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Absence Fiduciary Relationship Operating Partnership Jointly Severally Acknowledge Accelerate Time Part Award Settled Exercised
Account Means Record Records Established Each Participant Accordance Accounting
Accounts Accounts Payable Accrued Expense
Acquired Facilities Subject Unknown Liabilities Acquired Properties
Acquisition Activities Acquisition Development Activities
Acquisition Disposition Activity Acquisition Facilities
Acquisition New Facilities Lack Operating History Give Rise Acquisition Self-storage Facilities Resolution Disputes Amsdell Family
Add Additional Signature Blocks Needed Add Appropriate Local Law Legends
Added Only Consent Borrower Other Parties Swingline Lender Addendum
Addition Not Exclusion Other Provisions Substitution Law Otherwise Additional Appraisals Required Applicable Law
Additional Compensation Principles Additional Costs Capital Adequacy
Additional Documents Additional Issuances Equity Securities Dilutive Shareholders
Adjustments Administer Claims Procedure Provided
Administration Advancement Expenses
Adverse Macroeconomic Business Conditions Significantly Negatively Affect Revenues Affected Lenders
Affirmative Covenants Age Other Elected Less Participant Election Agreement Pursuant
Agent Lender Agents Reliance Etc
Aggregated Option Exercises 2004 Year-end Values Agreement
Agreement Not Offer Sell Additional Shares Agreement Regarding Interest Charges
Aircraft Lease Aircraft Timesharing Agreement
Airplane Lease Allocation Proceeds
Amended Restated Limited Partnership Agreement Amendment
Amendment Bylaws Amendment Contribution Agreement
Amendment Employment Non-compete Agreements Amendment Lease
Amendment Purchase Sale Agreement Amendment Termination
Amendments Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Americans Disabilities Act Applicable State Accessibility Compliance Require Americans Disabilities Act Compliance Require Unanticipated Expenditures
Amount Limitations Annual Incentive Compensation
Another Copy Election Form Federal Income Tax Return Approvals Lenders
Asset Impairment Insurance Recoveries Asset Impairment Insurance Recovery
Assignment Separate Certificate Assignments
Assumed Unknown Liabilities Connection Formation Transactions Not Recourse Assumed Unknown Liabilities Connection Formation Transactions Occurred Time
Assumptions Concerning Funding Libor Loans Attend Annual Meeting
Attorneys Law Auction Rate Other Marketable Securities
Audit Committee Audit Committee Matters Report
Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures Audit Committee Report
Authorization Action Available Information
Available Wwwustoreitcom Investor Relations B-1
Bank Credit Facilities Barry Amsdell
Base Salary Basis Presentation
Because Real Estate Illiquid Not Able Sell Properties Become Subject Litigation Threatened Divert Management Time Attention
Become Subject Litigation Threatened Divert Managements Time Attention Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficiary Designation Benefit Distributions
Benefits Benefits In-service Distribution Option Shall Paid Participant Follows
Benefits Participants Benefits Retirement Distribution Option Shall Paid Participant Follows
Board Committees Board Means Trustees
Board Meetings Board Shall Mean Trustees
Board Trustees Meetings Bonus Program Annual Incentive
Bonus Program Annual Incentive Payouts Bonus Program Long-term Incentive Grants Equity Awards
Books Records Bring-down Comfort Letter
Business Harmed Key Personnel Robert Amsdell Steven Osgood Business Immediately Preceding Plan Divided Number Installments Remaining
Business Sensitive Economic Conditions Impact Consumer Spending Business Strategy
Bylaws Calculations Attached
Cannot Assure Ability Pay Dividends Future Capital Markets Activity
Capital Raising Initiatives Cash Compensation
Cash Equivalents Cash Flows
Casualty Condemnation Certain Federal Income Tax Consequences
Certain Permitted Investments Certain Provisions Maryland Law Inhibit Changes Control
Certain Provisions Maryland Law Inhibit Changes Control Discourage Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Trustee Independence Certificate Executed Officer Dated Date Hereof
Certificate Sdat Good Standing Dated Recent Date Certification Chief Executive Officer Financial Pursuant Usc 1350
Certification Principal Executive Officer Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act Certification Principal Financial Officer Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Chairman Chief Executive Officer Outside Business Interests Require Change Control Shall Mean Unless Otherwise Defined Applicable
