Topic Listing for SUNCOR ENERGY INC

Accountants Comfort Letter Accounting Business Combinations
Accounting Matters Accounting Policies
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Aoci
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Oci
Acquiring Person Acquisition Refinery Related Assets
Additional Documents Additional Information
Additional Matters Acted Petro-canada Shareholders Meeting Additional Matters Acted Suncor Shareholders Meeting
Additional Terms Equity Compensation Plans Adjournments Postponements
Adjustments Royalty Administration
Administrative Controls Advisors
Advisory Regarding Forward-looking Information Statements Advisory Regarding Forward-looking Statements Information
Affiliate After Date Grant Employees Hold Options Earn Right
Agent Service Submission Jurisdiction Waiver Immunities Jury Trial Aggregate Equity Holdings Named Executive Officers
Aggregate Outstanding Share-based Awards Option-based Aggregate Potential Dilution
Aggregated Option Sar Exercises Most Recently Completed Year-end Agreement
Agreement Damages Alberta Crown Royalties
Amalco Shares Amalco Shares Means Common Capital
Amalco Unable Obtain Necessary Levels Financing Acceptable Terms Amalcos Business Mix Different Suncor Petro-canada
Amalgamation Conversion Shares Amalco Amalgamation Conversion Suncor Shares Petro-canada Amalco
Amended Restated Shareholder Rights Plan Agreement Between Suncor Amending Agreement
Amendment Amendment Approval Holders Junior Preferred Shares
Amendment Approval Holders Senior Preferred Shares Amendment Articles Division Common Shares
Amendment Discontinuance Amendment Restrictions Repeal Legislation
Amendments Plan Arrangement Amount Dividends Paid Amalco Not Guaranteed
Analysis Consolidated Statements Earnings Cash Flows Analysis Financial Condition Liquidity
Analysis Segmented Earnings Cash Flows Analyst Conference Call
Ann Mccaig Annual General Meeting Shareholders Suncor Held Metropolitan Conference
Annual Incentive Plan Annual Incentive Program
Annual Incentive Targets Base Salary Annual Special Meeting Shareholders Suncor Held Metropolitan Conference
Anti-dilution Adjustments Anticipated Benefits Arrangement
Anticipated Royalty Based Certain Assumptions Anticipated Royalty Expense Based Certain Assumptions
Appendix Board Directors Meetings Held Attendance Appendix Board Terms Reference Financial Literacy Expertise
Appendix Position Description Independent Board Chair Appoint Someone Other Individuals Enclosed Proxy Form Vote
Appoint Someone Other Individuals Enclosed Proxy Vote Shares Appoint Someone Other Individuals Named Enclosed Proxy Form
Appointment Auditors Appointment Revocation Proxies
Approach Fairness Approval Amendments Equity Compensation Plans
Approval Holders Junior Preferred Shares Approval Holders Senior Preferred Shares
Approval Petro-canada Shareholders Required Arrangement Approval Suncor Shareholders Required Arrangement
Arbitration Procedures Arrangement
Arrangement Agreement Arrangement Although Suncor Believes Expectations Assumptions Such Forward-looking
Arrangement Steps Articles
Articles Arrangement Ask Electronic Delivery
Assessment Directors Asset Retirement Obligations
Assignment Associate
Assumptions Assumptions Limitations
Audit Committee Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Fees Audit-related Fees
Auditors Auditors Amalco
Auditors Transfer Agent Registrar Authorities
Authorization Registration Availability Additional Information
Avenue Box Calgary Alberta Canada T2p 2v5 Award Agreements
Award Lars Award Options Sars
Background Background Arrangement
Background Description Amendment Background Reasons Arrangement Suncor
Balance Sheet Financial Instruments Balanced Portfolio High Quality Assets
Barrel Oil Equivalency Base Salary
Basis Presentation Beneficial Ownership
Beneficially Own Binding Effect
