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Acceptance Issue Acceptance Shares
Acquisition Incat International Plc Acquisition Jaguar Land Rover Business
Acquisition Jaguar Land Rover Jaguarlandrover Limited Acquisition Own Shares
Acquisition Ownership Interest Incat International Plc Acquisition Ownership Interest Tata Finance Limited Tfl
Acquisition Rationale Acquisitions Subsidiaries
Actuarial Gains Losses Additional Ordinary Shares
Additional Subscription Promoter Address Principal Executive Office
Adversely Affected Labor Unrest Adversely Impacted Political Instability Wars Terrorism Multinational Conflicts
Allotment Advice Share Certificates Demat Credit Allotment Advices Refund Orders
Allotment Refund Amarchand Mangaldas Suresh Shroff
Amendment Annexure Auditors Report
Announcement Tata Motors Annual General Meetings
Annual Report Annual Report Financial Results
Application 179 2005 Application Plain Paper
Application Repatriation Benefits Application Transfer
Application Without Repatriation Benefits Appointment Additional Director
Appointment Additional Directors Appointment Alternate Director
Appointment Proxy Approvals Applied
Arbitration Proceedings Articles Association
Asia Pacific Associates
Audit Committee Audit Committee Financial Expert
Auditors Auditors Report
Authority Issue Authorized Share Capital
Auto Components Auto Fuel Policy 2003
Auto Policy 2002 Automotive Mission Plan 2006-2016
Automotive Operations Availability Duplicate Caf
Balance Sheet Data Bankers
Bankers Issue Basis Allotment
Basis Issue Basis Issue Price
Because Acquisition Jaguar Land Rover Historical Financials Not Between
Bhavishya Kalyan Yojana Bky Bill Discounting
Biographies Board Directors
Board Directors Tata Motors Limited Board Meeting Consideration Accounts
Board Practices Bonds Debentures Etc Subject Control Directors
Borrowing Powers Board Brand Trademarks Intellectual Property
Break Dividend Other Income Tata Motors Limited Brief Biographies Directors
Bse Business
Business Highlights Business Overview
Business Relationships Business Seasonal Nature Substantial Decrease Sales Certain Material
Business Segments Buy-back Shares
Buyers Credit Caf
Calls Shares Pre-emptive Rights Alteration Share Capital Capacity Expansion Plans
Capacity Expansion Singur Capital
Capital Allowance Capital Expenditure
Capital Paid Advance Interest Not Earn Dividend Capital Product Development Expenditures
Capital Redemption Reserve Capital Structure
Capitalisation Reserves Profits Capitalisation Statement Tata Motors Limited
Capitalization Capitalization Reserves Issue Bonus Shares
Capitalization Respect Partly Paid Shares Captive Vehicle Financing Business India
Cases Before Debt Recovery Tribunal Cases Before High Court
Cases Before Supreme Court Cases Filed Against Irani
Cases Filed Irani Cases Supreme Court
Cash Flow Data Casual Vacancy
Caution Central Motors Vehicles Rules 1989
Certain Details Loans Advances Sundry Debtors Unsecured Non-consolidated Certain Restrictive Covenants Financing Agreements Limit Operational Financial
Certificate Incorporation Certificate Shares
Certification Chairman Directors Deputy Vice-chairman Director General Meeting
Change Board Directors Tata Sons Limited Last Change Indian Gaap Statutory Auditors
Change Introduction Additional Holders Changes Board Directors Last
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Key Managerial Personnel Last
Chief Financial Officer China
Civil Cases Classification Vehicles India
Code Ethics Collateralized Debt Obligation
Commercial Vehicle Segment Commitments
Committees Commodity Price Risk
Common Tooling Permitted Transfers Companies Act 1956
Companies Promoter Disassociated Last Compared 2007
Compensation Competition
Competitive Conditions Competitive Position Market
Completion Statement Compliance Increasingly Stringent Safety Emissions Standards Relating Products
Compliance New Changing Corporate Governance Public Disclosure Requirements Components Raw Materials
