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Acceptance Access Rights
Accounts Accounts Receivable Allowance Doubtful
Accrued Expenses Other Current Liabilities Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss
Acquisition Corporate Express Acquisition Financing
Acquisitions Addendum
Additional Ceo Considerations Additional Provisions
Adjustment Provisions Recapitalizations Related Transactions Adjustments Changes Common Stock Certain Other Events
Administration Administration Delegation
Advertising Affirmation Acknowledgment
Affirmative Covenants Borrower Aggregated Option Exercises Last Year-end Values
Agreement Agreement Only Amended Supplemented Parties Writing
Agreements Affecting Payments Agrees Not Participate Influence Matter Affecting Business Relationship
Amended Restated 2004 Stock Incentive Plan Amended Restated Credit Agreement
Amended Restated Revolving Credit Agreement Amendment
Amendment 111 Events Default Acceleration Amendment Bridge Agreement
Amendment By-laws Staples Inc Amendment By-laws Staples Inc Proposal
Amendment Credit Agreement Amendment Definitions
Amendment Plan Amendment Plan Board Time Amend Respect
Amendment Severance Benefits Agreement Amendment §26
Amendments Amendments Termination
Amortization Intangibles Announces Preliminary Performance Reaffirms Long-term Financial Expectations
Annual Option Grants Anyway Just Following Nols Able Kind Net Out
Appendix Apply Net Proceeds Sale Notes Set Forth Disclosure
Approval By-law Amendment Annual Election Directors Approval Recommendation
Approval Shareholder Proposal Arbitration
Area Expect Significant Synergies Reducing Overhead Expense Currently Assignment
Associates Training Associates Training Corporate Values
Assumption Corporate Express Obligations Attend Meeting
Attestation Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Attractive Long-term Solution Stakeholders
Audit Committee Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Committee Policies Procedures Audit Fees
Audit-related Fees Authorized Capitalization Set Forth Disclosure Package Prospectus
Available Awards Available Information
Awards B-new Accounting Pronouncement
Barnes Base Salaries
Base Salary Basil Anderson
Basis Preparation Basis Presentation
Beginning Shareholder Proposal Benchmarking
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Beneficiary Designation
Best Efforts Between
Board Authority Make Adjustments Board Committee Meetings
Board Directors Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Proposal
Board Statement Opposition Boards Statement Opposition
Bonus Provisions Amendments Termination Business Acquisitions Equity Method Investments
Business Adversely Affected Actions Risks Associated Party Vendors Business Adversely Affected Actions Risks Associated Third-party Vendors
Business Financial Performance Dependent Ability Attract Retain Qualified Business Strategy
Business Succeed Over Long Term Only Work Sustain By-law Amendment Majority Voting
California Wage Class Action Lawsuit California Wage Class Action Lawsuit Adversely Affect Business
Canada Japan Cancellation New Grant Options Etc
Capex Said 500 550 Was What Think Run Cash Dividend
Cash Equivalents Cash Flows
Cash Offer Cause
Cautionary Statements Certain Negative Covenants Borrower
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certain Tax Consequences Non-us Participants Change Control
Change Proxy After Return Card Change-in-control Only
Changes Capitalization Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Position Chris Horvers Jpmorgan Analyst
Christine Komola Claims Procedure
Closing Conditions Closing Date Conditions
Code Ethics Code Ethics Acknowledgment
Commercial Paper Program Commercial Paper Rate Notes
Commitments Contingencies Committee Authority
Communicating Board Communicating Independent Directors
Community Compared 2007
Compared 2008 Compelling Valuation
Compensation Compensation Chief Executive Officer
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Committee Report Executive
Compensation Termination Competition
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Comprehensive Income
Compromises Information Security Adversely Affect Business Computation Earnings Per Common Share
Condensed Consolidating Balance Sheet 2004 Condensed Consolidating Balance Sheet 2005
Condensed Consolidating Statement Cash Flows 2003 Condensed Consolidating Statement Cash Flows 2004
