A-tel Pazarlama Servis Hizmetleri Abn Amro
Above Summary Provisions Sec Rule 10a-3 Provided Convenience Access Interconnection Regulation
Acquisition Belarussian Telecom Acquisition Best Belarus
Acquisition Entities Common Control Acquisition Minority Interests
Activity Concentrated Turkish Telecommunications Market Thus Developments Likely Add Production Medya
Additional Announcement Cosmofon Turktell Administrative Expenses
Advertising Aggregate Amortization Expense
Agreements A-tel Agreements Add
Agreements Asli Gazetecilik Agreements Baytur
Agreements Betting Agreements Concluded Operators Licensed Provide International Transit Traffic
Agreements Concluded Operators Licensed Provide Long Distance Call Agreements Concluded Operators Licensed Provide Long-distance Call Services
Agreements Concluded Operators Licensed Provide Satellite Services Agreements Digital Platform
Agreements Geocell Agreements Hobim
Agreements Kvk Teknoloji Agreements Kyivstar
Agreements Millenicom Agreements Millenicom Telekomunikasyon Hizmetleri
Agreements Millenicom Telokomünikasyon Hizmetleri Agreements Superonline
Agreements Yapi Kredi Akbank
Alleged Health Risks Related Base Transceiver Stations Bts Alleged Health Risks Related Base Transmitter Stations Handsets
Alleged Health Risks Related Bts Handsets Expose Liability Allowance Doubtful Receivables
Also Exposed Interest Rate Risk Variable Borrowings Increase Alternatively Completed Form Either Faxed Allison Mcmillan 212
Amendment Amortization
Amounts Expressed Dollars Unless Otherwise Indicated Except Share Announced New Interconnection Rates
Announcement Bulgarian Telecommunications Announcement Licensing Kuwait
Announcement Regarding Bid Cosmofon Announcement Regarding Bod Decisions Dated Aug 2009
Announcement Regarding Call Termination Rates Announcement Regarding Capital Markets Board Cmb Request
Announcement Regarding Change Articles Assocciation Announcement Regarding Change Management
Announcement Regarding Financing Agreement Astelit Announcement Regarding Financing Agreement Infrasturucture Investments
Announcement Regarding Financing Agreement Turkcell Group Subsidiaries Announcement Regarding Financing Astelit Kktcell
Announcement Regarding Guarantees Best Announcement Regarding International Investment Opportunities
Announcement Regarding Lawsuits Against Decisons Icta Announcement Regarding Media News
Announcement Regarding National Lottery Privatization Tender Announcement Regarding News Inteltek
Announcement Regarding Resolutions Board Directors Announcement Regarding Submitting Bid License Tunisia
Announcement Regarding Submitting Binding Bid National Lottery Announcement Regarding Tender Tunisia
Announcement Regarding Turkcell Guarantee Announcement Regarding Vendor Contracts
Announcement Regarding Vendor Financing Announcements Annual Reports
Applicable Law Dispute Resolution Arbitration Process Between Telia Sonera Cukurova Group
Arpu Asli Gazetecilik Matbaacilik
Associates Joint Ventures Equity Accounted Investees Associates Jointly Controlled Entities Equity Accounted Investees
Assurance Other Operators Entered Interconnection Agreements Able Perform Astelit
Audit Committee Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures Auditors Duties
Authorization Directory Services Operators Authorization Generation Licenses
Authorization Infrastructure Services Operators Authorization Licenses
Authorization Mnp Authorization Mobile Number Portability
Authorization Mobile Virtual Network Operators Mvnos Authorization Value Added Telecommunication Services Operators
Available Exemptions Rule 10a-3 Foreign Private Issuers Available-for-sale Financial Assets
Avea Iletisim Hizmetleri Interconnection Agreement Aycell Interconnection Agreement
Ayse Selen Kocabas Azercell
Basaran Nas Bagimsiz Denetim Serbest Muhasebeci Mali Musavirlik Base Stations
Based Turkish Central Banks Try Exchange Rate Try12095 Based Turkish Central Banks Try Exchange Rate Try12166
Basis Consolidation Basis Measurement
Beginning 2006 Revised Definition Ebitda Report Using New Belarus
Belarus License Agreement Belarussian Telecom
Betting Betting Business
Bilisim Telekomunikasyon Hizmetleri Bilisim Telekomunikasyon Hizmetleri Tellcom
Bilyoner Interaktif Hizmetler Binding Representation
Board Directors Board Members
Board Members Interest Board Practices
Bod Decision Belarusian Telecommunication Network Bod Decision Dated 2007
