Topic Listing for Symyx Technologies

Ability Maintain Increase Rate Profitability Grow Business Dependent Account Costs Accordance Several Accounting Pronouncements Including Sfas
Account Research Development Costs Accordance Several Accounting Pronouncements Accounting Changes Error Corrections Replacement Apb Opinion Statement
Accounting Changes Error Corrections Replacement Apb Opinion Statementno Accounting Contingencies
Accounting Costs Computer Software Sold Leased Otherwise Marketed Accounting Impairment Disposal Long-lived Assets
Accounting Income Taxes Accounting Nonrefundable Advance Payments Goods Services Used Future
Accounting Preexisting Relationship Between Parties Business Combination Accounting Rental Costs Incurred Construction Period
Accounting Separately Priced Extended Warranty Product Maintenance Contracts Accounting Stock Issued Employees
Accounting Stock-based Compensation Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes
Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Interpretation Fasb Statement 109 Accounts Receivable Allowance Doubtful
Accounts Receivable Payable Accredited Investor Purchase Entirely Own Account Financial Condition
Accrued Rights Obligations Accrued Salary Vacation
Accuracy Records Achieve Sustain Significant Level Profitability Continuously Make Discoveries
Achieve Sustain Significant Level Profitability Make Discoveries Commercial Acknowledgement
Acquired In-process Research Development Acquired Intangibles
Acquired Technology Acquisition Intellichem Inc
Acquisition Synthematix Inc Actions Right Corporation
Additional Benefits Additional Extensions Mutual Agreement
Additional Improvements Additional Obligations Guarantor
Additional Symyx Tech Representations Additional Terms
Additional Terms Conditions Applicable Assignment Subletting Address Change Box
Adea Waiver Adjacent Premises
Adjourned Meeting Notice Adjustments Changes Capitalization
Administration Administrator
Advance Notice Stockholder Nominees Business Advisory Committee
Affiliate Affiliates
Aggregate Option Exercises 2004 Year-end Values Agreement
Agreement Enter Foregoing Agreements Contracts Instruments Relating Incurrence Extension Indebtedness Each
Alliance Technology Transfer Research License Agreement Alterations
Amended Plan Benefits Amendment Options
Amendment Suspension Termination 2007 Plan Amendment Termination
Amendments Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amortization Intangible Assets Arising Business Acquisitions Amortization Intangible Assets Arising Business Combination
Amortization Intangible Assets Arising Business Combinations Amount
Annual Cash Bonus Annual Meeting
Annual Meeting Attendance Annual Project Goals
Annual Salary Annual Statement Stockholders
Anthony Muller Applicability Fasb Statement Business Combinations Accounted Purchase Method
Applicable Laws Applicable Requirements
Application 409a Application Fasb Statement 109 Accounting Income Taxes Tax
Applications Benefits Inquiries Appointment Officers
Approval Loans Officers Approving Annual Program Goals Executive Committee Also Shall
Arbitration Assembly
Assignment Assignment Work Product
Assignments Transfers Assistance
Assistant Secretary Assistant Treasurer
Assumption Obligations Attachment
Attla Attla Purchases
Attla Tools Systems Deployed Emcc Affiliates Other Emre Attla Tools Systems Deployed Emre
Attornment Audit Committee
Audit Fees Audit Related Fees
Authority Duties Officers Authorized Disclosures
Automatic Termination Available-for-sale Investments
Available-for-sale Securities Average Interest Rate
Awards Background
Background Technology Backlog
Backlog Committed Revenue Balance Sheet Cash Flows
Bankruptcy Code Base Rent
Base Salaries Named Executive Officers Base Salary
Base Salary8221 Basic Warranty Price
Because Business Spans Multiple Products Industries Moving Higher Below Amortization Intangible Assets Associated Acquisitions Included Net
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Board
Board Action Board Action Written Consent Without Meeting
Board Compensation Board Directors Independence
Board Directors Independence Lead Independent Director Board Directors Meetings Committees
Board Directors Recommends Vote Board Directors Stockholders Symyx Technologies Inc
Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Vote Ratification Appointment Ernst Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Vote Ratification Approval Amendment
Board Independence Board Matters
Board Meetings Committees Breach
Breach Landlord Brokers
Bruce Pasternak Building
Building Improvements Business
Business Acquisition Business Acquisition 2005
Business Acquisition 2006 Business Activities Such Development New Line Acquisition Technology
Business Basis Presentation Business Combination
Business Combination 2005 Business Combinations
Business Development Business Harmed Found Infringe Proprietary Rights Others
Business Standards California Labor Code 2870
Cannot Predict Pace Quality Number Discoveries Generate Inability Capitalization Subsidiaries
Carried Landlord Carried Tenant
Carry Inventories Lower Cost Market Being Determined Specific Cash Bonus Plan Executive Officers
Cash Equivalents Cash Severance Benefits
Cautionary Statements Ceo Participant
Certain Confidential Information Contained Document Marked Asterisks Been Certain Federal Tax Consequences
Certain Reductions Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certificate Amendment Amended Restated Bylaws Symyx Technologies Inc Certification
Certification Chief Executive Officer Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act Certification Chief Executive Officer Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Certification Chief Executive Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted Certification Chief Financial Officer Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Certification Chief Financial Officer Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Certification Chief Financial Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted
Chairman Board Chairman Chief Executive Officer Compensation
Change Capitalization Change Control
Change Control Agreements Change Control Termination
Change Control Termination8221 Change Control8221
Changes Accounting Standards Regarding Stock Option Plans Limit Changes Accounting Standards Regarding Stock Option Plans Limited
Changes Internal Controls Checks
Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer
Choice Specified Proxy Voted Classification Measurement Freestanding Financial Instruments Originally Issued Exchange
Closing Co-located Employees
Code Collaborations
Collaborations Revenue Combinatorial Chemistry
Combinatorial Chemistry Know-how8221 Combinatorial Chemistry License
Combinatorial Chemistry Patent Rights Combinatorial Chemistry Technology
Commence Commercialization
Commitments Commitments Contingencies
Committee Committee Authority Responsibilities
Committee Authrity Responsibilities Committee Minutes
Committees Committees Board
Committees Board Directors Committees Directors
Common Area Operating Expenses Common Areas
Common Areas Changes Common Areas Rules Regulations
Common Areas Tenants Rights Common Stock
Common Stock 0001 Par Value Communications Board
Communications Board Directors Company8221
Comparison 2003 2002 Comparison 2004 2003
Comparison Cumulative Total Return Comparison Selected Financial Results
Compensation Compensation Chief Executive Officer
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Actions 2005
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participations Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Directors Compensation Philosophy
Compensation Philosophy Objectives Competition
Competition Increase Competitive Developments Render Technologies Obsolete Noncompetitive Complete Agreement
Compliance Applicable Laws Compliance Bifurcation Plan
Compliance Current Future Environmental Regulations Costly Impact Earnings Compliance Laws
Components Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss 2007 2006 Components Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss Net Tax 2005
Components Comprehensive Income 2006 2005 Follows Components Comprehensive Income Loss 2007 2006 Follows
Components Comprehensive Income Net Tax 2005 2004 Follows Comprehensive Income
Computer Access Concentration Revenue
Concentrations Credit Risk Condition
Conditions Conduct Business
Conduct Research Programs Own Account Number Collaborative Partners Conference Call
Conference Call Webcast Confidential Information
Confidential Information8221 Confidentiality
