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Accounting Changes Error Corrections Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income
Actions Addendum
Additional Detail 2005 Additional Detail 2006
Address Principal Executive Offices Adjustment Provisions
Administration Eligibility Administration Plan
Administrative Guidelines Administrative Provisions
Admission 2005 Annual Meeting Admission 2006 Annual Meeting
Admission 2007 Annual Meeting Admission 2008 Annual Meeting
Admission 2009 Annual Meeting Adopting Current Proposal Detrimental Minority Stockholders
Advisory Vote Executive Compensation Not Necessary Effective Mechanism Advisory Vote Put Competitive Disadvantage Impeding Ability Recruit
Advisory Vote Undermine Work Compensation Committee Inconsistent Fundamental Agreed Communication Plan
Agreement Aivers Ights Emedies
Ale Urchase Allowing Stockholders Amend Sara Lees Bylaws Majority Vote
Amendment Rights Agreement Amendment Termination
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amendments Sara Lees Bylaws Amounts Recognized Cost Sales Line Consolidated Statements Income
Amounts Recognized Cost Sales Selling General Administrative Expense Amounts Recognized Cost Sales Selling General Administrative Expenses
Amounts Recognized Net Charges Exit Activities Asset Business Amounts Recognized Net Charges Income Exit Activities Asset
Announces Share Repurchase Program Decided Maintain Dividend Per Annual Compensation
Annual Incentive Compensation Annual Meeting Held 2008
Annual Meeting Held 2009 Annual Meeting Stockholders
Annual Meetings Stockholders Anticipated Business Dispositions Proceeds
Appendix Approval
Ariations Assignment Length
Attendance Annual Meeting Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures
Audit Fees Automobile
Award Grant Notice Award Grant Notice Agreement
Award Grant Practices Award Program
Awards Plan Ayment Nter Ompany Ebt
Ayments B-7 Payment Death Non-employee Director Event Dies Before
Background Information Base Salary
Before Vote Benchmarking Executive Compensation Competitiveness
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Benefit Program Components
Beverage Board Directors
Board Directors Declares Regular Quarterly Dividend Per Share Board Directors Recommends Vote Each Nominees Director Proposals
Board Directors Statement Opposition Stockholder Proposal Board Long Record Proactive Leadership Area Corporate Governance
Branded Apparel Business
Business Developments 2005 Business Overview
Business Performance Review Business Segment Information
Business Sold 2008 Business Transformation Plan
Businesses Sold 2006 Businesses Sold 2007
Calculating Payouts Target Bonus Approach Capital Structure Initiatives
Cash Equivalents Short-term Investments Flow Cash Financing Activities
Cash Flow Cash Flow Presentation
Cash Investment Activities Cash Operating Activities
Cash Operations Ceos 2009 Compensation Opportunity
Ceos 2009 Realized Compensation Ceos Three-year Incentive Pay Overview
Certain Beneficial Owners Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence Chairman Ceo Positions
Challenges Risks Change Control
Change Control Plan Changes Business Segments Commodity Derivatives Presentation
Changes Credit Ratings Negative Impact Financing Costs Future Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Internal Controls Changes Relationship Major Customers Trade Terms Required Such
Changes Relationships Major Customers Trade Terms Required Such Changes Reporting Certain Expenses
Chief Executive Officers Compensation Clause
Clause Confidentiality Clause Contract Term
Clause Dismissal Clause Documents
Clause Job Powers Clause Noncompetition
Clause Primary Employment Terms Clause Secondary Employment Terms
Clause Secondary Functions Clause Tertiary Employment Terms
Code Conduct Code Ethics
Committees Board Directors Commodity Price Increases Increase Operating Costs Reduce Profits
Common Provisions Common Stock
Communications Board Directors Companies Subject Paragraph Non-competition
Comparison Five-year Cumulative Total Stockholder Return Compensation Brenda Barnes
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Discussion Analysis Compensation Recovery
Compensation Steven Mcmillan Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets
Components Executive Compensation Program Components Total Compensation
Computation Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges Conclusion
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consolidated Balance Sheets
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidated Net Income Diluted Earnings Per Share
Consolidated Net Income Diluted Earnings Per Share Eps Contingencies
Contingencies Commitments Contingent Features Concentration Credit Risk
Continuing Operations Continuing Operations-
Controls Procedures Corporate Documents
