Topic Listing for SMITH & NEPHEW PLC

Accounting Policies Adopted 2005 Accounts
Acquired In-process Research Development Acquisitions 2003
Acquisitions 2004 Acquisitions Disposals
Action Required Activities Audit Committee 2004
Activities Audit Committee 2005 Activities Audit Committee 2006
Activities Audit Committee 2007 Activities Audit Committee 2008
Additional Information Regarding Goodwill Additional Information Regarding Intangible Assets
Additional Information Regarding Investment Joint Venture Additional Information Regarding Provisions Bad Doubtful Debts
Additional Information Relating Leases Additional Information Respect Deferred Taxation
Additional Information Respect Earnings Per Share Additional Information Respect Groups Healthcare Benefits After Retirement
Additional Information Respect Impairment Additional Obligors
Additional Stock Option Award Address Principal Executive Offices
Address Registrants Principal Executive Offices Adjusted Earnings Per Share
Administration Expenses Administrative Details New Lender
Administrative Expenses Adoption Sfas 158 Employers Accounting Defined Benefit Pension
Adrs Ads Enquiries
Advanced Wound Management Advisors
Aggregate Liability Each Seller Agreement 2005 Among
Agreement 2006 Among Alteration Share Capital
Alternate Directors American Depositary Receipts Adrs
Amortisation Acquisition Intangibles Analyst Conference Call
Analyst Presentation Analyst Presentation Conference Call
Annex Annexes
Annual General Meeting Appendix Restatement Balance Sheet Equity 2005 Effects Financial
Appointment Appointment Retirement Directors
Articles Association Holding Associate Directors
Attention Drawn Letter Chairman Smith Nephew Plc Set Attracting Retaining Key Personnel
Audit Committee Auditors
Austria Bsn Medical Medizinprodukte Gmbh Authentication Documents
Authorization Fiduciary Deposits Base Salary
Basic Adjusted Earnings Per Ordinary Share Epsa Attributable Basic Adjusted Earnings Per Ordinary Share Epsa Trading
Basic Salary Benefits Basis Audit Opinion
Basis Preparation Belgium Bsn Medical Sa-nv
Bluesky Medical Group Inc Board
Board Changes Board Committee Attendance
Board Committees Bonus
Borrowing Powers Brevets Ortho-id
Bsn Bsn Agency Management Fees
Bsn Medical Bsn Medical Agency Fees
Bsn Medical Agency Management Fees Bsn Medical Distribution Limited
Bsn Medical Having Registered Office Amsterdam Business Combinations
Business Integrity Business Partners
Business Practice Investigations Business Segment Analysis
Business Segment Analysis Revenue Trading Profit Buyer
Buyers Representations Warranties Calls Shares
Canada Bsn Medical Inc Capital Expenditure
Capital Gains Tax Capitalisation Profits
Capitalised Interest Case Indemnified Party Connected Associated Person
Case Seller Parent Cash Flow Net Debt
Certification Certification Presentation Tax Office Purposes Germanys Corporation Law
Change Accounting Policies Change Control
Change Functional Reporting Currency Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Co-investment Plan Co-investment Plan Awards
Code Business Principles Code Conduct Business Principles
Code Ethics Senior Financial Officers Codes Business Principles
Commentary Compared 2002
Compared 2003 Compared 2004
Compared 2005 Compared 2006
Compared 2007 Competition
Complete Following Boxes Computation Fixed Amount
Confidentiality Confirmation Set-off Settlement
Consent Holding Bsn Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consents Parties Considering Following
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidated Statement Cash Flows
Consolidation Contents
Contingencies Provisions Continual Development Introduction New Products
Corporate Governance Corporate Headquarters Registered Office
Cost Goods Sold Cost Sales
Credit Risk Exposures Critical Accounting Policies
Cumulative Translation Differences Cumulative Translation Reserve
Currency Fluctuations Currency Interest Rate Profile Bearing Liabilities Assets
Currency Movements Currency Rate Swaps
Currency Swaps Customers
Data Protection Data Room Escrow Agreement Agreed Form
Data Room Indices Dataroom Indices
Date Results Death After Leaving
Death Service Declare Follows
Deed Indemnity 2005 Between Deed Pledge Business Equipment Trading Stock Receivables
Deemed Vesting Deferred Shares
Deferred Tax Deferred Taxation
Definitions Delegation Directors Powers