Consent Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consideration Consideration Director Nominees
Considering Effects Prior Misstatements Quantifying Current Financial Statements Consolidated Income Statements 2006 2005 2004
Construction Definitions Constructive Termination
Constructive Termination8221 Contingencies
Continuation Indemnification Advancement Expenses Controls Procedures
Conversion Software Licenses Conversion Stock Exchange
Conversion Units Issuance Shares Cooperation
Cooperation Costs Recoveries Settlements Corporate Governance
Corporate Offices Corporate Transaction
Corporation Correspondence
Cost Products Sold Costs Resolve Legal Matters Adverse Effect Consolidated Financial
Costs-an Amendment Arb Chapter Counterparts
Covenants Coverage Period
Coverage Period8221 Covered Termination
Covered Termination8221 Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement
Critical Accounting Policies Current Developments
Customer Indemnification Customers
Damage Near End Term Date Notice
Deadline Receipt Stockholder Proposals Decision Review
Deductibility Executive Compensation Default
Default Breach Defense
Definition Definition Cause
Definitions Delay Possession
Delegation Authority Deliverables Allocate Revenue Among Units Accounting Accordance Eitf
Deliveries Seller Closing Sellers Shall Deliver Following Buyer Denial Claims
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Certain Depend Limited Number Suppliers Delayed Manufacture Unable Discovery
Depend Limited Number Suppliers Delayed Manufacture Unable Symyx Depend Research Development Activities Companies Chemical Energy Life
Dependent Research Development Activities Companies Chemical Energy Electronics Dependent Research Development Activities Companies Chemical Energy Life
Dependent Research Development Activities Companies Chemical Energy Pharmaceutical Dependent Research Development Activities Companies Chemical Petrochemical Pharmaceutical
Derivative Materials Description 2007 Executive Annual Cash Incentive Plan
Determination Conduct Determined
Determining Whether Aggregate Operating Segments Not Meet Quantitative Developer8217s Kit Software8221
Development Scale-up Commercialization Products Difficulties Encounter Managing Growth Divert Resources Limit Ability
Direct Chemical Modification Directed Research Plan
Directed Research Services Directed Research Services Access Tools
Directed Research Technology Director Qualifications
Directors Elected Annual Meeting Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Directors Nominees Director Directors Whose Terms Extend Beyond Annual Meeting
Disability8221 Disclaimer
Discloser Disclosure
Disclosure Requirements Guarantees Including Indirect Indebtedness Others Discovered Materials
Discovery Tools Discovery Tools Revenue
Discovery Tools Systems Discretion Expense Understood Symyx Authorize Parties Enforce Patents
Distractions Risks Might Cause Lose Focus Otherwise Harm Dividend Policy
Dividends Documents Incorporated Reference
Dow Chemical Exxonmobil Pfizer Accounted Total Revenue Respectively Dtools Client
Due Possibility Fluctuations Revenue Expenses Believe Quarter-to-quarter Comparisons Due Possibility Fluctuations Revenues Expenses Believe Quarter-to-quarter Comparisons
Duly Executed Counterpart Each Following Agreements Services Duly Executed Counterpart Each Services Agreements Referred Above
Duly Executed Counterpart Transition Services Agreement Duties
Duty Inform Landlord Duty Negotiate
Each Early Possession
Earnings Per Share Edwin Gambrell
Effect Effect Contingently Convertible Instruments Diluted Earnings Per Share
Effect Default Options Effect Lack Authority
Effect New Accounting Pronouncements Effect Options
Effect Termination Effective Date
Effective Date Plan Election Qualification Term Office Directors
Electronic Lab Notebook Eligibility
Eligibility Participation Eligible Employee
Eligible Participants Elsevier
Elseviers Crossfire Beilstein Database Continue Available Through Mdl Employee Benefit Plans
Employee Savings Plan Employee Stock Options
Employees Employees Employee Benefit Plans Employment Agreements
Employment Contract Enforcement
Engaged Business Relationships Early Stage Companies Whose Ability Entire Agreement
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Matters
