Topic Listing for Vodafone Group

Abrogate Access High-quality Fast Data Network Award-winning Modems
Accounting Post Employment Benefits Accounting Subsidiaries
Accounts Acquisition Assets Telsim Turkey
Acquisition Controlling Interest Hutch Essar Acquisition Economic Interest Bharti Tele-ventures India
Acquisition Minority Interests Arcor Acquisition Shares Outside Offer
Acquisition Stake Ghana Telecom Acquisitions
Acquisitions Disposals Acquisitions Disposals Subsequent Events
Act Actions Auditors
Active Infrastructure Actively Manage Portfolio Maximise Returns
Actively Manage Vodafones Portfolio Maximise Returns Actively Managing Portfolio
Activity Level Actual Return Scheme Assets
Additional Information Additional Information Group Data Tariffs
Additional Responsibilities Announced Vodafone Greece Ceo George Koronias Additional Vodafone Live Devices Mobile Connect Gprs Data
Additional Vodafone Live Devices Mobile Connect Gprs Datacards Adds Over New Customers Turkey 2007
Adjourned Adjusted Operating Profit
Adjusted Total Capital Reserves Adjustment Share Results Investments Accounted Equity Method
Adjustments Carrying Value Investments Accounted Equity Method Adoption Sfas 123 Revised 2004
Adr Depositary Adverse Macro Economic Conditions Markets Group Operates Impact
Advertising Costs Advisors
Affiliate Businesses Africa Central Europe
Agree Terms Set Out Above Agreed
Agreement Agreement Arrangement Understanding
Agreement Set Deliver Greater Efficiencies Vodafone Agreements Wayfinder
Alan Harper Alan Jebson
Albania Align Capital Structure Shareholder Returns Policy Strategy
Allot Allotted
Allottee Allowance Doubtful Accounts
Alltel Also Joining Range Vodafone 735 736
Alternate Directors Amending Resolutions
America MÓvil Vodafone Partner Deliver International Roaming Services Americas
América Móvil Andy Halford
Anne Lauvergeon Announcement Not Constitute Form Part Offer Solicitation Securities
Announcement Potential Agm Resolutions Announcement Regarding Hutch Essar India
Announcement Vodafone Japan Annual General Meeting
Annual Information Update Annual Report
Annualised Mobile Customer Churn Annualised Mobile Customer Churn 2009
Anthony Watson Appendix B-vodacom Group Simplified Pro Forma Corporate Structure
Applicable Law Disputes Etc Application Articles New Shares
Appointed Proxies Only Attend General Meetings Properly Appointment Chief Executive Europe
Appointment Group Chief Marketing Officer Approved Depositaries
Arcor Arcor Rail Business
Arnings Per Share Arpu
Arrangers Articles
Articles Association Arun Sarin
Arun Sarin Chief Executive Commented Arun Sarin Chief Executive Vodafone Commented
Arun Sarin Chief Executive Vodafone Opening Keynote Speech Arun Sarin Chief Executive Vodafone Said
Asia Pacific Asia Pacific Middle East
Asian Euro Assets
Associated Undertakings Associated Undertakings Taxation
Associates Associates Investments
Assumptions Assurance Abroad
Attendance Voting General Meetings Attorney
Audit Opinion Auditors
Auditors General Meetings Australia
Authenticating Documents Automatically
Available Exclusively Until End Initial Countries Average Revenue Per User Arpu
Awards Date Azerfon
Azerfon Vodafone Sign Strategic Partnership Back Contents
Background Background Reasons Offer
Balance Sheet Barcelona Feb 2006
Barcelona Feb 2009 Barcelona London 2008
Base Award Base Salary
Basic Diluted Earnings Per Share Basic Diluted Loss Earnings Per Share Continuing Operations
Basic Loss Per Share Basis Audit Opinion
Basis Consolidation Basis Opinion
Basis Outlook Statement Basis Preparation
Basis Preparation Ifrs Financial Information Basking Ridge Newbury England
Belgacom Belgium
Beneficial Interest Beneficial Interests
Benefits Global Scale Scope Best Broadcast Commercial
Best Roaming Product Service Better Mobile Coverage Over Customers
Bharti Group Bharti Infratel
Bill Morrow Bite Group
Bite Latvija Board Appointments
