Topic Listing for Southern Company

Accounting Policies Acquisition Accounting
Act Actual Participation
Actuarial Assumptions Additional Rights
Adjustment Awards Occurrence Certain Unusual Nonrecurring Events Adjustments Authorized Shares
Administration Administrators
Admission Ticket Affiliate
Affiliate Transactions Affiliated Employers 2009
Affirmative Covenants Agreement
Air Quality Alabama Power
Alabama Power Retail Regulatory Matters Alabama Power Schedule Valuation Qualifying Accounts 2006 2005
Alan Martin Allowance Equity Funds Used Construction
Allowance Funds Used Construction Afudc Allowance Funds Used Construction Afudc Interest Capitalized
Alternative Sales Agency Agreement Alternative Sales Agent
Amend Certificate Incorporation Eliminate Cumulative Voting Elections Directors Amended Restated
Amendment Amendment Modification Termination
Annex Annual Incentive
Annual Incentive Program Annual Report Stockholders
Anthony Topazi Ap1000 Codes Standards Not Found Licensing Basis
Ap1000 Nuclear Power Plant Codes Standards Introduction Appendix
Applicable Law Waiver Jury Trial Venue Application Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
Approved Southern Audit Committee 2002 Arbitration
Asset Impairments Asset Recovery Litigation
Asset Retirement Obligations Asset Retirement Obligations Other Costs Removal
Assets Subject Lien Assignment
Assignment Assumption Agreement Atlanta
Atomic Energy Act 1954 Audit Committee Report
Authority Committee Authorization Conflict
Award Agreement Awards Previously Granted
Background Statement Bank America
Bank Credit Arrangements Bank Nova Scotia
Bank Tokyo-mitsubishi Ufj Ltd New York Branch Bankruptcy Proceedings
Barclays Bank Plc Barometric Pressure
Base Salary Base Salary Adjustments
Basic Prospectus Bayerische Landesbank Cayman Islands Branch
Bernard Jacob Between Operating Companies
Billing Payment Birmingham
Bnymcm Board Directors Recommends Vote
Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Following Reasons
Boosted Customer Growth Economy Budget Period
Business Business Activities
Business Experience Calculation Reference Heat Rates
Capital Leases Capital Requirements Contractual Obligations
Capital Stock Carbon Dioxide Litigation
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow Hedge Transactions
Cash Flow Hedges Cautionary Notice Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Cautionary Regarding Forward-looking Statements Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Information
Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements Certification Chief Executive Officer
Certification Chief Financial Officer Certifications
Chairman President Ceo Change
Change Control Change Law
Charles Mccrary Chart
Christopher Womack Citibank
Cliff Thrasher Closing
Code Ethics Cold Circulating Water
Combustor Commencement Installment Payments
Commercial Paper Commitment Period
Common Shares Common Stock
Common Stock Dividend Restrictions Communicating Board
Communication Plans Mar 2002 Competition
Competitive Practices Compliance Code 162
Compliance Laws Regulations Comprehensive Income
Compressor Inlet Temperature Conclusion
Condenser Pressure Conditions Closing
Conditions Precedent Conference Record
Confidential Information Confidentiality
Confidentiality Acknowledgement Conflict Interest
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consolidated
Consolidated Balance Sheets 2006 2005 Southern Power Subsidiary Consolidated Earnings
Consolidated Earnings Per Share- Consolidated Earnings-as Reported
Consolidated Earnings-excluding Consolidated Earnings-excluding Synfuels
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income 2006 2005 2004 Southern
Construction Program Construction Projects
Contents Contingent Obligations
Continuing Guaranty Assignment Contractor Affidavit Waiving Lien Rights
Contractual Obligations Copyrighted Material
Corporate Governance Guidelines Committee Charters Corporate Governance Website
Correction Curves Credit Rating Risk
Cumulative Voting -if Exercise Please Check Box Reverse Customers Vendors Contractors Regulators Stockholders
Dated 2005 Dated 2007
Dated 2008 Dated 2009
David Ratcliffe Dcp Sbp
Death After Retirement Death Before Retirement
Death Benefits Decisions Binding
Deferred Compensation Plan Deferred Project Development Costs
Define Mean Particular Owner Utilizing Form Guaranty Definition Terms
Definitions Delay Performance Guarantees Bonuses
Delay Waiver Delivery Installation Acceptance Software
Delivery Title Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Arrangements
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Arrangements Depreciation
Depreciation Amortization Expenses Description
Designation Agent Desoto Rowan Acquisitions
Despite Economic Challenges Mild Weather Despite Weak Economy Mild Weather
Determination Awards Determination Peak-period Load Ratios
Dewey Ballantine Llp Diluted Earnings Per Share
