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Abl Revolver Acceleration Maturity Rescission Annulment
Accounts Accounts Payment
Acquisitions Dispositions Adding New Sentence Follows End Such Definition
Addition Co-issuer Waiver Parent Guarantee Addition Information Refinancing Please Visit Investors Website Wwwsealycom
Additional Disruption Events Addresses Notice
Adjusted Ebitda Adjustments
Administration Advertising Costs
After-acquired Property Aggregate Directors Fees Shall Not Deferred Paid Directly
Agreement Confirmation Disputes Arising Therefrom Related Thereto Governed Agreements Respect Bankruptcy Insolvency Proceedings
Alfred Boulden Allowance Doubtful Accounts
Amendment 2004 Stock Option Plan Key Employees Sealy Amendment Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amendment Credit Agreement Amendment No2 2004 Stock Option Plan Key Employees
Amortization Final Maturity Appendix
Appendix Major Terms Applicability
Applicable Application Money Collected
Application Trust Money Asset Sales
Assets Constructed Behalf Assets Held Sale
Audit Committee Audit Committee Report
Audit Related Fees Base Salaries
Base Salary Basis Chairman Chief Executive Officers Compensation
Basis Presentation Bedding Industry Highly Competitive Unable Compete Effectively Lose
Believe Never Been Stronger Strategic Position Gain Profitable Beneficial Interests Restricted Global Notes Unrestricted Definitive
Beneficial Interests Unrestricted Global Notes Definitive Beneficial Owner Election Form
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Beneficiaries
Benefits Acknowledged Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Stockholders Vote Nominees Listed
Bonus Performance Potential Payout Percentage Base Salary Bonus Plan
Bonus Plan Achievement Hofmann Bonus Plan Achievement Rogers
Bonus Plan Achievement Rogers Ackerman Walker Bonus Structure
Brief Description Convertible Notes Guarantees Brokers Securities Dealers Commercial Banks Trust Companies Other
Business Business Overview
Calculations Respect Convertible Notes Call Notice Place Meetings
Cancellation Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Analysis Cash Flows Financing Activities
Cash Flows Investing Activities Cash Flows Operating Activities
Cash Posting Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certain Rights Trustee Certificated Convertible Notes
Certificates Certificates Stock Book-entry Direct Registration Program
Certificates Trustee Certification Pursuant Usc 1350
Chairmans Awards Change Control
Change Control Asset Sales Change Control Payment Date Shall Extent Permitted Law
Change Deterioration Labor Relations Disrupt Business Increase Costs Change Estimate
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Charles Dawson
Checks Issued Excess Funds Deposit Chief Executive Officer Certification Quarterly Financial Statements
Chief Executive Officer Certification Type Described Rule13a-14 Rule Chief Financial Officer Certification Annual Statements
Chief Financial Officer Certification Quarterly Statements Clients
Code Business Conduct Ethics Code Ethics
Collateral Collateral Security Documents
Commitment Specialty Products Commitments
Commitments Contingencies Committee Authority Responsibilities
Committee Membership Commodity Price Risks
Common Stock Options Subject Redemption Compared 2004
Compared 2005 Compared 2006
Compared 2007 Compared 2008
Compensation Benchmarking Peer Group Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Indemnification Compensation Philosophy Policies Plans Executive Officers
Competition Compliance Oversight Responsibilities
Compliance Trust Indenture Act Comprehensive Income
Computation Interest Concentrations Credit Other Risk
Concerning Trustee Conditional Asset Retirement Obligations
Conditions Effectiveness Conditions Legal Defeasance Covenant
Conditions Precedent Credit Events Conditions Precedent Initial Borrowing
Conditions Settlement Conference Call
Confirmation Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Contingencies Contractual Obligations Commercial Commitments
Contribution Control Enforcement Respect Abl Collateral Application Proceeds
Controls Procedures Conversion Rights
Convertible Notes Convertible Notes Management Collateral
Convertible Pik Notes Related Rights Cooperative Advertising Rebate Other Promotional Programs
Corporate Governance Guidelines Counting Votes Recording Action Meetings
Covenant Defeasance Credit Agreement Hereby Amended Adding Following Sentence End
Credit Agreement Hereby Amended Deleting Minus 0125 Per Credit Agreement Hereby Amended Replacing Proviso Entirety
Critical Accounting Estimates Critical Accounting Policies
Cumulative Consolidated Net Income Available Stockholders Current Report Pursuant
Cusip Numbers Customers
David Mcilquham Dear Shareholder
Debt Debt Covenants
Debt Extinguishment Refinancing Expense Debt Extinguishment Refinancing Expenses
Debt Issuance Costs Debt Refinancing
Deferred Debt Costs Defined Benefit Pension Expense
Defined Contribution Plans Definition Unrestricted Subsidiary Hereby Amended
Definitions Delay Omission Not Waiver
