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A-21 A-22
A-3 A-4
A-41 A-42
A-43 A-44
A-51 A-52
A-53 A-6
A-7 Abbreviations
Absolute Rate Auction Acceleration Distributions
Account Accounting Certain Land Leases
Accounting Method Accounting Policies
Accounting Stock-based Compensation Accounting Transaction
Accounting Trustee Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable Accrued Liabilities
Accrued Other Current Liabilities Act
Actuarial Equivalent Added Bank
Additional Information Adjusted London Interbank Offered Rate
Adjusted Rate Adjustments Accounts
Administration Administration Plan
Administrative Questionnaire Administrator
Admission Policy Admission Ticket
Adoption Adoption Rules
Adoptions Adrianne Shapira Goldman Sachs Analyst
Adversely Affected Buying Aggravated Levels Personal Bankruptcy Much Advertising Costs
Affiliate Against
Agent Agent Senior Managing Agents Co-agents Co-documentation Syndication
Agreement Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New
Agrees Each Underwriters Allocation Percentages
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Alternative Change Form Participant Not Make Election Crediting
Alternative Rating Agency Amended Restated Effective 2005
Amended Restated Effective 2009 Amended Through 2002
Amendment Benefit Executive Officer Amendment Termination
Amendment Termination Plan Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amortization Amount Credit
Amount Spp Forfeiture Amounts Paid Termination
Amounts Represent Portion Average Credit Card Receivables Funded Analysis Assets Impairment
Analysis Continuing Operations Full Results Analysis Continuing Operations Results
Analysis Results Operations Angela Jenks
Annual Spp Benefit Transfer Credit Appendices
Appendix Applicable Benefit Formula
Applicable Lending Office Applicable Margin
Application Distribution Appointment
Appointment Principal Officers Appointment Successor
Approval Amendment Restated Articles Incorporation Require Majority Vote Approved Fund
Arranger Assessment Rate
Asset Category Assigned Amount
Assignee Assignment
Assignment Assumption Agreement Assumptions
Attend Annual Meeting Audit Committee
Audit Non-audit Fees Auditor
Authority Delegation Authorized 6000000000 Shares 0833 Par Value 890643966 Issued
Available Available Information
Available Series 2008-1 Finance Charge Collections Application Funds Bank
Banks Bart Butzer
Base Rate Base Rate Loan
Base Salary Base Salary Deferrals
Bba Libor Beginning
Believe Pershing Square Launched Proxy Contest Push Real Believe Pershing Squares Sizeable Derivative Positions Create Incentive
Believe Qualifications Pershing Squares Recently Selected Nominees Not Believe Riskmetrics Not Provide Basis Conclude Change Required
Benchmarking Elements Amounts Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficiary Beneficiary Designation
Benefit Transfer Officer Edcp Benefit Transferred
Benefited Bank Benefits Paid Current Stip
Bill Ackman Board
Board Committees Board Director Consulting Fee
Board Directors Board Directors Shareholders Target Corporation
Board Directors Unanimously Believes Targets Nominees Board Meetings 2005
Board Meetings Committees Board Recommend Vote
Bona Fide Bonus
Bonus Deferrals Borrower Materials
Borrowers 2005 Form 10-k Borrowing
Brochure Shareholders Business
Business Ethics Conduct Buying Occupancy Distribution Expenses
Cancellation Deferral Elections Capital Expenditures
Capital Lease Obligations Capital Spending Share Repurchase
Capital Structure Cash Balance Formula
Cash Equivalents Ceo Compensation
Certain Benefit Payments Certain Relationships
Certificate Authentication Certification Chief Executive Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 906
Certification Chief Financial Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 906 Certifications
Certified Earnings Change Control
Change Control Offer Change Vote
Change-in-control Change-in-control Provisions
Changes Directors Principal Employment Changes Effective Income Tax Rate Affect Results Operations