Bitumen Election Bitumen Valuation Methodology
Blanket Bond 8187-38-53 Board Approvals
Board Committees Board Compensation
Board Composition Board Composition Independence
Board Directors Board Directors Approval
Board Directors Director Independence Board Directors Meetings Held Attendance
Board Directors Senior Management Amalco Board Mandate
Board Policy Committee Board Roles Responsibilities
Breakdown Corporate Net Earnings Breakdown Net Corporate Earnings
Breakdown Net Corporate Earnings Expense Breakdown Net Corporate Expense
Brian Canfield Brian Felesky
Bridge Analysis Net Earnings Bring-down Comfort Letter
Bryan Davies Building Success
Business Business Corporations Act
Business Goals Results Achieved Business Powers
By-laws Calgary 2009
Calgary 2009 1230 Calgary Alberta 2004
Calgary Alberta 2005 Calgary Alberta 2006
Calgary Alberta 2007 Calgary Alberta 2008
Calgary Alberta 2009 Calgary Alberta Dec 2009
Canada Canada Business Corporations Act
Canada T2p 2v5 Canada Transportation Act
Canadian Dollar Equivalent Canadian Exchange Rate
Canadian Federal Income Tax Consequences Canadian-us Exchange Rate
Cannot Attend Capital Disclosure
Capital Structure Financial Policies Capitalized Interest
Cash Flow Hedges Cash Income Taxes
Cautionary Notice Regarding Forward Looking Statements Information Cautionary Notice Regarding Forward-looking Statements Information
Cease Trade Orders Bankruptcies Penalties Sanctions Ceo Senior Executive Compensation
Certain Canadian Federal Income Tax Considerations Certain Other Tax Considerations
Certain Provisions Generic Royalty Rules Certain United States Federal Income Tax Considerations
Certification Certification President Chief Executive Officer
Certification Pursuant Exchange Act Rules 13a-14 Adopted 302 Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Enacted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Certification Senior Vice President Chief Financial Officer Cessation Rights
Chair Board Chairmen Senior Officers
Change Accounting Policies Change Consolidated Balance Sheets
Change Consolidated Statements Earnings Change Consolidated Statements Earnings Comprehensive Income
Change Control Change Control Payments
Change Control Provisions Change Fair Value Net Assets
Change Segmented Disclosures Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Chief Executive Officer Performance Cibc Fairness Opinion
Close Business Co-rights Agents
Code Conduct Collateral Documents
Combined Board Directors Combined Reserves Resources Disclosure
Commodity Price Risk Commodity Treasury Hedging Activities
Common Share Common Share Option Gives Holder Right Not Obligation
Common Shares Common Shares Outstanding
Communication Disclosure Policy Compensation
Compensation Board Compensation Committee
Compensation Components Chair Board Compensation Components Non-employee Directors Except Chair Board
Compensation Directors Compensation President Chief Executive Officer
Competing Permitted Bid Competition Act Compliance
Competition Antitrust Compliance Nyse Standards
Composition Human Resources Compensation Committee Computershare Investor Services Inc Depositary
Computershare Trust Canada Conditions Arrangement
Conduct Business Petro-canada Conduct Business Suncor
Conduct Meetings Conflicts Interest
Connection Review Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc Finra Consent Cibc World Markets Inc
Consent Deloitte Touche Llp Consent Deutsche Bank Securities Inc
Consent Morgan Stanley Canada Limited Consent Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp
Consent Rbc Dominion Securities Inc Consideration
Consideration Other Share-based Awards Consideration Purchase Price
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidation Variable Interest Entities
Control Environment Controlled
Controls Procedures Convertible Securities
