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Acceptance Agreement Acceptance Agreement Employee
Accession Agreement Accounting Convertible Debt Instruments Settled Cash Conversion Including
Accounting Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Accounting Estimates
Accounting Estimatesmdash Accounting Impairment Disposal Long-lived Assets
Accounting Income Taxes Accounting Transfers Servicing Financial Assets Extinguishments Liabilities
Accounting Treatment Transaction Accounting Treatment Transaction See Page
Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Interpretation Fasb Statement 109 Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxesmdashan Interpretation Fasb Statement
Accounts Audit Annual Return Declaration Accounts Credited Interest
Accounts Receivable-trade Acknowledgment Receipt
Action Required Exchange Shares Acts Terrorism Social Unrest Affect Markets Drilling Services
Addcl Primary Loan Facility Addcl Primary Loan Facilitymdash
Addcl Secondary Loan Facility Addcl Secondary Loan Facilitymdash
Additional Agreement Additional Amounts
Additional Benefits Adjournment Shareholder Meetings
Adjustments Plan Construe Provisions Accordance Requirements 409a Administration
Administrative Agent Shall Received Following Documents Certificates Written Adoption Plan Affiliates Administrator
Adoption Procedure Adoption Ratification Confirmation
Advance Expenses Affected Employee Elect Retiree Medical Coverage Within After
Affected Employee Elects Retirement Date Severance Continuation Period Agents
Agents Issuing Banks Agreement
Agreement Other Credit Documents Rights Duties Parties Thereto Agreement Plan Merger
Alan Laws Merrill Lynch Analyst Align Interests Executive Officers Those Shareholders Basing Compensation
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Alteration Share Capital
Alternate Director Proxy Amended 2008
Amended Five-year Revolving Credit Agreement Amended Term Credit Agreement
Amendment Amendment Agreement Plan Merger
Amendment Articles Association Amendment Credit Agreement
Amendment Governing Documents Amendment Supplement Waiver Limitation Suits
Amendment Termination Amendments Indenture
Amendments Merger Agreement Amount
Angie Sedita Macquarie Securities Analyst Angola Deepwater Drilling Companymdash
Annual Meetings Shareholders Anti-takeover Provisions
Anticipated Benefits Moving Principal Executive Offices Switzerland Not Appealing Denied Claim
Applicabale Interest Rate Definition Applicable Law
Applicable Law Plan Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws Application Effectiveness Scheme
Application Eurocurrency Loans Each Case Manner Minimizes Amount Appraisal Rights
Appraisal Rights Compulsory Acquisitions Appraisal Rights See Page
Appreciation Articles
Arun Jayaram Credit Suisse Analyst Asset Dispositions
Asset Dispositionsmdash Assets Held Sale
Assumptions Audit
Available Background Reasons Redomestication
Background Transocean Bank Agreements
Bank Agreementsmdash Bank Credit Agreements
Bank Credit Agreementsmdash Bank Tokyo-mitsubishi Ufj Ltd Houston Agency
Barclays Capital Inc Dealer Base Price Appreciation
Base Salaries Basis 360 Shall Payable Actual Number Elapsed Including
Basis Presentation Basis Presentationmdash
Been Awarded Drilling Contract Construction Enhanced Enterprise-class Drillship Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Benefit Calculation Payment Severance Benefit Payable Program Equal Less Below
Benefit Plans Benefits
Benefits Described Supersede Replace Continuation Medical Dental Employee Benefits Paid Only Supplement Actually Payable Pension Plan
Board Board Committee Composition Management
Borrower Subsidiaries Consummate Merger Other Transactions Borrowing Powers Directors
Box 10342 Harbour Drive 4th Floor Grand Cayman Bridge Loan Facility
Bridge Loan Facilitymdash Business Association
Business Combination Business Combinations
Business Context Peer Group Business Depends Level Activity Offshore Oil Gas Industry
Business Involves Numerous Operating Hazards Calls Shares
Calyon New York Branch Cancellation Scheme Shares Right Receive Consideration
Capital Lease Obligation Capital Structure
Capitalisation Reserves Capitalization
Capitalized Interest Capitalized Interestmdash
