Topic Listing for United Continental Holdings, Inc.

Abstentions Broker Non-votes Work Accelerating Revenue Growth Good Cost Control Improving Operating
Accordance Laws State New York Accordance Sfas 128 Potential Common Share Included Diluted
Accordingly Debtors Recommend Holders Claims Entitled Vote Plan Accounting Long-lived Assets
Accounts Addresses Accounts Receivable
Accreted Principal Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss
Acquisition Trust Property Action Taken Enhance Cash Position
Action Without Meeting Actions Improve Operating Performance
Activity Additional Amendment Supplemental Agreements
Additional Documents Additional Powers Duties
Additional Security Requirements Increase Costs Decrease Revenues Traffic Additional Security Requirements Increase Costs Decrease Traffic
Additional Terrorist Attacks Fear Such Even Not Directly Address Notices
Address Principal Executive Offices Adjudicate Decide Resolve Matters Related 1141 Bankruptcy Code
Adjustment Claims Without Objection Adjustment Conversion Rate Need
Adjustment Provisions Adjustments Conversion Rate Shall Calculated Nearest Thousandth 10000
Adjustments Preconfirmation Contingencies Administration
Administrations Single Employer Defined Benefit Pension Reform Proposal Administrative Claims
Administrative Priority Tax Claims Against Debtors Adoption Asc 260 Update
Advance Ticket Sales Advanced Purchase Miles
Adversely Affected Outbreak Disease Affects Travel Behavior Afa Employee Group
Afe Harbor Statement Private Securities Litigation Reform Act Affiliate
Affiliate Shall Meaning Defined Rule 12b-2 Exchange Act After-tax Profit 190
Agreement Mcdonald Agreement Tilton
Agreement Was Not Disclosed Plan Disclosure Statement Papers Agreements Regarding Security
Air Canada Air Cargo Passenger Surcharge Investigations
Air Code Share Agreement Air Transport Intelligence Media
Air Travel Business Subject Seasonal Fluctuations Historically Results Aircraft
Aircraft Engines Aircraft Equipment Subject 1110 Elections
Aircraft Fuel Aircraft Fuel Hedges
Aircraft Fuel Inventory Aircraft Impairment
Aircraft Maintenance Aircraft Rent
Aircraft Write-down Aircraft-related Transactions
Airframe Airline Industry Highly Competitive Susceptible Price Discounting
Airline Industry Highly Competitive Susceptible Price Discounting Undergo Airlines Fear Loathing
Airlines Fear Loathing Pension Front Competitive Legislative Uncertainties Airport Access
Airways Airways Inc
Alliances Allowance Claims Interests
Allowance Payment Certain Administrative Claims Alpa Director Elected Class Pilot Mec Junior Preferred
Alpa Director-elected Class Pilot Mec Junior Preferred Stock Alpa Employee Group
Alpa Non-qualified Pension Plan Alternatives Terminating Replacing Uniteds Pension Plans Provide Only
Always Travel Litigation Canadian Ccaa Filing Amended Credit Facility
Amended Credit Facility Collateral Amended Credit Facility Covenants
Amended Distribution Agreement Amendment
Amendment Bylaws Amendment Certificate Incorporation
Amendment Dated 2006 Aircraft Spare Engines Parts Mortgage Amendment Restated Bylaws
Amendment Revolving Credit Term Loan Guaranty Agreement Amendment Slot Gate Route Security Pledge Agreement
Amendment Termination Amendment Uniteds Debtor-in-possession Financing
Amendment Waiver Amendments
Amendments Claims Amendments Indenture Documents
American Aims Gain 850 American Airlines
Amfa Employee Group Amount Distribution Cash Account
Amount Distribution Share Account Amount Maturity Date
Amount Regular Payment Annual Impairment Tests
Annual Meeting Annual Meeting Proxy Voting Instruction Card Ual Corporation
Annual Plan Threshold Annual Report
Annual Stockholders Meeting Appendix
Applications Retention Debtors Professionals Appraisal Compliance Report
Argentina Arrival Please Present Admission Ticket Photo Identification Registration
Arrival Please Present Admission Ticket Valid Picture Identification Asset Impairments Special
Assignment Form Assumed Executory Contracts Leases
Atlantic Auction Pool Restructurings
Audit Committee Audit Committee Pre-approval Policy Procedures
Audit Fees Audit Related Fees
Australia Automatic Stay
Available Available Seat Mile Asm
Avoidance Actions Award
B-1 Inclusions B-2 Exclusions
B-3 Special Crediting Rule Ballots Cast Holders Master Behalf Beneficial Classes
Banc Bank 000000001061639
Bank 55-78531 Bank 5578531
Bank Acct Bankruptcy Code Related Docket 14813
Bankruptcy Code Shall Satisfied Purposes Confirmation Acceptance Bankruptcy Considerations
Bankruptcy Contingencies Bankruptcy Court Might Not Order Substantive Consolidation
Bankruptcy Matters Bankruptcy Predecessor
Basis Presentation Being Able Earn Margin Returns Commensurate General Industry
Belgium Below
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Beneficiary Designation
Benefit Reductions Benefits
Board Authority Board Committees
Board Directors Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Following Proposals
Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Proposal Board Directors Recommends Vote Following Proposals
Board Means Directors Board Pro Tempore
Bonus Pool Brazil
Business Business Combinations
Business Highlights C-1 Purpose Application
C-2 Annual Plan Threshold C-3 Bonus Pool
Camera Canada
Cancellation Debt Reduction Tax Attributes Cancellation Stock Related Obligations
Capacity Discipline Drives Revenue Growth Capital Commitments
Capital Structure Capitalized Terms Used Not Otherwise Defined Herein Meaning
Captains Cars Parking
Case 125 Provides Adjustment Shall Become Effective Immediately Case Against Lccs Awa Downgraded
Cash Equivalents Restricted Short-term Investments Cash Flow Financing Activities
Cash Flow Generation Continues Strong Cash Flow Investing Activities
Cash Flow Operating Activities Cash Flows Investing Activities