Equipment Components Discovery Tools Systems Own Research Efforts Equity Compensation
Equity Compensation Plan Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Dilution Equity Incentive Compensation Program
Equity Interest Equity Interest8221
Equity Loss Investment Visyx Technologies Inc Equity Method Accounting Investments Common Stock
Estimates Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Exceptions
Exchanges Nonmonetary Assets Exchanges Nonmonetary Assets Amendment Apb
Excise Tax8221 Exclusive Discretion
Exclusive Remedy Execution Corporate Contracts Instruments
Executive Annual Cash Incentive Plan Executive Committee
Executive Compensation Executive Compensation Components
Executive Development Succession Executive Employment Agreements
Executive Officer Compensation Executive Officers
Executive Officers Registrant Executive Sessions
Exemption Landlord Liability Exercise
Exercise Price Exhibits
Expect Quarterly Results Operations Fluctuate Fluctuation Cause Stock Expense Reimbursements
Experiment Analysis Explanatory
Export Control Regulations Exposed General Global Economic Market Conditions
Exposed Risks Associated Export Sales International Operations Limit Exposed Risks Associated Export Sales Operations Limit Ability
Extended Projects New Extended Projects8212royalties Possible
Extension Rights Exxonmobil
Exxonmobil Business Areas Exxonmobil Combinatorial Chemistry Know-how
Exxonmobil Combinatorial Chemistry Patent Rights Exxonmobil Combinatorial Chemistry Tool
Exxonmobil Dtools Improvements Exxonmobil Internal Activities
Exxonmobil Proprietary Commercial Operations Know-how Exxonmobil Proprietary Material
Exxonmobil Proprietary Materials Exxonmobil Proprietary Process
Exxonmobil Strategic Confidential Information Discovery Tools Systems Developed Exxonmobil Strategic Confidential Information8221
Exxonmobil8217s Representations Facilities Located Near Known Earthquake Fault Zones Occurrence
Facsimile Regular Mail Failure Achieve Maintain Effective Internal Controls Accordance 404
Failure Adequately Enforce Intellectual Property Rights Harm Competitive Failure Integrate Products Acquired Through Acquisitions Achieve Customer
Failure Integrate Various Software Products Achieve Customer Acceptance Failure Maintain Effective Internal Controls Accordance 404 Sarbanes-oxley
Failure Successfully Commercialize Discoveries Reduce Revenues Profitability Harm Fair Market Value
Fair Value Measurements Fair Value Measures
Fair Value Shares Common Stock Relating Employee Purchase Fees
Fees Compensation Directors Fields
Final Denial Financial Instruments
Financial Outlook Financial Responsibility
Financial Results Financial Statement
Financial Statement Schedules Financial Statements
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Supplementary Data
Financial Statements Undisclosed Liabilities Following Customers Contributed Total Revenue
Following Table Identifies Major Customers 2006 2005 Percentage Following Table Sets Forth Information 2006 Regarding Executive
Force Majeure Force Majeure Event
Foreign Currency Translation Form 10-k
Form Guaranty Forward Looking Statements
Fte List Fte Rate
Fte8221 Full Financial Results
Full-year 2009 Financial Outlook Future Support Maintenance Services
General General Description
General Provisions General Release Not Extend Claims Creditor Know Suspect
General Restrictions General Rules
Generally Acquired Skills Generate Most Revenue Small Number Key Customers Loss
Geographic Area Data Given Uncertainties Readers Cautioned Not Place Undue Reliance
Goodwill Goodwill Intangible Assets
Governance Committee Governing Law
Governing Laws Grant Date
Greater Shareholders Guarantee Plan Compensation
Guarantors Accounting Disclosure Requirements Guarantees Including Indirect Indebtedness Harassment Workplace Policy
Hazardous Materials Business Claims Relating Improper Handling Storage Hazardous Substance
Hazardous Substance Condition Hazardous Substance Conditions
Headings Health Continuation Coverage
Health Insurance Henry Weinberg Phd
High-throughput Technologies Householding Annual Meeting Materials
Http Investorsymyxcom Corpgov Corpgov-compensationcfm Identifying Evaluating Nominees Directors
Immediate Immediate Vesting
Impairment Long-lived Assets Implied License