Changes Federal State Local Laws Regulations Failure Comply Charles Grom Morgan Analyst
Choice Law Claim Procedures
Claim Review Claims
Claims Procedure Classification Expenses Varies Across Retail Industry
Co-agents Co-documentation Agents
Co-syndication Agents Code
Code Means Internal Revenue 1986 Amended Collateral Certificate
Comments Commitment
Commitment Diversity Commitments Contingencies
Committed Borrowing Committee
Common Stock Communication Presents Only Overview Complete Proxy Materials Available
Communications Directors Comparable-store Sales
Comparable-store Sales Increases Decreases Above Calculated Comparing Periods Comparable-store Sales Increases Decreases Calculated Comparing Current Periods
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Expenses Trustee Competition
Competitive Pressures Computation Based Continuing Operations
Computations Based Continuing Operations Concerning Bill Ackman
Concerning Jim Donald Concerning Michael Ashner
Concerning Richard Vague Concerning Ronald Gilson
Conclusion Conditions
Conflict Interest Consent Borrower
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consideration Received Vendors
Consolidated Rental Expense Consolidated Subsidiary
Consolidated Tangible Net Worth Consolidation
Consumer Trends Contingencies
Continuing Operations Contributions
Controls Procedures Convertible Preferred Stock
Cooperation Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Committee Corporate Governance Documents Available Website
Corporate Responsibility Committee Cost Sales Selling General Administrative Expenses
Cost Sales Selling General Administrative Sga Expenses Counsel Borrower
Counterparts Credit Card Contribution
Credit Card Operation Credit Card Operations
Credit Card Receivables Credit Card Receivables Ownership Review
Credit Card Segment Results Credit Change-in-control
Crediting Crediting Account
Crediting Amounts After Benefit Distribution Crediting Rate Alternative
Critical Accounting Estimates Current Adoptions
Current Report Curtis
Dan Binder Jefferies Analyst Death Benefit
Deborah Weinswig Citigroup Analyst Debt
Debt Derivative Financial Instruments Debt Rating
Decision Now Expected 2008 Default
Default Rate Defaulting Bank
Defaults Defaults Senior Securities
Deferral Credit Deferral Credits Restoration Match
Deferral Elections Deferred Compensation
Deferred Compensation Plan Senior Management Group Directors Defined Contribution Plans
Definition Variables Participant Payment Calculation Definitions
Definitions Certain Provisions Delay Distributions
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Depreciation Amortization Depreciation Amortization Expense Rate
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivatives
Derivatives Not Shares Make Greater Percentage Pershing Squares Description Director Retirement Program
Description Plan Determination
Determination Cash Incentive Amounts Determination Performance Measures
Determinations Director Compensation
Director Independence Director Nominees
Directors Executive Officers Registrant Directors Nominees
Disabled Discharge Liability
Disclaimers Beneficiaries Disclosures Market Risk
Discretionary Credit Discretionary Credits
Disposition Income Distribution
Distribution Account Death Distribution Elections
Dividend Declared Dividends
Documents Incorporated Reference Domestic Business
Domestic Lending Office Domestic Reserve Percentage
Douglas Scovanner Driven Primarily Due Lower Prime Interest Rate Other
Earnings Earnings Credit
Earnings Per Share Ebit Earnings Before Interest Expense Income Taxes
Edcp Effective Date
Elect Receive Shareholder Materials Electronically Discontinue Receipt Paper Election Directors
Elective Deferral Credit Electronic Delivery Future Shareholder Communications
Elects Accept Change Control Offer Eligibility
Eligibility Credit Eligible Compensation
Employee Employees
Employment Contracts Employment Contracts Severance Arrangements Change-in-control
End Enhancement
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Equity Compensation Plan Information
