Topic Listing for Johnson Controls International plc

Acceptance Appointment Successor Acceptance Royalty
Account Accounting Conditional Asset Retirement Obligations-an Interpretation Fasb Statement
Accounting Electronic Equipment Waste Obligations Accounting Pronouncements
Accounting Records Accounting Stock Issued Employees
Accounting Terms Gaap Acquisition Customer Accounts Adt Dealer Program
Acquisition Liabilities Acquisitions
Actions Binding Future Securityholders Actions Successor
Activity Addition Borrower Shall Pay Other Taxes Relevant Governmental
Addition Hiter Group Valvulas Crosby Deepens Footprint South Additional Covenants
Additional Information Additional Negative Publicity Adversely Affect Business
Additional Rights Address Trustee
Administration Administrative Agent
Administrative Agent Counsel Shall Received Executed Borrower Favor Administrative Agent Shall Received Payment Upfront Fees Account
Administrator Admission Ticket
Adoption Sfas 123r Adoption Shareholder Rights Plan
Adt Business Experience Higher Rates Customer Attrition Reduce Adt Business Generally Experienced Higher Rates Customer Attrition
Adt Dealer Program Adt Worldwide
Adverse Interpretation Other Agreements Adversely Affected Violations Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Similar
Advisory Services Nature Respect Owes Fiduciary Similar Duty Affecting Enforcement Creditors Rights Generally Equitable Principles General
Affiliate After Change Domicile Might Not Able Make Distributions
Aggregated Option Exercises Last Year-end Values Agreement
Agreement General Release David Fitzpatrick Agreement Hereby Amended Deleting Definition Applicable Margin
Agreement Hereby Amended Deleting Definition Fee Letters Agreement Hereby Amended Deleting Definition Rating Level
Agreement Notes Shall Governed Construed Accordance Law State Agreement Result Obligations Borrower Pay Additional Amounts 903
Agreement Shall True Correct Respects Date Hereof Agreements Covidien Tyco Electronics
Agreements Underwriters Sell Purchase Airox
Alan Clarke Allocation Tax Attributes Dual Consolidated Losses Other Matters
Alteration Capital Alternate Rate Interest
Alternate Rate Interest Prior Commencement Period Eurodollar Amended Restated Effective 2007
Amended Restated Employment Agreement Amendment
Amendment 364-day Senior Bridge Loan Agreement Fire Safety Amendment Been Duly Authorized Executed Delivered Behalf Each
Amendment Bridge Loan Facilities Amendment Credit Agreement
Amendment Five-year Senior Credit Agreement Fire Safety Engineered Amendment Settlement Agreement Release Claims
Amendment Suspension Termination Amendment Termination
Amendments Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amendments Bridge Loan Agreement Amount Prepaid Shall Not Later Business Following Date
Amount Severance Benefits Involuntary Termination Amount Severance Benefits Involuntary Termination Good Reason
Amount Severance Benefits Involuntary Termination Good Reason Resignation Amy Wendell
Ancon Building Products Business Crh Plc Annex
Annex Certificate Transfer Annual Deferral Amount
Annual Equity Award Annual General Meeting
Annual General Meeting Special Appeals Denied Administrative Claims
Appendix Applicability
Application Funds Collected Applied Medical Resources Corp United States Surgical
Appointment Auditor Appointment Fill Vacancy Office Trustee
Appointment Named Appeals Fiduciary Arbitration Expenses
Arditte Arms-length Commercial Transaction
Asbestos Asbestos Matters
Assets Liabilities Measured Fair Value Nonrecurring Basis Assets Liabilities Measured Fair Value Recurring Basis
Assets Such Case Proceeding Petition Shall Continue Undismissed Assignability
Assignment Form Assumptions
Audit Committee Board Recommend Shareholders Vote Appointment Deloitte Audit Non-audit Fees
Audit Rights Authority
Authority Duties Authorization Enforceability
Available Information Award Acknowledgement Action Required
Backlog Ballard
Ballard Tyco International Ltd Bank Credit Facilities
Bank Revolving Credit Facilities Base Interest
Base Purchase Price Shall Increased Amount Equal Estimated Base Purchase Price Shall Reduced Amount Equal Estimated
Base Purchase Price Shall Reduced Amount Estimated Closing Base Salary
Basic Deferral Participation Basis Presentation
Basis Presentation Summary Significant Accounting Policies Being Contested Guarantor Subsidiary Whose Property Subject Thereto
Benchmarking Beneficiary Beneficiaries
Benefit Benefits
Bermuda Law Differs Laws Effect United States Afford Binding Effect
Board Advisors Board Capabilities
Board Committee Calendars Board Committees
Board Communication Board Compensation Share Ownership
Board Compensation Stock Ownership Board Contact Operations Management
Board Directors Board Directors Recommends Vote Election Nominees Proposal Number
Board Evaluation Board Leadership
Board Meetings Board Operation
Board Organization Board Responsibilities
Board Risk Management Board Self-evaluation
Bonuses Severance Books Records Inspection Rights
Borrower Agrees Matters Not Addressed Ucp Isp Letter Borrower Agrees Pay Administrative Agent Account Each Lender
Borrower Hereby Unconditionally Promises Pay Administrative Agent Account Borrower Permitted Successor Pursuant 508 Shall Cease Wholly-owned
Borrower Request Eurodollar Borrowing Having Interest Period Other Borrower Shall Delivered Borrowing Request Accordance 203
Borrower Shall Delivered Commitment Increase Notice Accordance 214 Borrower Shall Delivered Letter Credit Application Accordance Requirements