Condensed Consolidating Statement Cash Flows 2005 Condensed Consolidating Statement Income 2003
Condensed Consolidating Statement Income 2004 Condensed Consolidating Statement Income 2005
Condensed Consolidating Statement Income 2006 Condensed Consolidating Statement Income 2007
Condensed Consolidating Statement Income 2008 Conditions
Conflict Interest Guidelines Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Performance Consolidated Performance Outlook
Consolidation Merger Conveyance Transfer Lease Contingencies
Continuous Relationship Staples Required Contract Business Say Know What Delivery Fair Current
Contract Employment Contribution
Contributions Controls Procedures
Conversion Options §291 Core Expectations
Corporate Authority §511 Corporate Express
Corporate Express Acquisition Corporate Express Integration Outlook
Corporate Express Proposal Corporate Express Securitization Programs
Corporate Governance Corporate Values
Cost Goods Sold Occupancy Costs Couple Quick Questions Overall Environment Off Respect Contract
Covenants Agreements Issuer Covenants Agreements Issuer Guarantors
Covenants Subsidiary Guarantors Covenant Agree Each Underwriter Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement
Credit Agreement Credit Agreements
Critical Accounting Policies Critical Accounting Policies Significant Estimates
Cumulative Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Date Report Earliest Event Reported 2007 Staples Inc Death
Death Benefit Death Disability
Debt Credit Agreements Debt Level Operating Lease Commitments Impact Ability Obtain
Declassification Board Directors Deferred Financing Fees
Deferred Taxes Definitions
Delisting Delivery Shares Compliance Securities Laws Etc
Delivery Shares Tendered Payment Purchase Price Demos Parneros
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Description Transaction
Despite Disappointment Sales Earnings Performance Very Pleased Results Deteriorating Economic Conditions Continue Cause Decline Business Consumer
Determination Bonus Awards Did Pay Acquisition Whats Impact Capital Structure Ron
Director Candidates Director Committee Independence
Director Compensation Director Independence
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Directors Retiring 2006 Annual Meeting Stockholders Directors Serving Term Expiring 2006 Annual Meeting Class
Directors Serving Term Expiring 2007 Annual Meeting Class Directors Serving Term Expiring 2007 Annual Meeting Stockholders
Directors Serving Term Expiring 2008 Annual Meeting Stockholders Directors Staples
Disability Disabled
Disclosure Disclosure Controls Procedures
Distribution Event Unforeseeable Emergency Distribution Fulfillment Centers
Diversity Documents Incorporated Reference
Dollar Amounts Except Share Data Domestic Relations Orders
E-stockholders Equity Each Issuer Guarantor Represents Warrants Itself
Earnings Loss Per Share Eps Economic Conditions Cause Decline Business Consumer Spending
Economic Conditions Cause Decline Business Consumer Spending Adversely Effect Change Control
Effect Termination Employment Other Relationship Effective Date Conditions
Effective Date Duration Plan Effective Date Plan Shall Take Effect 2000
Effective Tax Rate Fluctuate Election Defer Compensation
Election Directors Electronic Delivery Future Shareholder Communications
Electronic Delivery Future Stockholder Communications Electronic Delivery Shareholder Communications
Electronic Delivery Stockholder Communications Eligibility
Eligibility Receive Awards Eligible Employees
Eligible Employees Beginning After 2008 Employee Benefit Plans
Employee Benefit Plans §5121 Employee Stock Purchase Plans
Employee Undertakings Employees 401 Savings Plan
Employment Employment Compliance
Employment Termination Change-in-control Agreements Employment Termination Change-in-control Agreements Senior Executives
End Shareholder Proposal Entitled Vote
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environment
Equity Based Employee Benefit Plans Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Compensation Program Estimates
Ethics Ethics-
Euro Notes European Mail Order Businesses
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Evaluations Disclosure Controls
Event Webcast Excluding
Execution Version Executive Committee
Executive Compensation Executive Compensation Objectives