Cash Bonuses Awards Cash Equivalents
Cash-settled Sars Cayman Islands Switzerland
Cayman Islands Tax Considerations Ceo Certification Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Certificates Cfo Certification Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Change Circumstances Change Control
Change Law Change Place Incorporation
Change Tax Laws Treaties Regulations Interpretation Country Operate Changes Control Registrant
Chapter Title United States Code Citibank
Classes Closing Register Fixing Record Date
Co-lead Arrangers Co-syndication Agent
Code 409a Compliance Collin Gerry Raymond James Analyst
Commercial Commitmentsmdash Commercial Paper Program
Commercial Paper Programmdash Commercial Paper Rate Notes
Commitment Amounts Commitment Amounts 2008
Companies Act Amended Filed 2008 Comparison Rights Shareholders
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Complete Transaction Market Shares Transocean Ltd Differ Inc
Compliance Breach Environmental Laws Costly Limit Operations Compromise Arrangement Scheme Shareholder
Compromise Arrangement Scheme Shareholders Compulsory Acquisition Shares Held Minority Holders
Compulsory Acquisitions Appraisal Rights Conditions Consummation Transaction
Conditions Effectiveness Amendment Agreement Conditions Precedent
Conference Call Conference Call Information
Confidential Only Permitted Rule 14a-6 Consequences Shareholders Transocean-switzerland Subsequent Transaction
Consequences Transaction Consolidation Variable Interest Entities
Construction Contamination Litigation
Contamination Litigationmdash Contingent Liabilities
Continuing Directors-class I-terms Expiring 2009 Contract Backlog
Contract Drilling Intangible Revenues Contract Drilling Services
Contractual Obligations Contractual Obligationsmdash
Contributions Vesting Distributions Control
Controlling Affiliate Controlling Law
Controls Procedures Conversion
Conversion Notice Convertible Notes
Convertible Notesmdash Convertible Senior Notes Offering
Cope Asis Corporate Governance
Corporate Purpose Corporate Status
Corporations Acting Representatives Meetings Costs
Counterparts Court Approval Transaction
Court Approval Transaction See Page Covenants
Created Contemplation Such Person Becoming Subsidiary Borrower Repairs Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement
Credit Agreement Credit Documents
Credit Facilities Credit Risk
Credit Suisse Cayman Islands Branch Critical Accounting Estimates
Current Report Custodian Receiver Trustee Liquidator Similar Official Appointed Borrower
Dan Krasner Rbs Greenwich Capital Analyst Dan Pickering Tudor Holt Analyst
David Smith Jpmorgan Analyst Dear Fellow Shareholder
Debentures Debt
Debt Affiliatesmdash Debt Redemptions Refinancing Repayments
Declining Lender Deepwater Pacific
Default Borrower Observance Performance Covenant Set Forth Sections Default Event Shall Occurred Continuing
Default Event Shall Occurred Continuing Occur Result Borrowing Default Event Shall Occurred Continuing Occur Result Such
Defaults Remedies Defeasance
Defeasance Provisions 801 Indenture Not Apply Senior Deferred Units
Defined Benefit Retirement Plans Defined Contribution Plans
Defined Contribution Retirement Plans Definitions
Definitions 101 Indenture Amended Inserting Restating Case Degolyer Macnaughton
Denial Claim Denominations
Denominations Senior Notes Shall Issued 1000 Integral Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Derivative Instruments
Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Description Share Capital
Description Transocean-switzerland Shares Designation 2037 Notes Establishment Form
Designation Senior Notes Establishment Form Shall Series Determination Useful Life Intangible Assets
Determining Fair Value Financial Asset Market Not Active Determining Whether Instruments Granted Share-based Payment Transactions Participating
Dhirubhai Deepwater Kg2 Director Nominations Proposals Shareholders
Directors Directors Conflicts Interest
Disclosure Disclosure Long-term Obligations Amended
Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Amendment Fasb Statement Disclosures Public Entities Enterprises Transfers Financial Assets Interests
Discoverer Luanda Disinterested Director
Dispositions Dispositionsmdash
