Topic Listing for TIM S.p.A.

Accounting Policies Accounting Separation Costs
Accounting Separation Fixed Network Cost Accounting Separation Mobile Network Cost
Accounting Tangible Intangible Non-current Assets Accounting Transactions Interests Group Companies
Accounts Accounts Receivable Payable
Ackground Acquisition Accounting Goodwill Purchase Price Allocation
Acquisition Aol Germany Acquisition Aol Germany8217s Internet Operations Completed Time Warner
Acquisition Corporacion Digitel Shares Acquisition Digitel Venezuela Shares
Acquisition Elefante Delta Acquisition Goods Services
Acquisition Intelig Tim Participações Acquisition Internlnet
Acquisition Liberty Surf Group Acquisition Luna Rossa Challenge 2007 Trademark
Acquisition Luna Rossa Challenge 2007 Trademark Sarl Acquisition Shared Service Center Limited Liability
Acquisition Stake Finanziaria Web Acquisition Virgilio Tinit
Acquisition Virgilio Tinit Telecom Italia Spa Acquisitions
Actions Brought Against Other Operators Unfair Competition Violation Actions Law 287 1990 Concerning Marketing X-dsl Services
Active Trading Market Notes Not Develop Continue Activities Projects Involving Employees
Actual Perceived Health Risks Other Problems Relating Mobile Addition Groups Earnings Figures Meeting Expectations Another Achievement
Additional Cash Flow Information Additional Cash Flows Information
Additional Details Such Measures Presented Alternative Performance Additional Paid-in Capital
Address Principal Executive Offices Adjusted Net Financial Debt
Adjusted Net Financial Debt Increased 234 Euros Adjustments Consolidated Balance Sheet-liabilities
Adjustments Consolidated Statement Operations 2004 Adoption Ifrs
Adoption International Accounting Standards Adoption International Financial Reporting Standards
Adversely Affected Fail Successfully Implement Information Communications Technology Adversely Affected Fail Successfully Implement Internet Broadband Strategy
Affiliated Companies Agcm Undertakings Amendment Code Ethics
Agcom Fee 2007 Agcom Fee 2008
Agcom Undertakings Supervisory Board Set Pursuant Approved Italian Agent
Agents Agreement Between Group Opportunity
Agreement Between Telecom Italia Group Brasil Agreement Between Telecom Italia Group Opportunity
Agreement Century Fox Agreement Purchase Liberty Surf Tiscali
Agreement Reached Settle Disputes Opportunity Agreement Reached Trade Unions 5000 Redundancies
Agreement Regarding Disposal Entel Chile Agreement Sale Corporacion Digitel
Agreement Sale Entel Bolivia Agreement Sale Finsiel Spa Cos Group
Agreement Sale Gruppo Buffetti Agreement Sale Tim Hellas
Agreement Sky Movie Channels Alice Home Agreement Valued Over 180 Lion Euro Sees
Alance Heet Rrangements Alcatel Microsoft Pirelli Involved Trial
Ales Eceivables Ales Receivables
Alice Mega Alleged Violations Antitrust Law
Allocation Financial Structure Between Fixed Rate Floating Allowance Doubtful Accounts
Also Business Development Regulatory Affairs Functions Alternative Performance Measures
Amendment Ias Ifrs 4-financial Guarantee Contracts Amendment Termination Deposit Agreement
Amendments Ias 1-presentation Financial Statements Capital Disclosures Amendments Ias 1-presentation Financial Statements-capital Disclosures
Amendments Ias 19-employee Benefits Amendments Ias 39-application Fair Value Option
Amendments Ias 39-cash Flow Hedge Accounting Forecast Intragroup Amendments Ias Eligible Hedged
Amendments Ias Ifrs 4-financial Guarantee Contracts Amendments Ias Puttable Financial Instruments
Analysis Net Cash Equivalents Andrea Mangoni
Angible Assets Ssets Held Finance Leases Angible Ssets
Angible Ssets Eld Nder Inance Eases Angible Ssets Roperty Lant Quipment Wned
Announcing Italys Virtual Mobile Operator Annual Growth Targets Announced Time
Antitrust Authority Begun Investigation Tim Vodafone Wind Antitrust Proceeding A-357
Antonino Cusimano New General Counsel Head Corporate Legal Aol
Aol Germany Group Data 2007 Aol Group-data 2007
Aol Provide Co-branded Audience Services Content Join Web Aol Responsible Online Advertising Sales
Apax Partners Apital Xpenditures
Appeal Against Payment Licence Fees 1998 Appeals Against Licence Fee
Appeals Against Licence Fees 1994-98 Appeals Against License Fee
Appointment Appointment Directors
Appointments Approval 128 Share Buy Back Shareholders Meeting
Aree Urbane Srl Argentina
Argentina Cndc Argentina Secom
Argentina-cndc Argentina-secom
Aria-is Tim Investment Ariff Ebalancing
Arket Isk Olicy Arnings Per Hare
Arnings Per Share Arnings Rdinary Hare Mounts Ccordance Gaap
Asm Group Asscom Insurance Brokers Srl
Asset Retirement Obligation Assets
Assets Finance Leases Assets Finite Life
Assets Held Finance Leases Assets Pledged Collateral Financial Liabilities
Assets Purchased Finance Lease Contracts Assets Sold Finance Lease Contracts
Association Support Committee Minors Assoprovider Telecom Italia Aiip-multilink
Assumptions Assurance Objectives Actually Achieved
Assurance Objectives Targets Actually Achieved Atio Arnings Ixed Harges
Ational Egulatory Uthority Ational Egulatory Uthority Agcom
Atm Group Atmospheric Emissions
Attached Press Release Attestation Half-yearly Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements 2008 Pursuant
Audit Committee Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Committees Pre-approval Policies Procedures Audit Services
Auditors Review Report Interim Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Authorization Issue Convertible Bonds Purchase Treasury Shares
Authorization Share Capital Increases Convertible Bond Issues Treasury Authorizations
Authorizations Concessions Authorizations Issue Convertible Bonds Purchase Treasury Shares
Authorizations Share Capital Increases Convertible Bond Issues Treasury Authorizes Buy Back Maximum Euro
Avail Option Not Publish 2008 Report Avea Ihas
Average Euro Real Exchange Rate 036779 Average Euro Real Exchange Rate 0370881
Average Euro Real Exchange Rate 037168 Average Euro Real Exchange Rate 037332
Average Euro Real Exchange Rate 039034 Average Euro Real Exchange Rate 2006 0365843
Average Exchange Rate Euro Real 0367648 Aware Telecom Italia Purchase Securities Tim Otherwise Merger
Axes Backup Withholding Information Reporting
Balance Sheet Line 2007 Balance Sheet Line 2008
Balance Sheet Structure Baltea Spa
Baltea Srl Bandwidth
Bank Facilities Bank Lines
Because Operate Heavily Regulated Business Environments Regulatory Decisions Benefits Key Executives
Benefits Key Management Personnel Between
Blu Board Auditors
Board Directors Board Directors Approves Results 2007
Board Directors Examines Adopts Group 2008 Report Operations Board Directors Examines Adopts Group First-half Report 2008
Board Directors Examines Approves Interim Financial Statements 2008 Board Directors Meeting -half-year Report 2009 8226
Board Directors Shareholders Telecom Italia Spa Board Statutory Auditors
Bolivia Bolivia Entel
Bolivia-entel Bond Buyback
Bond Buybacks Bond Issue
Bond Issues Bonds Reaching Maturity Bonds
Book-entry Delivery Form Book-entry System
Brasil Mobile Business Unit Brasil Telecom
Brasil Telecom Participaçoes Group Brasil Telecom Participações
Brasil Telecom Participações Group Brazil
Brazil Average Exchange Rate Euro Real 0378417 Brazil Average Exchange Rate Real Euro 030254
Brazil Average Real Euro Exchange Rate 031759 Brazil Average Real Euro Exchange Rate 0330155
Brazil Mobile Brazil Mobile Average Euro Real Exchange Rate 0370881
Brazil Mobile Average Euro Real Exchange Rate 039034 Brazil Over Lines Expected 2007
Brazilian Market Mobile Telecommunications Services Brazilian Mobile Business Tim Brasil
Brazilian Mobile Market Brazilian Mobile Network
Brazilian Network Breakdown Geographical Location Operations
Broadband Access Services Bitstream Broadband Accesses Expected Italy 2007 Innovative Handsets
Business Business Adversely Affected Unable Increase Revenues Continue Introduction
Business Adversely Affected Unable Successfully Implement Organizational Restructuring Business Adversely Affected Unable Successfully Implement Plans Particularly
Business Adversely Affected Unable Successfully Implement Strategic Objectives Business Adversely Affected Unable Successfully Transform Group Implementation
Business Combinations Business Combinations General
Business Combinations Prior Adoption Ifrs Business Data
Business Depends Upgrading Existing Networks Business Development Headed Giuseppe Zaza Responsibility Guarantee Cross
