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Accounting Certain Hybrid Financial Instruments Accounting Defined Benefit Pension Other Postretirement Plans
Accounting Exploratory Drilling Costs Accounting Policies
Accounting Purchases Sales Inventory Same Counterparty Accounting Servicing Financial Assets
Accounts Receivable Other Current Assets Acquisition Deer Creek
Acquisition Petrofina Elf Activities Certain Countries Subject Sanctions Iran Lead Relevant
Addition Total Started Appraisal Development Studies South Sulige Additional Information
Additional Information Cash Flow Additional Information Earnings Per Share
Additional Information Impairments Additional Information Income Taxes
Adhesives Adjusted Income
Adjusting Adjustment
Adjustment Business Segment Adjustments Net Income
Adjustments Operating Income Adrs
Africa Africa Middle East
Algeria Allocation Results
Alternative Ifrs Methods Amendment Termination Deposit Agreement
Americas Amortization Goodwill
Analysis Currency Interest Rate Angola
Anne Lauvergeon Antitrust Investigations
Antoine Jeancourt-galignani Argentina
Argentine Financial Crisis Arkema
Arkema Spin-off Arrangements Involving Employees Capital
Asbestos Asia
Asia Far East Asia Far East-pacific
Asia-pacific Asset Retirement Obligations
Asset Retirement Obligations Environmental Remediation Assets Liabilities Financing Activities
Audit Committee Audit Committee Activity 2005
Audit Committee Financial Expert Audit Committee Membership Practices
Audit Committee Pre-approval Policy Auditors
Australia Award Policy
Azerbaijan Bangladesh
Base Chemicals Base Petrochemicals
Basis Presentation Basis Presentation Financial Information
Bertrand Collomb Bertrand Jacquillat
Bio-fuels Hydrogen Biofuels
Biofuels Hydrogen Blue Rapid Russian Olympic Committee
Board Committees Board Compensation
Board Directors Board Directors Decisions
Board Directors Powers Board Directors Practices
Board Meetings Bolivia
Bolivia New Exploration Production Contracts Renegotiated Pursuant 2006 Brazil
Brunei Buncefield
Business Combinations Business Overview
Business Segment Information Business Segment Reporting
Cameroon Canada
Cancellation Treasury Shares Capital Employed
Capital Increase Reserved Employees Capital Increase Reserved Group Employees
Carbon Dioxide Emission Rights Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Hedge Cash Flow Hedges Future Intra-group Transactions
Cash Flow Operating Activities Cash Flow Used Financing Activities
Cautionary Statement Concerning Forward-looking Statements Cepsa
Certain Terms Certificates
Certifications Change Accounting Policies
Changes Asset Retirement Obligation Changes Group Structure Main Acquisitions Divestitures
Changes Group Structure Main Acquisitions Divestments Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Share Capital Changes Standardized Measure Discounted Future Net Cash Flows
Changes Working Capital Charges Depositary
Chemicals Chemicals Segment Financial Data
Chile China
Christophe Margerie Claude Mandil
Coal Code Business Conduct Ethics
Code Ethics Collateral Given Against Borrowings
Colombia Commitments Contingencies
Commonwealth Independent States Cis Compared 2004 Results
Compensation Compensation Administration Management Bodies
Compensation Chairman Compensation Chairman Chief Executive Officer
Compensation Chief Executive Officer Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Membership Practices Competition
Compliance Securities Laws Component-based Approach
Composition Board Directors Composition Board Directors Independence
Condensed Balance Sheet 2005 Congo
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firms Consolidated Statement Cash Flow
Consolidated Statement Cash Flows Consolidated Statement Income
Consolidated Statements Other Supplemental Information Contents
Contractual Obligations Controls Procedures
Conversion Table Corporate Governance
Costs Develop Proved Undeveloped Reserves Counterparty Risk
Countries Total Several Major Discoveries Was Awarded New Critical Accounting Policies
Crude Oil Natural Gas Reserve Data Only Estimates Crude Oil Refining Capacity
Crude Refining Cumulative Translation Adjustment
Currency Exposure Current Borrowings Bank Overdrafts Related Financial Instruments
Current Financial Assets Liabilities Current Non-current Financial Liabilities
Daniel Boeuf Daniel Bouton
