Topic Listing for Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.

Abbreviated New Drug Application Anda Ability Obtain Third-party Reimbursement Cost Products Related Treatment
Acadia Pharmaceuticals Accelerated Vesting
Acceleration Maturity Rescission Annulment Accompanying Notes Integral Part Consolidated Financial Statements
Accordance Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Dollar Amounts Accordance Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Dollar Amounts Expressed
Accordance United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Dollar Accordance United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Tabular
Accounting Treatment Kos Transaction Accounts Receivable
Accrued Contract Costs Accrued Contract Losses
Accrued Legal Settlements Accrued Liabilities
Accrued Restructuring Costs Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income
Acquired Research Development Acquired Research Development Expense
Acquisition Prestwick Acquisition Prestwick Pharmaceuticals Inc
Acquisition Rights Wellbutrin Acquisition-related Costs
Acquisitions Businesses Acquisitions Intangible Assets
Action Necessary Change Rights Shareholders Actions Board
Acts Holders Record Dates Actual Compensation Paid
Adalat Add Additional Events Default Respect Securities
Additional Amounts Shall Pay Holders Such Become Payable Additional Refundable Tax
Additional Regulatory Considerations Additional Rights
Additional Risk Factors Additional Shares Result Such Fundamental Change Securities Surrendered
Additions Intangible Assets Adjustments
Adjustments Certain Fundamental Changes Administration
Adoption New Accounting Guidance Adoption New Accounting Policy
Adoption New Accounting Standards Adoption New Strategic Focus
Adrian Saldanha Former Interim Chief Financial Officer Advertising Costs
Against Dissident Resolution Against Dissident Resolutions
Agents Non-employees Officers Directors Aggregated Options Exercised 2006 Option Values
Aggregated Options Exercised 2007 Option Values Aggregated Options Exercised Most Recently Completed Financial Value
Aggregated Options Exercised Most Recently Completed Value 2005 Aggregated Options Exercised Option Values Year-end
Agreement Agreement Plan Merger
Agreements Alliance Highlights
Alzheimers Disease Psychosis Adp Amendment 1993 Stock Option Plan Amended Restated Biovail
Amendment Amended Restated 2004 Stock Option Plan Biovail Amendment Board Opinion Biovails Current Practice Regarding Public
Amendment Modification Waiver Amendment Quorum Requirement Meetings Shareholders
Amendment Termination Amendment Voting Requirement Meetings Directors
Amendment Waivers Amendments 2007 Equity Compensation Plan
Amendments By-law Amendments Original Form 20-f
Amendments Outstanding Options 1993 2004 Stock Option Plans Amendments Waivers
American Depository Shares Amortization
Amortization Expense Amortization Intangible Assets
Announces 200 Increase Annual Dividend Payout Also Declares Annual Board Fees
Annual Committee Retainers Annual Dividend Payout Tripled Special Declared
Annual Grants Annual Incentive Program
Annual Meeting Shareholders Annual Performance Evaluation
Annual Report Annual Report Waiver
Annual Special Meetings Shareholders Antitrust
Aplenzin Appendix Statement Corporate Governance Practices
Application Process Appoint Proxyholder
Appointing Proxyholder Appointment Auditors
Appointment Members Appointment Proxyholder
Approval Xenazine Articles Amalgamation
Articles Continuance Assessments
Asset Impairments Asset Impairments Net Gain Disposal
Assets Held Sale Assets Measured Fair Value Non-recurring Basis
Assets Measured Fair Value Recurring Basis Using Significant Assignment
Assignment Form Assistant Secretaries Signature Officers Securities Manual Facsimile
Assurance Continue Experience Success Related Product Development Supply Assurance Continue Successful Licensing Marketing Operations
Athpharma Limited Athpharma Products
Ativan Isordil Ativan Isordil Obligation
Ativan Lorazepam Ativan Odt
Attendance Directors Board Committee Meetings Attorneys Office Investigation
Attract Motivate Retain Key Personnel Auction Rate Securities
Auction Rate Security Settlement Auction Rate Security Settlement Agreement
Audit Committee Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Committees Pre-approval Policies Procedures Audit Fees
Audit Fees Services Audit Related Fees
Audit Related Services Audit-related Fees
Audit-related Services Auditors Fees
Auditors Fees Services Audits Compliance
Authority Committee Authorized Signature Sign Here Completed Instructions Executed
Automatic Participation Directors Availability Information
Background Balance Sheet Cash Flow
Bank Broker Collect Calls Accepted -212-440- 9800 Base Salary
Basis Presentation Benefit Agreement
Between Biotechnology Focused Development New Treatments Underserved Markets Areas
Biovail 2005 Annual Report Biovail 2005 Report
Biovail Acquires Prestwick Pharmaceuticals Biovail Action Against Sac Others
Biovail Announced Board Biovail Announced Board Directors Had Declared Quarterly Cash
Biovail Announces Availability Aplenzin Tablets Biovail Announces Availability Xenazine Tablets
Biovail Announces Normal Course Issuer Bid Biovail Announces Offering Senior Convertible Notes
Biovail Brands Biovail Cns
Biovail Corporation Biovail Corporation Consolidated Statements Deficit
Biovail Corporation Executive Employment Agreement Biovail Corporation Form 6-k Quarterly Period 2007
Biovail Corporation Form 6-k Quarterly Period 2008 Biovail Corporation Form 6-k Quarterly Period 2009
Biovail Declares Quarterly Dividend Biovail Drug Delivery
Biovail Laboratories International Srl Biovail Launches Normal Course Issuer Bid
Biovail Litigation Relating Eugene Melnyks Tenure Ceo Biovail Notes Filing Dissident Circular
Biovail Pharmaceuticals Canada Biovail Pharmaceuticals Canada Bpc
Biovail Pharmaceuticals Canada Bpc Products Biovail Pharmaceuticals Inc
Biovail Provides Update Share Repurchase Program Biovail Reconvene Annual Meeting 2008
Biovail Shareholders Proxy Vote Blue Biovail Shareholders Proxy Vote Blue Today
Biovail Updates 2006 Guidance Biovails Corporate Governance Practices
Biovails Drug Delivery Technologies Biovails Future Success Hands
Biovails Product-development Pipeline Blue Form Proxy Solicited Behalf Management Biovail Corporation
Blue Proxy Solicited Behalf Management Biovail Corporation Used Bnc-pharmapass
Board Board Chairman
Board Directors Board Directors Approves Dividend Policy Initial Cash 050