Change Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Change Lending Office
Change Vote After Return Proxy Card Changes Deemed Investment Options Participant Change Participants Distribution
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting
Changes Registrants Certifying Accountant Charles Elliott Andrews
Check Box Only Check Relevant Box
Chief Financial Officer Board Trustees Designate Said Responsibilities Christopher Marr
Claims Plan Shall Directed Attention Administrator Participant Beneficiary Claims Procedures
Cleveland 44113 Cleveland Ohio 44130
Closed Common Share Offering Raising 161 Closing
Closing Common Share Offering Closing Costs Prorations Rents Taxes Miscellaneous Expenses
Code Shall Mean Internal Revenue 1986 Amended Time Collateral Account
Collateral Matters Protective Advances Combination Thereof
Commitments Contingencies Committee Charters Corporate Governance Documents
Committees Common Share Offering
Communications Board Comparison 2003 2002
Comparison 2004 2003 Comparison 2005 2004
Comparison 2006 2005 Comparison 2007 2006
Comparison 2008 2007 Comparison Cash Flows 2005 2004
Comparison Operating Results 2005 2004 Comparison Operating Results 2007 2006
Comparison Operating Results 2009 2008 Comparison Same-store Results 2005 2004
Compensation Compensation Actions
Compensation Chief Executive Officer Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Means Board Trustees Time Such Exists
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Committee Report Executive
Compensation Components Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Eligible Deferral Contributions Compensation Philosophy Objectives
Compensation Policies Executive Officers Compensation Tables
Competition Complete Liquidation Dissolution
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Compliance Applicable Law Material Contracts
Compliance Certificate Borrowing Base Compliance Oversight Responsibilities
Compliance Registration Requirements Stop Order Comply Americans Disabilities Act 1990 Require Unanticipated Expenditures
Components Executive Officer Compensation Comprehensive Income Loss
Comprehensive Loss Computations
Concentration Conditions Precedent Loans Letters Credit
Conditions Precedent Property Becoming Borrowing Base Conduct Business
Conference Call Confidential
Confidentiality Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consideration Consolidated Real Estate Venture
Construction Construction Improvements
Consultant Shall Mean Subsidiaries Affiliates Contact
Contact Questions Contingency
Continuation Continuation Indemnity
Contracts Checks Deposits Contractual Obligations
Contribution Agreement Contribution Agreements
Controls Procedures Controls Procedures Background
Controls Procedures Disclosure Conversion
Copies Amendments Supplements Prospectus Corporate Governance Nominating Committee
Corporate Opinion Cost Reduction Measures
Counterparts Counterparts Plan Signed Each Together Shall Constitute Instrument
Covenant Not Sue Indemnification Covenants Transaction Entities Each Jointly Severally Agrees Underwriter
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Current Credit Facility
Current Expected Sources Cash Excluding Credit Facility Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Daniel Hurwitz Date Report Earliest Event Reported 2006
David Larue Dean Jernigan
Debt Reduction Declaration Trust Permits Board Trustees Issue Preferred Shares
Deed Trust Provisionsarticle Intentionally Omitted Default
Default Indemnification Casualty Condemnation Defaulting Lenders
Deferral Commitments Adjustments Taxes Deferred Compensation Benefits
Definitions Definitions Used Agreement Following Terms Respective Meanings Set
Delegate Specific Responsibilities Operation Administration Plan Such Employees Delegation Committee
Delivery Documents Deloitte Touche Llp
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Arrangements
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Depend External Sources Capital Outside Control Unavailability Adversely
Depend On-site Personnel Maximize Customer Satisfaction Each Facilities Dependent On-site Personnel Maximize Customer Satisfaction Difficulties Encounter
Derivatives Contracts Describe Credit Agreement Option Agent
Description Property Determination Entitlement Authorization Indemnification
