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Access Accounting Policies
Accounts Receivable Allowance Doubtful Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss
Acquired Intangible Assets Amortization Acquires Over Next Shares
Actions Activities
Acts War Terrorist Attacks Threat Domestic International Adversely Acts War Terrorists Attacks Threat Domestic International Terrorist
Actual 2006 Variable Compensation Payout Actual 2007 Variable Cash Compensation Payout
Actual 2008 Variable Cash Compensation Payout Actual Equity Award
Additional Conditions Applicable Nonqualified Deferred Compensation 409a Additional Conditions Obligations
Additional Conditions Obligations Parent Merger Sub Additional Information
Adjustments Administration
Administration Financing Administration Plan
Administration Plan Administrator Authority Select Grantees Determine Awards Administration Plan Committee Authority Select Grantees Determine Awards
Advertising Costs Aggregated Option Exercises Year-end Values
Agreement Plan Merger Allowance Sales Returns Uncollectibles
Amended Restated By-laws Teradyne Inc Amendment
Amendment Confirmation Amendment Modification Waiver
Amendment Termination Amendments Termination
Annex Announces Further Cost Reduction Actions
Application Criteria Existing Directors Application Funds
Approval Board Directors Stockholders Assembly Test Systems
Assignment Audit Committee
Audit Committee Pre-approval Permissible Non-audit Services Independent Auditors Audit Committee Pre-approval Permissible Non-audit Services Independent Registered
Audit Committee Report Audit Fees
Audit-related Fees Authorization Entering Plan
Authorization Validity Agreement Action Authorization Validity Agreement Necessary Action
Authorized Signatures-sign Here-this Completed Instructions Executed Date Sign Automatic Joint Survivor Annuity Married Members
Availability Corporate Governance Documents Available Shares
Award Grant Vesting Transfer Award Limits
Backlog Balance Sheet Components
Basis Presentation Basis Pro Forma Presentation
Benchmarking Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Benefit Plan Changes 2007 Board Access Independent Advisors
Board Approvals Board Committee Self-assessment
Board Committees Board Directors
Board Directors Recommends Vote Election Each Messrs Carnesale Board Directors Recommends Vote Listed Nominees
Board Meetings Board Nomination Policies Procedures
Board Recommends Vote Election Each Messrs Bagley Bradley Board Recommends Vote Election Each Messrs Gillis Tufano
Board Training Bookings
Bradleys Compensation Brett Hodess -merrill Lynch-analyst
Brett Hodess Merrill Lynch-analyst Brian Lee Citigroup-analyst
Broadband Test Systems Brokers Expenses
Business Adversely Impacted Acquisitions Affect Ability Manage Maintain Business Adversely Impacted Divestitures Lines Affect Ability Manage
Business Dependent Current Anticipated Market Electronics Historically Been Business Impacted Worldwide Economic Cycles Difficult Predict
Business Suffer Unable Attract Retain Key Employees Capital Changes Business Succession
Capital Lease Obligations Capital Stock
Capitalization Cash Awards
Cash Compensation Cash Compensation Plan
Cash Equivalents Cash Equivalents Marketable Securities
Cash Profit Sharing Plan Categorical Standards Determining Independence
Celerity Dsl Test System Ceo Certification
Certain Definitions Certain Factors Affect Future Results
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Tax Matters
Certifications Chamillards Compensation
Change Authorized Shares Change Board Size
Change Control Agreements Change Control Arrangements
Change Payroll Deductions Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer Compensation
Claims Procedure Class Directors Terms Expire 2007 Annual Meeting
Class Directors Terms Expire 2008 Annual Meeting Closing
Code Ethics Commercial Board Test
Commitment Letter Commitments Contingencies
Common Stock Communications Board
Company-wide Assessment Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlock Insider Participation Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Decisions
Competition Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets
Compliance Laws Permits Composition
Comprehensive Income Comprehensive Income Loss
Comprehensive Loss Income Concentration Credit Risk
Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets Conditions Closing
Conditions Each Partys Obligations Effect Merger Conditions Precedent Credit Extensions
Conference Call Webcast Confidential Treatment
Connection Systems Consent Independent Auditors
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consents Approvals
Consents Approvals Violations Consigned Equipment Software
