Topic Listing for Southern Copper

Accounting Treatment Activities
Actual Reserves Not Conform Current Estimates Ore Deposits Additional Copper Resources
Additional Information Adjustment Changes Shares
Administration Adoption New Accounting Principle-
Advanced Technology Adversely Affected Challenges Relating Slope Stability
Adversely Affected Labor Disputes Affiliate Transaction Committee
After Giving Effect 1q08 Capital Exploration Expenditures 580 Agreement
Agreement Been Duly Authorized Executed Delivered Agreement Been Duly Authorized Executed Delivered Such Selling
Agrees Several Underwriters Each Selling Stockholder Alfredo Casar Pérez
Amcs Ownership Scc Result Federal Income Tax Contingencies Americas Mining Corporation 2575 East Camelback Road Suite
Americas Sales Inc 2575 East Camelback Road Suite Angangueo
Annex Annual Meeting Stockholders
Annual Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Annual Stockholders Meeting Southern Copper Corporation Held Thursday
Applicable Law Restricts Payment Dividends Minera Mexico Subsidiary Applicable Law Restricts Payment Dividends Minera México Subsidiary
Appointment Co-trustee Appraisal Rights
Appropriated Retained Earnings Approved Board Directors 2004 Technical Changes Audit Committee
Arco Armando Ortega Gomez
Armando Ortega Gómez Arrangements Respect Vote
Articles Asset Impairments
Asset Impairments- Asset Retirement Obligation
Asset Retirement Obligations Reclamation Remediation Costs Attendance Directors
Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures Audit Committee Report
Audit Fees Audit-related Fees
Background Role Executive Officers Determining Compensation Backup Withholding Information Reporting
Banco Central Reserva Banco Nacional Obras Servicios Públicos
Base Salary Beneficial Ownership Grupo Mexico Shares 2008
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Benefits Combination Not Realized
Besloten Vennootschap Met Beperkte Aansprakelijkheid Board Directors
Board Directors Authorized Dividend 117 Cents Per Board Directors Authorized Dividend 170 Per Share
Board Directors Authorized Dividend 275 Per Share Board Directors Authorized Dividend Cents Per Share
Board Directors Recommends Vote Approval Proposal Amend Restated Board Directors Recommends Vote Following Proposals
Board Resolution Bonus
Buenavista Business 2008 Received Additional Shares Common Stock Every
Business Requires Capital Expenditures Not Able Maintain Business Requires Levels Capital Expenditures Not Able Maintain
Business Segment Business Segment-
Business Segments- Camelback Road Suite 500 Phoenix Arizona 85016 Tel
Cananea Strike Capacitation Work
Capital Expenditure Programs Capital Expenditures
Capitalized Interest Capitalized Leachable Material Cost
Capitalized Mine Stripping Costs Leachable Material Capitalized Mine Stripping Leachable Material
Capitalized Mine Stripping Leachable Material- Carbon Coahuila
Carlos Ruiz Sacristán Case Consolidation Merger Conveyance Transfer Other Lease Complies
Cash Compensation Mandated Mexican Law Cash Compensation Mandated Peruvian Law
Cash Compensation Sponsored Programs Cash Cost
Cash Equivalents- Cash Flows Financing Activities
Cash Flows Investing Activities Cash Flows Operating Activities
Certain Risks Associated Merger Certain Risks Associated Minera Méxicos Business Doing Mexico
Certain Transactions Certification Required New York Stock Exchange
Chalchihuites Change Accounting Principle-
Changes Level Demand Products Adversely Affect Product Sales Charter Amendments
Chicago 60606 Choice Law
Choose Compensate Executives Class Action
Class Actions Combined Spcc Results 2005 Includes
Comisión Federal Electricidad Comisión Nacional Del Agua
Comisión Nacional Supervisora Empresas Valores Common Stock
Common Stock Hereinafter Referred Common Stock-
Comparison Cumulative Total Return Spcc Stock 500 Index Comparison Selected Companies
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Decisions
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Directors
Compensation Discussion Analysis Compensation Objectives