Computation Net Debt Equity Ratio Computation Net Debt Shareholders Equity Ratio
Computation Ratio Net Debt Shareholders Equity Confirm
Consents Consolidated Capitalisation Statement
Consolidated Cash Flows Data Consolidated Financial Results 2007
Consolidated Financial Results 2008 Consolidated Pat Rs49722 Crores
Consolidated Statement Contingent Liability Consolidated Statement Other Income
Consolidated Statement Showing Agewise Analysis Sundry Debtors Consolidated Statements Other Financial Information
Consolidated Statements Recognized Income Expense Consolidations Divisions Sub Division
Construction Equipment Consumer Cases
Contents Contents Notice
Contingent Liabilities 2008 Contingent Liabilities Other Obligations
Continuing Focus High Quality Standards Enhancing Customer Satisfaction Continuing Invest Technology Technical Skills
Continuing Leverage Tata Brands Contract Labour Cases
Contract Labour Regulation Abolition Act 1970 Controls Procedures
Conventional General Terms Conversion Shares Stock Reconversion
Convertible Securities Warrants Corporate Actions
Corporate Governance Cost Expenses
Cost Raw Material Components Other Inputs Costs Cost Reduction
Cost Sales Cost Sales Operating Expenses
Costs Raw Materials Components Cost Reduction Initiatives Coupon Convertible Alternative Reference Securities Due 2012
Coupon Convertible Alternative References Securities Due 2012 Cars Coupon Convertible Alternative References Securities Usd Due 2012
Coupon Foreign Currency Convertible Notes Coupon Foreign Currency Convertible Notes Due 2009
Coupon Foreign Currency Convertible Notes Due 2011 Coupon Foreign Currency Convertible Notes Jpy Due 2011
Coupon Foreign Currency Convertible Notes Usd Due 2009 Creation Charges
Credit Rating Criminal Cases
Criminal Cases Including Filed Against Employees Tata Steel Crisil
Critical Accounting Policies Currency Exchange Rate Fluctuations
Currency Exchange Rate Fluctuations Adversely Affect Results Operations Currency Units Presentation
Customs Cases Cyclicality Seasonality
Date Listing Delisting Stock Exchanges Debenture Redemption Reserve
Debentures Declaration
Deferred Tax Effect Per Credited Debited Respective Reserves Defined Contribution Plan
Defined Contribution Schemes Definitions
Definitions Abbreviations Delays Construction Improved Roadways India Increased Competition Form
Demand Poll Dematerialized Dealing
Dependent Limited Number Vendors Supply Critical Components Consumables Depository Account Bank Details Ordinary Shareholders Applying Asba
Depreciation Designated Stock Exchange
Details Change Name Details Major Acquisitions
Direct Tax Directors
Directors Allot Shares Fully Paid-up Directors Call Extraordinary General Meeting Requisition
Directors Refuse Register Transfer Disclaimer Clause Bse
Disclaimer Clause Sebi Disclaimer Respect Jurisdiction
Disclosure Controls Procedures Discretion Refuse Sub-division Consolidation Certificates
Disposal Application Money Diversified Product Portfolio
Divestment Stake Tata Companies Dividend
Dividend Other Income Dividend Policy
Dividends Dividends Proportion Amount Paid
Documents Documents Display
Domestic Domestic Suppliers
Donts Dos
Earned Surplus Reserve Economic Stimulus Package
Economic Stimulus Package Incentives Eib Loan
Eligibility Issue Emission Safety
Employee Benefits Employee Compensation
Employee Cost Employees
Employees Provident Funds Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952 Employees State Insurance Act 1948
Engines Spare Parts Other Products Enhancing Capabilities Through Adoption Superior Processes
Entitlement Ratio Environment Cases
Environmental Government Regulations Environmental Health Safety
Environmental Other Governmental Regulations Environmental Regulations
Essential Commodities Act 1955 Europe
Europe Excluding Russia European Economic Area Restrictions
Exceptional Exceptions Full Retrospective Application
Exchange Rate Information Excise Cases
Excise Duty Excise Duty Sales Tax
