Topic Listing for Syniverse Holdings

Access Premises Accounting Stock-based Compensation
Accounts Receivable Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss Income
Achieves Record Net Revenues 1358 Acquisition
Acquisition Bsg Acquisition Bsg Syniverse Technologies
Acquisition Bsg Wireless Acquisition Bsg Wireless Result Loss Employees
Acquisition Bsgs Wireless Clearing Financial Settlement Business Acquisition Expands Syniverses Global Scale Reach Enterprise Offerings
Acquisition Interactive Technology Holdings Limited Business Acquisition Ios North America
Acquisition Vm3 Business Acquisition Wireless Solutions International
Acquisitions Address Including Zip Code Telephone Number Area Registrants
Adjustment Changes Affecting Common Stock Administration
Adoption Recent Accounting Pronouncements Advertising Costs
Affirms Existing 2009 Earnings Guidance Aggregate Past Grants Named Executive Officers Others
Agreement 2007 Among Agreement Shall Governed Construed Interpreted Accordance Law State
Allowance Credit Memos Allowance Doubtful Accounts
Alltel Sprint Insourcing Initiative Amended Restated 2006 Long-term Equity Incentive Plan
Amended Restated Senior Credit Facility Amendment Suspension Termination Founders Option Plan
Amendment Suspension Termination Non-employee Directors Plan Outstanding Options Amendment Termination Equity Incentive Plan
Amendment Termination Espp Amendment Underwriting Agreement
Annex Annual Meeting Shareholders
Anti-takeover Protections Delay Prevent Change Control Benefit Stockholders Appointment Agreement
Appointment Chief Financial Officer-david Hitchcock Appointment Director Jason Few
Appointment Director Robert Gerrard Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Assignment Sublease Assumptions
Availability Form 10-k Annual Report Shareholders Available Information
Available-for-sale Securities Awards
Bankruptcy Basic Definitions Provisions Following Apply Lease
Basis Financial Statement Presentation Basis Presentation
Basis Presentation Principles Consolidation Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Benefit Cost Benefits Certain Persons
Board Committees Board Directors Stockholders
Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Shareholders Vote Election David Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Shareholders Vote Election Jason
Board Meetings Committees Brokers Commissions
Bsg Bsg Clearing Solutions
Bsg Wireless Acquisition Bsg Wireless Syniverse Technologies
Business Business Description
Business Development Strategy Business Developments
Business Highlights Business Recent Organizational Changes
Buyers Warranties Call Processing Services
Capacity Limits Network Application Platforms Difficult Project Not Capitalized Software
Capitalized Software Costs Cash
Cash Compensation Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Information Cautionary Notice Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Cautions Forward-looking Statements Certain Charges Related Initial Public Offering
Certain Federal Income Tax Effects Certain Limitations
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certifications
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Securities Proceeds Issuer Purchases Equity
Chief Executive Officer Compensation Cites Verisign Messaging Acquisition Major Strategic Move
Code Ethics Commitments
Commitments Contingencies Communication Board
Communications Board Directors Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Committee Review Compensation Directors
Compensation Philosophy Objectives Competition
Competitive Pay-for-performance Analysis Competitive Strengths
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Completion Offers Operators Unrivalled Data Financial Clearing Capabilities
Completion Tender Offer Compliance
Compliance Internal Revenue Code 162 Compliance Laws
Compliance Securities Exchange Act 1934 Components
Comprehensive Income Comprehensive Income Loss
Concentration Business Conditions Effectiveness
Conference Call Conference Call Analyst
Conference Call Information Consent
Consent Guarantors Consent Independent Auditors
Consent Independent Registered Certified Public Accounting Firm Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Contents Contingencies
Contract Termination Costs Contractual Obligations Commitments
Controls Procedures Corporate Governance
Correction Error Cost Proxy Solicitation
Costs Difficulties Acquiring Integrating Complementary Businesses Technologies Impede Costs Expenses
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Current National World-wide Financial Crisis Adversely Affect Operating
Customer Accounts Customers
Customers Develop In-house Solutions Migrate Part Services Provide Damages Premises
Dated 2007 David Hitchcock
Debt Debt Credit Facilities
Deductibility Executive Compensation Deed Tax Covenant 2006 Between
Default Deferred Costs
Deferred Finance Costs Definitions
Departure Director John Hofmann Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Departure Directors Principle Officers Election Appointment