Disqualification Directors Disqualifying Events
Distribution Scheme Shareholders Distributions Dividends Repurchases Redemptions
Dividend Policy Dividend Rights
Dividends Dnb
Documents Documents Incorporated Reference
Dollar Equivalent Driller
Drilling Contracts Terminated Due Number Events Drilling Management Services
Drilling Marketmdash Due 2037
Due Owing Agents Arrangers Pursuant Agreement Fee Letter Duration Agreement
Duration Dissolution Rights Liquidation Duration Plan
Duties Board Directors Dynamically Positioned
Each Case Political Subdivision Taxing Authority Thereof Therein Edward Muller
Effect Other Benefit Plans Effect Redomestication Potential Future Status Foreign Private Issuer
Effect Scheme Effective 2007
Effective 2009 Effective Date Fasb Statement
Effective Tax Rate Effective Time
Effective Time Notification Scheme Shareholder Effective Time Notification Scheme Shareholders
Election Directors Staggered Terms Elements Executive Compensation Benefits
Eligible Benefit Retirement Plan Such Payable Same Time Employee Benefit Compensation Plans Agreements
Employee Benefit Plan Employee Deferred Unit Award
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employees
Employers Accounting Defined Benefit Pension Other Postretirement Plans Employers Accounting Postretirement Benefits Other Pensions
Employers Disclosures Postretirement Benefit Plan Assets Emu Legislation
Eneral Rovisions Enforcement Civil Liabilities Against Foreign Persons
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Matters
Environmental Mattersmdash Environmental Regulation
Escrow Account Espp
Euribo Rate Euro
Eurocurrency Eurodollar
Events Default Following Shall Constitute Event Events Default Remedies
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Except Share Data
Exceptions Right Indemnification Losses Advance Expenses Exchange Act 1934 Amendment
Exchange Issuance Shares Exchange Rate
Executed Agreement Sell Gsf Arctic Expect Close Execution Version
Executive Compensation Program Executive Compensation Program Philosophy Objectives Design
Exemption Swiss Withholding Tax-distributions Shareholders Exercise Discretion
Exercise Options Exercise Sars
Exercised Option Construct Gusto Msc 10000 Design Exhibits
Expect Redomestication Effect Shares Listed Expected Timetable
Expenses Expenses Administering Plan Shall Borne
Expiry Scheme Explorer
Failure Comply Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Result Fines Failure Make Principal Payment Such Loan Due Date
Failure Retain Key Personnel Hurt Operations Fair Value Assets Acquired
Fair Value Measurements Federal Funds Rate Notes
Federal Securities Law Consequences Resale Restrictions Fee Computed Table Below Per Exchange Act Rules
Fees Payments Field Operating Income
Final Maturity Date Finance Benefits
Financial Reports Other Information Financial Results
Financial Statements Businesses Acquired Financial Statements Exhibits
Find Information Five-year Revolving Credit Agreement
Five-year Revolving Credit Facility Five-year Revolving Credit Facilitymdash
Fleet Expansion Fleet Expansionmdash
Fleet Update Floating Rate Notes
Floating Rate Notesmdash Foreign Currency
Foreign Currency Sublimit Foreign Exchange Risk
Forfeiture Shares Form 10-q
Form 8-k Form Global Security
Form Legend Private Placement Memorandum Notes Form Legend Private Placement Memorandum Notes Issued After
Form Legend Private Placement Memorandum Notes Issued Prior Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Formerly Fortis Capital Corp
Forward-looking Disclaimer Forward-looking Information
Forward-looking Statements Fractional Shares
Funding Funding Plan
Further Further Provisions Relating Indemnification
Future Shareholder Proposals General
General Meetings General Meetings Shareholders
General Provisions Geoff Kieburtz Weeden Analyst
Global Financial Credit Crisis Negatively Impact Business Condition Global Financial Crisis Impact Business Condition Ways Currently
Globalsantafe Globalsantafe Agreements
Globalsantafe Pension Equalization Plan Amended Restated Effective 2007 Goldman Sachs Credit Partners
Goldman Sachs Dealer Goodwill
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Gorgud
Governing Law Governing Law Arbitration
Governing Law Jurisdiction Governmental Authority
