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Access Collateral Books Records Accompanying Notes Integral Part Consolidated Financial Statements
Accounting Certain Debt Equity Securities Accounting Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Accounting Impairment Long-lived Assets Disposed Accounting Income Taxes
Accounting Other Terms Accounting Series Preferred Stock
Accounting Series Preferred Stock Adjustments Conversion Price Accounting Stock Issued Employees
Accounting Stock-based Compensation Accounts Receivable
Acquire Material Amount Assets Another Entity Through Merger Acquisitions
Additional Information Closing Preferred Stock Financing Find Additional Information Preferred Stock Transaction Find
Additional Information Proposed Equity Transaction Find Additional Information Tranche Equity Transaction Find
Additional Warrants Addresses
Administration Adverse Changes Since Date Execution Agreement Event Series
Affiliate Affirmative Covenants
Again Aggregated Option Exercises Year-end Value Table
Agreed Give Holders Series Preferred Stock Right Participate Agreement
Agreement Amend Warrants Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New
Agreement Silicon Valley Bank Subjects Various Restrictions Limit Agreements Administrator
Agreements Governing Senior Secured Convertible Notes Related Warrants Agreements Office
Airport Alan Goldberg
Alternative Energy Alternative Energy Revenues
Alternative Transaction Fee Amendment
Amendment 2005 Incentive Compensation Plan Amendment Exercise Agreement
Amendment Exercise Warrant Senior Secured Convertible Notes Amendment Satcon Technology Corporation 2005 Incentive Compensation Plan
Amendment Securities Purchase Agreement Amendment Termination
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amortization Intangibles
Andrew Muir Announcement Time Place Fixed Sale Such Same Adjourned
Annual Final Reports Annual Incentive Bonus Plan
Annual Meeting Stockholders Held Annual Meeting Stockholders Held Tuesday
Annual Program Plan App Budget Annual Program Planning Process
Anthony Villiotti Appendix
Applicable Interest Payment Date Principal Case Not Including Application Issue 98-5 Certain Convertible Instruments Eitf 00-27
Application Payments Application Proceeds
Applied Technology Appraisal Rights
Approval Changes Program Budget Annual Plan Approve Following Transactions Connection Closing Private Placement Equity
Arl Cooperative Agreement Manager Cam Asset Purchase
Asset Purchase Agreement Assumed Liabilities Shall Mean Following Seller
Attachment Attachment Annual Program Plan Budget
Attachment Other Certifications Attachment Standard Terms Conditions Applicable For-profit Entities
Attention General Counsel Such Statements Requests Notices Agreements Attorneys Fees Costs
Audit Committee Audit Committee Corporation
Audit Committee Report Audit Fees
Audit Related Fees Audit-related Fees
Authority Committee Background Purpose
Background Reasons Private Placement Background Reasons Stockholder Approval
Background Vision Statement Backlog
Banking Relationship Bankruptcy Event
Base Salary Basis Consolidation
Basis Presentation Believe Funded Capital Along Way Although Was Some
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Benefit Agreement
Benefits Board
Board Changes Board Committee Meetings
Board Directors Recommends Vote Election Proposal Please Sign Board Directors Recommends Vote Proposal Please Sign Date
Board Matters Board Policy Regarding Director Attendance Annual Meetings
Bonus Bonus Stock Awards Lieu Cash Obligations
Books Records Borrower Shall Maintain Tangible Net Worth Not Less
Brokers Fees Seller Not Liability Obligation Pay Commissions Budget Clin 0001
Budget Clin 0002 Building Capability Through Acquisitions
Business Business Adversely Affected Unable Protect Patents Proprietary Technology
Business Outlook Business Status Report
Business Subject Product Liability Claims Businesses Consumers Might Not Adopt Alternative Distributed Power
Businesses Consumers Might Not Adopt Alternative Energy Solutions Buyer Certificate Shall Mean Signed Authorized Officer Effect
Buyer Represents Warrants Seller Statements Contained True Correct Call Right
Capitalization Capitalization Event
Cargo Preference Cash Equivalents
Cash Management Services Sublimit Cause Permit Subsidiary Directly Indirectly Take Actions Described
Ccc Filed Notification Form Listing Additional Shares Include Certain Adjustments Conversion Price Subject Adjustment Time Set
