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Acceptance Agreement Access Records
Accounting Standards Codification Acquisition Operating Expenses
Acquisitions Subject Number Financial Operational Risks Actions State Auto Boards
Additional Fair Value Measurement Guidance Administration
Adoption New Plan Adoption Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Adverse Capital Credit Market Conditions Negatively Affect Ability Agent Stock Option Plan
Aggregated Option Exercises Last End Values Agreement
Alexander Trevor Amended Restated
Amended Restated 2000 Amended Restated 2005
Amended Restated Equity Incentive Compensation Plan Amendment
Amendment 2005 Management Agreement Amendment Credit Agreement
Amendment Employment Agreement Amendment Employment Agreement Robert Restrepo
Amendment Plan Amendment Termination
Amendments Accounting Variable Interest Entities Amount Contribution Method Payment
Amount Limit Retention Annual Awards
Annual Reports Form 10-k Applicable Law
Arbitration Arbitration Waiver Jury Trial
Assignment Assignment Assumption
Audit Committee Audit Committees Pre-approval Policies Procedures
Audit Other Services Fees Authorizes Stock Repurchase Program
Availability Corporate Governance Documents Available Information
Award Determination Background Information
Base Compensation Base Salaries Neos
Base Salary Basis Presentation
Beacon Lloyds Insurance Beacon National Insurance
Beneficial Ownership Information Named Executive Officers Group Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficiary Designation Benefits
Beth Malone Keybanc Analyst Beth Malone Keybanc Capital Markets Analyst
Beth Malone Wunderlich Securities Analyst Beth Malone- Keybanc-analyst
Blackburn Blackburn Assume Additional Responsibilities New Role
Blake Phillips Fpk Ccw Analyst Board Committees Committee Meetings
Board Directors State Auto Financial Corporation Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Vote Ratification Selection Ernst
Board Meetings Bob Restrepo -state Auto-chairman President Ceo
Bob Restrepo State Auto Financial Corp-chairman President Ceo Bonus
Borrowing Arrangements Business Continuity
Business Covered Business Depends Uninterrupted Operation Facilities Systems Functions Including
Business Heavily Regulated Changes Regulation Reduce Profitability Limit Calculation Qpb Plan Pool Combined Ratio Performance Hurdle
Capacity Captions Titles
Caroline Steers -fpk-analyst Caroline Steers Fox-pitt Kelton Analyst
Caroline Steers- Fpk-analyst Cash Equivalents
Catastrophe Losses Geographic Concentrations Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence Certain Transactions
Certification Cfo Leave State Auto Financial
Change Control Change Control Executive Agreement
Change Control Provisions Changes Form Time Payment After Initial Election Effective
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes State Auto Reinsurance Pooling Agreement
Chuck Hamilton Ftn Midwest Securities Analyst Chuck Hamilton- Ftn Midwest-analyst
Cindy Powell -state Auto Financial Corp-chief Accounting Officer Claim Coverage Developments
Claims Cobra Continuation Coverage
Common Shares Without Par Value Communications Board
Compared 2003 Compared 2004
Compared 2005 Compared 2006
Compared 2007 Comparison Cumulative Total Return
Compensation Compensation Arrangements
Compensation Chief Executive Officer Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Committees Responsibilities Policies
Compensation Directors Compensation Directors Director Table
Compensation Discussion Analysis Compensation Executive Officers
Compensation Robert Restrepo New Chief Executive Officer Compensatory Arrangements Robert Restrepo
Competition Comprehensive Income
Comprehensive Income Loss Comprehensive Loss Income
Condensed Consolidated Statements Income Condensed Statements Income
Confidential Information Confidential Information Forfeiture Events
Confidential Information Noncompetition Agreement Confirmation Successor Agreement
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consulting Services Agreement
Contingencies Contingencies Litigation
Contractual Obligations Control Parent
Controls Procedures Cooperation Regard Litigation
Corporate Governance Management Cost Sharing Agreement
Credit Agreement Credit Agreement State Automobile Mutual Insurance
Credit Facility Credit Financial Strength Ratings
Critical Accounting Policies Currency