Convertible Security Acquisitions Corporate
Corporate Eliminations Corporate Energy Trading Eliminations
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Practices
Corporate Governance System Corporation
Counterpart Execution Counterparts
Court Means Queens Bench Alberta Court Queens Bench Alberta Judicial District Calgary
Credentials Cibc World Markets Credentials Rbc Capital Markets
Credit Facilities Credit Risk
Currency Date Action
Deadline Dear Shareholder
Death Participant Deferred Share Units Dsus
Deferred Stock Unit Dsu Plan Petro-canada Defined Benefit Plans
Defined Contribution Plans Definitions
Definitions Generic Royalty Regulation Delivering Profitable Growth Focus Long-life Assets
Delivery Certificates Delivery Prospectuses
Denominations Registration Deposit Proxies
Derivative Financial Instruments Details Acquisition
Details Arrangement Develop Effective Board
Director Aggregate Outstanding Option-based Awards Share-based Director Incentive Plan Awards Value Vested Earned
Director Means Appointed Pursuant 260 Cbca Director Orientation Continuing Education
Director Retirement Director Share Ownership Guidelines
Directors Approval Directors Determinations
Directors Equity Compensation Directors Executive Officers Amalco Following Arrangement
Directors Officers Insurance Directors Officers Insurance Program
Directors Right Issue Series Directors Share Ownership Guidelines
Disclosure Combined Reserves Resources Discretion Permit Exercise
Dispute Resolution Procedure Disputes
Disqualification Date Dissent Rights
Dissenting Holders Dissenting Non-resident Shareholders
Dissenting Resident Shareholders Distributions Amalco Shares
Distributions Respect Unsurrendered Certificates Dividend History
Dividend Information Letter Dividends
Documents Incorporated Reference Dollar Equivalent
Douglas Ford Downstream Operations
Driving Quartile Operations Dsus
Duties Responsibilities Board Directors Earnings Loss Before Income Taxes
East Coast Canada East Coast Canada Growth Update
East Coast Canada Production East Coast Canada Royalties
Effect Amalgamation Effect Arrangement
Effect Financial Position Effect Holders Suncor Options Petro-canada Awards Non-equity Based
Effect Suncor Shareholders Petro-canada Effect Termination
Effective Date Effective Time Means 1201 Calgary Date
Ehs Committee Eira Thomas
Electing Petro-canada Shareholders Electing Suncor Shareholders
Election Directors Eligibility Investment
Eligibility Investment Canadian Tax-deferred Plans Employee Future Benefits
Employee Future Benefits Liability Enclose Certificates Envelope Provided Send Completed Form Computershare
Energy Marketing Refining Canada Energy Marketing Refining Canada Emr
Energy Marketing Refining Emr Canada Energy Marketing Trading Activities
Energy Trading Activities Energy Trading Assets Liabilities
Enforcement Engagement
Engagement Cibc World Markets Enhanced Growth Prospects
Entire Agreement Binding Effect Entitled Vote
Enurement Environment Health Safety Committee
Environmental Regulation Risk Equity Compensation Plan Information 2009
Equity Compensation Plans Equity-based Compensation Plans
Errors Estimated Incremental Value Exit Package 2008 Boris Jackman
Estimated Incremental Value Exit Package 2008 Efh Roberts Estimated Incremental Value Exit Package 2008 Neil Camarta
Estimated Incremental Value Exit Package 2008 Peter Kallos Estimated Incremental Value Exit Package 2008 Ron Brenneman
Ethical Business Conduct Ethics
Evidence Ownership Shares Exceptions
Exchange Act Exchange Cancellation Shares
Exchange Suncor Shares Petro-canada Pursuant Arrangement Executive Compensation
Executive Compensation Components Executive Officer
Executive Officer Compensation Highlights Executive Share Ownership Guidelines
Executive Stock Option Plan Executive Stock Options
Executive Stock Plan Exempt Acquisitions