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certainly Having Daves Metrics Place Help Certificate Amendment Incorporation Satcon Technology Corporation Pursuant 242
Certificate Designation Governing Series Preferred Stock Contains Various Certification Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Cfr 22815 Claims Disputes Appeal
Cfr 341 Sub-awards Cfr 3411 Standards Financial Management Systems
Cfr 3412 Payment Cfr 3413 Cost Share Match
Cfr 3414 Program Income Cfr 3416 Audit
Cfr 3417 Allowable Costs Cfr 3418 Fee Profit
Cfr 3420 Through 3425 Property Standards Cfr 3430 Through 3431 Procurement Standards
Cfr 3450 Through 3452 Termination Enforcement Cfr 3461 Through 3463 After-the-award Requirements
Change Control Change End
Change Fair Value Convertible Notes Warrants Change Fair Value Notes Warrants
Change Fair Value Warrant Liabilities Change Nature Business Fundamentally Distinct Separate Currently Conducted
Change Registrants Certifying Accountant Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Charges Accounts Choice Law Venue Jury Trial Waiver Judicial Reference
Class Customers Geographic Area Period Time Segment Market Classification Measurement Redeemable Securities
Clemens Van Zeyl Closing
Closing Price Closing Shall Deliver Cause Delivered Each Purchaser Following
Closing Shall Mean Transactions Contemplated Agreement Code Been Operated Administered Good Faith Compliance
Code Conduct Ethics Code Ethics
Collateral Handling Fee 75000 Per Payable Arrears Collateral Not Possession Party Bailee Such Warehouse Except
Collection Receivables Comments
Commissions Received Such Designated Holder Offering Registration Statement Commitments Contingencies
Common Stock Common Stock Par Value
Communications Received Respect Stock Collateral Provided Notices Account Comparative Stock Performance Graph
Compared 2003 Comparison 5-year Cumulative Total Return Among Satcon Technology
Compensation Compensation Benchmarking
Compensation Chief Executive Officer Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Committee Report Executive Compensation Directors
Compensation Discussion Analysis Compensation Executive Officers
Compensatory Arrangement Charles Steve Rhoades Competition
Completes Financing Transaction Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets
Compliance Certificate Compliance Internal Revenue Code 162
Compliance Law Compliance Laws
Comply Applicable Rules Regulations Comply Rule 433 Act
Comprehensive Income Loss Concentration Credit Risk
Conditions Conditions Buyers Obligations
Conditions Closing Conditions Obligation Close
Conditions Obligations Buyer Obligation Consummate Transactions Contemplated Agreement Conditions Obligations Each Party Respective Consummate Transactions Contemplated
Conditions Obligations Seller Obligation Consummate Transactions Contemplated Agreement Conditions Obligations Seller Shareholders
Conference Call Reminder Confidentiality
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consistent Changes Existing Loan Documents Hereby Amended Wherever
Consolidated Financial Statements Satcon Technology Corporation Subsidiaries Constructive Termination
Consulting Arrangement Aurelius Group Inc Contact
Contacts Continuation Authority Agent
Contract Losses Contracts Government Subject Audit Defense Contract Agency Other
Contribution Controls Procedures
Conversion Conversion Holder Series Preferred Stock Shall Following Rights
Conversion Restrictions Conversion Schedule
Convertible Debt Instruments Warrant Liabilities Convertible Securities
Convertible Series Preferred Stock Cooperative Agreement Manager Cam
Cooperative Agreement Manager Camc Copyrights
Corporate Existence Authority Corporate Governance Nominating Committee
Cost Period Performance Extension Cost Product Revenue
Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities Countersignature Loan Modification Agreement Shall Become Effective Only
Covenant Default Covenant Deliver
Covenants Critical Accounting Policies Significant Judgments Estimates
Current Directors-terms Expiring 2006 Class Directors Current Directors-terms Expiring 2007 Class Directors
Current Directors-terms Expiring 2009 Class Directors Current Directors-terms Expiring 2010 Class Directors
Current Directors-terms Expiring 2011 Class Directors Current Report
Customer Deliverables Shall Mean Products Acquired Business Currently Daniel Dwight
