Topic Listing for The DirecTV Group

Ability Maintain Fcc Licenses Other Regulatory Approvals Critical Abs-cbn Agreement
Access Reports Accounting Change
Accounting Change New Standard Accounting Change New Standards
Accounting Change-share-based Payments Accounting Changes
Accounting Changes New Pronouncements Accounting Period
Accounting Tax Deductibility Elements Compensation Accounts Payable Accrued Liabilities Other Deferred Credits
Accounts Receivable Net Accrued Liabilities Deferred Credits
Accrued Liabilities Other Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss
Acquisition Acquisitions
Acquisitions Divestitures Acquisitions Strategic Alliances Divestitures
Addendum Adjusted Basis-
Adjusted Capital Account Deficit- Adjustment Gross Asset Value
Administration Admission Ticket
Advance Advertising Costs
Advertising Research Development Costs Affiliate
Affiliate- Aggregated Option Exercises 2004 Values
Aggregated Option Exercises 2005 Values Agreement
Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New Agreements Executive Officers
Agreements Former Executive Officers Aip
Allocation Date Allocation Expenses
Amendment Agreement Plan Merger Amendment Voting Right Refusal Agreement
Amendments Registrants Code Ethics Waiver Provision Amendments Waivers
Amounts Prior Compensation Periods Considered Setting Current Elements Announce Combination
Annual Cash Bonus Annual Compensation
Annual Meeting Attendance Annual Meeting Proxy Card
Annual Performance Bonuses Annual Report
Annual Transition Reports Pursuant Sections Securities Exchange Act Asset Impairment
Asset Impairment Charge Asset Impairment Charges
Asset Sales Impairment Charges Assignment Acceptance
Assumptions Attachment Global Notes
Attending Annual Meeting Audit Committee
Audit Committee Approval Policy Audit Committee Report
Audit Committee Role Audit Fees
Audit-related Fees Authorized Signatures-this Completed Vote Counted-date Sign Below
Average Price Award Terms Conditions
Background Bankrupt
Base Salary Basic Sale Terms
Basis Presentation Benchmark Total Compensation Material Element
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Beneficiary Designation
Benefit Programs Perquisites Biographical Information
Boa Credit Agreement Board Composition
Board Directors Approves Increase Share Repurchase Program Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Following Proposals
Board Directors Recommends Vote Following Proposals Board Directors Response
Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Vote Against Proposal Board Member
Borrowing Borrowings
Brazil Broadcast Programming Other
Broadcast Programming Other Costs Sale Business
Business Overview Business Relies Intellectual Property Some Owned Parties Inadvertently
Business Strategy Business Unit Role
Capital Account Capital Contribution
Capital Contributions Capital Lease Obligation
Capital Lease Obligations Capital Stock Additional Paid-in
Carriage Requirements Negatively Affect Ability Deliver Local Broadcast Carriage Requirements Negatively Affect Directv Ability Deliver Local
Cash Equivalents Cash Flows Provided Operating Activities
Cash Flows Used Financing Activities Cash Flows Used Investing Activities
Cautionary Statement Concerning Forward-looking Statements Cautionary Statement Purpose Safe Harbor Provisions Private Securities
Certain Beneficial Owners Certain Definitions
Certain Other Beneficial Owners Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Relationships Related-party Transactions Certificate
Certification Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Change Control Agreements Executive Officers Change Control Agreements Named Executive Officers
Chief Executive Officer Paid Significantly Other Officers Class Units
Code- Collar Agreement
Collar Transaction Commitment
Commitments Commitments Contingencies
Committee Benchmark Compensation Committee Determine Amount Pay Each Element Compensation What
Committee Minimize Inappropriate Business Risks Setting Performance Goals Common Control Withrdquo
Common Stock Price Communications Laws
Compared 2005 Compared 2006
Comparison Amended Bonus Plan 2004 Comparison Amended Stock Plan 2004
Compensation Chief Executive Officer Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Decisions
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Other Named Executive Officers
Compensation Philosophy Compensation Philosophy Objectives
Compete Other Mvpds Some Greater Resources Levels Competition Competition
Complete Agreement Components Net Periodic Benefit Cost