Inability Adequately Protect Proprietary Technologies Harm Competitive Position Inability Ours Keep Pace Technological Advances Evolving Industry
Incentive Stock Options Incidents Stock Options
Income Taxes Income Taxes Been Provided Using Liability Method Deferred
Indebtedness Participants Indemnification
Indemnification Agreements Indemnification Landlord
Indemnification Tenant Indemnitor
Indemnity Indemnity Not Exclusive
Independent Contractor Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Independent Research Independent Research8221
Index Index Consolidated Financial Statements
Industry Background Industry Collaborations
Industry Collaborations Revenue Industry Collaborations Revenue Related Party
Informatics Information
Injunctive Relief Inside Exxonmobil Business Areas
Inspection Compliance Law Inspection Directors
Insurance Insurance Indemnification
Insurance Policies Insured Contract
Insured Loss Intangible Assets
Intellectual Property Intellectual Property License Fees Royalities
Intellectual Property License Fees Royalties Intellectual Property Licensing
Intellectual Property Licensing Revenue Intellectual Property Other Proprietary Rights
Intellectual Property Protect Overall Business Structure Allowing Obtain Interest Other Income
Interest Other Income Expense Net Interest Other Income Net
Interest Rate Sensitivity Principal Amount Expected Maturity Average Internal Revenue Code Limitations Executive Compensation
Introduction Inventions
Inventories Inventory
Inventory Costs Inventory Costs Amendment Arb Chapter
Inventory Costs-an Amendment Arb Chapter Investments
Investments Lose Market Value Consequently Harm Ability Fund Investor Relations Symyx Technologies Inc 415 Oakmead Parkway
Invoices Involuntary Termination Without Cause8221
Isy Goldwasser Jeryl Hilleman
Joint Assessment Joint Negligence
Joint Venture Jointly-owned Patents
Kenneth Nussbacher Lab Execution
Labor Labor Matters
Laboratory Scale Landlord
Landlords Consent Required Landlords Obligations
Late Charges Law
Layoff Lead Materials
Lease Leases
Legal Proceedings Legend
Legends Option Agreements Stock Certificates Lenders
Letting Liability
License Licensees8221
Licenses Licensing
Lien Protection Limitation Liability
Limitation Value Limitations Modification
Limited Limited Discovery Tools System Warranty
Limited Exclusivity Limited Extended Project8221
Limited Extension Request Limited Immunity Respect Symyx Patents
Limited License Limited Number Contracts Sale Symyx Tools Licensing Intellectual
Liquidity Capital Resources List
List Exhibits Schedules List Stockholders Entitled Vote
List Subsidiaries Loans Officers
Long-lived Assets Loss Key Personnel Inability Attract Retain Additional Material
Lost Certificates Lower Case
Maintenance Inspection Records Majority-owned Affiliate
Management Management Changes
Management Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operation
Manner Giving Notice Affidavit Mario Rosati
Market Price Common Stock Since Initial Public Offering Markets
Martin Gerstel Material Markets
Materials Materials Licensing
Materials Licensing Revenue Materials Markets
Mdl Meaning Other-than-temporary Impairment Application Certain Investments
Meetings Meetings Action Committees
Membership Membership Decisions
Military Leave Sick Bona Fide Absence Minutes
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Provisions
Mitigation Modification Waiver Severability
Most Revenue Generated Small Number Key Customers Loss Multi-tenant Modified Net
Multiple Options Multiple-deliverable Revenue Arrangements
Negotiation Net Income 2006 2005 However Included Stock-based Compensation
Net Income 2006 2005 Was Respectively Net Income Per Share
Net Interest Income Net Loss 2007 Was 972000 Compared Income 2006
Net Worth Tenant New Conference Call Number
New Plan Benefits New Project
New Projects News Services List
Nnn Nolo Contendere
Nominating Functions Nominating Governance Committee
Non-disturbance Non-duplication Benefits
Non-gaap Information Non-interference
Nondisparagement Nonqualified Stock Option
Nonqualified Stock Options Not Able Maintain Grow Profitable Business
Not Applicable Not Track Fully Burdened Costs Capital Expenditures Project
Not Track Fully Burdened Research Development Costs Capital Notice