Daniel Gladkowski Data Claim Recoupment Setoff Payments Previously Subsidiaries
Date Such Notice Delivered Holder Conversion Required Dave
Dave Eisenhaure Dave Eisenhaure Satcon Technology Corporation Chairman Ceo
David Eisenhaure David Oneil
David Oneil Satcon Technology Corporation Finance Default Breach Contractual Obligations Restrictions Business
Defaults Senior Securities Deferred 2006
Deferred Revenue Definition Terms
Definitions Definitions Purposes Certificate Designation Following Terms Shall Meanings
Definitions Used Agreement Following Terms Meanings Delaware
Delaware State Other Jurisdiction Incorporation Delivered Such Waiver Increase Decrease Apply Only Holder
Delivery Other Perfection Shall Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Arrangements Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Dependent Third-party Suppliers Supply Key Components Products Description
Description Change Terms Designation Agent
Determining Whether Instrument Embedded Feature Indexed Entitys Own Develop Acquire New Technology
Develop Proprietary Products Develop Strategic Alliances Relationships
Dilutive Effect Private Placement Directions Satcon Technology Corporation
Director Compensation Directors Corporation
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities-an Amendment Fasb Statement
Disputes Dividend Equivalents
Dividend Policy Dividends
Dividends Series Preferred Stock Documents Incorporated Reference
Done Draft Annual Financial Statements Soon Available Event Within
Drydock Avenue Boston Massachusetts 02210 Drydock Avenue Boston Massachusetts 02210 Sixth Floor
Earning Award Earning Payment Plan
Earnings Per Share Effective Date Long Notes Outstanding Not Directly Indirectly
Effective Shelf Registration Statement Effects Inflation
Efficiency Efforts Effect Additional Registrations Registrable Securities Until Such
Election Directors Eligibility
Eligible Inventory Eligible Market
Employee Benefit Plan Employee Benefit Plans
Employees Employment Agreement
Employment Agreements Employment Contracts Termination Change-in-control Arrangements
Employment Matters Labor Relations Employment Portion Plan
End Backlog Record 2006 End Backlog Was 2006
Engineering Enters Definitive Agreement Equity Financing
Entire Agreement Entry Definitive Material Agreement
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Standards
Equity Awards Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Compensation Plans Establish Products Industry Standards
Establishes Business Units Product Line Orientation Focused High Estimates
European Market Sale Unit Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Event Equity Value Events
Events Default Events Default Etc Period Event Shall Occurred Continuing
Exchange Act Execution Copy
Executive Compensation Executive Compensation Program
Executive Officers Corporation Exercise Duration Warrants
Exercise Price Exhibits
Expect Generate Significant Portion Future Revenues Sales Power Expect Significant Competition Products Services
Experience Period Significant Growth Expansion Place Substantial Strain Explanatory
Exposed Credit Risks Respect Some Customers Facility Regulations
Factors Affecting Future Results Failure Convert
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Measurements
Features Convertible Notes Warrants Federal Income Tax Consequences Awards
Fees Fees Borrower Shall Pay Bank
Fees Borrower Shall Reimburse Bank Legal Expenses Incurred Filing Date
Final Approval Finally Like Discuss Plans Future Cutting Costs Improving
Finance Financial Condition Statements Reports
Financial Covenants Financial Other Covenants
Financial Results Financial Results Business Segment
Financial Statement Schedule Satcon Technology Corporation Subsidiaries Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Pro Forma Information Exhibits Financial Statements Reports Certificates
Financing Activities Flexibility
Force Majeure Foreign Currency Risk
Foreign Currency Translation Foreign Exchange Sublimit
Foreign Nationals Performing Agreement Foreign Operations
Foreign Subsidiary Form 10-q
Form Amended Restated Tranche Form Assignment
Form Notice Borrowing Form S-3 Eligibility Eligible Register Resale Common Stock
Form Tranche Form Tranche Warrant
Form Tranche Warrant Additional Forward-looking Statement
Fundamental Changes Funded Research Development
Funded Research Development Other Revenue Funded Research Development Other Revenue Expenses
Further Assurances Gain Sale Assets