Composition Board Directors Composition Board Independence Directors
Composition Meetings Comprehensive Income Loss
Condensed Balance Sheets Parent Only Condensed Statements Operations Parent Only
Conference Call Conference Call Information
Confidential Information Connect
Connect Acquisition Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Consolidated Balance Sheet Cash Flow
Consolidated Results Operations Construction Launch Delays Satellites Materially Adversely Affect Revenues
Contact Information Contingencies
Contractual Obligations Contribution Agreement
Contributions Control Substantial Portion Interaction Customers Not Efficient Effective
Controls Procedures Corporate Governance Guidelines
Corporate Other Corporate Role
Cost Commercial Insurance Coverage Satellites Loss Satellite Not Cost Method Investments
Counterparts Facsimile Signatures Credit Risk
Critical Accounting Estimates Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Darlene Investments Llc Darlene Transaction
Debt Debt Issuance Costs
Default Default Interest
Deferred Compensation Plan Definitions
Delaware Delaware Llc Act
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Depend Communications Act Access Cable-affiliated Programming Changes Impacting Depend Others Produce Programming Costs Increasing
Derivative Financial Instruments Risk Management Description Business
Determination Awards Granted Including Equity-based Compensation Such Options Director Compensation
Director Information Directv
Directv Broadband Directv Financial Highlights
Directv Group Directv Group Announces 2008 Results
Directv Group Announces 2009 Results Directv Group Grows Revenues Nearly
Directv Group Inc Directv Group Inc 2005 Equity Program
Directv Group Inc 2230 East Imperial Highway Segundo Directv Group Inc 500 Index Industry Peer
Directv Group Inc Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Directv Group Inc Notes Consolidated Financial Statements- Concluded
Directv Group Net Subscriber Additions Increase 474000 Directv Group Net Subscriber Additions Increase 475000
Directv Group Operating Profit Before Depreciation Amortization Increases Directv Group Results Cap Record Setting Financial Performance
Directv Group Revenues Increase Nearly Directv Japan
Directv Latin America Directv Latin America Revenues 598
Directv Latin America Segment Directv Mexico
Directv Opbda Grows Over Latin America Nearly Doubles Directv Segment
Disability Benefit Disclosing Party
Disclosure Controls Procedures Distributions
Divestiture Divestitures
Divided Dividend Policy
Dividend Policy Stockholders Equity Dividend Rights Other Stockholder Matters
Dividends Received Dla Llc Equity Rights
Dla Llc Reorganization Drag-along Notice
Drag-along Transaction Drag-along Transaction Not Consummated
Dtv Dtv Stock
Dtv Stock Equivalent Amount Dtvg Interests
Dtvg Investor Dtvg Sub
Dtvla Subject Various Additional Risks Associated Doing Business Earnings Loss Per Common Share
Earnings Per Common Share Election Directors
Election Directors Appointment Certain Officers Compensatory Arrangements Election Nominees Director Ratification Appointment Independent Accountants Against
Electronic Delivery Annual Meeting Materials Elements Executive Compensation
Eligible Employees Eliminations Other
Emerging Digital Media Competition Materially Adversely Affect Employees
Employer Contributions Employment Agreement Chief Executive Officer
Employment Agreements Employment Agreements Named Executive Officers
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Regulation
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Method Investments
Establishment Committee Estimated Future Benefit Payments
Estimates Preparation Consolidated Financial Statements Eurodollar Rate
Eurodollar Raterdquo Events Default
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Exchange Act
Excludingrdquo Execution Copy
Executive Officer Target Compensation Executive Officers
Executive Outlook Executive Outlook Update
Executive Overview Outlook Executive Session
Exercise Exhibits
Existing Debt Face Other Risks Described Time Periodic Reports Filed
Face Risks Arising Outcome Various Legal Proceedings Face Risks Arising Possible Union Legislation United States
Fairness Opinion Fcc
Federal Income Tax Consequences Options Amended Stock Plan Fees Paid Outside Independent Registered Accounting Firm
Financial Reporting Financial Statements Exhibits
Financing Transactions Finisar Corporation
Footnotes Foreign Currency
Foreign Currency Risk Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form S-3