Board Directors Practices Board Directors Recommends Shareholders Vote Against Dissident Resolution
Board Directors Recommends Shareholders Vote Against Dissident Shareholder Board Directors Strongly Urges Not Vote Melnyks Nominees
Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Board Effectiveness
Board Leading Positive Change Board Make Changes Discontinue Dividend Policy
Board Practices Board Recommends
Board Renewal Succession Board Responsibility Specific Matters
Board Secretariat Board Voluntarily Adopted Nyse Standard Requiring Shareholder Approval
Board-related Compensation Matters Bona Fide Holder Security Least Behalf Himself Others
Book-entry Provisions Global Securities Bpc
Bpc Products Bpcs 10th Anniversary
Brian Crombie Hereinafter Called Executive Part Bridgewater Facility
Bupropion Hydrochloride Bupropion Venlafaxine Combination
Business Annual Special Meeting Common Shareholders Business Meeting
Business Overview Business Strategy
Business Subject Limitations Imposed Government Regulations Business Suffer Result Actions Parties Marketing Rights Products
Business Suffer Result Adverse Drug Reactions Business Suffer Result Adverse Drug Reactions Adrs
Business Suffer Result Manufacturing Issues Business Suffer Result Manufacturing Other Issues
Bvf-033 By-law
Calculation Number Deferred Share Units Cambridge Obligation
Camera Meetings Camera Sessions
Canada Canada Business Corporations Act
Canada United States Canadian Federal Income Taxation
Canadian Gaap Supplemental Information Canadian Holders
Canadian Regulation Canadian Securities Class Actions
Capital Allocation Strategies Cardiovascular Disease
Cardizem Cardizem Diltiazem
Carvedilol Cash Bonuses Awarded
Cash Discounts Allowances Cash Dividends
Cash Dividends Per Share Cash Eps
Cash Equivalents Cash Equivalents Short-term Investments
Cash Flows Cash Paid
Catena Trademark Santhera Pharmaceuticals Cause
Caution Regarding Forward-looking Information Safe Harbor Statement Caution Regarding Forward-looking Information Safe Harbor Statement Private
Caution Regarding Forward-looking Statements Cedax
Cedax Ceftibuten Ceform
Central Nervous System Disorders Ceo Succession
Ceos Letter Shareholders Certain Canadian Federal Income Tax Consequences
Certain Federal Income Tax Consequences Certain Products Rely Party Suppliers
Certain Rights Trustee Subject Provisions 601 Certificate
Certification Chief Executive Officer Accompanying Annual Report Form Certification Chief Executive Officer Accompanying Form 6-k Report
Certification Chief Financial Officer Accompanying Annual Report Form Certification Chief Financial Officer Accompanying Form 6-k Report
Certification Chief Financial Officer Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act Chairman Agreement
Chairman Compensation Chairmans Letter Shareholders
Change Control Change Executive Management
Change Mind Take Back Proxy Once Given Change Vote
Changes Board Directors Changes Board Directors Chief Executive Officer
Changes Directors Officers Changes Executive Management
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting
Changes Operating Assets Liabilities Charles Rowland Hereinafter Called Executive Part
Charter Charter Board Directors
Charter Review Cheques Drafts Notes Etc
Chief Executive Officer Choice
Choice Accept Reject Eugene Melnyks Attempt Gain Control Choice Elect Experienced Independent Directors Melnyk Nominees
Choice Management Today Tomorrow Yesterday Melnyk Nominees Choice Strategy Biovails Future Return Ill-conceived Melnyk Strategies
Choice Strong Corporate Governance Return Past Practices Chorea
Christine Mayer Chronic Pain Medications Launch Comparison
Chronotabs Cibc Mellon Trust
Citalopram Odt Citizen Petitions
Class Special Shares Clinical Medical Regulatory Affairs
Clinical Trial Application Closure Puerto Rico Facilities
Cns Disorders Co-promotion
Co-promotion Fees Co-promotion Royalty Licensing
Code Code Ethics
Code Professional Conduct Commercial Alliance Ortho-mcneil Inc
Commercial Launch Aplenzin Commercial Launch Xenazine
Commercialization Commercialization Agreement Aplenzin
Commercialization Strategy Committee Administer Plan
Committee Chairperson Committee Meetings
Committee Membership Committee Structure
Committee Structure Proposed Revisions Committees Board Directors
Committees Directors Common Shares
Comparative Consolidated Financial Statements Comparative Figures
Comparative Financial Statements Comparator Group
Comparator Groups Compelling Reasons New Strategic Focus
Compensation Compensation Committee
Compensation Directors Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Named Executive Officers Compensation Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Compensation Objectives Compensation Reimbursement Agrees
Competition Competition Act
Competitive Practices Competitive Strength
Competitive Strengths Compliance 409a Code
Compliance 409a Internal Revenue Code Components Compensation Package
Composition Composition Board Directors
Composition Committees Composition Compensation Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Composition Independence Compensation Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Composition Structure Board Committees
Comprehensive Income Comprehensive Income Loss
Concentrations Credit Risk Conclusion
Conference Call Conference Call Webcast Information
Conferences Confidentiality
Confidentiality Agreement Conflicting Obligations
Conflicts Interest Considering Vote Important Understand Following Background Information
Consistent Recommended Guidelines Canadian Coalition Good Governance Effect Consolidated Financial Statements Accordance Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
Consolidated Statements Other Financial Information Consolidation Merger Conveyance Transfer Lease
Consulting Shareholders Consurf
Contact Independent Directors Chairman Contact Independent Directors Chairman Board
Contact Independent Directors Lead Director Chairman Board Contact Questions Concerning Circular Blue Form Proxy
Contact Questions Concerning Circular Form Proxy Contact Transfer Agent
Context Dissident Shareholder Resolutions Contingencies
Contingency Contingent Milestone Payments
Continuance Biovail Cbca Continuance Existing Personnel Policies Rules Performance Standards
Continuing Education Directors Continuity Product Sales Provisions
Contract Costs Recoveries Contract Costs Recovery
Contract Loss Contingencies Contract Losses
Contract Research Division Contract Research Division Crd
Contract Termination Costs Contractual Obligation
Contractual Obligations Controlled Release Products