Business Outlook 2009 Business Unit Financial Data
Business Unit Olivetti Focuses Development Manufacturing Digital Printing Business Unit Results
Business Units Buyback 850 Euro Telecom Italia Spa Bonds Maturing
Buyback Own Shares Bylaw Amendments Shareholdermeeting Regulation Adopted
Calendar Call Options Sofora Telecomunicaciones Share Capital Sensitivity Analysis
Call Options Sofora Telecomunicaciones Share Capital-sensitivity Analysis Call Shareholders Meeting Proposed Dividend
Camfin Group Camfin Spa
Candidates Alternate Auditors Canditates Auditors
Capex Amounted Euros Lower 2007 Capex Period Amounted 1465 Reais Olivetti
Capital Capital Expenditures
Capital Expenditures Business Segment Capital Expenditures Flow
Capital Expenditures Tangible Intangible Assets Geographical Segment Capital Gain Approximately 432 8364 Tim Group
Capital Gains Debt Securities Capital Gains Tax
Capital Grants Capital Increases Etec Sa-cuba
Capital Increases Etecsa Capitalia
Capitalization Interest Capitalization Interest Expense
Capitalization Interest Tangible Intangible Fixed Assets Construction Related Capitalized Internal Construction Costs
Capitalized Internal Costruction Costs Carlo Pasteris Appointed Common Representative Savings Shares Shareholders
Carrier Preselection Cps Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Hedges Cash Flow Statement Line 2007
Cash Flow Statement Line 2008 Cash Flows Financing Activities
Cash Flows Investing Activities Cash Flows Operating Activities
Cash Management Caution
Cautionary Statement Purposes Safe Harbor Provisions United States Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward Looking Statements
Cautionary Statement Relating Forward-looking Statements Ccounting Angible Ntangible Urrent Ssets
Ccounting Ong Ived Ssets Ccounting Ransactions Nterests Roup Ompanies
Ccrued Iabilities Cecchi Gori
Centralized Treasury Certain Defined Terms
Certification Certification Chief Executive Officer Telecom Italia Spa
Certification Executive Chairman Telecom Italia Spa Certification Half-year Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements 2009 Pursuant
Certification Head Finance Administration Control Telecom Italia Spa Chairman
Challenges Measures Adopted Communications Authority Challenges Measures Adopted National Regulatory Authority
Change Ownership Structure Change Rating Triggers
Change Scope Consolidation Changes Accounting Principles
Changes Accounting Principles Period 2006 Changes Accounts Receivable Allowances
Changes Affecting Deposited Securities Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Inventories Changes Not Requiring Approval
Changes Rate Plans Changes Requiring Approval
Changes Requiring Majority Vote Changes Telecom Italias Ratings
Characteristics Options Allocated Charges Depositary
Chief Executive Officer Chile
Classes Shares Clearance Settlement
Clearance Settlement Procedures-dtc Clearance Settlement Procedures-euroclear Clearstream
Clearance Settlement Telecom Italia Shares Clearing Systems
Clearstream Luxembourg Climate Change
Close Period Covered Annual Report Co-location Service Market
Co-optation Code Ethics Conduct
Collaboration Competitors International Level Collaboration Competitors National Level
Collaborative Activities Competitors International Level Collaborative Activities Competitors National Level
Collateral Comments Principal Ias Ifrs Adjustments Balance Sheets 2004
Commercial Agreements Commercial Developments
Commital Trial Telecom Italia Spa Legislative Decree 231 Commitments Guarantees
Commitments Other Guarantees Committees
Common Control Transactions Common Representatives
Community Companies
Compared 2002 Compared 2003
Compared 2004 Compared 2005
Compared 2006 Compared 2007
Compared 2135 Euro 2004 Compared Half 2004
Compared Increase Due Tim Takeover Dividend Payments Net Competition
Competition Law Competitive Scenario
Competitors Compliance Listing Requirements Per Market Regulations
Compliance Requirements Listing Pursuant Market Regulations Composition
Composition Telecom Italia Spa Shareholders According Book 2008 Comprehensive Income
Condensed Consolidated Gaap Financial Statements Conditions
Confindustria National Partner Associations Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consip Auction Consolidated Balance Sheets 2004 Statement Operations Period Accordance
Consolidated Balance Sheets Assets Consolidated Balance Sheets Liabilities
Consolidated Financial Position Data Consolidated Financial Statements
Consolidated Financial Statements 2004 2005-reconciliation Ifrs Gaap Consolidated Financial Statements Period 2004-reconciliation Italian Gaap
Consolidated Financial Statements Period 2006-reconciliation Ifrs Gaap Consolidated Net Income Was 656 Euro 827 Before
Consolidated Operating Financial Data Consolidated Profit Ratios
Consolidated Revenues Tim Brasil Group Total Brl Consolidated Statement Operations Period 2004
Consolidation Consultation Regarding Fixed Line Network National Regulatory Authority
Contacts Contents
Contingent Assets Liabilities Commitments Other Guarantees Contingent Liabilities Assets Other Information Commitments Guarantees
Continuing Rapid Changes Technologies Increase Competition Reduce Usage Continuing Rapid Changes Technologies Increase Competition Require Make
Continuously Involved Disputes Litigation Regulators Competition Authorities Competitors Continuously Involved Disputes Litigation Regulators Competitors Other Parties
Contractual Obligations Commitments Controlled Operations
Controls Procedures Convertible Bond Loan 2001-2010
Convertible Notes Bonds Cope Consolidation
Core Domestic Core Domestic Containing Telecommunications Activities Italian Market Subdivided
Corporate Boards 2008 Corporate Boards 2009
Corporate Governance Corporate Savings Euro 166 Expected End 2006
Covenants Negative Pledges Relating Debt Positions 2009 Covenants Negative Pledges Relating Loans 2006
Covenants Negative Pledges Relating Other Outstanding Positions 2007 Covenants Negative Pledges Relating Other Outstanding Positions 2008
Covenants Negative Pledges Relating Outstanding Positions 2008 Cquisition Ccounting
Cquisition Ccounting Oodwill Urchase Rice Llocation Credit Rating
Credit Ratings Credit Risk
Crisis Currently Affecting Global Economy Adversely Affect Businesses Critical Accounting Policies
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Cross-group Projects
Cuba Current Assets
Current Financial Assets Current Financial Assets Liquidity Margin
Current Financial Liabilities Current Income Tax Payables
Current Income Tax Receivables Curriculum Antonino Cusimano
Curriculum Elisabetta Ripa Curriculum Marco Patuano
Customer Satisfaction Care Customer Satisfaction Within Management Incentive Scheme
Customers Czech Republic
Data Business Data Network Access Point Unit Measurement Used Business
Dated 2009 Dealers
Dealers Convention Barcelona After Presentation New Convergent Offers Debt Equity Ratio
Debt Securities Debt Securities Purchased Premium
Debt Structure Bond Issued Expiry Debt Structure Bond Issues Bonds Maturing
Debt Structure Bond Issues Expiring Bonds Declaration Compliance Art Consob Market Regulations
Declaration Manager Responsible Preparing Corporate Financial Reports Declaration Manager Responsible Preparing Financial Reports
Dedalo Project Defaults Dividend Arrearages Delinquencies
Deferred Tax Adjustments Deferred Tax Assets Liabilities
Deferred Tax Assets Reserve Taxes Deferred Taxes Tax-suspension Equity Reserves
Definitions Definitive Debt Securities
Delayed Delivery Arrangements Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Deposit Issuance Transfer Withdrawal Depreciation Amortization
Depreciation Amortization Gains Disposals Non-current Assets Depreciation Amortization Gains Disposals Non-current Assets Impairment Losses
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivative Instruments
Derivatives Description American Depositary Receipts
Description Capital Stock Description Object Plan
Description Securities Other Equity Description Telecom Italia
Devaluations Telecom Assets Write-downs Adversely Affect Financial Condition Development Costs
Dgtvi Differences Telecom Italias Corporate Governance New York Stock
Digitel Venezuela Direct Sales
Directors Directory Information Service
Directory Information Services Direzione Comunicazione Relazioni Esterne Sky
Discharge Defeasance Disclaimer