Consolidated Financial Statements Statement Schedule Contacts
Contingencies Continue Acquire New Businesses Form Strategic Alliances Future
Contracts Contractual Obligations
Contributions Controls Procedures
Conversion Capital Stock Convertible Hedge Warrant Transactions
Convertible Hedge Warrant Transactions Impact Value Stock Convertible Senior Notes
Copy Executives Counsel Corporate Governance Guidelines
Corporate Governance Guidelines-effects Withheld Votes Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities
Counterparts Covenants Parties
Credit Agreement Related Agreements Criteria Composition Board
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Currently Future Subject Litigation Adverse Effect Business
Debt Deductibility Executive Compensation
Deferred Stock Awards Defined Benefit Pension Plans
Definitions Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Derivatives Description Espp Amended
Detach Return Bottom Portion Enclosed Envelope Detach Return Bottom Portion Teradyne Enclosed Envelope Following
Determination Director Independence Diagnostic Solutions
Direct Compensation Director Compensation
Director Deferral Program Director Election Majority Vote Standard Proposal
Director Election Policy Director Executive Officer Stock Ownership
Director Independence Director Summary Compensation Table
Directors Directors Officers Insurance Indemnification
Directors Officers Surviving Corporation Disclaimer
Disclosure Controls Procedures Dissenting Shares
Distribution Benefits Dividend Equivalent Rights
Documents Incorporated Reference Eagle Test Acquisition
Eagle Test Systems Inc Edwin Gillis Elected Teradynes Board
Effect Termination Effective 2009
Effective Date Plan Effective Time
Election Directors Eligibility
Eligibility Participation Eligible Employees
Emainder Age Ntentionally Lank Employee Benefit Plans Erisa
Employee Benefits Employee Benefits Matters
Employee Stock Option Plan Employee Stock Option Plan 1991
Employee Stock Option Plans Purchase Plan Employee Stock Ownership Plan
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employees
Employment Business Relationship Enforcement Remedies
Engineering Development Engineering Development Activities
Engineering Development Costs Entire Agreement Third-party Beneficiaries
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Affairs
Environmental Laws Regulations Equity Award
Equity Cash Compensation Incentive Plan Equity Cash Compensation Incentive Plan 2006
Equity Compensation Equity Compensation Plans
Equity Incentive Stock Purchase Plans Equity Offerings
Equity Plans Employee Stock Purchase Plan Establishment Purpose
Events Default Remedies Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Example Form Ftc Enterprise Software License Agreement Exchange Certificates
Exchange Certificates Book Entry Shares Exchange Rate Risk Management
Executive Compensation Executive Compensation Recoupment Policy
Executive Officer Compensation Program Executive Officers
Exempt Employee Proprietary Information Agreement Exercise Option
Exhibits Expected Future Benefits Payments
Expected Future Pension Benefits Payments Expense
Expenses Expenses Solicitation
Experience Increased Levels Employee Attrition Erosion Morale Due Fail Develop New Technologies Adapt Customers Needs Accept
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fees Billed Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp
Fees Services Provided Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp Financial Instruments
Financial Statement Schedules Financial Statements
Financial Statements Businesses Acquired Financial Statements Exhibits
Finders Brokers Foreign Jurisdictions
Form Executive Officer Stock Option Agreement Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Former Related Party Transaction Gain Sale Business
Gary Hsueh Oppenheimer Co-analyst Gary Sway Analyst
General General Criteria
General Provisions General Provisions Applicable Awards
General Purpose Plan Definitions General Terms
Geographic Information Goals
Goals Performance Goodwill
Goodwill Impairment Goodwill Intangible Assets
Goodwill Intangible Long-lived Assets Governing Law
Governing Law Jurisdiction Governmental Regulations
Grant Awards Non-employee Directors Greg Beecher Teradyne Inc-cfo
Gross Margin Gross Profit
Guarantees Indemnification Obligations Guaranty
Gus Richard -piper Jaffray-analyst Headings
Historical Information Householding Shareholders Sharing Same Address
Imaging Inspection Systems Impact Accounting Tax Treatment Executive Pay
Impact Accounting Tax Treatment Pay Important Additional Information
Important Additional Information Filed Sec Important Additional Information Filed Securities Exchange Sec