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Forward Looking Disclosures-2007 Directors Compensation
Forward Looking Disclosures-2007 Executive Officer Compensation Free Cash Flow
Full Review Gain Loss Disposition Businesses Impairment Charges
General General Release Waiver Claims Separation
Goodwill Intangible Assets Governing Law
Governmental Authority Grants Plan-based Awards
Greenlady Gross Asset Value
Guaranteed Debt Headings
Hedge Agreements Held 2005
Hereunder Hns
Home Services Providers Householding Annual Meeting Materials
However Hughes Network Systems
Hughes Network Systems Inc Hughes Network Systems-set-top Receiver Manufacturing Operations
Hughes Network Systems-skyterra Transaction Hughes Software Systems
Hughes Telecom India Limited Hurricane Katrina
Hypothecation Agreement Important Additional Information Filed Sec
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Directv Group Incentive Goals
Including Income Tax Matters
Income Taxes Increased Subscriber Churn Upgrade Retention Costs Materially Adversely
Indemnification Contribution Indemnification Respect Underwritten Offering
Indemnifying Party Indemnitee
Independent Board Member Independent Directors
Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Index
Information Holder Infrastructure
Inspectors Intangible Assets
Intellectual Property Interest Period
Interest Rate Risk Interests Certain Persons
Internal Revenue Code 162 International Operation Dtvla Subject Various Additional Risks Associated
Introduction Inventories
Investments Investments Financial Instruments
Investor Rights Agreement Isda Master Agreement
Jurisdiction Keith Landenberger
Key Strengths Key Terminology
Key Terminology Used Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Lease Program
Leave Absence Legal Proceedings
Lei Lender
Liberty Entertainment Inc Merger Transaction Liberty Media Corporation
Liberty Media Global Discovery Communications Liberty Media Global Discovery Holding
Lien Limitations Acceleration Reduction Benefits
Limitations Subsequent Registration Rights Liquidity Capital Resources
Litigation Llc
Llc Agreement Llc Assets-
Llc Interest Llc Interest-
Lmc Lmc Credit Agreement
Loan Documents Loans Receivable Subsidiaries
Location Organizational Identification Numbers Lock-up Agreement
Long-term Achievement Plan Long-term Compensation
Long-term Compensation Allocated Among Different Elements Alternatives Long-term Compensation Allocated Among Different Types Stock Awards
Long-term Debt Long-term Incentive Awards
Long-term Performance Stock Awards Loss Sale Panamsat
Ltap Major Decision
Majority Board Members Majority Members
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managing Member
Market Concentrations Credit Risk Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer Market Stand-off Agreement
Material Adverse Change Material Adverse Effect
Material Impairments Maximum Tag Along Portion
Member- Members
Merger Agreement Mexico
Minus More-
Multiplied Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant
Nasdaq Net Income Loss
Net Loss- Network Systems Segment
New Accounting Standard New Accounting Standards
New Plan Benefits New York Feb 2006
News Corporation Affiliates News Corporation Transactions
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Non-contributory Benefit Program
Non-qualified Stock Option Agreement Non-voting
Noncompetition Confidentiality Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
Nonrecourse Deduction- Not Able Obtain Retain Certain Foreign Regulatory Approvals
Not Applicable Not Sustain Profitability
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Concluded Notes Consolidated Financial Statements- Concluded
Notes Payable Notes Payable Credit Facilities
Notice Notice Borrowing
Notice Sale Auction Participation Nrtc Contract Rights
Nrtc Contract Rights Member Subscribers Nrtc Member Subscribers
Nrtc Pegasus Acquisitions Nrtc Pegasus Transactions
Obligation Transferee Purchase Obligations
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Online Also Help Environment Consenting Receive Electronic Delivery
Operating Costs Expenses Option Exercises Stock Vested
Option Grants Chief Executive Officer Orbital License
Ordinary Course Business Other
Other Arrangements Other Benefits Agreements
Other Comprehensive Income Other Comprehensive Income Loss
Other Developments Other Employment Agreements Executive Officers
Other Employment Agreements Named Executive Officers Other Employment Agreements Named Executives