Borrower Shall Right Time Prepay Borrowing Whole Part Borrower Time Terminate Reduce Commitments Provided Each Reduction
Break Funding Payments Brian King
Bridge Letter Credit Facility Bridge Loan Agreement Amended Deleting Such Replacing
Bridge Loan Agreement Hereby Amended Deleting Penultimate Bridge Loan Agreement Hereby Amended Deleting Such
Bridge Loan Agreement Respect Obligations Borrower Applicable Bridge Loan Facilities
Business Strategy Includes Acquiring Companies Making Investments Complement Businesses Held Sale
Bye-law Bye-law Amendment Authorized Shares
Calculation Interest Fees Cannot Obtain Sufficient Quantities Materials Components Equipment Required
Capitalization Cash Available Programs Most Comparable Gaap Measure Limitation
Cash Perquisite Allowance Plan Cautionary Statement
Cents Per Share Certain Amendments Existing Tyco Revolver
Certain Covenants Certain Definitions
Certain Duties Responsibilities Trustee Certain Internal Restructuring Transactions Distribution Relating Proposed Separation
Certain Other Executive Officers Certain Provisions Regarding Assignments
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certain Rights Trustee Certain Risks Associated Reverse Stock Split
Certain Securities Owned Disregarded Certificate Authentication
Certificate Xxx Certificates Referred 102
Certification Chief Executive Officer Certification Chief Financial Officer
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Tyco International Ltd Adopted Change Domicile
Change Domicile Might Not Allow Continue Maintain Competitive Change Election
Change Law Shall Change Reporting Calendar Alignment
Change-in-control Severance Benefits Changes Disagreements Accountants Accounting Financial Disclosure
Changes Legislation Governmental Regulations Policies Significant Impact Financial Changes Registrants Certifying Accountant
Charges Charges Credits
Charitable Contributions Charles Chuck Dougherty
Charles Dockendorff Check Appropriate Box Below Form 8-k Filing Intended
Chief Executive Officer Compensation Choice Law
Christopher Coughlin Claim
Claims Procedures Class Action Settlement
Class Action Settlement Legacy Securities Matters Class Actions
Class Actions Action Settlement Closing Date
Closing Transaction Expenses Finally Determined Accordance Less Estimated Code 409a
Code Ethics Coleman Lannum
Collection Indebtedness Suits Enforcement Trustee Commercial Litigation
Commitment Increase Commitments
Commitments Contingencies Commitments Contingencies Environmental Matters
Committee Membership Duties Committees
Committees Board Directors Commodity Exposures
Communications Board Directors Compensation
Compensation 2004 Compensation 2005
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Deferral
Compensation Deferred Compensation Human Resources Committee Report Executive
Compensation Plan Administrator Compensation Reimbursement
Competition Competitive Strengths
Completed Only Holder Elects Accept Change Control Offer Completed Share Repurchase Program New Recently Announced
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Compliance
Compliance Certificates Opinions Compliance Code 409a
Compliance Laws Compliance Matters
Composition Comprehensive Income
Concerning Trustee Conclusion Regarding Effectiveness Disclosure Controls Procedures
Conditions Conditions Effectiveness
Conditions Employment Conditions Obligations Purchaser
Conditions Obligations Seller Conditions Underwriters Obligations
Conference Call Web Cast Conference Call Webcast
Confidential Information Confidentiality
Confirmation Indenture Confirms 2005 2006 Guidance
Conflict Trust Indenture Act Confluent Surgical
Confluent Surgical Located Waltham Mass Markets Neurosurgical Sealant Consent Jurisdiction Service Process
Consent Solicitations Notes Consequences Termination Cause
Consolidated Segment Data Consolidation Merger Sale Assets
Consult Tax Advisor Continue Responsible Portion Contingent Other Corporate Liabilities Following
Continue Subject Number Lawsuits Stemming Actions Prior Senior Continues Make Progress Toward Upcoming Separation
Continuing Demands Management Team Result Separation Distract Managements Continuing Director
Contract Employment Contractual Obligations
Contribution Control Securityholders
Controlling Law Controls Procedures
Conversion 2006 Performance Shares Conversions Continuations Loans
Converted Euros Using Conversion Rate Euro1 12319 2004 Converted Form Euro Using Conversion Ratio 127013 Usd
Convertible Debentures Convertible Debt
Convertible Debt Repurchase Activity Convertible Senior Debentures Due 2023
Cooperation Exchange Information Corporate
Corporate Aircraft Corporate Governance Principles
Corporate Other Corporate Trustee Required Eligibility
Cost Complete Transaction Significant Costs Solicitation
Counterpart Guaranty Indemnification Agreement Duly Executed Purchaser Counterpart Transition Services Agreement Duly Executed Parent
Counterparts Counterparty Credit Risk
Coupon Convertible Notes Covenant Underwriters
Covenants Covenants Debt Instruments Adversely Affect
Covenants Guarantor Covenants Not Sue
Craig Arnold Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Registrant Credit Ratings Each Independent Companies Lower Current Consolidated
Crediting Dividends Critical Accounting Policies
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Cumulative Effect Accounting Change
Current Directors Nominated Re-election Customers
Cyclical Industry Economic Conditions Affected Continue Adversely Affect Dalriada Dbfo Proceeds Finally Determined Accordance Greater Estimated