Exercise Discretion Proxy Exercise Price
Exercise Term Expanded Scale
Expansion Factor Expectations Responsibilities Directors
Expenses Expenses Arrangement
Experienced Leadership Experts
Expiration Expiration Time
Explanatory Notes Extinction Rights
Fair Value Derivative Financial Instruments Fair Value Hedges
Fair Value Hedging Derivative Financial Instruments Fair Value Non-designated Derivative Financial Instruments
Fair Value Options Granted Fair Value Unsettled Unrealized Financial Energy Trading Assets
Fairness Conclusion Federal Income Tax Consequences Arrangement
Federal Laws Canada Applicable Therein Opinions Counsel Reasonably Fees Expenses
Fettering Discretion Fiduciary
Filing Canadian Prospectus Effectiveness Registration Statement Final Application
Final Order Financial Advisors
Financial Information Reported Canadian Dollars Unless Otherwise Noted Financial Instrument Sensitivity Analysis
Financial Instruments Financial Instruments Disclosures Presentation
Financial Instruments Risk Factors Financial Literacy
Financial Results Achieved 2007 Financial Risk Factors
Financial Statement Presentation Financial Statements
Financing Assistance Financing Expenses
Financing Expenses Income Firebag Oil Gas Reserves
Flip-in Event Following Arrangement Trading Price Amalco Shares Volatile Ownership
Following Completion Arrangement Amalco Issue Additional Equity Securities Following Principles Responsible Investment Operations
Foreign Currency Exchange Risk Foreign Currency Hedges 2006
Foreign Currency Hedges 2007 Foreign Tax Credits
Form 6-k Form Assignment
Form Proxy Form Rights Certificate
Fort Mcmurray Alberta 2005 Forward-looking Statements Information
Fractional Shares Further Assurances
General General Impact 2005 Rights Plan
General Impact 2008 Rights Plan General Information
Generating Long-term Shareholder Value Generic Royalty Rules
Goals Board Goodwill Intangible Assets
Governance Commitment Governance Committee
Governance Committee Responsibilities Governance Initiatives
Governing Law Greenhouse Gas Regulation Risk
Growth Update Hedges Not Documented Part Qualifying Hedge Relationship
Held Thursday 2009 Hereby Ordered
Hereunder Holder
Holder Petro-canada Shares Enroll Amalco Drip Following Completion Holders
Holders Subject Special Federal Income Tax Rules Not Holding Disposing Amalco Shares
Hrcc Hsr Act Compliance
Human Resources Compensation Committee Identity
Ifrs Conversion Project Immediate Exercise Awards
Implement Future Plans Changes Current Further Discussion Risks Incentive Plan Awards
Incentive Plan Awards Value Vested Earned Income Taxes
Inconsistency Laws Incorporated Reference Registration Statement Pricing Disclosure Package Prospectus
Indebtedness Directors Executive Officers Petro-canada Indebtedness Directors Executive Officers Senior
Indebtedness Directors Executive Officers Suncor Indebtedness Directors Executive Senior Officers
Indemnification Independence Criteria
Independence Policy Independent Shareholders
Index Individual Share Constraint
Industry Indicators Information
Information Beneficial Shareholders Information Reporting Backup Withholding
Information United States Shareholders Infrastructure
Initial Directors Initial Officers
Insurance Indemnification Interest Informed Persons Material Transactions
Interest Rate Risk Interim Financial Statements Suncor Energy Inc 2007
Interim Managements Discussion Analysis 2005 Interim Managements Discussion Analysis 2007
Interim Managements Discussion Analysis 2008 Interim Managements Discussion Analysis 2009
Interim Order Internal Controls
International International Financial Reporting Standards
International Growth Update International Production
Interpretation Interpretation Not Affected Headings
Introduction Invalidity
Inventories Investigation