Bod Decision Syriatel Mobile Telecom Bod Decisions
Bod Decisions Dated 2007 Bod Decisions Dated 2008
Bonds Other Securities Borrowing Power
Business Business Combination
Business Combinationsrdquo Business Continuity Management
Business Continuity Management Bcm Business Overview
Business Segments Call Tariffs
Call Turkcell Investor Relations 212 313 1888 Cancellation Adss Been Halted Limited Basis Adversely Affect
Capacity Capital Commitments
Capital Contribution Capital Expenditures
Capital Increase Share Certificates Capital Structure
Capital Transactions Capital Transactions Astelit
Carrier Services Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Analysis Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis Variable Rate Instruments
Cenk Bayrakdar Cenk Serdar
Certain Legal Regulatory Arrangements Certain Principal Shareholders Currently Involved Dispute Adversely Impact
Certification Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Change Independent Audit Change Management
Change Presentation Changes Capital Structure
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changing Subscriber Base
Charges Baytur Charges Energy Switching Centers
Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Churn
Churn Rate Class Action Lawsuit
Code Ethics Comments Ceo Muzaffer Akpinar
Comments Ceo Muzaffer Akpýnar Comments Ceo Sureyya Ciliv
Committees Board Directors Common Stock
Communications Industry Subject Rapid Significant Changes Technology Reduce Compared 2002
Compared 2003 Compared 2004
Compared 2005 Compared 2006
Compared 2007 Compensation
Competition Home Market Increased Recent Continue Increase Future Competition Main Turkish Telecommunications Market Increased Recent Continue
Competitive Landscape Competitive Landscape Offerings
Compliance Requirements Subsidiaries Licenses Applicable Regulations Concentrations
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consolidated Statements Other Financial Information
Consolidated Subsidiaries Equity Investees Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri Construction Progress
Consumer Services Contact
Contact Center Management Unit Content Services
Contingencies Contingent Liabilities
Continue Market Technology Leadership Contributions Education Tax
Corporate Affairs Corporate Governance Committee
Corporate Services Corporate Social Responsibility Projects
Corporate Taxation Correction Announcement 2009
Coverage Credit Ratings
Credit Risk Critical Accounting Judgements Applying Policies
Critical Accounting Judgments Applying Grouprsquos Policies Critical Accounting Judgments Applying Groups Policies
Critical Accounting Judgments Applying Policies Critical Accounting Policies
Cukurova Group Teliasonera Together Currently Hold Majority Outstanding Currency Risk
Current Investments Customer Billing Operations Logistics Unit
Customer Performance Quality Management Unit Customer Process Management System Support Unit
Customer Service Center Customer Services
Data Services Data Tariffs
Dated 2006 Dated 2007
Dated 2008 Dated 2009
Dcc Debt
Debt Structure Decision Submit Bid National Lottery
Decisions Board Directors Dividend Proposal Deferred Income
Deferred Tax Deferred Taxes
Defined Contribution Plans Defining Relevant Markets
Dependent Certain Suppliers Network Equipment Provision Data Services Dependent Certain Systems Suppliers Services Business Continuity Risk
Depreciation Depreciation Amortization
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivatives
Determination Distribution Profit Determination Fair Values
Development Growth Turkish Mobile Telecommunications Markets Affect Business Development Legal Case Filed Sonera Holding
Digital Platform Iletisim Hizmetleri Direct Cost Revenue
Direct Cost Revenues Direct Costs Revenues
Directors Auditors Fee Directory Services
Disclosure Beneficial Interests Shares Disclosure Controls Procedures
Discussion Certain Factors Affect Outcome Such Forward Looking Dispute
Dispute Additional Ongoing License Fee Interconnection Revenues Dispute Additional Ongoing License Fee Special Transaction Tax
Dispute Additional Ongoing License Fee Value Added Services Dispute Astelit Distributor
Dispute Audit Committee Member Dispute Avea
Dispute Avea Sms Interconnection Termination Fees Dispute Call Termination Fee
Dispute Collection Frequency Usage Fees Dispute Determination Gross Revenues
