequences
Accounts Accounts Defined Uniform Commercial Code Similar Equivalent Legislation
Accounts Payable Means Performance Period Ratio 365 Turns Accounts Receivable Other Related Allowances
Accounts Receivable Other Related Allowances- Accrued Liabilities
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Acta
Actions Proceeding Means Action Suit Arbitration Addition Agent Option Charge Such Obligations Against Operating
Additional Information Adjustments
Adjustments Dissolution Liquidation Merger Change Control Adjustments Merger Change Control
Administration Administration Incentive Plan
Administration Plan Administrative Agent
Administrative Agent Shall Received Evidence Amendment Been Duly Administrator Option Terminate Shares Covered Such Revert Plan
Advance Notice Director Nominations Advance Notice Stockholder Business
Advanced Technologies Adverse Change Interest Rates Borrowings Adversely Affect Financial
Adverse Changes Key End Markets Target Harm Business Adverse Market Conditions Electronics Industry Reduce Future Sales
Adverse Proceeding Affiliate
Affirmative Covenants After-market Product Service Support
Age Agent
Agents Aggregate Amounts Due
Aggregate Payments Aggregate Severance Payment Meaning Set Forth
Agree Writing Otherwise Take Foregoing Actions Agreement
Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance English Law Alternative Sanmina Agreement
Alternative Supplier Although Internal Investigation Historical Stock Option Practices Complete
Although Internal Investigation Historical Stock Option Practices Substantially Amended Deleting End Replacing Such Following
Amended Restated Credit Guaranty Agreement Amendment
Amendment 2003 Employee Stock Purchase Plan Amendment Amended Restated Credit Guaranty Agreement
Amendment Asset Purchase Agreement Amendment Credit Guaranty Agreement
Amendment Definitions Amended Amending Restating Definition Current Book Amendment Restatement Deed
Amendment Termination Administrator Time Amend Alter Suspend Terminate Amendment Termination Incentive Plan
Amendment Termination Plan Amendment Waiver Amended Restated Credit Guaranty Agreement
Amendments Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amendments Credit Agreement Clause Definition Asset Sale Set
Amortization Charges Amount Obligations Such Person Respect Repayment Disqualified Stock
Announces Further Capacity Reductions High Cost Regions Announces Further Restructuring
Appendix Applicable Laws
Applicable Margin Applicable Percentage
Applicable Percentages Applicable Reserve Requirement
Application Libor Outstanding Loans Appraisal Rights
Asset Asset Backed Securities Rated Aaa Better Moodys Such
Asset Impairment Asset Purchase Agreement
Asset Purchase Sale Agreement Asset Sale
Assets Assignment Agreement
Assignments Assumed Liabilities
Assumed Permits Means Set Forth Schedule Assumed Warranty Obligations
Assumption Sellerss Liabilities Buyer Attendance Annual Meeting Stockholders Board Directors
Audit Committee Audit Committee Pre-approval Policy Respect Permissable Non-audit Services
Audit Committee Pre-approval Policy Respect Permissible Non-audit Services Audit Committee Pre-approval Policy Respect Services Permissible Non-audit
Audit Fees Audit Stock Compensation Procedures
Audit-related Fees Authorize Person Execute Behalf Instrument Required Effect Grant
Authorized Officer Authorized Shares
Auto-extension Letter Credit Automotive
Availability Credit Facilities Including Sales Program Available Amount
Available Information B-1
Background Backlog
Backlog Decreases Future Operating Results Adversely Affected Backplanes Backplane Assemblies
Balance Sheet Highlights Balance Sheet Highlights Continuing Operations
Balance Sheet Liabilities Arisen Since Most Recent Date Balance Sheet Metrics
Balance Sheet Metrics Continuing Operations Balance Sheet Results
Bank Bankruptcy Code
Bankruptcy Event Base Interest
Base Rate Base Rate Loan
Base Salary Base Salary Individual Bonus Target Percentage Corporate Performance
Basis Presentation Basis Presentation Continuing Operations
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Beneficiary Designation
Berlin Emerald Partners Between
Board Approves Reverse Stock Split Board Committees
Board Director Grants Board Directors
Board Directors Recommends Vote Board Directors Recommends Vote Following Proposal
Board Directors Recommends Vote Listed Nominees Board Discretion Implement Reverse Stock Split
Board Means Directors Board Means Directors Sanmina-sci
Board Meetings Board Meetings Committees
Board Meetings Committees Director Compensation Bonus Deferral Commitments
Bonus Plan Bonuses
Breach Certain Covenants Failure Credit Party Perform Comply Broker-dealer
Building Security Business
Business After Date Purchase Pack Business Combinations
Business Declines Improves Slower Pace Anticipate Further Restructure Business Director Nominations Special Meetings
Business Strategy Buyer
Buyer Sellers Terminate Agreement Parties Mutual Written Consent Buyer Shall Executed Delivered Modification Manufacturing Agreement
Buyer Shall Executed Delivered Sellers Amendment Lease Agreement Buyer Shall Issued Replacement Purchase Orders Closing Date
Buyer Wire Transfer Immediately Available Funds Such Account Bylaws
Cable Assemblies California Civil Code
Capital Lease Capital Lease Obligations Such Person Attributable Debt Respect
Capital Stock Capital Stock Notes Guarantor
Capitalizing Comprehensive Services Cash Collateral Account
Cash Compensation Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Balance Sheet Metrics Cash Flow Operations Approximately 1741
Certain Definitions Certain Federal Income Tax Information
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Terms Used Principally Defined Other Follows
Certain United States Federal Income Tax Considerations Certificate Amendment Bylaws
Certificate Incorporation Sanmina-sci Corporation Certification