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Completion Merger
Compliance Trust Indenture Act Every Amendment Securities Concentration Risk
Conditional Asset Retirement Obligation Conditions Defeasance Exercise Legal Option Covenant Only
Conditions Merger Conduct Business Prior Completion Merger
Conference Call Conforming Accounting Policies Balance Sheet Income Statement Classifications
Consents Consideration Current Capital Investment Program Expected Future Cash
Contribution Analysis Controlled Exception Nyse Rules
Controlled Grupo Mexico Exercises Control Over Affairs Policies Controlled Grupo Mexico Exercises Significant Influence Over Affairs
Controlled Grupo México Exercises Significant Influence Over Affairs Copper Derivative Instruments
Copper Mining Industry Highly Competitive Copper Reserves Analyses
Corporate Existence Subject Hereof Shall Cause Done Corporate Governance Committee
Corporate Governance Disclosure Committee Corporate Governance Guidelines Committee Charters Code Ethics
Corporate Power Corporations Certificate Incorporation Relating Special Independent Director Vacancies
Cost Sales Exclusive Depreciation Amortization Depletion Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Registrant
Código Penal Federal Debt Credit Facilities
Debt Issuance Costs- Deferred Taxes-
Deliveries Copper Sales Agreements Suspended Cancelled Customers Certain Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Depreciation Amortization Depletion Derivative Instruments
Derivative Instruments- Description Amendments
Description Business Despite Refinancing Minera Méxicos Indebtedness Financial Condition Liquidity
Determine Each Element Compensation Director Fees
Discharge Indenture Defeasance Discounted Cash Flow Analyses
Dissenters Appraisal Rights Dividend Reinvestment Program
Documents Duly Authorised Executed Delivered
Each Element Decisions Regarding Fit Overall Compensation Objectives Each Selling Stockholder Agrees Several Underwriters
Each Selling Stockholder Severally Not Jointly Represents Warrants Each Subsidiaries Owns Leases Such Properties Necessary Conduct
Ebitda 1q08 Rose 843 9453 Was Equivalent 631 Eduardo Gonzalez Felix
Eduardo González Félix Effect Amendment
Effect Notice Redemption Once Mailed Subject Satisfaction Effective Date Duration Plan
Effective Time Election Directors
Eligibility Email Address Spccsoutherncoppercompe Certification Required New York Stock
Emilio Carrillo Gamboa Employment Agreements
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Health Safety Laws Other Regulations Increase Costs
Environmental Matters Environmental Matters-
Estimates- Etapa Ofrecimiento Pruebas
Every Separate Trustee Co-trustee Shall Extent Permitted Law Except Continuance Event Default
Excerpt Execution Authentication Officers Shall Sign Securities Manual
Execution Instruments Borrowing Money Deposit Corporate Funds Executive Committee
Executive Compensation Executive Session Non-management Directors
Expansion Capital Projects Expatriate Employees
Expected Benefits Recent Acquisition Minera México Including Synergies Exploration
Exploration- Factors Considered Special Committee
Failliet Verklaard Faillissementsgriffie
Federal Income Tax Consequences Federal Tax Treatment
Financial Instruments Financial Performance Highly Dependent Price Copper Other Metals
Financial Results Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Pro Forma Information Exhibits Financing
Financings Fixed Time
Flows Financing Activities Fluctuations Market Price Metals Minera México Produces Significantly
Fluctuations Relative Values Each Companies Effect Value Parity Foreign Exchange-
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Full 2007 Molybdenum Production Increased 368 Compared 2006
Furnish Holder Securities Written Request Without Charge Copy Furnished Such Counsel Documents They Reasonably Request Purpose
Gain Derivative Instruments Gain Disposal Properties
Gain Disposal Property Genaro Guerrero Diaz-mercado
Genaro Larrea Mota-velasco General