Dispute Icta Fee Payment Based Amended License Agreement Dispute Icta Respect Temporary Set Call Termination Fees
Dispute Icta Tariffs Dispute Information Communication Technologies Authority Fee Payment Based
Dispute Information Communication Technologies Authority Respect Temporary Set Dispute Information Communication Technologies Authority Tariffs
Dispute Information Technologies Communications Authority Fee Payment Based Dispute Information Technologies Communications Authority Respect Temporary Set
Dispute Information Technologies Communications Authority Tariffs Dispute Iranian Ministry Connection Gsm Tender Process
Dispute Ministry Industry Trade Dispute Mobile Number Portability
Dispute National Roaming Agreement Dispute Ongoing License Fee Based Amended Agreement
Dispute Ongoing License Fee Universal Service Fund Payment Dispute Ongoing License Fee Value Added Taxes Education
Dispute Payment Request Savings Deposits Insurance Fund Dispute Receivables Avea Regarding Call Termination Fees
Dispute Special Communication Taxation Regarding Prepaid Card Sales Dispute Special Transaction Taxation Regarding Prepaid Card Sales
Dispute Spor Toto Dispute Spor Toto Teskilat Mudurlugu
Dispute Taxation Investment Tax Credit Dispute Telecommunications Authority Fee Payment Based Amended License
Dispute Telecommunications Authority Respect Temporarily Set Call Termination Dispute Telecommunications Authority Respect Temporary Set Call Termination
Dispute Telecommunications Authority Tariffs Dispute Turk Telekom Infrastructure
Dispute Turk Telekom Interconnect Costs Dispute Turk Telekom Interconnection Fee
Dispute Turk Telekom Payments Turkish Treasury Radio Television Dispute Turk Telekom Respect Call Termination Fees
Dispute Turk Telekom Transmission Lines Leases Dispute Turk Telekom Transmission Tariffs
Dispute Validity General Assembly Meeting Dispute Value Added Taxation Respect Roaming Services
Dispute Vat Ongoing License Fee Disputes Annulment Fixed Odd Betting Tender Related Establishment
Disputes Annulment Fixed Odds Betting Tender Related Establishment Disputes Other Gsm Operators Turk Telekom Over Call
Dividend Distribution Dividend Distribution Allocation Profits
Dividend Distribution Policy Dividend Payments
Dividend Policy Dividends
Documents Display Domestic Operations
Draft Legislation Amending Wireless Law 2813 Draft Legislation Universal Services Amending Telegram Telephone Law
Dropped Calls Due Related Parties
Due Related Parties-long Term Duty Period
Earnings Per Share Ebitda
Ebitda Non-gaap Financial Measure See Page Reconciliation Euroasias Ebitda Non-gaap Financial Measure See Page Reconciliation Net
Ebitda Non-gaap Financial Measure See Pages 10-11 Reconciliation Ebitda Non-gaap Financial Measure See Pages 12-13 Reconciliation
Ebitda Non-gaap Financial Measure See Pages 13-14 Reconciliation Ebitda Non-gaap Financial Measure See Pages 14-15 Reconciliation
Ebitda Non-gaap Financial Measure See Pages Reconciliation Net Economic Developments Turkey Global Economy Had Continue Material
Economic Political Developments Turkey Internationally Had Continue Material Economic Trends 2004 2005
Effects Inflation Egypt
Electronic Communications Law Emerging Services
Emerging Services Business Development Employee Benefits
Enactment Draft Electronic Communications Law Material Adverse Effect Enactment Electronic Communications Law Material Adverse Effect Operations
Enhance Customer Focused Relationship Management Crm Approach Equity Net Income Unconsolidated Investees
Erdal Asim Durukan Ericsson Credit
Ervices Estimated Amortization Expense
Estimated Exercise Price Put Options Estimates Judgments
Estimation Allowance Doubtful Accounts Exchange Controls
Exchange Rate Data Exchange Rate Information
Executive Officers Exemptions Listing Standards Audit Committees
Exercise Price Financial Liability Related Minority Share Put Expenses
Explanation Material Adjustments Cash Flow Statements 2006 2005 Explanation Transition Ifrss
Explanations Explanatory
Exposed Foreign Exchange Rate Risks Significantly Affect Results Exposed Foreign Exchange Rate Risks Significantly Impact Ability
Exposure Credit Risk Extraordinary General Assembly Dated 2007
Face Financial Risks Event Majority Owned Subsidiaries Fail Face Severe Penalties Including Limitation Revocation License Extreme