In-circuit Test Systems In-process Research Development
Inal Ranscript Income Loss Before Taxes
Income Loss Continuing Operations Before Taxes Income Taxes
Incorporation Reference Increased Indebtedness
Increases Offering Size 175 Incur Higher Tax Rates Expect
Incur Significant Liabilities Fail Comply Environmental Regulations Indemnification Agreement
Indemnification Arrangements Index
Information Offer Documents Information Offer Documents Schedule 14d-9
Information Proxy Statement Inherent Limitations Effectiveness Controls
Insider Trading Insider Trading Policy
Insurance Intangible Assets
Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Licenses
Interest Expense Other Interest Income
Interest Income Expense Interest Income Other Net
Interest Other Net Interest Rate Risk Management
Interim Operations Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Internal Controls Sarbanes-oxley Act Interpretation
Inventories Investment Associates
Investments Investments Other Companies
Investor Information Issuance Stock
Jagdish Iyer Ubs-analyst Jim Covello -goldman Sachs Company-analyst
Judy Delgado Analyst Kate Kotlarsky Goldman Sachs-analyst
Labor Matters Lease Commitments
Lease Obligation Legal Claims
Legal Proceedings Life Annuity
Limits Sale Stock Purchased Plan Line Credit
Liquidity Capital Resources List Exhibits
Listing Exhibits Litigation
Loan Agreement Long-term Compensation
Loss Income Continuing Operations Before Taxes Majority Vote Proposal Received High Levels Support Last
Majority Voting Uncontested Elections Directors Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Matching Contributions Material Impairments
Maximum Amount Payroll Deductions Mehdi Hosseini Friedman Billings Ramsey Group Inc-analyst
Merger Merger Sub
Merger Without Meeting Stockholders Michael Chu Jpmorgan Chase Co-analyst
Mil Aero Test Military Aerospace Test Systems Instrumentation
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Provisions
Model Compensation Mortgage Notes Payable
Muse -lehman Brothers Inc-analyst Muse Barclays Capital-analyst
Name Name Location Seal
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Need Additional Financing Difficult Obtain
Net Income Loss Per Common Share Net Loss Income Per Common Share
New Change Control Agreements New Plans Means Open Active Employee Benefit Parent
Nextest Acquisition Nextest Systems Corporation
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Nominees Class Directors Terms Expire 2008 Annual Meeting
Nominees Class Directors Terms Expire 2009 Annual Meeting Nominees Directors
Non-compete Non-solicit Non-hire Arrangements Non-employee Director Compensation
Non-employee Director Stock Option Plan Non-employee Director Stock Option Plan 1996
Non-employee Director Stock Ownership Guidelines Non-gaap Guidance
Non-gaap Results Non-gaap Results Guidance
Non-survival Representations Warranties Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Table
Nonrecurring Charges Not Able Adequately Address Rapid Increase Customer Demand
Not Able Pay Debt Other Obligations Not Able Realize Benefits Acquisitions
Not Able Satisfy Certain Obligations Event Change Control Not Fully Realize Benefits Acquisition Nextest Systems Corporation
Not Voted Via Internet Telephone Fold Along Perforation Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notes Payable Banks Notes Payable- Banks
Notice Disqualifying Disposition Notices
Notification Certain Matters Notification Change Corporate Affiliation
Nregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Objectives Compensation Programs
Objectives Executive Officer Compensation Programs Obligations Purchaser
Oem Service Diagnostics Offer
Officers Operating Results Likely Fluctuate Significantly
Operating Segments Operations Adversely Impacted Outsourced Contract Manufacturers Service Providers
Operations Adversely Impacted Outsourced Service Providers Fail Perform Opinion Financial Advisor
Option Sar Grants Last Optional Forms
Optionees Not Shareholders Options Exercises Stock Vested Table
Organization Other
Other Arrangements Other Benefits
Other Compensation Plans Other Comprehensive Income Loss
Other Comprehensive Loss Other Comprehensive Loss Income
Other Events Other Executive Officers
Other Fees Other Income Expense Net
Other Information Other Intangible Assets
Other Stock-based Awards Other Terms
Overview Philosophy Ownership Capital Stock
Ownership Shares Part
Part Other Information Participant Accounts
Participant Elections Participating Subsidiaries
Participation Parties Claim Infringing Intellectual Property Suffer Significant Litigation
Patents Licenses Patrick -stifel Nicolaus-analyst