Disclosure Disclosure Controls Procedures
Disclosure Interests Disposal Bring Capital Gain Telecom Italia Group 110
Disposal Consistent Telecom Italia Group8217s Strategy Rationalizing International Disposal Digital Mux Broadcasting Capacity
Disposal Digitel Venezuela Disposal Investments Other Divestitures Flow
Disposal Neuf Telecom Dispute Over Recovery Legal Interest Law 448 Art
Dispute Regarding Reimbursement Legal Interest Rate Pursuant Art Disputes
Disputes Concerning Interest License Fees 1994-1998 Disputes Litigation Legal Proceedings Pending
Disputes Litigation Legal Proceedings Pending Other Information Disputes Litigations Legal Proceedings Pending
Distributions Deposited Securities Dividend Euro 01093 Per Ordinary Share 01203 Savings
Dividend Payout Dividend Rights
Dividends Dividends Flow
Documents Display Domestic
Domestic Business Targets Domestic Business Unit
Domestic Market Domestic Mobile
Domestic Mobile Network Domestic Mobile Telecommunications Services Market
Domestic Network Downgrade Credit Ratings Limit Ability Market Securities Increase
Dtc E-community
Early Redemption Early Repayment Loan Maturing 2007 Approved
Early Repayment Notes-telecom Italia Spa Easonal Actors Ffecting Evenues
Easonality Evenues Ebit
Ebit 1587 Increased Euros Compared 2008 Organic Ebit 3315 Euro Registers Variation -87 Compared Same
Ebit 7499 Euro Down Compared 7603 2004 Organic Ebit Brl 189 Negative Same Period 2007
Ebit Equal Euro Shows Decrease -811 Compared Ebit Euro
Ebit Euro 1548 Decreased 180 -104 Compared Ebit Euro 1596 -79 Compared Corresponding Period
Ebit Euro Min Ebit Half 2006 Was Negative Euro Decrease Compared
Ebit Margin 238 217 2008 Organic 2009 221 Ebit Negative Euro -50 Higher 2007
Ebit Negative Euro Records Improvement 250 Compared Ebit Operating Result Was 1276 Euro Increase Compared
Ebit Operating Result Was 2526 Euro Increase Compared Ebit Was 2293 Euro Posted Variation -78 Compared
Ebit- Operating Profit Ebitda
Ebitda 2668 Euros Basically Line 2008 -11 Ebitda 869 Brazilian Reais 890 2008 Lower
Ebitda Amounted 83642979 Down 83643011 2008 Organic Ebitda Basically Breakeven Posts Improvement Euros Compared
Ebitda Brl 890 265 424 Higher Compared Ebitda Euro 2682 Posts Reduction 139 -49
Ebitda Euro 3087 -20 Compared Corresponding Period Ebitda Margin 408 411 2007 Organic Level 410
Ebitda Margin Above 2008 2006 Ebitda Margin Decrease Between Percentage Points
Ebitda Margin Stable 2005 Levels Ebitda Negative Euro Higher 2007 Due Drop
Ebitda Negative Euro Improvement 412 Compared 2007 Ebitda Negative Euros 2008 Improvement Over Same
Ebitda Operating Profit Before Depreciation Amortization Capital Gains Ebitda Was 5540 Euro Corresponding 427 Revenues 2004
Ebt Quity Atio Eceivables Construction Contracts
Eceivables Onstruction Ontracts Ecent Evelopments Uring 2005
Eco-efficiency Indicator Edia
Edizione Holding Group Eferred Axes
Effect Shareholders Equity Effect Statement Operations
Effective Interest Rate Effectiveness Model
Effects Regulation Efficiency
Egment Information Egment Nformation
Egulatory Nvironment Elecom Talia
Elecom Talia Roup Esults Uarter Nded Arch 2008 Elecommunication Egulatory Ramework Razil
Elecommunication Egulatory Ramework Taly Elecommunication Egulatory Rameworks Ermany Etherlands
Elecommunication Egulatory Rameworks Rance Ermany Etherlands Elecommunications Egulation
Elecommunications Tlc Icense Elefante Delta
Employed 61009 People Reduction 807 Compared 2008 Brazil Employee Benefit Obligations Law 1992
Employee Benefits Employee Benefits Expenses
Employee Severance Indemnities Employee Severance Indemnities Other Employee-related Reserves
Employee Termination Indemnities Employees End Business Segment
Employees Geographical Area Employees Geographical Segment
Employees Period End Business Segment Employees Period-end Business Segment
Employees Reduction 134 Compared 2008 Olivetti Employees Year-end Business Segment
End 2007 Net Financial Debt Seen Line 2004 Eneral
Eneral Rovisions Eni Group
Entel Bolivia Entel Bolivia Group
Entel Chile Environment
Eorganization Usiness Equity
Equity Attributable Holders Parent Equity Compensation Plans
Equity Includes Equity Investments
Equity Investments Other Those Subsidiaries Associated Companies Joint Equity Liabilities
Erivatives Esearch Costs
Esearch Osts Dvertising Xpenses Eserves Future Risks Charges
Eserves Risks Future Charges Estimates
Estimates Judgments Estructuring Eserve
Etec Etecsa
Euro Euro Capital Gain Achieved
Euro Expiring 2008 8226 Euro Expiring 2009 8226
Euro Expiring 2010 8226 Euro Expiring 2011 8226
Euro Min Euro Notes 128 2513 6375 Interest Maturing 2006
Euro Real Average Exchange Rate 036187 Euro Tranche
Euroclear Eurofly Service Spa
European Broadband European Broadband Business Unit
European Broadband Market European Broadband Project
European Content European Economic Area
European Project Targets Eutelia
Evelopment Event Discrepancy Italian-language Version Prevails
Events After 2006 Events Default
Events Occurring After 2007 Events Occurring After 2008
Events Occurring After 2009 Events Subsequent 2006
Events Subsequent 2008 Events Subsequent 2009
Evenue Ecognition Evenue Recognition
Evolving Redit Acility Erm Oan Exchange Notes
Exchange Rate Risk Sensitivity Analysis Exchange Rate Risk-sensitivity Analysis
Exchange Rate Used Translate Foreign Currency Financial Statements Exchange Rates
Exchange Tim Shares Telecom Italia Take Place 2005 Exchangeable Opera Notes
Executive Chairman Ceo Telefónica Executive Committee
Executive Directors Activities Board Exemptions Listing Standards Audit Committees
Exercise Options Exhibits
Exit Pay-per-view Business Branch Commencing 2008 Consequent Sale Expected Ebitda Growth Rate 4-5 Ebit 5-6
Expense-related Experts
External Auditors External Relations Took Over Group Functions Advertising Image
Extraordinary Dividend Payout 2006 Now Estimated Euro 550 Extraordinary Meeting
Facility Management Kings Project Fair Value
Fair Value Derivatives Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Value Hedges Fair Value Ias Category 2007
Fair Value Ias Category 2008 Fastweb
Fastweb Telecom Italia Ffects Ersani Ecree Omestic Ervice Ates
Fifth Supplemental Indenture Films News Other Content Via Internet Digital Quality
Final Terms Finance Bonds Euro 1450 5150 Interest Maturing 2009
Finance Bonds Euro 2103 6575 Interest Maturing 2009 Finance Bonds-euro Notes Euro 2000 750 Interest Maturing
Finance Expenses Finance Expenses Taxes Other Net Non-operating Requirements Flow
Finance Income Finance Income Expenses
Finance Income Expenses Net Financial Advisor Named Auction Digital Assets Network Operator
Financial Assets Financial Assets Nominal Investment Amount
Financial Assets Pledged Collateral Liabilities Financial Covenants Other Features
Financial Covenants Other Features Convertible Notes Bonds Financial Covenants Other Types Features Convertible Notes Bonds
Financial Derivatives Financial Expenses
Financial Hedging Instruments Other Derivatives Contracts Financial Income
Financial Information Financial Instruments Disclosures Amendments
Financial Investments Flow Financial Investments Treasury Shares Buyback Flow
Financial Liabilities Financial Liabilities Nominal Repayment Amount
Financial Position Structure Financial Receivables Other Current Assets
Financial Risk Management Financial Risk Management Objectives Policies Telecom Italia Group
Financial Risks Financial Statement Formats
Financial Statements Financial Targets
Find Information Finsiel
Finsiel Preliminary Sale Contract Concluded Cos Group Finsiel-contract Awarded Ministry Education Research
Fintecna Project Fixed Accesses Mobile Lines
Fixed Rate Notes Fixed Telecommunications
Fixed-line Domestic International Telecommunications Services Fixed-line Domestic Telecommunications Services Market
Fixed-line Telecommunications Fixed-line Telecommunications Revenues
Fixed-mobile Integration Services Floating Rate Notes Indexed Interest
Fluctuations Currency Exchange Interest Rates Adversely Affect Results Fluctuations Currency Exchange Interest Rates Adversely Affect Telecom
Fluctuations Currency Exchange Rates Interest Adverse Effect Results Following Major Changes Had Occurred
Foreign Currency Transactions Foreign Investment Exchange Control Regulations Italy
Form 20-f Form Content
Form Content Other General Information Form Coupon
Form Definitive Form Face Fixed Rate Security