Debt Obligations Declaration Crossing Ownership Thresholds
Deferred Taxes Dependence Factors
Deposit Withdrawal Shares Derivative Instruments
Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Description Sda Shares
Description Shares Description Total Adrs
Description Total Share Certificates Director Independence
Directors Charter Disclosure
Disclosure Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Balances Disclosure Controls Procedures
Dismantling Asset Retirement Obligations Environmental Remediation Disputes
Dissolution Liquidation Dividend
Dividend Per Share Dividend Policy
Dividend Rights Dividends Other Distributions Rights
Dividends Paying Agents Dme Di-methyl Ether
Documents Display Dollar Euro Exchange Rates
Downstream Downstream Refining Marketing
Downstream Refining-marketing Downstream Results
Downstream Segment Financial Data Duration
E-commerce Earnings Per Share
Economic Political Factors Election
Electricity Cogeneration Electroplating
Elf Aquitaine Stock Options Executive Officers Members Management Emission Rights
Employee Benefit Obligations Employee Benefits
Employee Shareholding Employees
Equity-method Affiliates Ifrs Restatement Erika
Ern Europe
Evaluation Board Directors Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Exchange Controls Exchange Guarantee Granted Holders Elf Aquitaine Share Subscription
Exchange Rate Information Exchanged Event Exercise Total Shares
Excise Taxes Payment Given Executive Committee
Executive Officer Compensation Executive Officers Group 2006
Exploration Costs Exploration Development
Exploration Production Legal Considerations Face Foreign Exchange Risks Adversely Affect Results Operations
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Hedge
Fair Value Measurements Fair Value Option
Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities Fasb Interpretation Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes-an Statement 109
Fertilizers Financial Assets Liabilities
Financial Code Ethics Financial Guarantee Contracts Credit Insurance
Financial Income Financial Instruments
Financial Loans Receivables Financial Markets Related Risks
Financial Statements Foreign Currency Translation
Form Form Shares
Form Transfer Shares France
French Estate Gift Taxes French Regulation
French Taxes French Wealth Tax
Future Capital Calls Gabon
Gains Equity Securities Gas Power
Gas Power Trading Value-at-risk 975 Probability General
General Management General Policy
Geopolitical Economic Situation South America Geopolitical Situation Middle East
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Grande Paroisse
Grant Total Restricted Shares Grants Chairman Chief Executive Officer Officers
Grants Officers Responsible Managing Executive Group Results 2005 2004
Group Results 2005 Compared 2004 Group Results 2006 2005
Group Results 2007 2006 Group Results 2008 2007
Groups Application Ias 2004 Leads Following Restatements Guarantees Given Against Borrowings
Guarantees Given Excise Taxes Health Safety Environment Regulations
Highlights 2006 Included History Development
Holding Holding Shareholders Meetings Decisions
Holding Shares Hydrogen
Ias Employee Benefits Ifric Applying Restatement Approach Ias
Ifric Customer Loyalty Programs Ifric Determining Whether Arrangement Contains Lease
Ifric Distributions Non-cash Assets Owners Ifric Hedges Net Investment Foreign Operation
Ifric Ias Limit Defined Benefit Asset Minimum Funding Ifric Rights Interests Arising Decommissioning Restoration Environmental Rehabilitation
Ifrs Financial Instruments Disclosures Ifrs Operating Segments
Impact Net Income Impairment Assets
Impairment Long-lived Assets Incentive Agreements
Income Tax Computation Income Taxes
Indemnities Indemnities Related Sales Businesses
Indonesia Industrial Chemicals
Industrial Environmental Considerations Information Concerning First-time Application Ifrs
Information Equity Interests Information Geographical Area
Information Related First-time Application Ifrs Insurance
Insurance Policy Insurance Risk Management
Intangible Assets Interest Rate Risk Long-term Debt
Interest Rate Risk Non-current Debt Introduction
Inventories Inventory Costs
Investments Non-consolidated Companies Publicly-traded Equity Securities Iran
Iraq Italy
Jürgen Sarrazin Kazakhstan
Kuwait Lease Contracts
Leasehold Rights Leases
Legal Arbitration Proceedings Legal Risks
Liability Adr Holders Taxes Libya
