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Aaa Rules Ability Accurately Predict Revenues Deteriorate Generate Additional Sales
Ability Accurately Predict Revenues Inventory Needs Deteriorate Generate Ability Meet Customer Demands Suffer Not Increase Expertise
Ability Produce Products Suffer Someone Claims Infringe Intellectual Ability Ship Internationally Negatively Affected Not Comply Export
Access Rights Accounting Certain Loans Debt Securities Acquired Transfer
Accounting Changes Accounting Derivative Instruments Certain Hedging Activities
Accounting Impairment Disposal Long-lived Assets Accounting Income Taxes
Accounting Nonmonetary Transactions Accounting Practices Certain Employee Stock Ownership Plans
Accounting Stock Issued Employees Accounting Stock-based Compensation
Accounting Terms Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable Acquisition Proposal
Acquisition Related Charges Acquisition Tfr Technologies Inc
Acquisitions Divestitures Act
Additional Information Regarding 2007 Results Additional Information Regarding 2008 Results
Additional Information Regarding 2009 Results Additional Principal Amount
Address Adds Triquints Leadership Position Multi-market Components
Adjourned Meeting Notice Adjournment
Adjustments Adjustments Changes Capitalization Dissolution Liquidation Merger Change Control
Adjustments Changes Capitalization Merger Adjustments Executive Officer Salaries
Administration Administrative Officers
Administrator Adopted Pursuant 906
Advance Notice Stockholder Nominees Business Advertising Costs
Affiliate Affirmative Covenants
Agere Agreement Ageres Optoelectronics Business
Agreement Agreement Plan Merger
Agreement Plan Reorganization Amendment
Amendment 1996 Stock Incentive Program Increase Aggregate Number Amendment Suspension Termination
Amendment Termination Amendment Termination Plan
Amendments Analyst
Annual Audit Annual Director Grant
Annual Director Grants Annual Meeting
Annual Report Form 10-k Annual Retainer Remains 15000 Until Achieves Profitability
Annual Statement Stockholders Anthem Partners Llc
Applicability Fasb Statement Business Combinations Accounted Purchase Applicable Laws
Approval Adoption 2007 Employee Stock Purchase Plan Reservation Approval Amended Restated 1996 Stock Incentive Program
Approval Loans Officers Approve Triquint 2009 Incentive Plan
Arbitration Arbitration Decision Award
Articles Merger Asset Acquisition Statement
Asset Purchase Agreement Assets Held Sale
Assets Liabilities Held Sale Assignability
Assigned Assigned Intellectual Property
Assignment Assignment Assumption Contracts
Assistant Secretary Assumed Leases
Assumed Liabilities Attachment Articles Merger
Attendance Board Members Annual Meeting Stockholders Auditor
Authority Duties Officers Automatic Option Grants Certain Outside Directors
Available-for-sale Investments Award
Award Agreement Awards
Awards Permitted 1998 Plan Azhar Waseem
Background Background Proposal
Backlog Balance Sheet
Bank Accounts Bank Line
Base Compensation Base Salaries
Base Salary Base Station
Base Stations Basis Presentation
Basis Pro Forma Presentation Bear Cost Soliciting Votes Annual Meeting
Before Vote Beneficial Owner
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Benefit Plan
Benefit Plans Bennygcsgrrcom
Board Action Written Consent Without Meeting Board Directors Recommends Voting Ratification Audit Committees Appointment
Bonus Benefits Borrowing Arrangements
Borrowings Conversions Continuations Loans Breinigsville Lease
Brian Balut Broadband
Broadband Other Broadband Wireless Access Other
Brookwood Parkway Hillsboro Oregon 97124 503 615- 9000 Bruce Fournier
Build Products Support High Volume Forecasts Never Materialize Business
Business Adversely Affected Acts Terrorism War Business Adversely Affected Customers Ability Access Capital Markets
Business Adversely Impacted Fail Successfully Introduce New Products Business Adversely Impacted Not Continue Gain Market Acceptance
Business Combinations Business Employees
Business Harmed Fail Protect Proprietary Technology Business Harmed Systems Manufacturers Not Components Gaas Other
Business Negatively Impacted Volatility Disruption Capital Credit Markets Business Records
Business Suffer Due Risks Associated International Sales Business Suffer Due Risks Associated Operations Employees Located
Buyer Designee Bylaws
Cancellation Cancellation Performance Units Shares
Capital Changes Capital Resources
Capitalize Partnerships Industry Leaders Target Markets Capitalizing Partnerships Industry Leaders Target Markets
Cash Equivalents Cash Equivalents Short-term Long-term Investments
Cercla Certain Federal Income Tax Information
