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A-3 Other Abstract 3069
Abstract 3069 Activity Mva 5t4 Alone Combination Either Abstract 4007
Abstract 4067 Abstract 4514
Abstract 4514 Randomized Phase Study S-1 Alone Versus Abstract 537 Estrogen Receptor Expression Efficacy Docetaxel Early
Abstract 5508 Abstract 5508 Vegf-trap Patients Pts Recurrent Platinum-resistant Epithelial
Abstract 7627 Phase Study Efficacy Safety Intravenous Ave0005 Abstract 9526 Child Matters Program Uicc-sanofi-aventis Partnership Improve
Abstract Lba1008 Abstract Lba5
Abstract Lba5 Final Results Eortc Intergroup Randomized Phase Acambis
Acambis Plc Accounting Financial Statement Preparation Procedures
Accounting Transactions Foreign Currencies Individual Accounts Accounts Committee
Accounts Receivable Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income
Acellular Acomplia
Acomplia Recommended Approval European Union Acomplia Rimonabant
Acomplia Rimonabant Receives Marketing Authorisation European Union Acquired In-process
Acquired In-process Research Development Acquisition
Acquisition Advances Emerging Markets Strategy Acquisitions
Acrobat Action 2005 Employee Share Ownership Plan
Action Been Undertaken Make Offer Public Notes Described Active Trial
Active-a Active-i Program Continue Activity Indication Further Justifies Ongoing Phase Study Trist
Activity Mva 5t4 Alone Combination Either Interleukin-2 Interferon-alpha Actonel
Actonel Optinate Acrel Actonel Patent Litigation
Acts-gc Study Acute Coronary Syndrome
Acute Coronary Syndrome Acs Acute Coronary Syndrome Undergoing Intervention
Acute Hepatic Failure Severe Liver Injury Some Cases Adacel Vaccine Development
Additional Disclosures Groups French Gaap Financial Statements Additional Disclosures Groups Gaap Financial Statements
Additional Information Address Principal Executive Offices
Adjusted Consolidated Income Statement Adjusted Consolidated Net Income
Adjusted Earning Per Share Adjusted Earnings Per Share
Adjusted Eps 528 128162 128106 2005 198 Excluding Adjusted Eps Excluding Selected 110
Adjusted Eps Growth 150 Excluding Selected Adjusted Income Statement Excluding Selected
Adjusted Net Income Adjusted Pro Forma Net Income
Adjusted Pro Forma Results Adjusted Proforma Basis
Adjustments Adjustments Consolidated Financial Statements Reflect Application Purchase Accounting
Adjuvant Colon Cancer Setting Adult Adolescent Boosters
Adults Children Age Older Advanced Colorectal Cancer Setting
Advanced Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Aflibercept Vegf Trap
Aflibercept Vegf Trap Oncology Aflibercept Vegf-trap
After Change Method Accounting Employee Benefits After Consultation Stock Market Authorities France United States
After End Shareholders Annual General Meeting After Surgery Patients Resectable Liver Metastases Colorectal Cancer
Against Leading Cause Death Developing Countries Age
Agreal Product Litigation Agreement Procter Gamble Pharmaceuticals
Agreement Settle Plavix Litigation Apotex Aim
Albemarle Arbitration Albemarle Litigation
Allegra Allegra Line Products
Allegra Litigation Allegra Patent Litigation
Allegra Telfast Allegra-d Fexofenadine Hcl 180 Pseudoephedrine 240 Extended Release
Allergic Conditions Allergic Rhinitis
Allergies Rise Longer-lasting Allergy Seasons Patients Desire Fast Alliance
Alliance Agreements Bristol-myers Squibb Bms Alliance Agreements Organon
Alliance Agreements Pfizer Alliance Agreements Procter Gamble Pharmaceuticals
Alliance Arrangements Bristol-myers Squibb Bms Alliances
Allocation Profits Allocation Shares Purchased Prior 2004 Further Re-allocations
Alopexx Pharmaceuticals Llc Alopexxs Novel Human Antibody
Alvesco Alvocidib Refractory Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Cll
Amaryl Amaryl Amarel Solosa
Ambien Ambien Improved Sleep Quality Impact Daily Activities Mdd
Ambien Patent Litigation Ambien Zolpidem Tartrate Extended-release Tablets
Ambien Zolpidem Tartrate Product Litigation Ambitious Drug-monitoring Program Started Africa
Amendments Affecting Class Shareholders Rights Amortization Impairment Intangibles
Amortization Intangibles Amortization Other Intangible Assets
Amyris Biotechnologies Animal Health
Animal Health Merial Announcement 2005 Transfer Sanofi-aventis 100 Plavix Rights Japan
Annual General Meeting Annual Meeting
Annual Ordinary Meetings Annual Payments Participating Share Series Pssa
Annual Payments Pssas Antithrombotic Therapy
Antoine Ortoli Apidra
Apidra Insulin Glulisine Apidra Insulin Glulisine Rdna Origin
Apidra Solostar Apollo Study Findings
Apotex Apotex Settlement Claim
Appendix 2005 Adjusted Consolidated Statement Income Appendix 2005 First-half Adjusted Consolidated Financial Statements
Appendix 2005 First-half Consolidated Income Statement Appendix 2005 First-half Net Sales Product
Appendix 2005 Full-year Adjusted Consolidated Financial Statements Appendix 2005 Full-year Net Sales Product
Appendix 2005 Full-year Reconciliations Consolidated Income Statement Adjusted Appendix 2005 Net Sales Product
Appendix 2005 Reconciliation Consolidated Statement Income Adjusted Appendix 2009 9-month Net Sales Animal Health Product
Appendix Adjusted Consolidated Income Statements 2005 Appendix Consolidated Net Sales Business Segment
Appendix Definitions Non-gaap Financial Indicators Appendix Explanatory Notes
Appendix Explanatory Notes Financial Indicators Appendix Reconciliation Consolidated Income Statement Adjusted 2005
Appendix Reconciliation Proforma Statement Income Adjusted 2003 2004 Appendix Sanofi-aventis Simplified Consolidated Balance Sheets Statement Cash
Appendix Simplified Consolidated Balance Sheet Appendix Simplified Consolidated Cash Flow Statement
Appendix Simplified Consolidated Statement Cash Flows Balance Sheet Appendix Trend Selected Adjusted Net Income
Appendix Trend Selected After Tax Adjusted Net Income Appendix Trends Selected Adjusted Income Statement After Tax
Appendix Trends Selected Adjusted Income Statement Net Tax Application Change Control Clauses
Applications European Union Appointments Governance Committee
Approval Based Clinical Trial Tax 324 Approval Based Pediatric Clinical Trial
Approval Dividends Approval European Union
Approved Europe Approved European Union
Aprovel Aprovel Avapro Karvea
Arava Antitrust Litigation Arch Fam Med
Armour Blood Products Litigation Arpeggio
Asaq Asaq Field-monitoring Program
Ascites Asco
Asco Meeting Assessment Objectives End 2006
Assets Held Sale Assets Held Sale Liabilities Related
Assets Liabilities Business Segment Assets Liabilities Segment
Associates Assumes Exchange Rate 125 Euro Sensitivity Fluctuations Estimated
Assumption Sanofi-aventis Obligations Aventis Athena
Athena Study Atherothrombosis
Atrial Fibrillation Atrial Fibrillation Flutter
Atrial Fibrillation Flutter Stroke Atrial Fibrillation Most Frequent Cardiac Arrhythmia Affects Adults
Atrial Fibrillation Patients Attendance Person
Attendance Shareholders Meetings Proxies Votes Mail Audit
Audit Committee Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Committee Pre-approval Procedures Audit Committeee
Australia Available Japan 2008
Aventis Animal Nutrition Aventis Behring
Aventis Cropscience Aventis Inc Hoechst Gmbh Share Purchase Option Plans
Aventis Inc Hoechst Share Purchase Option Plans Aventis Pharma Limited India
Awards Shares Awareness Treatment Control
B10 Cash Equivalents B10 Trade Receivables
B10 Treasury Shares B101 Provisions Pensions Other Long-term Benefits
B102 Currency Derivatives Used Manage Financial Risk Exposures B11 Net Deferred Tax Position
B11 Provisions Risks B11 Publication Clinical Trial Results
B11 Short-term Investments Deposits B11 Treasury Shares
B12 Filings Marketing Approval European Japanese Authorities New B12 Net Deferred Tax Position
B12 Provisions Risks B12 Revenues
B122 Competing Bid Share Capital Zentiva B13 Cost Sales
B13 Defense Products B13 Emission Rights
B13 Legal Arbitral Proceedings B13 Principal Commercial Commitments Collaboration Agreements
B13 Revenue Recognition B14 Cost Goods Sold
B14 Divestments Acquisitions Alliances B14 Financial Income Expenses
B14 Legal Arbitral Proceedings B14 Research Development Expenses
B14 Revenue Recognition B15 Cost Sales
B15 Income Tax Expense B15 Other Current Operating Income
B15 Research Development B151 Financial Expenses
B152 Financial Income B16 Income Tax Expenses
B16 Other Current Operating Expenses B16 Other Operating Income Expense Net
B16 Research Development Expenses B16 Segment Information
B17 Amortization Intangibles B17 Operating Profit
B17 Other Current Operating Income B17 Other Operating Income
B17 Segment Information B18 Amortization Impairment Intangibles
B18 Other Current Operating Expenses B18 Other Operating Expenses
B18 Restructuring Costs B19 Amortization Intangibles
B19 Financial Income Expense Net B19 Impairment Property Plant Equipment Intangibles