Current Economic Conditions Current Future Difficult Economic Conditions Adversely Affect Business
Current Market Conditions Cyclical Nature Industry
David Meuse Death
Deferred Acquisition Costs Deferred Compensation Accumulations
Deferred Policy Acquisition Costs Defined Benefit Plan Retirement
Defined Contribution Plan Defined Contribution Plan 401
Definition Loss Occurrence Definitions
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Description Business
Description Employee Stock Purchase Plan Description Leadership Bonus Plan
Description Ltip Developing Claim Coverage Issues Industry Uncertain Adversely Affect
Development Business Insurance Lines Automated Underwriting Tools Not Development Commercial Automated Underwriting Tools Not Successful Benefits
Devotion Time Performance Duties Director Attendance Annual Meeting Shareholders
Director Independence Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance
Directors Executive Officers Registrant Disability
Disclaimer Disclosure Controls Procedures
Disclosures Fair Value Financial Instruments Distribution Benefits
Distribution System Dividend Reinvestment Plan
Dividend Reinvestment Plan Trust Dividends
Dividends Other Distributions Divisibility
Documents Incorporated Reference Downgrade Financial Strength Ratings Negatively Affect Business
Duties Duties Term
Earnings Per Common Share Edin Imsirovic Keybanc Capital Markets Analyst
Egal Proceedings Elements Executive Compensation
Eligibility Eligibility Factors Considered Granting Awards
Eligibility Participation Eligible Employees
Employee Benefit Plans Employee Retirement Plans
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employees
Employees Retirement Plan Employees Rights
Employers Disclosures Postretirement Benefit Plan Assets Employment
Employment Agreement Employment Agreement Richard Miley
Employment Agreement Robert Restrepo Employment Contracts Change-in-control Arrangements
Employment Duties Term Employment Executive Agreements Robert Moone
Employment Term End Option Values
Enrollment Subscription Periods Entire Agreement
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Equities
Equity Compensation Plan-stock Options Equity Incentive Compensation Plan
Equity Plan Errors Omissions
Establishment Purpose Estimated Liability Losses Loss Expenses Incorrect Reserves Inadequate
Event Date Time Apr 2008 1000 Event Date Time Feb 2008 1000am
Event Date Time Feb 2009 0300pm Gmt Event Date Time Jul 2007 1000am
Event Date Time Jul 2008 1000am Event Date Time Jul 2009 1000am
Event Date Time Oct 2007 1000am Event Date Time Oct 2008 1000am
Event Date Time Oct 2009 1000am Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Exchange Act 1934 Excluding
Executive Executive Agreement
Executive Agreement Robert Restrepo Executive Bonus Plan
Executive Change Control Agreement Executive Compensation
Executive Compensation Peer Groups Executive Employees State Auto Insurance Companies
Executive Office Registrant Executive Officers Registrant
Executive Perquisites Executive Sessions Independent Directors Lead Director
Executive Sessions Non-management Directors Executive Sessions Non-management Directors Lead Director
Executive Summary Executives Rights Certain Plans
Exercise Price Exhibits
Expense Agreements Amended Expenses
Expenses Indemnity Damage Waiver Extension Effective Date
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Measurement
Fair Value Measurements Fair Value Measurements Using Significant Unobservable Inputs Level
Farmers Casualty Insurance Federal Income Tax Information
Federal Income Taxes Financial Information
Financial Information Segments Financial Results Depend Primarily Ability Underwrite Risks Effectively
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Strength Ratings
Fixed Maturities Forfeiture Events
Forfeiture Termination Benefits Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form Election Governing Benefit Distributions State Auto Financial
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Future Shareholder Proposals
General General Development Business
General Provisions Grant Awards
Heather Hunt Citigroup Analyst I-employment
I-service Ii-deferred Compensation Accumulations
Iii-benefits Immediate Release
Impact Inflation Impact Significant External Factors
Important Defined Terms Used Form 10-k Important Information Changes Payment Timing Form
Important Information Regarding Forward-looking Statements Imsirovic- Keybanc Capital Markets-analyst