Determine Type Types Awards Granted Participant Developments California Adverse Impact Business Financial Results
Diluted Basis Therefore Ability Exercise Significant Influence Matter Disbursement Loan Proceeds Funds Transfer
Disclosure Controls Procedures Discourage Parties Conducting Tender Offer Seeking Other Change
Disposition Activity Distribution Option Means Options Available Plan Consisting Retirement
Distributions Distributions Payable Additional Paid-in Capital
Each Individual Executing Documents Behalf Party Other Duly Earnings Guidance Dividend Declaration
Earnings Per Share Shareholders Equity Eastdil Secured
Effect Changes Interest Rates Outstanding Debt Effective 2007
Election Agreements Shall Form Acceptable Plan Administrator Completed Election Procedures
Elections Distributions Eligibility Properties
Emergency Benefit Eminent Domain
Employee Means Respect Each Employer Management Highly Compensated Employees
Employment Agreement Employment Agreements
Employment Noncompetition Agreements Entire Agreement
Entire Balance Such Account Shall Pro Rata Each Entitled Vote Annual Meeting
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Matters
Equity Awards Equity Incentive Plan
Equity Offering Erisa Exemptions
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Exception Right Indemnification Advancement Expenses Exchange Act 1934 Amendment
Exchange Act Shall Mean Securities 1934 Amended Time Exchange Listing
Executive Compensation Executive Compensation Elements Chose Amounts Each Element
Executive Compensation Program Executive Officers
Executive Officers U-store-it Trust Executive Sessions Independent Trustees
Executive Sessions Non-management Trustees Exercise
Exercise Option Receipt Award Shall Effective Only Agreement Exercise Overallotment Option
Exhibits Existing Facilities Acquired-average Occupancy
Expenses Expenses Successful Party
Expiration Maturity Date Letters Credit Past Termination Face Risks Associated Actions Taken Competitors
Face Risks Associated Facility Acquisitions Impede Growth Face Risks Related Balloon Payments
Face Risks Related Current Debt Maturities Including Refinancing Face Risks Significant Competition Associated Actions Taken Competitors
Face Significant Competition Other Developers Owners Operators Self-storage Face Significant Competition Self-storage Industry Impede Ability Retain
Face System Security Risks Depend Automated Processes Internet Facilities Acquired Annual Rent Per Occupied Square Foot
Facilities Acquired Average Occupied Square Feet Facilities Acquired Total Revenues Dollars
Factors Adverse Effect Market Value Securities Fail Qualify Reit Distributions Shareholders Not
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Measurements
Fee Reimbursable Costs Reconciliation Fees
Fees Paid Independent Accountant Fees Paid Independent Auditor
Fiduciary Relationship Created Nothing Contained Plan Action Taken Financial Attributes Non-wholly Owned Subsidiaries
Financial Covenants Financial Operating Results
Financial Outlook Financial Performance Dependent Economic Other Conditions Markets Facilities
Financial Statement Disclosure Matters Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Index Consolidated Financial Statements Index Consolidated Combined
Financial Statements Supplementary Data Financing Activities
Financing Future Growth Plan Refinancing Existing Debt Maturities Financing Strategy
Find Out Results Voting Annual Meeting Following Discussion Read Conjunction Financial Statements
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form Opinion Counsel Operating Partnership Form Placement Notice
Formation Transactions Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Forward Looking Statements Forward-looking Statements
Frequency Appraisals Frequency Calculations Borrowing Base Calculation Methodology
Full 2007 Financial Outlook Full 2008 Financial Outlook
Funds Operations Funds Operations Ffo
Funds Transfer Disbursements Further Assurances
Further Text Page Future Elect Make Joint Venture Investments Adversely Affected
Future Incur Variable Rate Debt Therefore Increases Interest Future Reports Representatives
Future Reports Shareholders Gaap Means United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
General General Provisions
General References Times General Related Party Transaction Procedures
Governing Law Government Regulation
Grant Grantor Borrower
Ground Lease Ground Lease Provisionsarticle Intentionally Omitted