Fair Value Financial Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Value Reserve Fair Value Sensitivity Analysis Fixed Rate Instruments
Fees Figures Quarterly Other Subscriber Numbers
Finance Income Expenses Financell
Financial Assets Financial Assets Fair Value Through Profit Loss
Financial Exposure Relating Outstanding Receivables Digital Platform Iletisim Financial Instruments
Financial Instruments Disclosure Presentation Financial Operational Review
Financial Operational Review 2007 Financial Operational Review 2008
Financial Operational Review 2009 Financial Operational Review Full 2007
Financial Position Basis Preparation Statements Financial Reporting Hyperinflationary Economies
Financial Restructuring Astelit Financial Result Announcement Postponed
Fintur Fitch Ratings Affirms Turkcells Local Foregn Currency
Fitch Ratings Upgraded Turkcells Local Currency Rating Fitch Upgraded Turkcells Foreign Currency Rating
Fitch Upgraded Turkcells Local Currency Rating Fitch Upgrades Turkcells Foreign Currency Rating Bb-
Fixed Assets Fixed Assets Net
Fixed Line Telephone Services Focus Cost Control Efficiency
Focus Growing Earnings Focus Growing Earnings Cost Control
Focus Relations Shareholders Business Partners Stakeholders Following Table Provides Reconciliation Ebitda Non-gaap Financial Measure
Foreign Currency Foreign Currency Fluctuations
Foreign Currency Risk Foreign Currency Transactions
Foreign Exchange Risk Management Foreign Operations
Foreign Private Issuer Annual Written Affirmation Form 20-f
Form 20-f Annual Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act Form 6-k
Form Last Updated Nyse 2005 Form Opinion Counsel Selling Stockholders
Form Opinion House Counsel Form Opinion International Counsel
Form Opinion Turkish Counsel Form Opinion Turkish Tax Counsel
Formation Fintur Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Founders
Functional Presentation Currency Funding
Further Information Please Contact Further Information Please Contact Turkcell
Further Information Please E-mail Investorrelationsturkcellcomtr Call Turkcell Investor Future Services
Future Services Generation Mobile Gains Realized Holders
Gains Realized Residents Garanti Bankasi
General General Administrative
General Administrative Expenses General Assemblies
General Assembly General Assembly Turkcell Convene 2005
General Assembly Turkcell Convene 2007 General Assembly Turkcell Convene 2008
General Economic Conditions Generation Mobile
Geocell Geocell Ltd
Geographical Segments Global
Global Bilgi Globalstar Interconnection Agreement
Group Entities Growth Business Dependent Development Turkish Mobile Telecommunications Market
Gsm Association Gsm Kazakhstan
Gsm Licensing Turkey Guarantees
Headquarter Branches Held Maturity Securities
Held-to-maturity Investments Highlights
Highlights 2007 Highlights 2008
Highlights Full 2007 History Development
Hobim Bilgi Islem Hizmetleri Hold Interests Several Companies Expose Various Economic Political
Hyperinflation Turkey Ibb Cep Trafik Mobile Traffic Monitoring Solution
Ilter Terzioglu Immediate Release
Impact Provisions Impairment
Impairment Long-lived Assets Impairment Losses
Improved Operating Margin Despite Macroeconomic Volatility Improved Performance Started Strong Execution
Income Expense Related Parties Net Income Tax Benefit
Income Tax Benefit Expense Income Tax Expense
Income Tax Expense Total Taxation Charge 2007 Decreased Income Taxes
Incorporation Increase Customer Satisfaction Loyalty
Independent Auditor Index
Index Consolidated Financial Statements Index Financial Statements
Information Regards Corporate Governance Compliance Officer Investor International Information Reporting Backup Withholding
Inquiry Icta Campaigns Inquiry Information Communication Technologies Authority Campaigns
Inquiry Information Technologies Communications Authority Campaigns Inquiry Telecommunications Authority Campaigns
Intangible Assets Intangibles Net
Inteltek Inteltek Internet Teknoloji Yatirim Danismanlik Ticaret
Inteltek Signed Contract Run Sports Betting Bussiness Next Inteltek Signed Contract Spor Toto
Interactive Voice Response Interconnection Agreements
Interconnection Rates Interest Expense Net
Interest Income Expense Net Interest Rate Risk
Interests Experts Counsel Interim Financial Reporting
Internal Controls Past Been Subject Material Weaknesses International
International Operations International Other Domestic Operations