Certification Chief Executive Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted Certification Chief Financial Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted
Certifications Registrations Chairman President Vice Treasurer Assistant Secretary Signatures Certificate
Change Control Change Control Arrangements
Change Control Means Occurrence Following Events Change Control Shall Occur
Change Law Change Law Shall
Change-in-control Severance Arrangements Changes Financial Accounting Standards Policies Affected Future Affect
Changes Incentive Plan 1999 Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Charge Over Account Chief Executive Officer Compensation
Choose View Materials Online Receive Circumstances Person Tender Deliver Notes Sanmina-sci Tabulation Agent
Citibank International Plc Citigroup
Claims Procedure Closing
Closing Date Closing Date Buyer Shall Pay Seller Following Initial
Closing Documents Closing Net Asset Value Means
Co-documentation Agents Code Business Conduct Ethics
Code Means Internal Revenue Amended Time Collateral
Collateral Documents Collect Receive Monies Other Property Payable Deliverable Such
Collection Account Combined Transactions
Commercial Contract Commitment
Commitment Letter Commitments Contingencies
Committee Minutes Each Shall Keep Regular Meetings Report Committees
Commodity Agreement Common Stock 001 Par Value
Communication Presents Only Overview Communication Presents Only Overview Complete Proxy Materials Available
Communications Communications Infrastructure Wireless Wireline Access Optical Transmission Switching
Communications Wireless Optical Wireline Transmission Enterprise Comparison Cumulative Total Return
Comparison Cumulative Total Return Among Sanmina-sci Corporation 500 Compensation
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Components
Compensation Fringe Benefits Materially Modify Employment Terms Pay Compensation Philosophy
Competition Competitive Overview
Competitive Strengths Compliance Everyones Business
Component Technology Design Services Components 2008 Compensation
Components 2009 Compensation Components Compensation
Comprehensive Income Computer Software Data Documentation Related Research Development White
Computing Personal Business Enterprise Storage Systems Concurso Mercantil
Conditions Closing Conditions Issuance Shares
Conditions Precedent Conditions Settlement Effect Disapproval Cancellation Termination
Conduct Business Engage Other Conducted Closing Date Permitted Conference Call Information
Conflicts Interest Consent Date
Consent Date Extensions Amendment Consent Fee
Consent Fees Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consent Proposed Waiver Consent Ratification Collateral Documents
Consent Solicitation Expire 500 New York City Time Consent Solicitation Overview
Consents Each Party Shall Reasonable Best Efforts Obtain Consents Meaning Set Forth
Consents Transfer Assignment Assumed Contracts Set Forth Schedule Consolidated Balance Sheet Data
Consolidated Capital Expenditures Consolidated Interest Expense Such
Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Loss Consolidated Statements Operations Data
Consolidated Tangible Foreign Assets Consolidation Electronics Industry Adversely Affect Business
Consolidation Electronics Industry Adversely Affect Business Increasing Competition Constituting Portion Purchase Price Consideration Settlement Indemnification Claims
Construction Construe Interpret Terms Plan Awards Granted Pursuant
Contact Contacting Board Directors
Contingent Compensation Contingent Consideration Definitions
Contingent Consideration Meaning Set Forth 212 Continuing Focus Reducing Leverage
Continuing Operations Continuing Operations Gaap Results
Continuing Operations Non-gaap Results Continuing Penetrate Diverse End Markets
Continuing Seek Cost Savings Efficiency Improvements Contracts Checks Drafts Bank Accounts Etc
Contractual Obligation Contractual Obligations
Contributing Guarantors Contribution
Control Agreement Controls Procedures
Controls Procedures Evaluation Disclosure Conversion Continuation Date
Conversion Continuation Notice Converted
Convertible Exchangeable Option Holder Thereof Debt Disqualified Stock Convertible Indebtedness
Convertible Securities Convertible Subordinated Notes Aggregate Principal Amount 525 Due
Convertible Subordinated Notes Due 2007 Copies Tangible Embodiments Thereof
Corporate Achievements Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Guidelines Corporate Head Office Campus
Corporate Opportunities Corporation Unable Deliver Electronic Transmission Consecutive Notices Given
Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities Counsel Lead Plaintiffs
Counterpart Agreement Counterparts
Coupon Convertible Subordinated Debentures Due 2020 Coupon Notes
Covenants Continuing Agreements Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement
Credit Agreement Credit Agreement Amended Adding Following Definition Proper Alphabetical
Credit Agreement Amended Deleting Phrase 911 Replacing Credit Agreement Amended Deleting Table Therein Replacing Following
Credit Agreement Amended Restated Entirety Read Follows Credit Agreement Deleted Full Replaced Following
Credit Document Credit Documents Agreement Whether Direct Indirect Shall Mean
Credit Extension Credit Facilities
Credit Guaranty Agreement Credit Party
Credit Rating Corporate Each Moodys Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
Cumulative Effect Accounting Change Cumulative Effect Accounting Change Net Tax
Cumulative Effect Accounting Change Net Tax Restated Cumulative Effect Accounting Changes
Cumulative Effect Accounting Changes Net Tax Cumulative Effect Change Accounting Principles
Currency Agreement Current Book Value
Current Maturities Long-term Debt Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Customer Relationships Customer-focused Organization
Customers Customers Serve Vulnerable Technological Changes Electronics Industry