B20 Exceptional B20 Operating Income Before Restructuring Impairment Property Plant
B20 Other Operating Income Expenses B20 Restructuring Costs
B21 Impairment Property Plant Equipment Intangibles B21 Income Taxes
B211 Financial Expenses B212 Financial Income
B22 Employee Benefits B22 Income Tax Expense
B22 Other Operating Income Expenses B23 Employee Benefit Obligations
B23 Financial Instruments B231 Financial Expenses
B232 Financial Income B24 Earnings Per Share
B24 Income Taxes B24 Share-based Payment
B241 Stock Option Plans B242 Employee Share Ownership Plans
B242 Employee Stock Ownership Plans B25 Earnings Per Share
B25 Employee Benefit Obligations B26 Segment Information
B26 Segment Reporting B261 Stock Option Plans
B262 Employee Stock Ownership Plans B27 Earnings Per Share
B27 Management Capital B27 New Iasb Standards Interpretations Applicable 2007 Onwards
B28 New Iasb Standards Amendments Interpretations Applicable 2009 B28 New Iasb Standards Interpretations Applicable 2008 Onwards
B28 Segment Reporting B29 New Iasb Standards Interpretations Applicable 2006 Onwards
B31 Accounting Treatment B32 Goodwill
B41 Pharmaceutical Research Development B41 Research Development Not Acquired Business Combination
B42 Other Intangible Assets B43 Intangible Assets Acquired Business Combination
B61 Impairment Property Plant Equipment Goodwill Intangible Assets B61 Impairment Property Plant Equipment Intangible Assets
B62 Impairment Investments Associates B63 Reversals Impairment Losses Charged Against Property Plant
B71 Financial Assets B71 Share Capital
B72 Derivative Instruments B73 Impairment Financial Assets
B73 Repurchase Sanofi-aventis Shares B74 Hedging
B74 Stock Option Plans B75 Financial Liabilities
B75 Number Shares Used Compute Diluted Earnings Per B76 Fair Value Financial Instruments
B77 Derecognition Financial Instruments B81 Financial Assets
B81 Share Capital B82 Impairment Financial Assets
B82 Market Value Debt B82 Market Value Debt Net Cash Equivalents
B82 Repurchase Sanofi-aventis Shares B83 Derivative Instruments
B83 Stock Option Plans B84 Hedging
B84 Number Shares Used Compute Diluted Earnings Per B85 Financial Liabilities
B86 Fair Value Financial Instruments B87 Derecognition Financial Instruments
B88 Risks Relating Financial Instruments B92 Currency Derivatives Used Manage Financial Risk Exposures
B92 Market Value Debt Background
Background Pertussis Barcelona 2006
Barring Major Adverse Events Sanofi-aventis Expects Full-year Adjusted Based Good First-half Results Barring Major Adverse Events
Basis Consolidation Basis Preparation
Basis Preparation Financial Information Accounting Policies Basis Preparation Financial Statements Accounting Policies
Basis Preparation Interim Consolidated Financial Statements Bcirg
Bcirg 006 Study Before Appropriation Profit
Beijing Economic Technological Development Area Believe Developed Sales Useful Measurement Tool Because They
Believe Pro Forma Combined Developed Sales Useful Measurement Belén Garijo
Bethesda 2007 Better Answer Global Health Needs
Biologically Derived Ingredients Face Consumer Resistance Adversely Affect Biologically Derived Ingredients Face Patient Resistance Adversely Affect
Biologically-derived Ingredients Face Consumer Resistance Adversely Affect Sales Biometrics Center Beijing
Biotinylated Idraparinux Bipar Sciences
Bite Antibodies Bms Alliance
Board Directors Board Directors 2008
Board Directors Borrowing Powers Board Directors Committees
Board Practices Boards Powers
Bonus Profit Sharing Bordetella Pertussis
Brazilian Antitrust Claims Breakdown Sites Between Owned Leased
Breakdown Sites Between Owned Leased Worldwide Breakdown Sites Function France
Breakdown Sites Function France Worldwide Breakdown Sites Function Worldwide
Breakdown Sites Nature Breast Cancer
Brief Description Internal Control Procedures Associated Processes Bring Greater Flexibility Patients Opportunity Earlier Initiation Insulin
Bristol-myers Squibb Bristol-myers Squibb Bms
Bristol-myers Squibb Bms Alliance Bristol-myers Squibb Global Pharmaceutical Related Health Care Products
Bsi-201 Building Long History Allergy Treatment Arena Opportunity Allows
Bulletin Des Annonces Légales Obligatoires Business Combination Between Sanofi-aventis Aventis
Business Combinations Business Travel Authorization Expenses Report Procedure
Bylaws C312 Net Sales Geographic Region
Canada Cancer
Cancer Facts Figures 2004 Capacities
Cape Town South Africa 2006 Capital Expenditures Divestitures
Capital Leases Cardiol
Cardiovascular Cardiovascular Outcomes
Cardiovascular Thrombosis Cardizem Antitrust Litigation
Case Questions Regarding Settlement Offer Case Questions Regarding Tendering Shares
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow
Cash Flow Presentation Cassiopea Study
Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements Cayman Islands Taxes
Celanese Central Group Functions Simplified Reactive Organization
Central Nervous System Central Nervous System New Approaches Sleep Disorders Depression
Cet Webcast Chairman Board Directors Report-internal Control
Chairman Chief Executive Officer Chairman Vice-chairman Board Directors
Challenges Patented Products Change Accounting Method
Change Consolidation Method Prior Period Recalculated Basis Used Change Consolidation Percentage Consolidated Entity Prior Period Recalculated
Change Control Anti-takeover Change Method Consolidation
Change Presentation Change Proportionate Consolidation Method Equity
Changes Marketing Status Competitive Environment Major Products Adversely Changes Previous Accounting Policies
Changes Share Capital 2005 Changes Share Capital 2006
Changes Share Capital 2007 Changes Share Capital 2008
Changes Share Capital Between 2005 2006 Changes Shareholders Rights
Chicago Tokyo Japan Paris France 2007- Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer Chief Medical Officer
Chief Strategic Officer Cso Child Matters
Children Nasal Symptoms Associated Perennial Allergic Rhinitis Children Through Age
Chris Viehbacher Christian Lajoux
Christopher Viehbacher Chumakov Institute Poliomyelitis Viral Encephalitides
Cipro Antitrust Litigation Cipro Litigation
Circulation Cirg
Cirrhotic Ascites Cisplatin 5-fluorouracil Tpf Regimen Increases Survival Approval Hope
Civil Suits Department Justice Relating Anzemet Civil Suits Pricing Marketing Practices
Civil Suits-pricing Marketing Practices Claims Investigations Relating Marketing Practices Competition Law Adversely
Claims Relating Marketing Practices Adversely Affect Business Results Clariant Specialty Chemicals Business
Clariant-specialty Chemicals Business Class Action Suits-pricing Marketing Practices
Clexane Clexane Lovenox
Clexane Lovenox Approved Japan Clexane Lovenox Enoxaparin
Clin Infect Dis Clinical Considerations Eloxatin
Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting Clinical Studies
Clinical Trial Clinical Trials Rimonabant
Clopidogrel Applications Germany Clopidogrel Germany
Clostridium Tetani Cobra Study
Code Ethics Code Financial Ethics
Collaboration Collaboration Enables Reach Goal Some Scientists Only Dream
Collaborations Parties Expose Risks They Assert Intellectual Property Collaborations Parties Expose Risks They Claim Intellectual Property
Collaborative Agreements Colorectal Cancer
Colorectal Cancer Leading Cause Death Combinations
Combined Cisplatin Demonstrates Significant Improvement Overall Survival Advanced Comments Adjusted Proforma Statement Income
Comments Product Comments Therapeutic Class
Commercial Commitments Commercial Launch Planned Summer 2009
Commitments Favor Executive Directors Post 2008 Committed Global Polio Eradication Initiative
Committees Common Stock 2004 Was
Communicating Community
Comparable Net Sales Comparable Sales
Comparable-basis Net Sales Compared Adjusted 2005
Compensation Appointments Governance Committee Compensation Committee
Compensation Options Shares Awarded Christopher Viehbacher Compensation Options Shares Awarded Gérard Fur Chief Executive
Compensation Options Shares Awarded Jean-françois Dehecq Compensation Payable Paid Christopher Viehbacher
Compensation Payable Paid Gérard Fur Chief Executive Officer Compensation Payable Paid Jean-françois Dehecq
Compensation Pension Arrangements Corporate Officers Compensation Pension Arrangements Gérard Fur
Compensation Pension Arrangements Jean-françois Dehecq Compensation Senior Management
Competition Compliance
Components Internal Control Composition Board Directors
Composition Board Directors 2007 Composition Operation
Compounds Currently Later-stage Development Thrombosis Conference Call
Conference Call Held Tuesday 2005 400 Cet Confined Intensive Care Unit
Confirm-1 Confirmation 2008 Guidance
Conjugate Vaccine Technology Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Balance Sheet Consolidated Balance Sheet Debt
Consolidated Balance Sheets Consolidated Balance Sheets Assets
