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Accounting Convention Accounting Metrics
Accounting Period Accounting Pronouncements Adopted
Acquired Intangible Assets Acquisition Shares Tomkins Dividend Reinvestment Plan
Acquisition Value-enhancing Businesses Acquisitions
Acquisitions Disposals Additional Fees
Address Principal Executive Offices Adjourn
Adjusted Earnings Per Share Adjusted Operating Margin
Adjusted Operating Profit Adjustments Respect Prior Acquisitions
Adopted Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Adoption Ifrs
Ads Holders Unable Participate Rights Offerings Similar Transactions Aftermarket Having Widest Distribution Network
Aftermarket Manufactured Products Aftermarket Overview
Aim Tomkins Achieve Over Time Best-in-class Social Environmental Air Distribution
Air Systems Air Systems Components
Air Systems Components Gaap Air Systems Components Having Strongest Brands Industry
Air Systems Components Ldquoascrdquo Air Systems Components Net Sales 2004 7723 2003
Air Systems Components Net Sales 2005 8813 2004 Air Systems Components Net Sales 2006 10706 2005
Air Systems Components Overview Alan Power
Allot Allotted
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Amendment Ifrs Share-based Payment Vesting Conditions Cancellations
Analysis Geographical Origin Gaap Analysis Net Debt
Analysis Ordinary Shareholdings 2005 Analysis Segment
Annual Bonus Incentive Plan Annual General Meeting
Annual Remuneration Executives Approximately Percent Total Revenues Generated Major Customers Industrial
Assets Held Sale Associates
Ation Financial Statements8221 Attestation Report Registered Public Accounting Firm
Attorney Audit Committee
Audit Committee Financial Expert Australia
Authorised Share Capital Authorized Share Capital
Automotive Aftermarket Automotive Customers Seek Obtain Price Reductions Suppliers Unable
Automotive Original Equipment Available-for-sale Investments
Axles Background
Backup Withholding Information Reporting Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet Reviews Bank Loans Overdrafts Other Capital Leases
Bank Other Loans Basic Fee
Basis Audit Opinion Basis Consolidation
Basis Opinion Basis Preparation
Bathware Benefit Payments
Board Changes Board Committee
Board Committee Chairman Evaluations Board Committee Evaluation
Board Committee Individual Evaluations Board Committees
Board Directors Board Directors Shareholders Tomkins Plc
Board Evaluation Board Promotes Highest Standards Corporate Governance Within Through
Bondholders Right Require Redeem Outstanding Bonds Certain Circumstances Bondholders Rights
Borrowin Covenant Borrowing Covenants
Borrowing Facilities Borrowing Powers Directors
Borrowings Bridge Free Cash Flow Equity
Broadhurst Chairman Minton Keenan Building Blocks Value Fig11
Building Products Building Products Gaap
Building Products Ifrs Business Combinations
Business Excellence Initiatives Business Excellence Tomkins
Business Processes Business Reviews
Business Strategy Reviews Call
Capacity Reliability Security Groups Computer Hardware Software Telecommunications Capita Expenditur
Capita Structur Capital Expenditure
Capital Expenditures Capital Leases
Capital Structure Capitalisation Interest
Capitalization Interest Cas Balance
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow
Cash Flow Metrics Cash Flow Net Debt
Cash-settled Awards Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Certificated Form Certification
Certification Ceo Chief Financial Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 Cgus
Chairman Chairman Chief Executive
Chairman Chief Executive Officer Chairmans Remuneration
Changes Capital Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting Charitable Political Donations
Chief Executive Officer Aged Chief Executives Statement Contents
Classification Differences Closed Scheme
Closed Schemes Code Conduct Ethics
Code Conduct Ethics Human Rights Policy Code Ethics
Commitments Contingencies Commitments Operating Leases
Committee Evaluations Community Affairs
Compared 2002 Compared 2003
Compared 2004 Comparison Corporate Governance
Competitive Position Compliance Statement
Conclusion Conflicts Interest
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consolidate
Consolidated Balance Sheet Data Consolidated Cash Flow Statement
Consolidated Financial Statements Referred Consolidated Statements Other Financial Information