Board Approval Htal Directors Recommendation Board Directors Group Management
Boards Report Shareholders Directors Remuneration Bonds
Borrowing Costs Borrowing Powers
Borrowings Borrowings Excluding Foreign Exchange Contracts
Brand Royalty Charges Break Fees
Brian Clark Brings Range Innovative Products Services Island Airtel-vodafone Brand
Brokerage Btvl
Build Best Global Vodafone Team Business
Business Combinations Business Combinations Occurred Before Opening Ifrs Balance Sheet
Business Overview Business Principles
Business Review Business Services
Businesses Also Benefit Cost Savings Roaming Buying Back Shares
Cairo 2006 Call
Call Directors Meetings Call Options
Call Options Unconditional Irrevocable Undertakings Call Termination
Called Calling General Meeting
Calls Different Amounts Calls Shares
Cancellation Shares Cannot Poll
Capital Commitments Capital Expenditure
Capital Expenditure Financial Investment Capital Market Bank Borrowings
Capital Redemption Reserve Capitalise
Capitalised Fixed Asset Additions Percentage Mobile Revenue Capitalised Interest
Capitalised Software Capitalising Reserves
Capitalized Software Capturing Minutes
Carrying Value Investments Accounted Equity Method Cash Bank Hand Liquid Investments
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow Measures
Cash Flow Statement Cash Flows
Casual Vacancy Cautionary Statement
Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward Looking Statements Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Cbe Cellco Partnership
Central Europe Middle East Asia Pacific Affiliates Centre Forms Part Three-year Plan Deliver Greater Efficiencies
Chain Controlled Undertakings Through Voting Rights Financial Instruments Chairman Non-executive Directors
Chairmans Casting Vote Chairmans Statement
Challenging Votes Change Accounting Policy
Change Accounting Principle Income Taxes Change Accounting Principle Share-based Payment
Change Gaap Accounting Intangible Assets Impact Vodafones Results Change Presentation
Change Segments Changes Accounting Principles Post Employment Benefits
Changes Assumptions Underlying Carrying Value Certain Group Assets Changes Estimates
Changes Regional Structure Changing Capital
Changing Directors Changing Share Rights
Chartered Accountants Registered Auditors London Chief Executive
Chief Executives Review Chief Executives Statement
Chilli China
China Mobile China Mobile Verizon Wireless Vodafone Trials Confirm Lte
Chinese Train Travel Churn
Circles Cisco Systems
Citigroup Citigroup Corporate Investment Banking
Class Type Shares Closing Register
Co-arrangers Combined Code
Commercial Paper Programmes Commitment
Commitment Simplify Increase Value Vodafone Customers Voice Roaming Commitments
Commitments Contingencies Commitments Contingent Liabilities
Committed Facilities Committee Procedure
Committees Committees Board
Commoditised Knowledge Common Functions
Companies Companies Act
Companies Acts Competing Proposal
Competition Completion
Completion Acquisition Tele2s Operations Italy Spain Completion Merger Australian Telecoms Operations
Completion Sale Interest Proximus Completion Sale Vodafone Sweden
Components Executive Directors Remuneration Base Salary Comprehensive Income
Comprehensive Loss Income Compulsory Purchase De-listing
Computation Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges Computer Software
Concentrations Conclusions
Condensed Consolidated Cash Flow Information Conditional Awards
Conditions Completion Conditions Offer
Conditions Precedent Documents Conditions Transaction
Conference Call Conformed Copy
Connection Revenue Costs Connection Revenues Costs
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consistent Performance Levels Managed Mobility Services Selected Countries
Consolidate Consolidated
Consolidated Financial Statements Basis Presentation Consolidated Statement Recognised Income Expense
Consolidating Consolidation Ordinary Share Accounts