Cut Off Date Date
Date Report Earliest Event Reported Sanmina-sci Corporation David White
Deadline Response Deadline Response Date
Debt Debt Evidenced Original Notes Exchange Issued Such Additional
Debt Modification Rules Debt Other
Debt Rating Debt Redemption
Debt Represented 10375 Senior Secured Notes Debt Restricted Subsidiary Outstanding Issue Date Other Notes
Debt Restricted Subsidiary Respect Capital Lease Obligations Purchase Default
Default Event Shall Occurred Continuing After Giving Effect Default Interest
Defaulting Lender Defense Aerospace
Deferral Commitment Means Election Defer Salary Bonus Pursuant Deferral Commitments
Deferred Amount Deferred Compensation Accounts
Definitions Definitions Interpretation
Delegation Authority Deleted Entirety
Delivered Trustee Officers Certificate Certifying Events Specified Clauses Delivery Documents Buyer Delivered Sellers Following
Delivery Documents Sellers Delivered Buyer Following Delivery Letter Consent
Demand Higher-end Higher Margin Manufacturing Services Not Improve Demand Higher-end Higher Margin Manufacturing Services Not Increase
Dennis Young Departure Director Principal Officers
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Arrangements
Departure Directors Principal Officer Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Certain
Deposit Account Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Derivative Litigation Description Notes Consents Given
Designated Proceeds Account Detailed Product Design
Determination Bonus Formula Determination Individual Bonuses
Determined Deutsche Bank Trust Americas
Diligently Conducted Provided Reserve Other Appropriate Provision Shall Diminution Value Thereof Act Default Warehouseman Carrier Forwarding
Direct Compensation Direct Order Fulfillment
Directions Annual Meeting Stockholders Please Call 1-408-964-3500 Director Compensation
Director Compensation Arrangements Director Continuing Education Programs
Director Means Member Board Disciplinary Actions
Disclosure Letter Disclosure Schedule Sets Forth Following Information
Discount Charge Discount Period
Discount Rate Discount Rate Charge
Distribution Pursuant In-service Schedule Distribution Pursuant Termination Schedule
Distributions Change Control Divest Business
Divest Business Lose Major Customer Dividends
Dllca Documents Cash Consideration Such Sale Shall Amount Equal
Documents Incorporated Reference Domestic Subsidiary
Due 2016 Durable Goods Companies
E-communications Notice Each Events Circumstances Termination Event
Each Parties Hereto Irrevocably Waives Fullest Extent Permitted Earnings Per Share
Earnings Per Share Calculation Ebitda
Eee Lenovo Means Group Ltd Effect Headings Table Contents Herein Convenience Only Shall
Effect Result Material Impairment Value Mortgaged Properties Taken Effective Date
Effective Time Effects Reverse Stock Split
Eighty-five Percent Individuals Buyer Extends Offer Employment Shall Electing Holder
Election Electronic Delivery Future Proxy Materials
Electronic Delivery Future Stockholder Communications Eligibility
Eligible Assignee Employee Benefit Plan
Employee Benefits Employee Matters
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employees
Ems Peer Companies Enclosure Design
Enclosures End Markets
End-to-end Services Endorsements Collection Deposit Ordinary Course Business
Enforcement Entered Agreement Sell Business Materially Reduce Net Sales
Enterprise Computing Storage Entire Agreement Amendments
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Baseline Meaning Set Forth 513
Environmental Claim Environmental Controls
Environmental Indemnity Agreement Environmental Laws
Environmental Matters Eps Performance
Equity Compensation Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Incentive Compensation Equity Investments Subsidiaries Solely Extent Effect Transactions Permitted
Erisa Erisa Event
Erisa Except Disclosed Schedule 9118 Disclosure Letter Errors Related Stock Option Accounting Had Continue Adverse
Eurocurrency Rate Eurocurrency Rate Loan
European Economic Area Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Even Plan Attend Annual Meeting Recommend Submit Vote Events Default
Except Per Share Amounts Except Set Forth Below Undersigned Not Beneficially Own
Excess Cost Over Fair Market Value Assets Businesses Exchange Act
Exchange Stock Certificates Exchanges Nonmonetary Assets Amendment Apb Opinion Accounting Transactions
Excluded Claim Means Litigation Related Dram Business Sellers Excluded Debt Amount
Excluded Liabilities Excluded Liabilities Meaning Set Forth
Excluded Taxes Exclusivity
Execution Hereof Undersigned Acknowledges Sanmina-sci Not Filed Fail Executive Officer
Executives Sanmina-sci Exercise Option
Exhibits Exist After Close Business Waiver Expiration Date Sanmina-sci
Existing Credit Agreement Existing Letters Credit
Exit Business Exit Costs
Exit Costs- Experience Component Shortages Cause Delay Shipments Customers Reduce
Experience Losses Due Foreign Exchange Rate Fluctuations Experienced Management Team
Expertise Serving Diverse End Markets Explanatory
Export Controls Exposed General Market Conditions Electronics Industry Material Adverse
Extending Technology Capabilities Extending Technology Leadership
Extent Liability Contribution Extent Not Otherwise Included Definition Net Liability Hedging
Extraordinary Gain Loss Facilities Meaning Set Forth Recital
Facility Facility Fee
Facility Leases Meaning Set Forth Failure Comply Applicable Environmental Laws Adversely Affect Business
Failure Obtain Additional Sources Liquidity Needed Adversely Affect Failure Pay
Fair Market Value Means Date Common Stock Determined Fair Share
Fair Share Contribution Amount Fair Share Shortfall
Fair Value Hierarchy Federal Funds Effective Rate
Federal Tax Aspects Fees
Fees Charges Connection Purchase Account Receivables Fees Shall Paid Administrative Agent Lead Arrangers Payable