Denmark Bsn Medical Dependance Government Other Funding
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Destruction Documents Directors
Directors Biographies Directors Expenses Insurance
Directors Gratuities Pensions Directors Interests
Directors Re-appointment Directors Responsibilities
Directors Responsibilities Statement Directors Senior Management Each Sellers
Directors Share Options Discipline Grievance
Disclosure Information Auditors Disclosure Letter
Disclosures Committee Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Dispute Resolution Regarding Proposed Closing Accounts
Disqualification Removal Directors Dividend
Dividend Accrual Dividend History
Dividend Re-investment Plan Dividends
Documents Display Dollar Reporting
Draft Application Commercial Register Dudley Eustace
Duties Each Existing Ordinary Share New Dollar
Earnings Improvement Programme Earnings Per Ordinary Share
Economic Contribution Eligibility
Emphasis Matter Employee Schemes
Employees Employees Executives Board
Enclosures Endoscopy
Enquiries Entire Agreement
Environment Health Safety Management Environmental Reports
Equal Employment Opportunity Charges Eeoc Equity
Ernst Young Llp Escrow Agreement
Ethics Compliance Committee Exceptional
Exceptions Ordinary Course Business Since 2004 Executive Directors
Executive Officers Executive Plans
Executive Share Option Plans Established Prior New 2004 Executive Share Options
Executive Stock Option Programme Expenses
Explanatory External Non-executive Directorships
Extraordinary General Meeting Factoring Debts
Failure Make Successful Acquisitions Fair Value Financial Assets Liabilities
Fair Value Hedge Anticipated Sale Proceeds Joint Venture Final Dividend
Financial Calendar Financial Debt
Financial Highlights Financial Highlights 2003
Financial Highlights 2004 Financial Highlights 2005
Financial Highlights 2006 Financial Highlights 2007
Financial Highlights 2008 Financial Information
Financial Instruments Finland Bsn Medical
Foreign Currencies Foreign Exchange Exposure
Foreign Exchange Exposures Foreign Exchange Interest Rate Exposures
Forfeiture Surrender Shares Form 20-f
Form Acceptance Grant Form Accession Agreement
Form Received Grantor Option Otherwise Deemed Lapsed Form Term Out Notice
Form Transfer Certificate Forward Foreign Exchange Contracts
Forward-looking Statements Forward-looking Statements Press Release Based Information Available Smith
Frs Full Highlights
Full Results Future Reporting Developments
Gain Hedge Sale Proceeds Joint Venture General Conditions Safe Custody Regulations Attached
General Meetings Germany
Germany Bsn Medical Trust Germany Bsn Medical Trust Custodian
Germany Bsn-jobst Gmbh Going Concern
Goodwill Amortisation Goodwill Intangible Assets
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Governmental Approvals Merger Control Laws
Granted Patents Bsn-jobst Group Balance Sheet
Group Balance Sheet Data Group History
Group Income Statement 2008 Group Income Statement 2009
Group Overview Group Secretary
Group Statement Comprehensive Income 2009 Group Statement Recognised Income Expense
Group Statement Recognised Income Expense 2005 Group Statement Recognised Income Expense 2006
Group Statement Recognised Income Expense 2007 Group Statement Recognised Income Expense 2008
Group Strategy Group Structure
Group Turnover Half Results
Handover Health Safety Environment Management
Health Safety Environmental Management Herein Reflect Change Smith Nephews Expectation Regard Thereto
Highlights Highlights Share Buy-back Programme
Highly Competitive Markets Holding Shares
Holdings Bsn Group Companies Members Sellers Groups Hull
Impairment Impairment Assets
Indemnity Independent Auditors Report Directors Smith Nephew Plc Preliminary
Independent Auditors Report Members Smith Nephew Plc Independent Auditors Report Shareholders Smith Nephew Plc
Independent Professional Advice Index
Individual Bsn Accounts 2004 Consolidated Information Reporting Backup Withholding Tax
Inheritance Estate Taxes Injury Ill-health Disability Redundancy Retirement Etc
Innovation Insert Following Paragraph Uk-based Employees Only
Insurance Intangible Fixed Assets
Interest Associated Undertaking Interest Bsn Medical Joint Venture
Interest Joint Venture Interest Rate Exposures
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Swaps
Interim Results Internal Appointments
International Financial Reporting Standards Ifrs Introduction