Form Face Floating Rate Security Form Face Security
Form Guarantee Form Permanent Global
Form Talon Form Temporary Global
Form Transfer Four-year Contract Was Awarded Because Offers High Technical
Framework Fixed Access Network France
French Broadband Market Frequencies
Functions Further Details Concerning Voting
Further Diversification Investor Pool Further Diversifies Investor Base
Further Reductions Domestic Employee Numbers Future Potential Changes Share Capital
Gaetano Micciche Gains Losses Disposals Non-current Assets
Gains Losses Ias Category Gains Losses Ias Category 2007
Gains Losses Ias Category 2008 Gains Losses Ias Category-year 2006
Gains Losses Ias Category-year 2007 Galactica
General General Authorizations
General Counsel Department General Limitations
General Observations General Shareholders Meeting
Generali Group German Broadband Market
Germania Aol Arbitration Germany
Germany Aol Arbitration Germany Hansenet Deutschland
Germany Hansenet Telecom Italia Deutschland Germany-aol Arbitration
Gian Carlo Rocco Torrepadula New Chief Executive Officer Giorgio Della Seta Ferrari New Chairman Telecom Italia
Global Vendor Ratings Index Glossary
Glossary Selected Telecommunications Terms Golden Lines Int Ltd
Goodwill Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Indefinite Life
Governing Law Governing Law Agreement Each Pricing Shall Governed Construed
Governmental Subsidies Greece
Gross Financial Debt Group
Group Companies Group Expected Strengthen International Operations Europe South America
Group Remains Highly Leveraged Inability Reduce Debt Material Group Reorganization
Gruppo Buffetti Gruppo Telecom Italia Effects Non-recurring Events Transactions Single
Guarantee Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New Guaranteed Senior Unsecured Basis Telecom Italia Spa
Guarantees Guarantor
Guidelines Market Analysis H3g
Half-yearly Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements 2009 Handset Sales
Hanges Composition Roup Hansenet
Headcount Headcount Amounted 60298 Employees Down 1518 Units 2008
Headcount Average Number Group Headcount Number Group Period-end
Headcount Period-end Operating Segments Heating Systems
Hedge Effectiveness Held Telecom Italia International
Held Telecom Italia International Through Ich Eti Held Telecom Italia International Through Sofora Nortel Inversora
Historical Financial Statements Human Resources
Ias Borrowing Costs Amendment Ias Borrowing Costs Amendments
Ias Financial Instruments Disclosure Presentation Statements Amendments Ias Financial Instruments Recognition Measurement-eligible Hedged Amendments
Ias Financial Instruments Recognition Measurements Ifrs Disclosures Amendments Ias Presentation Financial Statements Amendment
Ias Presentation Financial Statements Amendments Icensed Perators
Icenses Ifric 4-determining Whether Arrangement Contains Lease
Ifric 6-liabilities Arising Participating Specific Market-waste Electrical Electronical Ifric 8-scope Ifrs
Ifric 9-reassessment Embedded Derivatives Ifric Agreements Construction Real Estate
Ifric Customer Loyalty Programmes Ifric Distribution Non-cash Assets Owners
Ifric Hedges Net Investment Foreign Operation Ifric Ias 19-the Limit Defined Benefit Asset Minimum
Ifric Ias Limit Defined Benefit Asset Minimum Funding Ifric Ifrs 2-group Treasury Share Transactions
Ifric Ifrs Group Treasury Share Transactions Ifric Interim Financial Reporting Impairment
Ifric Service Concession Arrangements Ifric Transfer Assets Customers
Ifrs 7-financial Instruments Disclosures Ifrs Business Combinations Ias 27r Consolidated Separate Financial
Ifrs First-time Adoption International Financial Reporting Standard Ias Ifrs Operating Segments
Ifrs Share-based Payment Amendments Ifrs Share-based Payment-vesting Conditions Cancellations
Impact Shareholders Agreements Nomination Telecom Italia Groups Companies Impairment Assets
Impairment Disposal Long-lived Assets Plant Equipment Acquired Technology Impairment Financial Assets
Impairment Losses Reversals Non-current Assets Impairment Reversals Losses Non-current Assets
Impermissible Overlapping Licenses Brazil Importance Italy Brazil Telecom Italias Strategy
Improvements Ifrs Improvements Ifrss
Inance Ncome Xpenses Inancial Ssets
Inancial Tatement Ormats Inancing Cquisition Ease Ransactions
Inclusion Aol Germanys Internet Operations Consolidated 2007 Income Statement Line 2006
Income Statement Line 2007 Income Statement Line 2008
Income Tax Income Tax Expense
Income Tax Expense 321 Euros 357 2008 Income Tax Expense Amounts Euro 362 537
Income Tax Payables Income Tax Payables Current Non
Income Tax Payables Current Non-current Income Taxes
Incoming Voice Incorporation Reference
Indemnification Indenture Securities Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State
Independent Auditors Independent Auditors Report
Independent Directors Index
Industrial Investment 2005 Amounted 2551 Reais 2973 2004 Industrial Investment Amounted Euro Compared Preceding Bond Issues
Industrial Investment Half 2005 Totalled 858 Reais 771 Industrial Investments Amounted 252 Euros Rise Compared Same
Industrial Investments Amounted Euros Line Same Period 2006 Industrial Strategic Reasons Transaction
Information Business Segment Information Geographical Segment
Information Investors Information Media
Information Prospectus Supplement Information Reporting Backup Withholding
Information Technology Group Information Technology Market
Inheritance Gift Tax Innovation Products
Innovative Offering Inspection Transfer Books
Institutions Intangible Assets
Intangible Assets Finite Life Intangible Assets Indefinite Life
Intangible Tangible Assets Finite Life Intangible Tangible Assets Finite Useful Life
Integration Activities Projects Integration Facility Management Activities Owned Olivetti Pirelli Real
Interconnection Interconnection Regulation
Interconnection Rules Interest Debt Securities
Interest Rate Risk Sensitivity Analysis Interest Rate Risk-sensitivity Analysis
Interim Consolidated Financial Statements Interim Financial Statements Not Undergone External Audit They
Interim Report Been Prepared Accordance International Accounting Standards Interim Report Operations Been Prepared Observance International Accounting
Interministerial Decree 2005 Internal Committees
Internal Control Corporate Governance Committee Internal Control System
Internally Generated Assets International Fixed Network
International Network International Roaming
International Traffic International Wholesale
Internazionale Milano Spa Internet
Internet Media Mobile Intesa San Paolo Group
Intesa Sanpaolo Group Introduction
Inva Spa Inventories
Investing Notes Involves Risks Described Risk Factors Beginning Investment Stock Subsidiary Companies
Investment Total 8364250 8226 Investments
Investments Affiliated Companies Investments Current Assets
Investments Other Companies Investments Subsidiaries Associates Joint Ventures
Investor Relations Invites Shareholders Meeting
Iquidity Iridium
Isposals Cquisitions Ignificant Quity Nvestments 2005 Isposals Cquisitions Ignificant Quity Nvestments 2006
Isposals Cquisitions Ignificant Quity Nvestments 2007 Isposals Cquisitions Ignificant Quity Nvestments 2008
Issue Take Place Via Private Placement Issue Was Private Placement
Issuer Issuers Guarantor
Italian Antitrust Authority Italian Law Broadcasting
Italian Mobile Business Italian State Through Treasury Position Exert Certain Powers
Italian Tax Considerations Italian Taxation
Italtel Group Italy
Italys Privacy Provisions Related Specific Processing Operations Telecommunications Ivestitures Ost Eduction Lan
Ividends Journalists Unable Listen Live Access Recording Presentation Calling
Jpmorgan Chase Bank Key Definitions
Key Growth Drivers Period 2006-2008 Synergies Personnel Convergent Key Ias Categories
Key Managers La7 Agreement Purchase Elefante Spa Delta
Launch New Services Was Announced Telecom Italias Ceo Launch New Virtual Mobile Operator
Lead Independent Director Lease Commitments
Leased Lines Legal Proceedings
Legislation Competition Legislative Decree 1998
Levy Pursuant 202 Law 448 1948 Levy Pursuant 202 Law 448 1998
Liabilities Financial Nature Refer Non-current Relating Liability Holders Taxes
Liberty Surf Group Licence Fee 1998
License Fee 1998 License Fees
Limitations Voting Shareholdings Limpia Hareholders Greements
Lines Credit Liquidation Rights
Liquidity Capital Resources Liquidity Risk
Liquidity Risk Credit Lisit Spa