Corporate Governance Guidelines Corporate Performance Objectives
Cost Living Differential Cost Saving Initiatives Ahead Schedule
Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities Countries Other United States
Covenants Credit Facilities
Credit Facilities Ratings Credit Facility Ratings
Critical Accounting Estimates Current Economic Conditions Negatively Impact Demand Products Adversely
Customers Dear Sara Lee Stockholder
Debt Decisions Analysis
Deferred Compensation Plan Defined Benefit Postretirement Life-insurance Plans
Definitions Definitions Employee Criticality
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Description Description Business
Description Business Segments Description Plans
Detailed Chart Summarizing Sara Lees Guidance Included End Determining Competitiveness Executive Compensation Program
Diluted Earnings Per Share Diluted Earnings Per Share Down Timing Tobacco Proceeds
Diluted Earnings Per Share Excluding Significant Diluted Eps Continuing Operations
Direct Selling Director Compensation
Director Independence Directors Elected Annually
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Directors Executive Officers Sara Lee
Directors Officers Disclosure Controls
Disclosure Controls Procedures Dividend
Dividend Equivalents Dividends
Dont Achieve Targeted Cost Reductions Realize Anticipated Efficiencies Downtown Chicago
Drury Lane Theatre-oakbrook Terrace Earned
Earnings Guidance Earnings Per Share
Effective Date Term Plan Election Receive Shares Restricted Stock Units
Elements Executive Compensation Program Elevant Roperties
Eligibility Eller Arranties
Emergency Leave Employee Benefit Plans
Employee Option Share Plan Employees Netherlands Employee Stock Ownership Plans Esop
Employees Employment Agreement
Employment Retirement Agreements Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Matters Create Potential Liability Risks Eps Cash Operations
Eps Diluted Including Extraordinary Equity Compensation Plan Information Table
Etirement Enefits European Meats
Evidence Whereof Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Example Excerpt Sara Lees Corporate Governance Guidelines
Executive Compensation Executive Compensation Objectives
Executive Compensation Philosophy Guiding Principles Executive Deferred Compensation Plan
Executive Officers Sara Lee Executive Sessions
Executive Stock Ownership Requirements Executive Summary
Exhibits Exhibits Referred Agreement
Exit Activities Asset Business Disposition Actions Exit Disposal Activities
Exit Disposal Transformation Activities Expenses Solicitation
Expiration Date Option Expires Tenth Anniversary Grant Subject Explanation Non-gaap Financial Measures
Failure Maximize Successfully Assert Intellectual Property Rights Impact Failure Tobacco Remain Legal Product Certain European Nations
Fasb Interpretation Federal Income Tax Consequences
Financial Condition Financial Highlights
Financial Information Financial Information Foreign Domestic Operations Export Sales
Financial Information Industry Segments Financial Instruments
Financial Instruments Risk Management Financial Results Subject Currency Fluctuations Result Significant International
Financial Review Financial Statement Schedule
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Supplementary Data
Fluctuations Commodity Prices Cause Volatility Operating Costs Reduce Food Products Become Adulterated Misbranded Might Need Recall
Food Products Become Contaminated Mislabeled Might Need Recall Foodservice
Foreign Directors Forfeiture
Form 10-k Form 10-k Webcast
Form 10-q Form 10-q Webcast
Form Payment Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Forward-looking Information Forward-looking Information Business Overview
Forward-looking Statements Fresh Baked Goods
Future Contractual Obligations Commitments Fy04-06 Cumulative Diluted Eps
Fy05-07 Cumulative Diluted Eps Fy06 Annual Incentive Plan
Fy06 Vae Fy07 Vae
Fy07-09 Cumulative Diluted Eps Compared Peer Group Garvey
Gency Tructure General
Geographic Area Information Global Nature Business Creates Volatility Effective Tax Rate
Global Nature Business Resolution Tax Disputes Creates Volatility Goals Stated Plan Currency Rates
Governance Documents Grant Notice Agreement
Grants Plan-based Awards 2007 Table Narrative Disclosure Grants Plan-based Awards 2008 Table Narrative Disclosure
Gross Margin Gross Margin Percent
Guarantees Guidance
Hanges Ame Domain Name Registrations Healthcare Plan
Highlights Hird Arty Nforcement Ights
Hole Greement Host Housing
Household Body Care Household Products
I-294 I-purposes
I-purposes Plan Ights Escission Ermination
Ii-definitions Iii-effective Date Duration
Iii-effective Date Plan Duration Immediate Release
Impact 2009 Business Results Executive Compensation Impact Other Benefits
Impact Significant Diluted Earnings Per Share Impairment Charge