Investment Manager Issuance Certificates Representing Amalco Shares
Issuance Rights Issue Additional Shares
Issued Janice Odegaard
John Ferguson John Huff
Judicial Developments Judicial District Calgary
Junior Preferred Shares Key Contributor Stock Option Plan
Key Contributor Stock Options Key Elements Compensation
Know Eligible Make Tax Election Knowledge
Leadership Leave Vary Interim Order
Legal Notice Forward-looking Information Legal Proceedings
Legal Requirement Letter Transmittal Election Form
Liaise Stakeholders Liaison Stakeholders
Liquidated Damages Liquidation
Liquidity Risk Lock-up Agreement
Lock-up Bid Locked-up Person
Long-term Debt Long-term Debt Credit Facilities
Long-term Incentive Plans Performance Share Unit Awards Most Long-term Shareholder Value Executive Compensation
Lost Certificates Lost Suncor Share Certificate Petro-canada What
Mail Service Interruption Maintaining Financial Discipline Flexibility
Major Duties Majority Voting Directors
Manage Board Management Resources Compensation Committee
Management Team Managements Discussion Analysis
Managements Discussion Analysis Contains Certain Forward-looking Statements Based Managements Discussion Analysis Contains Certain Forward-looking Statements Other
Managing Board Margin Hedges 2004
Margin Hedges 2005 Margin Hedges 2006
Market Price Market Risk
Maximum Number Shares Issuable Non-cash Consideration Meetings
Mel Benson Membership
Merger Conditions Merger Growth Update
Metric Conversion Michael Obrien
Mid- Long-term Incentive Plan Mid- Long-term Incentives
Minimum Maximum Mirror Suncor Energy Oil Sands Limited Partnership Favor
Morgan Stanley Fairness Opinion Mutual Conditions
Mutual Covenant Regarding Non-solicitation Mutual Covenants
Mutual Covenants Regarding Non-solicitation Mutual Fund
N154-102 Return Card Name Address
Natural Gas Natural Gas 2006
Natural Gas 2007 Natural Gas Hedges 2004
Natural Gas Hedges 2005 Nature Business Acquired
Net Earnings Components Net Pretax Earnings Loss
News Conference News Release
News Release Contains Certain Forward-looking Statements Based Suncors News Release Contains Forward-looking Statements Address Goals Expectations
News Release Dated 2009 News Release Regarding Mailing Letter Transmittal Election Form
Ni54-102 Return Card Ni551-102 Return Card
Nomination Directors Non Gaap Financial Measures
Non-executive Chairman Board Suncor Energy Inc Position Description Non-gaap Financial Measures
Non-gaap Measures Non-monetary Transactions
Non-registered Shareholder Vote Non-registered Shareholder Vote Person Meeting
Non-resident Petro-canada Shareholder Means Non-resident Shareholders
Non-transferability Non-us Holders
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Accounting Policies Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Draft Accounting Policies
Notes Pro Forma Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Proxy
Notice Notice Annual General Meeting Shareholders Suncor Energy Inc
Notice Annual General Special Meetings Presidents Invitation Letters Notice Annual Special Meeting Shareholders Suncor Energy Inc
Notice Cure Provisions Notice Forward-looking Information
Notice Meeting Presidents Invitation Letter Shareholders Management Proxy Notice Pro-ration
Notices Notwithstanding
Now Therefore Agreement Witnesses Consideration Number Gender
Objection Objectives 2005 Rights Plan
Objectives 2008 Rights Plan Obligations Petro-canada
Obligations Suncor Offer Acquire
Offeror Offerors Securities
Office Officers Certificate
Officers Certificates Official Languages Public
Oil Sands Oil Sands Cash Income Taxes
Oil Sands Crown Royalties Oil Sands Crown Royalties Cash Income Taxes
Oil Sands Fire Oil Sands Fire Insurance Update
Oil Sands Growth Update Oil Sands Mining In-situ Royalties
Oil Sands Operating Costs In-situ Bitumen Production Only Oil Sands Operating Costs Total Operations