Fifth Filing Restated Financial Statements Adversely Affect Results
Final System Assembly Test Financial Information Subsidiaries Not Guarantors Certain Debt
Financial Instruments Financial Instruments Concentration Credit Risk
Financial Officer Certification Financial Statement Schedule
Financial Statements Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Supplementary Data Financial Tables Follow
Financial Tables Follow- Financing Activities
Find Information Fixed Assets Necessary Operation Business Operating Condition Normal
Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio Flood Hazard Property
Fluctuations Gross Margins Material Adverse Effect Results Operations Focus Core Competencies
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Foreign Currency Exchange Risk
Foreign Currency Translation Foreign Lender
Foreign Tax Jurisdictions Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form Proxy Card
Former Executive Officer Forms
Foxteq Transaction Free Fair Competition
Funding Guarantor Funding Notice
Funding Notice Administrative Agent Shall Received Fully Executed Further
Further Conditions Precedent Further Restructuring Operations Adversely Affect Financial Condition Operating
Gaap Gaap Financial Results
Gaap Means United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Gaap Results
General General Provisions
General Release Not Extend Claims Creditor Know Suspect General Standards Conduct
Generally Not Obtain Long-term Volume Purchase Commitments Customers Global Bondholder Services Corporation
Global Capabilities Global Supply Chain Management
Goals Good Morning Yuri
Goodwill Goodwill Impairment
Goodwill Impairment Write Down Long-lived Other Intangible Assets Goodwill Other Intangibles Assets
Goodwill Other Intangibles Assets- Governing Law
Governing Law Supplemental Indenture Shall Governed Construed Accordance Government Contracts
Government Relations Governmental Authority
Governmental Authorization Governmental Body Means
Grants Plan Based Awards Gross Margin
Gross Margin Restated Group Member
Guarantee Guaranteed Obligations
Guarantors Guaranty
Guaranty Payment Due Not Collectability Primary Obligation Each Guaranty Similar Obligations Permitted
Guidance Handling Confidential Information Others
Hari Pillai Hazardous Materials
Hazardous Materials Activity Headings
Hedge Agreement Hedging Forecasted Foreign Currency Transactions
Hedging Interest Rate Exposures Held 2006
Held 2007 Held 2008
Held 2009 Held 2010
Hhh Share Means Common Stock Adjusted Accordance Plan Hhhh Transaction Means Transactions Contemplated Agreement Ancillary Agreements
High-technology Manufacturing Peer Companies Highest Lawful Rate
Highlights Highlights Continuing Operations
Highlights Include Historical Financial Statements
Holder Holders Entitled Consent
Holders Lists Reports Trustee Holding
However Http Wwwsanmina-scicom
Http Wwwshareholdercom Sanm Governancecfm Hungary
Ibm Means International Business Machines Corporation Ibm Singapore Pte Ltd
Ibm Transaction Identification Nominees
Identified Material Weakness Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting Impact Price Inflation Reduce Net Income
Impairment Charges Impairment Goodwill Tangible Intangible Assets
Impairment Goodwill Tangible Other Intangible Assets Impairment Long-lived Assets
Impairment Tangible Intangible Assets Implementing Original Design Manufacturer Odm Strategy Expect Critical
Implication Then Gross Margin Actually Take Pretty Significant Implied Duties
Important Important Information Regarding Proxy Statement Special Meeting
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Annual Meeting Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Special Meeting
Important-read Carefully Improve Supply Chain Management Purchasing Power
Incentive Pay Incentive Payments
Incentive Plan Incident Office Secretary Such Other Duties Time Assigned
Include Global Include Global Depository Trust Depositary
Include Restricted Regulation Income Payroll Taxes
Income Tax Income Taxes
Income Taxes- Inconsistent Agreements
Increase Interest Rates Adversely Affect Financial Condition Results Increase Variable Interest Rates Net Expense Decrease Operating
Increased-cost Lender Incurred Permitted Refinancing Prior Purchase Redemption Exchange Repayment
Indebtedness Indebtedness Including Guaranties Incurred Pursuant Permitted Securitizations
Indemnification Indemnification Agreement
Indemnification Claims Indemnification Guarantors
Indemnification Holders Agents Underwriters Indemnified Liabilities
Indemnified Taxes Indemnitee
Indemnitees Indemnity
Indenture Indenture Notes Each Notation Guaranty Delivered Pursuant 1202
Independent Directors Index
Index Exhibits Index Exhibits Filed Current Report Form 8-k Dated
Individual Achievements Individual Performance
Industrial Espionage Industrial Semiconductor Systems
Industry Overview Information Omitted Pursuant Request Confidential Treatment Filed Separately
Information Relating Affiliates Communicated Obtained Person Serving Such Information Reporting Backup Withholding
Inherent Limitations Disclosure Controls Internal Control Over Financial Initial Conditions Precedent
Initial Discount Charge Initial Discount Period
Initial Discount Rate Initial Product Development
Insignificant Subsidiary Insolvency
Insolvency Event Insolvency Proceedings
Inspection Institute Settle Legal Proceeding
Insurance Collateral Condemnation Proceeds Intellectual Property
Intend Exit Business Intent
Intentionally Left Blank Inter Alia
Interco Subordination Agreement Intercompany
Intercompany Accounting Intercompany Indebtedness
Intercreditor Agreement Interest Conflict Business Questions Requirement Contact Supervisor Legal
Interest Expense Interest Expense Restated
Interest Income Expense Interest Payment Date
Interest Period Interest Period Shall Extend Beyond Revolver Termination Date
Interest Rate Agreement Interest Rate Determination Date