Contact Details Person Contents
Contingencies Continuing Improvement Vehicle Component Life Adversely Affect Important
Continuing Operations Contractual Obligations Commercial Commitments
Contractual Obligations Financial Commitments Contributions
Controls Procedures Convening Extraordinary Annual General Meetings
Convergence Gaap Corporat Governanc
Corporate Governance Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
Cost Location Debt Credi Rating
Credit Rating Credit Risk
Critical Accounting Estimates Critical Accounting Policies
Cumulative Translation Differences Currency Derivatives
Currency Risk Currency Translation
Current Acquisitions Current Schemes
Current Versus Prospective Liquidity Cyclical Nature Markets
Cyclical Nature Markets Serve Adversely Affect Business David Carroll
David Newlands David Newlands Chairman Commented
David Richardson Dds Robertson Chairman Mcdonough Appointed 2007 Nicol
Dds Robertson Chairman Nicol Debenture
Deferred Matching Share Purchase Plan Deferred Tax Other Provisions
Deloitte Llp Deloitte Touche Llp
Denise Burton Dependence Human Resources Strategy
Dependence Investment Divestment Decisions Dependence Strong Relationships Manufacturers Representatives Distributors Wholesalers
Dependent Strong Relationships Manufacturers Representatives Distributors Wholesalers Derivative Claim
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivative Instruments
Derivatives Hedge Accounting Description Differences Accounting Principles Generally Accepted United Kingdom
Description Differences Generally Accepted Accounting Principles United States Details Corporate Bonds Emtn Program
Details Corporate Bonds Emtn Programme Differentiation Capabilities Industrial Automotive Aftermarket
Directorate Change Directors
Directors Interests Directors Interests Tomkins Shares 2005
Directors Report Accounts Companies House Directors Responsibilities
Directors Senior Management Directors8217 Interests Tomkins Shares 2009
Disability Means Permanent Within Meaning Health Insurance Scheme Disclosure Committee
Disclosure Ownership Discontinue Operation
Disposals Distribution Assets Otherwise Cash
Dividend Dividend Creditor Investments
Dividend Reinvestment Plan Dividends
Dividends Ordinary Shares Dividends Preferred Shares
Documents Display Dollar Interest Rate Maturity Profile
Dongfeng-fuji-thomson Thermostat Ltd Doors Windows
Earning Shar Earnings Per Share
Economic Metrics Effec Inflatio
Effect Foreign Currency Effect Inflation
Electronic Communication Electronic Means
Electronic Proxy Voting Employee Share Plans
Employee Share Schemes Employee Stock Option Plans
Employees Employment Policies
End End-market Outlook Remainder 2009
End-market Outlook Remainder 2009 2010 Engineered Construction Products
Engineered Construction Products Gaap Enquiries
Entitled Share Law Environment Environmental Management Systems
Environmental Commitments Environmental Liabilities
Esos Estimates
Euro Medium Term Program Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Exceptional Exchange Controls
Executed Executive Directors
Executive Officer Changes Executive Officers
Executive Remuneration External Appointments
Factors Driving Deficits Fair Value Financial Assets Liabilities
Fair Value Preference Shares Fair Values Financial Instruments
Fig11 Building Blocks Value Fin48 Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes
Finance Director Aged Finance Leases
Financial Calendar Financial Commitments
Financial Information Financial Instruments
Financial Performance Indicators Financial Plans
Financial Position Financial Record
Financial Reporting Financial Risks
Financial Statements Financial Statements Tomkins Plc Subsidiary Companies
Financial Strategy Fittings
Fixed Assets Fluctuations Currency Exchange Rates
Flui Powe Fluid Power
Fluid Power Net Sales 2002 3184m 2001 3026m Fluid Power Net Sales 2003 5011 2002 4889
Fluid Power Net Sales 2004 5910 2003 5011 Fluid Power Net Sales 2005 6500 2004 5910
Fluid Power Net Sales 2006 7037 2005 6500 Fluid Systems
Fluid Systems Net Sales 2002 2357m 2001 2282m Fluid Systems Net Sales 2003 3617 2002 3231
Fluid Systems Net Sales 2004 4163 2003 3617 Fluid Systems Net Sales 2005 4181 2004 4163
Fluid Systems Net Sales 2006 4305 2005 4181 Focus Business Excellence Produced Positive Operating Financial Results