Daniel Phelan Date Execution
Date Such Borrowing Shall Business Dated 2005
David Coughlan David Olson
David Steiner Davis Kozlowski
Death Disability Benefit Beneficiary Designation Deborah Heart Lung Center Tyco International Ltd
Debt Debt Tenders
Deemed Owners Default
Defaulted Amounts Defeasance Discharge Obligations Covenant
Defendant Tyco International Ltd Deferral
Deferred Compensation Plan Directors Deferred Stock Units
Defined Terms Definition Change Control
Definitions Deliveries
Dennis Reilley Denomination
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Arrangements
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Certain Deposited Funds Held Trust
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivative Instruments
Description Designated Currency
Director Director Awards
Director Deferred Compensation Plan Director Independence
Director Orientation Education Director Service
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Certain Arrangements Disability
Discharge Only Payment Full Reimbursement Certain Circumstances Disclaimers
Disclosed Material Weakness Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Disclosure
Discretion Discussion Managements Responsibility
Dismissal Dispute Regarding Settlement Other Disposition Such Tax Proceeding
Dispute Resolution Disqualification Conflicting Interests
Distribution Distribution Common Shares Tyco Electronics Ltd Covidien
Distribution Covidien Tyco Electronics Common Shares Shareholders Certain Distribution Healthcare Electronics Common Shares Certain Internal Transactions
Distribution Taxes Distributions
Divestitures Divestitures Acquisitions
Divestitures Some Businesses Product Lines Materially Adversely Affect Dividend Policy
Dividend Treatment Documents
Documents Incorporated Reference Douglas Strohmeier
Downgrades Debt Ratings Adversely Affect Drafting
Drawings Reimbursements Funding Participations Due 2019
Duration Each Borrowing
Each Commitment Increase Each Independent Companies Resulting Completion Proposed Separation Unable
Each Party Hereto Acknowledges Distribution Material Through Electronic Each Telephonic Written Interest Election Request Shall Specify
Earnings Per Share Earnings Per Share Eps Continuing Operations Before Special
Edward Breen Chairman Chief Executive Officer Tyco International Effect Contingently Convertible Instruments Diluted Earnings Per Share
Effect Derivative Instruments Consolidated Statements Operations Effect Fractional Shareholders
Effect Payment Effect Registered Beneficial Shareholders
Effect Registered Book-entry Shareholders Effect Registered Certificated Shares
Effect Restatement Effect Successors Assigns
Effect Supplemental Indentures Effect Tyco Employees Directors
Effective 2004 Effective Date
Effective Income Tax Rate Effective Time
Effectiveness Defaulting Underwriters Election Type Borrowing Specified Then Requested Shall Abr
Electrical Metal Products Electronic Communications
Electronic Security Services Electronics
Electronics Businesses Elects Accept Change Control Offer
Elects Require Repurchase Securities Elements Compensation
Elements Gaap Measures Cash Flows Operating Activities Investing Eligibility
Eligibility Participation Employee Benefit Matters
Employee Matters Employee Retention Plan
Employees Employment Agreement Dated 2002 Between Edward Breen Tyco
Employment Agreement Dated 2002 Between Eric Pillmore Tyco Employment Agreement Edward Breen
Employment Agreement Juergen Gromer Employment Agreement Richard Meelia
Employment Agreement William Lytton Employment Retention Severance Agreements
Engineered Products Services Entire Agreement
Entire Agreement Amendments Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Entry Plea Nolo Contendere Respect Environmental
Environmental Litigation Environmental Matters
Eps Continuing Operations Excluding Special Free Cash Flow Equitable Relief
Equity Awards Equity Compensation Plan Information
Eric Green Eric Kraus
Eric Resch Erisa
Erisa Event Shall Occurred Taken Together Other Events Erisa Litigation
Erisa Litigation Investigation Erisa Partial Withdrawal Liability Assessment Demand
Essentially Unchanged Establishment Trust
Events Default Evidence Action Securityholders
Evidence Debt Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Examinations Audits Tax Authorities Including Internal Revenue Service Examinations Audits Tax Authorities Including Irs Result Additional
Except Set Forth 318 Business Employee Date Hereof Exchange Act
Exchange Offers New Notes Exchange Registration Rights Agreement
Exchange Securities Excluded Liabilities
Executed Counterparts Amendment Sufficient Number Distribution Paying Agent Execution Counterparts
Execution Delivery Guarantee Execution Supplemental Indentures
Executive Benefit Plans Other Elements Compensation Executive Compensation
Executive Compensation Philosophy Exhibits
Existence Conduct Business Expenses Indemnity Damage Waiver
Expiration Date Collateral External Audit
Ezra Charitable Trust Tyco International Ltd Face Intense Competition Each Businesses Competitive Challenges Lower
Face Product Liability Claims Relating Products Manufacture Install Failure Retain Attract Qualified Personnel Adversely Affect Business
Failure Satisfy International Trade Compliance Regulations Adversely Affect Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Values Derivative Instruments Federal Income Tax Consequences Reverse Stock Split
Fees Fees Costs
Fees Costs Expenses Fees Required Paid Before Effective Date Shall Been
Financial Condition Material Adverse Change Financial Covenant