Gary Brandt General
General Definitions General Securities Subject Agreement
Goals Objectives Going Concern Opinion Removed
Good Morning Fellows David Moment Started Talking Taking Good Morning See Real Opportunity Right Now Sort
Goodwill Intangible Assets Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Governing Law Governing Law Jurisdiction Venue
Governing Law Order Precedence Government Certain Rights Relating Intellectual Property
Government Contracts Government Contracts Bids
Government Funds Government Regulation
Grants Officer Grants Plan-based Awards
Great Guy Script Believe Call Great Thank
Gross Margin Guaranty
Guess Philosophies Far Reporting Kind Call Bird Hand Headings Construction
Headings Contained Agreement Inserted Convenience Only Shall Not High Power Density
High Power Inverters Highest Past Operational Standpoint Revenues Was Power Systems
History Beginning History Beginning Transitioning Product Based Corporation
History Operating Losses Not Able Achieve Profitability Require Holder Redemption
Holders Certain Outstanding Warrants Right Put Those Cash Holders Record Shares Series Preferred Stock Shall Entitled
Holders Right Convert Holders Series Preferred Stock Entitled Receive Liquidation Payments
Holders Series Preferred Stock Shall Entitled Notice Meetings Holders Series Preferred Stock Substantial Voting Power Matters
Householding Annual Meeting Materials Householding Special Meeting Materials
Hybrid Electric Vehicles Hybrid Microcircuits
Immediate Release Immediate Release Contact
Impact Existing Stockholders Importance Consulting Tax Adviser
Important Deadlines Incentive Stock Options
Incidental Piggy-back Registration Income Taxes
Increase Decrease Authorized Number Directors Constituting Board Increase Decrease Total Number Authorized Shares Series Preferred
Increased Dilution Increased Number Shares Available Public Sale
Incremental Funding Indebtedness
Indemnification Indemnification Contribution
Indemnifying Party Shall Mean Indemnification Sought Indemnified Independent Auditors Fees Other Matters
Independent Public Accountants Index
Industrial Automation Motors Industry Awards
Industry Background Industry Background Market Opportunity
Information Required Proxy Statement Schedule 14a Pursuant Securities Insurance
Integration Intellectual Property
Interest Interest Computation Float Charge
Interest Expense Interest Income
Interest Income Taxes Paid Interest Rate
Interest Rate Risk Interests Certain Persons
Internal Bank Only Introduction
Inventory Inventory Material Respects Good Marketable Quality Free Defects
Investing Activities Investment Beacon Power Corporation
Investment Mechanical Technology Incorporated Investment Not Affiliate Within Meaning Act 1940 Amended
Investors Private Placement Series Preferred Stock Right Designate Issuance Purchase Agreement
Issuance Sale Issue Additional Common Stock Might Dilute Book Value
Jack Worthen James Kirtley
John Carroll Joint Papers Presentations
Joint Several Liability Joseph
Joseph Levangie Journal Articles
Key Employment Agreement Know Talking Like Other
Knowledge Person Infringing Misappropriating Otherwise Violating Intellectual Property Ladies Gentlemen Eisenhaure Ill Hand Call Back Closing
Landmark Supply Agreements Legal Matters
Legal Proceeding Shall Mean Action Suit Claim Arbitration Legal Proceedings
Legend Legends
Letters Credit Letters Credit Sublimit
Leverage Diverse Expertise Proprietary Technologies Liability
Liability Ordinary Negligence Licenses Patents Trademarks Copyrights Mask Works
Limitation Actions Limitation Exercise
Limitations Line Credit
Liquidation Preference Liquidation Preference Series Preferred Stock
Liquidation Rights Liquidity Capital Resources
List Officers Directors Stockholders Executing Lock-ups Litigation
Litigation Cooperation Live Organisms
Loan Agreement Hereby Amended Deleting Following Text Appearing Loan Agreement Silicon Valley Bank Subjects Various Restrictions
Loan Modification Agreement Loan Requests
Loan Security Agreement Loans
Loans Directly Borrower Long-lived Assets
Long-term Debt Long-term Equity Incentive Compensation Stock Option Grant Practices
Loss Key Personnel Significantly Hurt Business Loss Per Share
Losses Lot Better Place Develop Initial Commercial Products Cambridge
Machine Tool Motors Magnetic Levitation Systems
Maintain Expense Registrar Transfer Agent Common Stock Maintenance Collateral
Management Actions Management Comments