Cash Flows Operating Activities Cash Short-term Investments
Cbas Certain Assurances
Certain Beneficial Owners Certain Economic Terms
Certain Factors Considered Prior Voting Certain Federal Income Tax Consequences
Certain Federal Tax Aspects 2008 Plan Certain Officers Compensatory Arrangements
Certain Provisions Governance Documents Discourage Delay Changes Control Certain Provisions Uals Governance Documents Discourage Delay Changes
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certain Tax Consequences Plan Raise Unsettled Complex Legal Certain Terms
Certificate Formerly Representing Same Shall Cease Terminate Such Certificate Incorporation Charter Bylaws
Certificateholders Certificateholders Lists Reports Trustee
Certificateholders Transfers Certificates
Certification Chief Executive Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 906 Certification Chief Financial Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 906
Certification Principal Executive Officer Pursuant Usc 78m 78o Certification Principal Financial Officer Pursuant Usc 78m 78o
Certification Ual Corporation Pursuant Usc 1350 906 Sarbanes-oxley Certification United Air Lines Inc Pursuant Usc 1350
Certiorari Cfi Fabricators Utah Inc
Chairman Board Change Address
Change Control Change Control 2006
Change Ownership Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting 2007
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting 2008 Chapter Cases
Check Chicago
Chicago 2006 Chicago 2007
Chicago 2008 Chicago Municipal Bond Release
Chief Executive Officer China
Choice Law Citibank 0-157487-016
Claims Claims Administration Responsibilities
Claims Against Debtors Claims Estimates
Claims Paid Payable Parties Claims Resolution Process
Class Class Iam Junior Preferred Stock
Class Pilot Mec Junior Preferred Stock Class Series Stock Corporation Shall Deemed Rank
Closing Chapter Cases Club Memberships
Co-administrative Agent Co-collateral Tranche Lenders Code
Code Ethics Collateral Agent
Collective Bargaining Agreements Collective Bargaining Employee
Commitments Commitments Contingencies
Commitments Contingent Liabilities Uncertainties Committee
Committee Memberships Commodity Price Risk Jet Fuel
Common Stock Common Stock Deemed Outstanding
Common Stock Limited Trading History Market Price Volatile Common Stockholders Equity
Common Stockholders Equity Deficit Mandatorily Convertible Preferred Securities Common Stockholders Equity Mandatorily Convertible Preferred Securities
Communication Presents Only Overview Complete Proxy Materials Available Communications Board
Comparable Companies Analysis Provides Insight Public Markets Value Compared 2004
Compared 2005 Compared 2006
Compared 2007 Comparison 2006 Versus 2005
Comparison 2008 Geographic Passenger Revenue Versus 2007 Comparison Sam Versus Unionized Attrition
Compensation Compensation Expense
Compete Completes 125 Aircraft Financing Agreement
Completes Chase Agreement Compliance Certificate Opinions
Comprehensive Income Loss Compromise Settlement Claims Controversies
Computation Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges Preferred Stock Dividend Conditions Confirmation
Conditions Precedent Conditions Precedent Confirmation Consummation Plan
Conditions Precedent Consummation Confidential Only Permitted Rule 14a-6
Confirmation Less Subplans Conflicts
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consents
Consequences Holders Chicago Ohare Municipal Bond Claims Consequences Holders Old Preferred Stock Ual Common
Consequences Holders Other Municipal Bond Claims Consequences Holders Secured Aircraft Claims
Consequences Holders Toprs Preferred Securities Subordinated Claims Consider
Consolidated Notes Consolidation Delta Northwest Call They Felt Was Timetable
Consolidation Merger Etc Consolidation Merger Sale
Continental Airlines Continental Alliance
Contingencies Contingent Senior Unsecured Notes
Continuing Revenue Growth Continuing Strong Cash Generation Improving Credit Profile Facilitates
Continuity Director Individual Described Contracts
Controlling Operating Expenses Controls Procedures
Conversion Agent Conversion Notes
Conversion Price Conversion Procedure
Conversion Stock Convertible Notes
Convertible Securities Means Stock Directly Indirectly Exchangeable Common Core Passenger Revenue
Corporate Action Corporate Existence
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Guidelines
Corporate Structure Cost Per Available Seat Mile Casm
Costa Rica Counsel Debtors Possession
Counsel Trustee Related Professional Fees Court Pursuant 506 Bankruptcy Code Otherwise Agreed Writing
Covenants Covered Mechanics Agreement Retired Service United Air Lines
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Credit Card Processing Agreement Amendment
Credit Card Processing Agreement Covenants Credit Card Processing Amendment
Credit Facility Credit Facility Financing Transactions
Credit Ratings Critical Accounting Policies
Cross Border Restructurings Customer Programs
Dated Dated 2002
Dcf Analysis Values Business Plan Discounting Future Cash Deadline
Dear Afa Debt Covenants
Debt Discharge Reclassifications Debt Obligations
Debt Transactions Debtors Amended Joint Plan Reorganization Pursuant Chapter United
Debtors Believe Plan Best Interest Creditors Recommend Holders Debtors Degree Leverage Limit Financial Operating Activities
Debtors Not Able Obtain Confirmation Plan Debtors Operations Affected Seasonality Associated Airline Industry
Default Deferral Options Deip
Defined Contribution Plans Definition Not Include Holders Claims Interests Entitled Vote
Definitions Delays Either Confirmation Effective Date Plan Result Among
Delivery Distributions General Delivery Notice Requirements Stockholder Nominations Proposals
Delta Airlines Delta Ceo Cost Cuts Needed