Erisa Erisa Affiliate
Erisa Status Errors Computations
Esbp Esbp Benefit
Esbp Benefit Transfer Credit Esbp Benefit Transfer Credits
Establishment Accounts Establishment Plan
Establishment Trust Estimated Fair Value Total Notes Debentures Using Discounted
Estimated Fair Value Total Notes Payable Debentures Using Estimated Future Benefit Payments
Estimates Euro-dollar Business
Euro-dollar Lending Office Euro-dollar Loan
Euro-dollar Reserve Percentage Event Default
Exception Excess Long-term Disability Plan
Exchange Act Executive Committee
Executive Compensation Executive Deferred Compensation Plan
Executive Deferred Compensation Plan Senior Management Group Directors Executive Summary
Executive Survivor Benefit Plan Executive-specific Variations Targeted Compensation Levels
Exhaustion Remedies Existing 364-day Agreement
Existing Five-year Agreement Expenses
Facility Fee Rate Factors Affecting Revenue Growth
Facts Know Pershing Squares Nominees Fail Anticipate Respond Quickly Changing Consumer Preferences Sales
Fail Protect Security Personal Information Guests Subject Costly Failure Address Product Safety Concerns Adversely Affect Sales
Failure Comply Federal State Local Laws Changes Increase Failure Cooperate Misinformation Disclose
Failure Designation Federal Funds Rate
Fiduciaries Action Board Chief Executive Officer Provide Such Figures Continuing Operations
Finance Committee Financial Highlights
Financial Reporting Matters Financial Statement Schedule
Financial Statements Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Supplementary Data Five-year Credit Agreement
Fixed Payment Date Fixed Rate Borrowing
Fixed Rate Loans Floating Rate Notes Due 2009
Forfeiture Form 10-k
Form 10-k Amendment Form Added Bank Agreement
Form Borrowing Notice Form Comfort Letter
Form Commitment Increase Agreement Form Invitation Money Market Quotes
Form Money Market Quote Form Money Market Quote Request
Form Timing Benefit Distribution Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Formulas Shown Adjusted Amount Special Funding Account Forward-looking Statements
Full-year Outlook Targets Credit Card Portfolio Full-year Results
Further Provided Future Adoptions
General General Assets
General Description Director Compensation General Economic Conditions
General Information Meeting Voting General Requirements
General Rule Geographic Information
George Tamke Gerald Storch
Get Additional Copies Annual Report Gilson Was Contingent Nominee Standing Election Only Proposal
Given Geographic Concentration Stores Natural Disasters Adversely Affect Goal Provide Guests Added Convenience One-stop Shopping Drive
Goodwill Intangible Assets Governing Law
Grant Timing Policy Granting Awards Participants
Gregg Steinhafel Gregg Steinhafel Named Target Chairman Board
Gregory Melich Morgan Stanley Analyst Gross Margin Rate
Guarantee Hardship
Highly Susceptible State Macroeconomic Conditions Consumer Confidence United History
Householding Information However
Http Wwwmelloninvestorcom Icp Eligibility Spp Forfeiture
Important Information Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Target Corporation
Important Notice Regarding Internet Availability Proxy Materials Annual Imputed Knowledge
Inability Build New Stores Slow Growth Difficulty Building Inability Build New Stores Suitable Locations Slow Growth
Income Continuance Income Continuance Policy
Income Continuance Policy Tenure-based Income Taxes
Increasing Bank Indemnification
Indemnified Liabilities Indemnitee
Index Index Exhibits
Indicate Check Whether Registrant Indicate Check Whether Registrant Large Accelerated Filer Non-accelerated
Information Information Concerning Participants Solicitation Proxies
Information Regarding Transactions Target Securities Participants Initial Claim
Initial Investment Initial Spp Benefit Transfer Credit
Installment Amounts Installment Distribution
Installment Termination Payments Installments
Insurance Self-insurance Intangible Assets
Intellectual Property Interest Expense Income Taxes
Interest Expense Taxes Interest Period