Liquefied Natural Gas Liquefied Natural Gas Lng
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Liquefied Petroleum Gas Lpg
Liquidation Rights Liquidity Capital Resources
Liquidity Risk Listing Trading Allotment Rights Arkema Shares
Listing Trading Shares Litigation
Loan Repayment Schedule Excluding Current Portion Long-term Profitability Depends Cost Effective Discovery Development New
Lord Peter Levene Portsoken Main Indicators Information Business Segment
Main Product Groups Regions Major Shareholders
Major Shareholders Related Party Transactions Malaysia
Management Management Committee
Management Counterparty Risk Management Currency Exposure
Management Interest Rate Risk Long-term Debt Management Interest Rate Risk Non-current Debt
Management Short-term Interest Rate Exposure Cash Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Marine Energy Marketing
Markets Material Contracts
Maurice Lippens Mauritania
Members Board Directors Mexico
Michel Pébereau Middle East
Modification Groups Accounting Principles Monetary Transactions
Morocco Myanmar
Natural Gas Net Debt
Net Investment Hedge Net Operating Income Measure Used Evaluate Return Capital
Net Operating Losses Tax Credit Carry Forwards Net Operating Losses Tax Credit Carryforwards
Net-debt-to-equity Ratio Netherlands
New Accounting Principles Not Yet Effect Nigeria
Nominating Compensation Committee Nominating Governance Committee
Nominating Governance Committee Membership Practices Non-cash Investing Activities
Non-consolidated Companies Non-consolidated Subsidiaries
Non-current Debt Non-current Financial Debt
North America Norway
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Notices Reports
Number Total Shares Objects Purposes
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Oil Gas Exploration Producing Properties
Oil Gas Exploration Production Considerations Oil Gas Exploration Production Operations
Oil Gas Market Related Risks Oil Gas Producing Assets
Oil Gas Reserves Oil-for-food Program
Oman Operating Agreements
Operating Assets Liabilities Operating Expenses
Operating Income Operating Income Measure Used Evaluate Performance
Operational Risks Related Environment Safety Operations Throughout Developing World Subject Intervention Various Governments
Options Held Directors Officers Organisation Board Directors
Organization Organizational Structure
Other Countries Other Creditors Accrued Liabilities
Other Financial Income Expense Other Guarantees
Other Guarantees Given Other Income Expense
Other Income Expenses Other Information
Other Investments Other Matters
Other Non-current Assets Other Non-current Liabilities
Other Property Plant Equipment Other Risks Contingent Liabilities
Outlook Overview
Overview Upstream Activities Ownership Shares Non-french Persons
Paid Dividend Per Share Paid-in Surplus
Pakistan Passive Foreign Investment Status
Patricia Barbizet Paul Desmarais
Paying Shares Payroll Staff
Pensions Other Commitments Pensions Post-retirement Benefits
Performance Products Petrochemicals
Pierre Vaillaud Planned Major Maintenance Activities
Policy Determining Compensation Other Benefits Chairman Chief Executive Political Economic Factors Affect Business
Polyethylene Polypropylene
Pre-release Adrs Preferential Subscription Rights
Presentation Production Activities Geographic Area Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principles Consolidation Pro Forma Financial Information 2005
Production Production Began Satellites Alwyn Forvie North Elgin-franklin Glenelg
Production Capacities Production Levels
Property Plants Equipment Provisions Other Non-current Liabilities
Purchase Obligations Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers
Purpose Qatar
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Recent Corporate Governance Developments
Recent Developments Recognized Directly Equity
Recognized Directly Shareholders Equity Reconciliation Between Provision Income Taxes Pre-tax
Reconciliation Business Segment Information Record Dates
Refined Products Refining
Refining Marketing Region Strategy Group Strengthen Positions Canadian Oil Sands
Register Information Registered Office
Regulation Regulations
Regulations Concerning Iran Regulations Concerning Iran Sudan
Regulations Concerning Sudan Related Parties
Related Party Transactions Renewable Energy
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firms Reporting Performance