Certain Information Page Been Omitted Filed Separately Securities Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certificate Incorporation Bylaws Include Anti-takeover Provisions Deter Prevent Certificate Service
Certificates Certification
Certification Chief Executive Officer Certification Chief Financial Officer
Certification Inspection Bylaws Certification Pursuant 1350 Chapter Title United States Code
Chairman Board Chairman Grant
Change Control Change Control Arrangements
Change Control Benefits Change-of-control Arrangements
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Plan
Chapter Title Checks Drafts Evidences Indebtedness
Chief Executive Officer Compensation 2004 Chief Executive Officer Compensation 2006
Chief Executive Officer President Chief Financial Officer
Classified Revenues 2007 2006 Product Categories Handsets Networks Closing Adjustments Costs Conditions
Closing Date Code 162 Provisions
Code Business Conduct Ethics Collateral Agreements
Commissions Commitment Credit Extensions
Commitments Commitments Contingencies
Committee Committee Membership Organization
Committee Minutes Committee Organization Procedures Reports
Committee Responsibilities Authority Committees
Committees Directors Common Stock
Common Stock 001 Par Value Per Share Common Stock Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management
Communicate Board Communications
Communications Inc Comparison Cumulative Total Return
Compensation Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Philosophy Objectives Compensation Philosophy Policies Executive Officers
Competition Complete Annual Director Grant
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Components Executive Compensation 2004
Components Executive Compensation 2005 Comprehensive Income
Comprehensive Income Loss Comprehensive Loss Income
Conclusion Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets
Conditions Issuance Shares Conditions Merger
Conditions Precedent Credit Extensions Conduct Arbitration Hearing
Conference Call Conference Call Information
Confidential Confidential Information
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consents
Consideration Director Nominees Consolidated Ebitda
Consolidated Financial Statement Schedule Consolidated Financial Statements
Consolidated Valuation Qualifying Accounts Consolidation Variable Interest Entities
Construction Definitions Consultant
Contact Name Contents
Contingent Earn-out Payment Continuous Status Employee Consultant Outside Director
Contracts Controls Procedures
Conversion Shares Exchange Certificates Convertible Subordinated Notes
Copy Bylaw Provisions Copy Merger Plan Attached
Copy Plan Corporate Contracts Instruments Executed
Corporate Offices Corporate Operating Profit Component
Costs Arbitration Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities
Counsel Defendants Counsel Plaintiffs
Count Vote Create Smallest Highest Performance Components Modules Value Front-end
Create Smallest Highest Performance Lowest Cost Components Modules Credit Agreement
Credit Risk Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
Cumulate Vote Customer Risk
Customer-specific Products Services Customers
Customers Delay Cancel Orders Due Regulatory Delays Cyoptics
Cyoptics Inc Not Profitable Lacks Sufficient Liquidity Promissory Cyoptics Not Profitable Lacks Sufficient Liquidity Promissory Preferred
Cyoptics Subordinated Promissory Preferred Stock Damages
Dated 2005 David Pye
Death Death Optionee
Debt Deductibility Cap Executive Compensation
Default Defense
Defense Aerospace Deferred Compensation
Definitions Delaware Anti-takeover Statute
Delegation Authority Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Deposit Agreement
Deposit Amount Deposit Holder
Derivatives Hedging Design Process Technology
Determination Date Director Compensation
Director Compensation Table Director Independence
Directors Executive Officers Registrant Disability
Disability Optionee Disclosures Segments Enterprise Related Information
Discover Facts Voluntary Review Options Grants Require Change Disposal Site
Disruption Costa Rican Mexican Operations Adverse Impact Operating Disruption Costa Rican Operations Adverse Impact Operating Results
Dissenting Shareholders Dissenting Shares
Distribution Amount Diversification Business Models Market Applications Technologies Customers
Dividends Other Distributions Documents Incorporated Reference
Domestic International Revenues Earning Performance Units Shares
Earning Restricted Stock Units Earnings
Earnings Growth Earnings Loss Per Share
Earnings Release Economy Improves Increases Salaries Technical Sales Administrative Personnel
Ection 312 Tax Matters Ection 313 Labor Matters