Controls Procedures Conversion Common
Conversion Notice Conversion Subject Compliance Provisions Indenture Including Without Limitation
Copy Core Products
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Generally
Corporate Headquarters Corporate Objectives
Corporate Profile Corporate-governance Enhancements
Corporation Not Permit Subsidiaries Hereinafter Collectively Referred Group Corporations Act
Cost Containment Strategy Cost Goods Sold
Cost Goods Sold Gross Margins Cost Reductions
Costs Administration Counterparts Instrument Executed Number Each Shall Deemed
Covenants Covenants Agrees Following Provisions Shall Apply Conversion Currency
Credit Facility Credit Ratings
Criteria Directors Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
Current Board Practices Current Period Stock-based Compensation Expense Sfas 123r
Current Periods Stock-based Compensation Expense Sfas 123r Current Product Portfolio Revenues
Current Restructuring Activities Current Stock-based Compensation Expense Sfas 123r
Custody Securities Dated Mississauga 2005
Dated Mississauga 30th 2005 David Rick Keefer
Dealing Public Officials Dealing Suppliers
Dealings Customers Potential Dear Fellow Shareholders
Death Disability Debt Capacity
Decrease Sales Wellbutrin Significantly Reduce Revenues Earnings Defamation Tort
Default Payment Interest Including Additional Amounts Security Such Deferred Compensation Plan
Deferred Financing Costs Deferred Leasehold Inducements
Deferred Revenue Deferred Share Unit Account
Deferred Share Unit Dsu Plans Deferred Share Unit Grants Accounts
Deferred Share Unit Plan Directors Dsu Deferred Share Unit Plans
Deferred Share Unit Plans Directors Deferred Share Units
Deferred Share Units Dsu Deferred Stock Unit Dsu Plans
Deferred Tax Assets Defining Responsibilities Board Management
Definitions Delegation Reliance
Deletion Chairmans Casting Vote Meetings Directors Deliver Common Shares Cash Combination Thereof
Denominations Securities Shall Issuable Only Registered Form Department Justice Investigation
Depomed Depomed Inc
Deposit Fundamental Change Purchase Price Prior 1000 Derivative Financial Instruments
Description Acquisition Description Business
Description Securities Other Equity Description Significant Differences
Deterioration Global Credit Capital Markets Deutsche Bank
Difficulty Optimizing Utilization Manufacturing Facilities Meet Market Demand Diltiazem Hcl
Dimatrix Director Assessment
Director Compensation Table Director Education
Director Independence Director Officer Liability Insurance
Director Orientation Directors
Directors Compensation 2007 Directors Fees
Directors Officers Indemnification Liability Insurance Directors Officers Liability Insurance
Directors Senior Management Disclosure
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disclosure Share Ownership
Disposition Cedax Dissident Resolutions
Dissident Shareholder Resolution Dissident Shareholder Resolution Derogate Well-established Canadian Corporate Governance
Dissident Shareholder Resolution Was Adopted Certain Shareholders Might Dissident Shareholders Resolutions
Dissolution Dividend Policy
Dividend Policy Dividends Dividends
Dividends Common Shares Dividends Declared
Dividends Paying Agents Dividends Per Share
Divisional Individual Objectives Documents Display
Doj Agreement Dollar Amounts Expressed Dollars
Douglas Squires Douglas Squires Chief Executive Officer
Douglas Squires Former Chief Executive Officer Drug Delivery Technology
Drug-delivery Technologies Dsu Allocation
Duties Individual Directors Dyskinesia Parkinsons Disease
Each Global Security Shall Bear Legend Substantially Following Earnings Loss Per Share
Earnings Per Share Effect Notice
Effective Tax Rate Increase Effective Tax Rates Increase
Efficiency Initiatives Elan
Elan Corporation Plc Election Board Directors
Election Change Participation Election Directors
Election Notice Election Participate
Election Removal Directors Election Terminate
Elements Director Compensation Elements Used Achieve Compensation Objectives
Eli Lilly Eligibility
Eligibility Participation Elimination Debt
Employee Benefits Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Epp Employee Stock Purchase Plan Espp
Employees Employment Agreement Hereby Amended Follows
Employment Agreements Employment Services
Employment Termination Agreements End Announced
Engagement External Advisors Enhancing Board Effectiveness
Enhancing Transparency Entertainment
Entire Agreement Entitled Vote
Environmental Matters Equal Opportunity
Equity Compensation Equity Compensation Plan
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Loss
Equity-based Incentive Compensation Equity-based Incentives
Erating-efficiency Initiatives Establishment
Establishment External Advisory Board Estate Inheritance Gift Sales Excise Transfer Personal Property
Estimates Ethical Business Conduct
Ethypharm Eugene Melnyk
Eugene Melnyk Attempting Frustrate Shareholder Democracy Biovail Again Eugene Melnyk Former President Bls
Eugene Melnyk Hereinafter Called Executive Part Eugene Melnyk Launched Misguided Attacks Against Current Directors
Eugene Melnyk Not Asking Vote His Corporate Governance Eugene Melnyks Nominees Not Add Biovails Experienced Capable
Every Vote Counts -vote Blue Proxy Today Except Otherwise Expressly Provided Herein Reimburse Trustee
Exchange Controls Execution Agreement
Execution Contracts Etc Execution Supplemental Indentures Executing Accepting Additional Trusts
Executive Chairman Executive Chairman Board
Executive Compensation Executive Employment Agreement
Executive Management Team Executive Stock Purchase Plan Espp Loans
Executive Stock Purchase Plan Loans Exspp Exercise Notice Form Options
Exercise Vote What Date Exhibits
Expenses Expenses Perquisites
Experienced Independent Board Experienced Independent Board Directors
Explanatory Exposed Risks Related Interest Rates
Exposed Risks Related Investments Other Companies Exposed Risks Relating Foreign Currencies
Exposed Risks Unable Comply Changes Laws Affecting Public Exposed Risks Unable Comply Laws Future Changes Affecting
External Auditor Extinguishment Royalty Obligation
Extremely Important Shareholders Vote Soon Possible Face Steep Competition Rapid Significant Technological Change
Fail Comply Safe Harbors Provided Various Federal Provincial Fail Comply Safe Harbours Provided Various Federal Provincial
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Hierarchy
Federal Income Taxation Fees Paid Ernst Young Llp
Fees Services Financial
Financial Assistance Financial Condition