Oil Sands Operations Growth Update Oil Sands Production
Operations Growth Update Opinion Canadian Counsel
Opinion United States Counsel Opinion United States Counsel Closing Time Representative Shall
Opinion United States Counsel Underwriters Option Sar Grants Most Recently Completed
Options Order
Orientation Continuing Education Original Plan
Other Other Arbitration Matters
Other Compensation Other Definitional Interpretive Provisions
Other Definitions Other Events Affecting
Other Executive Compensation Other Factors
Other Fees Other Involuntary Termination Employment
Other Regulatory Conditions Approvals Other Restrictions
Other Share-based Awards Plan Outlook
Outlook 2005 Outstanding Share Data
Overburden Removal Costs Overview
Overview Sunshare 2012 Plan Ownership Amalco Shares
Ownership Restriction Part Board Guidelines
Part Committee Guidelines Part Overview
Parties Transaction Party Beneficiaries
Payment Payment Consideration
Payment Exercise Price Payment Expenses
Pension Committee Pension Plan Serp Table
Performance Evaluation Performance Graph
Performance Share Unit Plan Performance Share Units Psus
Performance Stock Options Permitted Bid
Permitted Bid Acquisitions Permitted Bid Competing
Permitted Leave Person
Person Together Associates Hold Beneficially Own Control Directly Petro-canada
Petro-canada Act Petro-canada Approval
Petro-canada Arrangement Resolution Petro-canada Conditions
Petro-canada Electing Shareholders Petro-canada Fairness Opinions
Petro-canada Means Corporation Existing Cbca Petro-canada Meeting
Petro-canada Oil Gas Disclosure Petro-canada Shareholders Meeting
Petro-canada Stock Appreciation Rights Adjusted Sars Petro-canada Stock Options Adjusted
Plan Please Place Name Financial Statements Mailing List
Policy Strategy Review Governance Committee Policy Strategy Review Governance Committee Board
Position Descriptions Pre-amalgamation Reorganizations
Pre-existing Contract Petro-canada Precedence
Predetermined Price Option Exercised Equal Greater Market Common Preferred Securities
Preliminary Allocation Purchase Price Preliminary Purchase Price Calculation Allocation
Premier Canadian Integrated Energy President Chief Executive Officer
Press Release Including 2005 Outlook Press Release Including 2006 Outlook
Press Release Including 2007 Outlook Press Release Including 2008 Outlook
Press Release Including 2009 Outlook Principal Holders Amalco Shares
Principles Consolidation Prior Sales
Pro Forma Accounting Presentation Adjustments Pro Forma Consolidated Capitalization
Pro Rata Acquisitions Procedure Arrangement Becoming Effective
Procedure Exchange Suncor Shares Petro-canada Election Eligible Shareholders Procedures
Procedures Relating Sale Redemption Project Description
Project Overview Provided
Proxies Received Dissent Notices Psus
Purpose Pursuant Rule 13a 15d Securities Exchange Act 1934
Ranking Junior Preferred Shares Ranking Senior Preferred Shares
Ratings Rbc Fairness Opinion
Reasons Arrangement Receipt Dividends Amalco Shares
Receiving Letter Transmittal Election Form What Receive Return Recommendation Board Directors
Recommendations Petro-canada Board Recommendations Suncor Board
Reconciliation Basic Diluted Earnings Per Common Share Reconciliation Basic Diluted Net Earnings Per Common Share
Record Date Record Production Strong Commodity Prices Contribute Solid 2006
Record Time Redemption
Redemption Price Redemption Waiver Termination
Refer Quarterly Operating Summary Discussion Financial Measures Not References
Refining Marketing Refining Marketing Usa
Registered Office Remembrance
Remuneration Reorganization Capital
Report Executive Compensation Report Foreign Private Issuer Pursuant Rule 13a 15d
Report Foreign Private Issuer Pursuant Rule 13a-16 15d-16 Representations Warranties
Request Share Certificate Amalco Shares Resolved Special Resolution