Inal Ranscript Oct 2009 1000am Stfc State Auto Incentive Deferred Compensation Accumulations
Incentive Stock Options Income Taxes
Increase Decrease Size Board Largely Dependent Material Complexity Indemnification
Indemnification Agreements Named Executive Officers Indemnification Enforcement Costs Interest
Indemnification Statement Undertaking Independent Agency System Distribution Products Constrain Ability Grow
Independent Public Accountants Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Index Index Annual Report Form 10-k 2007
Index Annual Report Form 10-k 2008 Index Form 10-q Quarterly Report Period 2008
Index Form 10-q Quarterly Report Period 2009 Index Form 10-q Quarterly Report Periods 2006
Index Form 10-q Quarterly Report Periods 2007 Index Form 10-q Quarterly Report Periods 2008
Index Form 10-q Quarterly Report Periods 2009 Industry Highly Competitive Adversely Affect Sales Profitability
Information Pertaining Named Executive Officers Other Groups Insider Participation
Insolvency Intercompany Balances
Interlocks Insider Participation Investments
Involuntary Termination Without Cause Iv-miscellaneous
Jim Duemey State Auto Financial Chief Investment Officer Jim Duemey- State Auto-vp Investment Officer
John Lowther Joseph Demarino -piper Jaffray-analyst
Joseph Demarino Piper Jaffray Analyst Joseph Demarino- Piper Jaffray-analyst
Joseph Dimarino Piper Jaffray Analyst Jul 2008 1000am Stfc-q2 State Auto Financial Earnings
Larry Greenberg Langen Mcalenney Analyst Leadership Bonus Plan-2009 Awards Neos
Legal Proceedings Line Credit Mutual
Liquidity Capital Resources Litchfield Mutual Fire Insurance
Long Term Incentive Compensation Plan Long-term Equity Cash Incentive Plans
Long-term Incentive Program Lorraine Siegworth
Loss Earnings Per Common Share Loss Per Common Share
Loss Reserves Losses Loss Expenses Payable
Lowther Retire State Auto Ltip Peer Group
Majority Voting Policy Incumbent Directors Management Agreement
Management Service Agreement Management Services
Management Services Agreements Amended Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Market Information Holders Record Market Price Ranges Dividends Declared Common Shares
Market Risk Marketing
Matt Mrozek State Auto Financial Corporate Actuary Matt Mrozek State Auto Financial Corporation Corporate Actuary
Matt Mrozek- State Auto-corporate Actuary Matt Ormond Kbw Analyst
Matt Rohrmann Kbw Analyst Matt Rohrmann Keefe Bruyette Woods Analyst
Matt Wellman- Kbw-analyst Matters Related Accountants Financial Statements
Melanie Ryerson Langen Mcalenney Analyst Meridian Citizens Mutual Insurance
Meridian Security Insurance Meyer Shields Stifel Nicolaus Analyst
Michael Phillips -stifel Nicolaus-analyst Michael Phillips Stifel Nicolaus -analyst
Michael Phillips Stifel Nicolaus Analyst Michael Phillips Stifel Nicolaus-analyst
Michael Phillips- Stifel Nicolaus-analyst Mike Phillips- Stifel Nicolaus-analyst
Milbank Insurance Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Provisions Mitigation
Mutual Owns Significant Interest Exercise Control Manner Detrimental Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant
Name Please Print Date Neo Peer Group
Net Earnings Per Common Share Net Loss Earnings Per Common Share
Net Retained Lines New Accounting Standards
New Nasdaq Global Select Market News Release
Nomination Directors Nominees Class Directors
Non-employee Directors Plan Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Plan
Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Plan Supplemental 401 Non-qualified Stock Options
Non-transferability Awards Other Options Non-transferability Options
Noncompetition Agreement Noncompetition Non-piracy Confidentiality Nonsolicitation Covenants
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Table 2006 Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Table 2007
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Table 2008 Nonrenewal
Nonstandard Auto Insurance Nonstandard Auto Market Shrinking Due Refined Segmentation Key
Nonstandard Personal Lines Auto Market Shrinking Due Refined Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notes Payable Notes Payable Credit Facility
Notes Payable Summary Notice
Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Notice Loss Settlement
Notices Nuclear Incident Exclusion Clause Physical Damage