Delivery Amount Return Credit Support Demonstrable Product Point Retail Innovation Innerspring
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Dependent Single Supplier Certain Polyethylene Structural Components Mattress
Dependent Single Supplier Certain Polyurethane Foam Components Mattress Dependent Single Supplier Visco-elastic Components Assembly Trueform Product
Deposit Redemption Price Deposited Money Government Securities Held Trust Other
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivative Instruments Hedging Strategies
Designations Despite Current Leverage Still Able Incur Significant Additional
Determination Voting Rights Conduct Adjournment Meetings Director Candidate Recommendations Stockholders
Director Compensation Director Independence
Directors Deferred Stock Compensation Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Disclosure Controls Procedures Dividend
Dividend Other Document Contains Forward-looking Statements Within Meaning Safe Harbor
Documents Parts Thereof Incorporated Reference Drive Disproportionate Growth International Markets
Drive Product Innovation Duties Bank Collateral Agent Lien Notes
Each Non-us Lender Shall Extent Legally Able Earnings Per Share
Ebitda Adjusted Election Redeem Notice Trustee
Embedded Derivatives Employee
Employees Employment Agreements
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Entry Premises Bank Collateral Agent Holders Lenders Debt
Environmental Costs Environmental Health Safety Requirements Expose Material Liabilities Changes
Equity Compensation Plan Information Estimates
Events Default Every Thirteen Rights Entitle Holder Purchase Convertible Subscription
Execution Execution Copy
Execution Counterparts Execution Version
Executive Benefits Perquisites Executive Compensation
Executive Officers Registrant Exhibits
Expenses Associated Ipo Experience Fluctuations Operating Results Due Seasonality Make Sequential
Extraordinary Events Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fees Commitments Fees Expenses
Fees Letters Credit Outstanding Shall Calculated Basis 360-day Financial Information Regarding 2009
Financial Statement Disclosure Matters Financial Statements Exhibits
Foam Material Supply Disruption Raw Materials Following Definitions Added Credit Agreement
Following Six-month Period Beginning Date Directors Separation Service Foreign Currency
Foreign Currency Exposure Foreign Currency Exposures
Foreign Operations Export Sales Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form 10-q Amendment
Form Denomination Registration Forward Looking Statements
Forward Purchase Contract Forward Purchase Contract Settlement
Forward-looking Statement Forward-looking Statements
Full 2006 Results Full 2007 Results
Full Results Further Assurances
Further Assurances After-acquired Property General
General Business Risk General Information
General Information Sealys Annual Meeting Geographic Distribution Sales
Global Convertible Notes Book-entry Form Goodwill
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Governing Law
Governing Law Laws State Delaware Shall Govern Interpretation Gross Profit
Gross Profit Was 1461 Compared 1641 Same Prior Growth Average Unit Selling Price
Guarantee Guarantees
Guarantees Security Guarantor Non-guarantor Financial Information
Guarantor Non-guarantor Financial Information Restated Guarantors
Hedging Strategy Holders Lists Reports Trustee
Holding Rely Dividends Interest Other Payments Advances Transfers Householding Annual Meeting Materials
Impact Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements Impact Tax Accounting Regulatory Considerations Compensation Programs
Impairment Goodwill Impairment Security Interest
Implement New Advertising Marketing Strategies Retail Direct-to-consumer Income Tax
Income Taxes Increase Market Share New Existing Customers
Increase Profit Margins Incumbency Certificate
Indemnification Officers Directors Others Indenture
Information Regarding Collateral Initial Public Offering
Initial Public Offering Common Stock Proceeds Inserting After Parenthetical Before Incurred Subclause
Inserting Following Language End Clause Before Period Inserting Following Proviso Before Comma End Subclause
Inserting Following Proviso Before Word End Subclause Institutional Investors
Instructions Sealy Corporations Subscription Rights Certificates Insurance
Intellectual Property Intercreditor Agreement Security Pledge Other Documents
Interest Expense Interest Rate Agreements
Interest Rate Fees Interest Rate Risk
Interested Parties Communications Presiding Director Non-management Directors Interference Payment Over Reinstatement
Internal Control Procedures Internal Revenue Code 162
International International Net Sales Decreased 407 349 2008 760
International Sales Grow 243 International Sales Strength Continues-
Inventories Inventory
Investments Unrestricted Subsidiaries Only Accordance Terms 106 Not Ipo Costs
Issuance Notes Jeffrey Ackerman
Jeffrey Claypool Kenneth Walker
Lawrence Rogers Leases
Legal Defeasance Discharge Legal Proceedings
Leverage Domestic Capabilities Worldwide Licensing
Liens Limitation Beneficial Ownership
Limitation Committees Role Limitation Directors Liability Indemnification