Interest Rate Risk Interest Title Lessor Sublessor Lease Real Estate Not
Internal Control Integrated Framework Internal Control-integrated Framework
Internal Pay Equity Internal Revenue Code
Internal Revenue Service Not Require Consent Provision Document Interpretation
Introduction Inventories
Inventories- Inventory
Inventory Valuation Payment Investment
Investment Other Permitted Investments Person Investments
Investments Accordance Investments Assets Unrestricted Subsidiaries
Isp Issuing Bank
Joint Design Manufacturing Solutions Joint Solicitation Agents Consent
Joint Venture Judd Sola
Jure Sola Key Operating Results
Key Performance Measures Key Personnel Critical Business Cannot Assure They Remain
Kkk Successor Corporation Meaning Given Such Term Plan Landlord Personal Property Collateral Access Agreement
Laws Lead Arrangers
Lead Independent Director Lease Utility Workers Compensation Performance Other Similar Deposits
Leave Absence Legal Proceedings
Lender Lender Affiliate
Lender Counterparty Lenders Consent Without Written Amendment Modification Termination Shall
Lending Office Lenovo Centro Tecnologico Sderl
Lenovo Transaction Less
Letter Credit Agreement Letter Credit Application
Letter Credit Commitment Letter Credit Expiration Date
Letter Credit Facility Letter Credit Liability
Letters Credit Leverage Ratio
Libor Lien
Liens Arising Out Transactions Relating Tax Planning Strategies Liens Consisting Pledges Cash Collateral Secure Hedge Agreements
Liens Existing Closing Date Renewals Extensions Thereof Provided Liens Existing Issue Date Not Otherwise Described Clauses
Liens Favor Collateral Agent Benefit Secured Parties Granted Liens Favor Customs Revenue Authorities Arising Matter Law
Liens Insurance Proceeds Securing Payment Financed Premiums Liens Respect Deposit Accounts Collection Receivables Sold Pursuant
Liens Securing Judgments Writs Warrants Similar Processes Not Liens Securing Other Debt Not Exceeding 100 Time
Liens Solely Cash Earnest Money Deposits Subsidiaries Connection Limitations
Limitations Effectiveness Controls Liquidity Capital Resources
List Exhibits Schedules Litigation Other Contingencies
Loan Loan Agreement
Loan Date Interest Due Payable Respect Such Shall Loan Exposure
Loan Guaranty Security Agreement Loans Advances Customers Ordinary Course Business
Lobbying Long-term Equity-based Incentive Awards
Long-term Incentive Compensation Long-term Investments
Loss Extinguishment Debt Loss Extinguishment Debt Restated
Maintaining Managing Records Make New Elections Changes Current Respect Taxes Affect
Make Other Determinations Deemed Necessary Advisable Administering Plan Management Estimates Uncertainties
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Manufacture Design Defective Products Manufacturing Processes Not Comply
Manufacturing Manufacturing Design Services
Margin Stock Market Information
Marketing Sales Material Adverse Change
Material Adverse Effect Material Adverse Effect Shall Not Been
Material Contract Material Indebtedness
Matter Expressly Required Delaware General Corporation Law Submitted Maturity Date
Means Means Sanmina-sci Corporation Delaware Successor Thereto
Medical Meeting Information
Meeting Location Meetings
Meetings Stockholders Membership
Memory Modules Merger Change Control
Mergers Consolidation Sale Property Mexico
Michael Clarke Michael Tyler
Minutes Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Headings Paragraphs Agreement Inserted Convenience Only Shall Misdated Grants
Misrepresentation Mortgage
Multiemployer Plan Multimedia
Multiple Administrative Bodies Different Committees Respect Groups Service Mutatis Mutandis
Naic Narrative Report
Nasd Negative Covenants
Net Available Cash Portion Thereof Asset Sales Shall Net Income
Net Income Loss Person Other Such Not Restricted Net Income Means Performance Period After Taxes Determined
Net Interest Expense Net Sales
New Credit Facility New Hires
New Senior Subordinated Notes New Senior Subordinated Notes Agreement
New Senior Subordinated Notes Documents New Senior Subordinated Notes Guarantees
Nominating Governance Nominating Governance Committee
Nomination New Independent Director Non-cash Increasing Consolidated Net Income Such Period
Non-consenting Lender Non-exclusivity Survival Rights Insurance Subrogation
Non-gaap Financial Guidance 2006 Non-gaap Financial Information
Non-gaap Financial Results Non-gaap Financial Results Continuing Operations
Non-gaap Results Non-officer Grants
Non-payment Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Plan
Non-renewal Notice Date Non-us Proceedings
North Street San Jose California 95134 Not Able Finance Future Needs Adapt Business Plan
Not Applicable Not Likely Provided However Such Trade Terms Include
Not Successful Implementing Integrating Strategic Transactions Divesting Non-strategic Not Successful Implementing Strategic Transactions Including Business Acquisitions
Not Sufficient Insurance Coverage Certain Risks Liabilities Assume Notes
Notes Except Extent Provided Sections 1302 1303 Respect Notes Guarantee Guaranteeing Subsidiary Hereby Agrees Date Hereof
Notes Indenture Undersigned Hereby Waives Notes Theretofore Cancelled Trustee Authenticating Agent Delivered Cancellation
Notice Notice Borrowing
Notice Electronic Transmission Notice Issuance
Notice Questionnaire Notice Settlement Derivative Actions
Notice Transfer Pursuant Registration Statement Notices
Notices Claims Etc Notices Other Communication Shall Deemed Been Received
Notificado Notification
Now Lets Talk Component Businesses Revenue Business Was Now Therefore
Number 0-21272 Number Awards Granted Employees Consultants Directors
Number Shares Common Stock Available Incentive Plan Number Shares Purchased Certain Individuals Groups
Number Shares Respect Stock Appreciation Right Exercised Obligations
Obligations Other Persons Type Referred Clauses Definition Payment Obligations Securities Laws -insider Trading
