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Accounting Policies Accounting Standards
Accounts Acquisitions
Acquisitions Disposals Acquisitions Disposals 2006
Activ Activities Committee
Additional Disclosures Relating 2004 Additional Information
Additional Segment Information Required Reporting Additional Segmental Information Required Reporting
Additional Statutory Other Disclosures Ades
Ades Kibon Adez
Adjournments Notice Adjournment Adoption Ifrs
Advertising Promotion Costs Advice Assistance
Age Aggregate Remuneration Executive Directors
Agreement Agreement Mutual Guarantees Borrowing
Agreement Unilever Ahead
Alberto Sobredo Alignment Dividend Generating Capacity Entitlements Resolution
All-employee Option Plans All-employee Share Option Plans
Allotment New Loan Stock Allotment Shares
Alternate Directors Amaze
Amaze Brainfood Amendment Articles Association Relation Directors Remuneration Resolution
Amendment Deed Mutual Covenants Resolution Amendments Articles Association Relation Directors Remuneration Resolution
Americas Americas Half Usg Volume
Americas Usg Volume Amora
Amora Hellmanns Analysis Plc Registered Holdings
Analysis Product Area André Baron Van Heemstra
Announcements Results Annual Accounts
Annual Bonus Annual Financial Report Announcement
Annual General Meetings Annual High Low Prices
Annual High Low Prices 2003 2002 2001 Annual Incentive
Annual Performance Bonus Annual Results 2004
Anthonie Stal Anti-takeover Constructions Control Over
Anton Lenstra Antony Burgmans
Antony Burgmans Certify Appendix
Appendix Part Application Proceeds Sale
Application Profits Appointment Directors
Appointment Proxies Approval Directors
Aquae Areas Had Hoped Make Greater Progress 2006
Arisco Arrangements Jim Lawrence
Arrears Paid Notwithstanding Forfeiture Arthur Stiebel
Asia Africa Asia Africa Cee
Asia Africa Cee Half Usg Volume Asia Africa Cee Usg Volume
Asset Allocation Assets Held Sale
Assistant Registrar Companies Associates
Assumptions Asting Vote Chairman
Audit Annual Accounts Audit Committee
Audit Committee Charter Audit Committee Terms Reference
Auditable Part Remuneration Report Auditors
Auditors Disclosure Information Auditors Responsibility
Authorised Officer Authority Purchase Own Shares
Axe Axe Lynx
Back Contents Balance Sheet
Base Salary Basis Audit Opinion
Basis Calculation Basis Consolidation
Basis Discussion Analysis Basis Preparation
Basis Reporting Basis Reporting Discussion
Bearer Warrants Deemed Member Becel
Becel Flora Becel Flora Pro8226activ
Becel Pro8226activ Beia
Ben Jerrys Bernd Ellmann
Bertolli Bertrand Collomb
Bertrand Collomb Chairman Nomination Committee Antony Burgmans David Beverages
Biological Assets Birds Eye
Bjections Blue Band
Board Assessment Audit Committee Board Assessment Committee
Board Changes Board Committee Structures
Board Committees Board Directors
Board Evaluation Board Induction Training
Board Meetings Board Nomination Procedures Resolution
Board Responsibility Board Succession
Board Support Boards
Boards 2007 Bona Fide
Borrowings Borrowings Other Financial Liabilities
Brand Brands
Brands Foods Brands Global Missions
Brands Missions Brooke Bond
Buavita Burgmans
Business Combinations Business Organisation
Business Partner Code Business Review
Business Strategy Business Structure
Byron Grote Called Share Capital
Calling Extraordinary General Meetings Calls
Calvé Capital
Capital Management Capitalised Software
Carb Options Carb Options Skippy
Cash Bank Hand Cash Borrowings
Cash Equivalents Cash Equivalents Other Financial Assets
Cash Flow Cash Flow Hedges
Cash Flow Hedges Sensitivity Relating Changes Interest Rates Cash Flow Statement
Casting Vote Chairman Categories
Caution Cautionary
Cautionary Statement Certificated Shares
Certificates New Loan Stock Cash Payments Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Cescau Cessation Directorship