Patrick Stifel Nicolaus-analyst Paul Tufano Elected Teradyne Board
Payment Periods Stock Options Payment Retirement Income
Pension Benefits Table Performance Graph
Performance-based Awards Covered Employees Period Review Consideration Agreement
Phantom Stock Plan
Plan Administration Plan Assets
Please Carefully Review Sign Document Post-retirement Benefit Plans
Postretirement Benefit Plans Potential Goodwill Long-lived Asset Impairment
Pre-2005 Activities Pre-2006 Activities
Pre-2007 Activities Pre-2008 Activities
Preferred Stock Preliminary Purchase Price Allocation
Preparation Financial Statements Preparation Financial Statements Estimates
Presentation Pricing Schedule
Principal Accountant Fees Services Pro Forma Adjustments
Pro Forma Condensed Combined Financial Statements Pro Forma Financial Information
Pro Forma Results Guidance Product Warranty
Product Warranty Costs Products
Property Equipment Property Plant Equipment
Proposed Amendment Protection Directors Officers
Provisions Charter By-laws Massachusetts Law Make Takeover Teradyne Proxy Statement Accompanying Annual Report 10-k Letter Shareholders
Proxy Statement Accompanying Annual Report Form 10-k Letter Publicity
Purchase Price Allocation Purchaser
Purpose Purpose Effective Date
Purpose Eligibility Purpose Scope
Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Registrant Duly Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Report Been
Pursuant Sections Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Question Answer Ratification Selection Auditors
Ratification Selection Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Raw Materials
Recapitalization Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements Recitals
Recoupment Policy Redeemable Preferred Stock Redeemed Initial Public Offering
Register Approvals Amendments Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 978 370-2700 Related Party Transaction
Related Party Transactions Relationships Customers Suppliers Distributors Sales Representatives
Release Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Remainder Page Left Intentionally Blank Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Representatives Means Persons Officers Directors Employees Accountants Consultants Required Account Options Employee Stock Plans Compensation Expense
Required Account Options Employee Stock Plans Compensation Expensewhich Required Account Stock Compensation Awards Employee Plans Expense
Research Development Costs Responsibilities Duties
Restricted Stock Restricted Stock Awards
Restricted Stock Unit Restricted Stock Unit Grant Agreements
Restricted Stock Unit Option Activity Restricted Stock Unit Terms
Restricted Stock Unit Terms Director Awards Restrictive Covenants Agreement Governing Senior Credit Facility Restrict
Restructuring Other Charges Restructuring Other Charges Net
Restructuring Other Credits Charges Net Restructuring Other Net
Results Operations Results Operations Financial Condition
Retirement Benefits Retirement Plans
Retirement Recipients Number Actual Performance-based Shares Shall Determined Revenue
Revenue Recognition Review 2007 2008 Compensation Decisions
Review 2008 Compensation Decisions Review Compensation Programs
Review Executive Officer Compensation Programs Revolving Credit Facility
Right Benefits Rights Agreement
Rights Members Risk Factors
Risks Associated Business Risks Associated Sale Connection Systems Segment
Role Compensation Committee Role Executive Officers Determining Pay
Rule 14d-10 Safe Harbor Forward-looking Statements
Safe Harbor Statement Sale Connection Systems Affect Future Results Operations Financial
Sale Connection Systems Segment Sale Tcs Affect Future Results Operations Financial Condition
Sales Distribution Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Satya Kumar -credit Suisse-analyst Satya Kumar Credit Suisse-analyst
Schedule Sec Documents Financial Statements
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Registered Pursuant Act
See Accompanying Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Selling Administrative
Semiconductor Test Semiconductor Test Systems
Series Convertible Preferred Stock Redeemed Initial Public Offering Severability
Severance Arrangements Shareholder Communications Board Directors
Shareholder Proposal Supporting Statement Shareholder Proposals Board Candidates
Shareholders Shareholders Sharing Same Address
Shares Represented Proxy Voted Directed Direction Given Election Shares Represented Proxy Voted Directed Direction Given Proxies
Shipping Handling Costs Short-term Investments
Signature Signatures
Signatures Next Page Significant Guarantees Indemnification Obligations