Depend Key Personnel Manage Business Effectively Not Successful Depend Small Number Customers Significant Portion Revenues Loss
Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Derivatives
Description Business Description Business History
Details Vendor Guarantors Determining Executive Compensation
Diane Rose Dianerosesyniversecom
Difficulty Integrating Technology Harm Business Director Compensation
Director Compensation Table Director Independence
Director Qualification Standards Director Qualification Standards Evaluation Process
Discretionary Authority Dissolution Agreement
Distributed Processing Services Agreement Documents Incorporated Reference
Dollars Each Grantor Hereby Irrevocably Unconditionally Waives Trial Jury
Earnings Call Earnings Release Date
Ebitda Eds Interoperator Services Gmbh
Edward Evans Effect Inflation
Election Directors Eligibility
Eminent Domain Employee Benefit Plans
Employee Benefits Employee Benefits Predecessor
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employees
Employment Agreement Alfredo C├írdenas Employment Agreement David Hitchcock
Employment Agreement Jeffrey Gordon Employment Agreement Michael Obrien
Employment Agreement Nancy White Employment Agreement Tony Holcombe
Employment Agreements Enterprise Solutions
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Compliance
Environmental Regulation Equity Compensation
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Sponsors Investment Tns Inc
Estimates Eugene Bergen Henegouwen
Euribor Base Rate European Asia Media
European Asia Press Contact Evaluation Disclosure Controls
Evans Even Able Successfully Integrate Business Bsg Wireless Operations
Events Affecting 2009 Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Except Share Information Executive Compensation Plan
Executive Compensation Programs Executive Officer Compensation Philosophy
Executive Officers Executive Overview
Executive Vice President North America Exhibits
Expenses Failure Achieve Sustain Market Acceptance Desired Pricing Levels
Failure Protect Intellectual Property Rights Adequately Material Adverse Fair Value Financial Instruments
Federal Income Tax Consequences Financial Highlights
Financial Information Segments Financial Instruments
Financial Operating Difficulties Telecommunications Sector Negatively Affect Customers Financial Results Adversely Affected Impair Intangible Assets Goodwill
Financial Statements Business Acquired Financial Statements Exhibits
Find Additional Information Fluctuations Currency Exchange Rates Adversely Affect Results Operations
Foreign Currencies Foreign Currency
Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Risk Foreign Currency Market Risk
Foreign Currency Translation Foreign Subsidiary Means Not Domestic
Form 10-k Form Assignment
Form Election Purchase Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Forward Looking Statements Forward-looking Statements
Founders Stock Option Plan Foward-looking Statements
Full 2004 Earnings Call Full 2004 Results
Full 2005 Business Highlights Full 2005 Earnings Call
Full-year Net Revenues Exceed 500 Future Consolidation Among Customers Cause Lose Transaction Volume
General General Developments
General Information General Provisions
Goodwill Governing Law Agreement Rights Obligations Parties Shall Governed
Governmental Approvals Governmental Regulation
Growth Strategy Historical Financial Information Limited Relevance
History History Recent Events
Holcombe Householding
Identifiable Intangible Assets Identifiable Intangibles Goodwill
Iitem 901 Financial Statements Exhibits Immediate Release
Impairment Long-lived Assets Impairment Losses
Impairment Losses Goodwill Impairment Losses Goodwill Trademark
Impairment Losses Long-lived Assets Inability Customers Successfully Implement Services Harm Business
Income Taxes Incorporation
Incorporation Reference Sections Agreement Hereby Incorporated Shall Full Independent Auditors
Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Index
Index Bsg Wireless Financial Statements Index Consolidated Financial Statements
Index Exhibits India Number Portability Services
Industry Summary Information
Initial Public Offering Redeemable Preferred Stock Insufficient Shares
Insurance Requirements Intangible Assets
Integrating Operations Bsg Wireless Prove Disruptive Result Combined Intellectual Property Rights
Intentionally Omitted Interest Joint Venture
Interest Rate Market Risk Introduction
Investor Relations Investor Relations Contact
Jason Few Joins Syniverse Board Directors Jim Huseby
Jimhusebysyniversecom Joinder Agreement
Joint Venture Interests Key Customer Contract Wins
Key International Customer Service Contract Wins Landlord Default
Leased Premises Leasing Arrangements
Legal Proceedings Limitation Aggregate Shares
Liquidity Capital Resources Lock-up Agreement
Lock-up Amendment Long-lived Assets
Long-term Equity Incentive Plan Loss Contingencies
Mainframe Computing Services Agreement Management Equity Arrangements