Cessation Sending Dividend Payments Chairman Group Chief Executive
Chairmans Foreword Chairmen8217s Comment Outlook
Chairmens Statement Chancery Division
Chancery Division Companies Court Justice Millett Change Initiatives
Changes Composition Changes Equalisation Agreement
Charitable Other Contributions Charles Golden
Chief Executives Comment Outlook Cica
Cif Classification Preference Shares
Claudio Gonzalez Clear
Clerk Messrs Hollams Sons Coward Hawksley Click
Clinic Clive Butler
Close Co-operation
Code Business Principles Collateral
Combined Earnings Per Share Comfort
Commentary Executive Directors Remuneration Paid 2005 Commentary Executive Directors Remuneration Paid 2006
Commentary Executive Directors Remuneration Payable 2004 Comments Annual Incentive
Comments Base Salary Comments Pensions
Commodity Contracts Communications Shareholders
Companies Legislation Companies Legislation Accounting Standards
Compared 2004 Compared 2005
Compared 2006 Competence Meetings
Competition Law Investigations Competitive Markets Business Performance Shows Signs Progress
Competitive Markets Consolidation Customers Composition
Conclusion Conditional Awards Tsr Long-term Incentive Plan
Confidential Information Documents Etc Conflicts Interest
Consent Independent Accountants Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firms
Consequences Destruction Documents Consolidated Balance Sheet
Consolidated Cash Flow Statement Consolidated Statement Recognised Income Expense
Consolidated Statement Total Recognised Gains Losses Consolidated Text Agreement
Constant Rates Exchange Contingent Liabilities
Contractual Obligations 2004 Contractual Obligations 2005
Contractual Obligations 2006 Contractual Obligations 2007
Conversion Shares Stock Cornetto
Corporate Centre Corporate Governance Developments 2004
Corporate Governance Developments 2005 Corporate Reputation
Corporate Responsibility Corporate Responsibility Reputation Committee
Corporate Responsibility Strategy Corporate Responsibility Sustainability
Corporate Venture Activities Country Crock
Court Approves Minute Set Forth Schedule Hereto Further Court Doth Hereby Approve
Court Doth Hereby Sanction Court Doth Order
Creation New Loan Stock Credit Risk Banks Received Collateral
Critical Accounting Estimates Judgements Critical Accounting Policies
Cross Reference Form 20-f Crystal
Cubitos Currency Exposures
Currency Recycling Currency Risks
Current Assets Customer Relationships Distribution
Dates David Simon
David Simon Chairman Nomination Committee Antony Burgmans Jean-cyril David Simon Chairman Nomination Committee Michael Treschow Jeroen
David Simon Chairman Remuneration Committee Jean-cyril Spinetta Jeroen Debts Deducted
Declaration Dividend Resolution Declaration Dividends
Deed Mutual Covenants Deferred Tax
Deferred Taxation Definition Auditable Part Report Remuneration Committee
Definitions Delegation Committees
Delegation Executive Committee Delegation Group Chief Executive
Delegation Individual Directors Demographic Assumptions
Deo Fresh Depositary Receipts Shares
Derivative Financial Instruments Description Business
Description Plans Description Properties
Destruction Documents Determination Authority
Development Costs Developments Corporate Governance
Diego Bevilacqua Director Declaration
Directors Directors Conflicts Interest
Directors Covenants Directors Indemnification
Directors Keep Proper Accounts Directors Remuneration
Directors Report Plc Directors Responsibility
Directors Various Formal Matters Directorsrsquo Responsibility Statement
Disapplication Pre-emption Rights Resolution Disclaimer Intended Addressees
Disclosure Committee Disclosures Committee
Disposals Disqualification Directors
Dissolution Adjournment Meeting Quorum Not Present Distribution
Distribution Assets Specie Diversity