Consolidated Balance Sheets Liabilities Equity Consolidated Cash Flow
Consolidated Cash Flow Net Debt Consolidated Cash Flow Statement Balance Sheet 2008 Refer
Consolidated Cash Flows Balance Sheet 2005 Consolidated Financial Information 2004 Includes Statements Aventis Subsidiaries
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidated Financial Statements Other Information
Consolidated Financial Statements Presented Appendix 3the Date Consolidated Gross Profit
Consolidated Net Debt Consolidated Net Financial Income Expense
Consolidated Net Income Loss Consolidated Net Income Loss Attributable Equity Holders
Consolidated Net Sales Consolidated Net Sales Sanofi-aventis
Consolidated Operating Loss Consolidated Statement Cash Flow Balance Sheet 2007
Consolidated Statement Cash Flows Consolidated Statement Cash Flows Balance Sheet
Consolidated Statement Cash Flows Balance Sheet 2006 Consolidated Statement Cash Flows Balance Sheet 2008
Consolidated Statements Cash Flows Consolidated Statements Other Financial Information
Consolidated Statements Recognized Income Expense Consumer Australia Now Completed
Contact Contact Anne Bancillon
Contact Media Inquiries Contacts
Context Worldwide Financial Crisis Liquidity Constrained Contingencies Arising Certain Business Divestitures
Contingent Csl Consideration Contraindications Precautions
Contribution Equity Investees Controlling Mealtime Blood Sugar Spikes Crucial Part Managing
Controls Procedures Conversion Aventis Stock Options
Conveyance Transfer Shares Copaxone
Coronary Artery Disease Acute Syndrome Coronary Artery Disease Cad Acute Syndrome Acs
Corporate Corporate Governance
Corporate Purposes Corynebacterium Diphtheriae
Cosima Counterfeit Products Harm Business
Counterfeit Products Harm Business Sanofi-aventis Counterparty Risk
Crc Rule 2000-06 Crc Rule 2002-10
Credit Facilities Critical Accounting Reporting Policies
Critical Limb Ischemia Severe Costly Condition Following Episode Crucell
Cumulative Preference Shares Series Currency Forward Options Contracts
Current-oasis Trial D10 Accounts Receivable
D10 Other Current Assets D10 Short-term Investments Deposits
D11 Deferred Income Taxes D11 Financial Assets Current
D11 General Description D11 Net Sales
D11 Other Current Assets D110 Impairment Property Plant Equipment Intangibles
D111 Gains Losses Disposal Litigation D111 Net Sales Business Segment
D112 Net Sales Geographic Region D112 Operating Income
D113 Financial Income Expenses D113 Worldwide Presence Plavix Aprovel
D114 Income Before Tax Associates D115 Income Tax Expense
D116 Share Profit Loss Associates D117 Net Income
D118 Net Income Attributable Minority Interests D119 Net Income Attributable Equity Holders
D12 Cash Equivalents D12 Financial Assets Current
D12 Other Revenues D121 Share Capital
D122 Change Accounting Method D123 Adjustments Shareholders Equity Related Merger Between Sanofi
D124 Impact Acquisition Aventis Shareholders Equity D126 Repurchase Sanofi-aventis Formerly Sanofi-synthélabo Shares
D13 Cash Equivalents D13 Gross Profit
D13 Minority Interests D13 Pro Forma Financial Information
D13 Pro Forma Information D131 Share Capital
D132 Adjustments Shareholders Equity Related Sanofi Synthélabo Merger D133 Repurchase Sanofi-aventis Shares
D134 Reduction Share Capital D135 Cumulative Translation Differences
D136 Recognized Directly Shareholders Equity D14 Debt
D14 Research Development Expenses D15 Selling General Expenses
D151 Provisions Pensions Other Benefits D151 Share Capital
D152 Capital Increase Reserved Employees Employee Share Ownership D152 Restructuring Provisions
D153 Adjustment Shareholders Equity Related Sanofi Synthélabo Merger D153 Capital Increase Reserved Employees Employee Share Ownership
D153 Other Provisions D154 Other Long-term Liabilities
D154 Other Non-current Liabilities D154 Repurchase Sanofi-aventis Shares
D155 Reduction Share Capital D156 Cumulative Translation Differences
D157 Other Recognized Directly Equity D157 Recognized Directly Equity
D159 Number Shares Used Compute Diluted Earnings Per D16 Minority Interests
D16 Other Current Liabilities D16 Other Operating Income Expenses
D17 Amortization Intangibles D17 Debt Cash Equivalents
D17 Short-term Debt D18 Derivative Financial Instruments
D18 Personnel Costs D182 Restructuring Provisions
D183 Other Provisions D184 Other Non-current Liabilities
D19 Other Current Liabilities D19 Other Current Operating Income
D19 Restructuring Costs D20 Derivative Financial Instruments Market Risks
D20 Other Current Operating Expenses D202 Commitment Buy Out Shares Subsidiaries
D202 Equity Derivatives D203 Other Commercial Commitments
D21 Personnel Costs D21 Restructuring Costs
D22 Adjusted Net Income D22 Legal Arbitral Proceedings
D22 Other Operating Income Expense Net D22 Other Operating Income Expenses
D23 Adjusted Earnings Per Share Eps D23 Financial Income Expense Net
D231 Financial Income D232 Financial Expenses
D24 Exceptional D24 Income Tax Expense
D24 Personnel Costs D25 Other Current Operating Income
D25 Other Operating Income D251 Business Segments
D26 Minority Interests D26 Other Current Operating Expenses
D26 Other Operating Expenses D261 Repurchase Hoechst Minority Shareholders
D262 Acquisition Commercial Rights Plavix Japan D263 Disposal Interest Wacker-chemie Gmbh
D27 Related Party Transactions D27 Restructuring Costs
D28 Gains Losses Disposals Litigation D28 Other Operating Income Expenses
D28 Split Net Sales D29 Financial Income Expenses
D29 Segment Information D291 Financial Expenses
D292 Financial Income D30 Income Tax Expense
D31 Share Profit Loss Associates D32 Minority Interests
D32 Net Income Attributable Minority Interests D33 Related Party Transactions
D34 Split Net Sales D351 Business Segments
D352 Information Geographical Segment Daiichi Pharmaceutical
Daptacel Vaccine Data Answer World Health Organization Calls Demonstration Cross-reactivity
Data Easd Suggests Better Glycaemic Control Possible Using Data Exclusivity Protection
Data Presented Asco 2007 Highlights Sanofi-aventis Commitment Oncology David Williams
Ddavp Antitrust Litigation Ddavp Litigation
Ddavp Patent Litigation Debt Cash Equivalents
Debt Net Cash Equivalents Currency Value Redemption Decreases Share Capital
Deep Vein Thrombosis Pulmonary Embolism Defense Lovenox Patent United States
Defense Plavix Patent United States Defense Plavix Patent United States Europe
Defense Products Deferred Income Tax Above Adjustments
Deferred Income Tax Effect Above Adjustments Deferred Tax Equity Investees
Deferred Tax Intercompany Margins Deferred Tax Liability Acquired In-process Research Development
Deferred Tax Related Acquired Stock Options Deferred Taxes
Deferred Taxes Equity Investees Definition Objectives Internal Control
Delays Onset Reduces Occurrence Repeat Heart Attacks Window Deliberations Board
Demonstration Good Cardiovascular Tolerability Alfuzosin Dengue Fever
Depakine Depend Parties Manufacture Supply Substantial Portion Raw Materials
Depend Parties Manufacturing Active Ingredients Some Products Substantial Depend Parties Marketing Some Products Act Ways Harm
Depend United States Market Significant Part Current Future Derecognition
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivative Instruments
Detail Material Impacts 2004 Proforma Statement Income Arising Developed Sales
Developed Sales Aprovel Avapro Karvea Developed Sales Plavix Iscover
Developing Worldwide Market Presence Controlling Operating Results Development
Development Programs Stopped Since 2005 Development Stage
Developments Relating Defense Sanofi-aventis Products Developments Relating Expansion Presence Japan
Developments Relating Filings Marketing Approval European Healthcare Authorities Diabetes
Diabetes Care Diabetes Mellitus
Diabetologia Differences Presentation Between French Gaap
Differences Resulting Application Ifrs Difficile
Difficult Environment Another Growth Adjusted Eps Excluding Selected Diphtheria
Diphtheriae Directors
Directors Age Limits Directors Compensation
Directors Senior Management Directors Share Ownership Requirements
Disclosure Controls Procedures Discontinuation Commercialization Copaxone Sanofi-aventis North America Effective 2008
Discounting Long-term Provisions Discovery Research
Discovery Research Operations Discovery Stage
Disease Endemic United States Distribution Dividends
Distribution Formula Diversified Global Leader Healthcare
Divestment Exubera Rights Interest Diabel Divestment Notre Dame Bondeville Site
Divestments Divestments Acquisitions Alliances
Dividend Dividend 151 Increase 128175 Per Share Submitted Approval
Dividend Increase 151 128175 Per Share Paid Dividends
Dividends Ordinary Shares Division Anesthesia Analgesia Rheumathology Products
Division Cardiovascular Renal Products Dnd
Docetaxel Injection Concentrate Documents Display
Donna Vitter Dronedarone