Ection 314 Intellectual Property Ection 315 Real Property Title Assets
Ection 316 Material Contracts Ection Access
Ection Capital Stock Ection Certificate Incorporation Bylaws Surviving Corporation
Ection Compliance Law Permits Ection Corporate Authority Relative Agreement Violation
Ection Director Officer Liability Ection Employee Benefit Plans
Ection Environmental Laws Regulations Ection Exchange Certificates
Ection Filings Other Actions Ection Reasonable Best Efforts
Ection Reports Financial Statements Ection Shop Alternative Superior Proposals
Ection Stock Options Other Stock-based Awards Employee Matters Ection Termination Fees
Effect Administrators Decision Effect Agreement Plan Reorganization
Effect Amendment Termination Effect Contingently Convertible Debt Diluted Earnings Per Share
Effect Employment Service Effect Prior Change Control Agreement Benefits
Effect Termination Change Control Window Effective Date
Effective Date Further Documentation Eic Acquisition
Election Officers Election Remedies
Election Term Office Directors Electronic Delivery Future Stockholder Communications
Electronic Mail Notice List Elements Compensation
Eligibility Eligibility Non-officers
Eligibility Officers Eligibility Participate 1998 Plan
Eligibility-non-officers Eligible
Employee Employee Arrangements
Employee Benefit Plans Employee Stock Ownership Plan
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employees
Employment Employment Agreements
Employment Contracts Termination Arrangements Encumbrance
Enhances Integrated Module Capability Adds Silicon Valley Design Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Claim Environmental Law
Environmental Laws Environmental Liabilities
Environmental Matters Environmental Permits
Environmental Regulations Such Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment Weee Environmental Regulations Such Weee Rohs Directives Require Redesign
Environmental Remediation Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Purchase Agreement Erisa Compliance
Esop Compensation Expense Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Event Not Able Satisfy Significant Increase Demand Customers Event Unable Satisfy Regulatory Requirements Relating Internal Controls
Events Default Remedies Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Except Per Share Amounts Except Share Per Amounts
Excess Manufacturing Capacity Adversely Affect Operating Results Excess Manufacturing Capacity Adversely Affect Operating Results Current
Exchange Act Excluded Assets
Excluded Leased Equipment Excluded Liabilities
Excluded Taxes Execution
Executive Compensation Executive Compensation Discussion Analysis
Executive Officers Exercise Price Options
Exercise Price Other Terms Exercise Price Repricing
Exhibits Existing Indebtedness
Existing Investments Existing Letters Credit
Expenses Expenses Indemnity Damage Waiver
Expiration Date Expiration Stock Appreciation Rights
Exposure Income Tax Rate Fluctuations Well Additional Liabilities Extension Maturity Date
Face Challenges Risks Associated Acquisition Tfr Result Not Face Challenges Risks Associated Acquisition Tfr Technologies Inc
Face Challenges Risks Associated Acquisition Tfr Technologies Result Face Fines Facilities Closed Fail Comply Environmental Regulations
Face Risks Changes Tax Regulations Change Costa Rican Face Risks Failures Manufacturing Processes Maintenance Fabrication Facilities
Face Risks Increasing Proportion Operations Employees Being Located Face Risks Loss Revenues Contracts Government Military Contractors
Face Risks Loss Revenues Dependent Government Military Contracts Face Risks Operations Employees Located Outside
Face Risks Proportion Operations Employees Being Located Outside Factors Affect Future Results
Facts Peak Devices Facts Triquint
Fail Comply Environmental Regulations Subject Substantial Fines Required Fail Integrate Future Acquisitions Successfully Invest Privately Held
Fail Integrate Future Acquisitions Such Tfr Technologies Inc Fail Integrate Future Acquisitions Unsuccessfully Invest Privately Held
Fail Manage Growth Effectively Integrate Communications Future Acquisitions Fail Manage Growth Effectively Successfully Integrate Communications Future
Fail Sell High Volume Products Including Customer-specific Operating Fail Sell High Volume Products Operating Results Harmed
Fair Value Financial Instruments Federal Income Tax Information
Federal Tax Aspects Fees Compensation Directors
Financial Covenants Financial Statements
Financial Statements 2006 Include Significant Material Adverse Charge Financial Statements 2006 Include Significant Material Expenses Related