Financial Guidance Financial Impact
Financial Impact Benefiting Shareholders Financial Literacy
Financial Performance Financial Plan Ahead Key Targets
Financial Results Financial Results Provides Strategy Update
Financial Review Financial Statements
Financing Activities Financière Verdi
Financière Verdi Ethypharm Fipamezole
Flamel Technologies Flash Dose
Fluoxetine Odt Focus Efforts Core
Focus Efforts Core Segments Enhanced Formulations Existing Drugs Focus Research Development
Following Defined Terms Shall Apply Provisions Set Forth Following Rules Interpretation Shall Apply Purposes Restrictions Set
Foreign Currency Risk Foreign Currency Translation
Foreign Exchange Foreign Exchange Gain Loss
Foreign Exchange Loss Foreign Private Issuer Status
Form 20-f Form 20-f 40-f
Form 20-f Amendment Form 51-102f3
Form 52-109f2 Certification Interim Filings Form 52-109f2 Certification Interim Filings Full Certificate
Formulation Tramadol Forward-looking Statements
Fundamental Change Purchase Offer Acceptance Notice Fundamental Changes
Funding Future Inability Obtain Components Raw Materials Products Affect
Gain Auction Rate Security Settlement Gain Disposal Investment
Gain Disposal Investments Gain Loss Investments
Gains Disposition Common Shares General
General Civil Actions General Compensation Philosophy
General Duties Obligations Executive General Overview
Generic Generic Adalat
Generic Omeprazole Generic Portion Business Subject Challenges
Generic Products Generic Tiazac
Geographic Areas Geographic Information
Gifts Gilbert Godin
Gilbert Godin Executive Vice-president Chief Operating Officer Glumetza
Glumetza Extended-release Metformin Glumetza Extended-release Metformin Hydrochloride
Glumetza Market Glumetza Metformin
Good Reason Goodwill
Governance Renewal Governing Law
Governing Law Indenture Control Security Shall Governed Construed Governing Law Indenture Securities Shall Governed Construed
Governing Statute Nature Operations Government Regulation
Government Regulations Quality Assurance Governmental Regulatory Enquiries
Governmental Regulatory Inquiries Grant Vest Units
Grants Plan-based Awards Grants Plan-based Awards 2007
Greg Gubitz Senior Vice-president Corporate Development Gregory Gubitz Senior Vice-president Corporate Development
Gregory Szpunar Hereinafter Called Executive Part Group Life Health Benefits
Gsk Guidance
Health Safety Environmental Protection Historical Plans 2004 Option Plan 1993
History Development Holders
Human Resources Management Huntingtons Disease
Identity Directors Senior Management Advisors Immediate Exercise Options Vesting Units
Immediate Release Immediately After Giving Effect Such Transaction Default Shall
Impact Current Market Conditions Impacts Adjustments
Impairment Impairment Long-lived Assets
Impairment Loss Debt Securities Implementation New Strategic Focus Ahead Plan
Implementation Strategies Successful Achievement Objectives Important Income-tax Information Canadian Resident Shareholders
Important Information Voting Important Safety Information
Important Safety Information Boxed Warning Improved Adherence Once-daily Agents
Improved Corporate Governance Standards Improving Communication Shareholders
Incentive Compensation Incentive Plan Awards Value Vested Earned Last
Including Additional Interest Amounts Payable Securities Converted Such Income Tax
Income Taxes Increase Number Common Shares Issuable Treasury
Increase Sub-limit Number Rsus Issuable Treasury Increased Acquisition Opportunities
Increased Share Price Impressive Total Shareholder Return Favourable Increasing 2005 Eps Cash Flow Operations Guidance
Increasing 2005 Guidance Incur Liability Continuing Medical Health Education Programs Product
Incur Significant Liability Determined Promoting Off-label Drugs Indebtedness Directors Officers
Indebtedness Executive Officers Indemnification
Indemnification Directors Due Diligence Indemnification Provisions
Indemnities Directors Others Independence
Independence Committee Independence Committees Process
Independence Members Independent
Independent Advisor Notes Current Board Demonstrated Willingness Make Independent Committee
Independent Compensation Consultant Independent Legal Advice
Independent Proxy Advisors Reiterate Recommendations Vote Biovail Nominees Index
Indicate Check Registrant Submitting Form 6-k Paper Permitted Indicate Check Whether Furnishing Information Contained Form Registrant
Indicate Check Whether Registrant Files Annual Reports Cover Individual Performance Multiplier
Individual Voting Board Nominees Industry Overview
Inflation Seasonality Information
Information External Sources Information Flow Board
Information Regarding Dissident Shareholders Nominees Board Information Reporting Backup Withholding
Infrastructure Cost Rationalization Infrastructure Cost Rationalization Strategy
Initial Distribution Initial Verification
Injunctive Relief Insert Address Credit Agreement
Inserted Administrative Agent Shall Effective Date Recordation Transfer Insurance Recoveries Receivable
Insurance Reserves Intangible Asset Impairments Net
Intangible Asset Impairments Net Gain Disposal Intangible Assets
Integration Acquisitions Integrity Financial Statements
Integrity Records Financial Reports Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Position Interest
Interest Act Interest Expense
Interest Income Interest Income Expense
Interest Informed Persons Material Transactions Interest Rate Risk
Interest Rate Swaps Interests Best Served Electing Board Commitment Capability Build
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting International Operations
Interpretation Interruption Manufacturing Operations
Inventories Investigation Place Program
Investing Activities Investment Canada Act
Investment Research Development Investment Risk
Investments Involuntary Termination Corporation Cause Voluntary Resignation Without Good
Involuntary Termination Corporation Cause Voluntary Without Good Reason Involuntary Termination Corporation Without Cause Voluntary Executive Good
Involuntary Termination Either Corporation Without Cause Executive Good Ireland Research Development Facility
Isordil Isordil Isosorbide Dinitrate
Issuable Series Issues Pertaining Post-marketing Compliance
Job Description Jp-1730 Fipamezole
Just Cause Kenneth Cancellara Hereinafter Called Executive Part
Kenneth Howling Kenneth Howling Former Senior Vice-president Chief Financial Officer
Kenneth Howling Senior Vice-president Chief Financial Officer Key Additions Product Portfolio
Key Elements Enhance Shareholder Value Key Initiatives