Impairment Charges Impairment Charges Recognized Continuing Operations
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Important Notice Regarding Internet Availability Proxy Materials Annual
Inability Achieve Targeted Cost Reductions Realize Anticipated Benefits Incentive Award Payments
Incentive Award Payout Levels Incentive Opportunity Performance Objectives
Incentive Opportunity Standards Performance Income Continuing Operations Diluted Earnings Per Share Eps
Income Protection Plans Income Tax Expense
Income Taxes Index
Individuals Level Below Information Attending Annual Meeting
Information Available Sara Lees Web Site Information Nominees Election Board Directors
Information Proxy Statement Information Regarding Tabulation Vote
Information Sara Lee Corporation Information Sara Lee Employees Stockholders
Information Technology Resources Achieve Targeted Cost Reductions Realize Information Votes Necessary Action Taken
Information Voting Intangible Assets Goodwill
Intellectual Property Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
International Bakery International Beverage
International Beverage Including European Meats International Household Body Care
Intimate Apparel Introduction
Introduction Pro Forma Consolidated Financial Statements Inventory Costs
Involuntary Termination Plan Involuntary Termination Voluntary Non-severance Event
Issued Not Yet Effective Accounting Standards Issuer Purchases Equity Securities
Iv-administration Iv-plan Administration
Ix-transferability Knit Products
Lead Independent Director Leases
Legal Proceedings Legwear
Level Pricing Models Significant Observable Inputs Level Threshold Performance Below Acceptable Not Warranting Payout
Leverage Brand Value Propositions Compete Against Private Label Leverage Brand Value Propositions Remain Competitive Maintain Profitability
Liquidity Long-term Compensation
Long-term Incentive Compensation Long-term Incentives
Losing Losing Ndertakings
Ltrsu Making Altering Repealing Bylaws
Managements Consideration Restatement Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations
Managements Report Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Market Sara Lees Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Material Impairments
Material Modification Rights Security Holders Material Modifications Rights Security Holders
Meetings Stockholders Minority Interest Subsidiaries
Miscellaneous Mix Compensation Components
Mobility Premium Mployees
National Plaza Chicago Illinois 60602-4260 Nature Operations Basis Presentation
Negotiating Sale European Branded Apparel Business Affiliate Sun Net Cash Operating Activities 900 Compared 606 Last
Net Charges Related Significant Decreased Diluted Earnings Per Net Income Diluted Earnings Per Share Eps
Net Interest Expense Net Interest Expense General Corporate Expenses Tax Rate
Net Sales Net Sales Bridge Components Change 2008 Versus 2007
Net Sales Bridge Components Change 2009 Versus 2008 Net Sales Bridge Components Change Versus Prior
Net Sales Continuing Operations Net Sales Increased Growth Business Segments Corporate Unit
Net Sales Unit Volumes New Plan Benefits
New Stringent Governmental Regulations Adversely Affect Business Nformation Ecords Ssistance Ost Losing
Nnouncements Nnual Eeting Tockholders
Non-employee Director Stock Plan Nonqualified Deferred Compensation 2007
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation 2008 Nonqualified Deferred Compensation 2009
North American Foodservice North American Fresh Bakery
North American Retail North American Retail Bakery
North American Retail Bakery Includes Senseo Coffee North American Retail Bakery Including Senseo Coffee
North American Retail Meats Notable Events
Notes Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notes Payable Notes Payable Cash Equivalents
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Notice Proxy Statement Summary Annual Report Financial
Nsurance Ntellectual Roperty
Number 001-03344 Nvalidity
Offer Letter Officers
Oint Several Liability Nilever Onduct Urchaser Laims
Onfidentiality Onflict Other Greements
Operating Income Operating Income 205 353 Diluted Earnings Per Share
Operating Income 233 Diluted Earnings Per Share Operating Income 612 Primarily Due Lower Transformation Costs
Operating Income Continuing Operations Operating Income Impacted Significant
Operating Margin 151 2008 Adjusted 110 Operating Results Business Segment
Opportunity Stockholder Feedback Option Exercises Stock Vested 2007
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2008 Option Exercises Stock Vested 2009
Option Exercises Year-end Values Option Grants Last
Orldwide Ousehold Usiness Ost Losing Agreements
Osts Other
Other 2007 Financial Highlights Other 2008 Financial Highlights
Other 2008 Highlights Other 2009 Highlights
Other Business Considered Other Business Financial Highlights