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2006 Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2007
Notice Inventions Notice Requirements
Notice Restricted Stock Bonus Award Notice Restricted Stock Unit Award
Notice Stockholders Meetings Notices
Notwithstanding Foregoing Also Satisfy Tax Withholding Obligation Offsetting Novel Material
Novel Process Technology Number 000-27765
Number 000-27765 Symyx Technologies Inc Number Directors
Off Balance Sheet Arrangements Off Balance Sheet Financing Related Party Transactions
Off Balance Sheet Financing Related Party Transactions Below Offer
Offer Employment Expires 1998 Unless Accepted Prior Date Officers
Officers Directors Principal Stockholders Greater Together Control Approximately Ongoing Relationship Between Symyx Elsevier
Option Option Agreement
Option Extend Option Grants Last
Options Personal Original Tenant Organization Good Standing
Organization Membership Meetings Other
Other Agreements Other Commitments
Other Compensation Benefits Other Employee Benefits
Other Events Other Fees
Other Information Other Matters
Other Offices Other Terminations
Other Transactions Outside Exxonmobil Business Areas
Outside Information Outside Insurance Coverage Miscalculations Assessment Amortization Calculations
Overview Overview Compensation Program
Own Ownership
Ownership Disclosure Ownership8221
Paid-up Licenses Parachute Payments
Parking Participant
Participation Notice Party
Party Actions Patent Prosecution
Patents Paul Nowak
Payment Brokers Payment Exercise Price
Payment Expenses Advance Payment Premiums
Payment Taxes Payment8221
Payments Payments Books Records
Performance Criteria Maximum Incentive Performance-based
Permitted Permitted Disclosures
Permitted Size Vehicles Permitted Transfer
Perquisites Other Personal Benefits Place Meetings
Place Meetings Telephone Plan
Plan Amendment Termination Plan Construction Interpretation
Policy Deductibility Named Executive Officer Compensation Policy Regarding Transactions Affiliates
Powers Practical Accommodation Application Grant Date Defined Fasb Statement
Preferred Stock Premises
Premises Partial Damage Premises Partial Total Damage Insured Uninsured Loss
Premises Total Destruction President
Prevailing Party Principal Accounting Fees Services
Principal Auditor Fees Services Principles Consolidation
Pro Forma Financial Information Procedure
Procedure Lead Compound Identification Procedure Transfer Symyx Combinatorial Know-how
Procedures Proceeds Sale Symyxs Interest Ilypsa Add Approximately 070
Procurement Substitute Goods Services Whether Foreseeable Not Regardless Procuring Cause
Product Product Sales
Products Contain Defects Harm Revenue Expose Litigation Products Contain Defects Harm Revenues Expose Litigation
Products Contain Software Defects Harm Revenues Expose Litigation Project
Project Know-how Project Patents
Project Patents Owned Solely Exxonmobil Project Patents Owned Solely Symyx
Project Technology Properties
Property Plant Equipment Proprietary Information Inventions Agreement
Proprietary Information Obligations Provision Income Taxes
Provisions Amended Restated Certificate Incorporation Bylaws Delaware Law Provisions Applicable California Residents
Provisions Charter Documents Anti-takeover Effects Prevent Change Control Proxies
Proxy Solicited Board Directors Annual Meeting 2005 Proxy Solicited Board Directors Annual Meeting 2006
Proxy Solicited Board Directors Annual Meeting 2007 Public Domain Material
Publicity Purchase Price Adjustment
Purchase Sale Purpose
Pursuant Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Actof 2002
Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quorum Quorum Abstentions Broker Non-votes
Ratification Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reaffirming 2006 Financial Outlook
Real Property Real Property Taxes
Receipt Purchase Price Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Developments Recently Established Operations Certain Parts Europe Asia Intend
Recipient Reclassifications
Recognize Revenue Accordance Sec Staff Accounting Bulletin 104 Recognize Revenue Accordance Secs Staff Accounting Bulletin 104
Recognize Revenue Accordance Securities Exchange Commissions Staff Accounting Recognize Royalty Revenue Based Reported Sales Party Licensees