Dronedarone Multaq Dronedarone Press Office Http Wwwdronedarone-atrial-fibrillation-pressofficecom References
Dvt Dyax
Dystar E3200
Earnings Per Share Earnings Per Share Attributable Sanofi-aventis Shareholders
Earnings Per Share Eps Ectrims
Edmonton Canada Paris France 15th 2005 Effect Changes Scope Consolidation
Eligard Patent Litigation Eloxatin
Eloxatin -based Therapy Central Research Targeted Agents Metastatic Eloxatin Europe
Eloxatin Oxaliplatin Patent Litigation Eloxatin Patent Litigation
Eloxatine Eloxatine European Patent Litigation
Eloxatine Patent Litigation Employee Benefits
Employee Savings Schemes Employee Savings Schemes Collective Retirement Plan
Employee Share Ownership Employee Stock Options
Employees Function Employees Geographic Area
Employees Main Category Function Encouraged Results Seeing Aflibercept Vegf Trap Especially Evidence
Encouraging Data Show Potential Pre-pandemic Vaccine Offer Broad Encouraging Results Vegf Trap Aflibercept Highlighted Asco 2007
End 2007 Enforceability Civil Liabilities
Engl Med Enoxaparin
Environment Environmental Liabilities Compliance Costs Significant Adverse Effect Operating
Environmental Liabilities Compliance Costs Significant Adverse Effect Results Eortc 24971 Tax 323 Study
Eortc 24971 Tax 323 Study Identify Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Eplivanserin Ciltyri
Eplivanserin Sleep Maintenance Insomnia Epoc Study
Epoc Study Ambitious Trial Largest Clinical Kind Conducted Equity Derivative Instruments
Equity-accounted Companies Erbb3
Estate Gift Taxes Transfer Estimates
Etal Ethical Charter Purchasing
Eur Eur Heart
Eur Respir Euridis Adonis
Eurolist Market Euronext Paris Market
Europe Europe North America
European Commissions Pharmaceutical Sector Inquiry Lead Significant Legislative European Expands Indication Plavix Clopidogrel Bisulfate Offering New
European Fines European Imposes Fine Certain Mcaa Producers
Euros Evaluation Board Procedures
Event Subsequent Balance Sheet Date 2007 Events Subsequent Balance Sheet Date 2008
Events Subsequent Balance Sheet Date 2009 Except Patients Suffering Ongoing Major Depression
Exceptional Exchange Controls
Exchange Non-monetary Assets Exchange Rate Information
Exchange Rates Excluding Net Sales Allegra Amaryl United States
Excluding Selected Excluding Selected 2005 2006 Include 128384 Post-tax Gain
Excluding Selected 2005 2006 See Appendix Eps Risen Excluding Selected Adjusted Net Income Was 1281797 145
Excluding Selected Adjusted Net Income Was 1283504 173 Exclusive Collaboration Discovery Pi3k Inhibitors
Executive Committee Executive Committee Management
Executive Vice President Pharmaceutical Operations Exelixis
Exemptions Exceptions Ifrs Exhibits
Existing Option Plans 2006 Existing Option Plans 2007
Existing Option Plans 2008 Expand Strategic Antibody Collaboration
Expenditure Commitment Authorization Procedure Expert Audits
Expert Opinion Drug Delivery Explore
Extension Indication Sought Pediatric Population United States Project Exubera Alliance
F33 Pensions Postretirement Benefits F34 Earnings Per Share
F35 Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income F36 Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Face Uncertainties Over Pricing Pharmaceutical Products Face Uncertainties Over Pricing Reimbursement Pharmaceutical Products
Facility Shanghai Fact Blood Sugar Levels Reduced Along Weight Loss
Fail Adequately Renew Product Portfolio Whether Through Own Fair Value
Fair Value Long-term Debt Fda Approval Significant Milestone Evaluation Treatment Options Patients
Fda Approves Lovenox Enoxaparin Sodium Injection Most Severe Fifth Consecutive Dose
Fight Fatal Disease Finalization Preliminary Purchase Price Allocation
Finance Finance Leases
Financial Accounting Standards Board Fasb Recently Issued Following Financial Assets
Financial Assets Non-current Financial Calendar
Financial Code Ethics Financial Commitment Related Offer Zentiva Shares
Financial Foreign Exchange Derivatives 2005 Financial Foreign Exchange Derivatives 2006
Financial Foreign Exchange Derivatives 2007 Financial Foreign Exchange Derivatives 2008
Financial Foreign Exchange Risk Financial Income Expenses
Financial Information Financial Instruments
Financial Investment Authorization Procedure Financial Liabilities
Financial Presentation Alliances Financial Statements Other Communications Shareholders
Financial Statements Presented Accordance Ias Financial Timetable
Financing Aventis Acquisition Financing Aventis Acquisition 2004 Refinancing Debt 2005
Financing Controlling Financing Treasury Procedures
First-half Business Net Income First-half Consolidated Financial Statements Been Subject Limited Review
First-half Net Sales First-half Net Sales Product
Fluctuations Currency Exchange Rates Adversely Affect Results Operations Flupan
Fluzone Vaccine Focus Biologics
Following Market Share Ranking Information Based Sales Data Foreign Currency Translation
Foreign Currency Translation Financial Statements Subsidiaries Foreign Exchange Fluctuations Adversely Affect Dollar Value Adss
Form Form Shares
Forward Looking Statement Forward Looking Statements
Forward Looking Statements Merck Forward Looking Statements Regeneron
Forward Looking Statements Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc Forward Looking Statements Sanofi-aventis
Forward Looking Statements Schering-plough Forward-looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements -sanofi-aventis Forward-looking Statements Regeneron
Forward-looking Statements Sanofi-aventis Fov 1101 Prednisporin
Fov 2302 Fov 2304
Fovea Pharmaceuticals France
France Heart Sanofi Pasteur Industrial Operations Free Translation French Language Original
French Descriptive Report Internal Controls French Gaap
French President Nicolas Sarkozy State Visit China French President Nicolas Sarkozys State Visit
French Taxes Full
Full-year Full-year Adjusted Eps Growth Least
Full-year Demonstrated Ability Deliver Eps Growth Penalized Generics Full-year Guidance
Full-year Net Sales Full-year Net Sales Product
Further Development Other Types Cancer Further List Description Risks Uncertainties Found Pfizers Annual
Further Positive Phase Results Eplivanserin Future Events
Future Joint Venture Global Leader Animal Health Ga-epo Patent Litigation
Gaap Reconciliation Gaap Reconciliation Presentation Differences
Gains Losses Disposal Litigation Gains Losses Disposals Litigation
Gastric Cancer Gastric Stomach Cancer
Gender Discrimination General
General Informations General Meeting Shareholders
General Policy General Shareholders Meetings
Generic Versions Some Products Approved Sale Major Markets Generics
Geographical Split 2009 First-half Net Sales Vaccines Segment Germany
Gilles Brisson Gilles Lhernould
Global Focused Organizations Discovery Development Global Media Contact
Global Media Relations Glossary Patent Terminology
Glycemic Control Between Patients Using Lantus Versus Detemir Gmt Conference Call Webcast
Good 2009 Performance Good Performance 2009
Good Sales Growth Despite Introduction Generics Products Goodwill
Goodwill Amortization Government Investigations Competition Law Regulatory Claims
Government Investigations Plavix Settlement Government Investigations Pricing Marketing Practices
Government Investigations-pricing Marketing Practices Government Readiness Program
Gregory Irace Gross Profit
Group Internal Audit Groups Commitments
Growing Threat Growth Net Sales Expressed Constant Structure Basis Exchange
Guarantees Guarantees Given
Guarantees Received Guidance
Guidance 2006 Raised Basis First-half Results Guidance Raised
Guidance Raised Based Good Results Achieved 2007 Full-year Guidance Reiterated
Gérard Fur Haemophilus Influenza
Haemophilus Influenzae Half
Half 2005 Half 2006
Half 2007 Half 2008
Half-year Management Report Hangzhou Binjiang New Development Zone
Hanspeter Spek Head Neck Cancer
Head Neck Cancer Deadly Disease Health
Health Outcomes Treatment Satisfaction Patients Using Lantus Versus Health Safety Environment
Health Safety Environment Hse Healthcare Costs Patients Using Lantus Therapy
Heart Disease Stroke Statistics 2006 Update Hedging
Heinz-werner Meier Help Patients Diabetes Improve Glycemic Control
Hib Hib Disease
Highlighted World Congress Cardiology Highlights Half 2005 Pharmaceuticals Business
Highlights Half 2005 Vaccines Business Highlights Improved Offer
History Development Hiv
Hoechst Hoechst Gmbh Share Purchase Option Plans
Hoechst Shareholder Litigation Hold Adss Rather Shares Difficult Exercise Some Rights
Holding Shares Hospital-acquired Resistant Infections
Http Eceuropaeu Internal Market Accounting Ias Enhtm Http Wwwcopaxonecom Indexhtml
Hub Global Health Human Concludes Changes Prescribing Advice Necessary
Human Vaccines Human Vaccines Activity
Hypertension Idraparinux
Ifrs Exemptions Exceptions Ifrs Project
Image Immunization Recommendations
Impact Exchange Rates Impact Ifrs
Impairment Impairment Intangible Assets