Guaranty Meaning Given Term Recitals Above Had Approximately 3805 Indebtedness Outstanding 2004 Level Result
Had Approximately 6693 Indebtedness Outstanding 2005 Level Result Harold Haller Phd
Headings Heitman Joint Venture
Held 2005 Held 2006
Held 2007 Held 2008
Held 2009 Highlights
Householding Proxy Materials Identified Material Weaknesses Internal Controls Affect Ability Ensure
Illegality Impact 2004 Hurricanes
Impact Hurricanes In-service Distribution Option Means Pursuant Benefits Payable Accordance
Include Only Issuer Partnership Limited Liability Income Taxes
Incur Costs Face Integration Challenges Acquire Additional Facilities Incur Significant Costs Related Government Regulation Environmental Matters
Indebtedness Indemnification
Indemnification Advance Expenses Indemnification Agent
Indemnification Agreement Indemnification Transaction Entities Trustees Officers
Indemnification Underwriters Indemnities
Independence Trustees Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Index Index Consolidated Combined Financial Statements
Inflation Influenced Demand Self-storage Space Generally Decrease Such Likely
Information Insert Name Property Owner
Insert State Specific Provisions Inspection
Insurance Insurance Coverage Not Comply Fully Certain Loan Requirements
Intangible Assets Integration Additional Facilities Without Disruption Expense
Internal Revenue Code Interpret Administer Plan Instrument Agreement Relating Award
Introduction Introductory
Investment Earnings Investment Financing Policies
Investment Limitation Investment Market Selection Process
Investments Generally Issuance Common Shares
Issuer Free Writing Prospectuses Jeffrey Foster
Jernigan Property Group Llc John Jack Dannemiller
Joint Venture Kathleen Weigand
Key Metrics 2009 Large Number Common Shares Sold Public Market Sales
Lead Trustee Lease
Lease Abandonment Charge Lease Reasonable Out-of-pocket Costs Expenses Associated Such Removal
Leasehold Estate Meaning Given Definition Ground Lease Above Least Prior Flight Conducted Agreement
Legal Proceedings Lender Credit Decision Etc
Letterhead Venable Llp Liens Negative Pledges Other Matters
Limitation Liability Liquidity Capital Resources
Liquidity Overview Listing Shares
Litigation Jurisdiction Other Matters Waivers Loan Procurement Costs
Loans Payable Lock-up Agreement Certain Securityholders
Long-term Incentive Bonus Program Grants Equity Awards Maintenance Damage Premises
Maintenance Property Make Generally Available Security Holders Cfco Earnings Statement
Management Agreement Management Contracts
Management Limited Experience Operating Reit Public Therefore Not Management Services
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Manipulation Price
Marianne Keler Market Information
Market Risk Marketing Ancillary Services Termination Agreement
Marshaling Payments Set Aside Maryland
Maryland Counsel Material Adverse Change
Material Weaknesses Operations Financial Reporting Controls Material Weaknesses Previously Disclosed
Maximum Wire Amount Not Exceed Aggregate Commitments Means U-store-it Trust Maryland Real Estate Investment
Memorandum Merger Agreements
Merger Consolidation Sales Assets Other Arrangements Minimum Amounts
Minority Interest Minority Interests
Miscellaneous Modification Noncompetition Agreement
Modification Noncompetition Agreements Termination Employment Modification Waiver
Modifications Material Contracts Modifications Organizational Documents
Mortgage Debt Obligations Expose Possibility Foreclosure Result Loss Mortgage Indebtedness Contains Covenants Restrict Operating Acquisition Disposition
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Negative Covenants
New Accounting Pronouncements New Credit Facility
New Subsidiaries Guarantors Release Pledgors News Release
Noi Nominees Election One-year Term Expiring 2006 Annual Meeting
Nominees Election One-year Term Expiring 2007 Annual Meeting Nominees Election One-year Term Expiring 2008 Annual Meeting
Nominees Election Term Expiring 2009 Annual Meeting Nominees Election Term Expiring 2010 Annual Meeting
Non-employee Trustee Fees Non-exclusive Aircraft Lease Agreement
Non-exclusivity Survival Rights Insurance Subrogation Non-gaap Financial Measures
Non-gaap Performance Measurements Non-reliance Previously Issued Financial Statements Related Audit
Noncompete Agreements Noncontrolling Interests
Nonliability Agent Lenders Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
Nonqualified Share Option Agreement Nonrenewal