Delta Slashes Everyday Fares Percent Airline Introduces Simplifares Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Depreciation Amortization
Derivative Financial Instruments Description
Description Compensation Benefits Ual Corporation Directors Designation
Dip Facility Claim Dip Financing
Dip Repayment Director Compensation
Director Equity Incentive Plan Director Independence
Directors Directors Elected Other Classes Stock
Directors Executive Officers Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance
Directors Fees Directors Officers Debtors Other Ual
Directors Officers Reorganized Ual Disability
Disallowance Claims Discharge Claims Termination Interests
Discussion Substantive Consolidation Generally Disputed Claims
Distribution Agent Distribution Channels
Distribution Elections Distribution Payable
Distributions Claims Interests Allowed Effective Date Dividends
Document Retention Documents Incorporated Reference
Domestic Competition Domestic Regulation
Douglas Hacker Downgrade Advance Notice Borrowing
Duties Collateral Agent Duties Mortgagee
Each Case Applicable Each Qualified Director Eligible Receive Periodic Awards Pursuant
Early Julie Really Far Too Premature Commenting Now Earnings Credits
Earnings Growth Driven Strong Revenue Performance East Algonquin Road Elk Grove Township Illinois 60007
Eastern Division Eastmet Corp United Steelworkers
Economic Downturn Result Less Demand Air Travel Effect Confirmation Order Modifications
Effect Confirmation Plan Effect Non-occurrence Conditions Consummation
Effect Substantive Consolidation Effect Termination Employment
Effective Cost Control Offsets Lower Total Revenue Effects Actions Constituting Cause
Effectuating Documents Further Transactions Election
Election Directors Eligibility
Eligible Guarantor Institution Emergency Bylaws
Employee Benefits Administration Thereof Employees
Employees Participants Holding Shares United Airlines 401 Plans Employer
Employment Agreements Employment Agreements Indemnification Obligations
Employment Reason Death Disability Outstanding Options Shall Immediately Enforce Orders Previously Entered Bankruptcy Court
Engineering Group Enter Order Final Decree Concluding Closing Chapter Cases
Enterprise Valuation Range Entire Agreement
Entitled Vote Entity Combined Voting Power Securities Owned Stockholders Substantially
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Proceedings
Environmental Regulation Equipment Amortization
Equipment Notes Equity Compensation
Equity Compensation Plan Information Erisa
Escrow Agent Esop Preferred Stock
Estimated Amount Claims Estimated Amount Claims 1132000000
Estimated Amount Claims 12067664 Estimated Amount Claims 1304671892
Estimated Amount Claims 1396053766 Estimated Amount Claims 1407259
Estimated Amount Claims 198980 Estimated Amount Claims 251
Estimated Amount Claims 254446 Estimated Amount Claims 2681207723
Estimated Amount Claims 29689021 Estimated Amount Claims 3858466412
Estimated Amount Claims 5431842 Estimated Amount Claims 54966
Estimated Amount Claims 59994332 Estimated Amount Claims 6432620000
Estimated Amount Claims 666777418 Estimated Amount Claims 69241083
Estimated Amount Claims 75000000 Estimated Amount Claims 77283296
Estimated Amount Claimsn Estimation Claims Interests
Event Participant Experiences Separation Service Event Receives Conversion Notice Prior Date Gives Redemption
Event Receives Form Conversion Notice Prior Date Gives Event United Debtors Not Substantively Consolidated Such Failure
Exact Name Registrant Issuer Specified Charter Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Except Continuation Event Default Except Respect Executory Contracts Unexpired Leases Debtors Counterparties
Exchange Act Means Securities 1934 Amended Successor Thereto Exchange Act Securities 1934 Amended Successor Law
Excluding Special Versus 2007 Exclusivity
Exculpation Executing Against Performance Agenda United Delivered Significant Improvement
Executing Plan Return Profitability Executive Committee
Executive Compensation Executive Officers Registrant
Executive Officers Ual United Executive Sessions Non-management Directors
Executory Contract Lease Rejections Executory Contracts Unexpired Leases
Exemption Exemption Certain Transfer Taxes Recording Fees
Exhibits Exit Facility
Exit Financing Extensive Government Regulation Increase Operating Costs Restrict Ability
Extrapolate Current Level Fuel Prices Out Over Next Facto
Factual Basis Substantive Consolidation Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fear Loathing Fees Expenses
Fifteenth Anniversary Trigger Date Filed Airways
Filed Entities Ual Corporation Final Advance Notice Borrowing
Final Resolution Reserved Rights Finance Committee
Financial Advisory Services Financial Condition Results Operations Further Affected Future Resolution
Financial Instruments Risk Management Financial Reporting Entities Reorganization Bankruptcy Code
Financial Statements Exhibits Financiers Expressed Interest Funding Uniteds Exit Long United
Financing Activities Financing Initiatives
Financing Transactions Find Information Tables End Earnings Release Now Like
Findings Fact Conclusions Law Flight Attendants Fight Pensions Over Pavement Ohare Expansion
Flight Attendants Reject Concessions Continental Flight Dispatcher Group
Flight Equipment Fluctuations Fuel Prices Negatively Impact Debtors Financial Results
Focus Cost Control Continues Focus Improving Operating Performance
Following Not Deemed Subject Provisions 912 Following Provisions Shall Apply Respect Proposed Transfer Transfer-restricted
Foreign Agreements Foreign Currency Derivatives
Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Foreign Operations
Foreign Ownership Limitation Foreign Registration
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form 8-k Form Assignment Assumption Agreement