Other Events Other Executive Compensation Policies
Other Fees Other Income Expenses
Other Information Other Investments
Other Liabilities Deferred Credits Other Matters
Other Net Other Stockholder Proposals Presentation Next Annual Meeting
Other Taxes Panamericana
Panamsat Parent Guarantee
Parent Only Partially Adjusted Capital Account
Participation Drag-along Transaction Payment Awards
Peer Group Pegasus Subscribers
Pension Benefits Pension Other Postretirement Benefits
Pension Plans Percentage Interest-
Performance Allocation Fund Performance Incentive Programs
Performance Measures Performance Presentation
Performance Stock Unit Award Agreement Performance-based Business Criteria
Permitted Liens Permitted Payments
Permitted Refinancing Permitted Transferee
Person Person-
Persons Execute Lock-up Agreement Plan Administration
Plan Amendment Termination Plan Assets
Plan Expenses Please Note-you Cannot Vote Returning Notice Shares Online
Please Regardless Whether Not Previously Submitted Proxy Submit Pledge Agreement
Plus Preretirement Survivor Benefit
Principal Stockholder Significant Influence Over Management Actions Requiring Principles Consolidation
Prior Llc Agreement Private Securities Litigation Reform Act 1995
Pro Rata Projected Long-term Incentive Plan-awards 2004
Projected Long-term Incentive Plan-awards 2005 Pronouns
Properties Property
Property Equipment Satellites Depreciation Property Satellites Depreciation
Property Satellites Net Proposals-the Board Directors Recommends Vote Nominees Listed Proposal
Proposals-the Board Directors Recommends Vote Nominees Listed Proposals Proposed Issuance Notice
Provided Provided Further
Provided However Proxies
Proxies Shares Held Employee Savings Plans Proxies Shares Held Employee Stock Plans
Proxies Submitted Internet Telephone Received 1201 Eastern Time Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors
Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2007 Puerto Rico Condition
Purpose Purposes
Purposes Responsibilities Qualified Initial Public Offering
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Management Fee Payment
Quorum Majorities Recitals
Reclassifications Redeemable Minority Interest
Redeemable Noncontrolling Interest Refinancing Transactions
Registrable Securities Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registration Expenses Registration Procedures
Registration Statement Regulation Disclosure
Regulations- Regulatory Allocations
Related Party Payments Related-party Transactions
Relationship Between Liberty Relationships Between Certain Other Parties
Rely Key Personnel Reorganization Agreement
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reporting Change
Reporting Changes Required Fcc Consents
Required Registrations Restricted Stock Units
Restructuring Dtvla Results Impacted Effect Changes United States Latin America
Results Impacted Effect Changes United States Worldwide Economic Results Operations Financial Condition
Retention Awards Retirement Benefit
Retirement Growth Benefit Program Retirement Release Agreement Hartenstein
Revenue Recognition Revenues Operating Costs Expenses
Review Revised Board 2007
Right Action Right Employment
Right Title Interest Hughes Assets Risk Factors
Rule 144 Requirements Safe Harbor Forward-looking Statements
Sale Transaction Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Satellite Development Satellite Developments
Satellite Fleet Satellite Insurance
Satellite Leases Satellite Programming Signals Been Stolen Future Result Lost
Satellite Systems Manufacturing Businesses Satellites
Satellites Net Property Equipment Satellites Subject Significant Launch Operational Risks
Schedule Schedule 14a
Schedule 14a Information Proxy Statement Pursuant Securities Exchange Schedule Limited Liability Interests
Secretary Securities Act
Securities Exchange Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Security Ratings
See Segment Reporting Data
Segundo Calif 2005 Segundo Calif 2006
Segundo Calif Feb 2006 Segundo Calif Nov 2009
Segundo New York 2005 Selected Quarterly Data
Selected Segment Data Selection Directors
Selection Enrollment Eligibility Selection Nominees Directors
Selection Underwriter Selling Investor
Service 2004 Service 2005
Set-top Receiver Manufacturing Operations Setting 2006 Executive Officer Compensation
Severability Several Liability
Severance Related Costs Severance Retention Pension Benefit Costs
Shallrdquo Share Repurchase Program
Share-based Payment Share-based Payments
Shareholder Resolution Shareholders Supporting Statement