List Companies Telecom Italia Group List Consolidated Companies Held Sale
Listening Activities Projects Listing
Livetti Livetti Ecnost
Livetti Roup Llowance Oubtful Ccounts
Loans Other Bonds Local Loop Unbundling
Local Loop Unbundling Llu Luna Rossa Challenge 2007
Luxembourg Resident Companies Luxembourg Resident Companies Benefiting Special Tax Regime
Luxembourg Resident Individuals Luxembourg Tax Considerations
Luxembourg Tax Residency Holders Debt Securities Macroeconomic Factors Slowdown Growth Shown Gdp Strongly Impacted
Macroeconomic Performance Magnum Project
Main Changes Regulatory Framework Price Trend Main Regulatory Developments 2007
Main Regulatory Developments 2008 Major Changes Regulations 2006
Major Changes Scope Consolidation Major Holdings Share Capital
Major Improvements Expected Also Apcom Buffetti Major Risks Uncertainties
Major Shareholders Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Manager Responsible Preparing Corporate Financial Reports Manager Responsible Preparing Financial Reports
Managing Director Coordination Business Development Synergies Marco Benedetti Leaves Operational Posts Assumes Role Consultant
Market Market Analysis
Market Bitstream Services Market Discount
Market Evolution Traffic Migration Fixed-line Mobile Accelerated Significantly Market Making
Market Press Office Mobile Tlc Market Risk
Market Wholesale Unbundled Access Services Metallic Loops Sub-loops Marketable Securities
Markets Collection Termination Transit Services Calls Fixed Public Markets Dedicated Transmission Services-terminating Trunk Circuits Interconnection Flows
Material Modification Rights Security Holders Proceeds Maturities Financial Liabilities Average Cost Debt
Maturities Financial Liabilities Carrying Amount Maturities Financial Liabilities Nominal Repayment Amount
Maturities Financial Liabilities-carrying Amount Maturities Financial Liabilities-nominal Repayment Amount
Maturities Gross Financial Debt Nominal Repayment Amount Maturity
Max Worldwide Interoperability Microwave Access Measures Protecting Consumers Respect Provision Electronic Communications Services
Measures Transparency Telephone Bills Selective Call Blocking User Mechanism Describing Coupons Change Step-up Step-down Bonds Relation
Mechanism Describing Coupons Change Step-up Step-down Notes Bonds Media
Media Becomes Group Content Competence Center Media Business Unit
Media Calendar 2005 Media New Interactive Content Services Distributed Innovative Technological
Media Relations Media Relations Institutional Press Office 390636882610 Wwwtelecomitaliacom Telecom
Mediobanca Mediobanca Group
Mediterranean Nautilus Meetings
Meetings Called Meetings Ordinary Shareholders
Meetings Savings Shareholders Members Media Unable Listen Live Access Recording Presentation
Merger Merger Effectiveness
Merger Incorporation La7 Televisioni Media Merger Old Telecom Italia Olivetti
Merger Overview Merger Telecom Epiclink Italia
Mergers Assumptions Debt Securities Mergers Similar Events
Merloni Group Microelectronics Group
Milan 2008 Milan 2009
Milano 2009 Minority Interest Recorded Charge Group
Miscellaneous Payables Other Non-current Liabilities Miscellaneous Receivables Other Non-current Assets Amount 128786 128866
Miscellaneous Receivables Other Non-current Assets Amount Euro 786 Mobile
Mobile Brazil Average Euro Real Exchange Rate 03844 Mobile Brazil Average Euro Real Exchange Rate 03854
Mobile Brazil Tim Brasil Group Mobile Broadband Delivers Digital Laptops
Mobile Communications Markets Matured Recent Competition Increased Mobile Italy
Mobile Market Mobile Number Portability Pre-paid Residual Credit
Mobile Telecommunications Mobile Telecommunications Market Italy Matured Become Saturated Recent
Mobile Telecommunications Services Mobile Telephony Inquiry Dealers
Mobile Termination Rate Mobile Ultrabroadband Now Live Offering Internet Connection Over
Model Modification Waiver
More133 Via Internet Mobile Phones Moreover
Moreover Result Application Ifrs Terms Operating Segment Business Morgan Corporate Trustee Services Limited
Motions Resolutions Mounts Ustomers Onstruction Ontracts
Movenda Spa Mpairment Assets
Mpairment Ong Ived Ssets Oodwill Mpairment Ssets
Mployee Benefits Mployee Enefits
Mployee Everance Ndemnities Mployees Hanges Elecom Talia Roup
Mpls Internet Protocol Multi Labeling Switching Packet Optimize Music Schools
Myvirtual Rehabilitation National Wholesale
National Wholesale Services Headed Alessandro Talotta Responsibility Ensure Ncome Axes
Ncome Tax Expense Ndustrial Elations
Neither Securities Exchange Nor State Approved Disapproved Determined Neither Securities Exchange Nor State Other Approved Disapproved
Net Capital Gain 195 Euro Telecom Italia Net Financial Debt
Net Financial Debt 2006 Stood 39043 Euro Decrease Net Financial Debt 2006 Stood 41315 Euro Excluding
Net Financial Debt 2006 Was 39504 Euro Decrease Net Financial Position 2007 Equal 37182 Euro Down
Net Financial Position Not Include Equity Disposals Oger Net Financial Position Not Yet Include Equity Disposals
Net Income Attributable Equity Holders Parent Net Income Minority Interests
Net Operating Free Cash Flow Net Positive Ebitda 2007 8226
Net Profit 1882 Euros Net Profit 2220 Euros -66 Compared 2006 Eliminating
Net Wealth Tax Netherlands
Netherlands Bbned Network Infrastructure Plant Equipment
Network Service Platforms Evolution New Bond Issue
New Bond Issue Pound Sterling Euro Total 128 New Bonds Issues Euro
New Gaap Accounting Standards New Investments
New Issuances New Issue 128 Telecom Italia Bonds
New Issue Aimed Early Redemption Floating Rate Notes New Issue Institutional Investors Deliver Better Terms Compared
New Issue Telecom Italia Capital Bonds Total Us2 New Issue Telecom Italia Capital Bonds Total Usd
New Lines Added Final New Megabit Speed Makes Possible Download Mp3 Less
New Numbering Plan New Offers Presented Paris
New Standards Interpretations Adopted Group 2008 New Standards Interpretations Endorsed Force Beginning 2008
New Standards Interpretations Not Yet Force 2008 News Apcom
Nformation Echnology Arket Nformation Echnology Roup
Ngn2 Next Generation Network Nhai
Nited Tates Ederal Ncome Axation Nomination Remuneration Committee
Non Organic Non-capitalizable Expenses
Non-current Assets Non-current Financial Assets
Nordcom Spa Nortel Inversora
Not Achieve Expected Return Significant Investments Capital Expenditures Not Applicable
Not Realize Benefits Investment Umts License Related Capital Not Realize Benefits Investment Umts Licenses Related Capital
Noted 2009 Events Circumstances Such Indicate Recoverable Amount Notes
Notes Bonds Including Convertible Notes Bonds Issued Telecom Italia Finance Guaranteed Spa
Notes Bonds Issued Telecom Italia Spa Total 128 Notes Effectively Subordinated Secured Debt
Notes Issue Notice Commencement Proceeding Alleged Violation Legislative Decree 231
Notice Investors Notice Investors France
Notice Investors Italy Notice Investors United Kingdom
Notices Notification End Investigations Telecom Italia Spa Pursuant Legislative
Notifications Now Effective
Now Supplemental Trust Deed Witnesses Hereby Agreed Declared Nra Fee 2006
Ntangible Assets Ntangible Ssets
Nternet Edia Number Portability
Number Vehicles Distance Travelled Numero Italia
Nventories Nventory
Nvestments Arketable Ecurities Object
Objectives Policies Management Financial Risks Telecom Italia Group Obligations Telecommunications Companies
Obliged Adopt Ifrs Impact Financial Results Operations Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Offer Not Extend Italy Office Products Buffetti
Oger Telecom Oing Oncern
Olivetti Olivetti Group
Olivetti Plans Olivetti Plans Invest 8364200 Europe Half Research Development
Olivetti Tecnost Olos Other Licensed Operators
Omestic Omitted
Ompensation Embers Oard Uditors Ompensation Xecutive Fficers
Ompetition On-line Advertising Services
Onsolidation Ontinuing Elationship Talian Reasury
Ontractual Bligations Ommitments Oodwill
Open Access Open Access Operate Completely Autonomously Separately Group Commercial
Opening Balance Sheet 2004 Operate Licenses Authorizations Concessions Granted Government Authorities
Operating Assets Geographical Segment Operating Cash Flow Reach Break-even Yearly Basis 2007
Operating Data Operating Profit
Operation Bring Reduction Group Debt 370 Dollars Operation Contributes Reduction Average Cost Group Debt