Graves Gsf Arctic
Gsf Credit Agreement Gsf Credit Facility
Guarantee Guarantees
Guaranties Indebtedness Credit Documents Guaranties Thereof Other Indebtedness Borrower Subsidiaries Permitted Incur
Guiding Principles Executive Compensation Program Hairman Ice
Headings Used Agreement Reference Only Shall Not Health Benefit Continuation Eligible Surviving Dependents Death
Held 2008 Hierarchy Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
Holders Householding
Houston Texas 77046 However
Ian Macpherson Simmons Analyst Ian Strachan
Icc Identical Counterparts
Identified Subsidiaries Impact Companyrsquos Ability Access Capital Bank Markets Future
Impairment Long-lived Assets Impairment Lossmdash
Important Additional Information Regarding Redomestication Been Filed Sec Important Additional Information Regarding Redomestication Filed Sec
Important Additional Information Regarding Transaction Been Filed Sec Important Additional Information Regarding Transactions Been Filed Sec
Important Additional Information Regarding Transactions Filed Sec Important Reminder
Inability Lender Submit Forms Determines Good Faith Result Inal Rovisions
Income Tax Income Taxes
Income Taxesmdash Incompetence
Increased Cost Reduced Return Indebtedness Created Connection Securitization Programs
Indebtedness Credit Documents Indebtedness Interest Rate Protection Agreements Currency
Indemnification Directors Officers Insurance Indemnification Expenses Witness
Indemnity Indenture Control Governing Law
Indenture Shall Amended Inserting Provided Conversion Rights Accordance Independent Counsel
Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Index
Index Exhibits India
Individuals Delivering Lock-up Agreements Industry Highly Competitive Cyclical Intense Price Competition
Inspection Books Records Inspection Books Records Special Investigation
Insurance Matters Insurance Mattersmdash
Integral Part Integrated Services
Interest Interest Expense Liquidity
Interest Rate Risk Interests Certain Persons Redomestication
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Internal Controlndashintegrated Framework
Internet Telephone Vote Authorizes Named Proxies Shares Same Interpretation
Investment Accounts Iscal Ear
Issuance Stamp Tax Issuing Bank
Joint Venture Agency Sponsorship Relationships Other Investments Joint Venture Agency Sponsorship Relationships Other Investmentsmdash
Jon Marshall Jpmorgan Chase Bank
Jud Bailey Jefferies Analyst Kg1
Kg2 Kristian Siem
Kurt Hallead Rbc Capital Markets Analyst Labor Agreements
Labor Costs Operating Restrictions Operate Increase Result Collective Legacy Globalsantafe Plan
Legacy Plan Benefit Legal Matters
Legal Name Formation Registered Office Legal Proceedings
Legal Proceedingsmdash Lehman Brothers Inc
Lehman Commercial Paper Inc Lehman Loan Funding Llc
Lender Administrative Agent Connection Such Assignment Except Provided Letter Credit
Letter Credit Maximum Amount Letters Credit Surety Bonds
Letters Credit Surety Bondsmdash Liability Further Calls Assessments
Libor Notes Lien
Liens Drillships Related Assets Securing Angolan Debt Pacific Liens Securing Interest Rate Protection Agreements Currency Incurred
Liens Securing Interest Rate Protection Agreements Foreign Exchange Limitation Director Liability
Limitation Liens Limitation Sale Lease-back Transactions
Limitations Deductibility Non-performance Based Compensation Limited Net Operating Losses
Liquidity Interest Expense List Documents Examined
Loss Luanda
Maintenance Office Agency Making Claim
Management Transocean-switzerland Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Market Price Dividend Information Market Price Dividend Information See Page
Market Transocean-switzerland Shares Differ Transocean-cayman Transocean-switzerlands Removed Component Markets
Martin Mcnamara Material Modification Rights Security Holders
Material Tax Considerations Materials Supplies
Matter Companies Law 2007 Revision Maturity
Maximum Benefit Mdash
Mdashasset Dispositions Mdashfair Value Financial Instruments
Mdashimpairment Loss Mdashincome Taxes
Mdashinterest Rate Swaps Mdashmerger Globalsantafe Corporation
Mdashnature Business Principles Consolidation Mdashrepurchase Ordinary Shares
Mdashshare Repurchase Program Mdashstock Warrants