Dividend Dividend American Depositary Receipts Plc
Dividend New York Shares Dividend Not Bear Interest Against
Dividend Record Dividends
Dividends Interest Dividends Market Capitalisation
Dividends Ordinary Capital Dividends Paid According Amounts Shares
Dividends Per Share Dividends Specie
Divoire Djournments Notice Adjournment
Document Important Requires Immediate Attention Documents Display United States
Documents Inspection Documents Published Sent Shareholders Filed Ukla Viewing Facility
Domestos Domestos Limescale
Doug Baillie Dove
Dove Cool Moisture Dove Summer Glow
Dual Structure Dumoulin
Earnings Per Share Earnings Per Share Dividends
Economic Conditions Developing Countries Ecurity Other Arrangements General Meetings
Effect Forfeiture Effect Implementing Fas 158
Effect Vacancies Number Directors Effective Date
Ekzo Magnat San-cremo Torzestvo Election Person Entitled Transmission
Election Re-election Non-executive Directors Resolutions Electronic Communication
Embedded Derivatives Employee Involvement Communication
Employees Emporary Cessation Rights Shareholders
Endorsement Strategy Enforcing Lien Sale
Enquiries Entitlement Attend Speak
Entry Transmission Register Environment
Environment Corporate Responsibility Equal Opportunities Diversity
Equalisation Agreement Equity Earnings Related Investments Joint Ventures Associated Companies
Establishment Local Boards Eternity Moment
Ethod Voting Euro
Europe Events After Balance Sheet Date
Exceptional Exchange Controls Affecting Security Holders
Exchange Rate Conventions Exchange Rates
Exclusion Table Execution Share Certificates
Execution Transfer Executive Directors
Executive Directors Committee Executive Directors Conditional Share Awards Tsr Long-term Incentive
Executive Directors Global Performance Share Plan Executive Directors Global Share Incentive Plan
Executive Directors Interests Share Capital Executive Directors Pensions
Executive Directors Service Contracts Executive Option Plan
Executive Option Plans Exercise Voting Rights Incapable Member
Exhibits Existing Unilever Plc Ordinary Shares Pence Each New
Expected Cash Flows Expected Rate Return Plan Assets
Expenses Explanatory Notes Notice Annual General Meeting 2008
Exports Exposure Developing Emerging Markets
Exposure Risks External Auditors
Extra Remuneration Extraordinary General Meetings
Fair Value Hedges Fair Values Financial Assets Liabilities
Family Goodness Fast
Faster Roll-out Fee Payable Registration
Ffect Properly Demanded Poll Final Ordinary Dividends 2006
Final Ordinary Dividends 2007 Finance Costs Tax
Finance Liquidity Financial Assets
Financial Calendar Financial Calendar Addresses
Financial Highlights Financial Instruments
Financial Instruments Including Preference Shares Financial Instruments Treasury Risk Management
Financial Liabilities Financial Record Previous Gaap
Financial Review Financial Risks
Financial Risks Ndash Liquidity Currency Interest Pensions Taxation Financial Statements
Financial Statements Contents Financing Preference Shares
Five-year Historical Tsr Performance Five-year Record
Fixed Investments Flora Becel
Following Commentary Based Operating Profit Before Exceptional Amortisation Following Commentary Sales Growth Stated Underlying Basis Constant
Following Termination Food Nutrition
Foods Foodsolutions
Foreign Currencies Foreign Currency Translation Differences
Foreign Exchange Rate Sensitivity Forfeiture Shares Non-compliance Notice
Form 20-f Form 6-k
Form Notice Form Proxy
Form Resolutions Formalities Meeting
Forward-looking Statements Foundation Unilever Trust Office
Foundation Unilever Trust Offices Board Foundation Unilever Trust Offices Shareholding
Fractions Fruit Fresh
Frusì Full 2004
Full Sales Performance Constant Exchange Rates Functions
Fundamental Condition Funded Status Plans End