Financial Highlights Financial Instruments
Financial Statements Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Other Information Financial Statements Supplementary Data
Fire Building Products Fire Protection Contracting Services
Fire Protection Services Fire Safety Engineered Products Businesses
Fire Security Fitzpatrick Contractors Limited Tyco Fire Integrated Solutions Ltd
Flexible Perquisite Program Floor Pitts Bay Road
Floor Pitts Bay Road Pembroke Bermuda Flow Control
Flow Control Fire Building Products Fold Detach Here
Fold Detach Here Admission Ticket 2008 Annual General Following Change Domicile Likely Removed 500 Stock Index
Following New Subsection Added 210 Bridge Loan Agreement Following New Subsection Added End 506 Bridge Loan
Forecast Cash Flow Results Excluding Voluntary Pension Contributions Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Commodity Price Interest Fluctuations
Foreign Currency Exposures Foreign Lender Entitled Exemption Reduction United States Withholding
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form Allen Overy Opinion Pursuant Form Appleby Opinion Pursuant
Form Gibson Dunn Opinion Pursuant Form Guarantee
Forth Reasonable Detail Nature Thereof Action Guarantor Taking Forward Looking Information
Forward-looking Information Forward-looking Statements
Fractional Saturation Frederic Poses
Full-year 2006 Update Fundamental Changes
Funding Borrowings Fundings Disbursements Special Payment Account
Funds Held Trust Furnish Trustee Names Addresses Securityholders
Further Assurances Further Instances Breakdowns Internal Controls Procedures Adverse Effect
Future Growth Largely Dependent Ability Develop Acquire New Future Growth Largely Dependent Ability Develop New Technologies
Fy09 Dsu Award Agreement Fy09 Dsu Award Description
Gain Losses Divestitures Gains Losses Divestitures
Gains Losses Impairments Divestitures Net Gender Number
General General Economic Cyclical Industry Conditions Adversely Affect Financial
General Provisions General Release Claims Extinguished Not Extend Creditor
Global Security Definitive Pursuant Regulation Goodwill Impairment
Goodwill Intangible Asset Impairments Goodwill Intangible Assets
Goodwill Long-lived Asset Impairments Governance Principles Board Oversees
Governing Documents Governing Law
Governmental Approvals Conflicts Governmental Regulation Supervision
Greater Federal Funds Effective Rate Determined Administrative Agent Guarantee
Guarantee Unconditional Guarantees
Guarantor Heretofore Furnished Administrative Agent Consolidated Balance Sheet Guarantor Officer Director Controlling Person Shall Survive Delivery
Guarantor Significant Subsidiary Shall Admit Writing Inability Fail Guide Ethical Conduct
Hall Kozlowski Headings
Headings Captions Healthcare
Healthcare Bridge Loan Agreement Healthcare Business Subject Extensive Regulation Government Failure Comply
Healthcare Businesses Heirs Assigns Personal Representatives
Held 2009 Held Sale Reflected Continuing Operations
Hereby Ordered Adjudged Decreed Hereof Thereof Waiver Hereunder Thereunder Shall Prove Been
Highlighted Changes Highlights
Historical Financial Information Not Indicative Future Results After Hiter Group
Hold Securities Holdback Earn-out Liabilities
Holdback Liabilities Hromyak
Illegality Imaging
Immediate Release Immediately After Giving Effect Such Transaction Default Shall
Impact Proposed Reverse Stock Split Implemented Impact Revenue Limitation Best Addressed Using Organic Growth
Impact Sale Accounts Receivable Programs Voluntary Pension Contributions Impairment Long-lived Assets
Inaccuracy Failure Not Been Cured Within After Written Including Employee Stock Options Recognized Financial Statements Based
Income Tax Act Income Tax Matters
Income Taxes Inconsistent Agreements
Increased Demands Management Team Result Proposed Separation Distract Increased Demands Management Team Result Separation Distract Managements
Indemnification Indemnification Contribution
Indemnification Guarantor Indemnification Holders
Indemnifying Party Shall Pay Includes Provision Whereby Plaintiff Indemnity
Indenture Indenture Supplemental
Indenture Supplements Indenture Trustee Litigation
Independence Nominees Director Independent Companies Might Not Able Engage Desirable Strategic
Index Index Form 10-q
Information Information Relating Tender Offers
Information Relating Tender Offers Debt Securities Infrastructure Services
Infrastructure Services Business Aecom Technology Corporation Initial Claim
Insert Private Placement Legend Global Security Applicable Inspection
Insurance Integral Part
Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Antitrust Litigation
Intellectual Property Litigation Intentionally Omitted
Interest Interest Elections
Interest Expense Interest Income Expense
Interest Rate Exposures Interest Rates
Internal Audit Internal Controls
International International Ltd
International Public Policy Introduction
Introductory Paragraph 510 Credit Agreement Hereby Amended Restated Inventory
Inventory Costs Investigation
Investigations Investing Activities Cash Flows Financing Reconciliation Total Equivalents
Investment Measurements Investment Status
Investments Issuance Founders Grant Officers
Issuer Purchases Equity Securities Jack Connors
James Clemmer James Muse
Jane Leipold Joan Wainwright
John Masterson John Roselli
Joseph Zaccagnino José Joe Almeida
Judgment Currency Judgment Currency Applicable Law Whether Pursuant Being
Juergen Gromer Karen Quinn-quintin
Kathy Herbert Kevin Dasilva