Form Dating Form Mortgage Supplement
Form Notation Guarantee Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Forward Mor Summary Forward-looking Information
France Frederic Brace
Freezes Provide Insufficient Savings Freezes Single-year Irs Waivers Not Significantly Reduce Uniteds
Freezes Three-year Irs Waivers Also Not Answer Uniteds Frequent Flyer Accounting
Fresh Start Adjustments Fresh Start Reporting
Fresh-start Projected Consolidated Balance Sheet Assumptions Fresh-start Reporting
Fuel Fuel Consortia
Fuel Costs Competition Cited American Cuts Full 2005 Results
Fundamental Change Fundamental Improvements Overshadowed Escalating Fuel Prices
Furlough Further Uniteds Ability Serve Some Countries Expand Certain
Future Financing Future Termination Benefits
Garcia United States Gcl
Gcl Means General Corporation Law State Delaware Amended General
General Electric Capital Corporation General Guarantees Indemnifications
General Information General Provisions
Generates 290 New Liquidity Generates New Liquidity
Gerald Kelly Germany
Glenn Maybe Get Latest Thoughts News Industry Consolidation Glenn Tilton
Global Security Legend Glossary Terms
Goldman Sachs Bank Usa Good Cost Performance
Good Morning Glenn Just Wondering Give Little Color Good Morning Jake Talked Unencumbered Assets Something Think
Goodwill Goodwill Intangible Assets
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Goodwill-2008 Interim Impairment Test
Governing Law Governmental Unit Thereof State California Respect Police Regulatory
Graham Atkinson Grant Security Interest
Granting Clause Ground Facilities
Guarantee Guarantees Off-balance Sheet Financing
Guarantor Agrees Not Entitled Right Subrogation Relation Holders Guarantor Hereby Agrees Pay Costs Expenses Incurred Trustee
Guarantor Surviving Person Guaranty
Guaranty Agreement Guys Was Wondering Give Little Bit Color Fees
Hall Dba Travel Specialists United Headcount Reductions
Headings Health Welfare Benefits
Hear Determine Disputes Arising Connection Interpretation Implementation Enforcement Hear Other Matter Not Inconsistent Bankruptcy Code
Her Deferral Delivering New Election Not Later Before High Level Fixed Obligations Limit Ability Fund General
House Representatives However
However Provision Shall Effect Setoff Rights Indenture Trustees Http Wwwedocumentviewcom Uaua
Http Wwwenvisionreportscom Uaua Human Resources Committee Subcommittee
Human Resources Subcommittee Interlocks Insider Participation Human Resources Subcommittee Report
Iam Director Elected Class Junior Preferred Stock Iam Director-elected Class Junior Preferred Stock
Iam Employee Group Iam Mileage Plus Employee Group
Iam Opposes Ual Pension Termination Iam Pawpac
Identified Material Weakness Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Imf Chief High Oil Prices Continue
Immediate Binding Effect Impact Tax Treatment Compensation Decisions
Impairment Severance Other Similar Charges Impairment Testing
Impairments Implementation Continuous Improvement Standard Work Enables Strong Employee
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Annual Meeting Improving Productivity
Improving Productivity Operating Performance Incentive Award
Incentive Compensation Plan Incentive Stock Options
Income Taxes Increases Insurance Costs Reductions Coverage Adversely Impact Operations
Indefinite-lived Intangible Assets Indemnification
Indemnification Officers Directors Indemnity Agreement
Indenture Obligations Indentures
Independent Accountant Fees Independent Public Accountants
Index Industry Conditions
Information Assets Liabilities Information Reporting Backup Withholding
Infra Initiatives Improve Delivery Products Services Customers Reduce Costs
Initio Injunction
Inside Politics Instruments
Insurance Intangible Assets
Intentionally Omitted Inter Alia
Intercompany Receivables Intercompany Unsecured Claims
Interest Advance Notice Borrowing Interest Rate Risk-
Interest Rate Swap Interim Financial Statements
Interim Impairment Test Interline Alliance Related Agreements Revenue Intercompany Contracts
Internal Controls Surrounding Income Taxes Internal Revenue Service Matter
International Competition International Employee
International Regulation Investing Activities
Investments Investments Other Assets
Involuntary Termination Without Cause 2006 Involuntary Termination Without Cause Voluntary Good Reason 2006
Ireland Issuance Additional Shares Common Stock Including Conversion Convertible
Issuance Additional Shares Uals Common Stock Including Conversion Issuance Distribution New Ual Plan Securities
Issuance New Ual Plan Securities Issuance Restrictions Transfer
Issuance Uals Contingent Senior Unsecured Notes Adversely Impact Jake Said Had Capacity Available Taken Out Unencumbered
Jane Allen Japan
Jet Fuel Report John Tague
John Tague Ual Corporation Cro Judges
Junior Securities Kaiser
Kaiser Aluminum Kaiser Aluminum Corp
Kathryn Mikells Ual Corporation Kelly
Kentucky Truck Sales Inc Kion Mexico
Korea Labor Negotiations
Ladies Gentlemen Conclude Analyst Investor Portion Call Today Landing Fees Other Rent
Latin America Lax Municipal Bonds Obligation
Legal Environmental Legal Environmental Contingencies
Legal Proceedings Legislation
Letterhead Aircraft Information Services Inc Letterhead Associates Inc
Letterhead Cbm Back Llc Letterhead Morten Beyer Agnew Inc
Likelihood Satisfaction Conditions Precedent Consummation Limitation Implied Rights
Limitation Personal Liability Directors Limited-subordination Notes
Liquid Trading Market New Ual Common Stock Not Liquidating Dividends
Liquidation Liquidation Analysis
Liquidation Value Liquidity
Liquidity Capital Resources Liquidity Events Default Special Termination
List Stockholders Listing Rights
Litigation Litigation Associated Terrorism
Loans Long-lived Assets