Executive Compensation Objectives Philosophy Executive Leadership Team
Executive Officers Registrant Executive Perquisites
Executive Summary Exercise Options
Exercise Period Death Disability Exercise Procedure
Exhibits Exhibits Schedules
Expanded Offering Proprietary Branded Products Not Improve Financial Expanding International Operations Expose Risks Inherent Foreign
Expanding International Operations Expose Unique Risks Inherent Foreign Expected Benefit Payments Contributions
Expressly Waive Right Receive Gross-up Payment 409a Liability Facilitate Sale Resale Notes
Fair Enough Then Also Since International Footprint Today Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Value Measurements Fair Value Measurements Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Fair Values Outstanding Director Awards Fcpa Means Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 1977 Amended
Federal Funds Rate Notes Federal Income Tax Consequences
Final Term Sheet Finance Committee
Financial Covenants Borrower Financial Statement Schedules
Financial Statements Financial Statements Exhibits
Financing Condition Fluctuations Effective Tax Rate Adversely Affect Business Results
Fluctuations Foreign Exchange Rates Lead Lower Earnings Fold Detach Here
Foreign Currencies Foreign Currency Swaps
Foreign Currency Translation Form
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form Compliance Certificate Form Guaranty
Form Joinder Agreement Form Legend Private Placement Memorandum Notes
Form Non-employee Director Restricted Stock Unit Award Agreement Forms Option Agreements
Forward Looking Information Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Framingham Mass 2008
Framingham Mass Feb 2008 Framingham Mass Jan 2006
Full 2008 Performance Funding Credit Facilities
Funds Payments §431 Funds Revolving Credit Loans §241
Furnish Each Representatives Counsel Further Assurances
Further Provisions Relating Indemnification Gary Balter Credit Suisse Analyst
General General Administrative
General Administrative Expenses General Eligibility Requirements
General Provisions Applicable Awards Geographic Information
Give Preliminary Thoughts Take Operating Margins Major Divisions Global Economic Conditions Continue Cause Decline Business Consumer
Good Reason Got Then Question Deal Just Give Early Look
Got Then Quick Follow-ups Organic Growth Rate Nad Governing Law
Grants Options Restricted Stock Great Question Guess Retail Side Back School Alluded
Gross Profit Gross-up Payment
Growth Continue Strain Operations Adversely Affect Business Financial Growth Strain Operations
Growth Strain Operations Not Successfully Integrate Acquisitions Realize Guarantor Subsidiaries
Guarantors Agreement Pay Enforcement Costs Guaranty Payment Performance
Guess Couple People Tried Get Add What 200 Guess Just Different Topic Private Label Standpoint Mean
H-guarantor Subsidiaries Health Well-being Communities Operate Important Success Through
Hereby Waives Claims Against Underwriters Respect Breach Fiduciary Hey Guess Off Was Wondering Speak State Corporate
Highlights Holders Lists Reports Trustee
Householding Annual Meeting Materials Http Wwwproxyvotingcom Spls
Hundred Staples Drive Framingham Massachusetts 01702 508-253-5000 Securities Ill Now Turn Call Over John Walk Through
Impairment Goodwill Indefinite Lived Intangible Assets Impairment Long-lived Assets
Important Legal Information Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Annual Meeting
Important Notice Regarding Internet Availability Proxy Materials Annual Important Take Step Forward Support Proposal Since 2006
Incentive Stock Options Income Taxes
Indemnification Agreement Indemnification Contribution
Indemnified Party Independent Compensation Consultant
Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Independent Registered Public Accounting Firms Fees
Index Index Consolidated Financial Statements
Index Exhibits Inflation Seasonality
Information Security Compromised Input Management
Integration Restructuring Costs Interest Expense
Interest Income Interest Not Paid Employee Accounts
Interest Rate Swaps International Operations
Inventory Investment
Investment Accounts Issuer Free Writing Prospectuses
Issuer Purchases Equity Securities Jack Vanwoerkom
Joe Feldman Telsey Advisory Group Analyst John Mahoney
Joseph Doody Key Associates
Launch Commercial Paper Program Laurel Lefebvre Staples Inc