Excise Duty Service Tax Excise Litigations
Executive Directors Exemptions Retrospective Application
Expand Customer Financing India Expanding International Business
Expert Opinion Explanatory
Exports Exposure Credit Risk
Extent Business Seasonal Extent Material Increases Net Sales Revenue Due Increased
Extraordinary General Meeting Facilities
Factories Act 1948 Factors Affecting Vehicle Demand
Fail Raise Sufficient Capital Long Term Funding Plans Fccn Conversion
Fdi Policy Federal Income Taxation
Fees Payable Lead Managers Issue Fiat Auto Tata Motors Announce Forming Joint Venture
Fiat Tata Announce Agreement Pick-up Production Argentina Filing Sebi
Finance Act 2008 Finance Leases
Finance Receivables Finance Receivables Deferred Origination Costs Allowance Credit Losses
Financial 2007 Financial 2008
Financial Assets Neither Past Due Nor Impaired Financial Data
Financial Information Financial Instruments
Financial Performance Financial Services
Financial Statements Financing Jaguar Land Rover Acquisition
Fixed Deposits Public Shareholders Fluctuations Exchange Rate Between Rupee Dollar Material Adverse
Fluctuations Exchange Rates Result Foreign Losses Following Key Tax Benefits Available Prospective Shareholders Current
Following Table Sets Forth Information Relating Foreign Currency Foreign Currency Convertible Due 2008
Foreign Currency Convertible Notes Foreign Currency Convertible Notes Due 2008
Foreign Currency Convertible Notes Due 2011 Foreign Currency Convertible Notes Usd Due 2011
Foreign Currency Rates Foreign Direct Investment
Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 Foreign Exchange Risk
Foreign Suppliers Form 20-f
Form 6-k Dated 2007 Along Press Release Form 6-k Dated 2008 Along Press Release
Form 6-k Dated 2009 Along Press Release Form Proxy
Forward Looking Statements Fractional Entitlements
Fuel Prices Fungibility Adrs
Fungibility Adrs Gdrs Further Strengthening Product Portfolio
Further Terms Clause 5331a Lead Managers Provided Following Future Changes Relationship Between Costs Revenues Such Increase
Future Pension Obligations Prove Costly Currently Anticipated Market Future Success Depends Ability Satisfy Changing Customer Demands
General General Economic Conditions
General Economic Conditions Significant Adverse Impact Sales Results General Economic Conditions Significantly Adversely Affect Sales Results
General Information General Instructions Applicants
General Instructions Ordinary Shareholders Applying Asba Process General Meeting Declare Dividend
General Meetings Shareholders General Risks
General Tax Benefits Geographical Breakdown
Global Coordinators Lead Managers Issue Gopalakrishnan
Government Approvals Government Regulations
Gratuity Gratuity Pension
Grounds Technical Rejection Asba Process Grounds Technical Rejections
Guarantees Half
History Development Holders Adss Fewer Rights Shareholders Act Through Depositary
Icra Impact Separation Ford
Impairment Property Plant Equipment Intangible Assets Import Regulations Duties
Important Inability Manage Growing International Business Adversely Affect Results
Income Tax Income Tax Cases
Income Taxes Increase Borrowing Limits
Increase Capital Increased Competition Indian Automotive Industry Adversely Affect Results
Increases Commodity Prices Material Adverse Impact Result Operations Increases Cost Raw Materials Automobile Components Material Adverse
Increases Diesel Fuel Prices Increased Demand Gasoline Fuel-powered Increases Input Prices Material Adverse Impact Result Operations
Increasing Diversity Revenue Base Incurred Substantial Amount Indebtedness Connection Acquisition Jaguar Land
Indemnity Given Indemnity Responsibility
Independent Non-executive Director Index
Index Consolidated Financial Statements Index Exhibits
Indian Automotive Market Indian Automotive Sector
Indian Economy Indian Legal Advisor Lead Managers
Indian Service Tax Indian Stamp Duty
Indian Tax Treaties Indian Taxation