Internal Control Event Internal Control Integrated Framework
Interruptions Supply Chain Adversely Affect Results Interruptions Vendors Within Supply Chain Adversely Affect Results
Inventory Inventory Cost Sales
Invested Amounts Investment
Investment Adjustment Investment Authority
Investor Charge-offs Irc Status
Issuer Free Writing Prospectus Janet Schalk
Jim Donald Jim Johnson
Jodeen Kozlak John Griffith
Junior Preferred Stock Rights Kathy Tesija Target Corporation Evp Merchandising
Labor Conditions Costs Lack Availability Suitable Locations Build New Stores Slow
Large Accelerated Filer Largest Owners Targets Shares
Lawsuits Leases
Legal Disability Legal Proceedings
Legal Process Respect Matter Concerning Plan Unless Until Less
Letter Shareholders Letter Team Members
Level Status Libor Auction
Lien Light Performance Target Simply Not Understand Riskmetrics Conclude
Limitations Liquidity Capital Resources
Loan Loans
London Interbank Offered Rate Long-term Debt Derivatives
Long-term Incentive Compensation Lump Sum Distribution
Mail Maintenance Trust
Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations Managing Agents
Market Risk Mary Dillon
Material Debt Material Not Interfere Proposed Such Property Buildings Subsidiaries
Matters Vote Security Holders Maximum Payments
Membership Authority Merchandise
Message Gregg Steinhafel Target Team Members Message Gregg Steinhafel Target Team Members Worldwide
Michael Ashner Michael Francis
Minneapolis 2005 Minneapolis 2006
Minneapolis 2007 Minneapolis 2008
Minneapolis 2009 Minneapolis 2010
Minneapolis Minnesota 55403 Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Information Concerning Participants Money Market Borrowing
Money Market Lending Office Money Market Libor Loan
Money Market Margin Money Market Quote
Multiemployer Plan Name Angela Jenks
Name Angela Jenks Title Vice President Cashier Name Plan History
Name Rob Barnhart Name Scott Kennedy
Name Terrence Scully Title Ceo President Net Interest Expense
Net Write-offs Include Principal Amount Losses Excluding Accrued New Account Loyalty Rewards Redeemed Guests Reduce Reported
New Accounting Pronouncements New Corporate Governance Expert Supports Target
New Glass Lewis Recommends Shareholders Vote Targets Director New Largest Reit North America Supports Target
New Open Letter Shareholders Newly Eligible Employee
Newly Eligible Employees News Release
Nominating Committee Nominating Committee Considered Pershing Square Nominees
Non-icp Severance Accruals Non-income Continuance Policy Severance Accruals
Non-reliance Assignor Non-us Accounts
Not Applicable Not Continually Attract Train Retain Qualified Employees Results
Not Effectively Manage Large Growing Workforce Results Operations Not Employment Contract
Not Interest Recourse Obligation Target Corporation National Bank Not Mail Proxy Card Voting Internet Telephone
Not Risky Speculative Financial Engineering Not Term Employment
Notes Notes Due
Notes Due 2013 Notes Due 2016
Notes Due 2017 Notes Due 2018
Notes Due 2037 Notes Due 2038
Notes Payable Notes Payable Long-term Debt
Notice Notice Adverse Determination Claim Review
Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Notice Borrowing
Notice Committed Borrowing Notice Initial Adverse Determination
Notice Money Market Borrowing Number 1-6049
Number Stores Officer
Officer Income Continuance Policy Statement Okay Great Then Gregg Top Line Referenced Stability
Okay Thats Basically Only Timing Expense One-stop Shop Target Proxy Information
One-year Anniversary Termination Employment Open Letter Shareholders
Optional Redemption Oral Amendments
Order Suspending Preventing Preliminary Prospectus Statutory Issuer Free Organization
Original Deal Parameters Other
Other Benefits Perquisites Other Comprehensive Income
Other Comprehensive Income Loss Other Credit Card Information
Other Current Assets Other Events
Other Expenses Other Factors
Other Information Other Non-current Assets
Other Non-current Liabilities Other Noncurrent Assets
Other Noncurrent Liabilities Other Performance Factors
Other Provisions Outlook