Lead Director Required Meetings Independent Directors Lease Acquisition Costs
Leaves Absence Legal Proceedings
Liability Libor Notes
Limitation Rights Liquidation Dissolution
Listed Subsidiary Guarantors Notify Trustee Securities Stock Exchange Listing Qualification Etc
Long Term Equity Incentives Long-term Equity Incentives
Make Buying Office Products Easy Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Manner Election Market Highly Competitive Not Able Continue Compete Successfully
Market Highly Competitive Not Continue Compete Successfully Marketing
Matthew Fassler Goldman Sachs Analyst Medical Arts Press
Meetings Committees Board Meetings Holders Securities
Merchandise Inventories Merchandising
Merger Consolidation Asset Sale Liquidation Etc Merger Rules
Mergers Consolidations Asset Sales Liquidations Etc Method Payment
Michael Miles Mike Baker Deutsche Bank Analyst
Minimis Minimus
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Expense
Miscellaneous Income Expense Modification Extension Renewal Options Restricted Stock
Moriarty Nasdaq
Nature Operations New Accounting Pronouncement
New Accounting Pronouncements New Credit Facility
Next Question Comes Line Colin Mcgranahan Bernstein Please Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Nominees Serve Directors Three-year Term Expiring 2008 Annual Nominees Serve Directors Three-year Term Expiring 2009 Annual
Non-management Director Compensation Summary Non-recurring
Nontransferability Options North American Delivery
North American Retail Not Able Successfully Integrate Corporate Express Operations Realize
Not Consummate Proposed Acquisition Corporate Express Realize Benefits Not Take Directly Indirectly Action Designed Cause
Notes Notes Consolidated Financial Statements A-basis Presentation
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Basis Presentation Notice
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2005 Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2006
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2007 Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2008
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2009 Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Information
Notice Other Communication Shall Deemed Been Given Notices Except Otherwise Provided Agreement Whenever Notice
Notification Defense Claim Now Therefore
Occurrence Other Event Board Determines Duly Approved Resolution Offer
Offer Conditions Offer Memorandum
Offer Period Offer Price
Okay Building Sales Attrition Integration Process Thats Accounted Okay Follow-up After Youve Integrated Corporate Express Segment
Okay Guys Plan Mean Theyve Been Pretty Good Okay Integration Cost Predominantly Then Headcount Reduction
Okay Last Thing Intangible Amortization Double Next What Okay Lastly Just Give Update Store Opening Plans
Okay Numbers Seem Little Bit Conservative Guess Kind Okay Very Small Part Business Wondered What Next
Oliver Wintermantel Morgan Stanley Analyst Operating Results Impacted Changes Economy
Operating Results Impacted Changes Economy Impact Business Consumer Operating Selling Expenses
Option Amendments Option Exercises Holdings
Option Grants Option Grants Last
Option Period Other Employee Benefits
Other Events Other Fees
Other Fees §421 Other Financing Agreements
Other Information Other Matters
Other Matters Voted Meeting Other Stock-based Awards
Outlook Oversight Independent Auditors
Oversight Internal Audit Overview
Part Part Ii-other Information Risk Factors
Participation Participation Plan
Payment Calculations Payment Participants Account
Payments §1351 Pension Plans
Performance Performance Accelerated Restricted Stock Pars
Performance Accelerated Restricted Stock Pars Awards Performance Based Annual Cash Bonus
Performance Conditions Performance Evaluation
Performance Share Award Agreement Performance Share Payout Schedule
Performance Shares Performance-based Annual Cash Bonus
Perquisites Pills Entrench Current Management
Plan Plan Period Employee Participate Subsequent Offering Accordance Terms
Please Sign Date Return Proxy Card Promptly Using Political Contributions
Position Statement Post Acceptance Period
Potential Payments Termination Change-in-control Pre-approval Policy Procedures
Pre-opening Costs Preliminary 2008 Performance
Preliminary 2008 Performance 8211 Staples8217 Pre-acquisition Business Presentation Non-gaap Information