Short-term Borrowings Current Portion Long-term Debt Short-term Borrowings Long-term Debt
Short-term Payout Unforeseeable Financial Emergencies Withdrawal Election Signature
Signature Page Follows Signaturerdquo
Signatures Significant Debt
Significant Subsidiaries Directv Group Inc Significant Transactions Affecting Comparability Results Operations
Sky Brazil Functional Currency Sky Transactions
Skyterra Skyterra Board Members
Skyterra Interests Skyterra Investor
Skyterra Sub Skyterra Transaction
Solicitation Costs Source Stock
Spaceway Assets Spaceway Impairment Charge
Special Committees Specific Forms Compensation Structured Implemented Reflect Named Executive
Specific Forms Compensation Structured Implemented Reflect Performance Specific Performance
Split-off Split-off Effective Time
Standard Indemnity Standstill
State Other Jurisdiction Incorporation Stock Options
Stock-based Compensation Stockholder Communications
Stockholder Communications Board Stockholder Proposals
Stockholder Proposals Inclusion Next Proxy Statement Stockholders Equity
Strategic Developments Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subscriber Acquisition Costs Subscriber Acquisition Costs Materially Increase
Subscriber Acquisition Upgrade Retention Costs Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsequent Events Review
Subsidiaries Compete Other Mvpds Some Greater Resources Levels Subsidiaries Depend Others Produce Programming Costs Increasing
Subsidiary Subtracted
Succession Capital Account Successors
Summary Summary 2007 Compensation Payments
Summary Cash Other Compensation Summary Compensation
Summary Description Amended Bonus Plan Summary Material Terms Conditions 2005 Equity Award Independent
Summary Material Terms Conditions 2005 Equity Program 2004 Supplementary Data
Supplementary Table 4-change Pension Value Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Supplementary Table 5-all Other Compensation
Supplementary Table 7-board Directors-all Other Compensation Supplementary Table 8-board Directors Outstanding Equity Awards Year-end
Table Contents Tag Along Notice
Tag Along Participant Tag Along Price
Target Awards Target Capital Account
Tax Allocations Tax Fees
Tax Matters Member Taxable Income Distribution Amount
Taxes Telephone Internet Voting Instructions
Term Termination
Termination Amendment Modification Termination Arrangements Stern
Termination Cause Benefit Involuntary Termination Date
Termination Date- Timing Conditions Completion
Timing Manner Distribution Respect Stock Units Trade Secrets
Trading Transaction Acknowledgement
Transactions Between News Corporation Subsidiaries Transactions Liberty Media
Transfer Notice Transferee Terms
Transfers Rights Trust
Unaffiliated Buyer Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Unused Commitment Update Executive Outlook
Upgrade Retention Costs Valuation Long-lived Assets
Values Potential Payments Termination Employment 2006 Values Potential Payments Termination Employment 2007
Values Potential Payments Termination Employment 2008 Venezuela Exchange Controls
Vote Internet Vote Internet Telephone Available
Vote Telephone Vote Telephone Internet Please Not Mail Back Proxy
Voting Inspectors Voting Securities
Voting Stock What Accounting Tax Treatments Compensation Programs
What Basis Selecting Particular Events Triggering Payment Respect What Elements Compensation
What Elements Compensation Choose Pay Each Element Decisions What Equity Other Security Ownership Guidelines
What Equity Other Security Ownership Requirements Guidelines What Factors Considered Decisions Increase Decrease Compensation Materially
What Impact Accounting Tax Treatments Particular Form Compensation What Information Committee Consider Making Executive Compensation Decisions
What Objectives Compensation Programs What Objectives Compensation Programs Designed Reward
What Policies Allocating Between Long-term Currently Paid Out What Policies Regarding Adjustment Recovery Awards Payments Performance
What Policies Regarding Recovery Awards Payments What Position Practice Severance Change-in-control Agreements
What Process Compensation Committee Generally Follow Determining Executive What Role Compensation Consultant Determining Executive
What Role Executive Officers Determining Compensation What Specific Corporate Performance Taken Account Setting Compensation
What Specific Performance Measures Taken Account Setting Compensation Withholding Taxes
Wwwenvisionreportscom Dtv Year-to-date Review
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