Recognized Stock-based Compensation Expense 2440000 1598000 2007 2006 Recognized Stock-based Compensation Expense 2440000 1598000 Respectively 2007
Recognizes Revenue Accordance Sec Staff Accounting Bulletin 104 Recognizes Revenue Accordance Secs Staff Accounting Bulletin 104
Recognizes Revenue Accordance Securities Exchange Commissions Staff Accounting Record Date Principal Share Ownership
Record Date Stockholder Notice Voting Giving Consents Records
Records Reports Registered Office
Registered Stockholders Regular Meetings
Related Entity Related Party Transactions
Relationship Between Collaborators Concerns Regarding Proprietary Research Programs Relationship Parties
Release Release Claims
Remedies Removal
Removal Directors Removal Resignation Officers Filling Vacancies
Renewals Cancellations Reinstatement Rental Value
Replacement Cost Report Audit Committee
Report Compensation Committee Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Internal Control
Reportable Reports
Reports Records Representation Legal Counsel
Representation Shares Other Corporations Representations
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Buyer
Representations Warranties Sellers Request Review
Requesting Party Research Collaborations Revenue
Research Committee Research Development
Research Development Arrangements Research Development Costs
Research Development Expenditures Market Research Development Expenses
Research Exclusivity Field Research Plan
Research Records Research Software
Resignation Vacancies Responsibilities
Responsibility Cost Overruns Restricted Cash
Restricted Stock Restricted Stock Bonus Award Agreement
Restricted Stock Unit Agreement Restricted Stock Units
Restriction Ability Accomplish Corporate Changes Restrictions Exxonmobil
Restrictions Symyx Results
Results Operations Financial Condition Retirement Other Benefits
Return Confidential Information Return Property
Returned Shares Revenue
Revenue Cash Flows Operations Come Research Collaborations Sale Revenue Recognition
Review Approval Ratification Transactions Related Persons Revised Cost Estimates Notification Overruns
Revised Payment Schedule8221 Revocability Proxies
Right Cure Right Extend Licenses Affiliates
Right Extend Licenses Majority-owned Affiliates Right Inspection
Rights Risk Factors
Role Executive Officers Compensation Decisions Royalties
Safety Security Sale Agreement
Sale Ownership Ilypsa Inc Sales Discovery Tools Systems Licensing Intellectual Property Software
Sales General Administrative Expenses Sales General Administrative Expenses Sga
Sales Support Sales Symyx Tools Licensing Software Other Offerings Continue
Sales Symyx Tools Systems Licensing Intellectual Property Software Sample Code
Samuel Colella Santa Clara 2006
Santa Clara 2007 Santa Clara California 2005
Santa Clara California 2006 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Schedule 14a Rule 14a-101 Schedule Sets Forth List Written Employment Compensation Bonus
Scope Definition Screening
Seal Sec
Secondary Fields Secretary
Sections Headings Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Securities Registered Pursuant Act Common Stock 0001 Par
Security Deposit Security Device
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder Segregate Revenue Following Segments
Segregate Revenue Follows Selected Definitions
Self-executing Seller Releases Substantially Form Attached Hereto Duly Executed
Sensors Sensors Revenue
Separation Separation Agreement
Service Revenue Services
Setting Executive Compensation Severability
Severance Benefits Sfas Statement Financial Accounting Standard
Share-based Payment Shares Reserved Issuance 2007 Plan
Signature Signatures
Software Software Committee
Software Consulting Support Maintenance Immaterial Date Therefore Also Software Customization Obligations
Software Customizations8221 Software Deployment Plan
Software Development Costs Software Disclaimer
Software Group Generates Revenue Primarily Licensing Software License Fees
Software Licenses Software Licensing
Software Revenue Software Roadmap
Software Update Software Upgrades8221
Software Warranties Some Existing Stockholders Exert Control Over Not Make
Source Code Source Revenue Recognition Policy
Special Agreement Persons Special Designation Certificates
Special Meeting Special Meetings Notice
Special Notice Period Specific Exclusions
Staffing Statement Cash Flows