Requirement Holdings Exceeding Certain Percentages Research Development
Research Development Costs Reserves
Resins Rest World
Restricted Share Grants Restricted Share Grants Awarded 2008 Chairman Chief Executive
Restricted Share Grants Employees Other Directors Receiving Largest Restricted Share Grants Employees Other Executive Directors Receiving
Restricted Share Plans 2006 Restricted Shares Finally Granted 2008 Chairman Chief Executive
Results Retail Stations
Retirement Return Average Capital Employed Roace
Revised Ias Borrowing Costs Revised Ias Presentation Financial Statements
Revised Ifrs Business Combinations Ias Consolidated Separate Financial Rights Obligations Attributable Shares
Risk Evaluation Risk Evaluation Management
Risk Factors Risk Insurance Management Policy
Risk Management Risks Relating Arkema Trademark
Risks Relating Shares Roace Return Average Capital Employed
Rubber Processing Rules Procedure Board
Rules Procedure Board Directors Russia
Russia Total Gazprom Signed Cooperation Agreement 2007 Phase Sales Refined Products
Sales Revenues Sales Supply Crude Oil
Sanofi-aventis Saudi Arabia
Savings Plans Sec Investigation
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Selected Financial Data
Sensitivities Sensitivity Analysis Interest Rate Foreign Exchange Risk
Sensitivity Market Environment Sensitivity Oil Gas Prices
Serge Tchuruk Share Cancellation
Share Capital Share Subscription Purchase Plans
Share Transactions Share-based Payment Expense
Share-based Payment Expenses Share-based Payments
Shareholders Meetings Shareholdings
Shares Held Directors Executive Officers Shipping
Short-term Interest Rate Exposure Cash Signature
Significant Changes Significant Production Reserves Located Politically Economically Socially Unstable
Since 2004 Total Strengthened Position Canadian Oil Sands Since End 2006 Total Started Production Rosa Dalia
Sinking Erika Solar-photovoltaic Power
South Africa South America
Specialties Specific Rights French State Share Capital Elf Aquitaine
State Local Taxes Statements Regarding Competitive Position
Stock Compensation Stock Market Risk
Stock Options Awarded Employees Other Directors Receiving Largest Stock Options Awarded Employees Other Executive Directors Receiving
Stock Options Exercised 2008 Chairman Chief Executive Officer Stock Options Exercised Employees Other Executive Directors Exercising
Stock Options Granted 2008 Chairman Chief Executive Officer Styrenics
Subject Stringent Environmental Health Safety Laws Numerous Jurisdictions Substantial Extended Decline Oil Natural Gas Prices Material
Successful Efforts Method Oil Gas Accounting Sudan
Summary Compensation Stock Options Restricted Shares Granted Chairman Summary Differences Between Accounting Principles Followed United States
Summary Transactions Securities Supplemental Oil Gas Information
Syria Table Contents
Tax Effect Intercompany Transfers Tax Risks
Taxation Taxation Disposition Shares
Taxes Paid Middle East Oil-producing Countries Portion Total Thailand
Thierry Desmarest Thierry Rudder
Total Total Been Present Africa Since 1928 African Continent
Total Began Exploration Production Activities China Appraisal Development Total Compensation Including In-kind Benefits Paid Each Director
Total Restricted Share Grants Total Shares Held Group Subsidiaries
Totals Production Middle East Including Equity Affiliates Totals Production Zone Reached 616 Kboe Representing
Totals Proved Reserves Trading
Trading Euronext Paris Trading Inventories
Trading New York Stock Exchange Trading Shipping
Trading Shipping Value-at-risk 975 Probability Transfer Adrs
Transition International Financial Reporting Standards Ifrs Translation Financial Statements Denominated Foreign Currencies
Treasury Shares Treasury Shares Total Held
Treasury Shares Total Held Parent Trinidad Tobago
United Arab Emirates United Kingdom
United States United States State Local Taxes
United States Taxation Upstream
Upstream Results Upstream Segment Financial Data
Utilization Rate Valuation Long-lived Assets
Variation Asset Retirement Obligation Variation Asset Retirement Obligation 128
Variation Other Non-current Liabilities Variation Other Non-current Liabilities 128
Venezuela Vietnam
Vinyl Products Voting Deposited Securities
Voting Rights Wave Power
Western Europe Wind Power
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