German Larrea Mota-velasco Germán Larrea Mota-velasco
Gilberto Perezalonso Cifuentes Grant Stock Awards
Harold Handelsman Headings Used Herein Convenience Only Shall Not Affect
Highlights Holders Securities Rights Registration Such Statement Other Selling
Householding Special Meeting Materials Housing
Housing Other Benefits Héctor García Quevedo Topete
Immediate Release Immsa Unit
Impact New Accounting Standards Impact New Accounting Standards-
Impuesto Las Transacciones Financieras Income Taxes
Income Taxes- Incorporation
Increases Energy Costs Accounting Policy Changes Other Matters Indemnification
Independent Public Accountants Respect Within Meaning Act Applicable Index
Index Supplemental Combined Financial Statements Inflation Restrictive Exchange Control Policies Devaluation Peso Adversely
Insolvency Regulation Instituto Nacional Estadística Informática
Intangible Assets Intangible Assets-
Inter Alia Interest Expense
Interest Income Internal Control Integrated Framework
Inventories Inventories-
Jaime Collazo Gonzalez Jaime Collazo González
Jose Chirinos Fano Jose Los Heros Ugarte
Juan Rebolledo Gout Labor Matters
Labor Matters- Larrea Further Stated Based Copper Consumption Growth Well
Launching Ceremony Leachable Material-
Lemon Bay Less Fifteen
Letterhead Officer Director Major Stockholder Ley Federal Derechos
Ley General Del Equilibrio Ecológico Protección Ambiente Ley Minera
Licencia Uso Suelo Lima Peru 2005
Liquidity Liquidity Capital Resources
Litigation Involving Asarco Adversely Affect Litigation Matters-
Lme Comex Copper Price Averaged 170 Per Pound Lme Comex Copper Prices Increased Average 323 322
Long Term Debt Los Chancas
Loss Debt Prepayments Loss Derivative Instruments
Loss Gain Derivative Instruments Loss Large Customers Negative Impact Results Operations
Luis Miguel Palomino Bonilla Luxemburger Wort
Manifestación Impacto Ambiental Mario Vinageras Barroso
Marketable Securities Marketable Securities-
Material Modification Rights Security Holders Material Subsidiaries
Material Subsidiary Currently Prohibited Directly Indirectly Paying Dividends Material United States Federal Income Tax Consequences Merger
Matters Meetings Stockholders
Merger Adjustments- Merger Consideration
Metal Prices Metal Production Sales
Metal Production Segments Metals
Metals Exploration Efforts Highly Speculative Nature Unsuccessful Mexican Compensation Practices
Mexican Economic Political Conditions Adverse Impact Business Mexican Economic Political Conditions Adverse Impact Minera Méxicos
Mexican Inflation Restrictive Exchange Control Policies Fluctuations Peso Mexican Labor Matters
Mexican Legal Holiday Bonuses Mexican Open-pit Operations
Mexican Operations- Mexican Tax Matters-
Mexico Mine Development
Mine Development- Minera México Adversely Affected Imposition Stringent Environmental Regulations
Minera México Baja California 200 Col Roma Sur Minera Méxicos Actual Reserves Not Conform Current Expectations
Ministerio Energía Minas Minority Interest
Miscellaneous Movimiento Revolucionario Tupac Amaru
Nacional Trabajadores Exploracion Explotacion Beneficio Minas Republica Mexicana Name Address Officer Director Major Stockholder
Nederlandsche Bank Net Earnings
Net Earnings 2007 Totaled 22167 Increase Year-to-year 4q07 Net Sales 1q08 Increased 1409 Compared 1q07 104
Net Sales Geographical Information New Accounting Pronouncements-
New Plant Treatment Gases New York Stock Exchange Stockholder Approval Requirement
News Release Nolo Contendere
Nominations Director Candidates Election Directors Elected Vote Holders Nominees Election Directors Representing Common Stock
Non-conflicts Law North Tatum Blvd Suite 2500 Phoenix 85028
Not Not Applicable
Not Continue Pay Significant Amount Net Income Cash Note-8 Derivative Instruments
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2005 Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2006
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2007 Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2009
Novo Now Access Southern Copper Corporation Account Online