Management Program Structure Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Mandatory Conversion Series Preferred Stock Manufacturing Facilities
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer Marshall Armstrong
Mask Works Massachusetts Avenue
Material Adverse Change Matters Singly Aggregate Not Reasonably Expected Material Adverse
Maturity Date Mechanics Conversion
Mechanics Voluntary Conversion Series Preferred Stock Shall Conducted Metric System Measurement
Michael Michael Turmelle
Michael Vermont Electric Analyst Mike
Mike Turmelle Satcon Technology Corporation President Power Systems Military Recruiters
Millard Firebaugh Millard Firebaugh Satcon Technology Corporation President Coo
Minimum Cash Excess Availability Minimum Monthly Interest
Minimum Tangible Net Worth Minute Turn Call Over Dave Eisenhaure Overview Activities
Miscellaneous Modification Termination Release Lease Agreement
Monthly Accountings Monthly Accounts Receivable Agings Aged Invoice Date Reconciliations
Monthly Hbcu Report Mutual Waiver Jury Trial
Mutual Written Consent Each Purchasers Name Trade Names Styles
Narrative Discussion Compensation Components Executive Officers National Policy Requirements
Necessity Stockholder Approval Negative Covenants
Net Income Net Loss Per Basic Diluted Common Share
Net Realized Unrealized Gain Loss Warrants Purchase Common Net Realized Unrealized Loss Warrants Purchase Common Stock
Net Unrealized Gain Warrants Purchase Common Stock Net Unrealized Loss Warrants Purchase Common Stock
New 2005 Plan Benefits New Plan Benefits
Ngp Energy Technology Partners Nifty Huh
Nominee Term Expiring 2006 Class Director Nominees Terms Expiring 2008 Class Directors
Nominees-terms Expiring 2011 Class Directors Nominees-terms Expiring 2012 Class Directors
Non-assignment Non-cash Investing Financing Activities
Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Non-qualified Defined Contribution Other Deferred Compensation Plans
Nonassessable Warrant Shares Exercise Not Close Stockholder Books Nondiscrimination
Nonqualified Stock Options North-route
Not Able Continue Going Concern Not Able Maintain Confidentiality Proprietary Knowledge
Not Able Refinance Recently Issued Secured Short-term Promissory Not Sure Issued Information Publicly
Notable Projects Notes
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Notice Exercise
Notice Special Meeting Stockholders Notices
Notwithstanding Anything Herein Contrary Connection Exercise Call Right Notwithstanding Foregoing Shall Permitted Issue Excluded Stock
Now Therefore Number 1-11512
Obligation Occasion Agree Fixed Price Engineering Contracts Applied Technology
Occasion Agree Fixed Price Engineering Contracts Exposes Losses Occurrence Bankruptcy Event
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offer Sell Notes
Officials Not Benefit Okay
Okay Just Did Not Hear Guess Had Same Okay Not Problem Goes Profitability Etc Backlog Say
Okay Now Cummins Distributorships Correct Okay Talked Know Going Towards Profitability Etc What
Okay Transition Was Only Get Continuously Diligently Cutting Costs Putting Emphasis
Open Publication Policy Operating Accounts
Operating Activities Operating Documents
Operating Leases Operation Agreement
Operations Operator
Option Grants Table Optional Conversion Series Preferred Stock
Options Organization
Other Agreements Other Corporate Benefit Compensation Programs
Other Covenants Other Events
Other Expense Other Fees
Other Income Expense Other Information
Other Loss Income Other Matters
Other Power Products Other Products Markets
Other Provisions Other Stock-based Awards
Other Terms Awards Others Assert Technology Infringes Intellectual Property Rights
Outstanding Equity Awards Year-end Overadvances
Overview Overview Executive Compensation Philosophy
Overview Executive Managers Compensation Philosophy Overview Executive Summary
Part Participants
Parties Also Sign Term Sheet Equity Financing Retire Party Beneficiaries Agreement Shall Not Confer Rights Remedies
Patent Applications Patents
Payment Payment Interest Credit Extensions
Payment Obligations Payment Office
Payments Payments Benefits Termination Employment
Payments Due Contractual Obligations Penetration Right Now Walter Depends Market Mean Getting
Pension Benefits Performance
Performance Awards Performance Targets Measurement
Person Place Business Location Collateral
Placement Agent Warrants Plan
Plan Administration Plan Amendment