Foreig Currenc Translatio Foreign Currencies
Foreign Currency Dividends Foreign Currency Transaction Exposures
Foreign Currency Translation Foreign Currency Translation Exposures
Foreign Exchange Rates Foreign Operation8221
Forfeit Forfeiture Form 20-f
Framework Fre Cas Flo
Free Cash Flow Fully Paid Shares
Funding Growth Funding Requirements Investment Commitments Authorisations
Funding Requirements Investment Commitments Authorizations Gai Disposal Exi Businesse
Gain Disposal Continuing Operations Gain Loss Disposal Continuing Operations
Gains Disposals Exit Businesses Gains Losses Disposals Exit Businesses
General General Meetings
General Purposes Committee Geographic Expansion Higher Growth Markets
George Pappayliou Gillingwater Chairman Jmj Keenan Newlands Appointed 2006
Globa Footprin Globa Footprint Communit
Globa Footprint Environmen Climat Chang Global Buydirect
Global Presence Geographical Sales Split Going Concern
Goodwill Goodwill Intangible Assets
Goodwill Other Intangibles Government Grants
Governmental Regulation Grants
Group Gaap Group Operates Business Units
Group Overview Group Overview Gaap
Group Priorities Group Sales
Group Subject Multiple Tax Jurisdictions Hai Rubber Metal Ltd
Hart Cooley Health Care Cost Trends Impact Medicare Prescription Act
Health Care Workers Compensation Health Safety Environment
Health Safety Environment Committee Hedges Future Transactions
Highlights History
Holders Adss Restricted Ability Exercise Voting Rights Hse Highlights
Human Rights Ias Revised Borrowing Costs
Ias Revised Presentation Financial Statements Ideal International
Ifric Ias Limit Defined Benefit Asset Minimum Funding Ifrs Operating Segments
Ifrs Revised Business Combinations Ias Consolidated Separate Financial Igc Llc
Impairment Impairment Disposal Long-lived Assets
Impairment Long-lived Assets Impairment Non-current Assets
Impairment Tests Impairments Recognised
Improvement Vehicle Component Life Incom Expens
Income Per Common Share Income Statement
Income Tax Expense Income Taxes
Increased Competition Low-cost Producers Increasing Raw Material Energy Costs
Indemnity Indemnify Independent Auditors
Independent Non-executive Director Aged Index
Individual Evaluations Individual Savings Accounts Isas
Industrial Industrial Automotive
Industrial Automotive Key Statistics Industrial Automotive Principal Business Areas
Industry Consolidation Result Powerful Competitors Fewer Customers Information
Information Major Customers Inherent Supply Chain Risks
Inheritance Tax Institutional Shareholders
Intangibl Asset Intangible Assets
Intellectual Property Rights Interes Rat Profil
Interest Interest Payable
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Risk Management
Interim Dividend Interim Management Statement
Internal Audit Internal Control
International Operations Expose Risk Fluctuations Currency Exchange Rates Introduction
Inventories Inventory
Investment Income Investment Project Authorization
Investments Issue
Issued Issues
James Nicol James Nicol Chief Executive
James Nicol Chief Executive Officer James Nicol Chief Executive Officer Commented
John Mcdonough John Zimmerman
John Zimmerman Finance Director 2007 Keenan
Ken Lever Finance Director Ken Minton
Key Developments Key Drivers Growth Air Systems Components
Key Drivers Growth Powertrain Market Key Drivers Impacting Performance Air Systems Components
Key Drivers Impacting Performance Engineered Construction Products Key Drivers Impacting Performance Industrial Automotive
Key Points Lasco
Lasco Bathware Fittings Net Sales 2002 2469m 2001 Lasco Net Sales 2003 3617 2002 3890
Lasco Net Sales 2004 3931 2003 3617 Ldquoaoerdquo
Leases Legal Proceedings
Leo Quinn Leve Borrowin Seasonalit
Levels Borrowing Seasonality Levels Borrowings Seasonality
Lien Listing
Litigation Lock -up Agreement Relating Offer Purchase Stackpole Limited
Long Term Incentive Plans Long-term Incentive Plans
Long-term Incentives Share Options Loss Market Share Vehicle Manufacturers
Major Customers Industrial Automotive Major Shareholders
Major Shareholders 2007 Major Shareholders 2008
Major Shareholders Related Party Transactions Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Margins Marke Backgroun
Market Background Market Share
Market Share Product Group Markets
Markets Whole Performed Well 2004 Material Contracts
Material Handling Material Handling Net Sales 2002 926m 2001 1457m