Key Initiatives Compensation Committee Key Initiatives Compensation Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Key Performance Drivers Kickbacks Rebates
Kos Kos Pharmaceuticals Inc
Kos Transaction Large Pharmaceutical Companies Pursue
Late 2006 Biovail Affirmed Commitment Launch Ultram
Lead Director Legacy
Legacy Litigation Legacy Products
Legal Costs Legal Proceedings
Legal Settlement Legal Settlements
Legal Settlements Net Legal Settlements Net Insurance Recoveries
Licensing Acquisition Strategy Limitations Rights Own Shares
Link Executive Compensation Overall Corporate Performance Liquidity Capital Resources
List Performance Rsus Time-based Options Litigation Expenses
Litigation Regulatory Investigations Litigation Settlements
Loan Receivable Long-lived Assets
Long-term Incentive Long-term Investments
Long-term Obligations Looking Ahead
Looking Forward Loss Early Extinguishment Debt
Loss Impairment Investments Loss Per Share
Lost Profits Provision Macrocap
Mail Maintaining Compliance
Maintenance Office Agency Shall Maintain Major Customers
Major Shareholders Major Shareholders Related Party Transactions
Make Change Not Materially Adversely Affect Rights Holder Management Incentive Compensation Program
Management Proxy Circular Solicits Blue Proxies Management Recommends Shareholders Vote Each Set Out Below
Management Services Managements Discussion Analysis Results Operations Financial Condition
Mandate Board Directors Mandate Compensation Committee
Mandate Compensation Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Manufacture Products Subject Interruption Risk Recall
Manufacturing Manufacturing Facilities
Manufacturing Operations Manufacturing Properties
Margaret Mulligan Senior Vice-president Chief Financial Officer Market Price Volatility Common Shares
Marketable Securities Marketing
Marketing Commercialization Marketing Manufacturing Supply
Markets Material Certain Other Transactions Informed Persons Interest
Material Contracts Material Modification Rights Security Holders Proceeds
Maturities Meeting Fees
Meeting Reconvened Meeting Shareholders
Meetings Meetings Board
Meetings Board Directors Meetings Directors
Meetings Independent Directors Mellon Investor Services Llc
Melnyk Strategy Forward Past Melnyks Actions Last Shareholders Meeting
Melnyks Changing Role Biovail Melnyks History Biovail
Melnyks Reduced Shareholdings Melnyks Requisition Shareholders Meeting
Membership Other Boards Metoprolol Ace Inhibitor Undisclosed Combination
Michel Chouinard Miscellaneous
Mission Mississauga Road Ontario Canada L5n 8m5
Mississauga Road Ontario Canada L5n 8m5 Address Principal Monocor Bisoprolol Fumarate
Motivate Officers Act Best Interests Shareholders Multipart
Mylan Nature Trading Market
Need Not Take Action Net Impact Factors Such Biovail Reiterating 2007 Guidance
Net Income New Board Nominees
New Business Model New Business Unit Model
New By-laws New Ceo William Wells
New Cfo Margaret Mulligan New Co-promotion Promotion Agreements
New Dividend Policy New Drug Application
New Drug Application Nda New Drug Submission
New Drug Submission Nds New Leadership Key Roles
New Legislation Regulatory Proposals Adversely Affect Revenues Profitability New Specialty Cns Expertise
New Strategic Focus New Strategic Focus Designed Enhance Value Shareholders
New Strategic Focus Opportunities New Vice-president Intellectual Property Rochelle Seide
News Release Nitoman
Nitoman Tetrabenazine Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Nomination Directors Nomination Procedures
Non-cash Investing Financing Activities Non-competition
Non-core Asset Sales Non-equity Incentive Compensation
Non-gaap Financial Measures Non-hiring
Non-operating Non-registered Holders
Non-registered Shareholders Non-solicitation
Non-solicitation Hiring Normal Course Issuer Bid
North American Toll-free1-866-676-3028 Bank Broker Collect Calls Accepted Not Assured Successful Development Acquisition New Products
Not Assured Successful Development Product Pipeline Not Specified Vote Particular Matter Then Proxyholder Common
Not Sufficient Cash Limited Ability Access Financing Future Not Vote Nominees Board Directors Proposed Dissident Shareholder
Not Yellow Dissident Proxy Notes
Notes Dissident Melnyk Acted Frustrate Shareholder Democracy Notes Proxy
Notes Redemption Notice Annual Special Meeting Shareholders Hereby Given Biovail
Notice Election Tax Redemption Notice Hereby Given Annual Meeting Shareholders Biovail Corporation
Notice Hereby Given Annual Special Meeting Shareholders Biovail Notice Optional Redemption
Notice Optional Redemption Shall Identify Securities Redeemed State Notice Tax Redemption
Notice Termination Notices
Notices Etc Notwithstanding Foregoing Provisions 1304 Applicable Conversion Rate Need
Novopharm Limited Now 612 Canadian Coalition Good Governance Executive Compensation
Now Therefore Now Therefore Consideration
Number Number 001-14956
Number Additional Shares Determined Reference Table Attached Schedule Number Gender
Number Important Matters Each Shareholder Carefully Consider Connection Nutravail
Nutravail Technologies Nyse
Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Offer Listing Offer Listing Details
Offer Statistics Expected Timetable Officers
Omi Ontario Securities Investigation
Ontario Securities Settlement Operating Activities
Operating Efficiency Initiatives Operating Environment
Operating Expenses Operating Income
Operating Income Loss Operating Lease Commitments
Operations Operations Disrupted Information Systems Fail Unsuccessful Implementing Necessary
Option Plan Options Granted 2004
Options Historical Options Rsus Granted
Oral Colonic Delivery System Order Exercise Conversion Privilege Respect Securities Certificated Form
Order Expedite Vote Touch-tone Telephone Internet Order Release System Zors
Organizational Structure Orientation Continuing Education
Orientation New Directors Osc Continuous Disclosure Review
Osc Notice Hearing Osc Settlement Agreement Melnyk Suspicious Trading Investigation
Other Other Assets
Other Board Committees Other Causes Termination
Other Commitments Other Compensation
Other Countries Other Drug-delivery Systems
Other Events Affecting Other Facilities
Other Fees Other Income Expense
Other Initiatives Other Issues Arise Prior Approval
Other Long-term Assets Other Matters
Other Provisions Articles By-laws Other Recent Developments
Other Revenue Outlook
Outside Activities Outside Canada United States
Outstanding Equity Awards Year-end Outstanding Share Data