Restricted Share Unit Plan Restricted Share Unit Time-vested Award Three-year Term Entitling
Restricted Share Units Restricted Share Units Rsus
Restriction Sale Assets Restrictions Ownership Voting Amalco Shares
Restrictions Transfer Retirement Arrangements
Retirement Participant Return Capital Employed
Return Suncor Shares Petro-canada Revenue Hedges
Revocation Proxies Revoke Proxy Voting Instruction
Richard George Richard George President Chief Executive Officer Registrant Certify
Rick George Right
Right Dissent Rights Agent
Rights Agreement Rights Certificate
Rights Dissent Petro-canada Shareholders Rights Dissent Suncor Shareholders
Rights Participant Rights Plan
Rights Register Rights Registrar
Risk Factors Risk Factors Affecting Performance
Risk Factors Related Arrangement Risk Oversight
Risks Associated Derivative Financial Instruments Risks Related Integration Suncors Petro-canadas Existing Businesses
Risks Related Petro-canadas International Activities Royalties
Royalty Estimate Measurement Uncertainty Royalty Kind
Royalty Rates Sale
Sale Delivery Underwriters Closing Sale Exchange Other Taxable Disposition Amalco Shares
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Sars
Saving Provisions Schedule
Schedules Scope Disclosure
Scope Review Scrutineers
Sections Headings Securities Act
Securities Exchange Act Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Exchange Washington 20549 Securities Laws
Securities Represented Proxy Voted Directed Holder However Such Segmented Net Earnings Impact
Selected Financial Information Selection Participation
Sell Amalco Shares Held Drs Account Sell-down Notice
Senior Preferred Shares Sensitivity Analysis
Separation Time Severability
Shall Reimburse Underwriters Reasonable Out-of-pocket Expenses Including Fees Share Appreciation Rights
Share Capital Stock-based Compensation Share Ownership
Share Ownership Guidelines Share Provisions
Shareholder Communications Shareholder Entitled Certificate Acknowledgment
Shareholder Meetings Shareholder Rights Plan Agreement
Shareholder Rights Plan Summary Key Features Shareholder Vote
Shareholders Declarations Shareholders Equity
Shareholders Suncor Energy Inc Shares Subject Plan
Shaw Signature Proxy
Signatures Significant Benefits Synergies
Significant Capital Project Update Smith
Solicitation Proxies Soliciting Proxy
Special Transfer Instructions Specific Performance
Specified Amount Stakeholder Feedback
Standing Committees Stated Capital
Statement Corporate Governance Practices Statement Rights
Status Amalco Pfic Status Suncor Petro-canada Pfic
Statutory Body Step Calculate Lost Certificate Bond Premium
Step Notarization Step Signatures Owners
Stock Acquisition Date Stock Exchange Listing Approvals
Stock Exchange Listings Dividends Stock Option Gives Holder Right Not Obligation Purchase
Stock Options Stock Options Outstanding Exercisable
Stock Performance Graph Stock Split
Stock-based Compensation Stock-based Compensation Expense Recovery
Strategic Crude Oil 2006 Strategic Crude Oil 2007
Strategic Crude Oil Hedges 2004 Strategic Crude Oil Hedges 2005
Strategic Planning Strong Financial Position
Strong Foundation Responsible Growth Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsidiary
Succession Planning Monitoring Evaluating Senior Management Such Losses Liabilities Claims Damages Expenses Well Other
Summary Attendance Directors Summary Equity Compensation Plans
Summary Material Change Summary Quarterly Results
Summary Terms Suncor
Suncor Announces Capital Spending Plan Suncor Appoints New Members Board Directors
Suncor Approval Suncor Arrangement Resolution
Suncor Conditions Suncor Cooperating Investigation Incident Alberta Workplace Health Safety
Suncor Declares Dividend Suncor Electing Shareholders
Suncor Energy Board Approves 2010 Capital Spending Plan Suncor Energy Completes Merger Petro-canada Create Canadas Premier