Further Information Further Information Completing Proxy Form Including Send Using
Further Rights Decline Register Transfer Further Statutory Other Information
Future Developments Gaap Disclosures
General General Meetings
General Meetings Shareholders General Powers Vested Directors
Geographical Analysis Glance
Global Economic Slowdown Changing Consumer Demand Global Performance Share Plan
Global Performance Share Plan Gpsp Glossary
Going Concern Golden
Good Good Humor
Good Performance Continues Challenging Environment Outlook Confirmed Goodwill
Goodwill Indefinite-lived Intangible Assets Goodwill Intangible Assets
Goodwill Intangible Tangible Fixed Assets Government Regulation
Greener Shareholder Grote
Group Group Chief Executive
Group Companies Group Turnover
Grupo Sos Hairman General Meeting
Half Half Financial Results
Half Highlights Harish Manwani
Hazeline Health Hygiene Beauty
Healthcare Heart
Hedging Policy Hellmanns
Hellmanns Extra Light Hellmanns Light
Hen Poll Taken Highlights
Hilmar Kopper Hilmar Kopper Chairman Audit Committee Wim Dik Oscar
History Experience Gains Losses Hixonia Nyasulu
Holders Unilever Plc American Depository Receipts Adrs Traded Home Care
Home Care Other Half Usg Home Care Other Operations
Home Care Other Underlying Sales Growth 107 Home Care Other Usg
Home Personal Care Hon Baroness Chalker Wallasey
Hon Lord Brittan Spennithorne Howard Green
Human Rights Ice Cream Beverages
Ice Cream Beverages Half Usg Ice Cream Beverages Underlying Sales Growth
Ice Cream Beverages Usg Ice Cream Cases
Ice Cream Frozen Foods Impairment
Impairment Financial Instruments Impairment Goodwill Indefinite-lived Intangible Assets
Impairments Impairments Charges
Income Statement Income Statement Presentation
Income Statement Sensitivity Changes Foreign Exchange Rates Income Statement Sensitivity Changes Interest Rate
Indefinite-lived Intangible Assets Indemnification
Indemnification Directors Indemnity Officers
Independence Independent Auditors Report Shareholders Unilever
Independent Auditors Report Shareholders Unilever Plc Consolidated Accounts Independent Auditors Report Shareholders Unilever Plc Parent Accounts
Information Technology Inheritance Tax
Innovation Innovations 2006
Input Costs Supplier Supply Chain Reliance Inspection Records
Institutional Investors Voting Via Crest Insufficient Directors Within United Kingdom
Insurance Risks Intangible Assets
Intellectual Property Inter Alia
Interest Interest Due Non-payment
Interest Rate Interest Rate Risks
Interest Rate Sensitivity Interim Dividends
Interim Dividends 2007 Interim Dividends 2008
Interim Management Report 2009 Interim Management Report Half 2009
Internal Audit Function Internal Disclosure Controls Procedures
Internal Holdings International Financial Reporting Standards
Introduction Inventories
Investment Strategy Investments
Issolution Adjournment Meeting Quorum Not Present Issuances Repayments Debt
Issue Deposit Certificate Respect Share Warrants Issue New Share Warrants
Issue Share Warrants Issue Shares Surrender Share Warrants
Italics J-c Spinetta
James Arthur Lawrence Certify James Lawrence
Jan Van Der Bijl Jean-cyril Spinetta
Jeroen Van Der Veer John Bird
John Bradburn John Rice
Joint Ventures Joint Ventures Associates
Joint Ventures Associates Other Income Non-current Investments Justice Millett
Keeping Sustainability Heart Unilever Kees Storm
Kees Storm Chairman Audit Committee Wim Dik Charles Kees Van Der Graaf
Keki Dadiseth Key Features
Key Financials Key Indicators People Sustainability
Key Indicators Performance Portfolio Key Management Personnel
Key Performance Indicators Klondike
Knorr Knorr Cubitos
Knorr Dense Soup Treasure Knorr Eat Colour
Knorr Soupy Snax Knorr Vie
Laws Regulation Leading Brand Growth
Leaner Fitter Business Leasehold Land
Leases Legal Arbitration Proceedings Regulatory Matters