Direct Registration Directions
Director Attendance Director Compensation
Director Independence Director Stock Ownership Guidelines
Disclaimer Follow Title Page Contain Following Paragraph Disclosing Party
Disclosure Controls Procedures Dispute
Dividend Increase Dividend Payments
Dividend Restriction Dividends
Dividends Other Distributions Dmr
Doe Form 2413 Department Energy Announcement Scientific Technical Dry Bulb Temperature
Duty Act Earning Performance Units Shares Cash-based Awards
Earnings Edison Holland
Effect Other Benefits Effective Date
Effects Inflation Electric Generating Facilities
Electric Utility Regulation Electronic Delivery Proxy Materials
Eligibility Employee Savings Plan
Employees Employees Based Outside United States
Employing Companies 2009 Employment
End Manual Energy Sales
Energy Sold Purchased Pool Enforceability
Engineering Procurement Construction Agreement Entire Agreement Amendments
Environment Environmental Compliance Overview Plan
Environmental Cost Recovery Environmental Cost Recovery Plans
Environmental Information Environmental Remediation Cost Recovery
Environmental Statutes Regulations Equipment Owner-designated Witness Hold Points
Escalation Factor Establishment Plan
Estimated Amortization Net Periodic Pension Cost 2007 Exchange Act
Executive Compensation Executive Officers Alabama Power
Executive Officers Georgia Power Executive Officers Mississippi Power
Executive Officers Southern Executive Stock Ownership Requirements
Executive Summary Executive Vice President Ceo Alabama Power
Executive Vice President Ceo Georgia Power Executive Vice President Ceo Southern Services
Executive Vice President Chief Financial Officer Executive Vice President Chief Operating Officer
Executive Vice President External Affairs Executive Vice President General Counsel Corporate Secretary
Exercise Freestanding Sars Exercise Options
Exercise Tandem Sars Exhibits
Expenses Experimental Methods
Explanatory External Relationships
Fair Value Hedges Fair Value Measurement
Fair Value Option Federal Acquisition Regulations Requirements
Federal Power Act Ferc Settlement
Fica Tax Adjustment Final Payment Representations Lien Waiver
Final Scientific Technical Report Final Supplemented Prospectus
Financial Highlights Financial Integrity
Financial Planning Perquisite Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Status Report Standard Form 269 269a Financing Activities
Financing Programs Fits
Floor Price Force Majeure
Form 10-k Form Confidentiality Agreement
Form Guaranty Form Restricted Stock Award Agreement
Form Software License Form Timing Payment Performance Units Shares Cash-based Awards
Format Forward Looking Statements
Francis Fisher Frequency Regulation Hydro Facilities
Fuel Commitments Fuel Cost Recovery
Fuel Costs Fuel Inventory
Fuel Purchased Power Fuel Purchased Power Commitments
Fuel Purchased Power Expenses Future Earnings Potential
Gender Number General
General Information General Litigation Matters
General Provisions General Rule
General Rules Georgia Power
Georgia Power Retail Regulatory Matters Georgia Power Schedule Valuation Qualifying Accounts 2006 2005
Gifts Gratuities Global Climate Issues
Governing Law Governing Law Consent Jurisdiction
Government Grants Grant Options
Grant Performance Units Shares Cash-based Awards Grant Restricted Stock Units
Grant Sars Guarantee Favorable Tax Treatment
Guarantees Guaranty
Guaranty Absolute Guidance Considering Materiality Misstatements
Guidelines Electronic Submission Format Non-scientific Technical Reports Includes Guidelines Electronic Submission Organization Final Scientific Technical Topical
Guiding Principles Policies Gulf Power
Gulf Power Schedule Valuation Qualifying Accounts 2006 2005 Had Opportunity Review Consider Waiver Period Least Twenty-one
Headings Health Benefits
Hot Circulating Water However
Hsbc Bank Usa National Association Hydro Relicensing
Identification Identify Owner Southern Nuclear
Igcc Impact Accounting Tax Treatments Compensation
Impact Customer Growth Warm Weather Offset Increased Expenses Impairment Long-lived Assets Intangibles
Important Notice Regarding Internet Availability Proxy Materials Annual Incentive Stock Option Limit
Income Account- Income Other Taxes
Income Tax Matters Incorporated Documents
Indebtedness Indemnities Limitation Damages
Index Index Financial Statement Schedules
Industry Codes Standards Ing Capital Llc
Injuries Damages Reserve Insert Name Owner Southern Nuclear Municipal Participant Meag
Installment Payment Commencement Key Employees Institutional Investor Inquiries
Integrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Igcc
Integrated Resource Planning Intercompany Interchange Contract
Interest Interest Capitalized
Interest Expense Interest Expenses
Interest Income Interim Lien Waiver Release Payment Form
Interim Payment Representations Lien Waiver Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Interpretation Introduction