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Mandatory Redemption
Market Opportunity Market Ranking Other Data
Market Services Intensely Competitive Competitors Significant Advantages Over Material Changes 2009
Material Modification Rights Security Holders Media
Media Relations Member
Merger Brience Inc Miscellaneous
Most Customer Contracts Not Provide Minimum Payments Near Multiple Defaults
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Naming Executive Officer
Nancy White Need Additional Capital Future Not Available Acceptable Terms
Net Income Loss Per Common Share Net Income Per Common Share
Net Investment Hedge Foreign Operation Network Operations
Network Services New Accounting Standards Disclosures
New Products New Senior Credit Facility
New Services Launched News Summary Syniverse Acquires Leading Asia-based Telecommunications Solutions
Non-employee Directors Stock Option Plan Non-gaap Financial Measures
Non-gaap Measures Nontransferability
Not Able Receive Retain Licenses Authorizations Required Sell Not Adapt Rapid Technological Change Telecommunications Industry Lose
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Notice
Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Notices
Number Portability Services Obligations Completion
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Off-network Database Queries
Off-network Database Queries Pass-through Off-network Database Queries Pass-thru
Offering Periods Office Lease
Operations Operations Customer Support
Option Exercises Holdings Option Exercises Last Year-end Values
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2007 Option Exercises Stock Vested Table
Option Grants Last Option Plans
Optional Redemption Organization
Organization Summary Significant Accounting Policies Other
Other Comprehensive Income Other Comprehensive Income Loss
Other Events Other Information
Other Matters Others
Outlook Oversight Compensation Program
Overview Page
Page Syniverse 2005 Earnings Page Syniverse Earnings
Part Part Bsg Asia
Part Bsg Luxembourg Part Bsg Luxembourgs Subsidiaries
Participation Parties Claim Violation Intellectual Property Rights Negative Impact
Paul Wilcock Payroll Deductions
Pension Benefits Pension Benefits Table
Pension Plan Pension Plans
Performance Awards Performance Terms Certain Executives
Please Sign Date Return Promptly Enclosed Envelope Vote Please Vote Sign Date Return Proxy Card Promptly
Policy Audit Committee Pre-approval Audit-related Permissible Non-audit Services Post-employment Compensation Arrangements Arising Change Control
Potential Alltel Sprint Insourcing Initiative Preliminary Statements
Previous Senior Credit Facility Pricing Tender Offer
Principles Consolidation Prior Senior Credit Facility
Pro Forma Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Pro Forma Financial Information
Products Infringe Intellectual Property Rights Others Required Indemnify Products Services
Professional Services Agreement Property Equipment
Property Equipment Net Property Equipment Software
Property Tenant Proposal Appointment Independent Auditors
Proposal Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Provides Financial Clearing Settlement Capabilities
Provides Full 2006 Guidance Provisions Regarding Stock
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Purchase Accounting
Purchase Price Purchase Shares
Purpose Effectiveness Purpose Plan
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Financial Information
Quorum Abstentions Broker Non-votes Raymond Cheung
Raymond Lawless Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Acquisitions Recently Adopted Accounting Pronouncements
Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements Recitals
Reclassifications Reedsmith
Reference Effect Credit Agreement Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registration Agreement Regulation Disclosure
Regulations Affecting Customers Future They Become Subject Harm Related Party Approval Policy
Related Party Transactions Related-party Transactions
Reliance Adjusted Financial Information Nyse Listing Requirements Reliance Third-party Providers Communications Software Hardware Infrastructure Exposes
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Rent
Report Audit Committee Board Directors Report Compensation Committee Board Directors
Report Independent Auditors Report Independent Registered Certified Public Accountants
Report Independent Registered Certified Public Accounting Firm Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Repurchase Preferred Stock Research Development
Resignation Executive Officer Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Units Deferred Restructuring
Restructuring Nonrecurring Expenses Restructurings
Result Secondary Offering 2007 Limited Ability Utilize Net Results Operations
Results Operations Financial Condition Revenue Guaranty Agreement
Revenue Recognition Revenues
Revenues Geographic Region Risk Factors
Sale Sales Marketing
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Savings Plans Brience