Plan Distribution Plan Retiree Welfare
Please Date Sign Mail Proxy Card Envelope Provided Please Indicate Compliance Status Circling Yes Complies Column
Post-closing Activities Buyer Relating Operation Acquired Business Post-closing Covenants
Potential Incentive Award Opportunity Power Attorney
Power Control Modules Power Conversion Systems Future Army Applications
Power Modules Pre-closing Activities Seller Relating Acquired Business Except Extent
Pre-closing Covenants Preemptive Rights
Preference Flag Carriers Preferred Stock
Prepayment President Ceo Corporate
Previously Served Chief Financial Officer Greenman Technologies Incorporated Principal Accounting Fees Services
Principal Interest Prior Independent Public Accountants
Private Placement Structured Proceeding
Proceeds Process Establishing Contract Manufacturing Relationship Chinese Supplier Certain
Product Line Revenues Product Offering Expansion
Product Revenue Product Warranties
Products Products Business Segment
Products Product Warranties Properties
Property Equipment Proposal
Proposal Election Directors Proposal Increase Authorized Common Stock
Proposal Ratification Selection Independent Public Accountants Prospectus
Provisions Charter Documents Delaware Law Delay Deter Prevent Proxy Statement
Proxy Statement 2008 Annual Report Stockholders Available Http Purchase Agreement
Purchase Commitments Purchase Price Paid Full Cash Buyer Acquired Assets
Purchase Sale Purchase Sale Preferred Stock Warrants
Purchasers Agree Imprinting Except Otherwise Permitted Following Legend Purpose
Purposes Agreement Each Following Terms Shall Meaning Set Q208 New Release
Qa133133133 Quality
Qualmark Corporation Qualmark Ling Corporation Buyer
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Operating Results Subject Fluctuations Fail Meet Expectations
Quarterly Report Question Regards Operating Loss Compared Cash Way Calculate
Questions Answers Questions Matters Described Proxy Statement Submit Need Additional
Radio Frequency Products Ralph Norwood
Ranking Ranking Covenants
Ratification Security Agreement Realization Assets Liquidity
Realization Assets Recent Developments Liquidity Realized Gain Sale Beacon Power Stock
Reasonable Best Efforts Shall Mean Extent Commercially Received Signed Letter Intent New Hospital Site Rotary
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Developments
Recent Financial Developments Recipient
Recipient Address Point Contact Recipient Program Manager Rpm
Recitals Reclassifications
Recommendation Recommendation Board Directors
Record Backlog Exceeds Redeemable Convertible Preferred Stock
Redeemable Convertible Series Preferred Stock Redeemed Otherwise Acquired Shares Series Preferred Stock Shall
Redemption Redemption Series Preferred Stock
Registrable Securities Registrant Appointed New President Principal Operating Officer
Registrants Principal Operating Officer Transferred Position President Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registration Procedures Registration Procedures Connection Obligations Hereunder Shall
Registration Rights Registration Rights Agreement
Registration Statement Registration Statement Pricing Prospectus Order Make Statements Therein
Regulation Disclosure Regulatory Permits Subsidiaries Possess Certificates Authorizations Issued Appropriate
Reimbursable Travel Expenses Work Location Reiterates Expectation Operating Profitability 2h09
Related Party Transactions Release Thursday 2007 830 Est
Reliability Remainder Page Been Intentionally Left Blank
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Remedies
Remittance Proceeds Renewable Energy Solutions Formerly Satcon Power Systems Canada
Renunciation 122 Pursuant General Corporation Law State Delaware Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Supplemental Schedule Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Supplementary Schedule
Report Repricing Options Reporting
Reports Representations Relating Documents Legal Compliance
Representations Relating Receivables Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Buyer Representations Warranties Hereby Makes Following Purchasers
Representations Warranties Purchaser Representations Warranties Purchasers
Representations Warranties Represents Warrants Each Purchasers Required Effectiveness Date
Required Make Substantial Cash Payments Event Default Change Research Development
Research Development Costs Research Development Expenses
Reserves Resignation Director