Indias Obligations World Trade Organisation Agreement Indias Obligations World Trade Organization Agreement
Indirect Foreign Investment Indirect Taxes
Industrial Labour Cases Industry Market Data
Industry Overview Industry Related Terms
Information Relating Secondary Segment Information Technology Services
Initiatives Inspection
Inspection Minute Books General Meetings Installed Capacity
Instructions Insurance Coverage
Insurance Coverage Not Adequate Protect Against Potential Losses Intangible Assets
Integrated Manufacturer Integration Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Ltd Korea
Intellectual Property Intensifying Competition Indian Market Materially Adversely Affect Sales
Intensifying Competition Materially Adversely Affect Sales Results Operations Interest Net
Interest Promoter Directors Key Managerial Personnel Interest Rate Swap Agreements
Interest Rates Availability Credit Vehicle Purchases Interest Rates Availability Credit Vehicle Purchases Residual Values
Interests Promoter Interim Dividend
Interim Proceeds Internally Generated Intangible Asset
International Business International Business Includes Tdcv Volumes 2004 Entire 2005
International Legal Advisor Intime Spectrum Registry Limited
Introduction Investment Automobile Corporation Goa Ltd Acgl
Investment Fiis Investment Hispano Carrocera Spain
Investment Price Risk Investment Subsidiary Tml Holdings Pte Limited
Investor Grievances Arising Out Issue Investor Grievances Redressal System
Investors Difficulty Enforcing Judgments Against Management Investors Grievance Committee
Issue Issue Further Pari Passu Shares Not Affect Right
Issue New Certificate Place Defaced Lost Destroyed Issue Ordinary Shares
Issue Price Issue Related Expenses
Issue Related Terms Issue Schedule
Issued Issued Shares
Issued Subscribed Issuers Absolute Responsibility
Iveco Tata Motors Explore Strategic Alliance Opportunities Jaguar
Jaguar Land Rover Jaguar Land Rover Business
Jaguar Land Rover Competition Jaguar Land Rover Incurred Losses Previous Financial Performance
Jaguar Land Rover Sales Distribution Jaguar Land Rover Seasonality
Joint Holders Joint Venture-
Key Agreements Key Brands Commercial Vehicle Market India
Key Brands Passenger Vehicle Market India Key Management Personnel
Known Trends Uncertainties Had Expected Material Adverse Impact Labour Cases
Labour Union Lack Improvement Worsening Global Economic Conditions Significant Adverse
Land Rover Last Date Application
Last Such Dates Shall Effective Date Purpose Scheme Lead Managers Issue
Legal Arbitration Proceedings Legal Proceedings
Letter Offer Liabilities Sources Financing
Light Commercial Vehicles Including Pick-ups Light Commercial Vehicles Including Pickup Trucks
Limitation Time Issue Certificates Liquidation Rights
Liquidity Capital Resources List Subsidiaries 2005
Listing Listing Trading Securities
Litigation Litigation Against Ihcl
Litigation Against Jaguar Cars Limited Land Rover Subsidiaries Litigation Against Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Limited
Litigation Against Tata Motors Finance Limited Litigation Against Tcl
Litigation Against Tcs Litigation Against Telco Construction Equipment Limited
Litigation Against Tpcl Litigation Ihcl
Litigation Involving Not Been Party Litigation Jaguar Cars Limited Land Rover Subsidiaries
Litigation Tata Motors Finance Limited Litigation Tcl
Litigation Tcs Litigation Telco Construction Equipment Limited
Litigation Tpcl Litigations
Loans Loans Availed Key Managerial Personnel 2008
Loans Receivables Loss After Tax 250525 Crores
Loss After Tax 329 Crores Main Provisions Articles Association
Maintaining Financial Strength Major Shareholders
Major Shareholders Related Party Transactions Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations Manufacturing Facilities
Manufacturing Other Expenses Market Lot
Market Value Investment Fluctuate Due Volatility Indian Securities Material Contracts
Material Contracts Documents Inspection Material Cost