International Roaming Introduction
Invalidity Board Resolution Inventories
Inventory Investigation Competition Board
Investigation Icta International Voice Traffic Investigation Information Communication Technologies Authority International Voice Traffic
Investigation Information Technologies Communications Authority International Voice Traffic Investigation Telecommunications Authority Frequency Fee Payments
Investigation Telecommunications Authority International Voice Traffic Investigation Turkish Competition Board
Investment Incentive Certificates Investment Incentive Certificates Carry Forward Issues
Investment Iran Investments
Investments Equity Debt Securities Investments Fair Value Through Profit Loss
Investments Funding Investorrelationsturkcellcomtr
Investors Involved Various Claims Legal Actions Arising Ordinary Course
Iran Issuance Cancellation Adss Been Halted Adversely Affect Liquidity
Issuance Cancellation Adss Been Indefinitely Halted Affect Ability Istanbul Turkey
Istanbul Turkey 2006 Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri Tcell Nyse Istanbul Turkey 2006 Turkcell Nyse Tkc Ise Tcell
Istanbul Turkey 2007 Turkcell Nyse Tkc Ise Tcell Istanbul Turkey 2008 Turkcell Nyse Tkc Ise Tcell
Istanbul Turkey 2009 Turkcell Nyse Tkc Ise Tcell Kcell
Key Developments Regulatory Legal Environment Key Highlights Belarusian Market
Key Highlights Best Key Sources Estimation Uncertainty
Kibris Telekom Kibrisonline
Kim Juhani Ignatius Kktcell Signs -year License Agreement
Kpmg Cevdet Suner Denetim Yeminli Mali Musavirlik Kule
Kvk Teknoloji Urunleri Large Amount Business Subject Certain Legal Regulatory Arrangements
Large Amount Business Subject Significant Legal Regulatory Restrictions Ldquoanother Strong Execution Performancerdquo
Ldquosolid Performance Despite Challenging Operational Environmentrdquo Ldquotechnology Leadership Efficiency Customer Focus Produce Solid Resultsrdquo
Lease Payments Leased Assets
Legal Development Law Suit International Voice Traffic Legal Proceedings
Legal Provisions Legal Reserve
Legislation Legislations
Letter Turkish Treasury Regarding Ongoing License Fee Deduction Liabilities Arising Litigation
Libero Interaktif Hizmetler License
License Agreement License Agreements
License Annual Utilization Fees License Conditions
License Kktcell License Suspension Termination
Licensing Kuwait Iraq Lifestyle Services
Liquidation Liquidity
Liquidity Capital Resources Liquidity Risk
Loans Location Based Services
Long Term Lease Obligations Lsquorecord High Top Line 2007 Despite Seasonalityrsquo
Macro Environment Information Macroenvironment Information
Main Tariffs Major Shareholders
Mapco Internet Iletisim Altyapi Hizmetleri Market Risk
Markets Material Contracts
Media Media News Certain Campaigns
Media News Competition Board Investigation Media News Inteltek
Media News International Investment Opportunities Media News Saudi Arabia License Tender
Media News Syriatel Media News Tender
Media News Turkcell Meeting Decision Making Quorum
Meetings Board Directors Mehmet Bulent Ergin
Mehmet Emin Karamehmet Messaging Services
Millenicom Gmbh Millenicom Interconnection Agreement
Minority Interest Minority Interests
Miscellaneous Mms
Mobile Mobile Health Care Applications Mobil Saglik Uygulamalari
Mobile Healthcare Mobile Learning
Mobile Marketing Advertisement Mobile Number Portability
Mobile Payment Mobile Wallet
Moldcell Moodys Assigns Ba2 Corporate Family Rating Turkcell
Moodys Upgrades Turkcells Outlook Positive Mou
Murabaha Syndicated Facility Muzaffer Akpinar
Name Nazmi Tanju Turegun
Negotiating Make Significant Acquisition Syria Country Subject International Net Finance Income
Net Finance Income Costs Net Finance Income Expense
Net Financial Income Expenses Net Financing Costs
Net Income Net Interest Income Expense
Net Investment Foreign Operations Network Infrastructure
Network Maintenance New Accounting Standards Issued
New Action Turk Telekom Basic Unit Price New Environment Tax
New Environmental Tax New Gaap Accounting Standards
New Ifrs Accounting Standards New Management Appointment
New Services Business Areas New Standards Interpretations Not Yet Adopted
New Technology Investments Partnership Opportunities Non Current Provisions
Non-current Investments Non-current Provisions
Non-derivative Financial Instruments Non-derivative Financial Liabilities