Legal Proceedings Letter Shareholders
Leverhulme Trust Liability Joint Holders
Lien Shares Not Fully Paid Lifebuoy
Lipton Lipton Aquae
Lipton Dove Rexona Lipton Green
Lipton Green Tea Lipton Ice Tea
Lipton Ice Tea Green Lipton Milk Tea
Lipton Milk Teas Lipton Yellow Label
Liquidity Risk Long Leasehold Interests Land
Long-term Incentive Arrangements Long-term Incentives
Long-term Stock Incentives Look Back 2006
Looking Future Lord Simon Highbury Cbe
Lux Lux Super Rich
Lynda Chalker Magnum
Magnum Senses Magnum Temptation
Main Principles Major Non-cash Transactions
Management Committees Manfred Stach
Margarine Union 1930 Limited Conversion Rights Market Development Costs
Martin Matching Shares
Maurice Berkeley Measures Long Term Value Creation
Measures Long-term Value Creation Meeting Fill Vacancies
Meetings Meetings Analysts Presentations Investors
Meetings Committee Meetings Directors
Members Resident Abroad Method Voting
Michael Polk Michael Treschow
Minutes Mission Corporate Purpose
Mission Non-receipt Notice Modification Rights
Modification Rights Attached Classes Share Capital Mods
Monthly High Low Prices Most Recent Moo
Movements Equity Movements Shareholders Equity
Murthy Mutual Guarantee Borrowings
Narayana Murthy Natural Hedges
Nature Trading Market Nautica Competition
Nederlandsch Administratie- Trustkantoor Nedamtrust Net Debt
Net Finance Costs Net Investment Hedges
Net Investment Hedges Sensitivity Relating Changes Foreign Exchange Net Periodic Cost
Netherlands Netherlands Succession Duty Gift Taxes
Netherlands Taxation Capital Gains Netherlands Taxation Dividends
New Organisation New Shares Offered Existing Members
Nomination Committee Nomination Directors
Nominations Boards Non-current Assets Asset Groups Held Disposal
Non-current Assets Disposal Groups Held Sale Non-current Assets Held Sale
Non-derivative Financial Assets Liabilities Non-executive Directors
Non-executive Directors Interests Share Capital Non-executive Directors Remuneration
Non-gaap Measures North America Performance Share Plan
North America Performance Share Programme North America Restricted Stock Plan
North American Performance Share Plan Notes
Notes Accounts Notes Attendance Annual General Meeting
Notes Attendance Annual General Meeting Ordinary Shareholders Notes Consolidated Accounts Unilever Group Combined Earnings Per
Notes Consolidated Accounts Unilever Group Commitments Contingent Liabilities Notes Consolidated Accounts Unilever Group Deferred Taxation
Notes Consolidated Accounts Unilever Group Operating Costs Notes Consolidated Accounts Unilever Group Reconciliation Operating Profit
Notes Consolidated Accounts Unilever Group Segmental Information Notes Consolidated Accounts Unilever Group Staff Costs Employees
Notes Editors Baltimor Notice
Notice After Forfeiture Notice Deemed Served
Notice Given Advertisement Notice Given Call Instalment Not Paid
Notice Meetings Notice Non-assent
Notice Refusal Nottage
Now Agreement Witnesses Follows- Now Agreement Witnesseth Follows-
Nsufficient Directors Within United Kingdom Ntitlement Attend Speak
Number Directors Nyasulu
Objections Oecd Guidelines
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Omission Non-receipt Notice
Omo Omsk
Online Send Proxy Instructions Electronically Online Send Proxy Voting Instruction Electronically
Online Turn Over Find Out Send Proxy Instructions Ontinuance Business After Demand Poll
Operating Environment Operating Profit
Operating Review Category Operating Review Category Home Personal Care
Opinion Optima
Order Court Minute Reduction Capital Order Priority Winding-up
Ordered Ordinary Share Capital
Organisation Organisation Changes
Original Agreement Dated 1951 Was Signed Behalf Lever Original Agreement Dated 1981 Was Signed Behalf Unilever
Original Agreement Dated 2006 Was Signed Behalf Unilever Oscar Fanjul