Financial Statements Businesses Acquired Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Include Material Expenses Related Adoption Sfas Financial Statements Include Significant Material Expenses Related Adoption
Financial Statements Material Adverse Effect Financial Statements Significant Material Adverse Charge Required Expense
Financial Statements Supplementary Data Find Voting Results Annual Meeting
Fixtures Supplies Focus Power Filtering Switching Design Excellence
Focusing Power Filtering Switching Design Excellence Following Paragraph Quarter-end Financial Statements
Following Paragraph Year-end Financial Statements Foreign Currency Exchange
Foreign Currency Gain Loss Foreign Currency Remeasurement
Foreign Currency Risk Form
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form Compliance Certificate Form Loan Notice
Form Timing Payment Form Timing Payment Performance Units Shares
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Formula Option Grants Non-employee Directors
Forward Looking Statements Forward-looking Statements
Foundry Full 2007 Revenue Earnings Growth
Full Time Reporting Position Full Value Awards
Gaap Results Gain Disposal Equipment
Gain Retirement Debt Gain Sale Intellectual Property
General General Information
General Matters Glen Riley
Goals Goodwill Intangible Assets
Goodwill Other Acquisition-related Intangible Assets Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Governing Law Jurisdiction Etc Governmental Body
Governmental Entity Governmental Permits
Grant Grant Performance Units Shares
Grant Restricted Stock Grant Stock Appreciation Rights
Gross Profit Guaranty
Guaranty Joinder Agreement Guidance
Had Substantial Indebtedness 2006 Incur Additional Debt Future Handset
Handsets Hazardous Materials
Hazardous Materials Activity Hazardous Substance
Highlights Hold
Holdback However
Ibms Wireless Phone Chipset Business Identifiable Intangible Assets
Identifying Evaluating Nominees Director Immediate Release Business Financial Editors
Immediate Release133business Financial Editors Immediate Releasebusiness Financial Editors
Impact Inflation Impairment Charge-investment Other Companies
Impairment Goodwill Impairment Investment
Impairment Investments Impairment Long-lived Assets Gain Disposal Equipment
Impairment Long-lived Assets Gain Loss Disposal Equipment Impairment Long-lived Assets Goodwill
Impairments Impairments Investments Other Companies
Impairments Long-lived Assets Impairments Long-lived Assets Disposed
Impairments Long-lived Assets Intangibles Important Notice Investors
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Annual Meeting Important Notice Stockholders
Improve Products Processes Remain Competitive In-process Research Development
Inability Obtain Authority Incentive Periods
Incentive Stock Option Incentive Stock Option Limitations
Incentive Stock Options Income Statement
Income Tax Expense Income Tax Expense Benefit
Income Taxes Increased Costs Reserves Eurodollar Rate Loans
Increases Salaries Technical Sales Administrative Personnel Outpace Productivity Incur Additional Debt Future
Indebtedness Materially Adversely Affect Financial Health Limit Ability Indemnification
Indemnification Directors Officers Indemnification Others
Indemnified Party Indemnifying Party
Index Index Consolidated Financial Statements
Index Exhibits Inducement Award Program
Industry Background Infineon Receivable
Infineon Technologies Gaas Business Information Board Committees Directors
Infrastructure Networks Initial Director Grant
Initial Guarantors Initial Payment
Initial Term Initiation Process
Injunctive Other Equitable Relief Inspection Directors
Insurance Integral Exclusive Arbitration Remedy
Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Matters
Interest Expense Net Interest Income Expense Net
Interest Income Net Interim Financial Statements
Internal Control-integrated Framework Internal Controls
Internet Availability Proxy Materials Introduction
Introduction Pro Forma Condensed Combined Financial Statements Inventories
Inventory Inventory Costs-an Amendment Arb
Investments Investments Privately Held Companies
Investors Financial Industry Analysts Not Think Integration Acquisitions Irc
Issuer Purchase Equity Securities Jgrantcsgrrcom
Key Employee Incentive Plan Know Men Presents
Knowledge Lapsed Awards
Law Lease Commitments
Lease Guarantee Lease Termination Costs
Leaseback Seller Leased Equipment
Leased Premises Leased Real Property
Legal Matters Legal Proceedings
Lender Letter Credit Fees
Licensed Intellectual Property Licenses
Lien Liens
Limitations Limited Number Customers Represent Significant Portion Revenue Lose
Limited Number Customers Represent Significant Portion Revenues Lose Liquidity
Liquidity Capital Resources List Stockholders Entitled Vote