Know Persons Presents Knowledge Sellers Document Outside United Kingdom Necessary Establish
Lawrence Smith Leading Advanced Systems Integration
Legal Matters Legal Proceedings
Legal Settlements Legislation Negative Publicity Regarding Bermuda Companies Affect Financial
Legislation Negative Publicity Regarding Bermuda Companies Increase Tax Legislation Relating Government Contracts
Legislative Action Congress Materially Adversely Affect Despite Change Legislative Other Measures Taken Governmental Authorities Materially Increase
Lender Determines Change Law Regarding Capital Requirements Effect Letters Credit
Levin Levin Kozlowski
Lien Asset Securing Payment Part Purchase Price Such Lien Existing Asset Closing Date
Lien Existing Asset Time Acquisition Thereof Guarantor Subsidiary Lien Secure Intercompany Debt
Lien Securing Only Nonrecourse Debt Liens
Liens Created Pursuant Permitted Securitization Transactions Limitation Aggregate Principal Amount Date Notes
Limitation Awards Limitation Benefits
Limitation Restrictions Subsidiary Dividends Other Distributions Limitation Suits
Litigation Environmental Matters Loans
Loans Borrowings Loans Comprising Each Abr Borrowing Shall Bear Interest
Loans Comprising Each Eurodollar Borrowing Shall Bear Interest Long-term Debt Rating Improved Bbb
Long-term Incentive Awards Losses Divestitures
Losses Gains Divestitures Losses Impairments Divestitures
Losses Impairments Divestures Lost Payees
Ludlow Coated Products Businesses Apollo Management Lump Sum Payment Account Balance
Maintenance Office Agency Maintenance Properties Insurance
Mallinckrodt Inc Nellcor Puritan Bennett Masimo Corporation Mallinckrodt Inc Nellcor Puritan Bennett Plaintiffs Counter-defendants Masimo
Mallinckrodt Inc Nellcor Puritan Bennett Plaintiffs Counterdefendants Masimo Management Appointments Related Compensatory Matters
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Revised
Margin Regulations Mario Calastri
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer Masimo Corporation Tyco Healthcare Group Mallinckrodt Inc
Material Adverse Legal Judgments Fines Penalties Settlements Adversely Material Modification Rights Security Holders
Material Modifications Rights Security Holders Matters Applicable Requests Compensation
Measure Order Better Understand Amounts Character Impact Increase Measurement Funds
Medical Medical Devices Supplies
Meetings Merger Conversion Consolidation Succession Business
Method Payment Might Not Able Engage Desirable Strategic Transactions Equity
Minoru Mooch Okamoto Mission Board Directors
Mission Board Directors What Intends Accomplish Mitigation
Mitigation Obligations Modification Amendment Supplement Loan Document
Modification Severance Benefits More-
Named Defendant Variety Litigation Course Business Cause Material Natchitoches Parish Hospital Service District Tyco International Ltd
Negative Publicity Nellcor Masimo Announce Settlement Patent Litigation
Net Debt Significantly Lower Gaap Measure Used Conjunction Net Restructuring
New Director Nominated Election New Expiration Date 500 York City Time 2008
New Jersey Tyco New Nominee Director
New Share Repurchase Program Authorized Nomination Directors
Non-competition Non-controlled Entities Compliance Material Respects Applicable Environmental Laws
Non-controlled Entity Representations Warranties Sellers Non-disparagement
Non-duplication Benefits Non-gaap Measures
Non-gaap Measures Not Considered Replacements Gaap Results Non-reliance
Non-solicitation Nonalienation Benefits
Not Adequately Fairly Reflect Cost Such Lenders Not Apply Asset Theretofore Owned Guarantor Subsidiary Other
Not Engage Material Business Other Holding Stock Investments Not Exclusive Shall Limit Rights Remedies Otherwise Available
Notes Notes Due 2019
Notes Due 2021 Notes Pro Forma Consolidated Financial Statements
Notice Notice Form
Notice Form Timing Duration Notice Redemption
Notice Shall Notify Borrower Least Business Prior Each Notices
Notices Claims Etc Notified Participation Sold Such Participant Agrees Benefit Borrower
Number Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Officer Compensation Officers
Officers Executives Oloughlin Tyco International Ltd
One-for-four Reverse Stock Split Ongoing Royalties
Ongoing Sec Inquiries Require Further Amend Restate Public Operating Results
Operating Segments Operations Expose Risk Material Environmental Liabilities Litigation Violations
Opt-out Claims Option Awards
Option Grants Last Options
Organic Revenue Free Cash Flow Outflow Fcf Income Organic Revenue Growth Free Cash Flow Fcf Operating
Organic Revenue Growth Non-gaap Measure Consists Impact Foreign Organization Powers
Other Other Arrangements
Other Dbfo Proceeds Finally Determined Accordance Greater Estimated Other Debt Information
Other Directorships Conflicts Other Directorships Conflicts Related Party Transactions
Other Events Other Expense Income Net
Other Expense Net Other Income Expense Net
Other Income Net Other Income Tax Matters
Other Information Other Matters
Other Matters Governed Separation Distribution Agreement Other Payments
Other Responsibilities Other Supplemental Insurance Benefits
Otherwise Paid Less Costs Recovery Such Refund Reduction Outlook
Overview Overview Compensation Philosophy Programs
Overview Outlook Oxygen Saturation
Parent Sellers Participant
Participant Account Participation
Participation Severance Plans Thomas Lynch Participation Tyco International Inc Severance Plan Officers Executives
Parties Hereto Hereby Irrevocably Waives Fullest Extent Permitted Parties Interest
Patents Trademarks Paula Sneed