Mdashsubsequent Events Mdashsupplementary Cash Flow Information
Meaning Present Fairly Conformity Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Medical Plan Dental Employee Assistance
Member Memorandum Association
Merger Amendment Termination Merger Transaction
Merger Transocean Inc Merger Way Schemes Arrangement
Method Payment Michael Talbert
Mike Drickamer Morgan Keegan Analyst Miscellaneous
Modification Rights Modification Waiver
Modifications Scheme Monthly Benefit Calculated Payable Pension Plan
Morgan Securities Inc Dealer Morgan Stanley Incorporated Dealer
Moving Tax-neutral Jurisdiction Taxable Affect Transoceanrsquos Financial Results Mutilated Destroyed Lost Stolen Securities
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Nature Business
Nature Business Basis Presentation Nature Business Principles Consolidation
Nature Businessmdash Neither Securities Exchange Nor State Approved Disapproved Issued
New Accounting Pronouncements New Accounting Pronouncementsmdash
Nolo Contendere Nominees Director-class Iii-terms Expiring 2011
Non-assignment Severance Payment Non-exclusivity Survival Rights Insurance Subrogation
Non-recognition Trusts Non-swiss Holdersndash
Non-us Holders Non-us Operations Involve Additional Risks Not Associated
Noncontrolling Interests Consolidated Financial Statements Nontransferability Options
Nontransferability Sars Nordic
Not Applicable Not Indebtedness Borrowed Money Overdue Being Contested Good
Notarial Acknowledgment Notes
Notice Notice General Meetings
Notice Redemption Notices
Notices Administrative Agent Shall Received Borrowing Request Required Novation Agreement
Now Access Bny Mellon Shareowner Services Account Online Now Access Transocean Inc Account Online
Now Therefore Oard Ommittees
Obligations Office
Oil Gas Properties Operating Maintenance Costs Not Necessarily Fluctuate Proportion Changes
Operating Revenues Expenses Operations Quarterly Review
Option Holder Elect Purchase Fundamental Change Option Price
Optional Redemption Order Parte Summons
Ordinary Resolution Orporate Rganization
Other Anti-takeover Measures Other Benefit Plans Programs
Other Benefits Other Classes Series Shares
Other Events Other Liens Created Connection Securitization Programs Borrower Subsidiaries
Other Revenues Other Rigs
Other Terms 2037 Notes Outplacement Assistance
Outstanding Transocean Options Sars Deferred Units Warrants Convertible Overall Debt Level Market Conditions Lead Credit Rating
Overnance Uring Pecified Eriod Overseas Drilling Limited
Overseas Drilling Limitedmdash Owing Agents Arrangers Pursuant Agreement Fee Letter Otherwise
Pacific Pacific Drilling Limited
Pacific Drilling Limitedmdash Page
Paid Parent Guarantee Subsidiary Debt
Part Partial Indemnification
Participant Deferred Non-qualified Compensation Program Maintained His Employer Participant Rights
Participating Employers Transocean Supplemental Retirement Benefit Plan Participation
Parties Transaction Patriot Act
Payment Interest Rights Preserved Payment Severance Benefits Death
Payment Shares Pension Other Postretirement Benefits
Performance Awards Perquisites
Person Petrobras
Petrobras 10000 Place Payment
Plan Document Controls Plan Duration Severance Protection Period
Plan Reporting Governmental Agencies Employees Shall Calendar Plan Termination Further Benefits Earned Participant After Pension
Plan Voluntarily Offered Employers Benefits Not Required Legal Please Following Methods Promptly Provide Voting Instructions Broker
Postretirement Benefits Other Pensions Ldquoopebrdquo Postretirement Benefits Other Pensions Opeb Mdash
Postretirement Benefits Other Pensionsmdash Powers Duties Directors
Preceding Clause Equal Less Subsidiary Debt Basket Amount Preemptive Rights
Preemptive Rights Advance Subscription Preliminary
Prepared Pro Forma Financial Information Presentation
Presumptions Effect Certain Proceedings Prime Rate Notes
Principles Consolidation Prior Severance Plans
Pro Forma Financial Information Procedure Determination Entitlement Indemnification Losses Advance Expenses
Proceeding Proceedings Directors
Proceedings General Meetings Proceeds Margin Regulations
Program Program Restoration Benefits Reduced 401
Program Restoration Benefits Reduced 415 Program Restore Participants Benefits Been Available Them Pension