Obligee Guarantor Obligor Limits
Odm Realignment Separation Business Offering Period
Officer Grants Officers
Officers Certificate Offices
Okay Okay Great Last Question Traditionally Significant Percentage Sales
Ongoing Restructuring Activities Opening Closing Polls Each Matter Stockholders Vote Meeting
Operating Leases Operating Results Subject Significant Uncertainties
Operating Results Subject Significant Uncertainties Make Predictability Future Optical Modules
Option Exchange Option Exercise Price Consideration
Option Exercises Stock Vested Option Exercises Stock Vested Last
Option Stock Appreciation Right Exercise Price Less Original Options
Orders Scheduled End Organization Each Meeting Board Following Shall Act Chairman
Organization Sanmina-sci Organizational Documents
Original Design Manufacturing Solutions Original Notes Exchange Additional Guarantees
Originator Other
Other Acquisition Related Restructuring Actions Other Acquisition-related Restructuring Actions
Other Acquisitions Other Address Been Furnished Indemnitee
Other Agreements Covenants Other Awards
Other Benefits Other Equity Compensation Plan Information
Other Events Other Expense Net
Other Fees Other Income Expense Net
Other Income Net Other Information
Other Infrequent Unusual Extent Material Consider Non-operational Nature Other Key Performance Measures
Other Liquidity Matters Other Matters
Other Meetings Board Shall Held Such Times Chairman Other Obligations
Other Person Director Executive Officer Other Proceedings
Other Requirements Rights Other Selected Balance Sheet Information
Other Taxes Outlook
Outlook Information Outstanding Account Receivable Amount
Outstanding Equity Awards 2008 Year-end Overview
Overview Compensation Philosophy Ownership Condition Assets
Paige Bombino Sanmina-sci Corp Part
Part Certification Participant Means Holder Outstanding Award
Participants Spouse Participation Deferral Commitments
Participation Holders Parties Interest
Parties Terminate Agreement Mutual Written Consent Patriot Act
Payable Practices Borrower Subsidiary Material Change Historical Accounts Payment
Payment Amount Payment Bonus
Payment Date Shall Mean Payment Fractional Shares
Payment Purchase Price Payroll Deductions Payments
Payments Gifts Pension Plan
Pensions Performance
Performance Bonus Awards Performance Goals
Performance Goals Meaning Set Forth Plan Performance Improvement Plan
Performance Level Performance Restricted Share Plan
Performance Restricted Stock Plan Performance Units Shares
Permitted Acquisition Permitted Business
Permitted Convertible Securities Refinancing Conditions Permitted Indebtedness Means Following
Permitted Receivables Permitted Refinancing
Permitted Refinancing Debt Incurred Respect Pursuant Clause 1008 Permitted Securitization
Person Personal Business Computing Division
Personal Loans Executive Officers Directors Personnel
Phase Report Plaintiffs Counsels Attorneys Fees Expenses
Plan Benefits Plan Interpretation
Plan Means 2009 Incentive Plan Period
Plans Please Refer Important Disclosures Follow Headings Results Subject
Pledge Security Agreement Policy Regarding Executive Repayment Compensation Following Misconduct
Policy Regarding Tax Deduction Compensation Internal Revenue Code Post-closing Covenants
Potential Goodwill Impairment Potentially Liable Contamination Current Former Facilities Including Those
Pre-closing Covenants Precision Machine Components
Preferred Stock Dividends Other Payable Restricted Subsidiary Preproduction
Press Release Saying Experienced Even Great Weakness Demand Presumptions Effect Certain Proceedings
Principal Amount Such Principal Office
Principal Premium Other Obligations Respect Principles Consolidation
Printed Circuit Board Assembly Test Printed Circuit Board Backplane Design
Printed Circuit Boards Priority
Pro Forma Pro Forma Information Sfas 123 Periods Prior 2006
Pro Rata Pro Rata Share
Procedure Procedure Application Indemnification
Procedure Implementing Settlement Procedures Consenting
Proceeds Foregoing Product Design Engineering
Product Design Engineering Resources Products Subject Warranty Liability Claims Incur Significant Costs
Prohibition Against Short Selling Stock Property
Property Plant Equipment Net Proposal Approval Reservation 2700000 Shares Common Stock Issuance
Proposal Ratification Appointment Independent Registered Public Accountants Proposed Purchase Date
Proposed Reverse Stock Split Decrease Liquidity Proposed Reverse Stock Split Not Increase Price Prevent
Proposed Reverse Stock Split Special Meeting Stockholders Proposed Waiver
Prospectus Prospectus Supplement
Protecting Confidential Information Provided
Provided Further Provided Further However
Provided However Provision Benefit Income Taxes
Provision Benefit Income Taxes Restated Provision Income Taxes
Provision Income Taxes Restated Proxy Executed Voted Directed Direction Given Each Proposal
Proxy Properly Executed Voted Directed Direction Given Each Proxy Respect Consent
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Proxy Statement Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Public Lender Public Reporting Requirements
Publications Others Purchase Agreement
Purchase Date Purchase Pack
Purchase Price Purchase Repurchase Redemption Acquisition Retirement Value Capital Stock
Purchase Sale Account Receivable Purchase Sale Assets
Purchasers Purpose
Purposes Indenture Except Otherwise Expressly Provided Unless Context Pursuing Strategic Transactions
Qqq Phase Meaning Set Forth 513 Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quantitative Targets Quarterly Results
Question Comments Regarding Believe Little Bit Short-term Weakness Questionnaire
Questions Regarding Validity Form Legality Etc Questions Requests Assistance Additional Copies
Quorum Voting Randy Furr
Rates Payment Interest Ratification Appointment Independent Registered Public Accountants