Other Other Appointments
Other Benefits Allowances Other Changes
Other Competition Issues Other Comprehensive Income
Other Executive Officers Other Financial Risks
Other Highlights 2007 Other Information
Other Non-current Assets Other Operations
Other Plans Other Related Parties
Other Reserves Other Risks
Otice Oting Rights Joint Holders
Oting Rights Members Outlook
Outside Appointments Overall Employment Reward Package Effective
Overall Employment Reward Package Effective 2005 Participation Meetings Telephone
Pascal Visée Path Growth
Patrick Cescau Patrick Jean-pierre Cescau Certify
Paul Polman Chief Executive Officer Payment
Payment Calls Payment Calls Advance
Payment Procedures Pension
Pension Contribution Pension Contributions
Pensions Pensions Investment Strategy
Pensions Similar Obligations People
People Talent Pepsodent
Performance Share Plans Permitted Interests Voting
Perquisites Benefits Persil
Persil Small Mighty Personal Care
Personal Care Half Usg Personal Care Played Key Role Strategy
Personal Care Underlying Sales Growth Personal Care Usg
Personal Shareholding Requirement Persons Eligible Directors
Petition Plan Assets
Planned Acquisition Regional Soap Business Plc Dividends
Plc Executive Option Plan Poll Taken
Ponds Ponds Age Miracle
Popsicle Post Balance Sheet Event
Post-balance Sheet Events Post-employment Healthcare Benefits
Potential Economic Instability Power Appoint Chairman
Power Borrow Money Give Security Power Capitalise Profits
Power Consolidate Sub-divide Cancel Power Differentiate
Power Directors Fill Casual Vacancies Appoint Additional Power Increase Capital
Power Remove Director Special Resolution Powers Attorney
Powers Respect Official Seals Preference Shares
Preferential Dividends Preliminary
Price Supply Raw Materials Commodities Contracts Pricewaterhousecoopers Accountants
Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp Principal Group Companies Fixed Investments
Principal Risk Factors Prior Adjustment
Process Appointment Directors Prof Van Manen
Professor Berger Professor Genevieve Berger
Professor Wim Dik Profit Loss Account
Profit Loss Disposal Businesses Promise Activ Supershots
Property Plant Equipment Provision Employees
Provision Information Provisions
Provisions Eligible Persons Available Provisions Insufficient Eligible Persons Elected
Provisions Liabilities Charges Excluding Pensions Similar Obligations Provisions Relating New Loan Stock
Publication Prospectus Publication Supplementary Prospectus
Publications Purcell
Purchase Own Shares Pursuant Rule 13a-16 15d-16 Securities Exchange Act 1934
Put Concept Vitality Heart Groups Mission What Evidence Quarterly High Low Prices 2006 2005
Quarterly High Low Prices 2007 2006 Quarterly Results Announcements
Quorum R28
Radiant Ragú
Ralph Kugler Rama
Rama Blue Band Rama Blue Band Idea
Re-appointment Auditors Resolution Re-election Executive Directors Resolutions
Re-election Non-executive Directors Resolutions Reading
Receipt Proxies Recent Accounting Developments
Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements Reclassifications
Reconciliation Cash Flow Movement Net Debt Reconciliation Change Assets Liabilities
Reconciliation Change Surplus Deficit Reconciliation Net Profit Cash Flow Operating Activities
Record Dates Record Dates Accounting Records
Redemption Shares Reduction Capital
Reduction Share Capital Regions
Registers Registrar
Registrar Companies Registrar Joint Stock Companies
Regulations Transactions Securities Other Companies Related Party Transactions
Relations Shareholders Other Investors Remit
Remuneration Remuneration Auditors
Remuneration Auditors Resolution Remuneration Committee
Remuneration Effect 2004 Remuneration Information 2007
Remuneration Package Chairman Unilever Plc Remuneration Package Divisional Director Foods