Suncor Energy Delivers Solid Financial Results 2004 Advances Suncor Energy Finishes 2005 Strong Results
Suncor Energy Inc Suncor Energy Inc Corporation
Suncor Energy Inc Dated 2008 Suncor Energy Inc Integrated Headquartered Calgary Alberta
Suncor Energy Inc Integrated Headquartered Calgary Alberta Suncors Suncor Energy Inc Name Registrant 112 Avenue Box
Suncor Energy Inc Stock Options Suncor Energy Petro-canada Join Forces Create Premier Canadian
Suncor Energy Reports Financial Results 2007 Operational Goals Suncor Energy Responds Fire Oil Sands Upgrader
Suncor Energy Usa Inc Authorized Licensee Phillips Brand Suncor Energys Board Gives Final Approval 206 Oil
Suncor Energys Results Set Stage Strong 2006 Performance Suncor Fairness Opinions
Suncor Meeting Suncor Not Treated Less Favourably
Suncor Petro-canada Not Realize Anticipated Benefits Arrangement Suncor Petro-canada Not Satisfy Regulatory Requirements Obtain Necessary
Suncor Reports Production Numbers 2009 Suncor Shareholders Meeting
Suncor Shares Continue Listed Tsx Nyse After Arrangement Suncor Srp Rights Means Shareholder Plan
Sunoco Canada Separate Unrelated United States Owned Inc Sunshare 2012 Performance Share Option Plan
Sunshare 2012 Performance Stock Option Plan Sunshare 2012 Performance Stock Options
Sunshare 2012 Restricted Share Units Sunshare 2012 Restricted Share Units Rsus
Sunshare 2012 Suncors New Performance-based Long-term Incentive Plan Sunshare Performance Stock Option Plan
Sunshare Performance Stock Option Plan Closed Supplement Filing Procedures
Supplemental Disclosure Total Compensation Summary George President Chief Supplemental Information
Supplemental Pension Information Supplements Amendments
Surrender Shares Send Them Survival Representations Warranties
Suspension Take-over Bid
Tax Consequences 2005 Rights Plan Tax Consequences 2008 Rights Plan
Tax Consequences Arrangement Not Qualify Reorganization Tax Consequences Different Shareholders
Tax Consequences Holders Arrangement Qualifies Reorganization Tax Election
Tax Rate Changes Tax Treatment
Taxation Capital Gains Losses Taxes
Termination Termination Agreement
Termination Cause Termination Contracts Change Control Arrangements
Termination Terms Agreement Termination Time
Terms Agreement Terms Option Plan
Terms Psu Plan Terms Sars Plan
Text Resolution Text Resolutions
Text Special Resolution Timing
Trading Trading Rights
Transaction Affect Suncors Dividend Reinvestment Common Share Purchase Transaction Completed
Transfer Amaclo Shares Held Drs Account New Owner Transfer Amalco Shares Drs Account Brokerage
Transfer Petro-canada Shares Subco Transfer Suncor Shares Subco
Treatment Fractional Amalco Shares Trust
Types Awards Plan Uncertainties Sensitivities
Underwritten Securities United States
United States Federal Income Tax Consequences Variable Interest Entities
Voluntary Termination Employment Vote
Vote Confidential Vote Required
Vote Telephone Internet Need Provide Control Number Holder Vote Telephone Internet Not Mail Back Proxy
Vote Using Telephone Internet Votes Shares They Voted Return Proxy
Voting Voting Internet Telephone
Voting Mail Voting Mail Internet
Voting Proxies Voting Proxies Questions Answers
Voting Rights Voting Securities Principal Holders Thereof
Voting Shares Waiver
Webcast Meeting What Amendments Matters Other Brought Before Meeting
What Benefits Participating Drs What Direct Registration
What Electronic Delivery What Happens Dividends Entitled Respect Amalco Shares
What Not Surrender Shares What Other Questions
What Questions Drs What Shares Registered Name
What Tax Consequences Transaction What Voting
Whereas Withholding Rights
Without Certificates Know Amalco Shares Own Witness Whereof
Work Management Working Management
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