Operation Foreseen Agreements Oger Telecom Turk Telekom Was Operation Foreseen Industrial Plan Reduce Telecom Italia Groups
Operation Permit Reduction Group Debt Approximately 425 Operation Positive Impact Telecom Italia Group Financial Debt
Operations Operations Fall Outside Geographic Business Priorities Managed Enhance
Operators Significant Market Power Opinion
Optical Fiber Optional Tax Redemption
Options Purchase Securities Registrant Ordinary Meeting
Ordinary Shares 13254959926 Oreign Currency Transactions
Oreign Urrency Ransactions Organic Ebitda Margin Was 451 -18pp Figure 469
Organic Growth Organisational Corporate Governance Issues
Organizational Corporate Governance Issues Organizational Model
Orm Ontent Ortensia Project
Oss Operations Support System Otential Ffects Elecom Talia Tim Cquisition Ther Orporate
Otes Naudited Orma Ondensed Onsolidated Inancial Nformation Otes Onds Ncluding Onvertible
Other Other Accrued Liabilities
Other Assets Finite Useful Life Other Clearing Systems
Other Current Assets Other Debt Securities
Other Derivatives Other External Charges
Other Income Other Income Expenses Investments
Other Information Other Intangible Assets
Other Intangible Assets Finite Life Other Intangible Assets Finite Useful Life
Other Intangible Assets Indefinite Life Other Investments
Other Liabilities Connected Disposals Assets Equity Interests Other Liabilities Related Disposal Assets Equity Interests
Other Memorandum Accounts Other Non-current Assets
Other Operating Expenses Other Operations
Other Paying Agent Other Related Party Transactions 2004 Pirelli Group Edizione
Other Support Structures Other Taxes
Outgoing Voice Outh Merica
Outlook 2008 Outlook 2009
Outlook 2009 Financial Outlook Current
Outlook Operations 2009 Outlook Prospects Current
Outside Developments Groups Earnings Financial Performance Domestic Market Over Broadband Connections Supplied Year-end
Overview Overview Telecom Italia Groups Major Business Areas
Paper Office Participants Professional Category
Passive Foreign Investment Rules Pay
Pay-per-view Ppv Payables Trade Other
Payment Additional Amounts Payment Paying Agents
Payments Guarantees Telecom Italia Payments Interest
Pcs Regulation Pdated Argets Trategy
Pdated Trategy Penetration
Pension Funds Perating Profit
Perations Performance Share Granting Plan-telecom Italia Spa
Permanent Global Permitted Non-audit Services
Personal Computer Business Perù
Petition Recovery Legal Interest Law 448 1998 Pirelli Real Estate Spa
Pirelli Spa Placement Schuldschein Borrowers Notes
Placement Schuldschein Debt Certificates Plan Distribution
Plans Merger Through Incorporation Telecom Italia Data Center Platform
Please Audit Work Independent Auditors Telecom Italia Consolidated Portal Services
Positions Transactions Resulting Atypical Unusual Operations Positive Ebit Contribution
Positive Impact Approximately 190 Euro Telecom Italia Group Positive Impact Total Disposals Raissa Fund Group Consolidated
Positive Impact Total Disposals Spazio Industriale Fund Group Poste Italiane
Potential Liabilities Assets Commitments Other Guarantees Pre-paid Residual Credit Mobile Customers
Preliminary Results 2005 Presentation Certain Financial Other Information
Presentation Financial Statements Amendments Presenting Ultrafast Cards Bring Digital Mobile
Press Office Press Release
Press Release Contains Alternative Performance Indicators Not Contemplated Press Release Not Constitute Solicitation Invest Nor Sale
Presumed Violations Antitrust Law Case A-285 Previously Announced Return Fundamentals Notably Objectives Cash Generation
Primary Distribution Principal Impacts Application Ias Ifrs Consolidated Statement Operations
Principal Maturity Interest Principles Nterpretations Endorsed Uropean Nion Non Yet Effective
Privatization Turk Telekom Privatization Türk Telekomünikasyon
Proceeding Proceeds
Process Refinancing 2007 Debt Maturities Continues Profit Attributable Equity Holders Parent
Profit Before Tax Continuing Operations Promotion European Works
Property Plant Equipment Owned Proposals
Proposed Authorization Share Buyback Euro Proposed Timetable
Prospectus Prospectus Summary
Prospectus Supplement Prospectus Supplement Summary
Protection Mechanisms Step-up Step-down Relating Coupon Certain Notes Provision Bad Debts
Provision Employee Severance Indemnities Provisions
Provisions Contingent Liabilities Public Corporate Bond Issue 50-year Maturity History Euro-denominated
Purchase Commitments Purchase Digitel Shares Tim International
Purchase Method Accounting Other Transactions Purchase Method Accounting Other Transactions Occurred After Adoption
Purchase Method Accounting Related Tim Acquisition 2005 Purchase Method Accounting Reversal Amortization Other Adjustments
Purchase Ordinary Shares Savings Purchase Sale Retirement Debt Securities
Purchase Shares Savings Purchase Stake Finanziaria Web Telecom Italia Media
Purchased Produced Energy Purchases Materials External Services
Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Registrant Certifies Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Registrant Duly
Qualifications Quality Certification
Quality Customer Services Central New Industrial Plan Quality Services Internet Access Fixed Location
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risks Ranking
Rate Regulation Rating Triggers
Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges Razil Obile
Re-financing Amendment Term Loan Related Cash Tender Offer Readers Reminded Not Place Undue Reliance Forward-looking Statements
Readers Reminded Not Rely Unduly Forward-looking Statements Actual Real Estate Land Civil Industrial Buildings
Real Estate Transactions Real Euro Average Exchange Rate 030254
Realizing Value Non-core Assets Reasury Hares
Reasury Shares Recast
Receivables Loans Received Other Sources Information Ordinary Shares
Recent Amendments Recent Developments
Recently Issued Gaap Accounting Standards Recipients
Reclassifications Recognition Revenues Expenses
Recommendation Relevant Markets Recommendation Remedies
Reconciliation Between Number Outstanding Shares 2003 2004 Reconciliation Between Number Outstanding Shares 2004 2005
Reconciliation Between Number Outstanding Shares 2005 2006 Reconciliation Between Number Outstanding Shares 2006 2007
Reconciliation Between Number Outstanding Shares 2007 2008 Reconciliation Between Number Shares Outstanding 2007 2008
Reconciliation Between Number Shares Outstanding 2008 2009 Reconciliation Between Value Outstanding Shares 2003 2004
Reconciliation Between Value Outstanding Shares 2004 2005 Reconciliation Between Value Outstanding Shares 2005 2006
Reconciliation Between Value Outstanding Shares 2006 2007 Reconciliation Between Value Outstanding Shares 2007 2008
Reconciliation Between Value Shares Outstanding 2007 2008 Reconciliation Previous Gaap Italian Ifrs
Reconta Ernst Young Record Dates
Redemption Capitals Option Redit Ratings
Reduced Over Euro Since Tim Pto Reduction Costs Investments Domestic Business
Reference Law Broadcasting Regarding Trustee
Registered Registration Statement Form F-3 Reg Nos 333-127351 Regulation
Regulations Regulatory Decisions Changes Environment Adversely Affect Business
Regulatory Framework Regulatory Framework Brazil
Regulatory Frameworks France Germany Regulatory Reforms Broadcasting Industry Infringement Procedure Respect Gasparri
Related Party Transactions Related-party Transactions
Reliance Remuneration Committee
Remuneration Committee Now Nomination Remuneration Key Managers
Remuneration Managers Key Responsibilities Reorganisation Process
Reorganization Brazil Reorganization Brazilian Mobile Telephone Companies
Reorganization Med Group Repayment Notes-telecom Italia Finance
Repayment Repurchase Bonds Repayment Telecom Italia Finance 5875 Bond Due 2008
Repayments Repayments Conversions
Report Includes Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reporting Reporting Requirements Restrictions Acquisitions Shares
Reports Other Communications Reports Other Independent Auditors
Repurchase Bonds Telecom Italia Spa Euro 850 525 Repurchase Own Treasury Notes-telecom Italia Finance
Repurchases Equity Securities Request Bring Charges Against Telecom Italia Spa Administrative
Research Development Research Development Activities
Research Development Activities Innovation Research Development Costs
Research Development Innovation Reserve Severance Indemnities
Reserves Future Risks Charges Reserves Retained Earnings Net Income