Other Business Highlights Other Changes Executive Compensation Program
Other Events Other Financial Highlights
Other Highlights Other Information
Other Notable Events Otices
Ounterparts Outlook
Outstanding 2008 2010 2007 2009 Award Programs Outstanding Equity Awards 2007 Year-end
Outstanding Equity Awards 2008 Year-end Over Financial Reporting
Overning Urisdiction Overview
Own Significant Amount Intangible Assets Goodwill Required Take Part
Participant Participation
Participation Terms Parties
Pecific Ndemnities Peer Companies Eps Comparison
Peer Companies Relative Tsr Comparison Pension Benefits
Pension Costs Substantially Increase Result Volatility Equity Markets Pension Plans
Performance Goals Weights Performance Goals-corporate Level
Performance Level Definitions Performance Measure
Performance Measures Performance Measures 1998 2002 Long-term Incentive Stock Plans
Performance Period Performance Results Examples
Performance Review Performance Standards
Performance Stock Units Performance Stock Units Psus
Performance-based Restricted Stock Units Perquisites
Pillar Achieve Operational Efficiency Fund Growth Pillar Focus Portfolio
Pillar Organize Business Around Consumers Customers Geographic Markets Pills Entrench Current Management
Plan Includes Disposition Approximately Percent Revenues Including Apparel Position Executive Pay
Postretirement Health-care Life-insurance Plans Potential Payments Termination Change-in-control
Preface Preferred Stock Purchase Rights
Presiding Director Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Accounting Fees Services Proceeds Spin Off Hanesbrands Restrictions
Process Nominating Potential Director Candidates Profile
Profitability Suffer Result Competition Markets Program
Program Structure Progress Begins Step
Properties Proposal Approval Sara Lee Corporation 2005 International Employee
Proxy Solicited Board Directors Annual Meeting 2006 Proxy Solicited Board Directors Annual Meeting 2007
Purpose Purpose Plan
Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Report Been Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Sara Lee
Pursue Strategic Acquisitions Divestitures Not Able Successfully Consummate Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Adjusted Eps Quorum Requirement
Rade Ebtors Reditors Raises Guidance Consecutive
Receipt Contingent Sale Proceeds Receipt Contingent Sales Proceeds
Receive Paper E-mail Copy Above Listed Documents Request Recent Business Developments
Recognition Reporting Planned Business Dispositions Refrigerated Frozen
Registered Public Accountants 2006 Registered Public Accountants 2007
Registered Public Accountants 2008 Registered Public Accountants 2009
Registered Public Accountants 2010 Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 312 726-2600 Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 630 598-6000
Regulation Disclosure Regulation Disclosures
Regulations Relationship Executive Compensation Consultant
Release Date Immediate Relocation Moving Costs
Repatriation Repatriation Foreign Earnings Income Taxes
Report Audit Committee Report Compensation Employee Benefits Committee Executive
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reported Operating Income Matches Prior While Adjusted Rose
Representations Warranties Repurchases Equity Securities Issuer
Required Establish Additional Inventory Reserves Connection Branded Apparel Resolution Tax Disputes Impact Earnings Cash Flow
Restricted Stock Unit Awards Restricted Stock Units
Result Transformation Plan Required Take Additional Write Downs Results
Results Operations Financial Condition Retail
Retail Sales Map Spending Percent Total Retirement Agreement
Retirement Other Benefit Programs Retirement Plans
Retirement Programs Review Consolidated Results
Review Transactions Related Persons Rice
Rights Agreement Serves Important Purpose Rights Agreements Enhance Value Stockholders
Rights Stockholder Participant Respect Psus Until Unless Ownership Rights Stockholder Respect Option Shares Until Unless Ownership
Rights Stockholder Respect Psus Until Unless Ownership Such Rights Stockholder Respect Rsus Until Unless Ownership Such
Risk Factors Risk Management
Role Chief Executive Officer Compensation Decisions Role Compensation Consultant
Role Compensation Employee Benefits Committee Roosevelt Road
Rsus Aug-31 2008 Salary
Sale Accounts Receivable Sales Segment
Sara Lee Already Place Thoughtful Performance-based Executive Compensation Sara Lee Announces 2005 Results New Capital Structure
Sara Lee Announces 2006 Results New Quarterly Dividend Sara Lee Bakery
Sara Lee Beverage Sara Lee Branded Apparel
Sara Lee Corporation Sara Lee Corporation 2002 Long-term Incentive Stock Plan
Sara Lee Corporation Announces Bold Transformation Plan Drive Sara Lee Corporation Announces Sale Retail Coffee Business