Outlook 2005 Outlook 2006
Outlook 2007 Outlook 2008
Outlook 2009 Page
Paid 2008 Part
Participant Participant Accounts
Participant Deferral Account Interest Crediting While Active Status Participant Elections
Participating Employer Participation
Participation Benefits Paul Singer
Payments Payments Employers
Payments Plan Participants Beneficiaries Payments Rehire
Payouts 2008 2009 Pays Expenses Incurred Connection Solicitation Proxies
Pbgc Pension Plan
Pension Plans Pension Postretirement Health Care Accounting
Pension Postretirement Health Care Benefits Percent
Performance Awards Performance Share Award
Performance Share Award Deferrals Performance Share Units
Performance Summary Performance Target Levels Variable Plans Actual Results
Period Permission Quotes Neither Sought Nor Obtained Based Latest
Perquisites Pershing Square Applauded Target Until Launched Proxy Contest
Pershing Square Complimented Targets Consistent Transparent Shareholder Engagement Pershing Square Town Hall
Pershing Squares Reading Targets Governance Guidelines Inaccurate Person
Personal Pension Account Pilot Supplemental Pension Plan
Plan Plan Administrator
Plan Administrators Right Exercise Discretion Plan Event
Plan Rules Plan Statement
Plan Termination Account Change-in-control Plan Termination Liquidation Account Change-in-control
Plan Terms Rules Policy
Policy Transactions Related Persons Pooling Servicing Agreement Related Supplement Referred Herein
Portfolio Performance Rates Portfolio Yield
Position Board Directors Posting Website
Potential Payments Termination Change-in-control Pre-age Spp Forfeiture
Preferred Stock Presentation Riskmetrics Group
Primarily Related Portion Insurance Claims Retained Risk Prime Rate
Principal Accounting Fees Services Principal Collections
Principally Contributions New Stores Privacy Information Security
Product Safety Concerns Adversely Affect Sales Results Operations Product Sourcing
Product Sourcing Safety Properties
Property Equipment Provided
Provided However Provides Update Credit Card Receivables Ownership Review
Provision Income Taxes Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Shareholders 2005
Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Shareholders 2008 Proxy Voted Directed Direction Given Proposals Set Forth
Public Lender Purpose
Purpose Application Purposes Trust Eligible Property Means Following Categories
Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Rated Securitized Receivables Exclude Interest Credit Card Sold Receivables
Receivables Ownership Receivables Trust
Receive Materials Through Internet Receive White Voting Card
Reclassifications Reduction Awards
Reference Banks Reference Yield
References References Chart Found Endnotes
References Laws Reflects Total Square Feet Less Office Distribution Center
Refunding Borrowing Registered Shareholder Access Target Corporation Account Online Via
Regulation Regulation Disclosure
Rehire Reliance
Reliance Parties Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Remains Cautious Outlook Report Audit Committee
Report Management Consolidated Financial Statements Report Management Internal Control
Representations Warranties Represents Sum Nonrecourse Debt Collateralized Credit Card Receivables
Represents Total Fair Value Options Vested Performance Shares Represents Warrants Agrees Each Underwriters
Repurchase Stock Request Review
Required Banks Required Principal Payments Only Excludes Sfas 133 Accounting
Resignation Removal Trustee Resolved
Responsibility Delegate Responsibility Investing Adjustments
Responsibility Trustee Restoration Match Credit
Restricted Stock Units Results
Results Operations Financial Condition Retail Segment Results
Retail Square Feet Retention Elements
Retirement Directors Principal Employment Revenues
Revenues Comparable-store Sales Richard Kovacevich
Richard Vague Right Designate Beneficiary
Right Designate Revoke Risk Factors
Risk Factors Cautionary Statements Relating Forward-looking Information Riskmetrics Calculation Compound Annual Growth Rates Cagr Other