Impairment Investments Impairment Property Plant Equipment Intangibles
Implementation Improved Offer Implementation New Model
Implementation Offer Important Information
Important Partnerships Important Risk Information
Important Safety Information Improved Blood Sugar Control Plus Weight Loss Achieved
Improved Offer Improved Offer Zentiva Unanimous Backing Zentivas Board Directors
Ims Consolidated Net Sales Presented Ims Data Related Sanofi-aventis Not Include Vaccines
In-process Research Development Acquired Part Business Combination Inclusive
Income Before Tax Associates Income Equity Investees Net
Income Presented Appendix Income Statements 2004 Respectively Adjusted Net 2005 Was
Income Tax Expense Income Tax Expenses
Income Taxes Inconclusive Conflicting Data
Increase 2007 Full-year Earnings Growth Guidance Increase 2008 Guidance
Increase 2008 Guidance See Page Increase 2009 Guidance
Increase Breaks Down Following Components 128 Increases Share Capital
Incurred Substantial Debt Connection Acquisition Aventis Limits Business Independent Registered Public Accounting Firms
Index Index Financial Statements
Indicate Check Basis Accounting Registrant Used Prepare Financial Indication
Individual Shareholders Induces Robust Seroprotective Antibody Response Children Adults
Industrial Relations Industrial Sites
Industrial Sites Pharmaceutical Activity Infect Dis Med Microbiol
Influenza Influenza H1n1 2009 Monovalent Vaccine
Influenza Immunization Influenza Overview
Influenza Vaccine Production Sanofi Pasteur Influenza Vaccines
Information Enquiries Please Contact Information Legal Arbitration Proceedings
Information Relating Sanofi-aventis Combined General Meeting 2007 Information Reporting Backup Withholding
Information Reporting Backup Withholding Tax Information Systems Usage Charter
Informations Please Visit Infraserv Höchst
Ingrid Goerg-armbrecht Initial Order Bulk Vaccine Valued 190
Insomnia Institute Oneworld Health
Institutional Investors Analysts Insulin Glargine Rdna Origin
Insulin Glulisine Rdna Origin Insulin Glulisine Rdna Origin Injection
Insulin Lispro Part Basal-bolus Regimen Insulin Therapy People Type Diabetes Generally Initiated Very
Insurance Insurance Risk Coverage
Insuring Intangible Assets
Integration Integration Committees
Integration New Groups Activities Presents Significant Challenges Result Interest Rate Forward Options Contracts
Interest Rate Risk Interest Vegf-trap Driven Unique Characteristics High Potential Most
Interim Analysis Novel Regimen Taxotere Without Anthracyclines Appears Interim Analysis Phase Study Shows Taxotere -based Regimens
Interim Results Following Initial Dose Vaccine Internal Audit Charter
Internal Control Documentation Assessment Program Processes Contributing Preparation Internal Control Documentation Evaluation Program
Internal Medicine International Development
International Financial Reporting Standards Adoption International Financial Reporting Standards Ifrs
Intra-dermal Route Vaccination Introduction
Introduction Key Figures Half 2006 Inventories
Inventory Costs Invest Substantial Sums Research Development Order Remain Competitive
Investments Advances Equity Investees Investments Advances Non-consolidated Companies
Investments Associates Ionamin Fen Phen Litigation
Irrevocable Purchase Commitments Irrevocable Purchase Obligations
Italy Japan
Japanese Phase Clinical Trial Jean-claude Armbruster
Jean-claude Leroy Jean-françois Dehecq
Jean-marc Podvin Jean-michel Lévy
Jean-philippe Santoni Jean-pierre Kerjouan
Karen Linehan Karen Linehan General Counsel 174 Avenue France 75013
Ketek Ketek Cause Visual Disturbances Particularly Slowing Ability Accommodate
Key Figures Half 2007 Key Figures Half 2008
Key Milestone Preparing Pandemic Response Fall Key Research Areas
Kroger Antitrust Claim Laboratorios Kendrick
Lactacyd Lancet
Lantus Lantus Insulin Glargine Rdna Origin
Lantus Insulin Glargine Rdna Origin Injection Lantus Regimen Was Associated Reduced Risk Hypoglycemia Fewer
Lantus Solostar Large Majority
Largest Shareholders Own Significant Percentage Share Capital Voting Latin America Asia
Laurence Debroux Legal Reserve
Legend Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Chemical Liability Further Capital Calls
License Agreements License Development Agreements
License Income Government Levies Licensure Nations Vaccine Significant Milestone Pandemic Preparedness
Light Fully Human Monoclonal Antibody Light Molecule
Limits Placed Board Powers Chief Executive Officer Liquidation Rights
Liquidity Liquidity Capital Resources
Liquidity Risk List
List Appendices Litigation
Lock-up Period Shares Obtained Exercise Stock Options Chairman Lock-up Period Shares Obtained Exercise Stock Options Disposition
Long-term Debt Long-term Receivables Other Deferred Charges
Looking Forward Developing Collaboration Oxford Biomedica Lovenox
Lovenox Antitrust Litigation Lovenox Clexane
Lovenox Clexane Europe Lovenox Patent Infringement Suit Decided Against Sanofi -aventis
Lovenox Patent Litigation Lovenox Patent Trial Update
Lovenox Reissue Generic Filing Lovenox Safety Syringe
Lung Cancer Lung Cancer Study
Lyon France 2005 Lyon France 2006
Lyon France Swiftwater Usa 2005 Ma888
Main Areas Main Developments Portfolio
Main Events Main Events Half Vaccines Business Related H5n1 Pandemic
Main Financing Debt Reduction Transactions Period Main Included Financial Assets Non-current
Main Vaccines Products Major Products
Malaria Patients Each Management
Management Committee Management Control Procedures
Management Type Diabetes Not Only Focus Controlling Blood Managerial Committees
Managing Human Resources Managing Information Systems
Managing Legal Affairs Mandatory Offers Subsequent Acquisition
Mandatory Offers Subsequent Acquisition Aventis Manufacture Products Technically Complex Supply Interruptions Caused Unforeseen
Manufacture Products Technically Complex Supply Interruptions Product Recalls Manufacturing Base Hangzhou
Marc Cluzel Marie-hélène Laimay
Market Value Debt Market Value Debt Net Cash Equivalents
Marketable Investment Securities Marketing Distribution
Markets Material Contracts
Material Impacts Application Fair Value Acquisition Accounting Combination Material Impacts Application Purchase Accounting Acquisition Follows
Material Impacts Application Purchase Accounting Aventis Acquisition Restructuring Material Impacts Arising Fair Value Acquisition Accounting Follows
Mcaa Industry Litigation Investigation Measurement Date Securities Issued
Measurement Impairment Loss Intangible Assets Other Goodwill Measurement Stock Option Plans
Media Briefing Webcast 400 Media Contact
Media Contacts Media Relations
Medications Alone Medicines Malaria Venture
Medley Medley Brazil
Meeting Committee Meningitis
Meningitis Pneumonia Vaccines Meningitis Program
Meningococcal Disease Meningococcal Meningitis Major Public Health Problem Approximately 500000
Merck Mercks Interest Merial
Merger Sanofi Group Synthélabo Merial
Merrimack Messer Griesheim Gmbh
Metabolic Disorders Metabolism
Methionine Antitrust Litigation Method
Methodology Michel Labie
Micromet Inc Milan 2005
Minimizing Toxicity Minority Interests
Minutes Mm-121
Mmwr Monoclonal Antibodies
Monoclonal Antibody Oncology Moraxella Catarrhalis
Moreover People Europe United States Suffer Chronic Kidney Mosaic
Motion Filed Preliminary Injunction Plavix Patent Infringement Case Mri
Multaq Dronedarone Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis Most Common Cause Disability Young Adults Mycoplasma Pneumoniae
Mérieux Alliance Nanchang Plants Expansion Project
Nasacort Nasacort Patent Litigation
National Surgical Adjuvant Breast Bowel Project Nsabp Protocol Nci Studies
Nearly Cumulative Synergies Delivered End 2005 Neisseria Meningitidis
Net Debt Net Debt Currency
Net Debt Type Value Redemption Net Financial Expense
Net Financial Income Expense Net Income
Net Income Attributable Equity Holders Net Income Attributable Minority Interests
Net Other Operating Income Net Sales
Net Sales 110 Comparable Basis Net Sales 128 6853m Comparable Basis Down Reported
Net Sales Business Segment Net Sales Business Segment Human Vaccines
Net Sales Business Segment Pharmaceuticals Net Sales Geographic Region
Net Sales Geographical Region Net Sales Human Vaccines
Net Sales Product Net Sales Product -reported-basis Growth
New 2005 Stock Subscription Option Plan Granted Sanofi-aventis New 2006 Stock Subscription Option Plan Granted Sanofi-aventis
New Anti-arrhythmic Drug Approved European Union Last New Committees 2008
New England Journal Medicine New Facility Increase Production Capacity
New Formulation Been Developed Aim Improving Vaccine Effectiveness New Indication Enoxaparin Now Applicable Across Full Spectrum
New Interpretations New Lantus Solostar Test Results Published
New Operating Models New Organization Announced 2007