Contact Address Contact Madonna
Contact Telephone Number Contact Vodafone
Contact Wmi Content
Content Standards Contents
Contents Notice Contingent Liabilities
Continuing Strong Take-up Products Services Controlled Businesses
Copyright Notes Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Guidelines Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility Environmental Issues Cost Capitalisation
Cost Reduction Cost Reduction Initiatives
Cost Reduction Revenue Stimulation Europe Counterparty Risk Management
Countries Included Vodafone Passport Summer Promotion Creating New Enhanced Services
Credit Agreement Credit Agreement 8221
Credit Guarantees Party Indebtedness Credit Risk
Crest Crest Regulations
Critical Accounting Estimates Cumulative Dividends
Cumulative Translation Differences Ias Effects Changes Foreign Exchange Customary Restrictions Disposal Hutchison Telecommunications Australia Limited Htal
Customer Bases Customer Communications
Customer Delight Customer Management
Customer Numbers Customer Service
Customer Strategy Management Customers
Cut-price Monthly Option Cutting Costs Saving Energy
Czech Republic Czech Republic Romania
Data Retention Data Revenue
Data Service Revenue Dated 2005
Dated 2007 Dear Shareholder
Debenture Debt
Declaration Initial Share Dividend Cancellation Deferred Shares Decrease Cash
Deducting Amounts Owing Dividends Other Money Deferral Period
Deferred Current Taxes Deferred Share Bonus
Deferred Shares Defined Benefit Pension Schemes
Definition Terms Delays Development Handsets Network Compatibility Components Hinder Deployment
Delegating Powers Committees Deletion 182 189 Deferred Shares Existence
Deliver Strong Growth Emerging Markets Delivered Additional Borrower
Delivered Additional Guarantor Delivered Before Advance
Delivering Benefits Customers Delivering Customers Total Communication Needs
Delivering Results Through Strong Customer Focus Delivering Strategy
Delivering Value Shareholders Deloitte Llp
Deloitte Touche Llp Deloitte Touche Llp Chartered Accountants Registered Auditors London
Deloitte Touche Llp Vodafone Group Plc Preliminary Opening Demand Notes Due Affiliate
Demonstrations Facilities Vodafone Pavilion Dense Cities
Depreciation Amortisation Depreciation Expense
Derivative Financial Instruments Hedge Accounting Derivative Instruments
Destroying Documents Details Rights Obligations Existing Lender Novated
Developing Strategy Development Demand Non-voice Services
Developments India Tax Case Devices
Digicel Digital Money
Director Sharedealing Director Shareholding
Directors Directors Committees
Directors Expenses Directors Interest Shares
Directors Make Calls Shares Directors Meetings
Directors Meetings Called Directors Power Petition
Directors Responsibilities Directors Responsible
Directors Sharedealing Directors Statement Responsibility
Directors8217 Committees Directors8217 Interests
Directors8217 Meetings Disabled
Disclaimer Disclosure
Disclosure Regarding Forward Looking Statements Disclosure Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Discovery Discretionary Share Option Plans
Disposals Distribution
Distribution Assets Kind Distributions Vzw
Dividend Arrears Dividend Payment Dates
Dividend Payment Methods Dividend Reinvestment
Dividend Rights Dividends
Dividends Ads Holders Dividends Associated Undertakings Investments Minority Shareholders
Dividends Associated Undertakings Minority Shareholders Dividends Holders
Dividends Not Cash Documents Submitted Financial Services Authority
Documents Title Domestic Tariff
Domestic Tender Offer Procedures Certain Material Respects Particularly Double Taxation Treaty
Downward Pressure Termination Rates Regulatory Action Drive Operational Performance
Driving Revenue Growth Dtac
Due Affiliates Due Diligence
Earnings Loss Per Share Earnings Per Share
Eastern Europe Ebay Inc
Economic Interest Bharti Editors
Editors Notes Effect Declaration Chairman