Remuneration Policy 2006 Beyond Executive Directors Repayment Capital Winding-up
Replacement Certificates Report Accounts
Report Accounts 2005 Resolution Report Accounts 2007 Resolution
Report Audit Committee Report Directors
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firms Shareholders Unilever Report Nomination Committee
Report Other Legal Regulatory Requirements Reporting Currency Exchange Rates
Required Majorities Requirements Compliance General
Requirements Netherlands Requirements United Kingdom
Requirements United States Research Development
Research Development Market Support Costs Research Market Support Costs
Resolution Writing Resolutions
Resources Respective Responsibilities Directors Auditors
Responsibilities Directors Restricted Share Plan
Restriction Exercise Rights Membership Restrictions Attending Voting Meetings
Restructuring Changes Way Operate Restructuring Costs
Restructuring Other Provisions Results 2003 Compared 2002
Results 2004 Compared 2003 Results 2005 Compared 2004
Results 2006 Compared 2005 Results 2007 Compared 2006
Results Earnings Per Share Retention Period Shares
Retirement Benefits Retirement Directors
Return Invested Capital Return Invested Capital Roic
Revenue Recognition Reward Package Effective 2006
Reward Package Effective 2007 Reward Structure
Rexona Rexona Axe
Rexona Ebony Rexona Sport
Right Decline Register Transfer Partly Paid Shares Right Hold Shares Unilever Places Limitations Plc Foundation
Right Vote Sums Still Payable Rights Attached Shares
Rights Person Entitled Transmission Rights Stockholders
Risk Management Risk Management Control
Risk Management Internal Control Arrangements Role Chairman
Role Responsibilities Role Responsibility
Routine Business Committees Rudolph Harold Peter Markham Certify
Rudy Markham Rules Profit Appropriation Articles Association
Safe Harbour Safe Harbour Statement
Safety Sustainability Environment Sale Forfeited Shares
Sale Leaseback Sale Shares Untraced Shareholders
Sales Profit Growth Sana
Sandy Ogg Sariwangi
Savoury Dressings Savoury Dressings Spreads
Savoury Dressings Spreads Half Usg Savoury Dressings Spreads Underlying Sales Growth
Savoury Dressings Spreads Usg Schedule Options
Scheme Science Technology
Scrip Dividends Seals
Seasonality Securities Exchange
Security Other Arrangements General Meetings Sedal
Segment Information Segmental Analysis Geography New Basis
Selected Financial Data Key Ratios Gaap Basis Selected Financial Data Previous Gaap
Senior Independent Director Sensitivity Analysis
Sensitivity Not Applying Hedge Accounting Service Notice Person Entitled Transmission
Service Notices Service Notices Other Documents
Services Provided External Auditors Serving Non-executive Board Another
Settlement Difficulties Distribution Capitalisation Profits Severance Pay
Share Capital Share Capital Consolidation Resolution
Share Matching Plan Share Matching Plans
Share Option Plans Share Options
Share Options Awards Share Premium Account
Share Prices 2005 Share Prices 2006
Share Prices 2007 Share Purchases 2004
Share Purchases 2006 Share Purchases 2007
Share Registration Share-based Compensation
Share-based Compensation Plans Share-based Payments
Shareholder Matters Shareholder Proposed Resolutions
Shareholding Qualification Shares Held Employee Share Trusts
Short Directors Behalf Lever Brothers Unilever Hartog Jurgens Signal
Signatures Significant Cash Generating Units
Significant Cgus Significant Changes After Balance Sheet Date
Significant Events After Balance Sheet Date Significant Face Income Statement
Significant Shareholders Significant Shareholders Plc
Significant Within Income Statement Simon Clift
Since Becoming Group Chief Executive Embarked Significant Programme Skip
Slim-fast Slim8226fast
Slim·fast Small Mighty
Snuggle Exhilarations Software