Overall Oversight Operation Business
Overview Overview Corporate Governance Practices
Overview Corporate-governance Practices Overview Practices
Ownership Securities Shall Proved Security Register Page Intentionally Left Blank
Pain Pain Management
Paradigm Capital Parkinsons Disease Psychosis
Parkinsons Disease Psychosis Pdp Passive Foreign Investment Considerations
Patent Act Patent Certification Exclusivity Issues
Patent Litigation Expensive Patent Protection Unpredictable Uncertainty Arise Regarding Afforded Patents
Patent Protection Unpredictable Uncertainty Arise Regarding Applicability Patents Patents Proprietary Rights
Patents Subject Challenges Payment Awards
Payment Dividends Payment Dividends Not Guaranteed Depend Various Factors Beyond
Payment First-ever Dividend Payment Holder Former Securities Excluded Respect Beneficial Owner
Payment Redeemed Amount Payments After Termination Employment
Pension Plan Performance Criteria Incentive Awards
Performance Goals Performance Graph
Performance Objectives Permission Quotations Analyst Reports Was Neither Sought Nor
Permission Quotations Glass Lewis Report Was Neither Sought Personal Financial Interest
Peter Silverstone Pfizer Inc Bayer Corporation Teva Pharmaceuticals Usa Mylan
Pharma Pass Pharma Tech
Pharmaceutical Industry Highly Competitive Subject Rapid Significant Technological Pharmaceutical Industry Risks
Pharmaceutical Sciences Operations Pimavanserin
Pimavanserin License Collaboration Agreement Acadia Pharmaceuticals Place Directors Meetings
Place Shareholders Meetings Plan Administration
Please Direct Inquiries Please Discard Proxy Related Materials Received Dissidents Vote
Please Visit Website Regular Updates Wwwbiovailcom Position Descriptions
Power Pre-approval Policies Procedures
Preamble Definitions Preparation Financial Statements
Preservation Information Communications Holders President Bls
President Principal Operating Subsidiary Previously Unresolved Securities Exchange Sec Staff Comments
Price Adjustment Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Accounting Fees Services Principal Holders Voting Shares
Principles Consolidation Printed Copy
Prior Period Pro Forma Information Sfas 123 Prior Periods Pro Forma Information Sfas 123
Prior Pro Forma Information Sfas 123 Prior Restructuring Activities
Priority Markets Private Securities Litigation Reform Act 1995
Pro Forma Information Process Continues
Procyon Biopharma Inc Product Development Commercialization
Product Development Licensing Agreement Product Development Pipeline
Product Liability Product Liability Insurance
Product Origination Business Development Product Pipeline
Product Rights Product Sales
Product-development Pipeline Products
Products Manufacture Subject Risk Recall Profile
Progress Date Prolific Pipeline
Promoted Products Promotional Services Agreement
Proper Party Parties Property Plant Equ Ipment
Property Plant Equipment Proposed Proxy Solicitation Eugene Melnyk
Proposed Spin-off Legacy Assets Proposed Transaction
Proprietary Information Accessed Parties Protection Proper Corporation Assets
Proven Experience Expertise Proven Track Record
Provided However Provides Commercial Product Specialty Cns Markets
Provision Income Taxes Proxies Submitted Date Remain Valid
Proxies Voted Date Remain Valid Shareholders Not Required Proxy Vote Blue
Proxy Vote Blue Favour Biovail Nominees Public Communications
Publication Negative Results Studies Clinical Trials Adversely Impact Puerto Rico Manufacturing Facilities
Purchase Notes Purchase Obligations
Purchases Equity Securities Purchases Equity Securities Affiliated
Purpose Purpose Plan
Purpose Responsibility Board Purposes 1304 Following Terms Shall Meaning Indicated
Pursuant Pursuant Rule 13a-16 15d-16 Securities Exchange Act 1934
Qualifications Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Results Operations 2006 2005 Ralivia Extended-release Tramadol
Ralivia Extended-release Tramadol Hydrochloride Raw Materials
Rbc Capital Markets Re-appointment Independent Auditors
Reach Information Realignment Commercial Operations
Reappointment Independent Auditors Reasons Offer Proceeds
Reasons Rejecting Melnyks Dissident Nominees Reasons Vote Against Melnyk Nominees
Reasons Vote Biovail Nominees Board Reasons Voting Favour Managements Nominees Board Directors
Rebates Chargebacks Receipt Gifts Entertainment
Recent Accounting Pronouncement Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Canadian Gaap Recent Accounting Pronouncements Not Adopted 2007
Recent Boards Directors Publicly Traded Companies Taken Recently Adopted Accounting Standards
Recently Issued Accounting Guidance Not Adopted 2009 Recently Issued Accounting Standards Not Adopted 2007
Recently Issued Accounting Standards Not Adopted 2008 Recently Issued Accounting Standards Not Adopted 2009
Reciprocity Recitals
Reclassifications Record
Record Date Shareholders Meetings Record Date Voting Annual Meeting Remains 2008
Record Dates Record Financial Results
Records Total Revenues 2174 Cash Flows Operations 875 Records Total Revenues 247 Gaap Diluted Eps 058
Records Total Revenues 253 Gaap Eps 050 Cash Redemption
Redemption Debt Redemption Eliminates -long-term Debt Effective 2007
Redemption Notice Redemption Outstanding Senior Subordinated Notes
Redemption Retirement Death Redemption Tax Reasons Notices Trustee Co-trustee Notice
Reduction Valuation Allowance Reduction Valuation Allowance Deferred Tax Assets
References Registered Holders
Registered Office Registered Shareholders
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 905 286-3000 Registrars Transfer Agents
Regular Reporting Regulation
Regulatory Affairs Quality Assurance Regulatory Filings
Regulatory Highlights Regulatory Inspections Result Compliance Actions Interrupt Continuity Supply
Regulatory Issues Regulatory Matters
Regulatory Product-development Milestones Regulatory Successes
Reject Each Dissident Shareholder Resolution Related Party
Related Party Transaction Related Party Transactions
Relatively Small Group Products Customers Represent Significant Portion Release
Reliant Reliant Pharmaceuticals Inc
Reliant Pharmaceuticals Llc Rely Various Third-party Estimates Financial Reporting
Remediation Remediation Plan
Remedies Remuneration
Remuneration Audit Committee Members Remuneration Committee Members
Remuneration Directors Officers Employees Remuneration Directors Retaining Advisors
Remuneration Perquisites Remuneration Vacation
Reorganization Capital Report Executive Compensation
Report Foreign Private Issuer Form 6-k Incorporated Reference Report Foreign Private Issuer Pursuant Rule 13a-16 15d-16