New Products Portfolio New Rapid-acting Insulin Analog Now Available United States
New Solid Tumor Bite Antibody New Standards Amendments Interpretations Applicable 2008
New Standards Interpretations Applicable 2006 New Standards Interpretations Applicable 2007
New Standards Interpretations Subsequent Application New Tax Distribution Regime
New Vaccine Against Polio Decades Used Egypt Part New Vaccine Targets
New York New York 2005
Nicole Cranois Notes
Notes Pro Forma Financial Information Notes References
Notice General Shareholders Meetings Notice Shareholders Meetings
Number Employees Nutraceuticals Otc Division Australia
Obese Overweight Patients Objective Definition Internal Control
Objectives Derivative Financial Instruments Obligation Acquire Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft Shares
Obligations Directors Observed Pro-arrhythmia
Observers Censeurs Oenobiol
Offer Offer Listing Details
Offer Price Olivier Charmeil
Olivier Jacquesson Oncology
Oncology Immunology Oncology Very Ambitious Program Studies Accelerate Market Access
Ongoing Cost Adaptation Measures Ongoing Transformation Sanofi-aventis
Only Extended-release Prescription Sleep Medication Indicated Induction Maintenance Opening Organization Outside World
Operating Income Operating Income Before Restructuring Impairment Ppe Intangibles Gains
Operating Income Before Restructuring Impairment Property Plant Equipment Operating Income Current
Operating Leases Operating Profit
Operating Results Operational Foreign Exchange Derivatives
Operational Foreign Exchange Derivatives 2006 Operational Foreign Exchange Derivatives 2008
Operational Foreign Exchange Risk Operations Board Directors
Operations Committee Opticlick Patent Litigation
Opticlik Patent Litigation Option Additional Doses
Options Purchase Group Shares Options Subscribe Group Shares
Organization Adjustments Organizational Audits Conducted Pharmaceuticals Operations Directorate
Organizational Structure Organizing Group
Osteoporosis Otc
Other Other Adjustments
Other Blood Products Litigation Other Business Combinations
Other Current Assets Other Current Operating Income
Other Current Operating Income Expenses Other Developments
Other Foreign Exchange Risks Other Highlights Half 2005 Included
Other Intangible Assets Other Legal Matters Adverse Outcomes Changes Law Material
Other Legal Matters Adverse Outcomes Material Effect Business Other Litigation Arbitration
Other Long-term Investments Other Long-term Obligations
Other Operating Income Expense Other Operating Income Expenses
Other Participants Other Pharmaceutical Products
Other Products Other Reclassifications
Other Required Applicable Law Anofi-aventis Not Undertake Other Required Applicable Law Sanofi-aventis Not Undertake Obligation
Other Revenues Other Segment Information
Other Serious Infectious Diseases Other Significant Changes 2004
Other Significant Events Other Standards
Other Study Results Protocol Other Vaccines
Outlook Outlook 2005
Ovarian Cancer Ovarian Study
Over Euros Invested Over People Worldwide Suffer Alzheimers Disease
Over Polio-free Countries Using Ipv Overview
Ownership Securities Ownership Shares Non-french Persons
Oxford Biomedica Pad
Pandemic Influenza Pandemic Influenza Overview
Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Panenza
Panenza Humenza Paragraph Commercial Code
Paris Paris 2004
Paris 2005 Paris 2006
Paris 2007 Paris 22nd 2006
Paris France 2005 Paris France 2006
Paris France 2006 Apotex Corp Announced Was Launching Paris France 2007
Paris France 2007 8211 Paris France 2008 Sanofi-aventis Announced Chris Viehbacher Taken
Paris France Geneva Switzerland 2005 Paris France Jerusalem Israel 2007
Paris France New York 2006 Paris France New York Toronto 2006
Paris France Oxford 2007 Paris France Princeton 2006
Paris France Princeton Aug 2006 Paris France Princeton New Jersey 2006
Paris France San Antonio Usa 2006 Paris France Septembre 2008
Paris France Tarrytown 2007 Paris France Tokyo Japan 2007
Paris France-july 2008- Sanofi-aventis Announces Today Returning Territory Paris New York 2005
Paris San Antonio 8th 2005 Paris Tokyo- 2005
Participating Shares Participating Shares Series
Partnerships Access Medicines Past Decade Lot Research Been Conducted Find Alternative
Patent Infringement Case Patent Litigation
Patent Protection Patents
Patents Infringed Infringe Others Patients Atrial Fibrillation
Patients Atrial Fibrillation Flutter Patients Treated Insulin
Paying-up Libération Shares Pci-extract Timi Study
Pediar Infect Dis Pediatric Adolescent Adult Booster Combination Vaccines
Pediatric Combination Adolescent Adult Booster Vaccines Pediatric Combination Polio Vaccines
Pediatric Combination Poliomyelitis Polio Vaccines Pediatric Extension
Pension Pensions
Pensions Post Retirement Benefits Pensions Post-retirement Benefits
Pensions Unrecognized Actuarial Gains Losses Per Share Paid 21st
Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Pci Performance
Performance Buoyed Key Growth Drivers Periods Exclude Impact Exchange Rates Recalculating Sales Earlier
Persons Holding Adss Rather Shares Difficulty Exercising Certain Pertussis
Pfizer Pfizer Disclosure Notice
Pfizer Disclosure Notice Information Contained Release 2005 Assumes Phage Display Technology
Pharmaceutical Activity Pharmaceutical Industry Antitrust Litigation
Pharmaceutical Operations Europe Excluding France Germany Pharmaceutical Research Development
Pharmaceuticals Pharmacovigilance
Phase Development Program Aflibercept Phase Studies Aflibercept Combination Chemotherapy
Phase Studies Aflibercept Symptomatic Malignant Ascites Sma Phase Study
Phase Study Single-agent Aflibercept Advanced Ovarian Cancer Phase Trial Trovax High-dose Interleukin-2 Metastatic Renal Cancer
Phase Trial Trovax Interferon-alpha Metastatic Renal Cancer Phase Trial Trovax Low-dose Interleukin-2 Metastatic Renal Cancer
Philippe Barquet 670486128 Philippe Fauchet
Philippe Peyre Pi3k Inhibitors
Pierre Chancel Planning Developing Strategy
Plavix Plavix Antitrust Claim
Plavix Consumer Fraud Claims Plavix Europe
Plavix Iscover Plavix Litigation
Plavix Litigation Settlement Fails Receive Antitrust Clearance States Plavix Patent
Plavix Patent Infringement Case Plavix Patent Litigation
Plavix Product Litigation Plavix Recovers Position Full Impact Expected
Pneumococcal Program Pneumococcal Vaccine Program
Pneumoniae Polio
Polio Haemophilus Influenzae Type Hib Poliomyelitis
Portfolio Positive Phase Iib Results Products
Postprandial Glucose Control Apidra Potentially Maximize Efficacy
Powers Pre-acquisition Tax Contingencies
Preclinical Studies Preemptive Rights
Preferential Subscription Rights Preliminary
Preliminary Injunction Ordered Plavix Patent Infringement Case Apotex Presentation Alliance Agreements Bms
Presentation Consolidated Financial Statements Presentation Differences
Presentation Financial Other Information Presentation Net Sales
Presented Comparability Purposes Though Offer Aventis Transactions Described Press Release
Press Release Contains Forward-looking Statements Defined Private Securities Press Release Only Communicated Persons United Kingdom Circumstances
Prevalence Diabetes Increasing Worldwide Number Diabetics Reach 330 Prevention Venous Thrombo-embolic Events Remains Major Public Health
Pricing Pricing Reimbursement
Pricing Volume Other Restrictions Principal Accountants Fees Services
Principal Amount Eur Principal Associates
Principal Financing Transactions Principal Partnerships
Principal Pharmaceutical Products Principal Products
Principal Vaccines Products Principles Internal Control
Pro Forma Pro Forma Amortization Impairment Intangibles
Pro Forma Combined Developed Sales Pro Forma Combined Net Sales
Pro Forma Combined Net Sales Business Segment Pro Forma Combined Net Sales Geographical Region
Pro Forma Combined Net Sales Top Products Pro Forma Exceptional
Pro Forma Goodwill Amortization Pro Forma Gross Profit
Pro Forma Income Equity Investees Net Pro Forma Income Taxes
Pro Forma Information Pro Forma Minority Interests
Pro Forma Net Financial Income Expense Pro Forma Net Income
Pro Forma Net Sales Pro Forma Net Sales Geographic Area
Pro Forma Net Sales Human Vaccines Pro Forma Statement Income
Procedures Associated Other Executive Operational Support Processes Procedures Supporting Preparation Chairmans Report
Procter Gamble Pharmaceuticals Procter Gamble Pharmaceuticals Alliance
Produce Vaccines Meeting Highest Quality Standards Producing
Product Liability Claims Adversely Affect Business Operating Results Product Liability Claims Adversely Affect Business Results Operations
Product Overview Production Raw Materials
Products Products Committee
Profit-sharing Schemes Proforma Combined Net Sales Geographical Region
Proforma Statement Income Progress 2005
Project Boost Innovation Project Funding
Project Highlights Property Plant Equipment
Proportionately-consolidated Companies Prostate Cancer