Not Able Adapt Management Operation Systems Respond Not Able Adapt Management Operation Systems Respond Integration
Not Able Sell Facilities Appropriate Favorable Terms Significantly Not Applicable
Notes Notice Defaults
Notice Shareholders Notices
Notices Communications Hereunder Shall Writing Mailed Hand Delivered Notification Defense Claims
Notifications Other Indemnification Procedures Novation Effect Amendment Restatement
Now Therefore Number Interest Periods
Obligations Respect Loan Parties Obtain Annual Report Form 10-k
Occurrence Unforeseeable Emergency Defined 409a Code Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Off-balance Sheet Obligations Office Lease
Office Lease Procedures Office Leases
Officer Certificate Officers
Officers Accounting Bring-down Certificate Officers Accounting Certificate
Officers Certificate Officers Limited
Offices Operating Partnership
Operating Partnership Conflict Interests Other Shareholders Operating Results
Operating Segment Opinion Counsel
Opinion Counsel Underwriters Opinion Maryland Counsel
Option Agreement Option Agreement Exercises Purchase Certain Facilities
Option Exercises Option Exercises Shares Vested
Option Exercises Shares Vested 2008 Option Facilities
Option Grant Policies Practices Option Grantor Borrower
Option Grantor Guarantor Option Grants 2004
Option Owner Borrower Option Owner Guarantor
Option Properties Option Termination Agreement
Option U-store-it Trust 2004 Equity Incentive Plan Nonqualified Options
Organization Organization Nature Operations
Organizational Documents Contain Limitation Amount Debt Incur Result Organizational Documents Contain Provisions Anti-takeover Effect Discourage Parties
Other Other Arrangements
Other Assets Rental Income Other Benefits
Other Compensation Elements Other Events
Other Formation Transactions Other Information
Other Material Changes Financial Position Other Matters Come Before 2005 Annual Meeting
Other Matters Come Before 2006 Annual Meeting Other Matters Come Before 2007 Annual Meeting
Other Matters Come Before 2008 Annual Meeting Other Matters Come Before 2009 Annual Meeting
Other Portions Contained Contribution Agreement Shall Otherwise Remain Other Share-based Award Shall Mean Granted Plan
Other Terms Employment Agreements Oversight Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting
Oversight Relationship Independent Auditor Overview
Paid Cash Property Shares Trust Subject Provisions Law Part
Part Explanatory Participant Beneficiary Requests Review Denial Claims Accordance Procedure
Participation Participation Enrollment Eligibility
Partnership Agreement Partnership Reorganization Agreement
Party Liable Contribution Respect Action Claim Settled Without Party Rights
Pay Some Taxes Even Qualify Reit Payment Operating Partnership Amounts Required Paid Advanced
Payment Taxes Claims Payments
Pays Costs Soliciting Proxies Performance Agent
Performance Awards Performance Graph
Performance Value Self-storage Facilities Subject Risks Associated Properties Performance-vested Restricted Share Agreement
Performance-vested Restricted Shares Perquisites Personal Benefits
Pipeline 115 Secured Loans Dispositions Place Meetings Shareholders Shall Held Principal Office Trust
Plan Administrator Means Plan Administrator Shall Sole Responsibility Administration Designated
Planned Renovations Improvements Policies Procedures Regarding Review Approval Ratification Transactions Related
Policy Grants Equity Awards Post-foreclosure Plans
Potential Liability Environmental Contamination Result Substantial Costs Potential Losses Not Covered Insurance Result Loss Investment
Potential Payments Termination Change Control Powers Board Trustees Delegate Committees Appointed Except Prohibited
Pre-approval Policies Procedures Preamble
Premises Term Prepayments
Preservation Existence Similar Matters Presumptions
Principal Accountant Fees Services Priority Claim Assets Trust Security Interest Other Right
Pro Forma Financial Information Pro Rata Treatment
Proceeds Letters Credit Property Management Termination Agreement
Property Ownership Through Joint Ventures Limit Ability Act Proposal Election Trustees
Proposed Transferee Intended Not Violate Debt Documents Amsdell Prorations Adjustments
Provider Rising Tide Provisions Applicable Covered Officers Performance Awards
Proxy Card Votes Counted Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Trustees
Public Offering Common Shares Public Private Information
Purchase Price Purchase Sale Agreement
Purchase Sale Delivery Shares Purpose
Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Pursuant Rule 13a-14 15d-14
Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Dividend Quarterly Financial Statements
Raises Raises 631 Calendar 2009 New Loans Asset Dispositions
Rates Payment Interest Loans Ratification Appointment Deloitte Touche Llp Independent Auditor
Ratification Transactions Related Parties Ratification Transactions Related Persons
Real Estate Investment Trust Duly Formed Existing Virtue Reasonable Best Efforts Maintain Listing Common Shares Including
Receive Benefit Plan Whose Beneficiary Eligible Receiving Proxy Statement
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Sales Unregistered Securities Proceeds Registered Issuer Purchases
Recitals Regional Concentration Business Subject Economic Downturns States California
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Registration Rights
Registration Statement Regulation Disclosure
Reit Qualification Related Party Transactions
Relationship Independent Accountants Release Borrowing Base Properties
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Remedies
Remedies Default Remedies Event Default
Removal Trustees Shareholders Remove Trustee Manner Provided Declaration Rent Operating Costs Other Charges Security Deposit
Rent Roll Rent Roll Certification
Rental Revenues Operating Costs Well Value Self-storage Facilities Rental Revenues Significantly
Rental Revenues Significantly Influenced Economies Other Conditions Markets Repayment Loans
Report Audit Committee Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Representations Warranties Covenants Purchaser Representations Warranties Satisfaction Conditions Agreements Herein Contained
Representations Warranties Seller Representations Warranties Usi Rising Tide
Research Analyst Independence Acknowledges Underwriters Analysts Departments Required Resolution Disputes Amsdell Family
Respective Portions Shares Soon After Agreement Been Executed Restricted Cash
Restricted Payments Restricted Share Agreement
Restricted Share Unit Shall Mean Granted Plan Restricted Shares
Restricted Shares Share Units Results Operations
Results Operations Financial Condition Retirement Distribution Option Means Pursuant Benefits Payable Accordance
Retirement Means Participants Separation Service Reasons Other Death Revenue Recognition
Revolving Credit Facility Unsecured Term Loan Revolving Credit Facility Unsecured Term Loan Secured
Revolving Loans Rights Cumulative
Rights General Creditor Other Employers Provided Trust Agreement Rights Shareholders Take Action Against Trustees
Rights Shareholders Take Action Against Trustees Officers Limited Rising Operating Expenses Reduce Cash Flow Funds Available
Rising Tide Rising Tide Option Exercise Procedures
Risk Factors Risk Guidelines
Risk Loss Risk Management Financial Instruments
Risks Related Operations Robert Amsdell Barry Interests Through Ownership Limited Partner
Robert Amsdell Barry Todd Entities Collectively Own Approximate Robert Amsdell Former Chairman Chief Executive Officer Barry
Same Manner Marked Signed Returned Proxy Card Same-store Facility Results
Same-store Operations Same-store Property Portfolio
Same-store Results Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Schedule Schedule 2004 Bonuses Named Executive Officers
Schedules Seal
Seasonality Secretary
Secretary Trust Absence Assistant Secretaries Person Appointed Chairman Secured Loans Property Dispositions
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management
Selected Quarterly Financial Data Self-storage Facilities
Sellers Covenants Period Prior Closing Service Contracts
Services Agreement Setoff
Settlement Agreement Settlement Agreement Mutual Release
Settlement Litigation Amsdell Family Acquisition Rising Tide Properties Settlements
Severability Severability Provisions
Several Obligations Severance General Release Agreement
Share Based Payments Share Options
Share Ownership Guidelines Share Price Volatile Decline Resulting Substantial Complete Loss
Share-based Compensation Plans Share-based Employee Compensation Plans
Share-based Payments Shareholder Proposals Nominations 2006 Annual Meeting
Shareholder Proposals Nominations 2007 Annual Meeting Shareholder Proposals Nominations 2008 Annual Meeting
Shareholder Proposals Nominations 2009 Annual Meeting Shareholder Proposals Nominations 2010 Annual Meeting
Shareholders Limited Control Prevent Making Changes Shareholders Limited Control Prevent Making Changes Investment Financing