Lori Rensin Lori Rensin Air Transport Intelligence Media
Loss Skilled Employees Depends Operate Business Inability Attract Lost Certificates
Lost Stolen Mutilated Destroyed Debt Certificates Lower Fuel Prices Resulted Hedging Losses
Mainline Mainline Passenger Revenue
Mainline Passenger Revenue Per Available Seat Mile Prasm Maintenance Materials
Management Employee Management Equity Incentive Plan
Management Proposals Management Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Management Retention Initiatives Management Salaried Employee Group
Manner Acting Manner Payment Pursuant Plan
Manufacturer Restructurings Market Price
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer Marketing Programs Passenger Revenue
Material Defined Terms Mcdonalds Other Potential Post-employment Payments
Means Ual Corporation Meetings
Meip Meteorologist Employee Group
Methodologies Assumptions Used Calculating Other Potential Post-employment Payments Mexico
Mike Linenberg Merrill Lynch Analyst Mileage Plus
Mileage Plus Accounting Mileage Plus Holdings Inc
Minimis Minimum Distribution
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Provisions
Modification Amendments Modification Revocation Withdrawal Plan
Modifications Amendments Supplements Restatements Other Agreements Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley Bank Morgan Stanley Senior Funding Inc
Mortgage Security Agreement Mortgage Security Agreement Supplement
Mortgagee Mortgagees Certificate Authentication
Motion Authority Assume Certain Clearinghouse Similar Agreements Ordinary Motion Authority Assume Credit Card Agreements
Motion Authority Pay Foreign Vendors Service Providers Governments Motion Authority Pay Ordinary Course Business Prepetition Claims
Motion Authority Prohibit Utilities Terminating Service Motion Continue Customer Programs
Motion Continue Using Existing Cash Management System Bank Motion Pay Employee Wages Associated Benefits
Municipal Bond Guarantees Municipal Bond Leases
Municipal Bond Obligations Municipal Bond Obligations Off-balance Sheet Financing
Name Address Common Stock Transfer Agent Narrative Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Table
Narrative Summary Compensation Table Grants Plan-based Awards National Association Trustee Predecessor Suntrust Bank Certain Guaranty
Need Not Reimburse Expense Indemnify Against Loss Liability Net Earnings Loss
Net Income 274 Net Operating Loss Carry Forward Limited
Net Operating Loss Carry Forward Limited Possibly Eliminated Netherlands
Never Realize Full Value Intangible Assets Long-lived Causing New Accounting Pronouncements
New Capital Stock Issuable Effective Date New Ual Common Stock Issued Odd Lots
New Ual Not Expect Pay Cash Dividends Common Newly-issued Debt
News Release Next Del Wilbur Washington Post
Nominating Governance Committee Nominating Governance Committee Role Recommending Director Compensation
Nominations Directors Non-citizen Voting Limitation
Non-extension Advance Notice Borrowing Non-gaap Gaap Reconciliations
Non-operating Income Expense Non-voting Impaired Classes Claims Interests
Nonoccurrence Effective Date Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Table
Nonqualified Stock Options Nonseverability Plan Provisions
Nontransferability Awards North America
Northern Trust Acct 792705 Northwest Airlines
Northwest Cut Flights Money-losing Carrier Also Considers Concessions Not Able Maintain Adequate Liquidity
Not Applicable Not See Tell Several Hundred Dollars Makes Largest
Not Voted Via Internet Telephone Fold Along Perforation Notes
Notes Financial Projections Notes Shall Repurchased Pursuant 109 Option Holder
Notice Access Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2007
Notice Board Committee Meetings Notice Final Withdrawal
Notice Financing Withdrawal Notice Non-voting Status Respect Unimpaired Classes Deemed Accept
Notice Purchase Withdrawal Notice Replacement Subordination Agent
Notice Replacement Withdrawal Notice Special Termination
Notice Stockholder Meeting Notice Termination
Notices Notices Board Meetings
Notices Holders Notices Stockholders Meetings
Notwithstanding Anything Indenture Contrary Event Shall Conversion Rate Now Therefore
Number Directors Number Term Office
Nwa Seeks Help Objectives Principles Executive Compensation Program
Obligation Issue Employee Convertible Notes Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Offer Judgment Officer
Officer Benefits Ual Corporation United Air Lines Inc Officers
Ohare Notes Okay Finally Aircraft Youre Taking Out Fleet Either
Okay Good Appreciate Thanks Lot Okay Jake Give Update Status Looking Maybe Spinning
Olga Coal Omission Certain Information
Online Also Help Environment Consenting Receive Electronic Delivery Open Skies Agreement
Operating Activities Operating Expenses -aircraft Rent
Operating Margin Increases Operating Property Equipment
Operational Highlights Operational Highlights Voted Best Economy Coach Class World
Operational Plans Operational Side While Performance Dot Rankings Affected Adverse
Operations Oposals Afa Iam Amfa
Option Exercise Payment Terms Option Holder Elect Redemption
Options Options Means Rights Warrants Subscribe Purchase Common Stock
Organization Meeting Other Administrative Claims
Other Business Other Contract Revisions
Other Debt Other Definitions
Other Documents Other Events
Other Expenses Other Factors
Other Fees Other Information
Other Legal Proceedings Other Postretirement Benefit Accounting
Other Potential Post-employment Payments Other Potential Post-employment Payments Messrs Brace Tague Field
Other Property Equipment Other Provisions
Other Revenues Other Share-based Awards
Other Share-based Awards Granted Pursuant Other Share-based Awards Then Held Participant Terminated Forfeited
Other Unsecured Claims Outlook
Overview Ownership Control
Ownership Limit Pacific