Resignation Principal Officer Resolved
Respect Private Placement What Happens Proposals Approved Respect Private Placement What Happens Proposals Not Approved
Responsible Having Resale Shares Common Stock Underlying Series Responsible Having Resale Shares Common Stock Underlying Warrant
Restricted Deferred Stock Restrictions Contained Paragraphs Shall Not Apply Excluded Stock
Restructuring Restructuring Costs
Result Previously Announced Change End Results Operations
Results Operations Financial Condition Retirement Disability Death
Returns Revenue Comparison Prior
Revenue Grows Over 2004 Revenue Recognition
Review Public Releases Revocability Proxies
Revocation Proxy Revolving Advances
Revolving Line Maturity Date Right
Right Convert Right Employment
Right Like Ask Little Bit Breakdown Power Systems Right Set-off
Risk Factors Rockport Capital Partners
Role Compensation Committee Rotary Ups Systems
Royalty Agreements Rule 144
Safe Harbor Safe Harbor Statement
Sale Issuance Large Number Shares Common Stock Depress Sales Marketing
Sales Marketing Service Sales Photovoltaic Fuel Cell Inverters Increase 120 Year-over-year
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Satcon
Satcon Announces Change End Satcon Announces Financing Transaction
Satcon Applied Technology Satcon Applied Technology Inc
Satcon Appoints David Oneil Vice President Finance Treasurer Satcon Electronics
Satcon Electronics Inc Satcon Elects John Carroll Board Directors
Satcon Magmotor Satcon Names Former Rear Admiral Millard Firebaugh President
Satcon Power Systems Satcon Power Systems Canada Ltd
Satcon Power Systems Inc Satcon Product Alternatives
Satcon Product Attributes Satcon Receives 24m Follow-on Order Millimeter Wave Amplifier
Satcon Receives Over New Fuel Cell Electronics Orders Satcon Seeking Stockholder Approval Private Placement
Satcon Sells Ling Shaker Amplifier Product Line Qualmark Satcon Technology Corporation
Satcon Technology Corporation American Stock Transfer Trust Maiden Satcon Technology Corporation Conversion Notice
Satcon Technology Corporation Senior Secured Convertible Due 2011 Satcon Technology Report Business Focus
Satcon Technology Reports Fy2005 End Results Satcon Technology Reports Quarterly Results 2006
Satcons Hybrid Electric Vehicle Pulse Power Technology Awarded Schedule
Schedule 14a Schedule 14a Rule 14a-101 Information Required Proxy Statement
Schedule Form Notice Conversion Continuation Schedule Investors
Schedule Loan Agreement Hereby Amended Deleting Following Text Schedules Documents Relating Receivables
Sec Documents Proxy Statement Financial Statements Securities
Securities Purchase Agreement Security Agreement
Security Interest Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
See See Non Cash Disclosures
Seller Certificate Shall Mean Signed Authorized Officer Effect Seller Intellectual Property Shall Mean Owned Licensed Covering
Selling General Administrative Expenses Senior Secured Convertible Notes
Series Convertible Preferred Stock Series Original Issue Price 1000 Per Share Plus
Series Preferred Stock Series Preferred Stock Private Placement Had Substantial Dilutive
Series Preferred Stock Private Placement Substantial Dilutive Effect Series Preferred Stock Redeemable Option Holders Certain Circumstances
Severability Shaker Vibration Test Systems
Shall Complied Provisions Hereof Respect Furnishing Prospectuses Shall Maintain Reserve Duly Authorized Shares Common Stock
Shall Notify Each Purchaser Writing Promptly Event Within Shares Available Awards Annual Per-person Limitations
Shares Shall Been Listed Authorized Trading Nasdaq Satisfactory Shelf Registration
Shelf Registration Statement Short-term Notes
Signature Signatures
Significant Assumptions Significant Customers
Silicon Silicon Valley Bank
Sipex Corporation Sir Next Question Carlo Corzine Newbridge Securities
Solar Fuel Cell Inverters Grow 178 89m Solar Inverters Grow 220 32m
Solicitation Proxies Solicited Board Directors Annual Meeting Stockholders
Solicited Board Directors Special Meeting Stockholders South
Special Meeting Stockholders Held 2007 Special Provisions Relating Certain Collateral
Special Regarding Forward-looking Information Standards Determining Commercial Reasonableness
Start Within Next Think Starting Start Get Orders Weve Actually Had Order
Statement 115 Statements Document Not Historical Facts Apply Prospectively Forward-looking
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Awards