Effective Leadership Egypt
Eitf Issue 06-1 Eitf Topic D-108
Election Election Directors
Eligibility Re-election Eliminations Within Europe Emapa Service Revenue Tables Represent
Emapa Emapa Region Annual Growth 2007
Embedding Way Business Emea Associates
Emerging Markets Emi
Emi Music Emphasis Matter
Employee Benefit Plans Employee Benefits Actuarial Gains Losses Ias
Employee Involvement Employee Savings Profit Sharing Retirement Plans
Employees Employment Policies
Ending 2005 Ending 2006
Ending 2006 Financial Ending 2007
Ending 2007 Financial Ending 2008 Financial
Ends Ends-
England Cricket Team Enhancement Award
Entel Pcs Enterprise Value Calculation
Equal Opportunities Equity Dividends
Equity Dividends Ordinary Shares Equity Instruments
Equity Losses Investments Accounted Method Equity Shareholders Funds
Essar Estimates
Estimation Useful Economic Life Europe
Europe Targets European Economy Set 12895 Boost Spectrum Used Mobile
European Regulatory Framework European Union
Eurosport Evaluation Based Completeness Vision Ability Execute
Events After Balance Sheet Date Evidence Forfeiture Enforcement Lien
Ex-dividend Exceptional
Exceptional Non-operating Exceptional Operating
Exchange Exclusivity
Execute Emerging Markets Executed
Executing Strategic Goals Executing Strategy
Executive Committee Executive Directors
Exercise Exercise Options
Existing Climate Change Initiatives Existing Lender
Expanding Market Boundaries Expected Benefits Acquisitions Not Realised
Expected Benefits Cost Reduction Initiatives Not Realised Expected Benefits Investment Networks Licences New Technology Not
Expenses Extending Access Mobile Internet
Extending Global Reach Facility
Fair Value Fair Value Available Sale Financial Assets
Fair Value Hedges Fair Value Revaluation Deemed Cost Ias Property Plant
Fasb Interpretation Fashion
Feb 2007 London Federal Income Taxation
Fee Letter Feeding World
Fees Retained Non-executive Directorships Other Companies Fibre Regulation
Fiduciary Carve Out Figures Reported Press Release Been Rounded Off Appropriate
Fiji Final Dividends
Financial Assets Liabilities Financial Assumptions
Financial Calendar 2005 Financial Calendar 2008
Financial Calender Financial Compared 2004
Financial Impact Financial Impact Vodafone
Financial Implications Financial Instruments
Financial Instruments Ias Recognition Measurement Disclosure Presentation Financial Liabilities Equity Instruments
Financial Performance Financial Position
Financial Position Resources Financial Results
Financial Review Financial Statements Vodafone Group Plc
Financial Targets Financing
Finite-lived Intangible Assets Fixed Asset Investments Excluding Joint Ventures Associated Undertakings
Fixed Floating Rate Notes Fixed Line Revenue
Fixed Location Based Services Fixed Mobile Telecoms Services
Fixed Rate Bonds Fixed Rate Bonds Preference Shares
Fixed Rate Shares Flattening World
Focus Customer Needs Food Markets
Foreign Currencies Foreign Exchange Management
Forfeit Forfeitable Shares
Forfeited Forfeiting Shares
Forfeiture Include Unpaid Dividends Forfeiture Notice Not Complied
Form Form 20-f Cross Reference Guide
Form 5050 Joint Venture Form 6-k
Form Confidentiality Undertaking New Lender Form Request
Form Share Capital Formation Business
Forward Looking Statements Forward-looking Statement
Forward-looking Statements Foundation Vodafone Group Partnership
Fox Interactive Media France
Frank Rovekamp Free Cash Flow
Fritz Joussen Full Music Tracks Downloaded Since Launch
Fully-paid Funding
Funding Liquidity Further Information
Further Information Call Orange Press Office 0870 373 Further Information Contact
Further Information Please Contact Further Statement Agm Resolutions
Further Transaction Details Future Agenda
Future Redemption Date Future Redemption Form
Gaap Gaap Reconciliation
Gaap Requirements General Meeting Continues After Poll Demanded
General Meetings Germany