Soirs Spice Blends
Spreads Cooking Products Staff Costs
Staff Costs Employees Statement Changes Equity
Statement Comprehensive Income Statement Recognised Income Expense
Statement Total Recognised Gains Losses Status New Shares
Statutory Declaration Forfeiture Steam Fresh
Stephen Williams Stichting Administratiekantoor Unilever Foundation Trust Office
Storm Strategy Long-term Financial Targets
Structure Structure Role
Suave Succession Duty Gift Taxes Netherlands
Summary Balance Sheet Summary Information Respect Directors Executive Officers
Sums Due Allotment Treated Calls Sunlight
Sunsilk Supplier Payment Policies
Surf Surf Excel Quick Wash
Surrender Deposit Certificate Table
Table Contents Tangible Fixed Assets
Tasks Responsibilities Tax Cases Brazil
Taxation Taxation Capital Gains
Taxation Capital Gains Netherlands Taxation Dividends Netherlands
Taxation Persons Holding Shares Taxation Persons Holding Shares Plc
Taxation Profit Ordinary Activities Taxation Residents Holding Shares
Taxation Residents Holding Shares Plc Technology Innovation
Temporary Cessation Rights Shareholders Tenure
Termination Terms Reference
Tex Gunning Thomas
Time Adoption International Financial Reporting Standards Timotei
Tips Todd
Total Shareholder Return Total Shareholder Return Tsr
Touch Trade Other Receivables
Trade Payables Other Liabilities Transfer
Transfer Pricing Transfer Share Warrants
Transition Adjustment Transmission Registered Shares Death
Treasury Treasury Risk Management
Treasury Risks Treschow
Trusts Not Recognised Tsr Long-term Incentive Plan
Tsr Ltip Plan Tsr Ranking Unilever Shares Against Defined Peer Group
Turnover Turnover Definition
Ubf Foodsolutions Uncertificated Shares
Unclaimed Dividends Underlying Sales Growth
Underlying Sales Growth Usg Undrawn Committed Facilities
Ungeared Free Cash Flow Ungeared Free Cash Flow Ufcf
Unified Board Unilever
Unilever Acquires Leading Russian Sauces Business Baltimor Unilever Annual Report Accounts 2004
Unilever Annual Report Accounts 2005 Unilever Annual Report Accounts 2007
Unilever Annual Report Form 20-f Unilever Annual Review 2004
Unilever Annual Review 2005 Unilever Annual Review 2007
Unilever Board Changes Unilever Completes Sale Bertolli Olive Oil Business Grupo
Unilever Completes Tigi Acquisition Unilever Cote Divoire
Unilever Executive Uex Unilever Fixed Rate Issue
Unilever Foodsolutions Unilever Global Performance Share Plan 2005
Unilever Global Share Incentive Plan 2007 Resolution Unilever Group
Unilever House Blackfriars London England Unilever Plc
Unilever Plc 20-f List Unilever Plc 2005 Sharesave Plan
Unilever Plc Chairmanrsquos Letter Notices Meetings Unilever Plc Director Declaration
Unilever Plc Nature Trading Market Unilever Plc Notice Annual General Meeting 2008
Unilever Plc Notice Meeting Ordinary Shareholders Unilever Plc Registered Office
Unilever Plc Total Voting Rights Capital Unilever Policies
Unilever Reward Policy Table 2006 Unilever Reward Policy Table 2007
Unilever Russia Unilevers Position Relative Tsr Reference Group
Unilevers Share Performance Relative Broad-based Equity Indices United Kingdom Taxation Dividends
United States Taxation Dividends Uorum
Usa Validity Acts Directors Committee
Validity Proxy Validity Sales
Valuation Principles Van Der Bijl Williams
Variable Pay Various Formal Matters
Vaseline Vaseline Cocoa Butter
Vindi Banga Vitality
Voting Voting Foundation Trust Office
Voting Foundation Unilever Trust Office Voting Holders Depositary Receipts
Voting Rights Voting Rights Joint Holders
Voting Rights Members Website
Western Europe Western Europe Half Usg -19 Volume -12
Western Europe Usg -12 Volume What Change
What Did Mean Said Last Successful Brands Future What Pleased Most Groups Performance Last
Whereas Whitby
Williams Winding-up
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