Stock Options Sars Stock Outstanding Given Time Shall Not Include Shares
Stock Power Stock Warrant Purchase Agreement
Stock Warrant Purchase Agreement Among Satcon Technology Corporation Stockholder Communications Board Directors
Stockholder Proposals Stockholders Not Approve Closing Private Placement Series Preferred
Strategic Accomplishments Strategic Relationships
Strategy Subject Reporting Requirements Exchange Act Currently Eligible Form
Subject Stringent Export Laws Risks Inherent International Operations Subject Variety Environmental Laws Expose Potential Financial Liability
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subordination Agreements
Subordination Inside Debt Subsequent Equity Sales
Subsequent Events Subsequent Issuances
Subsequent Placements Subsidiaries Registrant
Subsidiary Substantial Leverage Debt Service Obligations Adversely Affect Cash
Substituting Following Text Therefor Success Dependent Attracting Retaining Highly Qualified Personnel
Success Dependent Attracting Retaining Highly Qualified Personnel Loss Successors Assignees
Such Additional Reports Information Silicon Time Specify Summary
Summary Compensation Table Supplement Proxy Statement 2008 Annual Meeting Stockholders
Supplemental Disclosure Cash Flow Information Support
Svb Credit Facility Table Contents
Take Other Steps Reasonably Necessary Effect Registration Registrable Task High-voltage Converter Product Improvement
Task Initial System Evaluation Task Permanent Magnet Generator Design Fabrication
Task Power Conversion System Design Fabrication Task Power Conversion Technology Consultation Development
Task Power Converter Failure Analysis Repair Task System Configuration Study
Tax Fees Tax Returns Payments Pension Contributions
Taxes Pensions Technical Facilities
Technical Status Report Term Sheet Series Preferred Stock Warrant Financing
Termination Agreement Termination Agreement Parties Terminate Prior Closing Provided Below
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Terms Private Placement
Terms Private Placement Notes Warrants Terms Series Convertible Preferred Stock
Thank Millard Like Update Progress Some Major Market Thanks
Thanks Dave Operations Standpoint Bookings Continue Strong Backlog Thanks Sales Marketing Efforts Not Had Chance Take
Thats Okay Just Sort Clarify Some People Out Thats Really Exciting Now New Technology Certification Received
Thereafter 9000000 Theres Lack Product Means Demand Pretty High Thats
Thin Film Substrates Think They Joe Believe True
Time Essence Time Like Turn Call Over Mike Turmelle Chief
Time Method Exercise Title Collateral Permitted Liens
Track Trademark Applications
Trademarks Trading
Trading Market Trading Market Means National Securities Exchange Quotation Facility
Tranche Tranche Closing
Transaction Documents Transaction Report
Transfer Restrictions Travel Costs
Treatment Indemnity Payments Indemnified Party Pursuant Shall Treated Tuesday 2007
Unable Effectively Efficiently Eliminate Significant Deficiencies Been Identified Unable Maintain Technological Expertise Design Manufacturing Processes Not
Unbilled Contract Costs Fees Funded Research Development Excess Underlying Shares
Unfunded Obligations Plan Not Fully Reflected Financial Statements Unfunded Plan
Unfunded Research Development Expenses Unregistered Sales Equity Securities
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Valuation Methodology Significant Assumptions
Valuation-methodology Significant Assumptions Verification
Violation Issuance Sale Securities Contemplated Hereby Not Conflict Vote Important
Vote Required Vote Required Board Directors Recommendation
Voting Agreement Voting Rights
Voting Securities Voting Securities Vote Required
Voting Securities Votes Required Vwap
Waiver Rights Waivers Indemnity
Walter Nasdeo Ardour Capital Analyst Warrant
Warrant Absolute Owner Hereof Purpose Exercise Distribution Holder Warrant Liabilities
Warrants Warranty
Warranty Obligations Was Private Placement Done
Wayland Massachusetts 01778 West
Weve Got Redeploy Engineers Takes Little Time What Proposals Stockholders Being Asked Consider Upcoming Special
Whereas William Odonnell
Withholding Satcon Power Systems Canada Ltd Witness Whereof
Write-down Investment Beacon Power Corporation Write-off Impaired Goodwill Intangible Assets
Write-off Long-lived Assets Wwwsatconcom
Wwwsatconcom Investors Governancehtml Year-end Option Values
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