Material Handling Net Sales 2003 1648 2002 1483 Materials Handling Net Sales 2004 1495 2003 1648
Maturity Borrowings Maturity Profile Borrowings Borrowing Facilities
Maximising Returns Cash Balances Maximizing Returns Cash Balances
Mcdonough Appointed Became Chairman 2007 Gillingwater Newlands Quinn Meetings
Members Tomkins Plc Membership Appointment
Membership Appointment Experience Membership Remuneration Committee Advisers
Membership Remuneration Committee Advisers Information Memorandum Articles Association
Mildred Woryk Minorit Interest
Minority Interest Minton Chairman Broadhurst Gillingwater Keenan
Minton Chairman Broadhurst Keenan Minton Chairman Nicol Robertson Wallach
Minton Chairman Nicol Wallach Movements Directors Share Options
Movements Directors Share Options 2007 Multicurrency Revolving Credit Agreement
Nature Operations Net Cash Inflow Operating Activities
Net Debt Net Finance Costs
Net Income Net Operating Assets
New Accounting Pronouncements Not Yet Adopted Newlands Chairman Broadhurst Gillingwater Keenan Minton Sir Brian
Newlands Chairman Broadhurst Keenan Minton Sir Brian Pitman Newlands Chairman Gillingwater Mcdonough Appointed 2007 Quinn Dds
Newlands Chairman Nicol Lever Newlands Chairman Nicol Zimmerman
Newlands Chairman Sir Brian Pitman Gillingwater Jmj Keenan Nicol Chairman Lever Lewzey Middleton Porter Sullivan Swain
Nicol Lever Lewzey Middleton Porter Sullivan Wilkinson Nicol Zimmerman Lewzey Middleton Burton Sullivan Wilkinson
Nitta Corporation Nomination Committee
Non-executive Chairman Aged Non-executive Director Aged
Non-executive Directors Non-executive Directors Fees
Non-executive Directors Fees Chairmans Remuneration Non-operating Exceptional
Non-residential Construction Non-residential Construction 174 Group Sales
Non-statutory Accounts Not Able Raise Sufficient Additional Capital Necessary Fund
Notes Editors Notice Board Meetings
Notice Meeting Number Businesses Various Regions World Provide Additional Management
Number Employees Members Trade Unions Other Employment Organizations Obligations Operating Capital Leases
Off Balance Sheet Arrangements Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Officer Ongoing Option
Operate Pension Plans Throughout World Covering Majority Employees Operate Very Competitive Markets Adversely Affected Fail Keep
Operating Cash Flow Operating Exceptional
Operating Leases Operating Margins
Operating Performance Indicators Operating Profit Bridge
Operations Operations Foreign Emerging Markets
Operations Foreign Emerging Markets Expose Risks Associated Conditions Operator
Opinion Opportunities Growth Aftermarket
Ordinary Dividends Ordinary Resolution
Organic Growth Organizational Structure
Othe Buildin Product Othe Intangibl Asset
Other Other Building Products
Other Building Products Net Sales 2004 6733 2003 Other Building Products Net Sales 2005 7233 2004
Other Building Products Net Sales 2006 6915 2005 Other Countries
Other Equity-settled Awards Other Finance Income Expense
Other Industrial Automotive Other Industrial Automotive Net Sales 2002 2943m 2001
Other Industrial Automotive Net Sales 2003 4459 2002 Other Industrial Automotive Net Sales 2004 3905 2003
Other Industrial Automotive Net Sales 2004 8458million 2003 Other Industrial Automotive Net Sales 2005 9194 2004
Other Industrial Automotive Net Sales 2005 9194million 2004 Other Industrial Automotive Net Sales 2006 9817 2005
Other Intangible Assets Outlook
Outsourced Market Growing Compound Annual Rate Between 2002 Overview
Overview Gaap Own Shares
Partly Paid Shares Passive Foreign Investment Pfic Status
Patents Trademarks Payment Dividend
Payments Interests Former Directors Pension Other Post Retirement Benefits
Pension Other Post-retirement Benefits Pension Plan Assets
Pension Plans Pensions
Pensions Funding Strategy Pensions Investment Strategy
Pensions Other Post-retirement Benefits Performance Graph
Performance Graph Information Performance Management Framework
Performance Management System Fig12 Personal Representatives
Perspective Pfic Status
Philips Doors Windows Net Sales 2002 1621m 2001 Philips Doors Windows Net Sales 2003 2448 2002
Philips Doors Windows Net Sales 2004 2543 2003 Philips Products Inc
Policy Objectives Compliance Political Donations
Poll Porter
Porter Secretary Post Retirement Benefits
Post-employment Benefits Post-retirement Benefits