Riskmetrics Failed Provide Full Context Quoting John Pound Riskmetrics Mischaracterizes Targets Nominating Process
Riskmetrics Questions Targets Strategy Riskmetrics Report Lacks Critical Analysis Pershing Squares Nominees
Riskmetrics Wrongly Paints Target Resistant Change Rob Barnhart
Robert Robert Ulrich
Roles Compensation Committee Management Consultants Ronald Gilson
Rules Document Construction Rules Regulations
Sales Same Store Sales Annual Tgt Kss
Same Store Sales Annual Tgt Wmt Schedule
Schedule 14a Schedule 14a Information
Schedule Co-agents Scott Kennedy
Seasonality Sec 213 Enhancement Means Additional 1667 Per Added
Sec 216 Person Means Individual Partnership Corporation Estate Sec 217 Plan Means Period Commencing Effective Date
Sec 219 Retirement Shall Mean Director Ceases Participating Sec Beneficiary Means Person Persons Designated Such Accordance
Sec Board Means Directors Includes Committee Thereof Authorized Sec Certain Fiduciary Provisions Purposes Plan
Sec Crediting Rate Alternative Means Investment Fund Options Sec Each Deferral Account Credited Balance Follows
Sec Eligibility Director Shall Participant While Only She Sec Means Following
Sec Rules Construction Plan Shall Construed Accordance Following Sec Survivor Benefits
Sec Waiver Notice Required Hereunder Waived Person Entitled Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder See Accompanying Notes
See Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Throughout Pages 28-37 Selected Financial Data
Selling General Administrative Expense Rate Selling Restrictions Certain Jurisdictions Outside United States
Senior Managing Agents Series 2005-1
Series 2008-1 Supplement Series Calculations
Service Service Process
Servicer Severance Arrangements
Share Repurchase Share-based Compensation
Shareholder Communications Directors Shareholder Information
Shareholder Proposals Shares Stock Subject Plan Maximum Awards
Short-term Incentive Compensation Signature
Signatures Significant Subsidiary
Signing Bonus Since Inception Share Repurchase Program Repurchased Total 570
Six-month Suspension Specified Employees Small Benefit
Smg Income Continuance Policy Solomon Trujillo
Special Code 162 Deferral Elections Special Rules
Special Rules Participating Employees Specific Rules
Specified Employee Spends Monster Proxy Battle Just Because Thinks Set
Spendthrift Provision Spousal Rights
Spp Spp Benefit
Spp Benefit Transfer Credit Spp Esbp Benefit Transfer Credit
Spread Libor Metric Used Analyze Performance Total Credit Statements Relating Forward-looking Information
Status Steinhafel
Stock Options Stock Ownership Requirements
Stock-based Compensation Store Data
Store Expansion Plans Stores Located Within United States Making Highly Susceptible
Subject Message Gregg Steinhafel Subject Reclassification
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subsequent Events
Subsidiary Success Depends Ability Positively Differentiate Ourselves Other Retailers
Sum Segment Amounts Not Equal Total Due Rounding Summary Accounting Policies
Supplemental Pension Plan Supplemental Pension Plans
Supporting Statement Survivor Benefits
Table Contents Target
Target 401 Plan Target Announces Vice Chairman Leaves
Target Been Consistent Transparent Since Beginning Relationship Pershing Target Believes Pershing Square Offers Plan Strategy
Target Believes Pershing Square Offers Plan Strategy Only Target Clear Innovative Strategy Deliver Strong Performance Over
Target Corporation Target Corporation Comments Egan-jones Proxy Governance Recommendations
Target Corporation Comments Letter Pershing Square Nominee Ronald Target Corporation Computations Ratios Earnings Fixed Charges Each
Target Corporation Earnings Per Share 082 Target Corporation Issues Open Letter Shareholders
Target Corporation Issues Statement Regarding Announcement William Ackman Target Corporation Mails Letter Shareholders
Target Corporation Page Target Corporation Review Ownership Alternatives Credit Card Receivables
Target Corporation Sales 134 Percent Target Corporation Smg Executive Deferred Compensation Plan