Officers Operating Cash Cost Reconciliation
Operations Subject Risks Some Not Insurable Opinion Addressees
Opinion Special Committees Financial Advisor Goldman Sachs Opinion Special Committees Financial Advisor-goldman Sachs
Option Grants Exercises Year-end Values Ordre Public
Ore Reserves- Oscar Gonzalez Rocha
Oscar González Rocha Other
Other Chilean Prospects Other Commitments
Other Committees Other Comprehensive Income-
Other Corporate Information Other Covenants Agreements
Other Events Other Expense
Other Facilities Other Fees
Other Income Expense Other Information
Other Legal Matters Other Legal Matters-
Other Liquidity Considerations Other Non Merger Proforma Adjustments
Other Peruvian Prospects Other Securities
Other Sponsored Programs Ownership Class Common Stock
Paid-in Capital Pari Passu
Partido Acción Nacional Partido Revolucionario Institucional
Pay Significant Amount Net Income Cash Dividends Common Pension Plan
Pension Plans Percent Benefit Quinquenio
Permissive Rights Trustee Things Enumerated Indenture Shall Not Permits
Personal Benefits Personal Confidential
Peru Peruvian Branch Southern Copper Corporation Peru Files Notices
Peruvian Compensation Practices Peruvian Economic Political Conditions Adverse Impact Business
Peruvian Environmental Laws Peruvian Environmental Permits
Peruvian Inflation Reduced Economic Growth Fluctuations Nuevo Sol Peruvian Legal Holiday Bonuses
Peruvian Mandated Family Assistance Peruvian Mandated Housing
Peruvian Open-pit Operations Peruvian Operations
Peruvian Operations- Peruvian Tax Matters-
Phoenix 2009- Southern Copper Corporation Scc Nyse Lse Phoenix Aug 2006
Pilares Please New Text Bold Underscored Old Crossed Out
Please Sign Date Return Proxy Card Promptly Using Please Sign Date Return Proxy Promptly Using Enclosed
Possible Termination Transaction Power Purchase Agreement-
Preferential Collection Claims Against Trustee Shall Comply Press Release
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principles Consolidation Combination-
Principles Consolidation- Prior Closing Date Selling Stockholders Shall Furnished Representatives
Priorities Trustee Collects Money Property Pursuant Shall Pro Forma Eps Analysis
Pro Rata Procuraduría Federal Protección Ambiente
Production Profile
Profit Sharing Profits Mexican Operations Profit Sharing Profits Peruvian Branch
Profits Negatively Affected Currency Exchange Rate Fluctuations Programa Adecuación Manejo Ambiental
Projects 692 Maintenance Replacement Capital Expenditures 227 Exploration Property
Property- Proposal Amend Advance Notice Requirements
Proposal Amend Certificate Increase Number Authorized Shares Common Proposal Amend Definition Change Control
Proposal Amendment Restated Certificate Incorporation Increase Number Authorized Proposal Amendments Restated Certificate Incorporation Change Composition Responsibilities
Proposal Elect Directors Represent Holders Common Stock Proposal Elect Fourteen Directors
Proposal Elect Thirteen Directors Proposal Eliminate Extraneous Provisions
Proposal Eliminate Supermajority Vote Requirement Proposal Extend Term Directors Stock Award Plan
Proposal Issuance Common Stock Merger Proposal Ratify Selection Independent Accountants
Proposals Amend By-laws Proposals Nominations Stockholders
Proposals Stockholders Provided Car Driver
Provision Indenture Shall Require Trustee Expend Risk Own Proxy Solicited Board Directors Annual Meeting Stockholders Held
Proxy Statement Purpose
Purpose Effect Amendment Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosure Market Risk Quarterly Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Quorum Reconciliation Net Income Attributable Scc Ebitda
Record Date References Final Prospectus Paragraph Include Supplement Thereto Date
Registro Público Del Mercado Valores Regulation Disclosure
Regulatory Approvals Relaciones Con Inversionistas 602 494-5328
Related Party Transactions Relationships Cananea Mine
Relocation Assistance Remigio Martinez Muller
Rendering Opinions Contained Herein Considered Laws Peru Date Repayment Trustee Paying Agent Shall Promptly Turn