Non-financial Assets Northern Cyprus
Not Find Appropriate Investment Opportunities Utilize Cash Provide Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notes Consolidated Interim Financial Statements Notification Sent Address Registered Published Shall Deemed Received
Number Portability Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Onerous Contracts Operating Income
Operating Leases Operating Results
Operational Financial Highlights Operational Financial Review
Operational Financial Review 2006 Operational Financial Review Full 2005
Operational Financial Review Full 2006 Operational Issues
Operational Review Operator Services
Ordinary Shares Ordinary Shares Nominal Value Try 1000 2200000000
Organizational Structure Osman Berkmen
Other Other Current Assets
Other Current Liabilities Accrued Expenses Other Domestic Operations
Other Investment Opportunities Other Matters
Other Related Party Transactions Other Services
Outlook 2006 Overview
Overview 2006 Overview 2007
Overview 2008 Overview Business
Overview Turkish Economy Page
Pamuklease Pamuk Finansal Kiralama Leasing Part Strategy Seek Acquire Companies Telecommunication Licenses New
Partnership Development Passive Foreign Investment Status
Payments Personal Loans Directors Executive Officers
Personnel Expenses Political Developments Turkey Neighboring Countries Material Adverse Effect
Positive Results Result Seasonally Strong Operational Performance Postpaid Tariffs
Postpaid Voice Services Potential Investments
Powers Functions Competition Board Preemption Rights
Prepaid Tariffs Prepaid Voice Services
Presence Commissioner Meetings Press Release
Primary Reporting Format Geographical Segments Primary Reporting Format-geographical Segments
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principal Differences Between Ifrs Gaap
Privatization Games Chance Privatization Turk Telekom
Product Service Offerings Profit Loss Statement Analysis
Profit Period Attributable Equity Holders Profitable Growth Achieved 2006
Property Property Plant Equipment
Property Plant Equipment Construction Property Plant Equipment Intangible Assets
Property Plants Equipment Prospective Legislation Regulations
Prospective Legislations Regulations Protection Minority Shareholders
Provide Superior Products Services Provide Value-added Services Innovative Data
Provisions Purchase A-tel
Purchase Commitments Purchase Obligations
Purpose Subject-matter Quantitative Qualitative Discussion Market Risk
Reach Recapitalization
Recognition Measurement Reconciliation Non-gaap Financial Measures
Registered Capital 2200000000 Twobilliontwohundred-million New Turkish Liras Divided Regulations
Regulatory Environment Regulatory Environment Legal Developments
Regulatory Environment Legal Issues Regulatory Legal Issues
Related Party Transactions Relationship Icta
Relationship Telecommunications Authority Remediation Material Weaknesses Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Rental Rates Report Foreign Issuer Pursuant Rule 13a-16 15d-16 Securities
Report Foreign Private Issuer Pursuant Rule 13a-16 15d-16 Report Independent Accountants
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reporting Entity
Republic Turkey Taxation Repurchase Share Capital
Research Development Patents Licenses Research Development Patents Licenses Etc
Reserve Fund Reserve Minority Put Option Liability
Restatement Non Monetary Results
Results Operating Activities Results Operations
Retirement Pay Liability Revenue
Revenue Recognition Revenues
Rights Icta Suspension Termination Rights Information Communication Technologies Authority Suspension Termination
Rights Telecommunications Authority Suspension Termination Ringbacktone Rbt
Risks Arising Electronic Communications Law Roaming Tariffs
Robust Financials Safe Harbor
Sale Exchange Other Disposition Shares Adss Sale Mobile Services Turkey
Sales Marketing Sales Mobile Services Turkey
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Saudi Arabia License Tender
Seasonality Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Selling Marketing Selling Marketing Expenses
Sensitivity Analysis Serkan Okandan
Service Offerings Service Quality
Services Services Platforms
Settlement Disputes Ongoing License Fee Share Capital
Share Earnings Associates Minority Interest Share Ownership
Share Profit Associates Share Profit Equity Accounted Investees