Limitation Guarantees Indebtedness Restricted Subsidiaries Limitation Guarantors Liability
Limitations Beneficial Ownership Limitations Stock Collateral
Limitations Suits Listing
Long-term Equity Compensation Long-term Obligations
Loss Services Members Senior Management Team Impair Ability Maintain Position Leading Supplier Largest Bedding Retailers
Make Whole Event Management Services Agreement Kkr
Management Stockholders Agreement Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Mandatory Repayments Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer
Maximize Leading Position Most Attractive Market Sectors Meetings Board Directors
Meetings Reports Board Merger Recapitalization
Method Cost Proxy Solicitation Method Delivery
Method Exercise Rights Method Subscription-exercise Rights
Michael Hofmann Miscellaneous
Modification Awards Mutilated Destroyed Lost Stolen Securities
Net Sales Net Sales Grow Gross Profit Increases
Net Sales Improved New Product Launches Not Successful Due Development Delays
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Nominees Election Annual Meeting
Non-alienation Non-gaap Financial Measures
Non-reliance Not Able Generate Sufficient Cash Service Indebtedness Forced
Not Applicable Not Applicable Former Name Address Changed Since Last
Not Permit Restricted Subsidiary Directly Indirectly Consummate Asset Notes Collateral
Notes Payable Redemption Date Notes Redeemed Part
Notice Annual Meeting Proxy Statement Accompanying Card Being Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2008
Notice Redemption Notices
Now Therefore Indenture Witnesseth Number 001-08738
Number 333-117081-27 Objectives Executive Compensation Program
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offices
Operations Option Effect Legal Defeasance Covenant
Optional Redemption Original Indenture Dated 2004 Providing Issuance 825 Senior
Ote Ail Ote Elephone
Ote Nternet Other Employee Benefit Plans
Other Events Other Income
Other Income Net Other Information
Other Purchase Commitments Oversight Internal Audit Function
Oversight Relationship Independent Auditor Overview
Parents Right Terminate Conversion Rights Pari Passu
Partially Offset Less Absorption Fixed Costs Result Lower Paying Agent Registrar Convertible Notes
Payment Interest Certain Additional Amounts Rights Preserved Payments
Payments Benefits Pension Plan Currently Underfunded Required Make Cash Payments
Pension Plans Currently Underfunded Required Make Cash Payments Personal Liability Directors Officers Employees Stockholders
Persons Deemed Owners Persons Entitled Vote Meetings
Philip Dobbs Pik Notes
Plan Plant Closure Restructuring Charges
Posturepedic Powers Exercisable Receiver Trustee
Preceding Sentence Administrative Agent Shall Subject Above Make Presiding Director Non-management Executive Sessions
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principal Accounting Officer Certification Quarterly Financial Statements
Principal Maturity Interest Principal Sources Funds
Principles Consolidation Product Delivery Costs
Products Profit Sharing Contributions
Profitability Materially Adversely Affected Increases Cost Petroleum-based Products Profitability Materially Adversely Affected Interruption Supply Party Vendors
Property Plant Equipment Proposal Election Directors
Proposal Ratification Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Provided
Provided Further Proxies Voted
Proxy Properly Exercised Voted Specified Shareholder Specifications Elect Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors
Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2008 Purchase Convertible Notes
Purchase Protected Purpose
Purposes 1018 Following Deemed Cash Equivalents Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quorum Action Ranking
Ranking Guarantee Raw Materials
Recapitalization Expense Recapitalizations Reclassifications Changes Common Stock
Receivable Result Such Event Holder Number Shares Grant Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements
Recitals Reconciliation Adjusted Ebitda Operating Income Non Gaap Measure
Recordings Opinions Reduce Fixed Expenses
Refinancings Credit Agreement Lien Notes Convertible Management Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code- 336 861-3500 Registration Rights Agreement
Regulation Disclosure Regulatory Matters
Regulatory Requirements Relating Products Increase Costs Alter Manufacturing Reinstatement
Related Party Transactions Relationship Between Lien Notes Collateral Agent After Discharge
Release Collateral Release Guarantor
Release Termination Obligations Remainder Page Intentionally Blank
Replacing Amount Set Forth Table Respect Period Below Replacing Final Sentence Following
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reports Other Information
Representations Warranties Repurchase Fundamental Change
Repurchase Option Holder Required Employment Date
Required Vote Research Development
Resignation Named Executive Officer Resolved
Restoration Rights Remedies Restricted Definitive Notes
Restricted Definitive Notes Beneficial Interests Global Restricted Definitive Notes Beneficial Interests Unrestricted Global