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Representations Warranties
Represents Warrants Agrees Each Underwriter Selling Stockholder Set Required Vote Board Recommendation
Resignation Eduardo Gonzalez Chief Financial Officer Appointment Jose Restrictive Covenants Agreements Governing Indebtedness Minera Mexico Subsidiary
Restrictive Covenants Agreements Governing Indebtedness Minera México Subsidiary Results Financial Condition Affected Global Local Market Conditions
Results Modernization Program Results Operations Financial Condition
Retirement Plans Revenue Recognition-
Revocability Proxies Rights Stockholders
Risk Factors Royalty Charge
Royalty Charge- Royalty Tax-
Rueda Bolsa Rules Construction Unless Context Otherwise Requires
Salado Sales 2005 Increased 2907 Compared 2004 Amounted 10302
Sales 2007 Reached Historic High 60857 Increase 115 Savings Plan
Scar Gonzalez Rocha Scar González Rocha
Scc Stock 500 Index Div Metals Schedule 14a Information
Sec Reports Shall Provide Trustee Following Securities Exchange Act 1934
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Security Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New
See Selling General Administrative
Severance Benefit Severance Benefits
Shareholder Communications Directors Shareholder Nominations
Shareholder Return Performance Presentation Shares Class Common Stock Been Converted Equal Number
Shares Represented Proxy Voted Directed Stockholder Signed Returned Shares Stock
Shares Subject Plan Shipping Handling Fees Costs-
Short-term Investments Short-term Investments-
Sierra Lobos Signature
Signatures Signatures Documents Copies Examined Genuine
Signed Copy Underwriting Agreement Sindicato Nacional Trabajadores Minera Metalúrgicos Similares República Mexicana
Solicitation Proxies Southern Copper Corporation
Southern Copper Corporation Announces 300 Share Repurchase Program Southern Copper Corporation Declares Dividend
Southern Copper Corporation Issue Notes Us400 Southern Copper Corporation Scc Nyse Lse Pcu
Southern Peru Copper Corporation Southern Peru Copper Corporation 2575 East Camelback Road
Spcc Merger Sub Inc 2575 East Camelback Road Spcc Post-retirement Health Care Plan-
Spcc Reports 2005 Economic Results Spcc-peru Branch
Special Committee Special Independent
Special Independent Directors Nominating Committee Special Rule Extraordinary Distributions Paid Corporate Stockholders
Statements Required Certificate Opinion Each Respect Compliance Statuten
Stock Stock Incentive Plan Committee
Stock Options Stock Purchase Plans Grupo Mexico
Stock Split Stockholders Equity
Subsequent Events Successor
Summary Summary Compensation Table
Summary Merger Summary Request Approval
Surseance Van Betaling Table Contents
Tantahuatay Tax Consequences Merger
Tax Contingency Matters Tax Contingency Matters-
Tax Fees Tax Matters-
Tax Statutory Workers Profit Sharing Contingency Matters- Taxation Holders
Taxation Non-us Holders Tel 52-55 5080-0050 Ext 7364
Terminación Relaciones Trabajo Cananea Termination Employment Compensation
Termination Employment Compensation Cts Termination Transaction
They Not Misleading Each Case Other Financial Statements Tia Maria
Travel Benefits Trustee
Trustee Act Through Agents Attorneys Shall Not Responsible Trustee Not Relieved Liability Own Negligent Action Failure
Trustee Request Deliver Certificate Setting Forth Names Individuals Uncertainty Termination Renewal Minera Méxicos Concessions
Uncertainty Termination Renewal Mining Concessions Unregistered Sales Equity Securities
Vacation Compensation Valuation Allowances-
Verordeningen Vidal Muhech Dip
Vote Required Vote Requirements
Voting Securities Wet Financiële Betrekkingen Buitenland 1994
Wet Toezicht Effectenverkeer 1995 What Compensation Designed Reward
Withholding Taxes Other Laws Without Consent Holders Trustee Amend Indenture Securities
Workers Participation Wwwsoutherncoppercorpcom
Wwwsouthernperucom Xavier Garcia Quevedo Topete
Xavier García Quevedo Topete 
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