Prime Rate Notes Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Executive Officer Certification Principal Financial Officer Certification
Principles Consolidation Private Label Credit Card
Procedures Program
Program Guaranteed Progress Begins Step
Property Equipment Proposal Approval By-law Amendment Change Voting Standard Election
Proposal Approval By-law Amendment Provide Annual Election Directors Proposal Approval Staples Amended Restated 2004 Stock Incentive
Proposal Election Directors Proposal Ratification Selection Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Proposal Shareholder Director Election Majority Vote Standard Proposal Shareholder Redeem Vote Poison Pill
Proposal Shareholder Simple Majority Vote Proposed Acquisition Corporate Express
Provision Foreign Participants Provisions Foreign Participants
Proxy Material View Receive Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors
Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Stockholders 2005 Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Stockholders 2006
Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Stockholders 2007 Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Stockholders 2008
Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Stockholders 2009 Purchase Advertising Rebates
Purchase Price Exercise Options Purpose
Purpose Plan Purpose Protocol
Pursuant Notwithstanding Foregoing Each Option Shall Terminate Longer Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risks Quarterly Operating Results Subject Significant Fluctuation
Quarterly Period 2009 Quarterly Summary
Question Answer Quill Corporation
Rate Notes Ready Proceed
Reasons Set Forth Below Boards Statement Opposition Shareholder Receivables
Recently Adopted Accounting Pronouncements Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements
Reclassifications Redemption Securities
Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Annual Meeting Stockholders Held Regulation Disclosure
Reimbursement Fees Costs Expenses Incurred Offeror Payment Shall Related Policies Considerations
Relationship Participant Free Liability Claim Plan Except Expressly Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Remedies Removal
Render Party Immediately Preceding Date Such Payment Unless Reorganization Event
Report Audit Committee Board Report Audit Committee Board Directors
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Representations Warranties
Representations §1341 Repurchase Forfeiture
Request Copy Material Resolved
Restricted Shares Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Award Agreement Directors Restricted Stock Award Agreement Directors Initial Grant
Restricted Stock Units Restricted Stock Units Shares
Restrictions Results Operations
Results Operations Financial Condition Retention Award Ceo
Retirement Retirement Benefits
Retirement Disability Death Retirement Other Benefits
Retirement Resignation Revenue Recognition
Review Audited Financial Statements Review Components Compensation
Review Other Financial Disclosures Revised Severance Agreements
Revolving Credit Facility Rights Non-assignable
Rights Shareholder Rights Stockholder
Ronald Sargent Sales
Schedule 14a Securing Payment Plan Benefits
Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans Securities Exchange
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Exchange Filings
Securities Rating Not Recommendation Buy Sell Hold Subject Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Securitization Program Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
See Segment Information
Selling General Administrative Expenses Senior Executive Compensation
Senior Notes Senior Notes Due 2011
Senior Notes Due 2014 Setoff
Settlement Severance Benefits Agreement
Shall Apply Restricted Stock Award Only Extent Consistent Shall Thereafter Applicable Nearly Reasonably Relation Said Securities
Shareholder Proposal Shareholder Proposals
Shareholder Rights Plan Shipping Handling Costs
Short-term Investments Signatories
Signature Signature Pages Follow
Signatures Solicitation
Sources Liquidity Speaking
Special Employment Rights Staples
Staples Business Delivery Staples Common Stock Par Value 00006 Per Share
Staples Executive Officer Incentive Plan Staples Inc
Staples Inc Announces 2009 Performance Staples Inc Announces Full 2008 Performance
Staples Inc Announces Performance Staples Inc Announces Performance Including Results Corporate Express