Maternity Benefit Act 1961 Matter Abundant Caution Attention Applicants Specifically Drawn Provisions
Measurement Date Medium Heavy Commercial Vehicles
Member Receive Dividend Whilst Indebted Right Reimbursement Thereout Merger Tata Finance Limited
Minimum Subscription Minimum Wages Act 1948
Mining Environment Cases Minority Interest Consolidated Subsidiaries Equity Earnings Affiliates
Minutes General Meeting Miscellaneous
Mitigating Cyclicality Mode Making Refunds
Mode Payment Mode Payment Non-resident Ordinary Shareholders Applicants
Mode Payment Resident Ordinary Shareholders Applicants Money Suits
Monitoring Agency Monitoring Utilization Funds
Moodys Motor Accident Claims
Mumbai 2008 Nasser Munjee
Nav Per Share Been Computed Basis Consolidated Restated Ndex Consolidated Financial Statements
Need Successfully Integrate Manage Mergers Acquisitions Maintain Profitability Net Income
Net Income Loss Net Profit Lower Rs100126 Crores Due Market Upheaval
Net Sales New Model Launches
New Product Developments New Product Launches
New Products Entry Mid-size Cars Lcv Passenger Carriers No1 Increase Authorised Share Capital Alteration Clause Memorandum
Nomination Non-executive Directors
North America Not Applicable
Not Bound Recognize Interest Shares Other Registered Holders Not Responsible Act Others
Note1 Table Not Include Sale 209 Units 1328 Notes
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Risk Factors
Notice Meeting Notice Overseas Shareholders
Notice Pursuant 192a Companies Act 1956 Notices
Nse Number Description
Number Directors Number Votes Members Entitled
Objects Issue Objects Purposes
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offer Listing Details
Operating Income Operating Leases
Operating Results Option Available Ordinary Shareholders
Option Receive Securities Dematerialized Form Option Subscribe
Options Available Ordinary Shareholders Applying Asba Process Ordinary Original Civil Jurisdiction Application 179 2005
Ordinary Resolution Passed 2006 Ordinary Resolution Passed 2008 Vide Postal Ballot
Ordinary Resolution Passed 30th 1994 Ordinary Shareholders Applicant
Ordinary Shareholders Eligible Apply Asba Process Ordinary Shares
Ordinary Shares Held Abeyance Pending Disputes Resolution Organizational Changes
Organizational Structure Other
Other Claims Other Committees
Other Income Expenses Other Information
Other Operations Other Taxes Dues
Others Outstanding Debentures Bonds Preference Shares
Outstanding Instruments Outstanding Litigation Defaults
Overview Overview Associate Companies
Overview Direct Subsidiaries Overview Joint Venture
Page F-1 Letter Offer Palia
Part Passenger Cars
Passenger Cars Include Fiat Vehicles Distributed Passenger Vehicle Segment
Pat Grows Rs514 Crores Pat Grows Rs72914 Crores
Payment Bonus Act 1965 Payment Gratuity Act 1972
Payment Stockinvest Payment Wages Act 1936
Pension Benefit Obligations Pension Benefits
Pensions Performance Subsidiaries Affiliates Adversely Affect Results Operations
Pfic Plan Assets
Please Political Changes Government India Delay Affect Further Liberalization
Political Changes Government India Delay Further Liberalization Indian Political Instability Changes Government India Delay Further Liberalization
Portfolio Investment Foreign Institutional Investors Portfolio Investment Non-resident Indians
Post-retirement Medicare Scheme Postal Ballot Form
Potential Delays Launch New Models Market Lower Anticipated Power Appoint Managing Whole-time Director
Power Borrow Power Directors Limit Dividend
Power General Meeting Offer Shares Such Resolve Power Modify Class Rights
Powers Duties Managing Whole-time Director Previous Issues
Pricing Principal Accountant Fees Services
Printing Bank Particulars Refund Orders Procedure Application
Procedure Application Through Applications Supported Blocked Amount Asba Proceeds Issue
Product Development Cost Product Liability Warranty Costs Recalls
Product Warranty Production
Profit Prohibition Sebi
Properties Property Litigation