Post-retirement Benefits Other Pensions Potentially Changing Regulatory Environment Limit Business Opportunities Profitability
Powe Transmissio Power Attorney
Power Transmission Power Transmission Net Sales 2002 7968m 2001 7426m
Power Transmission Net Sales 2004 16681 2003 14519 Power Transmission Net Sales 2005 17610 2004 16681
Power Transmission Net Sales 2006 18513 2005 17610 Powertrain
Powertrain Market Worth 138 2010 Powertrain Net Sales 2003 14520 2002 11942
Powertrain Net Sales 2004 16682 2003 14520 Powertrain Overview
Pre-emption Rights Preference Shares
Premium Presentation Classification Differences
Presentational Differences Price Reductions Customers
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principal Accounting Policies
Principal Acquisitions Disposals Capital Expenditures Principal Activities
Principal Risks Uncertainties Printed England Ctd Printers Ltd
Priorities Product Development Costs
Product Development Technology Leading Growth Powertrain Product Liability Claims Arise Due Nature Products
Product Liability Claims Due Nature Groups Products Product Warranties
Production Index Products Include Fans Grilles Registers Diffusers Variable Air
Profit Period Project Eagle Cheetah
Pronouncements Adopted Pronouncements Adopted 2007
Pronouncements Not Yet Adopted Property Plan Equipmen
Property Plant Equipment Property Plants Equipment
Proposed Amendment Articles Provisions
Proxy Proxy Form
Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Pyung Hwa Cmb Ltd Quorum
Rank Raw Materials
Raw Materials Energy Supplies Re-appointment Directors
Recent Events Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements
Recently Issued Accounting Standards Reclassification Amounts Reported Prior
Recognised Investment Exchange Reconciliation Income Tax Expense Benefit Charged Statutory Rate
Reconciliation Net Cash Flow Movement Debt Reconciliation Net Decrease Cash Equivalents Movement Debt
Reconciliation Segment Result Adjusted Operating Profit Redeem Redemption Redeemable
Registrar Regulatory Environment
Related Party Transactions Relations Shareholders
Relevant System Reliance Certain Raw Materials Suppliers Key Components
Reliance Certain Raw Materials Suppliers Key Components Erode Remuneration
Remuneration Committee Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reporting Analysis Forecasts Reporting Certifications
Reporting Dollars Repositioning Air Systems Components
Representative Research Development
Research Development Costs Research Development Patents Licenses Etc
Reserve Reserves
Residential Construction Residential Construction Group Sales
Resolutions Annual General Meeting Respective Responsibilities Directors Auditors
Responsibility Restricted Cash
Restricted Reserves Restructurin Cost
Restructuring Costs Restructuring Initiatives
Results Results Dividends
Retire Rotation Retirement Benefits
Retirement Benefits Audited Information Retirement Directors
Revenue Revenue Recognition
Richard Gillingwater Ris Increase Competitio Fro Low-cost Producer
Ris Produc Liabilit Claim Ris Tha Huma Resource Strategie Effectiv
Rising Costs Providing Health Care Workers Compensation Erode Risk Arisin Fro Illiqui Credi Market
Risk Assessment Risk Associate Wit Acquisition Disposal
Risk Associate Wit Cos Availabilit Productio Input Risk Associate Wit Economi Downtur
Risk Associate Wit Majo Automotiv Manufacturer Risk Factors
Risk Inheren Operatin Emergin Economie Risk Inheren Suppl Chai
Risk Management Policy Risks Related Securities Market Ownership Adss Registered Shares
Risks Relating Competitive Position Group Businesses Risks Relating Markets Within Group Operates
Roup Sales Ruskin
Safe Harbor Sales Bridge
Sales End-markets Sales Geographic Region
Sales Operating Profit Sales Product Category
Sample Calculation Schedule
Scope Review Seasonality
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Securities Reporting Obligation Pursuant Act
Selected Financial Data Selected Geographic Information
Senior Independent Non-executive Director Aged Sensitivity Changes Key Assumptions
Sensors Valves Service Contracts
Service Contracts Information Sfas 123r Share-based Payment
Sfas 154 Accounting Changes Error Corrections Sfas151 Inventory Costs Amendment Arb Chapter
Sfas154 Accounting Changes Error Corrections Sfas157 Fair Value Measurements