Protecting Safeguarding Protection Against Meningococcal Infection
Provided Comparative Purposes Presented Though Offer Aventis Other Provisions Other Liabilities
Provisions Pensions Other Long-term Benefits Proxies Votes Mail
Pseudomembranous Colitis Been Reported Nearly Antibacterial Agents Including Public Accounting Firms
Publication Clinical Trial Results Published Information Review Committee
Purchase Accounting Purchase Accounting Effects Primarily Acquisition Aventis 2004
Purchase Own Shares Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers
Purchasing Purposes Share Repurchase Programs
Pursued Transformation Strategy Reinforcing Platforms Growth Forging Ahead Questions Answers
Quorum Rabies
Rabies Vaccine Ral Treatment
Ramipril Canada Ramipril Canada Patent Litigation
Read Important Information End Press Release Realiseaf
Receive Plavix Clopidogrel Bisulfate Receive Plavix Clopidogrel Hydrogensulfate
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Events
Recent Events Associated Offers Aventis Hoechst Shares Reconciliation 2004 Consolidated Net Sales Pro Forma
Reconciliation 2005 First-half Reported Net Sales Comparable Reconciliation 2006 First-half Reported Net Sales Comparable
Reconciliation 2007 First-half Reported Net Sales Comparable Reconciliation 2009 First-half Reported Net Sales Constant Exchange
Reconciliation Carrying Amount Value Redemption Reconciliation Consolidated Income Statement Adjusted
Reconciliation Consolidated Net Income Adjusted Reconciliation Consolidated Net Income Attributable Equity Holders Adjusted
Reconciliation First-half Developed Sales 2005 2004 Reconciliation Net Income Adjusted
Reconciliation Net Income Attributable Equity Holders Adjusted Recordaf
Recorded Video Webcast Presentations Available Recurrent Major Depression
Redemption Shares Refer Change Sales Comparable Basis Mean Exclude Impact
References Refinancing Carried Out 2005
Regarding Zimulti Rimonabant Regeneron
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc
Regenerons Velocisuite Technologies Registered Capital
Registered Office Regulation
Regulatory Environment Increasingly Challenging Pharmaceutical Industry Regulatory Exclusivity
Related Party Transactions Related-party Transactions
Rely Parties Manufacture Supply Substantial Portion Raw Materials Rely Parties Marketing Some Products
Rely Parties Marketing Some Products Act Ways Harm Remain Open Until 2009
Reminder Renal Cancer
Renal Cell Carcinoma Replay
Report Chairman Board Directors Preparation Organization Work Internal Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firms
Reporting Obligations Required Reports Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Requirements Holdings Exceeding Certain Percentages Research Alliance
Research Development Research Development Costs Acquired Separately
Research Development Expenses Research Development Process Lengthy Carries Substantial Risk Product
Research Development Production Activities Research Development Sites
Research Development Sites Pharmaceutical Activity Research Development Update
Resolution Plavix Litigation Respectively Full-year Adjusted Net Income 2005 Was
Respiratory Allergy Responds Fda Recommendation Influenza Virus Strain Change Supplement
Response Even Those Over Age Response Global Health Needs Dengue Vaccine
Restructuring Costs Restructuring Provisions
Result Intensive Development Testing Diabetes Patients Doctors Nurses Result New Information Future Events Developments
Result Over Intensive Development Testing Designed Pen Input Results
Results Confirm 2006 Full-year Guidance See Page Results Guidance
Results Presented Adas Annual Scientific Sessions Revenue
Revenue Recognition-bms Alliance Reversal Impairment Loss
Review Portfolio Rhodia
Rhodia Equity Swap Rhodia Shareholder Litigation
Right Access Representation Right Access-representation
Rights Obligations Attached Each Share Rilutek Litigation
Rilutek Patent Litigation Rimonabant
Rimonabant Acomplia Rimonabant Usa Update
Rio-diabetes Study Showed Rimonabant 20mg Significantly Improved Weight Rio-diabetes Trial
Risk Factors Risks Handling Hazardous Materials Adversely Affect Operating Results
Risks Handling Hazardous Materials Adversely Affect Results Operations Role
Role Board Directors Role Internal Control Assessment Department
Roles Powers Chairman Chief Executive Officer Russia National Project Health
S-1 Sabril Litigation
Sabril Litigation Anti-epilepsy Safety
Safety Efficacy Data Presented 2009 Ectrims Safety Information
Safety Information Influenza H1n1 2009 Monovalent Vaccine Safety Tolerability
Sales Sales Active Ingredient American Joint Venture Managed Bms
Sales Shares Cause Market Price Adss Decline Sales Shares Eligible Sale Near Future Cause Market
Salk Institute Biological Studies San Diego 2005
Sanofi Aventis Pfizer Seek Approval Market Exubera United Sanofi Pasteur
Sanofi Pasteur Begins Shipping Adacel Vaccine Combined Protection Sanofi Pasteur Blood Products Litigation
Sanofi Pasteur China Sanofi Pasteur Clinical Trial Design
Sanofi Pasteur Crucell Exclusive Agreement Sanofi Pasteur Dengue Vaccine Global Clinical Study Program
Sanofi Pasteur Hepatitis Vaccine Litigation Sanofi Pasteur Inc Thimerosal Litigation
Sanofi Pasteur Influenza Vaccine Production Sanofi Pasteur Mmr Vaccine Litigation
Sanofi Pasteur Pandemic Preparedness Sanofi Pasteur Pipeline
Sanofi Pasteur Sites Sanofi Pasteur Thimerosal Litigation
Sanofi-aventis Sanofi-aventis 2005 First-half Consolidated Income Statement
Sanofi-aventis Acquire Fovea French Biopharmaceutical Ophthalmology Sanofi-aventis Acquires 24876 Zentiva
Sanofi-aventis Also Excludes Integration Restructuring Costs Associated Transaction Sanofi-aventis Brazil
Sanofi-aventis Cardiology Thrombosis Sanofi-aventis China
Sanofi-aventis Committed Working Diabetes Community Develop New Technologies Sanofi-aventis Concludes Euro10 Medium-term Credit Agreements Banks Refinance
Sanofi-aventis Delivers 2008 Results Above Guidance Sanofi-aventis Excludes Adjusted Net Income Restructuring Cost Associated
Sanofi-aventis Forward Looking Statements Sanofi-aventis Forward-looking Statements
Sanofi-aventis Gains Market Share Sanofi-aventis Group
Sanofi-aventis Group Conducts Business Through Affiliates Sanofi-synthelabo Inc Sanofi-aventis Group Subsidiaries United States Include Sanofi-synthelabo Inc
Sanofi-aventis Mexico Sanofi-aventis Oncology Target Cancer Commitment Action
Sanofi-aventis Parent Financial Statements 2006 French Gaap Sanofi-aventis Parent Financial Statements Half 2005 French Gaap
Sanofi-aventis Partnership Fighting Against Neglected Diseases Sanofi-aventis Pen Portfolio
Sanofi-aventis Pro Forma Income Statement 2004 Sanofi-aventis Research Development Achievements 2007
Sanofi-aventis Research Development Achievements 2008 Sanofi-aventis Research Development Diabetes
Sanofi-aventis Scientific Medical Affairs Achievements 2004 Sanofi-aventis Scientific Medical Affairs Achievements 2005
Sanofi-aventis Scientific Medical Affairs Achievements 2006 Sanofi-aventis Simplified Consolidated Balance Sheet
Sanofi-aventis Simplified Statement Cash Flows Sanofi-aventis Statement
Sanofi-aventis Subsidiaries United States Include Sanofi-synthelabo Inc Aventis Sanofi-aventis Sues Novopharm Patent Infringement Canada
Sanofi-aventis Transformation Program Sanofi-aventiss Largest Shareholders Own Significant Percentage Enlarged Share
Schering-plough Schizophrenia Serious Psychiatric Condition Affecting Around Adult Population
Scope Ims Developed Sales Includes Scope Internal Control
Searching Discovering Developing Registering New Products Seasonal Influenza Overview
Seasonal Pandemic Influenza Vaccines Seasonal Trends
Securities Offered Not Been Registered Act 1933 Amended Securities Registered Pursuant Act
See Adverse Reactions See Appendix Definitions Financial Indicators Page Details Selected
See Appendix Geographical Split Consolidated Net Sales Product See Warnings
Segmental Analysis Selected Exchange Rate Information
Selected Refer Appendix Selected See Appendix
Selling General Expenses Senior Management
Senior Vice President Audit Internal Control Assessment Senior Vice President Business Development
Senior Vice President Chief Financial Officer Senior Vice President Chief Medical Officer
Senior Vice President Communications Institutional Professional Relations Senior Vice President Corporate Affairs
Senior Vice President Corporate Human Resources Senior Vice President Global Marketing
Senior Vice President Global Marketing Access Senior Vice President Human Resources Since 2008
Senior Vice President Industrial Affairs Senior Vice President Industrial Affairs Since 2008
Senior Vice President International Development Senior Vice President Legal Affairs General Counsel
Senior Vice President Pharmaceutical Operations Asia Pacific Senior Vice President Pharmaceutical Operations Asia Pacific Japan