Investments Investor Information Line
Investor Relations Contact Issuance
Issuance Amount Issuance Date
Issuance Notice Issuance Shares
James Miller Joint Ownership Agreements
Journal Articles Conference Papers Proceedings Generated Large Businesses Jpmorgan Chase Bank
Kbc Bank Key Employee Rules
Key Performance Indicators Kilowatt-hour Sales
Kilowatt-hour Sales- Kirby Willis
Last Instructions Received Either Paper Electronic Prior Deadline Legal Proceedings
Legend Placed Stock Certificate Letter Credit Commitment
Letter Stockholders Leveraged Lease Transactions
Leveraged Leases Lien Waiver Release Final Payment
Liens Security Limitation Liability
List Attachments Litigation
Long-term Debt Payable Affiliated Trusts Long-term Service Agreements
Management Reporting Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Mandatorily Redeemable Preferred Securities Long-term Debt Payable Affiliated Market Transactions
Material Adverse Change Materials Such Prints Videos Books Essential Report Cannot
Materials Supplies Maximum Program Amount
Maximum Start Shutdown Times Measurement Units
Meetings Non-employee Directors Meets Record Demand Economic Customer Growth Continue
Megawatt Daily Merger
Message Employees David Ratcliffe Michael Garrett
Mirant Bankruptcy Mirant Matters
Mirant Securities Litigation Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Provisions Mississippi Power
Mississippi Power Schedule Valuation Qualifying Accounts 2006 2005 Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd
Modification Morgan Stanley Capital Group Inc Public Util Dist
Names Logos Natural Disaster Cost Recovery
Natural Disaster Reserve Negative Covenants
Net Electrical Guarantee Conditions Load List Net Income
Net Income -as Reported Net Income After Dividends Preferred
Net Income Reported Net Income-excluding
Net Income-excluding Synthetic Fuels New Accounting Standards
New York Branch New York Convention
News Non-gaap Financial Measures
Normal Sale Non-derivative Transactions Notes
Notes Column Number Notes Financial Statements
Notes Financial Statements Gulf Power 2006 Annual Report Notes Financial Statements Southern Power Subsidiary Companies 2006
Notes Table Notices
Now Therefore Now Therefore Consideration
Now Therefore Effective 2009 Grantors Hereby Amend Trust Nuclear
Nuclear Fuel Disposal Costs Nuclear Relicensing
Number Shares Available Grants O-3-c
Objectives Plan Obligor Southern Services Inc
Off-balance Sheet Financing Arrangements Oleander Acquisition
Operating Leases Operations
Opportunity Option Price
Organization Other Business
Other Deductions Other Events
Other Income Expense Net Other Information
Other Matters Other Operations Maintenance
Other Operations Maintenance Expenses Other Reports Indicated Federal Assistance Reporting Checklist Including
Other Restrictions Outstanding Classes Capital Stock
Overview Overview Executive Compensation Components
Page Part
Participation Party Beneficiaries
Patent Certification Doe 205011 Paul Bowers
Payment Payment Sar Amount
Payments Free Clear Payout
Penny Manuel Pension Plan
Pensions Other Postretirement Plans Percentage Completion
Performance Dividend Program Performance Dividends
Performance Evaluation Plan Performance Southern
Periodic Rate Computation Manual Permitted Free Writing Prospectus
Perquisites Person
Place Plan Termination
Plant Daniel Operating Lease Plant Facilities Equipment
Plant Franklin Unit Plant Franklin Unit Construction Project
Plant Fuel Gas Office Plate Differential Pressure Plant Oleander Unit
Plant Stanton Plant Wansley Environmental Litigation
Policy Engagement Independent Auditor Audit Non-audit Services Policy Recovery Awards
Policy Regarding Hedging Economic Risk Stock Ownership Political Activities
Pollution Control Bonds Post-employment Compensation
Power Purchase Agreement Preference Common Stock
Preliminary Prospectus Supplement Dated 2008 Preliminary Prospectus Supplement Dated 2009
Presentation President Ceo Gulf Power
President Ceo Mississippi Power President Ceo Southern Nuclear
Price Adjustment Provisions Principal Accounting Firm Fees
Principal Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Fees Pro Rata Calculation
Procedures Disclosure Related Party Recipients Product Highest Monthly Payments Remaining Payment Schedules Multiplied
Program Design Property Damage Reserve
Property Plant Equipment Property Tax Dispute
Proposal Dated 2004 Proposed Amendment By-laws
Proprietary Data Agreement Protected Data
Provided Provided However
Provision Other Interchange Transactions Provision Property Damage
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Esp Trustee Psc Matters
Purchase Sale Agreement Purchase Sale Membership Interest
Purchased Power Commitments Purchased Power Fuel Commitments
Purpose Adoption Plan Purposes Amendment
Qpsa Charges Waived Quality Assurance