Sfas158 Employers Accounting Defined Benefit Pension Other Postretirement Sfas159 Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities Including
Shadow Director Shar Profi Associate
Share Based Payments Share Capital Dividends Voting Rights
Share Dealing Share Options
Share Ownership Share Price Information
Share-based Incentives Share-based Payments
Shareholders Equity Show Hands
Signature Signatures
Significance Revenues Generated Detroit Significant Changes
Socially Responsible Investment Some Customers Experiencing Lower Levels Business
Sox Act Certifications Special Business Annual General Meeting
Special Regarding Forward-looking Statements Special Resolution
Special Rights Ssap Disclosures
Staff Stamp Duty Reserve Tax Sdrt
Stamp Duty Sdrt Statement Cash Flows
Statement Directors Responsibilities Statement Policy Directors Remuneration
Statement Policy Directors Remuneration Information Statements Cash Flows
Statements8221 Statutory Declaration
Stock Strategi Developmen
Strategies Growth Aftermarket Strategies Growth Air Systems Components
Strategies Growth Powertrain Strong Underlying Results
Strua Robertso Struan Robertson
Subject Subsequent Events
Subsidiary Subsidiary Information
Substantial Shareholdings Summary Cash Flow Statement
Summary Consolidated Balance Sheet Summary Directors Report
Sums Paid Parties Respect Directors Services Sums Received Executive Directors Other External Directorships
Supplier Payment Policy Support Agreement
System Component Table Contents
Tabular Disclosure Contractual Obligations Targets Facts Figures
Tax Tax Charge Cash Cost
Tax Provisions Not Sufficient Cover Future Liabilities Taxation
Taxation Capital Gains Taxation Dividends
Technological Changes Terms Reference
Terry Ohalloran Three-year Summary Gaap
Tomkins 2005 Sharesave Scheme Tomkins 2006 Performance Share Plan
Tomkins Delivered Strong Performance 2004 Focus Business Excellence Tomkins Executive Share Option Scheme Esos
Tomkins Executive Share Option Scheme Esos No3 Tomkins Plc Holding Dependent Cash Flow Subsidiaries Meet
Tomkins Premium Priced Option Tomkins Recognises Responsibilities Wider Community Businesses Operate Provide
Tomkins Restricted Share Plan Rsp Matching Scheme Sms Tomkins Savings Related Share Option Scheme
Tomkins Savings Related Share Option Scheme Saye Tomkins Savings Related Share Option Scheme Saye 2005
Tomkins Share Matching Scheme Tomkins Share Matching Scheme Sms
Total Compensation Paid Directors Executive Officers Total Recognised Gains Losses
Total Shareholder Return 1999 2004 Total Shareholder Return 2000 2005
Trade Other Receivables Trade Payables
Trade Receivables Trading Symbols
Trading Update Industrial Automotive Trailer Axles
Trailer Axles Net Sales 2003 2857 2002 2784 Trailer Axles Net Sales 2004 3317 2003 2857
Trailers Axles Net Sales 2002 1788m 2001 1614m Transfers Shares
Transition Period Compared 2001 Treasury Responsibilities Philosophy
Treasury Shares Trend Information
Trico Pty Ltd Trustees
Turnover Unable Fully Recover Increasing Raw Material Costs Customers
Unable Implement Strategic Initiatives Successfully Ability Achieve Optimal Unable Protect Intellectual Property Rights Future Success Business
Unamortized Transaction Costs Uncertificated Form
Underlying Aftermarket Growth Underlying Change Sales Adjusted Operating Profit
Underlying Sales Increased 115 Per Cent Underlying Sales Increased 141 Per Cent
Underlying Sales Increased 159 Per Cent Underlying Sales Increased 209 Per Cent
Underlying Sales Increased Per Cent Underwriting
Undrawn Committed Facilities Unfunded Defined Benefit Schemes
United Kingdom United States America
Valuation Long-lived Assets Investments Valves Taps Mixers
Valves Taps Mixers Net Sales 2002 980m 2001 Valves Taps Mixers Net Sales 2003 1257 2002
Verification Votes Members
Warrant Dividend Weighted Average Cost Capital
Winhere Auto Part Manufacturing Ltd Wiper Systems
Wiper Systems Net Sales 2002 2930m 2001 2563m Wiper Systems Net Sales 2003 4633 2002 4236
Wiper Systems Net Sales 2004 4630 2003 4633 Wiper Systems Net Sales 2004 4631 2003 4633
Wiper Systems Net Sales 2005 4249 2004 4631 Work Audit Committee
Work Committee Work Stoppages Other Labor Issues Facilities Customers
Workers Compensation Workers8217 Compensation
Working Capital Workplac
Workplace Employee World Wide Web
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