Senior Vice President Pharmaceutical Operations Europe Canada Excluding Senior Vice President Pharmaceutical Operations France
Senior Vice President Pharmaceutical Operations Intercontinental Senior Vice President Pharmaceutical Operations United States
Senior Vice President Research Development Senior Vice President Vaccines
Serenade Serge Weinberg
Series Participating Shares Settlement
Shanghai Institutes Biological Sciences Sibs Share Buyback Program
Share Capital Share Issue Reserved Employees
Share Ownership Share Profit Associates
Share Profit Loss Associates Share Profits Associates
Share Repurchase Program Share Repurchase Program Dividend
Share Repurchase Programs Share Warrants
Share-based Payment Shareholders Agreement
Shareholders Equity Shares Adss
Shares Eligible Future Sale Shares Owned Members Board Directors
Shares Owned Members Board Directors Executive Committee Shares Owned Members Board Directors Senior Management
Sharp Rise Proposed Dividend Shipment Fluzone Influenza Virus Vaccine Market Begins-
Short-term Debt Current Portion Long-term Sickness Fexinidazole
Signatures Significant Acquisitions
Significant Changes Significant Changes 2002
Significant Changes 2003 Significant Changes 2005
Significant Changes 2005 2006 Significant Changes Half 2005
Significant Divestments Significant Post Balance Sheet Events
Significant Progress Pipeline Signing Take Place Franco-russian Intergovernmental Seminar
Simplified Consolidated Balance Sheet Simplified Consolidated Statement Cash Flows
Simplifying Administration Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients Sleeping Sickness Human African Trypanosomiasis Hat
Slowdown Global Economic Growth Negative Consequences Business Social Charter
Société Anonyme Conseil Dadministration Solid Quarterly Results 2009 Full-year Guidance Updated
Solostar Solostar Patent Litigation
Some 300 People Suffer Dyslipidemia Largest Industrialized Countries Sorbates Industry Investigation
Source Sdi 2005 Update Sources Revenues Expenses
Spain Specialist Committees
Spirits Study Split Business Segment
Split Net Sales Ssr 591813 Smoking Cessation
Stake Regeneron Approximately Standards
Standards Amendments Applicable Consolidated Financial Statements Sanofi-aventis Standards Amendments Not Apply Consolidated Financial Statements Sanofi-aventis
Staphylococcus Aureus State Local Taxes
Statement Corporate Governance Required 303a-11 New York Stock Statement Corporate Governance Required Rule 303a11 New York
Statements Cautionary Factors Statistical Analysis
Status Owner Statutory Auditors
Statutory Profit-sharing Scheme Participation Des Salariés Aux Résultats Statutory Scheme Participation Des Salariés Aux Résultats Lentreprise
Stemi Acute Coronary Syndrome Stilnox Ambien Myslee
Stilnox Zolpidem Product Litigation Stock Market Risk
Stock Option Plans Stock Option Plans Share Warrants
Stock Options Stock Options Exercised Directors Employees
Stock Options Held Jean-françois Dehecq Stock Options Warrants
Stock Purchase Option Plans Stock Subscription Option Plan Granted Sanofi-aventis
Stock Subscription Option Plans Stock-based Compensation
Strategy Strategy Committee
Strengthen Creativity Innovation Streptococcus Pneumoniae
Strong Cash Flow Operating Activities Half 2009 Strong Growth 257 2005 Adjusted Eps Nearly Synergies
Studies Studies Support Safety Immunogenicity
Study Study Design
Study Designs Study Findings
Study Results Study Suggests Rimonabant Achieve Improvement Blood Glucose Added
Subject Various Risks Submission
Summarized Financial Information Related Equity Investees Summary Not Constitute Legal Tax Advice Holders Consult
Summary Selected Financial Data Summary Selected Historical Consolidated Financial Data Sanofi-aventis Aventis
Summary Stock Option Plans Sunday 500 515 Hall Oral Presentation
Supplements Survival Rates Advanced Head Neck Cancer Historically Been
Survival Update Prognostic Factor Analysis Oxaliplatin Irinotecan Iri Sustainable Development Health Safety Environment Hse
Sustained Sales Growth Swiftwater Lyon France 2005
Swiftwater Lyon France 2006 Swiftwater Lyon France 2007
Swissmedic Symbion Consumer
Symptomatic Malignant Ascites Syndrome
Table Below Shows Key First-half Figures Taiho
Targeted Partnerships Support Development Innovative Products Tax 325 Study
Tax 327 Study Tax Sale Other Disposition
Tax Sale Other Disposition Including Redemption Taxation Annual Payments
Taxation Annual Payments Reorganization Payment Taxation Dividends
Taxation Redemption Taxes
Taxotere Taxotere Now Approved Cancer Types Japan-
Taxotere Patent Litigation Taxotere Receives Fda Approval Treatment Patients Head Neck
Team Research Worlds Largest Vaccine Manufacturers Combination Parties Telephone
Telithromycin Teriflunomide
Term Tetani
Tetanus Teva
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Teva Pharmaceuticals
Teva Safe Harbor Statement Private Securities Litigation Reform Thailand Scientific Milestone
Then Named Gérard Fur Chief Executive Officer Jean-françois They Colleagues Study Rather Research Subjects
Thrombosis Thrombosis Diabetes Cardiovascular Unique Portfolio Most Promising Industry
Thursday 2007 Time Compared Placebo
Timing Payment Timothy Rothwell
Tnbc Tokyo Japan Paris France 2006
Top Products Trademarks
Trading Eurolist Market Trading Euronext Paris Market
Trading Own Shares Trading Practices Own Shares
Transactions Associates Transactions Directors Materially Interested
Transactions Shares Members Board Directors Transfer Rights Exubera Interest Diabel
Transfer Shares Transformation Sanofi-aventis
Transforming Sanofi-aventis Diversified Global Leader Healthcare Transition Ifrs
Travel Endemic Measles Mumps Rubella Mmr Vaccines Travel Endemic Vaccines
Treasury Shares Treat Type Diabetes
Treatment Legacy Bsas Treatment Milestone Payments Licensing Agreements
Treatments People Living Type Diabetes Trial Demonstrates Optimal Therapeutic Index Patients Tch Did
Trials Vte Prevention Atrial Fibrillation Patients Triple Negative Breast Cancer Tnbc
Tritace Tritace Triatec Delix Altace
Trovax Tuberculosis
Types Stock Options Ucb
Ucb Forward-looking Statement Unable Protect Proprietary Rights Compete Effectively Operate Profitably
Unable Protect Proprietary Rights Fail Compete Effectively Operate Unable Protect Proprietary Rights Not Compete Effectively Operate
United Kingdom United States
University California Berkeley Unless Otherwise Indicated Growth Figures Press Release Comparable
Unless Otherwise Indicated Sales Growth Figures Press Release Update
Update Caption Armour Blood Products Litigation D201 Consolidated Update Caption Government Investigations Pricing Marketing Practices D201
Update Caption Lovenox Patent Litigation D22b Consolidated Financial Update Caption Plavix Patent Litigation D22b Consolidated Financial
Update Caption Ramipiril Canada D201 Consolidated Financial Statements Update Caption Rhodia D201 Consolidated Financial Statements Included
Update Caption Sanofi Pasteur Inc Thimerosal Litigation D22a Update Caption Solostar Patent Litigation D22b Consolidated Financial
Vaccine Combined Protection Against Tetanus Diphtheria Pertussis Vaccine Government
Vaccine Shan5 Dtp Hib Hepb Vaccines
Vaccines Clinical Results Meet Major Public Health Needs Vaccines Products
Vaccines Research Development Valuation Methods
Van Gogh Dvt Trials Van Gogh Extension Trials
Various Cancer Types Stages Disease Data Suggest Product Vegf Trap Clinical Development Program Oncology
Vegf Trap Represent New Treatment Regimen Seriously Ill Venous Thromboembolism Vte
Vice President Chemistry Vienna Austria 2006
Vitamin Antitrust Litigation Voluntary Scheme Intéressement Des Salariés
Votes Required Shareholder Action Voting Rights
Wacker Chemie Wacker-chemie
Warrants Was Prepared Basis Following Principles
Wayne Pisano Wealth Tax
Well-controlled Patients Derive Benefit Switch Lantus Wellstat Therapeutics
West Nile Virus Infections While Adding Late Stage Development Portfolio
Wiftwater Lyon France 2006 Working Capital Needs Increased 1281163 Period Compared 1281076
World Heart Federation Worlds Largest Diabetes Genotyping Project
Worldwide Comparable-basis Sales Plavix Aprovel 2007 2006 Split Worldwide Comparable-basis Sales Plavix Aprovel 2008 2007 Split
Worldwide Presence Aprovel Avapro Karvea Worldwide Presence Plavix Aprovel
Worldwide Presence Plavix Iscover Worldwide Presence Product
Xaliproden Severe Peripheral Sensory Neuropathy Psn Induced Chemotherapy Xatral
Xatral Patent Litigation Xatral Uroxatral
Xl147 Xl765 Xyzal
Xyzal New Treatment Option Todays Challenging Allergy Environment Xyzal Tablets Anda
Yves Rocher Zentiva
Zentiva Approximately 128 Zentiva Offer
Zentiva Shareholders Until 2009 Tender Shares Zimulti Acomplia Rimonabant Class Action
Zimulti Rimonabant Class Action 
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