Pari Materia Pari Passu
Part Participant Deferral Accounts
Participating Affiliates Participation
Parties Parties Interest Object Debtors Classification Claims
Pass Through Trust Agreement Pass Through Trust Supplements
Passenger Revenue Passenger Revenue Recognition
Paul Lovejoy Payment Incentive Awards
Payment Statutory Fees Payments Liquidation
Pays Down Loan Nearly Lowers Interest Rate Pbgc Convertible Preferred Stock
Pbgc Notes Pbgc Preferred Stock
Pbgc Unsecured Claims Pension Alternative Provide Permanent Necessary Savings United Requires
Pension Benefit Terminations Pension Update Treading Water Against Currents Change
Per Share Amounts Ual Only Performance Chart
Performance Goals Target Productivity Customer Satisfaction Performance Incentive
Performance Incentive Plan Performance Incentive Plans
Period Continuity Directors Cease Reason Constitute Least Period Ending 2004
Period Ending 2005 Period Ending 2006
Periodic Award Means Described Permitted Countries
Person Person Designated Give Confirm Funds Transfer Instructions
Personnel Regulations Series Peter Mcdonald
Pfea Set Expire His Legislative Relief Horizon Pension Philip
Philip Services Corp Place Meetings
Plan Plan Addresses Payment Retiree Benefits Accordance 1114 Bankruptcy
Plan Administration Plan Been Proposed Good Faith Not Means Forbidden
Plan Confirmation Order Mutually Dependent Plan Exchanges Senior Securities Junior
Plan Reorganization Plan Rules
Plan Supplement Please
Pointscom Inc Possible Charging Liens Indenture Trustees Dilute Recovery Holders
Post Closing Post-effective Date Financing
Post-emergence Postpetition Aircraft Agreements
Postpetition Aircraft Obligations Postpetition Contracts Leases
Powers Powers Duties
Pre-tax Profit Precedent Transaction Analysis Provides Valuation Range Based Recapitalization
Predecessor Predecessor Company-
Predecessor Debt Predecessor Preferred Stock
Preemptive Rights Etc Preference Avoidance Payment Recovery
Preferred Stock Preferred Stock Long-term Debt
Prepaid Expenses Other Current Assets Presentation
Preservation Rights Action President
Price Risk Aircraft Fuel Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Amount Notes Respect Such Notice Withdrawal Being Prior Filings
Priority Claims Pro Rata
Procedures Treatment Disputed Contingent Unliquidated Claims Pursuant Plan Productivity Operating Performance Continue Record Improvement
Professional Claims Profit 11-months Post-emergence
Profit Sharing Profit Sharing Program
Projected Consolidated Balance Sheet Assumptions Projected Consolidated Cash Flow Assumptions
Projected Percentage Recovery Value Chicago Municipal Bond Settlement Projected Percentage Recovery Value Securities Plus 4-8
Proofs Claim Arising Rejection Executory Contract Unexpired Lease Proposal
Proposal Stockholder Advisory Vote Executive Compensation Proposal Stockholder Charitable Contributions Report
Proposing Business Nominating Directors Other Union Stockholders Meetings Protection Against Discriminatory Treatment
Protection Net Operating Losses Provided
Provided However Provisions Shall Survive Termination Indenture
Proxies Proxies Being Solicited Pays Solicitation Expenses
Proxy Properly Executed Voted Manner Directed Direction Proposal Proxy Voting Process Work
Public Responsibility Committee Purchase Agreement
Purchased Maintenance Purpose
Qualified Employee Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Net Loss Driven High Fuel Prices Non-cash Quarterly Net Loss Driven Record High Fuel Prices
Questions Voting Procedures Please Call Solicitation Agent Toll Quity Ompensation Lan Nformation
Quorum Quorum Requirements Required Vote Stockholder Meetings
Quorum Voting Requirements Board Committees Ranking
Ratification Appointment Independent Public Accountants Receipt Distribution Application Payments
Receipt Summary Recent Developments
Recent Domestic Legislation Recent History
Recent Legacy Carrier Efforts Cut Labor Costs Recommendation
Reconciliation Cash Equivalents Total Short-term Investments Restricted Record Date
Record Holders Records
Recoupment Redemption
Redemption Date Redemptions
Reducing Wages Reduction Future Termination Benefits
Reduction Paid-in Capital Reements Alpa Pafca Twu
References Plan Provisions Regional Affiliate Expense
Regional Affiliates Expenses Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 312 997-8000
Registration Transfer Regulation Disclosure
Reimbursement Contribution Reinstatement Interests Reorganized Debtors Other Ual Corporation
Rejected Executory Contracts Unexpired Leases Related Party Transactions
Related Pass Through Trust Agreement Certificate Shall Governed Release Cash Collateral Additional Pledged
Release Escrowed Funds Release Liens
Release Requirement Release Segregated Funds
Releases Debtors Releases Holders Claims Interests
Relies Heavily Automated Systems Operate Business Significant Failure Remarks Symposium Sponsored Federal Reserve Bank Kansas City
Remedies Removal Directors
Removal Officers Reorganization Net
Reorganized Debtors Not Able Achieve Projected Financial Results Replacement
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reporting Structure
Reports Regarding Collateral Repurchase Price Respect Such Notes Case Return Election
Reservation Rights Resignation Directors Director Resign Time Written Notice Corporation
Restated Bylaws Restated Certificate
Restated Certificate Ual Corporation Restoration Funding Not Substantially Reduce Uniteds Required Contributions
Restricted Cash Restricted Period Defined Participant Shall Not Sell Assign
Restricted Share Common Stock Granted Pursuant Restricted Shares
Restricted Shares Then Held Participant Become Fully Vested Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Meaning Provided Restrictions Issuance Securities