Property Equipment Proposals
Provided Provided Further
Provided However Proxies
Proxies See Page Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors
Proxy Statement Available Http Wwwdeepwatercom Proxymaterialscfm Proxy Statement Provides Detailed Information Regarding Transaction Encourage
Proxy Statement Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Amendment Public Health Threats Material Adverse Effect Operations Financial
Purchase Obligations Purchase Securities Option Holder Fundamental Change
Purpose Purpose Meeting
Purpose Plan Purpose Scheme
Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Registrant Duly Qualifying Events
Quarterly Period 2008 Quorum
Quorum General Meetings Quorum Requirements
Rate Notes Reasons Redomestication See Page
Recent Worldwide Financial Credit Crisis Economic Downturn Material Recent Worldwide Financial Credit Crisis Lead Extended Economic
Reclassifications Reclassificationsmdash
Recommendation Board Directors Record Date
Record Date Voting Rights Vote Required Approval Record Dates Shareholder Meetings
Recourse Against Others Redemption Conversion
Redemption Purchase Shares Redomestication
Redomestication Affect Financial Reporting Redomestication Affect Presence United States
Redomestication Become Effective Redomestication Impact Ability Recruit Retain Talent
Redomestication Implemented Redomestication Increase Expenses
Redomestication Not Allow Maintain Competitive Worldwide Effective Corporate Redomestication Result Additional Costs Some Incurred Whether Not
Redomestication See Page Redomesticationmdash
Reduction Share Capital Reference Banks
Reflects Current Contracted Dayrate Change Due Cost Escalation Refund Swiss Withholding Tax Dividends Other Distributions
Register Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 713 232-7500
Registration Way Continuation Regulation Disclosure
Regulatory Matters Regulatory Mattersmdash
Reimbursement Obligations Remedies Indemnitee
Removal Directors Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Representations Warranties Repurchase
Repurchase Option Holder Repurchase Ordinary Shares
Repurchases Registered Shares Repurchases Shares
Required Vote Board Recommendation Required Vote See Page
Reserved Residentsndash
Resolution Restricted Shares
Restrictions Transfer Result Higher Par Value Transocean-switzerland Shares Less Flexibility
Result Increased Shareholder Approval Requirements Transocean-switzerland Less Flexibility Results Operations Financial Condition
Retained Risk Retained Riskmdash
Retirement Plans Retirement Plans Other Postemployment Benefits
Review Denied Claim Appeal Reviewing Party
Revolving Credit Revolving Credit Agreement
Revolving Credit Commitment Amount Revolving Credit Exposure
Revolving Credit Facilities Revolving Credit Facility
Revolving Credit Facilitymdash Revolving Obligations
Richard Anderson Richard George
Right Indemnification Rights Administrative Agent Lenders Agreement Other Credit Document
Rights Common Owner Interest Property Held Person Such Rights Liquidation
Rights Scheme Shareholders Rights Shareholder Change Result Transaction
Rights Shareholders See Page Rigs Held Sale Stacked
Risk Factors Robert Long
Robert Rose Robert Sprague
Robin Shoemaker Citigroup Analyst Ryan
Sale-leaseback Transaction Sales Transfers Borrowing Notes Participations Borrowings
Savings Plan Schedule
Schedule 14a Scope
Scope Discussion Seal
Secretary Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners
Sedco Sedco 710
See Reverse Segments
Segmentsmdash Senior Due 2013
Senior Due 2018 Senior Due 2038
Senior Notes Senior Notes Due 2018
Senior Notes Due 2038 Series Convertible Senior Due 2037
Series Convertible Senior Notes Set Executive Compensation Competitive Levels
Severability Severance Change Control Arrangements
Severance Plan Severance Plans
Severance Plansmdash Shall Sinking Fund Retirement 2037 Notes
Share Share Compensation Plans
Share Premium Account Share Repurchase Program Recommendation
Share-based Compensation Share-based Compensationmdash
Share-based Payment Shareholder Approval Business Combinations
Shareholder Consent Action Without Meeting Shareholder Rights
Shareholder Tax Consequences Shareholders Meeting