Pay Recoupment Policy Payable Borrower Each Lender Hereunder Amount Sum Received
Paying Agent Shall Promptly Notify Borrower Lenders Effective Paying Agents
Payment Payment Additional Amounts
Payment Deferred Compensation Payment Delivery Securities
Payment Funds Held Paying Agents Payment Principal Premium Interest
Payment Redemption Payments
Payments Agreement Other Loan Documents Shall Dollars New Payments Business
Payments Generally Pro Rata Treatment Sharing Set-offs Payments Incompetent Persons
Payments Participants Peer Group Companies
Pembroke Pembroke Bermuda
Pembroke Bermuda 2006 Tyco International Ltd Nyse Tyc Pembroke Bermuda 2007
Pending Litigation Material Adverse Effect Liquidity Financial Condition Performance Bonus Summary
Performance Graph Performance Measures
Performance Share Unit Award Permitted Proceeds Parent Entitled Receive Between Effective Date
Person Group Persons Within Meaning Securities Exchange Act Pharmaceuticals
Pierre Brondeau Place Payment
Plan Plan Administration
Plan Amendment Termination Plastics Adhesives
Please See Page Tyco International Ltd 2005 Form Please Sign Below Return Copy Fy09 Award Agreement
Please Votes Corresponding Boxes Reverse Side Policy Audit Committee Pre-approval Permissible Non-audit Services Independent
Policy Director Executive Officer Loans Policy Director Loans
Pre- Post-separation Benchmarking Preferential Collection Claims Against
Prepayment Loans Prepayment Loans Mandatory Reduction Commitments
Prepayments Presentation Financial Statements
Presentation Remarks Preservation Information Communications Securityholders
Press Release Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Amount Time Outstanding Not Exceed Equal Consolidated Principal Payment Date
Prior Agreements Prior Charges Credits
Pro Pro Forma Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements
Procedure Effecting Reverse Stock Split Proceeding Shall Obtain Borrowers Prior Written Consent Not
Proceedings Not Covered Settlement Proceeds
Proof Execution Securityholders Properties
Property Plant Equipment Provided Case Such Acquisition Construction Improvement Lien Shall
Provided However Published Cusip Number
Published Cusip Number 90212wad6 Pulse Oximetry Products
Pulse Oximetry Revenue Purchase Price Adjustments
Purchase Sale Target Shares Purchased Assets Purchased Subsidiary Thereof Existing Agreement Contract Pay Assume
Purpose Purpose Plan
Pursuant Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Pursuant Terms Repurchase Documentation Been Paid Full Being Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Questions Answers Voting Common Shares Raises Full-year 2008 Earnings Per Share Eps Guidance
Raises Guidance Diluted Eps Continuing Operations Before Special Ram Charan
Randall Hogan Raw Other Purchased Materials
Reading Agreement Reasonableness
Recent Disruptions Financial Markets Adverse Effects Customers Suppliers Recently Adopted Accounting Pronouncement
Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements Recently Recognized Substantial Impairment Charges Required Recognize Additional
Recitals Reclassifications
Recommendations Management Records
Records Reporting Disclosure Recourse
Redemption Redemption Changes Withholding Taxes
Redemption Securities Sinking Fund Reduce Commitments After Giving Effect Concurrent Prepayment Loans
Reduction Severance Benefits References Agreement
Refund Refunds Carrybacks Amended Tax Returns
Registered Principal Executive Offices Registrable Securities
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Registration Expenses
Registration Procedures Registration Securities Act
Regulation Disclosure Regulation Isclosure
Reinstatement Relate Purchasers Affiliates Tyco Name Terms License Agreement
Related Party Transactions Relating Agreement Other Loan Document Against Obligors Respective
Release Contain Certain Forward-looking Statements Within Meaning United Release Guarantee
Release Impairment Non-perfection Invalidity Direct Indirect Security Obligation Release Masimo Nellcor
Release Nellcor Masimo Release Unknown Claims
Releases Indemnification Reliance Officers Certificate
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Remediation Plan
Remedies Breach Repayment Loans Evidence Debt
Repayment Parent Reporting
Reports Reports Trustee
Representation Underwriters Representation Warranty Deemed Behalf Guarantor Subsidiary Connection Agreement
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Parent
Representations Warranties Purchaser Representations Warranties True Correct Material Respects Such Earlier
Repurchased 164 Shares 676 Date Existing Share Repurchase Reputation Ability Business Impaired Improper Conduct Employees Agents
Requests Borrowings Required Recognize Additional Impairment Charges
Research Development Resignation Removal Appointment Successor
Respiratory Responsibilities
Responsibility Payment Taxes Restatement-accounting Income Taxes
Restricted Holder Restricted Share Awards-
Restructuring Asset Impairment Charges Net Restructuring Long-lived Asset Impairment Charges Net
Restructuring Program Restructuring Reserves
Result Increase Par Value Shares Less Flexibility Respect Result Increased Shareholder Approval Requirements Less Flexibility Swiss
Results Geographic Area Results Operations
Results Operations Financial Condition Retail
Retention Bonuses Connection Separation Retirement Plans
Returning Proxy Card Revenue Combination Gaap Numbers See Accompanying Tables Press
Review Equity Plan Compliance Review Investigation Agreement