Restrictions Resale Other Disposition Shares Common Stock Delivered Restrictions Resale Securities Protect Net Operating Losses
Restrictions Transfer Restrictive Covenants
Restructuring Transactions Results
Results Operations Results Operations Financial Condition
Results Operations Fluctuate Due Seasonality Other Factors Associated Retainer Meeting Fees
Retention Jurisdiction Retiree Medical Benefits
Retirement Retirement Postretirement Plans
Return Collateral Etc Return Deposits
Return Profitability Revenue
Revenue Improves Reported Reflects Mileage Plus Accounting Change Revenue Outlook
Revenue Update Revenues Grew Approximately Reflecting Functioning Marketplace Rising Commodity
Review Approval Ratification Transactions Related Persons Revised Pay Rates
Revocation Withdrawal Plan Revoke Proxy
Revolving Credit Agreement 2007-1a Revolving Credit Agreement 2007-1b
Revolving Credit Agreement 2009-1a Revolving Credit Agreement 2009-2a
Revolving Credit Agreement 2009-2b Revolving Credit Term Loan Guaranty Agreement Dated 2006
Richard Poulton Rights Offering
Rights Plan Rights Stockholder Respect Share Units Until Participant Distributed
Risk Factors Risk Factors Relating Airline Industry
Risks Related Business Rivals Follow Deltas Lead
Rosemary Moore Rules Construction
Running Pension Plans Airways Safe Harbor Statement Private Securities Litigation Reform Act
Salaried Employee Salaries Related Costs
Salvador Sam Employees Ave Borne-and Continue Bear-their Fair Share
Sam Employees Suffered Drastic Pay Cuts Headcount Reductions Sam Voluntary Trition
Sara Fields Satisfaction Conditions Precedent Confirmation
Satisfaction Discharge Indenture Schedule
Schedule 14a Schedule Accounts Receivable Payable
Schedule Assigned Documents Schedule Bank Accounts Financial Institution Relationships
Schedule Beneficiaries Schedule Description Tax Trusts
Schedule Intentionally Omitted Consent Amendment Schedule Payments Secured Creditors Lessors
Schedule Professional Payments Schedule Special Termination Advance Notice Borrowing
Schedules Sclaimer
Seasonality Secretary
Secured Claims Secured Not Subordinated Virtue Agreement Debtors Counsel Creditors
Secured Notes Securities
Securities Account Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans
Securities Law Other Restrictions Securities Rating Not Recommendation Buy Sell Hold Subject
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Security Issued Original Issue Discount United States Federal
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder See
See Airways See Airways Group Inc
See Airways Inc See Also
See Also Airways Group Inc See Also Texas Sheet Metals Inc
See Csc Indus Inc Segments
Selected Financial Data Senior Secured Due 2012
Serial Preferred Stock Service
Service Documents Services Inc
Services Indenture Trustees Agents Servicers Set Apart Payment
Setoffs Seventh
Severance Accrual Sfo Municipal Bonds Security Interest
Shall Declare Dividend Other Distribution Common Stock Require Share Count
Share-based Compensation Plans Shares Retired
Shares Subject Meip Shares Subject Plan
Shares Voted Not Indicate Vote Proxy Card Shares Warrants Etc
Shore Bank 17331100 17331200 17511000 Signature
Signature Guarantee Program Signature Page Amendment Credit Agreement
Signatures Significant Improvements Operating Results
Significant Matters Remaining Resolved Bankruptcy Court Significant Matters Remaining Resolved Chapter Cases
Significant Matters Resolved Since Emergence Bankruptcy Significant Matters Resolved Since Filing 2006 Annual Report
Silicon Valley Bank 3700276606 Since Nol Provides Tax Shield Future Earnings Value
Singapore Single Employer Defined Benefit Pension Reform Proposal
Sixth Small Benefits
Solid Cash Position Source Payments Nature Interest
Sources Consideration Plan Distribution Spare Engines
Special Special Meeting Stockholders
Special Meetings Special Tax Provisions
Special Termination Advance Notice Borrowing Stated Meetings
Statement Accounts Payable Statement Aged Receivables
Statement Consolidated Cash Flows-supplemental Disclosures States Registration Number Nxxxua
Statutory Requirements Confirmation Plan Stock Appreciation Right Granted Pursuant
Stock Appreciation Right Granted Respect Nonqualified Option Time Stock Appreciation Right Granted Respect Option Time Grant
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Appreciation Rights Meaning Provided
Stock Certificates Stock Corporation Class Shall Not Deemed Dissolution Liquidation
Stock Ownership Guidelines Stock Transfers
Stockholder Action Stockholder Action Written Consent
Stockholder Proposals Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Stockholder Rights Plan
Stockholders Meetings Stockholders Record
Stockholders Terminate Modify Terms Conditions Service Such Individual Stockholders Through Intermediaries
Streeter Jpmorgan Analyst Strength International Markets Continues Propel Passenger Revenue
Strengthened Cash Position Strengthened Cash Position 550 Raised New Transactions
Strong Cash Generation Facilitates Early Pay Down Exit Strong Cash Generation Seasonally Weak Period
Strong Control Operating Expenses Strong Unit Revenue Growth
Stub Rent Litigation Subcommittee Role Determining Executive Compensation
Subcommittee Role Management Participation Setting Executive Compensation Subject Economic Political Instability Other Risks Doing Business
Subject Law Restated Certificate Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Submission Stockholder Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting Submission Stockholder Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting
Subordinated Claims Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries
Subsidiary Substantial Contribution Compensation Expenses Bar Date
Success 2009 Success Sharing
Success Sharing Plan Successor