Inventories Investments
Investments Associates Investments Other Financial Assets
Investor Communications Investors
Ireland Bsn Medical Limited Japan Terumo Bsn
Job Jobst Medical Produtos Servicos Saude
Joint Venture Joint Venture Associated Undertaking
Key Employees Key Management Personnel
Key Performance Indicators Labour Turnover
Leadership Leases
Leasing Leasing Commitments
Leaving Group Leaving Other Reasons
Legal Opinions Lenders Commitments
Lenders Participations Lien Shares
Limitations Voting Shareholding Linked Following
Liquidity List Authorized Signatories
List Individuals Relevant Purchasers Knowledge List Partnership Agreement Bsn Medical Gmbh Articles Association
Long Term Incentive Programme Ltip Long-term Incentive Plan Awards
Long-term Incentive Plans Pre 2004 Looking Ahead
Loss Gain Hedge Sale Proceeds Joint Venture Ltip
Macrotextured Claim Major Shareholders
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Mandatory Cost Formulae
Manufacturing Supply Market Data
Marketing Selling Distribution Expenses Material Agreements Bsn Group Companies
Material Patents Managed Uexküll Stolberg Maternity Leave
Media Medical Device Valuations
Mexico Bsn Medical Minority Holdings Bsn Group Companies Parties
Minority Interests Minus
Minutes Net Cash Inflow Operating Activities
Net Interest Payable Net Interest Payable Receivable
Net Interest Receivable Net Interest Receivable Payable
Net Profit Disposals Associated Undertaking Netherlands Bsn Medical
New Accounting Policies 2004 New Accounting Policies Adopted
New Accounting Standards New Accounting Standards Fas 123
New Accounting Standards Frs New Ifrs Accounting Standards
New Products New Zealand Bsn Medical Limited
News Nominations Committee
Non-current Assets Held Sale Non-executive Director
Non-executive Directors Norway Jobst Medical
Notes Notes Group Accounts
Notice Exercise Option Notice General Meetings
Notice Period Notice Termination
Notices Notification Major Interests Shares
Notification Transactions Carried Out Behalf Notification Transactions Carried Out Behalf Connected Person
Number Directors Operating Cash Flow
Operating Profit Operating Profit Before Goodwill Amortisation Exceptional
Opinion Option Certificate
Ordinary Shares Organisation
Original Lenders Orthopaedic Reconstruction
Orthopaedic Trauma Orthopaedic Trauma Clinical Therapies
Orthopaedics Other
Other Benefits Other Documents Evidence
Other Finance Costs Other Finance Costs Income
Other Finance Income Other Finance Income Costs
Other Key Benefits Conditions Other Long-term Incentive Plans
Other Long-term Incentive Plans Pre 2004 Other Risk Factors
Outline Expected Timetable Outlook
Outside Interests Overdraft Facility
Overview Pakistan Bsn Medical Private Limited
Parent Accounts Parties
Party Rights Patent Disputes
Patent Infringement Claims Paul Chambers
Payment Cash Dividends Payment Option Tax Liability
Payment Policies Pension
Pension Funding Pensions
Performance Graph Performance Related Bonus
Performance Related Bonus Deferred Plan Performance Share Plan
Performance Share Plan Psp Performance-related Bonus
Person Discharging Managerial Responsibilities Been Granted Options Issuer Place Work
Plans Plus
Plus Minus Plus Orthopedics Holding
Political Economic Uncertainties Political Uncertainties
Positive Outlook After Slower Post Retirement Benefits
Post-retirement Benefits Powers Directors
Pre-closing Transfers Presentation
Presentation Financial Information Press Release Contains Certain Forward-looking Statements Within Meaning
Previous Long-term Incentive Plan Superseded New 2004 Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Associated Undertakings Joint Ventures Other Arrangements Principal Components Remuneration
Principal Subsidiary Undertakings Private Confidential
Proceedings Board Product Liability Claims
Product Liability Claims Loss Reputation Property Plant Equipment
Proposed Closing Accounts Final Proprietary Rights Patents
Prospects Protecting After Employment
Provision Employees Provisions
Proxies Purchase Ordinary Shares Behalf
Purchase Own Shares Purchase Price Calculation Mechanism Estimated
Pursuant Rule 13a-16 15d-16 Securities Exchange Act 1934 Real Property Leased Bsn Group Companies Lessor Lessee
Real Property Owned Bsn Group Companies Recent Developments
Recent Regulatory Approvals Recitals
Recognition Financial Assets Liabilities Recommendation