Savings Plans Successor Savings Plans Syniverse
Secondary Offering Common Stock Secured Credit Facilities
Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Registered Exchange Act Securities Registered Pursuant Exchange Act
Security Deposit See Accompanying Notes
Segment Information Segment Reporting
Segments Seller Warranties
Senior Credit Facility Senior Management Agreement
Senior Management Agreements Senior Subordinated Notes
Senior Subordinated Notes Due 2009 Senior Subordinated Notes Due 2013
Senior Subordinated Notes Offering Services
Services Fees Expenses Ernst Young Llp 2005 2004 Services Fees Expenses Ernst Young Llp 2006 2005
Services Fees Expenses Ernst Young Llp 2007 2006 Services Fees Expenses Ernst Young Llp 2008 2007
Services Landlord Share Purchase Agreement
Shareholder Proposals 2007 Shareholder Proposals 2008
Shareholder Proposals 2009 Shareholder Proposals 2010
Shareholder Recommendations Shareholder Return Performance Presentation
Shares Available Issuance Plan Shares Outstanding 2005
Shares Outstanding 2006 Shares Outstanding 2007
Shares Outstanding 2008 Shares Outstanding 2009
Signature Signature Page Amendment Amended Restated Senior Management Agreement
Signature Page Attached Signature Page Follow
Signature Page Follows Signature Page Performance-based Restricted Stock Agreement
Signature Page Restricted Stock Grant Agreement Signature Page Stock Option Award Agreement
Signature Pages Follow Signatures
Significant Accomplishments Syniverse 2005 Include Significant Factors Assumptions Methodologies Used Determining Fair Value
Size1 Senior Subordinated Notes Due 2009 Size1 Senior Subordinated Notes Due 2013
Size14 Senior Subordinated Notes Due 2013 Size2 Senior Subordinated Notes Due 2009
Solicitation Revocation Proxies Voting Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Option Grants Stock Options
Stock Performance Graph Stock Price Volatile
Stock Purchase Agreement Stock-based Compensation
Stockholder Rights Plan Stockholders Equity
Strategy Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subordination Attornment Non-disturbance Estoppel Certificate Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Substantial Indebtedness Material Adverse Effect Financial Health Prevent
Successor Summary Cash Certain Other Compensation
Summary Employee Stock Purchase Plan Summary Existing Equity Compensation Plans
Summary Significant Accounting Policies Supplemental Consolidating Financial Information
Syniverse Syniverse Adopts Stockholder Rights Plan
Syniverse Announces Commencement Exchange Offer Syniverse Announces Completion Exchange Offer
Syniverse Announces Extension Exchange Offer Syniverse Announces Preliminary 2007 Results
Syniverse Announces Strong 2005 Results Syniverse Announces Upcoming Board Director Change
Syniverse Appoints Fritz Von Mering Board Directors Syniverse Appoints Nancy White Chief Marketing Officer
Syniverse Appoints Wendy Murdock Board Directors Syniverse Closes Senior Secured Credit Facilities
Syniverse Completes Acquisition Bsg Wireless Syniverse Coo Steps Down
Syniverse Earnings Page Syniverse Earnings Page2
Syniverse Full 2004 Page Syniverse Holdings Inc
Syniverse Holdings Inc 2006 Employee Stock Purchase Plan Syniverse Holdings Inc 2006 Long-term Equity Incentive Plan
Syniverse Holdings Inc Technologies Syniverse Names David Hitchcock Cfo
Syniverse Names Jeffrey Gordon Chief Technology Officer Syniverse Names Martin Picciano Chief Accounting Officer
Syniverse Names Robert Marino Non-executive Chairman Syniverse Reports 2006 Results
Syniverse Reports 2007 Results Syniverse Reports 2008 Results
Syniverse Reports 2009 Results Syniverse Reports Outstanding Results
Syniverse Reports Record Profitability Syniverse Technologies 8125 Highwoods Palm Way Tampa Usa
Syniverse Technologies Acquires Ithl Syniverse Technologies Announces Completion Tender Offer
Syniverse Technologies Inc System Failures Delays Other Problems Harm Reputation Business
System Failures Security Breaches Delays Other Problems Harm Table Contents
Tampa Florida 33647 Tax Considerations
Technology Technology Interoperability Services
Technology Operations Tenants Acceptance Maintenance Premises
Tenants Rules Regulations Term
Termination Employment Termination Espp
Timothy Samples Joins Syniverse Board Directors Tony Holcombe
Transaction Bonus Amounts Transition Period
Transition Services Agreement United Clearing Limited
United States Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Usc 1350 Verizon Acquisition Alltel
Verizon Renewal Verizon Stock Incentive Plans Predecessor
Vesting Withholding Taxes Transferability Awards Vesting Withholding Taxes Transferability Stock Options
Voting Procedures Waivers Jury Trial Each Parent Borrower Arrangers Administrative
Waivers Jury Trial Parties Amendment Hereby Irrevocably Unconditionally Withdrawal
Withholding Taxes Transferability Stock Options Wwwsenddcom Ezproxy Project Id205
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