Sara Lee Corporation Appoints Jeffrey Ubben Board Directors Sara Lee Corporation Provides Update Sale European Branded
Sara Lee Corporation Reports Higher Net Sales Growth Sara Lee Corporation Reports Higher Net Sales Unit
Sara Lee Corporation Subsidiaries Sara Lee Food Beverage
Sara Lee Foodservice Sara Lee Increases Sales 2005
Sara Lee International Sara Lee Meats
Sara Lee Not Able Implement Capital Structure Strategic Sara Lee Reports 2009 Results
Sara Lee Reports Earnings 2006 Sara Lee Reports Solid Improvement Underlying Operating Results
Sara Lee Reports Strong 2010 Raises Guidance Sara Lee Reports Strong Operating Income 2009
Sara Lee Reports Strong Results 2009 Sara Lee Reports Strong Sales Growth Fy08
Sara Lee Sales Earnings Increase 2005 Sara Lee Stock Ownership Directors Executive Officers
Sara Lee Strong Corporate Governance Sara Lee Subject Risks Associated International Operations Negatively
Sara Lees Annual Report Form 10-k Sara Lees Code Conduct
Sara Lees Potential Inability Implement Transformation Plan Realize Sara Lees Rights Agreement
Sara Lees Strong Sales Growth Continues 2008 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Savings Incentive Plan Sip Schedule 14a
Seal Seasonality
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder See Pages Detailed Explanation Other Non-gaap Measures Used
Selected Financial Data Selling General Administrative Expenses
Separation Agreement Separation Agreements
Set Compensation Mix Severance Arrangements
Severance Change Control Arrangements Severance Change Control Plans
Severance Plan Severance Plans
Severance Plans Corporate Officers Share 2000 Global Stock Plan
Share 2003 Global Stock Plan Share-based Payments
Shares Subject Plan Signature
Signatures Significant Accounting Policies Critical Estimates
Significant Progress Pillars Transformation Organizing Business Around Consumers Six-month Results
Ssignment Etc Stock
Stock Option Grant Notice Agreement Stock Options
Stock Ownership Stock Ownership Compliance
Stock-based Compensation Stockholder Proposal
Stockholder Proposals 2006 Annual Meeting Stockholder Proposals 2007 Annual Meeting
Stockholder Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting Stockholder Proposals 2009 Annual Meeting
Stockholder Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting Stockholder Requested Special Meetings
Stockholders Sara Lee Corporation Strategic Investment Brand Sales
Strong Underlying Business Performance North America Focused Challenges Subject Risks Associated International Operations Negatively Affect Sales
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Submission Stockholder Proposals
Subplan France Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Successors Assigns Except Otherwise Provided Herein Agreement Bind
Summary Summary Compensation Table Narrative Disclosure
Summary Performance-based Incentive Plan Summary Results
Summary Significant Accounting Policies Supporting Statement
Table Contents Take Related Charges 2005
Targets Maximums Tax Accounting Information
Tax Deductibility Compensation Tax Matters
Tax Rate Reconciliation Tax Rate Reconciliation 2009
Tax Rate Reconciliation 2010 Term
Termination Termination Agreement
Termination Agreement Adriaan Nühn Top Form
Trademarks Transferability Restricted Stock Units
Transformation Accelerate Actions Impairment Charges Exit Activities Other Transformation Accelerate Liabilities
Transformation Actions Impairment Charges Exit Activities Other Significant Transformation Liabilities
Transformation Plan Transformation Plan Expected Increase Sara Lees Effective Tax
Transformation Plan Increase Sara Lees Effective Tax Rate Transformation Plan Update
Transformation Plan Update 2006 Transformation Progressing Well New Organization Structure Place Process
Types Derivative Instruments Uarantees Other Hird Arty Ssurances
Undersigned Unit Volume Change 2004
Unit Volume Changes Versus 2005 Unit Volume Changes Versus 2006
Unit Volume Overview Unit Volumes
United States United States Federal Income Tax Consequences
Unrecognized Tax Benefits Urchaser Arranties
Urther Ssurances Usc 1350 Adopted Pursuant
Usiness Ssets Ontracts Iabilities Utilities
V-available Shares V-available Shares Common Stock
Vacation Home Leave Valueact Capital
Various Food Safety Issues Negatively Impact Consumption Meat Vest Follows
Vests Follows Vi-awards
Vii-dividends Dividend Equivalents Viii-payments Payment Deferrals
Volatility Equity Markets Interest Rates Substantially Increase Pension Vote Advocated Proposal Crude Inefficient Method Expressing Support
Vote Executive Compensation Waiver Notice
Webcast West I-88
Whereas Witnesseth
X-change Control Xi-award Agreements
Xii-amendments Xii-plan Amendment
Xiii-miscellaneous Provisions Year-to-date Financial Highlights
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