Reconciliation Changes Equity Gaap Reconciliation Changes Shareholders Funds Gaap
Reconciliation Net Cash Flow Movement Debt Reconstruction
Recovery Tax National Insurance Contributions Nics Due Paye Redenomination Share Capital
Reflect Change Smith Nephews Expectation Regard Thereto Events Registered England Wales 324357
Registered Office Regulatory Approvals Controls
Regulatory Compliance Healthcare Industry Reimbursement
Release Agreement 2006 Between Relevant Boxes Completed Block Capital Letters
Relocation Remuneration
Remuneration Committee Remuneration Committee Initiatives
Remuneration Directors Remuneration Policy
Remuneration Report Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Board Directors
Representatives Corporations Research Development
Research Development Expenditure Research Development Expenses
Respective Responsibilities Directors Auditors Responsibility
Restatement Change Accounting Policies Restatement Prior Periods Reconciliations Gaap
Restatement Shareholders Funds Restricted Stock Awards
Restricted Stock Awards Rsa Restructuring Rationalisation Expenses
Results Retirement Benefits
Retirement Healthcare Revenue
Review Conclusion Review Remuneration Policy
Review Work Performed Rights Attaching Ordinary Shares
Rights Attaching Shares Rights Winding-up
Risk Committee Risk Management Internal Control
Risks Sale Assets Business
Sale Purchase Agreement Relating Project Offspring Sales
Sales Force Sales Trends
Schedule Scope Review
Seal Secondment
Secretary Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Securities Reporting Obligation Pursuant Act Sellers
Senior Management Remuneration Separate Opinion Relation Ifrss
Service Contracts Share Based Payment
Share Based Payments Share Buy-back Programme
Share Capital Share Certificates
Share Dealing Service Share Operating Profit Associated Undertaking
Share Operating Profit Joint Venture Share Option Plans
Share Purchase Agreement Share Save Schemes
Share-based Payment Share-based Payments
Shareholder Communications Shareholder Enquiries
Shareholder Loans Shareholder Resolution Bsn
Shareholders Shareholders Funds
Shareholding Requirements Shareholdings
Shares Shares Owned Sellers
Sharesave Schemes Shareview
Sickness Absence Work Signature
Signatures Smith Nephew Ads Price
Smith Nephew Corporate Isa Smith Nephew Interim Results
Smith Nephew Investor Analyst Meeting Smith Nephew Maintains Momentum
Smith Nephew Meets Full Growth Targets Smith Nephew Plc
Smith Nephew Plc Employee Share Plans Announcement Transaction Smith Nephew Plc Ndash Voting Rights Capital
Smith Nephew Plc Transaction Own Shares Smith Nephew Plc Voting Rights Capital
Smith Nephew Reports Improved Revenue Growth Smith Nephew Reports Results
Smith Nephew Reports Strong Results Led Growth Orthopaedics Smith Nephew Results
Smith Nephew Share Price Social Responsibility
Society Community South Africa
South Africa Hospital Technologies Proprietary Limited Spain Bsn Jobst
Special Regarding Forward-looking Statements Staff Costs
Stamp Duty Reserve Tax Statutory Limitation
Stipulations Applicable Credit Facility Stock Based Compensation
Stock Market Valuations Stock Options
Stocks Strategy
Strictly Addressee Only Sweden Bsn Medical
Switzerland Jobst Medical Table Annexes
Table Contents Table Exhibits
Table Schedules Tangible Fixed Assets
Tax Assessment Taxation
Taxation Capital Gains Taxation Dividends United Kingdom States
Termination Employment Thailand Bsn Medical Limited
Time Grant Total Reward Composition
Total Shareholder Return Trade Investments
Trading Operating Profit Trading Profit
Trading Transactions Training Development Investment
Transaction Own Shares Transactional Translational Exchange
Transfer Shares Transfers Shares
Transmission Shares Trauma Clinical Therapies
Trends Healthcare Expenditure Trends Healthcare Industry
Turnover Two-way Communication
Uncertificated Shares Underlying Growth Revenue
Undertaking Montagu Equity Capital Limited Untraceable Shareholders
Us2500000000 Facility Agreement Dated 149 2007 Us2500000000 Facility Agreement Dated 2007
Variation Rights Venezuela Bsn Medical
Venezuela Bsn Medical Latin America Llc Votes Members
Voting Rights Voting Rights Ordinary Shares
Waiver Holding Bsn Way Reduction Increase Capital
Website Addresses Winding
Work Permit Workplace
World Economic Conditions 
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