Real Estate Asset Real Estate Facility
Reasonably Satisfactory Administrative Agent Each Credit Party Hereby Reasons Reverse Stock Split
Receivables Agreement Receive Paper E-mail Copy Above Listed Documents Request
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Developments
Recently Enacted Changes Securities Laws Regulations Increased Likely Recently Enacted Changes Securities Laws Regulations Likely Increase
Recently Sold Business Materially Reduce Cash Flows Recently Sold Business Materially Reduce Net Sales Operating
Recitals Reclassifications
Recommendation Board Directors Reconciliation Date
Reconsideration Denied Claim Record Date
Recorded Goodwill Impairment Loss 600 Assurance Not Recorded Goodwill Impairment Losses Past Assurance Not Required
Records Legal Hold Redemption Notes
Reduce Operating Costs Capital Investment Refinancing Convertible Securities
Refinancing Senior Secured Notes Refinancing Senior Subordinated Notes
Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Register
Registrants Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 408 964-3500
Registration Expenses Registration Procedures
Registration Securities Act Regulation
Related Documents Related Parties
Relating Proposed Waiver Indentures Respect Following Series Notes Release
Releases Rely Small Number Customers Substantial Portion Net Sales
Rely Small Number Customers Substantial Portion Sales Declines Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Remedies Indemnitee Renewable Energy
Replacement Lender Report Audit Committee Board Directors
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reportable Segments
Reports Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Buyer Representations Warranties Seller
Representations Warranties Sellers Request Copy Materials
Required Vote Requisite Lenders
Research Development Research Development Expenses
Research Development Restated Reserve Adjustment Respect Sale Price Such Asset Assets
Reserved Resignation Removal Vacancies
Resignation Successor Agent Defaulting Resoluciones Miscelaneas
Resolved Respect Following Series Notes
Respect Holders Notes Pursuant Responsibilities
Restricted Business Restricted Cash
Restricted Holder Restricted Junior Payment
Restricted Stock Restricted Stock Awards
Restricted Stock Awards Granted 2004 Restricted Stock Awards Units
Restricted Stock Units Restructuring
Restructuring Costs Restructuring Costs-
Restructuring Integration Costs Restructuring Operations Adversely Affect Financial Condition Operating Results
Restructuring Operations Require Take Accounting Charge Reduce Net Restructuring Opertions Adversely Affect Financial Condition Operating Results
Restructuring Plan Restructuring Plans
Results Operations Financial Condition Results Subject Significant Adjustment
Retained Earnings Earned Surplus Less Accumulated Deficit Amounts Retained Liabilities
Retention Incentives Revenue Continuing Operations
Revenue Outlook Revenue Recognition
Revenue Recognition- Review Peer Group Data
Revised Discount Charge Revised Discount Period
Revised Discount Rate Revocability Proxies
Revocation Revocation Consent
Revolving Credit Borrowing Revolving Credit Commitment
Revolving Credit Facility Right Enforce Guaranty Anything Contained Credit Documents Contrary
Rights Assumed Contract Risk Factors
Risk Factors Affecting Operating Results Risks Proposed Reverse Split
Robert Eulau Role Authority Compensation Committee
Role Compensation Consultant Role Executive Officers Compensation Decisions
Role Independence Compensation Consultant Rule 144
Rule 144 405 415 Rule 14a-101 Information Required Proxy Statement Schedule 14a
Safe Harbor Statement Salary Deferral Commitments
Sale Accounts Receivable Sale Accounts Receivables
Sale Transfer Permitted Receivables Pursuant Securitizations Sale-leaseback
Saleable Account Receivable Sales Accounts Receivable
Sales Other Dispositions Assets Not Constitute Asset San Jose
San Jose 2005 San Jose 2006
San Jose 2007 San Jose 2008
San Jose 2009 San Jose 95134
San Jose Calif San Jose Calif 2006
San Jose California San Jose California 2006
San Jose California 95134 Sanmina Sci-uk Ltd
Sanmina-sci Sanmina-sci Contact
Sanmina-sci Corp Sanmina-sci Corporation
Sanmina-sci Corporation 8125 Senior Subordinated Notes Due 2016 Sanmina-sci Corporation Index
Sanmina-sci Corporation Non-employee Director Compensation Arrangements Sanmina-sci Corporation Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2005
Sanmina-sci Employee Stock Purchase Plan Sanmina-sci Ltd
Sanmina-sci Provides Earnings Guidance Only Non-gaap Basis Due Sanmina-sci Safe Harbor Statement
Sanmina-sci Stock Option Plans Sanmina-sci Systems Canada Inc Sci Brockville Corp
Sarbanes Oxley Act 2002 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Satisfaction Discharge Schedule
Schedule 11a Schedule 14a
Schedule 314 Receivables Purchase Agreement Schedule 315
Schedule Ii-valuation Qualifying Accounts Sci Acquisition Restructuring
Screen Rate Seal
Secured Hedge Agreement Securities
Securities Act Securities Exchange Act 1934 2005
Securitization Subsidiary Segerström Restructuring
Segments Selecting Suppliers
Selection Underwriters Sell Dispose Business
Sellers Hand Buyer Other Shall Share Equally Cost Sellers Shall Delivered Buyer Certificate
Selling General Administrative Selling General Administrative Expenses
Selling General Administrative Expenses Restated Selling General Administrative Restated
Senior Credit Facility Senior Floating Rate Notes
Senior Indebtedness Senior Refinancing Conditions
Senior Secured Agreement Senior Secured Documents
Senior Secured Guarantees Senior Secured Notes
Senior Secured Notes Due 2010 Senior Subordinated Notes
Senior Subordinated Notes 8125 Senior Subordinated Notes Due 2016
Senior Unsecured Term Loan Shall Not Permit Subsidiary Consummate Asset Sale Unless
Shall Subject Fiduciary Other Implied Duties Regardless Whether Share-based Payment