Successor Preferred Stock Successor Separate Trustees
Successors Assigns Successors Assigns Terms Conditions Award Notice Shall Binding
Summary Summary Claims Against Debtors
Summers Litigation Summers Ual Corporation Esop
Super-priority Administrative Claims Supplemental Agreements
Supplemental Memorandum Support Debtors Motion Reject Collective Bargaining Supplements Amendments Mortgage Other Documents
Supplements Amendments Trust Indenture Other Documents Supporting Statement
Surety Bonds Surge Pushes Oil Above
Surrender Cancelled Instruments Securities Table Contents
Taiwan Taking Action Combat Higher Fuel Costs
Taking Additional Actions Address Unprecedented Fuel Costs Tax Contingencies
Tax Escrow Tax Fees
Tax Rate Tax Withholding
Ted Ted Reed Streetcom Media
Telephone Meetings Term Injunctions Stays
Term Meip Term Office
Termination Due Death 2006 Termination Due Death Disability 2006
Termination Due Disability 2006 Termination Due Disability Death 2006
Termination Due Retirement 2006 Termination Material Definitive Agreement
Termination Trust Termination Trusts
Testimony Before Committee Budget United States House Representatives Thailand
Through Tiltons Other Potential Post-employment Payments
Time Time Bar Payment
Timing Calculation Amounts Distributed Total 2006 Compensation
Total Equity Value Derived Subtracting Net Debt Tev Toward After Summer Basically
Trading Price New Ual Common Stock Depressed Following Transactions Related Persons
Transfer Agent Transfer Agents Registrars
Transfer Applicable Certificates Transfers Stock
Travel Benefits Travel Cargo Benefits
Treasurer Treatment Claims Interests
Treatment Excess Securities Trust Indenture Mortgage Nxxxua
Trust Indenture Mortgage Nxxxua Supplement Trust Originated Preferred Securities Toprs Claims
Trustee Trustee Act Through Agents Attorneys Shall Not Responsible
Trustee Fees Type Equity Securities
Uafc Ual
Ual Audit Committee Report Ual Corporation
Ual Corporation -filing Entities Ual Corporation Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2008
Ual Corporation Audit Committee Report Ual Corporation Management Report Internal Control Over Financial
Ual Corporation Reports Results Ual Corporation Success Sharing Program- Performance Incentive Plan
Ual Corporation United Air Lines Inc Executive Severance Ual Elects Mary Bush Board Directors
Ual Investor Update Ual Investor Update 2008
Ual Investor Update 2008 Revenue Ual Loyalty Services
Ual Loyalty Services Inc Ual Loyalty Services Llc
Ual Preferred Stock Ual Reports Results
Uals Certificate Incorporation Limits Voting Rights Certain Foreign Uals Common Stock Limited Trading History Market Price
Uls Equity Transfer Unable Continue Comply Certain Covenants Agreements Financial Institutions
Unconstructive Attacks Sam Contributions Afa Unfounded Unfair Ignore Undue Delay Confirmation Significantly Disrupt Operations Debtors
Unencumbered Aircraft Unfavorable Favorable 2006 Earnings
Unimpaired Classes Claims Interests Union Directors
Union Disputes Employee Strikes Other Labor-related Disruptions Adversely Unit Costs
United United Air Lines 2009-1a-o Escrow Receipt
United Air Lines 2009-2a-o Escrow Receipt United Air Lines 2009-2b-o Escrow Receipt
United Air Lines Inc United Air Lines Inc Management Report Internal Control
United Airline Pension 1113 Update United Airlines Reports Traffic Results
United Bizjet Holdings Inc United Bizjet Holdings Inc Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation Gulstream
United Cannot Afford Pay Sam Employees Below Market United Cargo
United Express United Injunction Against Alpa Individual Defendants Unlawful Slowdown
United Kingdom United Present Value Projected Benefits
United Secure Annual Productivity Improvements Through 2009 United Services
United States Bankruptcy Code United States Bankruptcy Court Northern District Illinois Eastern
United States Registration Number Nxxxua Uniteds 1113 Agreements Proposals
Uniteds Labor Model Assumed Wage Increases Sam Employees Uniteds Profit Improvement Initiatives Remain Track
Unless Otherwise Provided Plan Confirmation Order Injunctions Stays Unregistered Sales Equity Securities
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Unsecured Retiree Convenience Class Claims
Update Impairment Severance Other Accounting Charges Updated Fuel Hedging Information
Updated Projections Uniteds Minimum Required Pension Contributions Long-term Uruguay
Vacancies Vacancies Board Directors
Vacancies Newly Created Directorships Valuation Allowance Deferred Tax Assets
Valuation Analysis Value Pbgc Preferred Shares Held Each Such Holder
Versus 2005 Versus 2006
Vesting Assets Reorganized Debtors Vice Presidents Other Officers
Viz Voluntary Involuntary Dissolution Liquidation Winding
Voluntary Reorganization Chapter United States Bankruptcy Code Vote
Vote Internet Vote Proxy Card
Vote Telephone Voting
Voting Procedures Voting Rights
Voting Stocks Wacker Drive Chicago 60601
Waiver Conditions Precedent Waiver Estoppel
Waiver Jury Trial Right Each Escrow Agent Paying Waivers Notice
Washington 20549 What Classes Stock Vote Matter Required
What Need Get Annual Meeting Whereas
While Capacity Reductions Continue Throughout Greatest Come 2008 Willful Misconduct Gross Negligence Vote Election Trustee Other
William Greene Morgan Stanley Analyst Wilmington Trust
Wind-down Fees Wire Rope
Wire Rope Corp Withdrawal Certificate
Witness Whereof Witness Whereof Duly Executed Award Notice Date Written
Working Capital World Headquarters 1200 East Algonquin Road Elk Grove
Year-over-year Financial Results Show Solid Improvement Year-over-year Increase Fuel Expense
Yes Ted Yes Thanks Far Had Stock Deal Did Not
Yes Those Adjustments Caution Calculation Cannot Done Publicly Yet They Remain Near 40-year Lows
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