Shares Shares Available Awards
Shares Shall Mean Common Stock 001 Par Value Sharing Payments Etc
Signature Signature Page Amended Restated Credit Agreement U-store-it
Signature Page Follow Signature Page Follows
Signatures Signatures Following Page
Significant Accounting Policies Significant Changes Personnel Systems Result Weaknesses Internal Controls
Specified Derivatives Contracts Specified Time Pursuant Fixed Schedule Plan Date Deferral
Spouse Consent Applicable Standstill Agreement
Standstill Provisions State Specific Provisions
Statements Account Stock Options Share Appreciation Rights
Stock Purchase Agreement Storage Facilities
Subject Conformance Local Law Practice State Property Located Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Submission Purposes Subsequent 2005 Events
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Substantial Number Common Shares Eligible Sale Near Future Successor Agent
Summary Compensation Table Summary Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
Summary Significant Accounting Policies Summary Significant Accounting Policies Recent Pronouncements
Survival Representations Warranties Etc Survival Representations Warranties Knowledge
Survivor Benefits Suspension Libor Loans
Suspension Trading Shares Shall Not Been Suspended Nyse Swingline Loans
Table Contents Tally Sheets
Tangible Net Worth Tax Accounting Implications Each Form Compensation
Tax Compliance Policy Tax Limits Executive Compensation
Tax Opinion Tax Risks
Tax Service Taxes
Term Loans Term Plan
Termination Amendment Modification Termination Cause Without Good Reason
Termination Death Disability Termination Employment Agreement
Termination Event Shall Not Occurred Permit Cfco Terminate Termination Material Definitive Agreement
Termination Modification Noncompetition Agreement Termination Option Agreement
Termination Property Management Agreement Marketing Ancillary Services Termination Survival
Termination Without Cause Good Reason Terms Covenants Relating Indebtedness Adversely Impact Economic Performance
Terms Discourage Parties Conducting Tender Offer Seeking Other Terrorist Attacks Other Acts Violence War Adversely Impact
Timothy Martin Title Survey
Titled Agents Top Form
Total Operating Expenses Total Other Expenses
Total Other Income Expenses Total Portfolio
Total Revenues Transactions
Transactions Affiliates Transfer Agent
Treatment Affected Loans Trust Provisions
Trustee Compensation Trustee Restricted Share Agreement
Trustees Trustees Compensation Table
Trustees Deferred Compensation Plan Trustees Executive Officers
Trustees Executive Officers Corporate Governance Truth Leasing Statement 9123 Fars
Types Awards U-store-it Announces Appointment Jeffrey Foster Senior Vice President
U-store-it Announces Filing 2006 Form 10-k Operating Results U-store-it Trust
U-store-it Trust 2004 Equity Incentive Plan Performance-vested Restricted U-store-it Trust 2004 Equity Incentive Plan Restricted Share
U-store-it Trust Announces Departures Chairman Board Robert Amsdell U-store-it Trust Announces Pricing Common Share Offering
U-store-it Trust Table Contents U-store-it Trusts Qualification Real Estate Investment Trust
U-store-it-trust Unable Promptly Re-let Units Within Facilities Rates Such
Undersigned Acknowledges Receipt Accompanying Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Undersigned Hereby Execute Amendment Purposes 113 Agreement
Underwriting Agreement Unearned Share Grant Compensation
Unfunded Plan Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Unresolved Staff Comments Unsecured Indebtedness
Usa Patriot Act Notice Compliance Usury
Vacancies Vacancy Office Filled Board Trustees Balance Term Variable Interests Consolidated Real Estate Joint Ventures
Visits Inspections Voluntary Reductions Revolving Commitments
Vote Vote Important Whether Not Plan Attend Meeting Urged
Vote Required Vote Required Recommendation
Vote Required Recommendation Board Trustees Vote Shares Held Bank Broker
Vote Shares Held Broker Voting Ballot Question Election Voice Unless Presiding Officer
Wachovia Bank National Association Waiver Notice
Warranty Representation Makes Regarding Effect Deferrals Benefits Paid Wayne 2009
What Constitute Quorum Annual Meeting What Voting Rights Shareholders
Whereas William Diefenderfer
Within After Execution Aircraft Lease Agreement Witness Expenses
Witness Whereof Witnesseth
Year-end Statements Ysi Hart Limited Partnership
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