Shareholders Meeting See Page Shareholders Suits
Shares Short-term Investments
Signature Page Amendment Credit Agreement Signatures
Signed Significant Clients
Significant Events Significant Subsidiary
Sinking Fund Shall Retirement Senior Notes Slide Presentation
Solicitation Proxies Sources Information
Sources Uses Liquidity Special Investigation
Special Meetings Shareholders Special Resolution
Special Vote Required Combinations Interested Shareholders Specified Currency
Specified Employees Spv
Status Swiss Corporation Limit Flexibility Respect Certain Aspects Statutory Reserve Rate
Stay Prohibited Proceedings Steven Newman Transocean Inc President Coo
Stock Exchange Listing Stock Exchange Listing See Page
Stock Ownership Requirements Stock Plans
Stock Warrants Sub-agent
Subject Anti-takeover Provisions Subject Litigation Not Resolved Favor Sufficiently Insured Against
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subsidiary Indebtedness Borrower Shall Not Permit Subsidiaries
Substantial Amount Debt Lose Ability Obtain Future Financing Successor Corporation
Summary Summary Pro Forma Financial Information
Supplemental Indenture Supplemental Indenture Consent Holder
Supplemental Indentures Supplemental Indentures Without Consent Holders
Supplemental Savings Plan Supplementary Cash Flow Information
Supplements Warrant Agreement Registration Rights Surviving Entity Transocean-switzerland
Swiss Capital Gains Tax Disposal Transocean-switzerland Shares Swiss Corporate Tax Consequences
Swiss Holdersndash Swiss Income Tax Dividends Similar Distributions
Swiss Wealth Tax Swiss Withholding Tax Certain Interest Payments
Swiss Withholding Tax Dividends Transocean Elects Declare Swiss Withholding Tax Future Share Repurchases
Swiss Withholding Tax-distributions Shareholders Syndication Agent
Table Table Contents
Target Tax Additional Amounts
Tax Considerations Code 409a 280g Tax Considerations See Page
Tax Matters Tax Mattersmdash
Taxation Transocean-switzerland Subsequent Transaction Term Credit Agreement
Term Credit Agreement Means Dated 2008 Among Borrower Term Loan
Term Loan Amdash Term Loan Repayment
Term Option Term Sar
Termination Amendment Waiver Termination Employment
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Terry Bonno Transocean Inc Marketing
Thomas Cason Time Place Date
Title Toll Free Number 1-800-370-1163
Top Form Total Comprehensive Income
Total Comprehensive Incomemdash Tpdi Credit Facilities
Tpdi Credit Facilitiesmdash Tpdi Notes
Tpdi Notesmdash Transaction Related Expenses
Transaction Structure Transactions Affiliates Except Otherwise Specifically Permitted Herein
Transfer Transfer Agent
Transfer Registration Shares Transfer Shares
Transmission Shares Transocean
Transocean Announces Closing Merger Globalsantafe Transocean Announces Redemption Coupon Convertible Debentures Due 2020
Transocean Cayman Ltd Transocean Inc
Transocean Inc Announces Pricing Senior Notes Offering Transocean Inc Globalsantafe Corporation Hold Shareholder Meetings Vote
Transocean International Retirement Plan Transocean Ltd
Transocean Nordic Transocean Retirement Plan
Transocean Shareholders Exchange Shares Transocean Supplemental Retirement Plan
Transocean Supplemental Savings Plan Transocean-switzerland Not Able Make Distributions Repurchase Shares Without
Treasury Rate Notes Treatment Convertible Debt
Treatment Warrants Triggers Right Convert Senior Notes Due 2037
Trustees Certificate Authentication Type
Ubs Uncertificated Shares
Unconditional Right Holders Receive Principal Interest Unemployment Benefits Taxes
United States Person Exempt Information Reporting 6049 Code Unregistered Sales Equity Securities
Vacancies Board Directors Validity Issue Senior Notes Convertible Ordinary Shares Transocean
Vesting Vesting Benefit Payment
Victor Grijalva View Parties Proposed Undertakings
Vote Important Vote Proposed Change Place Incorporation
Votes Required Votes Shareholders
Voting Walkers
Waqar Syed Tristone Capital Analyst Warrant Agreement Amendment
Wells Fargo Bank What Differences Rights Shareholders
What Reasons Redomestication What Swiss Operations Look Like
Whereas Winding-
Witness Whereof Wwwsecgov
Xecutive Anagement Fficers Xecutive Anagement Hief Fficer
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