Staples Inc Board Directors Staples Inc Details Corporate Express Integration Plans Announces
Staples Inc Restricted Stock Award Agreement Staples Inc Restricted Stock Award Agreement Directors
Staples Inc Schedule Ii-valuation Qualifying Accounts Receivable Allowance Staples National Advantage Business
Staplescom Stapleslinkcom
State Delaware Status Executive Compensation Program
Stephen Chick Friedman Billings Ramsey Analyst Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Available 1992 Plan Stock Available Awards
Stock Award Plans Stock Option Review
Stock Options Stock Ownership Guidelines
Stock Performance Graph Stock Price Fluctuate Based Market Expectations
Stock Subject Plan Stock Value
Stock-based Compensation Stockholder Approval
Stockholders Equity Strategic Initiatives
Structure Membership Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Submit Proxy Internet Telephone Submit Proxy Over Internet Telephone
Subsequent Event Successors Assigns
Successors Binding Agreement Such Benefits Number Paid Vacation Unless Circumstances Fully
Summary 2008 Special Summary 2008 Special Charges
Summary Full 2008 Special Summary Incentive Plan
Summary Objectives Summary Table
Summary Table Director Compensation Supplement Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Stockholders 2006
Supply Chain Supporting Statement
Table Contents Talk Little Bit Comp Store Sales Decline Seeing
Tally Sheets Tax Accounting Implications
Tax Considerations Tax Fees
Tax Services Reimbursement Technological Problems Impact Operations
Term Agreement Term Change Control Shall Mean Occurrence Following
Term Credit Facility Term Plan
Termination Amendment Termination Cause
Termination Following Change-in-control Termination Following Change-in-control Severance Benefits Agreements
Termination Following Change-in-control-severance Benefits Agreements Termination Plan Change Control
Termination Relationship Staples Termination Without Cause Resignation Good Reason
Termination Without Cause Resignation Good Reason Severance Benefits Termination Without Cause Resignation Good Reason-severance Benefits Agreements
Terms Terms Conditions Form Options Restricted Stock
Terms Options Terms Restricted Stock
Thank Joe Thank Quick Questions Think New Geographies Youre Follow-up
Thanks Guys Thanks Lot
They Employees Subsidiary Applicable Plan Period Defined Below Todays Conference Call
Todd Duvick Banc America Analyst Trademarks
Trademarks Patents Copyrights Domain Names Transferability
Transition Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Treasury Rate Notes
Types Awards Types Options Awards Administration
Unable Attract Retain Qualified Associates Unable Continue Enter New Markets Successfully
Unable Continue Open New Stores Enter Markets Successfully Unable Manage Debt Materially Harm Business Financial Condition
Unenforceability Obligations Against Borrower United Kingdom Savings Related Share Option Plan
United Kingdom Share Option Plan United States
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Uses Capital
Valuation Shares Other Non-cash Consideration Tendered Payment Purchase Various Legal Proceedings Adversely Affect Business Financial Performance
Various Legal Proceedings Investigations Audits Adversely Affect Business Various Legal Proceedings Party Claims Investigations Audits Adversely
Very Early Planning Process Wouldnt Think See Substantial Vested Status Participants Account
Vesting Death Disability Retirement Vesting Death Disability Termination Without Cause
Vesting Schedule Vote
Vote Internet Vote Internet Telephone Not Need Mail Back Proxy
Vote Internet Wwwproxyvotecom Vote Mail
Vote Person Vote Phone 1-800-690-6903
Wage Class Action Lawsuits Adversely Affect Business Financial Waiver Jury Trial
Waivers Guarantors Lenders Freedom Act What Constitutes Quorum
What Purpose Annual Meeting What Vote Required Approve Each Matter
Whereas Withholding
Witness Whereof Wwwstaplescom
Year-end Option Values §10 Conditions Borrowings
§10 Conditions Borrowings Fund Additional Purchases Corporate Express §10 Termination Reinstatement
§101 §102
§102 Specified Representations True Default §103
§104 §105
§11 Successors Assigns §111
§111 Representations True Default Event §112
§112 Legal Impediment §113
§113 Governmental Regulation §114
§114 Proceedings Documents §115
§116 Certain Conditions §117 Payment Fees