Software License Agreement Consigned Equipment Solectron Corporation
Solicitation Unsolicited Proposals Solicited Board Directors
Standstill Agreements Confidentiality State Takeover Laws
Statement Board Directors Opposition Shareholder Proposal Statements Operations
Status Plan Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Available Awards Stock Compensation Plans
Stock Issuable Plan Mergers Substitution Stock Option Incentive Plan
Stock Option Intended Nonstatutory Stock Option Purchase Plans
Stock Option Terms Stock Options
Stock Options Sars Outstanding Shareholder Non-shareholder-approved Plans Stock Ownership Guidelines
Stock Registration Stock Repurchase Program
Stock Subject Plan Stock-based Awards
Stock-based Compensation Stock-based Compensation Expense
Stockholder Agreements Stockholders
Stockholders Meeting Subject Intense Competition
Subject Risks Operating Internationally Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subsequent Actions Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Substantial Indebtedness Not Able Pay Debt Other Obligations
Substantially Increased Indebtedness Sufficient Funds
Summary Additional Conditions Precedent Summary Additional Conditions Precedent Outlines Certain Facility Referred
Summary Net Revenue Reportable Segment Supplemental Savings Plan
Suppliers Not Meet Product Delivery Requirements Reduced Revenues Systems Test Group
Table Contents Taken Measures Address Current Slowdown Market Products Long-term
Taken Measures Address Slowdown Market Products Long-term Negative Taken Measures Address Slowdowns Market Products Long-term Negative
Taken Measures Ensure Prepared Address Slowdowns Market Products Takeover Statutes
Tangible Assets Liabilities Target Cash Compensation
Target Equity Award Tax Fees
Tax Matters Tax Withholding
Taxes Technology
Technology Acquisition Tel Line Service Test System
Tel Voice Service Test System Teradyne
Teradyne Accelerates Poison Pill Expiration Declassifies Board Teradyne Announces 2006 Results
Teradyne Announces 2007 Results Teradyne Announces 2008 Results
Teradyne Announces Early Termination Hart-scott-rodino Waiting Period Teradyne Announces Results
Teradyne Completes Acquisition Eagle Test Systems Inc Teradyne Completes Acquisition Nextest Systems Corp
Teradyne Inc Teradyne Inc 2006 Equity Cash Compensation Incentive Plan
Teradyne Inc Acquire Eagle Test Systems Teradyne Inc Deferral Plan Non-employee Directors
Teradyne Inc Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan Teradyne Inc Supplemental Savings Plan
Teradyne Reports 2007 Results Teradyne Reports 2009 Results
Teradyne Sell Connection Systems Focus Test Teradynes Chairman George Chamillard Retire Patricia Wolpert Elected
Term Termination
Termination Amendment Plan Termination Amendments Plan
Termination Employees Rights Terms Defined Elsewhere
Thank Voting Title Properties Encumbrances
Tom Newman -teradyne Inc-vp Corporate Relations Tom Newman Teradyne Inc-vp
Tom Newman Teradyne Inc-vp Corporate Relations Top-up Option
Total 2007 Direct Compensation Transfer Assignment Employees Rights
Transfer Leave Absence Etc Transferability Awards
Translation Non-us Currencies Treatment Acquisition
Treatment Options Treatment Options Restricted Stock Other Equity Awards
Trust Types Awards
Unable Protect Intellectual Property Lose Valuable Asset Incur Unable Successfully Consummate Sale Tcs Negatively Impact Business
Undisclosed Liabilities United States
United States Federal Income Tax Consequences Unregistered Sales Equity Securities
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Unrestricted Stock Awards
Valuation Assumptions Variable Compensation Plan
Vehicle Configuration Test Solutions Vehicle Configuration Test Solutions Vcats
Vernon Essi -needham Company-analyst Vernon Essi Needham Company-analyst
Vote Internet Log Onto Http Wwweproxyvotecom Ter Vote Mail
Vote Parent Stockholders Vote Telephone Call Toll Free 1-800-prx-vote 1-877-779-8683
Vote Telephone Internet Available Waiver Jury Trial
Waiver Rights Claims Age Discrimination Employment Act 1967 Warranties
Warrants Exercised Prior Initial Public Offering Warranty
Webcast Weighted Average Assumptions Determine Benefit Obligation
Weighted Average Assumptions Determine Benefit Obligations Weighted Average Assumptions Determine Net Periodic Benefit Cost
Weighted Average Assumptions Determine Net Periodic Pension Cost Weighted Average Assumptions Determine Net Periodic Post-retirement Benefit
Weighted Average Assumptions Determine Pension Obligations Weighted Average Assumptions Determine Post Retirement Benefit Obligation
Withdrawal Plan Withholding Additional Income Taxes
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