Target Corporation Tells Pershing Square Read Carefully Target Corporation Updates Status Receivables Ownership Review
Target Credit Card Master Trust Amended Restated Pooling Target Long History Strategic Value Creating Actions
Target National Bank Target National Bank Servicer
Target Oppose Election William Ackman His Nominees Target Pension Plan
Target Proxy Filing Target Rejected Pershing Squares Proposed Real Estate Transaction
Target Sees Flaws Riskmetrics Report Corporation Target Shareholders Deserve Clear Straightforward Answers
Target Shareholders Read Between Lines Target Sought Third-party Input Pershing Squares Ideas
Target Urges Shareholders Set Size Board Target Urges Shareholders Support Nominees Board
Target Urges Shareholders Vote White Proxy Card Not Target Was Consistent Transparent Review Rejection Pershing Squares
Targets Board Committed Acting Best Interest Shareholders Targets Board Management Believe Maintaining Open Communications Shareholders
Targets Independent Nominees World-class Corporate Leaders Industry-leading Expertise Targets Nominees Part Board Management Team Serving Best
Tax Considerations-code 162 Tax Contingencies 571 Including Interest Penalties Not Included
Tax Matters Tax Withholding
Telephone Internet Vote Authorizes Named Proxies Shares Same Termination Benefits Plan Effective 2005
Termination Date Termination Employment
Termination Participation Terminations Employment
Terms Certain Debt Securities Terms Securities Offering
Terrence Scully Then Home Category Been Quite Strong Lot Competitors
Therefore Think Shareholders Clear Choice
Time Payment Timing Benefit Transfer
Timothy Baer Title Vice President
Title Vice President Bank Secrecy Act Officer Title Vice President Cashier
Todd Blackwell Total Capitalization
Total Contractual Lease Payments Include Certain Options Extend Total Finance Liabilities
Traditional Formula Benefit Transaction Structure Economics
Transfer Credits Transferors Interest Retained Special Funding Account
Transferors Interest Retained Special Funding Account Principal Transfers
Transfers Non-officer Plan Transfers Officer Edcp
Transfers Spp Trust
Trustee Responsibility Regarding Payments Employer Insolvent Ucc
Ulrich Ulrich Remain Chairman Board
Unable Access Capital Markets Obtain Bank Credit Growth Unable Positively Differentiate Ourselves Other Retailers Results Operations
Underwriting Agreement Unforeseeable Emergency
Unfunded Obligation United States Securities Exchange Washington 20549 Form 10-k
Urges Shareholders Vote White Proxy Card Today Usage
Valuation Date Value Prepaid Forward Contracts Determined Reference Market Prices
Value Received Values Prepaid Forward Contracts Determined Reference Market Prices
Variable Long-term Equity-based Compensation Measures Option Awards Stock Variable Short-term Cash-based Compensation Measures Bonus Non-equity Incentive
Vendor Income Receivable Vendor Standards Compliance
Vesting Benefits After Distribution Date Voluntary Termination
Vote Vote Board Extensive Track Records Success Targets Retail
Vote Board Management Team Dynamic Innovative Forward-looking Clear Vote Boards Nominees White Proxy Card Today Defeat
Vote Confidentially Vote Important Thank Voting
Vote Internet Wwwproxyvotecom Vote Mail
Vote Phone 1-800-690-6903 Vote Proxy Card Telephone Through Internet
Vote Targets Independent Experienced Board Strong Record Corporate Vote White Proxy
Voting Bill Ackman Voting Methods
Voting Stock Wayne Hood Bmo Capital Markets Analyst
Weighted Average Weighted Average Contractual Life Remaining
Weighted Average Life Interest Rate Swaps Was Approximately What Broker Non-vote
What Constitutes Quorum What Other Matters Presented Determination Annual Meeting
What Purpose Annual Meeting Whereas
White Proxy Card Today Witness Whereof
Workforce Reduction Working Capital
Working Relationship Been Extremely Constructive Expect Continue Wwwproxyvotecom
Year-end 2004 Owned 1071 Stores Leased Operated 151 Yes
Yield Base Rate 
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