Nuclear Incident Exclusion Clause Physical Damage Reinsurance Canada Nuclear Incident Exclusion Clause Physical Damage Reinsurance Usa
Number 000-19289 Number Awards
Number Shares Offered Objectives Executive Compensation Program
Occurrence Catastrophic Events Materially Reduce Profitability Offset
Operator Option Exercises Stock Vested 2006
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2007 Option Exercises Stock Vested 2008
Option Grants Last Original Employment Agreement Effect Through 2009
Original Executive Agreement Effect Through 2009 Other
Other Capital Transactions Other Comprehensive Income
Other Events Other Executive Agreements Change-in-control Arrangements
Other Executives Peer Group Other Fringe Benefits
Other Governance Issues Interest Other Income Statement
Other Information Other Invested Assets
Other Matters Other Provisions
Other Related Person Transactions Other Stock-based Awards
Other Transactions Other-than-temporary Impairments
Outside Directors Plan Outside Directors Rsu Plan
Oversight Enterprise Risk Management Overview
Parent Owns Significant Interest Exercise Control Manner Detrimental Part
Part Financial Information Participation Future Compensation Retirement Fringe Benefit Plans
Participation Retirement Plan Rights Other Agreements Patrons Fire Insurance Rhode Island
Paul Newsome Analyst Paul Newsome Edwards Analyst
Paul Newsome Sandler Oneill Analyst Payment Final Bonuses
Payment Taxes Timing Payment Texas Timing
Payments Rtw Pending Adoption Accounting Pronouncements
Pension Benefits 2007 Pension Benefits 2008
Pension Postretirement Benefit Obligations Pension Postretirement Benefit Plans
Performance Goals Maximum Award Performance Graph
Performance Investment Portfolios Subject Risks Performance Shares
Performance Shares Units Performance Units
Perquisites Personal Insurance Segment Revenue
Please Complete Following Policies Procedures Review Approval Related Person Transactions
Pools Associations Syndicates Exclusion Clause Power Attorney
Preferred Insurance Preferred Stock
Premium Premiums
Presentation Price Common Stock Volatile
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principal Changes Being Plan
Principal Holders Voting Securities Principles Consolidation
Pro-forma Fair Value Method Prop Erties
Properties Property Casualty Insurance Industry Highly Cyclical Cause Fluctuations
Property Catastrophe Overlying Excess Loss Reinsurance Contract Proposal
Proposal Election Directors Proposal Ratification Selection Independent Public Accountants
Provision State Insurance Proxies Voting
Proxy Statement Table Contents Published Pay Surveys
Purchase Shares Purchases Common Shares
Purpose Purposes Plan
Qualitative Quantitative Disclosures Market Risk Quality Performance Bonus Plan
Quality Performance Bonus Plan-2008 Payouts Quality Performance Bonus Plan-2009 Goals
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosure Market Risk Quarterly Financial Data
Question Answer Reason Amendment
Reason Leadership Bonus Plan Reason Ltip
Reasons Shareholder Approval Recitals
Record Catastrophe Losses Red Underwriting Management Agreement
Registrants Business Operations Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 614 464-5000 Regulation
Regulatory Considerations Reinsurance
Reinsurance Arrangements Reinsurance Canada
Reinsurance Not Available Adequate Protect Against Losses Reinsurance Usa
Renewal Employment Agreement Effect Through 2011 Renewal Executive Agreement Effect Through 2011
Report Audit Committee Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Internal Control Reportable Segments
Reserves Responsibilities Client
Restricted Share Units Granted Directors Plan Restricted Shares
Restricted Shares Performance Units Restricted Stock Awards
Restructuring Costs Results Operations Financial Condition
Retention Agreement Retirement Agreement John Lowther
Revenue Revised 2008
Risk Factors Robert Moone
Robert Restrepo Role Compensation Committee
Ron Bobman Capital Returns Analyst Rtw Consulting Services Agreement
Ryan Allen- Founders Bank Trust-analyst Sale Shares
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
Select Time Form Distribution Serp Benefits Also Death Senior Notes
Separation Agreement Steven Johnston Separation Employment
Services Provided Rtw Severance Termination Employment
Severance Termination Employment Nonrenewal Term Share-based Compensation
Shares Available Issuance Plan Shares Subject Plan