Share Transfer Sharing Duties Assigning Directors
Short Term Borrowings Signatures
Significant Accounting Policies Significant Differences Corporate Governance Practices
Site Leasing Site Restoration
Sms Solid Results Strong Execution Robust Usage Cash Generation
Source Liquidity Source Telecommunication Authority
Sources Liquidity Special Communications Tax
Special Consumption Tax Special Subjects
Special Transactions Tax Stt Spectrum Limitations Adversely Affect Ability Provide Services Subscribers
Stamp Duty Stamp Taxes
Standard Poors Raises Turkcells Foreign Currency Rating Standard Poors Upgraded Turkcells Foreign Currency Rating
Standard Poors Upgraded Turkcells Long-term Foreign Currency Rating Standards
Statement Compliance Strategy
Strategy Growth Partly Dependent New Investment Opportunities Affect Strong Financial Performance Continues
Strong Operational Performance Maintained Strong Performance Turkey Turkcell Continues Build Market Technology
Strong Results Result Seasonality Turkcells Campaign Initiatives Subject
Subscriber Acquisition Costs Sac Subscriber Services
Subscribers Subsequent Costs
Subsequent Events Subsequent Expenditure
Subsequent Measurement Subsidiaries
Subsidiary Information Summary Financial Operational Data
Summary Significant Accounting Policies Superonline
Superonline Deal Superonline Uluslararasi Elektronik Bilgilendirme Haberlesme Hizmetleri
Switches Syriatel
Table Contents Tabular Disclosure Contractual Obligations
Tariffs Taxation
Taxation Capital Gains Taxation Dividends
Taxation Fund Level Taxation Investment Mutual Funds
Taxation Investor Level Taxation Issues Telecommunications Sector
Taxes Income Telecommunication Authority Tariffs
Telecommunications Authority Continue Require Maintain Certain Prices Services Telecommunications Authority Designated Turkcell Operator Holding Significant Market
Telecommunications Authoritys Retail Pricing Decision Telecommunications Services Agreement Millenicom
Teliasonera Cukurova Group Alfa Together Currently Hold Majority Tellcom
Tellcom Iletisim Hizmetleri Telsim Initiated Lawsuit Against Turkcell
Telsim Interconnection Agreement Temporary
Tender Tender Cancellation
Tender Gsm900 Additional Frequency Band Terms
Total Assets Total Debt
Trade Other Receivables Trade Other Receivables Due Related Parties
Trade Payables Trade Receivables Accrued Income
Trade Receivables Accrued Income Net Tradename
Trading Turkcell Was Suspended Istanbul New York Stock Training Development Unit
Transactions Eliminated Consolidation Transactions Key Management Personnel
Transactions Related Parties Transfer Shares
Transfer Shares Superonline Deal Been Completed Transition Ifrs Accounting
Translation Functional Presentation Currency Translation Loss
Translation Reserve Transmission Lines
Transmission Lines Leases Transport Network
Treasury Share Calculation Tulin Karabuk
Turk Telekom Turk Telekom Initiated Lawsuit Against Turkcell
Turk Telekom Interconnection Agreement Turkcell
Turkcell Announced Agm Been Postponed Due Lack Quorum Turkcell Announced Bod Decision Regarding Audit Committee
Turkcell Announced Court Ruling Regarding Agm Lawsuit Turkcell Announced Development Regarding Dispute Fixed Odds Betting
Turkcell Announced Development Regarding Licence Tender Egypt Turkcell Announced Development Regarding Licence Tender Iraq
Turkcell Announced Dividend Distribution Date Proposal Turkcell Announced Mou Egypt Licence
Turkcell Announced New Date Ordinary General Assembly Turkcell Announced New Lawsuit
Turkcell Announced Sonera Holding Filed Case Turkcell Announcement A-tel Agreement
Turkcell Announcement A-tel News Turkcell Announcement Mobile Number Portability
Turkcell Announcement New Lawsuit Turkcell Announcement Turktell Uluslararasi Yatirim Holding
Turkcell Announcement Ukraine Subscriber Number Financing Turkcell Announcement Yapi Kredi Bank Deal
Turkcell Announces Payment 400 Connection 1275 Senior Cellco Turkcell Annual General Assembly Decisions Dated 2005
Turkcell Annual General Assembly Decisions Dated 2006 Turkcell Been Granted Type Licence
Turkcell Board Directors Recommend Dividend Distribution Annual General Turkcell Bod Decision Dated 2005
Turkcell Bod Decision Dated 2006 Turkcell Bod Decisions Dated 200
Turkcell Bod Decisions Dated 2005 Turkcell Bod Decisions Dated 2006
Turkcell Cancelled Us3 Syndicated Loan Facility Turkcell Closed Us3 Syndicated Loan Facility