Reports Trustee Co-trustee Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Parent Request Documents
Request Quarterly Reports Requirements Additional Capital
Requiring Shareholder Approval Circumstances Involving Sale Purchase Assets Requisitioned Meeting Eugene Melnyk
Research Development Research Development Collaborations
Research Development Expenses Research Development Revenue
Research Development Strategy Residency Requirements
Resignation Resignation Director Officer Roles
Resignation Removal Trustee Appointment Successor Pursuant Shall Become Resolution
Resolution Legacy Litigation Regulatory Matters Resolved
Resolved Special Resolution Respect Covenant Provision Hereof Cannot Modified Amended Without
Respect Disclosed Pipeline Products Responsibilities
Responsibilities Directors Responsibilities Relating Management
Restatement Information Restricted Assets
Restricted Share Unit Awards Restrictions
Restrictions Potential Growth Restrictions Share Ownership Non-canadians
Restructuring Restructuring Commercial Operations
Restructuring Commercial Operations Not Successful Restructuring Costs
Restructuring Costs Recovery Restructuring Operations
Restructuring Update Resulting Surviving Transferee Person Successor
Results Results Operations
Retaining Compensating Advisors Retavase Reteplase Recombinant
Retirement Benefits Retirement Death Disability Unitholder
Returns Revenue
Revenue Recognition Revenue Therapeutic Area
Review Charter Review Dissident Shareholder Resolutions
Revised Commercialization Strategy Revised Dividend Policy
Revisions Amendment Provisions 2006 Stock Option Plan 2004 Revolving Term Credit Facility
Rick Keefer Hereinafter Called Executive Part Right Convert
Right Dissent Right Redeem Notices Trustee Co-trustee
Rights Disclaimers Privileges Protections Immunities Benefits Given Rights Preferences Dividends Attaching Shares
Rising Insurance Costs Adversely Impact Business Rising Insurance Costs Negatively Impact Profitability
Risk Compliance Committee Risk Factors
Riskmetrics Group Formerly Institutional Shareholder Services Iss Widely Riskmetrics Proxy Governance Reiterate Recommendations
Risks Associated Product Delivery Affect Financial Results Road Ahead
Role Board Committees Role Board Directors
Role Ceo Role Chair Governance Committee
Role Chairman Board Directors Role Chief Executive Officer
Role Committees Board Directors Role Executive Chairman
Role Lead Director Rolf Reininghaus Hereinafter Called Executive Part
Royalty Royalty Licensing
Royalty Other Royalty Other Revenue
Rsus Safe Harbor
Safe Harbor Statement Safe Harbor Statement Private Securities Litigation Reform Act
Said Proxyholder Hereby Directed Vote Against Withhold Voting Sale Assets
Sale Exchange Other Disposition Sale Exchange Other Taxable Disposition
Sale Leaseback Sale Non-core Assets
Santhera Satisfaction Discharge
Schedule Schedule Biovail Corporation Subsidiaries Divisions Affiliates Confidentiality Agreement
Schedule Deferred Share Unit Plan Directors Biovail Corporation Schedule Employment Services
Schedule External Advisory Board Schedule Performance Criteria
Schedule Referred Foregoing Articles Continuance Schedule Remuneration Vacation
Schedule Valuation Qualifying Accounts Dollar Amounts Expressed Dollars Sciele Partnership
Scope Employment Duties Seal
Searchable Text Graphics Shown Above Seasonality Business
Sec Consent Decree Sec Investigation
Sec Update Sections Headings
Securities Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans
Securities Class Action Securities Class Actions
Securities Exchange Securities Subject Market Price Volatility
Securities Subject Price Volatility Securities Such Held Single Holder
Security After Stated Maturity Such Redemption Price Fundamental Security Securities Authorized Denomination Requested Such Holder Aggregate
See Attached Segment Information
Selected Annual Information Selected Consolidated Financial Data
Selected Development Pipeline Products Selected Financial Data
Selling General Administrative Selling General Administrative Expenses
Semi-annually Not Later After Each Regular Record Date Senior Convertible Notes Due 2014
Senior Executive Senior Management
Senior Subordinated Notes Senior Subordinated Notes Due 2010
Senior Vice-president Chief Scientific Officer Biovail Laboratories International Setting Number Directors
Setting Record Straight Settlement Agreement Between Melnyk Osc
Settlement Canadian Securities Class Action Settlement Canadian Securities Class Actions
Settlement Payments Settlement Securities Class Action
Settlements Severability
Severability Covenants Full Part Severance Benefits
Shall Authorize Granting Holders Substantially Common Shares Rights Shall Bind Successors Assigns Whether Expressed Not
Share Compensation Share Ownership
Share Ownership Policy Share Price Performance Eugene Melnyk
Share Repurchase Program Shareholder Information Biovail Corporation
Shareholder Proposals Shareholder Rights
Shareholders Shareholders Encouraged Vote Amendments 2007 Equity Compensation Plan
Shareholders Equity Shareholders Not Yet Voted Using Yellow Proxy Execute
Shares Transfers Shares Voted Give Proxy
Shearform Shipping Handling Costs
Short-term Incentive Short-term Incentive Compensation
Short-term Incentives Short-term Investment
Signature Page Follows Signatures
Signed Sealed Delivered Presence Significant Customers
Significant Market Opportunity Significant Progress Biovail 2008
Size Composition Board Directors Smartcoat
Solicitation Solicitation Hiring
Soliciting Proxy Soon Reasonably Possible
Specialty Cns Market Overview Specialty Sales Force
Specific Affecting Full-year 2006 Results Specific Affecting Full-year 2007 Results
Specific Affecting Full-year 2008 Results Specific Affecting Operations
Specific Affecting Operations 2006 Specific Affecting Operations Full-year 2006
Specific Affecting Results Specific Affecting Year-to-date Results
Speculation Corporation Securities Inside Information Spin-off Transaction
Standards Business Conduct Still Vote
Stock Option Activity Stock Option Grants
Stock Option Grants 2005 Stock Option Grants 2006
Stock Option Grants 2007 Stock Option Plan
Stock Option Plan Exercise Notice Form Options Stock Option Plans
Stock Option Program Stock Options
Stock Options Outstanding Stock Options Outstanding Exercisable
Stock Options Restricted Share Units Stock Ownership Guidelines Chief Executive Officer
Stock Repurchase Programs Stock-based Compensation