Short Term Incentive Cash Compensation Plans Short-term Cash Incentive Plans
Short-term Incentive Awards Neos Short-term Incentive Plans
Signature Signature Page
Signature Page Amendment Employment Agreement Signature Page Follow
Signature Page Officer Indemnification Agreement English Signature Page Officer Indemnification Agreement Fitch
Signature Page Officer Indemnification Agreement Yano Signatures
Signatures Appear Next Page Signing Form Acknowledge
Sources Data Developing Competitive Executive Compensation Specified Employee Delay
State Auto State Auto Agents Stock Option Plan
State Auto Financial Appoints Chief Officer State Auto Financial Corporation
State Auto Financial Corporation Subsidiaries State Auto Financial Declares 59th Consecutive Quarterly Dividend
State Auto Financial Elects New Directors Board Annual State Auto Financial Reports 2006 Results
State Auto Financial Reports 2007 Results State Auto Financial Reports 2008 Results
State Auto Financial Reports 2009 Results State Auto Financial Reports Impact Storm Activity
State Auto Financial Reports Record Results State Auto Financial Reports Strong Results
State Auto Financial Updates Impact Storm Activity State Auto Florida Insurance
State Auto Insurance Ohio State Auto Insurance Wisconsin
State Auto National Insurance State Auto Property Casualty Insurance
State Automobile Mutual Insurance State Automobile Mutual Purchase Texas-based Beacon Insurance Group
State Autos Nonrenewal Employment Term Statement Agreement
Steve English -state Auto Financial Corp-vp Cfo Steve English State Auto Financial Cfo
Steve English State Auto Financial Corp-vp Cfo Steve English State Auto Financial Corporation Cfo
Steve English State Auto Financial Corporation-vp Cfo Steve English- State Auto Financial Corp-vp Cfo
Steve English- State Auto Financial Corporation-cfo Steve English- State Auto-vp Cfo
Steven English Steven English Assume Additional Responsibilities New Role
Steven Hazelbaker Steven Johnston
Stfc Stock Compensation
Stock Options Stock Ownership Guidelines
Stock Price Stock Purchases Purchase Price Reinvestment Cash Dividends
Stock Repurchase Program Stockholders Equity
Stockholders Equity Treasury Shares Storm Losses Negligible Direct Credit Exposures
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subordinated Debentures
Subscribing Reinsurer Subscription Price
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Success Depends Primarily Ability Underwrite Risks Effectively Charge Successors
Successors Binding Agreement Summary 2009 Equity Plan
Summary Directors Plan Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan
Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans Table Contents
Tax Deductibility Compensation Taxes
Technology Technology Automation
Tem Legal Proceedings Term
Term Agreement Term Awards
Term Loan Term Plan
Termination Termination Cause
Termination Employment Terms Expiring 2006
Terms Expiring 2007 Terms Expiring 2008
Terms Expiring 2009 Terms Expiring 2010
Terms Expiring 2011 Terms Expiring 2012
Terrorism Terrorist Attacks Threat Ensuing Events Adverse Effect
Terry Bowshier State Auto Financial Corporation Director Terry Bowshier State Auto Financial Corporation Director-ir
Terry Bowshier State Auto Financial Corporation-director Investor Relations Terry Bowshier State Auto Financial Investor Relations
Terry Bowshier- State Auto Financial Corporation-director Investor Relations Terry Bowshier-state Auto Financial Corporation-director Investor Relations
Time Board Directors Elect Qualified Individuals Become Members Transactions Affiliates
Transactions Involving State Auto Mutual Treasury Shares
Trust Securities Trustee
Ultimate Net Loss Underlying Excess
Underwriting Pricing Financial Results Depend Primarily Ability Underwrite United States
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Unresolved Staff Comments
Usc 1350 Adopted Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Vacation
Valuation Available-for Sale Investments Valuation Available-for-sale Investments
Value Venue
Volatility Common Stock Voluntary Termination
Voting Shares Waiver
War Exclusion Clause Withdrawal Plan
Withhold Authority Vote Individual Nominee Print Names Space Xix
Xix Securities Law Restrictions Xvi Adjustment Changes Stock
Xvii Amendment Discontinuance Plan Xviii
Xviii Administration Xxi Trustee Powers Duties
Xxii Applicable Law 
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