Steven Goldby Steven Goldby Assume Position Executive Chairman
Steven Goldbys Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Assignment Separate Certificate Stock Certificates Partly Paid Shares
Stock Option Plans Stock Options Restricted Units
Stock Performance Graph Stock Plan
Stock Plan Administration Stock Price Been Continue Volatile
Stock Purchase Plan Stock Repurchase Program
Stock Transfer Agreements Stock-based Benefit Plans
Stock-based Compensation Stockholder Action Written Consent Without Meeting
Stockholder Communication Stockholder Recommendations
Stockholders Obtain Copy Annual Report Form 10-k Without Strategic Investment Projects Such Royalty-bearing Programs Spin-offs Joint
Subcontractors Subcontracts Assignment
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subordinate Officers
Subordination Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsidiary
Subsidiary8221 Successful Defense
Such Forward-looking Statements Among Factors Cause Actual Results Such Shared Services Temporary Premises Benefits Master Agreements
Summary Amended Restated 1997 Plan Sunnyvale 94085
Support Maintenance Surrender Restoration
Survival Symyx
Symyx 2006 Outlook Symyx 2007 Financial Results
Symyx Combinatorial Symyx Combinatorial Chemistry Patent Rights
Symyx Employee Agreement Symyx Full 2007 Financial Outlook
Symyx Full 2007 Outlook Symyx Fundamental Change
Symyx Means Technologies Inc Subsidiaries Joint Ventures Administration Symyx Offerings
Symyx Outlook Symyx Representations
Symyx Research Symyx Secures Leading Position Informatics Life Sciences Chemicals
Symyx Sensors Symyx Sensors Revenue
Symyx Software Symyx Software Group Generates Revenue Primarily Licensing
Symyx Software Group Generates Revenue Primarily Licensing Eln Symyx Software Revenue
Symyx Solution Symyx Solutions
Symyx Technologies Inc Symyx Technologies Present Morgan Healthcare Conference
Symyx Tools Symyx Tools Group Generates Revenue Primarily Sale Systems
Symyx Tools Revenue Synthesis
System Table Contents
Tax Accounting Implications Tax Matters
Tax Services Fees Taxes
Technology Template Research Plan
Tenancy Statement Tenant Improvements
Tenant Prior Owner Occupant Tenant-owned Alterations Utility Installations
Tenants Compliance Requirements Tenants Improvements
Tenants Obligations Tenants Property Insurance
Tenants Property Taxes Term
Term Termination Term8221
Termination Termination Advance Payments
Termination Because Shortly Before Death Termination Because Total Disability
Termination Breach Termination Insolvency
Termination Options Termination Return Benefits
Termination Service Terms
Terms Conditions Terms Conditions Applicable Assignment Subletting
Terms Conditions Awards Third-party Claims Infringement
Third-party Information Third-party Rights
Thomas Baruch Title Sufficiency Assets
Today8217s Teleconference Webcast Tools License
Tools Price Tools Systems Acquired Agreement
Total Financial Outlook Total Revenue 2007 Was 250 Compared 271 Same
Trade Fixtures Trademarks Publicity
Transaction Overview Transactions Related Persons
Transfer Assignment Transfer Control
Transfer Stock Transferability Awards
Transmittal Certificates Evidencing Shares Occur Unless Until Grantee Types
Unable Continue Build Infrastructure Support Discovery Tools Intellectual Unable Enforce Intellectual Property Rights Ability Such Diminishes
Understand Agree Completely Terms Set Forth Symyx Technologies United States Securities Exchange Washington 20549 Form 10-k
Unless Accepted Prior Date Unless Accepted Prior Date Requires Board Approval Commencement
Unpublished Technology Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
User Interface Utilities
Utility Installations Valuation Goodwill Purchased Intangible Assets
Vault Platform Vehicle Parking
Vesting Vesting Acceleration
Vice Presidents Vote Important
Vote Required Voting
Voting Solicitation Waiver
Waiver License Waiver Modification
Waiver Notice Waiver Statutes
Waiver Subrogation Warn Act8221
Warranties Warranty Expense Accrual
Warranty Period Washington 20549
Website Available Information Whether Investor Apply Equity Method Accounting Investments Other
Withholding Withholding Tax
Witness Whereof Work Order
Work Product Year-to-date Results
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