Stock-option Grants Strategic Alliance Kos Pharmaceuticals Inc
Strategic Alliance Tramadol Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan Update Strategic Update
Strategy Strategy Update
Strengthened In-house Specialty Cns Expertise Strengthened Intellectual Property
Strengthened Management Team Strengthened Senior Management Team
Strong 2008 Financial Results Strong Leadership Team
Sub Judice Subcommittees
Subject 212 Securities Originally Issued Hereunder Exchange Therefor Subject Claims Canadian Securities Laws
Subject Claims Securities Laws Subject Counterclaims Other Suits Response Actions Initiate
Subject Counterclaims Other Suits Response Complaint Against Various Subject Counterclaims Other Suits Response Recently Filed Complaint
Subject Exposure Relating Product Liability Claims Subject Exposure Relating Product-liability Claims
Subject Fines Penalties Other Sanctions Result Justice Department Subject Fines Penalties Other Sanctions Result Ongoing Investigations
Subject Risk Not Being Able Successfully Integrate Businesses Subject Various Regulations Pertaining Marketing Products
Subordinated Notes Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries Investments
Subsidiary Information Success Strategic Investments Make Depends Performance Companies Invest
Success Strategic Investments Partnerships Development Alliances Make Depends Successful Implementation New Strategic Focus
Successfully Integrate Businesses Products Acquired Acquire Future Succession
Such Holder Previously Given Written Notice Trustee Co-trustee Sumatriptan Odt
Summary Summary Comparison Obca Cbca
Summary Compensation Paid Directors 2007 Summary Directors Compensation
Summary Directors Share Ownership Summary Equity Compensation Plans 2009
Summary Quarterly Results Supplemental Indentures
Supplemental Indentures Consent Holders Table Contents
Table Significant Included Gaap Earnings Target Award
Target Bonus Tax Fees
Taxation Taxation Dividends
Technology Telephonic Electronic Meetings
Term Agreement Termination Change Election
Termination Modifications Amendments Tetrabenazine
Tetrabenazine Tourette Syndrome Teva
Teveten Teveten Eprosartan
Teveten Eprosartan Hct Eprosartan-hydrochlorothiazide Teveten Hct
Teveten Products Threatened Proxy Contest Chronology
Throughout Past Testament Fortitude Tiazac Diltiazem
Tiazacs 10-year Anniversary Time
Time Exercise Timing Recording Credits
Title Toronto
Toronto Canada Toronto Canada 2005
Toronto Canada 2006 Toronto Canada 2007
Toronto Canada 2008 Toronto Canada 2009
Toronto Canada Februrary 2009 Total Revenues 258 Cash Flows Operations 122 Gaap
Tpd Approval Wellbutrin Trademarks
Tramadol Tramadol Acetaminophen Odt Combination
Tramadol Hcl Extended-release Tramadol Nsaid Combination
Tramadol Odt Tramadol Products
Transfer Commercialization Rights Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc Transfer Exchange Securities Generally
Transition International Financial Reporting Standards Transitioning Business
Treppel Matter Trial Design
Trustee Co-trustee Trustee Co-trustee After Receipt Such Notice Request Offer
Trustee Co-trustee Take Other Action Deemed Proper Respectively Ultram
Ultram Odt Ultram Patent Litigation
Ultram Recall Ultram Tramadol Hydrochloride
Ultram Tramadol Hydrochloride Extended-release Tablets Unable Complete Expansion Conversion Projects Adequately Equip Facilities
Uncertainty Concerning Liquidity Capital Requirements Unfunded Obligation
Unit Rights United States
Unredacted Version Document Been Filed Separately Securities Exchange Unresolved Sec Staff Comments
Unresolved Securities Exchange Sec Staff Comments Unresolved Staff Comments
Update Bupropion Salt Bvf-033 Update Regulatory Matters
Update Wellbutrin Litigation Urge Carefully Consider Implications Vote Submit Blue Proxy
Urges Shareholders Vote Blue Proxy Oppose Melnyk Nominees Us300 Senior Convertible Notes Due 2014
Usao Agreement Utilization Strategic Partners Target Physician Groups Improved Operating
Vacation Validation Commercial Operations Business Model
Valuation Assumptions Value Potential
Vaseretic Vasotec
Vasotec Enalapril Cardizem Diltiazem Combination Vasotec Enalapril Maleate Vaseretic Hydrochlorothiazide
Vasotec Enalapril Maleate Vaseretic Maleate-hydrochlorothiazide Vasotec Vaseretic
Vasotec Vaseretic Obligation Venlafaxine
Verification Receipt Understanding Vice-president Intellectual Property
Violations Standards Vision
Vote Blue Form Proxy Today Using Methods Available Vote Blue Proxy
Vote Blue Proxy Now Vote Board Management Implementing Strategy Designed Enhance Shareholder
Vote Extremely Important Matter Shares Own Vote Extremely Important Submit Blue Proxy Today
Vote Important Proxy Blue Today Vote Mail
Vote Mail Fax Vote Non-registered Shareholder
Vote Registered Shareholder Votes Counted
Voting Favour Biovail Nominees Voting Rights
Voting Securities Other Issuers Voting Securities Principal Holders Shares
Warrants Outstanding Was Remarkable Biovail Executing Business
Web Site Weighted-average Useful Lives
Wellbutrin Wellbutrin 450mg Bupropion Line Extension
Wellbutrin 450mg Bupropion Line Extensions Wellbutrin Bupropion Hydrochloride
Wellbutrin Bupropion Hydrochloride Extended Release Tablets Wellbutrin Bupropion Zyban
Wellbutrin Bupropion Zyban Hydrochloride Wellbutrin Extended Release Bupropion
Wellbutrin Extended-release Bupropion Wellbutrin Extended-release Bupropion Hydrochloride
Wellbutrin Settlement Wellbutrin Zyban
Wellbutrin Zyban Obligation Wendy Kelley
Wendy Kelley Senior Vice-president General Counsel Corporate Secretary Western Life Sciences Venture Fund
What Amendments Matters Other Brought Before Meeting What Decisions Shareholders Making Meeting
What Proxy Whereas
Whistle Blowing Whistleblower Policy
Wholesaler Distribution Services Agreements Dsas Wholesaler Inventory Levels
William Bill Wells William Bill Wells Chief Executive Officer President Bls
Withholding Tax Without Just Cause
Witness Whereof Witness Whereof Parties Executed Agreement Dates Identified Below
Work Environment Working Capital
World-class Manufacturing World-class Manufacturing Network
Write-down Assets Write-down Assets Net Gain Disposal
Write-down Gain Sale Assets Xenazine
Xenazine Nitoman Xenazine Nitoman Tetrabenazine
Xenazine Tetrabenazine Xhibit 991
Xvi Amendment Modification Waiver Yes
Zero-order Release System Zors Zoladex
Zolpidem Odt Zovirax
Zovirax Distribution Agreement Zovirax Monthly Share Topical Antiviral Market
Zovirax Obligation Zovirax Ointment Cream Acyclovir
Zovirax Products 
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