Reserves Risks Charges Resolution
Resolves Restructuring Telecom Italia Group Internet Activities
Result Merger Cash Tender Offer Tim Shares Telecom Result Merger Tim Acquisition Remain Highly Leveraged
Results 2007 Presented Financial Community Conference Call Today Results Business Units
Results Divided Business Unit Results Operations
Retail Fixed Markets Retail International Network
Retail Internet Retail Telephone
Retail Telephony Retail Value Added Services
Retail Voice Revenue Grants
Revenue Growth Revenue Growth Between
Revenue Recognition Revenue Related Expense
Revenue-related Revenues
Revenues Amount Euro 5734 Post Reduction 192 Revenues Amount Euro Record Decrease -209 Compared
Revenues Amounted 180 Euros Down Compared Same Period Revenues Euro
Revenues Euro 7561 -14 Compared Corresponding Period Revenues Geographical Area Location Groups Customers
Revenues Geographical Segment Revenues Internet Asset Sale
Revenues Sale Handsets Reached 508 Euros Increase Same Revenues Total Euro 319 Increase Over 2007
Revenues Total Euro Grew 170 Compared 2007 Revenues Total Euros Decrease Compared 2008 -40
Revenues Wholesale Services Amounted 2854 Euros Overall Decrease Reversal Goodwill Amortization Impairment
Reversal Revaluation Tangible Assets Review
Revolving Credit Facility Revolving Credit Facility Term Loan
Rganizational Tructure Rights Savings Shares
Rights Way Risk Factors
Risks Associated Telecom Italias Ownership Chain Rivacy Ata Rotection
Roaming Rofit Before Tax Continuing Operations
Rofit Continuing Operations Rofit Period
Rohs Restriction Hazardous Substances Role Tasks
Rome 2008 Rome 2009
Roperty Lant Quipment Wned Ross Inancial Ebt
Rovisions Rovisions Ontingent Iabilities
Rovisions Risks Charges Rozzano Milan 2008
Rozzano Milan 2009 Rules
Rules Concerning Interconnection Rules First-time Adoption Accounting Options Elected Ias Ifrs
Rules Interconnection Safe Harbour
Sale Alice France Iliad Sale Avea Ihas Türk Telekomünikasyon Additional Purchase Stake
Sale Cmobil Sale Commitments
Sale Corporacion Digitel Sale Corporacion Digitel Venezuela Shares Tim International
Sale Databank Sale Entel Chile
Sale Euskaltel Sale Finsiel
Sale Investment Liberty Surf Group Sas Sale Mediobanca Shares
Sale Mirror International Holding Sarl Sale Netco Redes
Sale Neuf Télécom Sale Part Telecom Italia Groups Strategy Rationalizing Non-strategic
Sale Pirelli Real Estate Spa Shares Sale Real Estate Properties
Sale Receivables Factoring Companies Sale Remaining Stake Atesia
Sale Residual Investment Atesia Sale Shares Euskaltel
Sale Shares Telekom Austria Sale Sky Italia Srl
Sale Telecom Italias 596 Stake Finsiel Cosit Concluded Sale Telecom Italias Stake New Seat
Sale Tim Hellas Sale Tim Peru
Sale Tim Perù Sales Receivables Factoring Companies
Same Daily Token Mechanism Being Extended Internet Surfing Same-day Settlement Payment
Sar Specific Absorption Rate Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Savings Directive Savings Shares 6026120661
Schedule Schedule Aggregate Unpaid Principal Amount
Schools Network Scope Consolidation Did Not Change Significantly 2004 However
Seasonal Factors Affecting Revenues Seat Spin-off
Securities Securities Current Assets
Securities Other Equity Investments Securities Other Investments
Securities Other Investments Current Assets Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Securities Trading Italy Securitization Accounts Receivable
Securitization Satellite Investments Security Rating Not Recommendation Buy Sell Hold Securities
Segment Capital Expenditure Information Segment Employees End
Segment Information Segment Reporting
Segment Reporting Information Geographical Area Selected Financial Operating Data Telecom Italia Group
Selected Financial Statistical Information Selling Restrictions
Series Service Available Customers Alice Mail E-mail Address Tim
Servicing Debt Obligations Requires Significant Amount Cash Ability Share Buyback Notification Pursuant 144-bis Issuers Regulations
Share Capital Share Capital Information
Share Capital Structure Share Capital Unchanged 2009 Compared Writedown Euros 2008
Share Granting Performance Plan Share Profits Losses Associates Joint Venture Accounted Using
Share Profits Losses Associates Joint Ventures Accounted Using Shared Access
Shared Service Center Scarl Shareholders
Shareholders Equity Shareholders Equity Increases Euros 152 164 8226
Shareholders Equity Net Minority Interests Shareholders Meeting Convened
Shareholders Meetings Shares Buy-back
Siemens Informatica Spa Signatories
Signature Signatures
Significant Changes Composition Group Significant Market Power
Significant Market Power Smp Instruments Cost Orientation Significant Non-recurring Events Transactions
Significant Trends Impacting Core Businesses Since 2004
Sms Mms Sms Phone Calls Civic Solidarity
Sms Short Message Service Social Security Contribution Reliefs Granted Tim Spa
Société Anonyme Soho
Solpart Confirmed Solpart Participações
Sou Ligado Source Data Processed European Central Bank Reuters Major
South America Chile Bolivia Special Status Operators Having Significant Market Power
Special Timing Considerations Specific Acceptance Pursuant Articles 1341 1342 Points 23-32-33-35-36-41-5-6
Specific Acceptance Pursuant Articles 1341 1342 Points 23-32-33-35-37-41-5-16 Specific Measures Reserved Special Customer Categories
Spectrum Issues Sset Etirement Bligations
Ssets Held Finance Leases Stages Telecom Italia Tim Integration
Statement Changes Equity 2007 Statements Income Balance Sheets Cash Flows Well Net
Stefano Cao Stefano Ciurli New Head Purchasing
Sterling Tranche Stet Hellas
Stimates Stimates Udgments
Stock Compensation Plans Stock Lending Agreement Announced Market
Stock Option Performance Share Granting Plans Telecom Italia Stock Option Plans Telecom Italia Group
Stock-based Compensation Stock-option Plan
Stockholders Equity Net Minority Interests Strategic Guidelines Targets 2009-2011 Three-year Period
Strategic Guidelines Targets 2009-2011 Three-year Period Plan Strategic Objectives Include Expansion Further Investments International Activities
Strategy Committee Strategy Committee Now Replaced Executive
Strengthening International Presence Strive Even Harder Keep Operating Costs Investments Check
Strong Competition Italy Further Reduce Core Market Share Strong Competition Italy Further Reduce Telecom Italias Core
Subscription Rights Subsidiary Tim Brasil Confirmed Strategic Group Offers Acquisition
Such Forward Looking Statements Not Guarantees Future Performance Such Forward-looking Statements Not Guarantees Future Performance Involve
Summarising Table 2008-2012 Mobile Termination Rate Variations Summary Amendments Articles Telecom Italias Bylaws
Summary Changes Telecom Italias Bylaws Summons Received Telecom Italia Spa Administrative Offences Legislative
Super Umts Broadband Reaches Mobile Phones Speeds Megabits Superphone Home Phone Cellphone
Supplement Accompanying Prospectus Supplemental Indenture
Supplemental Trust Deed 17th 2005 Between Supplementary Disclosures Financial Instruments
Suppliers Sustainability
Switch-off Frequencies System Failures Result Reduced User Traffic Revenue Harm
System Failures Result Reduced User Traffic Revenues Harm Tab Non-hedge Accounting Derivatives
Table 1-fair Value Hedge Derivatives Table 2008-2012 Mobile Termination Rate Variations
Table Contents Table Fair Value Hedge Derivatives
Talian Arket Elecommunications Ervices Talian Axation
Tandards Nterpretations Adopted Roup Anuary 2007 Tandards Nterpretations Endorsed Uropean Nion Effective Beginning Anuary
Tandards Nterpretations Endorsed Uropean Nion Not Yet Effective Tandards Nterpretations Issued Iasb Force Anuary 2008
Tandards Nterpretations Issued Iasb Not Yet Force Tandem Media Major Investments Sharply Increasing Amount Allocated
Tangible Assets Tasks Role
Tax Audit Blu Tax Disputes
Taxation Taxation Capital Gains
Taxation Dividends Taxation Holder Debt Securities
Taxation Luxembourg Non-residents Taxation Luxembourg Residents
Tdma Time Division Multiple Access Telbios Spa
Tele2 Telecom Acted Utmost Propriety Full Respect Laws Force
Telecom Argentina Telecom Argentina Group
Telecom Italia Telecom Italia 152 Euro Campionati Calcio 2006 2007
Telecom Italia Acquire Liberty Surf Tiscali Telecom Italia Agreement Vodafone Share Radio Access Network
Telecom Italia Arbitration Proceedings Fastweb Wind Inverse Interconnection Telecom Italia Board Directors Examines Approves Group Half