Germany Italy Get Daily Updates Mobile World Congress Blog Http
Ghana Telecom Global Connectivity
Global Employee Share Plan Global Games Marketing Distribution Program
Global Pandemics Global Partners Emergency Communications
Global Remittance Industry Global Tele-health
Glossary Goodwill
Goodwill Acquired Intangible Asset Amortisation Goodwill Amortisation
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Goodwill Other Intangibles Assets
Google Inc Greater Predictability
Greece Group
Group Adjusted Operating Profit Earnings Per Share Group Experience Decline Revenue Profitability Notwithstanding Efforts Increase
Group Glance Group Operating Profit Before Goodwill Amortisation Exceptional
Group Results Group Review
Group Service Revenue Trend Improves Percentage Points Groups Business Ability Retain Customers Attract New Impaired
Groups Business Adversely Affected Non-supply Equipment Support Services Groups Geographic Expansion Increase Exposure Unpredictable Economic Political
Guarantor Accession Agreement Guernsey Airtel Brings Vodafone Island
H3ga Having Another Person Registered
Hbo Health Safety Wellbeing
High Speed Connectivity Teams Move Highlights
Highlights Deal Highlights Include
History Experience Adjustments Holders Ordinary Shares 2005 Geographical Analysis Shareholders
Holding Holding Ruhrgas
Homogenous Identity Hrs Gsma Seminar Theatre Hall Level
Hrs Hall Htal
Htal Break Fee Huawei Technologies
Hungary Hutch Essar
Hutchison Disclaimer Hutchison Essar
Hutchison Whampoa Hwl Break Fee
Ibm Novartis Vodafone Join Forces Help Halt Malaria Ibm Transform Manage Vodafone Essars Infrastructure Applications
Idea Ifrs
Ifrs Conclusions Ifrs Exemptions
Ifrs Financial Information Ifrs Requirements
Ifrs Results 2005 Illustration
Impact Convergence Disruptive Technologies Impact Ifrs Vodafone
Impact New Virtual Competitors Impairment Loss
Impairment Losses Impairment Review
Impairment Review Performed Gaap Impairment Review Performed Ifrs
Impairment Review Update Outlook Implementation Agreement
Important Information Improved Outlook
Includes Income Corporation Taxes Act 1988 8220icta8221 684
Income Statement Income Taxes
Increase Cash Increased Competition Reduce Market Share Revenue
Increasing Penetration Rates Competition Between Network Operators Customers Increasing Returns Shareholders
Increasing Shareholder Returns Indefinite Lived Assets
Indemnity Indemnity Insurance
Independence Independence Discussions Audit Committees
Independent Auditors Report Board Directors Vodafone Group Plc Independent Auditors Report Members Vodafone Group Plc
Independent Auditors Statement Members Vodafone Group Plc Independent Review Report Deloitte Touche Llp Board Directors
Index Exhibits Form 20-f 2005 Index Exhibits Form 20-f 2006
India India Bharti Airtel Limited
Indicative Timetable Industry Analysts
Industry Leaders Pioneer Display Mobile Advertising Customers Inflation
Information Information Please Contact
Information Provided Shareholders Information Relating 2005 Interim Results
Information Relating Half-year Financial Report Information Relating Interim Management Statement
Information Relating Interim Management Statements Information Relating Interim Results
Information Relating Preliminary Results Infrastructure Sharing Mou Bharti
Ingram Micro Inheritance Tax
Initiative Help Developers Creating Fun Useful Mobile Widgets Innovate Deliver Customers Total Communications Needs
Intangible Assets Interest Expenses Unpaid Calls
Interest Rate Management Interests Joint Ventures
Interests Share Options 2005 Interests Share Options 2006
Interim Management Statement International Financial Reporting Standards
International Roaming Introduction
Inventory Investing Capture Future Growth
Investment Customer Growth Investment Income Financing Costs
Investments Investments Accounted Equity Method
Investments Associated Undertakings Investments Associates