Litigation Live Webcast Conference Call Scheduled Wednesday 2008
Long Term Incentives Long-lived Assets
Long-term Incentives Losses
Lost Certificates Maintenance Inspection Records
Maintenance Repair Maker
Management Estimates Management Incentive Plan
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Manner Giving Notice Affidavit
Manner Giving Notice Waiver Manual Notice List
Manufacturing Margin Regulations Investment Act
Marked Signed Returned Proxy Card Marketable Securities Other Investments
Marketing Sales Distribution Markets Applications
Material Adverse Effect Material Contracts
Material Customer Material Supplier
Maturity Date Mediation
Meeting Held 2009 Meetings Action Committees
Meetings Committees Board Directors Membership
Membership Organization Merger
Merger Agreement Merger Change Control
Merger Sale Assets Mergersub
Michael Sanna Military
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Provisions
Multiple Administrative Bodies Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant
Names Types Entities Proposing Merge Near Relatives
Negotiation Lease Net Income Loss Per Share
Net Income Per Share Net Loss Income Per Share
Networks New Competitive Products Technologies Been Announced Reduce Demand
New Competitive Products Technologies Brought Market Reduce Demand New Hires Change Status
New Plan Benefits Nomination Director Candidates
Nominees Non-assignable Assets
Non-assignable Licenses Non-exclusivity Rights
Non-gaap Financial Measures Non-gaap Results
Non-solicitation Non-competition Non-transferability Awards
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Table
Nonqualified Stock Options Nonstatutory Stock Option
Nonstatutory Stock Option Plan Not Able Pay Debt Other Obligations
Not Applicable Not Hire Retain Key Employees Business Suffer
Not Sell Customer-specific Products Large Volumes Operating Results Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notice Notice Addresses Lending Office
Notice Adjournment Notice Electronic Transmission
Notice Person Communication Unlawful Notice Stockholders Meetings
Notice Stockholders Sharing Address Notice Withdrawal
Notices Other Communications Facsimile Copies Notices Other Requests Credit Extensions
Now Access Triquint Semiconductor Inc Account Online Now Therefore
Number 0-22660 Number Directors
Number Shares Number Shares Covered 1998 Plan
Obligations Off Balance Sheet Arrangements
Offering Period Officer
Officer Key Employee Incentive Plan Officers
Officers Certificate Operating Expenses
Operating Profit Component Operating Results Fluctuate Substantially Cause Stock Price Fall
Operating Results Harmed Fail Effectively Manage Growth Operating Results Harmed Lose Access Sole Limited Sources
Operating Results Harmed Subcontractors Partners Unable Fulfill Requirements Operating Results Negatively Affected Class Action Derivative Lawsuits
Operating Results Suffer Due Fluctuations Demand Semiconductors Electronic Opinion Matters
Optical Networks Option Agreement
Option Exercise Price Consideration Option Exercises Stock Vested
Option Exercises Stock Vested Table Option Grant Types Timing Grants
Option Grants Last Option Plans
Option Vesting Optionee
Optionees Options
Optoelectronics Business Optoelectronics Warranty Liability
Or- Order
Organization Organization Operations
Original Application Offering Date Other
Other Acquisition-related Intangible Assets Other Administration
Other Agents Other Compensation Issues
Other Contingencies Other Events
Other Highlights 2005 Other Income Expense Net
Other Income Net Other Long-term Obligations
Other Matters Other Net
Other Offices Other Significant Cash Obligations
Other Stock Cash-based Awards Outlook
Outlook 2005 Outlook 2006
Outlook 2007 Outside Director
Outside Directors Outstanding Shares
Oversight Overview
Pacific Time Parent
Parent Owned Subsidiary Without Shareholder Approval Part
Part Financial Information Part Other Information
Partial Director Annual Grant Participation 1996 Program
Party Claim Party Information Sublicense
Party Patent Sublicense Party Software Sublicense
Patent License Patents
Payee Paying Agent
Payment Exercise Price Payment Fund
Payment Purchase Price Payroll Deductions Payment Stock Appreciation Right Amount
Payment Timing Payments Death Disability
Payments Generally Payments Termination
Peak Devices Inc Pension Benefits
Pension Plan Performance Awards
Performance Criteria Performance Goals
Performance Objectives Other Terms Performance Period
Performance Share Performance Unit
Performance Units Shares Performance-based Compensation Code 162
Period Restriction Permitted Encumbrances
Permitted Liens Person
Place Meetings Place Meetings Telephone