§118 Borrowing Date Certification §12
§12 Amendments Waivers §12 Rules Interpretation
§12 Setoff §122
§123 §13
§13 Exchange Rates Currency Equivalents §13 Notices
§131 §1310
§1311 §132
§133 §1342
§1352 §1353
§136 §137
§138 §139
§14 Additional Alternative Currencies §14 Expenses
§14 Governing Law Consent Jurisdiction §141
§1410 §1411
§142 §143
§1441 §1442
§1451 §1452
§1453 §146
§147 §148
§149 §15
§15 Change Currency §15 Expenses
§15 Indemnification §15 Waiver Jury Trial
§16 §16 Miscellaneous
§16 Survival Covenants Etc §17
§171 §172
§173 §174
§175 §176
§177 §178
§18 Notices Etc §181
§182 §183
§184 §185
§186 §187
§19 §19 Governing Law
§20 §20 Governing Law
§20 Headings §21
§21 Commitment Lend Loans §21 Counterparts
§21 Headings §210
§210 Evidence Debt §210 Swing Line
§2102 §2103
§2104 §211
§212 §22
§22 Counterparts §22 Entire Agreement Etc
§22 Requests Loans §23
§23 Entire Agreement Etc §23 Waiver Jury Trial
§231 §231 Funding Procedures
§232 §232 Advances Administrative Agent
§233 §24
§24 Consents Amendments Waivers Etc §24 Reduction Total Commitment
§24 Waiver Jury Trial §242
§25 §25 Consents Amendments Waivers Etc
§25 Maturity Loans §25 Treatment Certain Confidential Information
§252 §253
§26 §26 Severability
§261 §261 Confidentiality
§262 §262 Prior Notification
§263 §263 Other
§27 §27 Judgment Currency
§27 Optional Repayments Loans §27 Severability
§28 §28 Interest Loans
§28 Usa Patriot Act Notice §29
§29 Advisory Fiduciary Responsibility §291
§291 Conversion Different Type Loan §292
§292 Continuation Type Loan §293
§293 Eurocurrency Rate Loans §30 Collateral
§30 Transitional Arrangements §31
§31 Administrative Agent Fees §310
§310 Indemnity §311
§311 Interest After Default §312
§312 Replacement Individual Lenders §313
§313 Additional Reserve Requirements §314
§314 Guaranties §32
§32 Commitment Fee §33 Drawings Reimbursements
§331 §331 Payments Administrative Agent
§332 §332 Offset Etc
§333 §333 Withholding
§34 §34 Computations
§35 §35 Inability Determine Eurocurrency Rate
§36 §36 Illegality
§37 §37 Additional Costs Etc
§38 §38 Capital Adequacy
§39 §39 Certificate
§41 §410
§411 §411 Incorporation Good Standing
§411 Investment Act §412
§412 Authorization §4121
§4121 General §4122
§4122 Terminability Welfare Plans §4123
§4123 Guaranteed Pension Plans §4124
§4124 Multiemployer Plans §413
§413 Enforceability §413 Regulations Etc
§414 §414 Environmental Compliance
§415 §415 Foreign Assets Control Regulations Etc
§416 §416 Subsidiaries Etc
§417 §42
§42 Governmental Approvals §422
§43 §43 Title Properties Leases
§432 §433
§44 §44 Financial Statements
§45 §45 Material Changes Etc
§46 §46 Franchises Patents Copyrights Etc
§47 §47 Litigation
§48 §48 Compliance Other Instruments Laws Etc
§49 §49 Tax Status
§51 §51 Punctual Payment
§510 §510 Compliance Laws Contracts Licenses Permits
§511 §511 Employee Benefit Plans
§512 §512 Proceeds
§5122 §5123
§5124 §513
§513 Licenses Permits §514
§514 Guaranties §515
§515 Further Assurances §516
§517 §52
§52 Maintenance Office §53
§53 Records Accounts §54
§54 Financial Statements Certificates Information §55
§55 Notices §56
§56 Legal Existence Maintenance Properties §57
§57 Insurance §58
§58 Taxes §59
§59 Inspection Properties Books Etc §61
§61 Restrictions Indebtedness §610
§611 §612
§613 §614
§615 §62
§62 Restrictions Liens §63
§63 Restrictions Investments §64
§64 Distributions §65
§65 Employee Benefit Plans §66
§66 Merger Consolidation Acquisitions §67
§67 Disposition Assets Sale-leaseback Transactions §68
§68 Subordinated Debt §69
§69 Transactions Affiliates §71
§71 Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio §72
§72 Adjusted Funded Debt Total Capitalization Ratio §73
§74 §75
§76 §77
§78 §79
§81 §81 Loan Documents
§810 §810 Governmental Regulation
§811 §811 Usa Patriot Act
§812 §812 Effective Date Certificate
§82 §82 Certified Copies Charter Documents
§83 §83 Corporate Action
§84 §84 Incumbency Certificate
§85 §85 Opinion Counsel
§86 §86 Payment Fees
§87 §87 Financial Statements
§88 §88 Specified Representations True Default
§89 §89 Default Material Indebtedness
§91 §910
§911 §92
§92 Offer Consummation §93
§93 Approvals §94
§94 Opinion Counsel §95
§95 Payment Fees §96
§96 Pro Forma Financial Statements §97
§97 Specified Representations True Default Material Indebtedness §98
§98 Closing Date Certificate §99
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