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Railcar Leases
Rate Cnp Rate Computation Procedure Manual
Rate Plans Rate Rse
Rate Structure Rates Interchange Energy
Ratification Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Read Understand Foregoing Hereby Accept Referenced Grant Options
Recipient Not Full Agreement Then Provisions 197 Excerpted Recitals
Record Date Records Access Plant Information
Records Audit Recycled Paper
Registration Statement Related Party Transactions
Relationship Owners Contractor Relocation Benefits
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Report Details
Reported See Notes Representation Date
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Covenants
Representations Warranties Purchaser Request Change Site Orlando Florida Kemper County Mississippi
Required Regulatory Approvals Requirements Law
Resolution Disagreements Rest Page Intentionally Left Blank
Restricted Computer Software Restrictions Share Transferability
Results Discussions Retail Fuel Cost Recovery
Retail Rate Adjustments Retail Rate Matters
Retail Regulatory Matters Revenue Recognition
Right Way Litigation Rights Stockholder
Ronnie Labrato Rules
Safety Health Safety Incident Reporting
Sales Agency Agreements Sales Agency Financing Agreement
Sales Price Sanpaolo Imi Spa
Sar Agreement Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Savannah Electric Power Schedule
Schedule 14a Scope Indemnity Waiver Subrogation
Seasonality Securities Due Within
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Exchange Act 1934 Transition Period
Securities Law Compliance Securities Registered Pursuant Act
See Definitions Large Accelerated Filer Smaller Reporting Rule See Notes
Selected Financial Data Selling Period
Senior Notes Seq
Series Senior Notes Settlement Date
Severability Severance Benefits
Share Usage Share Withholding
Shareholder Approval Shares
Shares Reserved Signature Pages Follow
Signatures Significant Factors
Sources Capital Southern
Southern Change Control Southern Common Stock Dividend Information
Southern Deferred Compensation Plan Southern Earnings
Southern Employee Savings Plan Litigation Southern Investment Plan
Southern Non-employee Director Compensation Southern Power
Southern Power Rowan Llc Southern Power Subsidiary Companies Schedule Valuation Qualifying Accounts
Southern Reports Earnings Southern Reports Solid Earnings
Southern Reports Strong 2007 Results Highlighted Superior Operational Southern Subsidiary Companies Schedule Valuation Qualifying Accounts 2006
Southern Supplemental Benefit Plan Pension-related Sbp-p Southern Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan Serp
Southern Termination Special Status Report
Start Charges State Commissions
State Tax Credits Stated Dollars
Statements Comprehensive Income 2006 2005 2004 Alabama Power Statements Comprehensive Income 2006 2005 2004 Georgia Power
Statements Comprehensive Income 2006 2005 2004 Gulf Power Statements Comprehensive Income 2006 2005 2004 Mississippi Power
Stock Issued Stock Option Plan
Stock Option Vesting Stock Options
Stock Repurchased Stockholder Proposal Environmental Report
Stockholder Proposal Pension Policy Stockholder Services Internet Site
Storm Damage Reserve Storm Damage Reserves
Sua Sponte Subrogation
Subsequent Installment Payments Subsidiary Change Control
Subsidiary Level Summary Significant Accounting Policies
Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan Supplemental Guidelines
Survival Susan Story
Synfuel Strategy Synthetic Fuel Tax Credits
System Restoration Rider Table Contents
Tax Withholding Taxes
Taxes Other Income Technical Reporting Shall Not Include Limited Rights Data
Term Contract Term Options
Term Sars Termination
Termination Employment Directorship Termination Employment Directorship Due Death Disability Retirement
Test Measurement Points Test Procedures
Thomas Fanning Timing Incentive Compensation
Title Page Title Risk Loss
Titles Property Topical Reports
Total Total Change Qtd Eps X-items
Total Other Income Expense Total Traditional Operating Companies
Total-as Reported Total-excluding
Total-excluding Synthetic Fuels Trading
Traditional Operating Companies Transactions Between Operating Companies
Transfer Transfer Agent
Transfer Employment Transferability
Transmission Transmission Service
Trust Unbilled Revenues
Uncontrollable Circumstances Underpayments Overpayments
Understand Signing Waiver Giving Rights Not Sign Unless Otherwise Specified Above Shares Voted
Unless Otherwise Specified Above Shares Voted Against Unquestionable Trust Superior Performance Total Commitment
Utilization Peak-period Load Ratios Value Performance Units Shares Cash-based Awards
Variable Interest Entities Voting
Voting Rights Wachovia Bank
Waiver Waiver Release
Waiver Repayment Waivers Acknowledgments
Water Quality Whereas
Winston Scott Witness Whereof
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