Plan Benefits Policies Procedures Approving Transactions Related Persons
Post-closing Tax Period Potential Post-employment Payments
Power Administrator Power Attorney
Powers Pre-approval Audit Non-audit Services
Pre-closing Tax Period Preferred Shares Rights Plan
Preferred Stock Preliminary Estimated Purchase Price Allocation
Prepayments Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Equipment Principles Consolidation
Pro Forma Adjustments Pro Forma Financial Information
Procedure Exercise Rights Stockholder Product Innovation Expands Triquints Analog Portfolio Module Capability
Product Warranty Production Outside
Products Products Fail Perform Meet Customer Requirements Incur Significant
Prohibitions Promissory
Property Plant Equipment Proprietary Information
Prosecution Protection Intellectual Property Proxies
Proxies What They Proxy Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2005
Proxy Solicited Board Directors Triquint Specific Direction Given Proxy Statement Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Ptrincherogrebbcom Purchase Agreement
Purchase Price Purchase Sale
Purchase Sale Agreement Purchased Assets
Purpose Purposes Program
Pursuant Requirements Securities Act 1933 Registration Statement Been Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Annual Report
Qualifying Products Qualitative Quantitative Disclosure Market Risk
Qualitative Quantitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Profit Sharing
Quarterly Review Questions Answers Proxy Materials Annual Meeting
Quorum Ralph Quinsey
Ratification Independent Auditors Ratification Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Ratify Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Raw Materials Sources Supply
Raymond Link Read Understand Above Offer Accept Conditions Indicated Plan
Recapture Building Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Transactions Affecting Liquidity Recitals
Reclassifications Recognition Revenue
Recognition Revenues Record Date Purposes Other Notice Voting
Record Date Shares Outstanding Record Date Stockholder Notice Voting
Records Reports Recovery Impairment Charge-investment Other Companies
Recovery Impairment-investment Other Companies Reduction Force
Reduction Workforce Registered Intellectual Property
Registered Office Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Regular Meetings Regulation Disclosure
Reimbursement Expenses Related Party Transactions
Reload Awards Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Remote Communication Removal Directors
Removal Resignation Officers Removal Restrictions
Renewal Options Repayment Loans Borrower Shall Repay Lender Maturity Date
Report Report Audit Committee
Report Audit Committee Board Directors Report Compensation Committee Executive
Report Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reporting Comprehensive Income Representation Shares Other Corporations
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Parent Merger Sub
Repricing Required Consents
Requisite Vote Research Development
Research Development Costs Research Development Engineering
Research Development Engineering Expenses Reservation Shares
Reserve Period Reserved
Resignation Cause Resignation Vacancies
Responsibilities Authority Responsibility Aware Date Option Terminates
Restricted Stock Restricted Stock Agreement
Restricted Stock Unit Restricted Stock Units
Restricted Stock Units Performance Shares Restructuring Charges
Restructuring Plan Restructuring Plans
Results Results Component
Results Operations Results Operations Financial Condition
Results Operations Suffer Not Compete Successfully Retained Employees
Retirement Return
Return Restricted Stock Returns
Revenue Earnings Growth Revenue Growth
Revenue Outlook Revenue Recognition
Revenues Revenues Continuing Operations
Revenues Operations Revenues Risk Not Introduce New Products Decrease Costs
Revisions 2005 Statement Cash Flows Right Request Interest Patents
Risk Factors Risk Loss
Risk Management Rule 16b-3
Rwweiserlawfirmcom Sample Waiver Release
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Schedule
Schedules Secretary
Securities Act Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder Segment Information
Select Selection Arbitrator
Seller Seller Material Adverse Effect
Selling General Administrative Selling General Administrative Expenses
Senior Indebtedness Seq
Services Set Compensation
Settlement Lawsuit Severability
Severability Reformation Share
Share-based Payment Shareholder Agent
Shareholder Consent Shareholder Meeting
Shares Subject Plan Shipping Handling Costs
Sign Signatures
Significant Accounting Policies Software License
Sole Director Provided Certificate Incorporation Some Manufacturing Facilities Located Areas Prone Natural Disasters