Investor Information Investor Relations
Investors Ireland
Issuances Repayment Debt Issuances Repayment Debt Purchase Equity Securities
Issue Issue Shares Consolidation Existing Ordinary
Issues Italy
Italy Spain Been Included Pro Forma Basis Assuming Japan
Japan Telecom Japan Vodafone
Jersey Airtel Brings Vodafone Island Airtel-vodafone John Buchanan
Joint Innovation Lab Develop Mobile Internet Services Joint Statement Manchester United Vodafone
Joint Ventures Jürgen Von Kuczkowski
Ken Hydon Kenya
Kenyans Now Able Send Store Money Safely Securely Key Assumptions Used Value Calculations
Key Highlights Key Highlights 2007
Key Highlights Period 2007 Key Impact Analysis
Key Peformance Indicators Key Performance Indicators
Key Performance Indicators 2005 Key Performance Indicators 2006
Key Strategic Objectives Kind Europe Exclusively Vodafone Customers
Kpi Close Period Share Purchases Lastfm
Law Leases
Leasing Legal Proceedings
Lender Accession Agreement Lenders
Less Choice Less Energy
Leverage Scale Scope Liable Jointly Severally
Licence Fee Amortisation Licence Spectrum Fees
Licences Licences Spectrum
Licences Spectrum Fees Lien Charge
Lien Shares Liens Partly Paid Shares
Limitations Voting Shareholding Linksys
Liquidation Rights Liquidity Capital Resources
Liquidity Risk Listing Requirements
Listings Local Partners
London London Kingston Jamaica
London Tuesday 2008 Long Term Incentives
Long Term Stock Incentive Plan Long-term Compensation
Lord Broers Lord Broers Retires Simon Murray Appointed Vodafone Board
Lord Maclaurin Lord Maclaurin Knebworth
Loss Earnings Per Share Loss Earnings Per Share Continuing Operations
Loss Ordinary Activities Before Interest Loss Per Share
Luc Vandevelde M-paisa Brings Financial Services Un-banked Assists Economic Development
M-pesa Madrid Newbury 2009
Magic Quadrant Malta
Manage Community Friends Management
Management Appointments Management Employees
Mandated Lead Arrangers Mandated Lead Arranglenderers
Mandatory Cost Formulae Market Data
Marketable Securities Marketing Brand
Markets Masayoshi Son Ceo President Softbank Corp Commented
Mclaren Measurement Performance Ifrs
Measurement Recognition Differences Media
Media Contacts Media Enquiries Please Contact
Media Relations Meeting
Messaging Data Revenue Messaging Revenue
Michael Boskin Microsoft
Microsoft Asia Pacific Microsoft Emea Europe Middle East Africa
Microsoft Europe Middle East Africa Microsoft Forms Key Part Vodafones Three-platform Strategy Reduce
Microsoft Vodafone Launch Enhanced Instant Messaging Service Mobile Middle East Africa Asia
Minority Interests Minutes Records
Mobifon Mobifon Oskar
Mobile Broadband Business Mobile Customer
Mobile Customers Mobile Network Infrastructure
Mobile Non-voice Service Revenue Percentage Mobile Non-voice Services Percentage Service Revenue
Mobile Plus Strategy Mobile Premiere Selected Album Tracks Exclusive Associated Content
Mobile Technology Cut Europes Annual Energy Bill 12843bn Mobile Telecommunications
Mobile Telecommunications Kpis Mobile Telecommunications Regional Review
Mobile Telecommunications Review Operations Mobile Usage
Mobilkom Austria Group Mpairment Loss
Msn Msn Windows Live
Mts Mtv
Mtv Networks International Multinational Corporates
Music Industry Views Myspace
Myspaces European Mobile Partnership Offer Myspace Vodafone Name Vodafone Group Public Limited
Nature Appointed Proxys Interest Negotiable Instrument
Net Acquisition Costs Net Debt
Net Interest Payable Net Other Revenue
Net Retention Costs Netherlands
New Appointment New Businesses
New Businesses Innovation New Consumer Price Plans
New Easy Voice Text Mobile Service New Mobile Application Ensures Best Customer Experience
New Multi-platform Music Series Vodafone Soundbites New Organisation Accelerate Delivery Groups Mobile Plus Strategy
New Organisational Structure Vodafone New Roaming Tariff
New Share Plan Rules New Yorks Roseland Ballroom 2008