Property Plant Equipment Proposed Repayment Bridge Financing Facility Way Long Term
Proposed Repayment Short Term Bridge Loan Provident Fund
Provisions Case Ordinary Shares Provisions Case Redeemable Preference Shares
Proxies Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers
Purpose Unless Context Requires Otherwise References 2008 2007 Qualitative Factors
Quantitative Factors Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quorum General Meeting Railway Claims
Raising Additional Long Term Resources Raising Additional Long Term Resources International Market
Ranking Ratan Tata
Rationale Benefits Rationalization Workforce
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Developments
Reducing Costs Breakeven Points Reduction Capital
Refinancing Bridge Loan Regional Conflicts Asia Other Export Markets Adversely Affect
Register Shareholders Record Dates Register Transfer
Registered Office Registered Office Bombay House Homi Mody Street Mumbai
Registration Persons Entitled Shares Otherwise Transfer Transmission Clause Regulation
Regulation Imports Exports Regulations Policies
Related Party Transactions Business Relationships Related Terms
Remuneration Committee Remuneration Directors
Remuneration Managing Whole-time Director Renounce Ordinary Shares Offered Shareholder Favour Renouncee
Renounce Part Whole Person Renouncee
Renunciation Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Repossessed Vehicles Requirement Funds Means Finance
Research Development Research Development Activities Focus Product Environmental Technologies Vehicle
Research Development Capital Expenditure Research Development Expenses
Research Development Patents Licenses Etc Reserve Research Human Resource Development
Resolution Requiring Special Notice Restricted Deposits Banks
Restrictions Purchase Own Shares Result Indian Government Regulation Foreign Ownership Price Adss
Revaluation Fixed Assets Revenues
Revenues Automotive Operations Revenues Other Operations
Rights Attached Preference Shares Rights Entitlement
Rights Member His Votes Differently Rights Ordinary Shareholders
Rights Ordinary Shareholders Further Issue Capital Rights Shareholders Indian Law Limited Laws Other Jurisdictions
Risk Factors Risks Associated Investments Indian
Risks Associated Ordinary Shares Ronw Been Computed Basis Consolidated Restated Summary Statements
Rupee British Pounds Exchange Rates Rupee United States Dollar Exchange Rates
Russia Safety
Sale Companies Shares Jlr Subsidiaries Sale Tata Securities Ltd Shares
Sales Distribution Vehicles Sales Tax
Sales Tax Cases Same Original Capital
Schedule Scheme Amalgamation Between Tata Finance Limited
Seasonality Seasonality Cyclicality
Secured Loans Tata Motors Limited Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Selected Financial Data Selling General Administrative Expenses
Selling Restrictions Service Notice
Service Tax Cases Sethna
Severance Indemnity Share Capital
Share Ownership Share Qualification Directors
Shareholders Consent Postal Ballot Shareholding Directors
Shareholding Key Managerial Personnel 2008 Shareholding Pattern
Shares Control Directors Signature
Signatures Signed Directors
Significant Changes Significant Dependence Single Few Suppliers Customers
Significant Economic Changes Materially Affected Likely Affect Income Significant Factors Influencing Results Operations
Significant Factors Influencing Results Operations Jaguar Land Rover Soonawala
Source Bloomberg Source Federal Reserve Bank New York
Source Ward Automotive Yearbook Source Ward Automotive Yearbook 2008
Source Wwwnseindiacom Special Business
Special Regarding Forward-looking Statements Special Reserve
Special Resolution Passed 10th 1961 Special Resolution Passed 11th 1977
Special Resolution Passed 11th 1988 Special Resolution Passed 11th 1995
Special Resolution Passed 14th 1967 Special Resolution Passed 16th 1991
Special Resolution Passed 17th 1971 Special Resolution Passed 17th 1976
Special Resolution Passed 18th 1970 Special Resolution Passed 18th 1989