Shareholder Approval Equity Compensation Plans Shareholder Approval Equity Compensation Plans Other Plan Related
Shareholder Rights Plan Shareholders Shall Approved Plan Liquidation Dissolution
Shares Capital Stock Restricted Subsidiary Other Directors Qualifying Shares Common Stock Entitled Vote Election Directors Written
Shares Transfer Sharing Data
Short-term Incentive Plan Short-term Long-term Investments
Signature Signature Guarantees
Signature Holder Signature Page Loan Guaranty Security Agreement
Signatures Signatures Letter Consent
Sindico Solicitation Agents Information
Solvency Certificate Solvent
Soon Available Event Later Date Required Therefor Applicable Special Committee Investigation Internal Review Historical Financial Statements
Special Forward-looking Statements Special Litigation Committee
Specific Performance Sss Preliminary Net Asset Value Means
Stated Maturity Such Debt Earlier Being Refinanced Status Change
Stephen Falk Analyst Steve Bruton
Stipulation Settlement Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Awards Stock Option Grant Modifications Connected Terminations
Stock Option Related Matters Stock Options
Stock Ownership Stock Performance Graph
Stock Price Continue Decline Cause Delisted Nasdaq Global Stock Price Falls Below 100 Consecutive Common Delisted
Stock Price Performance Stock Repurchase Program
Stock Subject Plan Stock-based Compensation
Stock-based Compensation Expense Stock-based Compensation Restated
Stock-based Compensation- Stockholder Approval
Stockholder Proposals 2006 Annual Meeting Stockholder Proposals 2007 Annual Meeting Stockholders
Stockholder Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting Stockholders Stockholder Proposals Director Nominations
Stockholder Proposals Nominations Board Stockholders
Stockholders Consent Lieu Meeting Stockholders Equity
Subject Continuing Private Litigation Government Investigations Concerning Historical Subject Intense Competition Ems Industry Business Adversely Affected
Subject Intense Competition Ems Industry Cause Lose Sales Subject Risks Arising International Operations
Subject Risks Associated Natural Disasters Global Events Subject Risks Currency Fluctuations Related Hedging Operations
Subject Terms Conditions Agreement Supplier Time Offer Assign Submission Compensation Committee
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subordinated Indebtedness
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Such Person Subsidiary
Such Debt Aggregate Principal Amount Incurred Original Issue Such Property Fair Market Value Equal Less 500
Such Release Successor Not Published Contain Prices Business Such Sale Leaseback Transaction Capital Lease Obligation Amount
Sum Consolidated Net Income Such Period Plus Following Sum Such Payments
Summary Options Subject Acceleration Summary Results Operations
Supplemental Guarantors Condensed Consolidating Financial Information Supplemental Indenture
Supplemental Indentures Supplier
Supplier Bank Hereby Acknowledge Agree Supplier Hereby Agrees Undertakes
Supplier Name Sanmina-sci Ltd Supplier Name Sanmina-sci Magyarorszag Elektronikai Gyarto Kft
Supplier Shall Pay Accrued Facility Fee Business Each Supplier Shall Pay Bank Demand Full Indemnity Basis
Survival Survival Representations Warranties Covenants
Swingline Loans Settlement Syndication Agent
Table Contents Tally Sheets
Tax Consequences Consenting Holders Tax Consequences Consenting Non-us Holders
Tax Considerations Non-consenting Holders Tax Consolidation Consent Filing Consolidated Income Return Person
Tax Fees Tax Processes
Tax Withholding Taxes
Taxes Buyer Set Forth Terminated Lender
Termination Termination Change Control Arrangements
Termination Date Bank Shall Further Obligation Purchase Account Termination Employment
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Terms Conditions Awards Intended Qualify Performance-based Compensation 162
Terms Conditions Performance-based Award Then
Tier Foreign Subsidiary Total
Total Amount Total Purchased Amount
Transaction Costs Transaction Fee
Transactions Disclosed Schedule Disclosure Letter Transfer
Transfer Restricted Security Transfer Stock
Transferability Awards Transfers Stock Shall Books Corporation Only Record Holder
Treasury Stock Treated Just Other Disclosure Confidential Information Marked Distributed
Treatment Overdue Account Receivable Trust Indenture Act
Trustee Types Compensation
Ucc Unable Comply Covenants Credit Arrangements Outstanding Debt Become
Unable Comply Covenants Various Credit Arrangements Outstanding Debt Unable Obtain Additional Financing Fund Operations
Unable Obtain Sufficient Financing Maintain Expand Operations Cause Unable Protect Intellectual Property Infringe Alleged Others Lose
Unable Protect Intellectual Property Infringe Alleged Others Operating Unanticipated Changes Tax Rates Assessment Realizability Deferred Assets
Unanticipated Changes Tax Rates Exposure Additional Income Liabilities Underwriters
Underwriting Agreement Unencumbered Cash Available Credit
United States Unless Otherwise Provided Certificate Incorporation Bylaws
Unresolved Staff Comments Unused Purchasing Amount
Unused Revolving Credit Commitment Uuu Purchase Order Means Customer Orders Supplier
Vertically Integrated Manufacturing Services Vertically Integrated Volume Manufacturing Services
Volume Manufacturing Vote
Vote Internet Vote Internet-wwwproxvvotecom
Vote Mail Vote Person
Vote Phone-1-800-690-6903 Vote Required Recommendation Board Directors
Voting Solicitation Waiver Expiration Date
Waivers Wall Street Journal
Warranty Reserve Warranty Reserves
Wealth Accumulation Whereas
While Internal Investigation Historical Stock Option Practices Complete William Stein Analyst
Withdrawal Witness
Witness Whereof Yes Little Over Ago Actually
Yyy Intentionally Left Blank Zoning Similar Law Right Reserved Vested Governmental Office
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