Telecom Italia Broadband Customer Numbers Exceed End 2004 Telecom Italia Calendar 2005
Telecom Italia Capital Telecom Italia Capital Completes Exchange Offer Registered Notes
Telecom Italia Consob Alerted Against Market Disturbance Defence Telecom Italia Convertible Notes 2001-2010
Telecom Italia Decision Dividend Yet Taken Board Directors Telecom Italia Entel Bolivia Expropriation Entirely Unjustified
Telecom Italia Exclusive Negotiations Iliad Sale Alice France Telecom Italia Final Results Voluntary Partial Cash Tender
Telecom Italia Finalizes Transfer 1036 Stake Oger Saudi Telecom Italia Finance
Telecom Italia Finance Euro Notes 128 2000 7250 Telecom Italia Finance Euro Notes 128 2000 Interest
Telecom Italia Finance Notes Telecom Italia Finance Notes 128 1500 515 Interest
Telecom Italia Finance Notes 128 1500 5150 Interest Telecom Italia Finance Notes 128 2210 6575 Interest
Telecom Italia Finance Notes 128 2250 6575 Interest Telecom Italia Finance Notes 128 2350 6575 Interest
Telecom Italia Finance Notes 128 499717000 Floating Rate Telecom Italia Finance Notes 128 500 Euribor 3-month
Telecom Italia Finance Sa-euro Notes 128 2000 725 Telecom Italia Findim Group List Renewal Board Statutory
Telecom Italia France Telecom Italia Group
Telecom Italia Group 2004 Net Income Rises Euros Telecom Italia Group 2008
Telecom Italia Group 8211 Effects Arising Application Ifric Telecom Italia Group 8211 Effects Non-recurring Events Transactions
Telecom Italia Group Consolidated Balance Sheets Telecom Italia Group Consolidated Results
Telecom Italia Group Consolidated Statement Comprehensive Income Telecom Italia Group Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income
Telecom Italia Group Debt Structure Bond Issues Expiring Telecom Italia Group Effects Non-recurring Events Transactions Single
Telecom Italia Group Financial Risk Management Objectives Policy Telecom Italia Group Maintain Control Tim Participações Through
Telecom Italia Group Net Financial Debt Telecom Italia Group Results
Telecom Italia Group Results 2005 Compared 2004 Telecom Italia Group Results 2006
Telecom Italia Group Revised Calendar Events Tim Media Telecom Italia Groups New Organizational Structure
Telecom Italia Included New Ftse4good Index Environmental Investment Telecom Italia Investor Relations 390285954131 Wwwtelecomitaliacom Investors Aol
Telecom Italia Lab Telecom Italia Media
Telecom Italia Media Group Results 2008 Published Press Telecom Italia Media Group Results Half 2008 Published
Telecom Italia Media Stock Option Telecom Italia Orders Received Mobile Phones Over Umts
Telecom Italia Over Product Orders Taken Copenhagen Convention Telecom Italia Presents Convergent Solutions Increase Landline Mobile
Telecom Italia Provisional Results Voluntary Partial Cash Tender Telecom Italia Reinvested Usd 250 Capital Oger Reinforcing
Telecom Italia Sales Network Orders Now Mobile Phones Telecom Italia Sign Nationwide Roaming Services Agreement
Telecom Italia Spa Telecom Italia Spa 2002-2022 Bonds Reserved Subscription Employees
Telecom Italia Spa 2005 Results Telecom Italia Spa 2006 Results
Telecom Italia Spa Effects Non-recurring Events Transactions Single Telecom Italia Spa First-half 2005 Results
Telecom Italia Spa Investigation Pursuant Decree Law 231 Telecom Italia Spa Investigation Pursuant Legislative Decree 231
Telecom Italia Spa Merger Through Incorporation Tim Effective Telecom Italia Spa Net Financial Debt
Telecom Italia Spa Results Telecom Italia Spend 200 Dollars Investment Turkish Mobile
Telecom Italia Stock Option Telecom Italia Telco List Renewal Board Statutory Auditors
Telecom Italia Tim Merger Telecom Italia Tim Savings Share Call Option Exercised
Telecom Italia Tiscali Concluded Transaction Related Transfer 9489 Telecom Italia Tiscali Finalize Price Liberty Surf Group
Telecom Italia Tranche Tim Savings Shares Stock Loan Telecom Italia Undertakings
Telecom Italias Iptv Century Foxs Most Recent Titles Telecom Italias Reaction
Telecom Italias Undertakings Telecom Tim Video Calls Fixed Mobile Packages
Telecommunication Regulatory Framework Italy Telefónica Group
Telegono Srl Telekom Srbija
Teleleasing Spa Telepost Spa
Teleque Communications Television Advertising
Television La7-mtv Term Loan Facility
Texas Pacific Group Ther Elecom Talia Roup Ctivities
Ther Elecom Talia Roup Perations Ther Ncome
Tiglio Project Tiglio Srl
Tim Tim Acquisition
Tim Brasil Tim Brasil Group
Tim Brasil Targets Tim Brazil Revenues 342 Compared 2004
Tim Calendar 2005 Tim Cquisition
Tim Eliminates Top-up Charges Tim Hellas
Tim Home Zone Tim Mobile Italy Boost Umts Speeds Mbit Highest
Tim New Mobile Phones Digital Super Highspeed Internet Tim Parent
Tim Participações Withdraws Partial Offering Preferred Shares Tim Participações-partial Offering Preferred Shares
Tim Perù Sac Tim Press Office
Tim Savings Shares Stock Loan Returned Tim Telecom Italia Launches Digital Mobile Phones Games
Time Warner Inc Tiscali
Tiscali Italia Telecom Tlc Operating Fee 1998
Tock Options Trade Miscellaneous Payables Other Current Liabilities
Trade Payables Current Tax Miscellaneous Other Liabilities Trade Receivables Miscellaneous Other Current Assets
Trading Between Dtc Participants Trading Between Dtc Seller Euroclear Clearstream Purchaser
Trading Between Euroclear Clearstream Participants Trading Old Telecom Italia Ordinary Shares Savings
Traffic Data Privacy Information Employees 331 Training Ensure Business Effectiveness
Tranche Properties Sold Raissa Fund Transaction Allow Group Reduce Average Cost Debt
Transaction Allow Telecom Italia Further Rationalize Debt Portfolio Transactions 012 Golden Lines Int Ltd
Transactions Avea Ihas Transactions Companies Controlled Associates Joint Ventures
Transactions Edizione Holding Group Transactions Etec
Transactions Internazionale Milano Spa Transactions Italtel Group
Transactions Lisit Spa Transactions Microelectronics Group
Transactions Nordcom Spa Transactions Pension Funds
Transactions Pirelli Real Estate Spa Transactions Pirelli Spa
Transactions Shared Service Center Scarl Transactions Siemens Informatica Spa
Transactions Subsidiary Equity Investee Stock Transactions Telecom Argentina Group
Transactions Teleleasing Spa Transactions Telepost Spa
Transactions Tiglio Srl Transactions Unipol Group
Transfer Restrictions Transfer Solpart Holding Controls Brasil Telecom Newco Brasilco
Transfer Tax Transition Ias Ifrs
Translation Original Italian Text Treasury Policies
Treasury Shares Buyback Flow Treasury Stock
Trend Telecommunications Market Trials Iptv Now Almost Complete Service Scheduled Rollout
Trustee Turkey
Ublic Oncessions Ugo Bordoni Foundation
Ull Unbundling Local Loop Ultra High-speed Mbit Mobile Internet Launched
Umts Universal Mobile Telecommunications System Underwriters
Underwriting Unico Telecom Italias New Fixed-mobile Telephone
Unipol Group United States Federal Income Tax Considerations
United States Federal Income Taxation United States Securities Laws
Universal Service Unresolved Staff Comments
Uropean Road Uropean Talian Arket Elecommunications Ervices
Urrent Inancial Ssets Useful Information
Usiness Validity Debt Securities Guarantees
Validity Notes Guarantees Valuation Fair Value
Value Operations Investments Adversely Affected Political Economic Developments Value-added Services Internet Regulation
Value-added Services Vas Vas Value Added Services
Vdsl Very High Data Rate Digital Subscriber Line Vehicles
Venezuela Verview
Verview 2005 Esults Perations Verview 2006 Esults Perations
Verview Elecom Talia Roup Ajor Usiness Reas Videotex Service Pursuant Itu Standard Permitting Remote Access
Vod Video Demand Vodafone
Voip Voice Over Volution Egulatory Ramework
Voting Deposited Securities Waste Consigned
Water Consumption Web Services
Well Well Departments
Whereas Wholesale
Wholesale Fixed Markets Wi-max
Wi-max Licences Wi-max Licenses
Wind Wireline
Wireline Business Wireline Business Unit Includes Groups Internet Activities Sold
Withholding Tax Wlr Wholesale Line Rental
Write-down Long-lived Assets Wwwtelecomitaliait Investor Relation
Wwwtelecomitaliait Investor Relations Wwwtelecomitaliait Investor­ Relation
Wwwtelecomitaliait Investor­ Relations Wwwtelecomitaliait Media
Wwwtelecomitaliait Stampa Xdsl Atm Broadband
Xdsl Digital Subscriber Line £750 Telecom Italia Bond Issuance
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