Restricted Definitive Notes Unrestricted Restricted Share Awards
Restricted Shares Share Unit Awards Restricted Stock Hereunder Shall Subject Applicable Laws Rules
Restricted Subsidiaries Restrictive Covenants Other Matters
Restructuring Activities Results
Results Operations Financial Condition Revenue Recognition
Revenues Review Approval Related Party Transactions
Revoke Change Proxy Right Redemption
Rights Offering Rights Offering Holders Sealy Common Stock
Rights Remedies Cumulative Rigorously Control Expenses
Risk Factors Rollover Stockholders
Royalty Income Expense Royalty Income Net Expense
Safe Harbor Statement Private Securities Litigation Reform Act Sale Participation Agreement
Sale Transfer Rights Sales Growth 102 Net Income Rises 113
Sales Marketing Satisfaction Discharge
Satisfy Such Obligations Subject Procedures Accountants Require Employee Schedule
Schedule 14a Sealy
Sealy Announces New Board Member Sealy Announces Retirement Boulden
Sealy Corporation Sealy Corporation Announces Comprehensive Refinancing Plan
Sealy Corporation Announces Launch Rights Offering Sealy Corporation Bonus Plan
Sealy Corporation Corporate Subsidiaries 2006 Sealy Corporation Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Sealy Corporation Office Parkway Trinity North Carolina 27370 Sealy Corporation Reports 2007 Results
Sealy Corporation Reports 2008 Results Sealy Corporation Reports 2009 Results
Sealy Corporation Reports Full 2008 Results Sealy Corporation Reports Results
Sealy Mattress Refinances Senior Credit Facility Sealy Stearns Foster
Seasonality Production Cycle Securities
Security Convertible Notes Security Documents Certain Related Intercreditor Provisions
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder Segment Information
Segments Selection Trustee Notes Redeemed
Self-insurance Selling General Administrative
Selling General Administrative Sga Expenses 956 Improvement 208 Senior Credit Facility
Senior Secured Notes Senior Subordinated Notes
Separate Financial Statements Each Guarantor Subsidiaries Not Presented Settlement Terms
Severability Severance
Severance Obligations Share Based Compensation Plans
Share Based Payment Arrangements Share-based Compensation
Share-based Compensation Expense Share-based Payment Arrangements
Signature Counterparts Agreement Signed Each Shall Original Same Signature Pages Follow
Signatures Significant International Operations Subject Foreign Exchange Tariff Tax
Sinking Fund Optional Redemption Co-issuers Soon Practicable Following Date Hereof Certificates Restricted Stock
Source Sealy Corporation Sources Uses
Special Retiree Put Obligations State Delaware Certificate Amendment Incorporation
Stock Options Stock Performance Graph
Stockholder Communications Board Directors Stockholder Director Nominations Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting
Stockholder Director Nominations Proposals 2009 Annual Meeting Stockholder Director Nominations Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting
Stockholder Interested Person Communications Board Directors Stockholders Deficit
Stockholders Entitled Vote Strategy
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subrogation
Subscribe Notes Please Complete Line Choose Oversubscribe Card Subsequent Event
Subsequent Event-initial Public Offering Common Stock Proceeds Subsequent Events
Substantial Amount Indebtedness Adversely Affect Cash Flow Ability Substantial Decrease Business Significant Customers Material Adverse Effect
Substantial Level Indebtedness Adversely Affect Financial Condition Prevent Successors
Suits Protect Collateral Summary Interim Financial Information
Summary Key Areas 2008 Supplemental Condensed Consolidating Statements Cash Flows 2006
Supplemental Consolidating Condensed Balance Sheet 2006 Supplemental Consolidating Condensed Statements Operations 2006
Supplemental Indenture Suppliers
Supply Agreements Table Contents
Tabular Information-current Tabular Information-year Date
Telephone Internet Votes Received 600 Edt 2008 Termination Conversion Rights
Termination Events Terms Senior Secured Credit Facilities Indenture Governing 2014
Titles Total Adjusted Ebitda Was 537 2009 154 Net
Transactions Capstone Transactions Kkr
Transfer Exchange Transition Accounting Share Based Payments Fas 123
Trinity Trinity Sealy Corporation Nyse Bedding Industrys Largest Global
Trueform Trustee
Trustee Enforce Claims Without Possession Securities Coupons Trustee Proofs Claim
Unconditional Right Holders Receive Principal Premium Interest Additional Undertaking Costs
Unfavorable Economic Conditions Continue Negatively Affect Revenues Profitability Unfavorable Economic Conditions Negatively Affect Revenues Profitability
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Unrestricted Definitive Notes Beneficial Interests Global
Variable Annual Cash Compensation Vesting
Voluntary Repayment Vote Important
Vote Telephone Over Internet Not Mail Proxy Card Waiver Certain Covenants
Waiver Past Defaults Waiver Usury Stay Extension Laws
Warranties Warranties Product Returns
Warranty Costs Webcast
Whereas Witness Whereof
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