Review Prior Period Stock Option Grant Practices Revolving Credit Facilities
Richard Brown Richard Meelia
Richard Perko Right Offset
Rights Remedies Cumulative Delay Omission Not Waiver Risk Factors
Risks Relating Actions Tycos Former Senior Corporate Management Risks Relating Jurisdiction Incorporation
Robert Bob Scott Robert Brust
Robert Hernandez Role Compensation Committee
Rule 144 Rule 144 405 415
Rules Construction Safety Products
Salary Replacement Annual Bonus Sale Accounts Receivable
Sale Accounts Receivable Programs Sale Lease Exchange Assets
Sales Accounts Receivable Promissory Notes Factors Other Third-parties Sandra Wijnberg
Satisfaction Discharge Indenture Satisfaction Sinking Fund Payments Securities
Schaffhausen Ch-8200 Switzerland Schedule
Schedule 1310 Schedule 14a
Schedule 201 Agreement Hereby Amended Deleting Such Entirety Schedule Attached Annex Hereto Shall Added Bridge Loan
Schedules Schuldt
Schuldt Tyco International Ltd Scope Released Claims
Scott Davis Seal
Sec Investigation Update Sections 321 Shall True Correct Respects Date Hereof
Securities Securities Act
Securities Affected Supplemental Indentures Securities Class Actions
Securities Litigation Class Action Settlement Securities Proceedings Not Covered Settlement
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder See Accompanying Table Press Release Reconciliation Net Debt
See Accompanying Tables Press Release Cash Flow Statement Segment Results
Segments Seller Settlement Cash Intercompany Accounts
Senior Corporate Management Team Required Devote Significant Attention Senior Vice President Human Resources
Separability Separation
Separation Distribution Agreement Separation Transaction
Separation-related Adjustments Outstanding Equity Awards Services Products
Settlement Agreement Executive Employment Settlement Agreement Release Claims
Settlement Dsu Award Settlement Notices
Settlement Payment Severability Provisions
Severance Severance Arrangements Lytton Robinson
Severance Benefits Severance Benefits Salary Replacement Annual Bonus
Severance Plan Officers Executives Shall Entitled Benefits 1008 Though Lender Provided Such
Shall Entitled Treat Communications Not Marked Public Being Shall Not Relieve Defaulting Underwriter Liability Respect Default
Shannon Ocallaghan Share Plans
Share Repurchase Program Announced Share Responsibility Certain Covidiens Tyco Electronics Income Tax
Share-based Payment Shareholder Derivative Litigation
Shareholder Proposals 2006 Annual General Meeting Shareholder Proposals 2007 Annual General Meeting
Shareholder Proposals 2008 Annual General Meeting Shareholder Proposals 2009 Annual General Meeting
Shareholder Proposals 2010 Annual General Meeting Shareholder Rights
Shareholder Statement Filed Tax Return Shareholders Equity
Shares Subject Plan Adjustments Shelf Registration Statement
Sign-on Option Restricted Stock Grant Signature Page Follows
Signature Page Guarantor Assumption Agreement Electronics Bridge Loan Signature Page Guarantor Assumption Agreement Electronics Revolver
Signature Page Guarantor Assumption Agreement Healthcare Revolver Signatures
Significant Foreign Operations Subject Political Economic Other Risks Significant Operations Outside United States Subject Political Economic
Sinking Fund Solicitations Related Bondholder Litigation Settlement
Special General Meeting Specific Performance
Spillover Participation Matching Discretionary Credits Statement Officers Default
Stay Acceleration Steven Mcmanama
Stevenson Tyco International Ltd Stock Asset Purchase Agreement
Stock Ownership Guidelines Strategy
Subclause 1014 Credit Agreement Hereby Amended Restated Entirety Subclause 510 Credit Agreement Hereby Amended Restated Entirety
Subject Governmental Investigations Might Serious Consequences Subject Ongoing Governmental Investigations Adverse Effect Business
Subject Restrictions Imposed Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Similar Subject Terms Conditions Set Forth Herein Closing Purchaser
Subject Variety Litigation Course Business Cause Material Adverse Subject Various Swiss Taxes Result Change Domicile
Submission Jurisdiction Appointment Agent Service Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subpoenas Document Requests Governmental Entities Subpoenas Document Requests Governmental Entities Investigations
Subpoenas Document Requests Governmental Entities Related Litigation Subrogation
Subrogation Making Payment Hereunder Respect Borrower Guarantor Subsection 402 Bridge Loan Agreement Amended Deleting Such
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Subsidiary Debt
Subsidiary Guarantors Subsidiary Guarantors Borrower Cause Each Now Hereafter
Substantially Successor Person Substituted
Successors Successors Assigns
Summary Summary Compensation Table
Supplemental Indentures Consent Securityholders Supplemental Indentures Without Consent Securityholders
Supplementary Balance Sheet Cash Flow Information Supplementary Balance Sheet Information
Supplementary Income Statement Information Supplementary Information
Supplementary Statement Operations Information Surgical
Survival Survival Provisions
Swiss Laws Differ Effect United States Afford Less Switzerland
Tadataka Yamada Taken Proposed Respect Thereto Setting Forth Reasonably Detailed
Tally Sheets Composite Pay Mix Analysis Tax Basis Allocation
Tax Deductibility Executive Compensation Tax Implications Dsu Award
Tax Legislation Tax Sharing Agreement
Taxes Telephone
Telephone Dial-in Capability Participate Question-and-answer Portion Call Telephone Dial-in Participate Listen-only Mode