Sources Liquidity Special Designation Certificates
Special Meeting Special Meetings Notice
Standard Products Standard Uncontested Elections Directors
Statement Cash Flow Statement Corporate Governance
Statement Date Statement Operations Pro Forma Adjustments
Stephanie Welty Steven Sharp
Stock Appreciation Right Stock Appreciation Right Agreement
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Certificates Transfer Partly Paid Shares
Stock Likely Subject Substantial Price Volume Fluctuations Due Stock Option Agreement
Stock Option Exercises Holdings Stock Option Grants 2004
Stock Option Grants 2005 Stock Option Plans
Stock Options Stock Ownership Guidelines
Stock Price Performance Graph Stock Purchase Agreement
Stock Subject Program Stock Units
Stock-based Compensation Stockholder Action Written Consent
Stockholder Approval Stockholder Proposals
Stockholder Proposals Nominations Stockholder Record
Stockholder Rights Plan Stockholders
Stockholders Equity Strategy Industry Considerations
Subject Other Lawsuits Claims Relating Products Subject Securities Class Action Suit Stock Price Falls
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subordinate Officers
Subordinated Liabilities Subordinated Unsecured Promissory
Subscription Agreement Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Other Equity Investments Subsidiaries Registrant
Subsidiary Substantial Indebtedness
Substantial Indebtedness 2006 Incur Additional Debt Future Summary Cash Certain Other Compensation
Summary Financial Results 2007 Summary Financial Results 2008
Summary Financial Results 2009 Summary Financial Results Highlights 2004
Summary Financial Results Highlights 2005 Summary Financial Results Highlights 2006
Summary Financial Results Highlights 2007 Summary Page
Summary Plan Suppliers
Surrender Leased Premises Survival Rights
Surviving Corporation Table Contents
Tangible Assets Acquired Liabilities Assumed Tangible Personal Property
Targeting High-growth Markets High Performance Solutions Tax Effect
Taxes Telenexus Acquisition
Term Amendment 1996 Program Term Amendment Plan
Term Nonstatutory Stock Option Term Option
Term Options Term Program
Term Sheets Termination
Termination Amendment Termination Cause
Termination Date Termination Employment
Termination Event Termination Status Employee Consultant Outside Director
Termination Without Cause Terms Options
Tfr Technologies Inc Third-party Claim
Thomas Cordner Threatened
Threshold Amount Time Granting Awards
Title Class Title Survey
Todd Debonis Trade Accounts Receivable
Tranche Payment Transaction Documents
Transactions Affecting Liquidity Transfer Agents Registrars
Transferability Transferability Awards
Transferred Employees Transition Fee
Transition Services Triaccess Technologies Inc
Triquint Triquint Announces Full 2008 Results
Triquint Announces Record Revenue Results Triquint Announces Results
Triquint Semiconductor Inc Triquint Semiconductor Inc 2009 Incentive Plan
Triquint Semiconductor Inc Announces Results 2004 Triquint Semiconductor Inc Announces Results 2005
Triquint Semiconductor Inc Announces Revenue Growth Triquint Semiconductor Inc Announces Sale Optoelectronics Operation Pennsylvania
Triquint Semiconductor Inc Appoints Stephanie Welty Chief Financial Triquint Semiconductor Inc Index
Triquint Semiconductor Inc Index Consolidated Financial Statements Contents Triquint Semiconductor Inc Obtains Dismissal Federal Class Action
Triquint Semiconductor Names Tim Dunn Vice President Handset Triquint Strategy
Types Awards Underutilization Manufacturing Facilities Additional Capital Expenditures Adversely Affect
United States Unpaid Exercise Price
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Utilities Operating Expenses
Vacancies Offices Validation Meetings Waiver Notice Consent
Value Performance Units Shares Vesting Criteria Other Terms
Vice President Worldwide Operations Vice Presidents
Vote Vote Confidential
Vote Internet Wwwproxyvotecom Vote Mail
Vote Phone 1-800-690-6903 Voting
Voting Rights Waiver Notice
Waiver Release Warn
Warn Act Warranty Costs
Warranty Reserve Washington 20549
Welfare Plan What Happens Additional Proposals Presented Annual Meeting
What Information Contained Materials What Mean Receive Proxy Voting Instruction Card
What Proposals Voted Annual Meeting What Quorum Requirement Annual Meeting
What Voting Requirement Approve Each Proposals Whereas
Wide Bandwidth Products Widespread Outbreak Infectious Disease Illness Negatively Affect Marketing
Wireless Handsets Wireless Phones
Withdrawal Withholding
Witness Whereof Witnesseth
Wwwtriquintcom Year-end Option Values
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