Turkcell Comments Media News Turkcell Completed Capital Increase Procedures
Turkcell Continues Sps Highest Rated Turkish Turkcell Finalized Agreement Acquire Stake Lsquobestrsquo Belarus
Turkcell Forms Value Added Services Vas Management Turkcell Granted A-type License
Turkcell Group Subscribers Turkcell Health
Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri Agenda Ordinary General Assembly Meeting
Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri Announces Impacts Change Reporting Practice Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri Reports Results 2007
Turkcell Iletsim Hizmetleri Turkcell Informed Development Regarding Telsim Lawsuit Against
Turkcell Informs Bod Decisions Positive Development Legal Dispute Turkcell Informs Consortium Lead Subsidiary Turktell Passed Prequalification
Turkcell Informs Developments Iran Turkcell Informs Digital Platforms Request Rescheduling Liabilities
Turkcell Informs Early Payment Decision Turk Telekom Turkcell Informs Per Amicable Agreement Court Cases Regarding
Turkcell Informs Transfer Shares Turkcell Initiated Lawsuit Regarding Treasury Share Payment Based
Turkcell Mobile Digital Signature Mobil Imza Turkcell Mobile Learning
Turkcell Mobile Payment Mobil Odeme Turkcell Mobile Signature Mobil Imza
Turkcell Operator Services Turkcell Passes Qualification Round Egypt
Turkcell Plaza Mesrutiyet Caddesi 153 34430 Tepebasi Istanbul Turkcell Plaza Mesrutiyet Caddesi No153 34430 Tepebasi Istanbul
Turkcell Provided Update A-tel Purchase Turkcell Provides Update International Voice Traffic Investigation
Turkcell Provides Update National Roaming Dispute Turkcell Provides Update National Roaming Lawsuit
Turkcell Provides Update Process Regarding Gsm License Agreement Turkcell Provides Update Regulatory Environment
Turkcell Question Answer Advisor Turkcell Sales Efforts
Turkcell Settled Treasury Share Dispute Until 2004 Turkish Turkcell Settles Interconnection Dispute Turk Telekom
Turkcell Signed Share Sale Purchase Aggrements Turkcell Signs License Agreement
Turkcell Submitted Binding Bid Cosmofon Turkcell Teknoloji
Turkcell Utilized Unsecured Turkish Lira Denominated Loan Turkcell Yellow Pages Wap Service Location Based
Turkcell ÍletÍsÍm HÍzmetlerÍ Agenda Ordinary General Assembly Meeting Turkcellrsquos Free Float Increases 3348
Turkcells 2004 End Number Subscribers Reaches 234 Turkcells 2005 End Number Subscribers Reaches 279
Turkcells Application Investment Incentive Approved Turkcells Board Approves Capital Increase Form Bonus Shares
Turkcells Bonus Shares Registered Cmb Turkcells Interest Hansenet
Turkcells License Agreement Amendment Regarding Treasury Payment Achieved Turkcells Number Subscribers Reaches 267
Turkcells Number Subscribers Reaches 2874 Turkcells Shareholder Increases Shares Circulation Point
Turkcells Subscriber Base Grows 256 2005 Turkcells Subscriber Base Reaches 298
Turkcells Subsidiary Astelit Introduced New Brand Life Started Turkey
Turkish Capital Markets Board Informed Appointment Members Audit Turkish Cmb Informed Appointment Board Members Audit Committee
Turkish Competition Law Authority Turkish Mobile Market
Turkish Mobile Wallet Turkish Republic Northern Cyprus
Turkkule Turktell
Turktell Bilisim Servisleri Turktell Uluslararasi
Ukraine Ukraine License Agreement
Ukraine Life Ukraine-life
Unable Adapt Technological Changes Communications Market Unable Adapt Technological Changes Telecommunications Market
Unable Retain Key Personnel Also Maintain Loyalty Dealers Unable Retain Key Personnel Business Consolidated Financial Condition
Unable Retain Key Personnel Maintain Loyalty Distributors Business Underwriting Agreement
United States Federal Income Taxation Unrecognised Deferred Tax Assets
Upgrades Turkcells Long Term Foreign Currency Rating Useful Life Assets
Useful Life Property Plant Equipment Intangible Assets Useful Lives Assets
Value Added Services Value Added Tax Vat
Value-added Services Variable Interest Entities
Vas Vat Special Communication Tax Charges Roaming Revenue
Visual Radio Vodafone Interconnection Agreement
Voice Services Voting Rights
West Winding Liquidation
Wireless Equipment Fees Wireless Interoperability Microwave Access Wimax Mobile Virtual Network
Wwwturkcellcomtr Yapi Kredi Bankasi
Yapi Kredi Finansal Kiralama Leasing Yavuz Baylan
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