Tender Offers Selling Restrictions Term
Term Plan Terminate Reduce Commitments After Giving Effect Concurrent Prepayment
Termination Termination Cause
Termination Eligibility Benefits Termination Five-year Credit Agreement
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Termination Material Definitive Agreements
Termination Obligation Issuer Make Credit Extensions Commitments Shall Termination Reduction Commitments
Termination Three-year Credit Agreement Terms Conditions Performance Share Unit Award
Terms Generally Reference Agreement Each Other Loan Terms Offering
Terrence Curtin Thomas Tom Lynch
Time Insufficient Funds Received Available Administrative Agent Pay Time Payment
Time Prior Closing Mutual Written Consent Parent Sellers Timothy Donahue
Title Securities Titles
Tools Utilized Compensation Committee Total Restructuring Reserves
Transaction Details Transactions Affiliates
Transfer Assets Assumption Liabilities Transfer Shares
Transition Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Transmission Shares
Treatment Restricted Stock Other Equity Awards Treatment Securities Debt
Trust Trust Indenture Act
Trustee Not Responsible Recitals Issuance Securities Trustees Certificate Authentication
Ttm Technologies Inc Tyco
Tyco Announces Agreement Sell Printed Circuit Group Ttm Tyco Announces Entry Bridge Loan Facilities Revolving Credit
Tyco Announces Nominees Board Directors Electronics Tyco Announces Nominees Board Directors Healthcare
Tyco Announces Senior Management Team Lead Electronics Independent Tyco Cfo David Fitzpatrick Retire End 2005 Christopher
Tyco Chairman Ceo Breen Speak Morgan Stanley Ceos Tyco Electronics
Tyco Electronics President Juergen Gromer Retire End 2007 Tyco Explore Plastics Adhesives Divestiture
Tyco Files Amended Annual Quarterly Reports Tyco Fire Security Engineered Products Services
Tyco Flow Control Tyco General Counsel William Lytton Retire
Tyco Goals What Seek Achieve Tyco Healthcare
Tyco International Tyco International Acquire Interest Airox Expand Respiratory Care
Tyco International Acquires Last Major Sensormatic Franchise Tyco International Acquires Sensormatic Franchise
Tyco International Announces Extension Consent Solicitations Exchange Offers Tyco International Announces Preliminary Agreement Settle Bondholder Litigation
Tyco International Announces Receipt Required Consents Consent Solicitations Tyco International Declares Regular Quarterly Dividend
Tyco International Files Form S-1 Documents Securities Exchange Tyco International Finance Incorporated Limited Liability Laws Grand-duchy
Tyco International Group Tyco International Host Investor 2007
Tyco International Inc Retirement Savings Investment Plan Puerto Tyco International Increases Quarterly Dividend Percent Cents Per
Tyco International Ltd Tyco International Ltd Deferred Compensation Plan Directors
Tyco International Ltd Earnings Per Share Summary Tyco International Ltd Floor Pitts Bay Road Pembroke
Tyco International Ltd Index Form 10-q Tyco International Ltd Proxy Being Solicited Behalf Board
Tyco International Proposes Change Place Incorporation Bermuda Switzerland Tyco International Reaches Agreement Sell Nippon Dry-chemical Unit
Tyco Litigation Against Former Senior Management Tyco Provides Update Separation Process
Tyco Reports Earnings Continuing Operations 011 Per Share Tyco Reports Earnings Continuing Operations 037 Per Share
Tyco Reports Earnings Continuing Operations 039 Per Share Tyco Reports Earnings Continuing Operations 042 Per Share
Tyco Reports Earnings Continuing Operations 043 Per Share Tyco Reports Earnings Continuing Operations 052 Per Share
Tyco Reports Earnings Continuing Operations 056 Per Share Tyco Reports Earnings Continuing Operations 063 Per Share
Tyco Resolves 2002 Investigation Sec Tyco Supplemental Savings Retirement Plan
Tyco Unveils Senior Management Team Lead Healthcare Independently Tyco Values Conduct Ourselves
Tyco Vision Exist Essence Business Tycos Website
Unable Achieve Some Benefits Expect Achieved Separation Unable Complete Transaction
Undertaking Pay Costs Underwriting Agreement
Unfunded Plan United States Securities Exchange Reports
Unless Administrative Agent Shall Received Notice Lender Prior Unless Previously Terminated Commitments Shall Terminate Maturity Date
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Unsecured Obligation
Until 2011 Declare Pay Dividends Form Reductions Registered Untraced Shareholders
Unused Commitments Shall Automatically Terminate End Availability Period Usa Patriot Act
Used Approximately Cash Retire Fully Diluted Shares Through Valuation Payments
Variable Interest Entities Vesting
Vision Values Board Volatility Currency Exchange Rates Commodity Prices Interest Adversely
Volatility Non-us Currency Exchange Rates Commodity Prices Interest Voluntary Pension Contributions
Voluntary Resignation Termination Due Death Permanent Disability Voluntary Termination Death Permanent Disability
Vote Nominees Box Withhold Voting Authority Particular Nominee Vue Technology
Vue Technologys In-store Rfid Technology Enhances Inventory Control Waiver Guarantor
Waiver Jury Trial Waiver Usury Stay Extension Laws
Waivers Amendments Warrant Authority
Warren Nighan Whereas
Withholding Within After End Each Guarantor Consolidated Balance Sheet
Witness Whereof Witnesseth
Worldwide Electronic Security Services Worldwide Fire Protection Contracting Services
Written Agreement Purchaser Seller Written Communications Pursuant Rule 425 Securities Act Cfr
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