Special Resolution Passed 19th 1965 Special Resolution Passed 2001
Special Resolution Passed 2002 Special Resolution Passed 2003
Special Resolution Passed 2004 Special Resolution Passed 22nd 1967
Special Resolution Passed 23rd 1984 Special Resolution Passed 24th 1982
Special Resolution Passed 24th 1983 Special Resolution Passed 26th 1979
Special Resolution Passed 26th 1986 Special Resolution Passed 27th 1970
Special Resolution Passed 28th 1962 Special Resolution Passed 28th 1998
Special Resolution Passed 29th 1963 Special Resolution Passed 30th 1975
Special Resolution Passed 30th 1994 Special Resolution Passed 30th 1997
Special Resolution Passed 31st 1973 Special Resolution Passed 8th 1978
Special Resolution Passed 9th 1963 Special Resolution Passed 9th 1987
Special Resolutions Passed 18th 1966 Special Resolutions Passed 27th 1970
Special Tax Benefits Sponsored Adr Schemes
Standard Poors Statement Contingent Liability 2008
Statement Showing Rates Amount Dividend Paid Tata Motors Statement Tax Benefits
Status Complaints Stock Market Data Ordinary Shares
Strategic Acquisitions Relationships Renowned Companies Strategy
Strong In-house Capability Strong Management Team Successful Track Record
Strong Position Indian Automotive Market Subject Risk Associated Automobile Financing Business
Subject Risks Associated Growing Business Through Mergers Acquisitions Subject Risks Associated Product Liability Warranty Recall
Subject Risks Associated Product Warranty Recall Liability Costs Subsidiaries
Subsidiaries Affiliates Subsidiaries-
Subsidiary Information Summary Comparison Corporate Governance Practices
Summary Effect Changes Significant Accounting Policies Other Credited Summary Financial Information
Summary Financial Information Jaguar Land Rover Superannuation
Supplemental Agreement Suppliers
Table Contents Table Excluded
Tabular Disclosure Contractual Obligations Tata Companies
Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Limited Tata Group
Tata Motors Limited Tata Motors Limiteds Net Revenue Rs707885 Crores Pat
Tata Motors Net Revenue Down 344 475862 Crores Tata Motors Technology Inventor Mdi France Sign Agreement
Tata Motors Thonburi Thailand Set Joint Venture Pickup Tata Sons Limited
Tata Technologies Limited Ttl Tata Vehicles Competition
Tata Vehicles Exports Tata Vehicles Including Spares Financing Thereof
Tata Vehicles Sales Distribution Tata Vehicles Seasonality
Tax Expense Tax Treaties
Taxation Taxation Dividends
Terms Appointment Managing Director Ravi Kant Terms Issue Foreign Currency Convertible Notes Fccn Alternative
Terms Payment Terms Present Issue
Terrorist Attacks Civil Disturbances Regional Conflicts Other Acts Title Class
Tml Financial Services Limited Tmlfsl Total Expenditure
Total Turnover Each Major Segment Operates Training Development
Transfer Adrs Non-residents Transfer Shares
Transfer Shares Convertible Debentures Indian Person Resident Outside Transition Period
Translation Registrants Name English Trend Information
Unable Implement Growth Strategies Timely Manner Business Results Unclaimed Dividend
Underperformance Distribution Channels Supply Chains Adversely Affect Sales Undertakings
Underwriters Underwriting
Underwriting Agreement Union Budget 2006
Union Wage Settlements United Kingdom Restrictions
United States United States Federal Income Taxation
United States Restrictions Unresolved Staff Comments
Unsecured Loans Tata Motors Limited Unusual Infrequent Events Transactions
Utilisation Issue Proceeds Utility Vehicles
Utilization Net Proceeds Funds Deployed Objects Issue Valued Added Tax
Vehicle Finance Receivables Allowance Credit Losses Vehicle Manufacturing Facilities
Votes Given Proxy Attorney Voting Rights
Wadia Washington 20549
What Evidence Passing Resolution Poll Not Demanded Whereas
Wide Distribution Network Working Capital Lines
Workmens Compensation Act 1923 World Vehicle Production Region-wise
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