New Zealand Newbury
Next Generation Mobile Networks Ngmn Initiative Offer Clear Nick Land
Nick Read Nick Read Ceo Vodafone
Nokia Nominal Value
Non-cumulative Non-cumulative Dividends
Non-discounting Deferred Tax Assets Liabilities Non-executive Directors Remuneration
Non-executive Directorship Vodafone Group Public Limited Non-gaap Financial Information
Non-mobile Businesses Non-mobile Telecommunications
Non-voice Service Revenue Non-voice Services
Non-voice Services Messaging Non-voice Services Percentage Service Revenue
Notes Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements
Notes Editors Notes Financial Statements
Notice Following Non-payment Call Notices
Notices Shareholders Foreign Addresses Notification Major Interests Shares
Notification Transactions Directors Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibility Connected Novartis
Novartis Media Relations Novation Certificate
Number Directors Objects
Obligor Obligor8221
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offer
Offer Document Relation Vodafones Shareholders Wayfinder Public Today Offer Restrictions
Offering Innovative Pricing Offeror Not Deliver Consideration Offer Australia Canada Japan
Office Copy Omnifone
Online Shareholder Services Open Access
Opera Software Asa Operating Financial Review
Operating Leases Operating Loss
Operating Profit Operating Result
Operating Results Operating Review
Operational Highlights Operational Plan Hutch Essar
Operations Initiative Created Shared Service Organisation Support Business Opinion
Option Agreements Option Agreements Similar Arrangements
Option Price Options Granted Italian Employees Options
Orange Orange Vodafone Link Mobile Instant Messaging Communities
Ordinary Resolution Ordinary Shares
Organic Growth Organisational Change
Original Dollar Amount Original Lender
Oskar Oskar Czech Republic
Other Other Adjustments
Other Africa Central Europe Other Americas
Other Asia Pacific Other Asia Pacific Middle East
Other Asia Pacific Subsidiaries Other Business Services
Other Differences Other Differences Reclassification Non-equity Minority Interests Liabilities
Other Emea Other Emea Subsidiaries
Other Europe Other Europe Middle East Africa
Other European Operations Other Guarantees Contingent Liabilities
Other Income Expense Other Information
Other Initiatives Other Intangible Assets
Other Matters Other Mobile Associated Undertakings
Other Mobile Investments Other Mobile Joint Ventures
Other Mobile Operations Other Mobile Subsidiaries
Other Non-current Assets Other Operations
Other Recognised Income Expense Other Returns
Other Revenue Other Service Revenue
Other Share Option Schemes Other Transaction Considerations
Other Transaction Details Other Transactions Affiliates
Other Transactions Developments Other Useful Information
Outlook Outlook 2007 Financial
Outlook 2010 Financial Outlook 2010 Financial Free Cash Flow Range Upgraded
Outlook Ending 2007 Outlook Summary
Over Tracks Choose Including Huge Selection Todays Top Overall Cost Roaming Down
Overflow Meeting Rooms Overseas Branch Registers
Ovi Nokia Pacific
Parisi Representing Cutting-edge Italian Telecommunications Part Delivered Additional Borrower
Part Delivered Additional Guarantor Part Delivered Before Advance
Part Lender Accession Agreement Part Mandated Lead Arrangers
Part Swingline Lenders Commitments Participating Member State
Partly Paid Partner Markets
Partner Networks Partners Forge Closer Ties Create Seamless Communications Experience
Passive Infrastructure Paul Donovan
Paul Hazen Paul Hazen Penny Hughes Retire Board
Pay Dividends Appointed Proxy Pbgc
Penny Hughes Pensions
Performance Awards Performance Bonds
Performance Introduction Performance Shares
Permitted Security Interest Person Wants Registered Give Notice
Personal Representatives Persons Automatically Entitled Shares Law
Peter Bamford Phil Williams
Philip Yea Philip Yea Become Non-executive Director Vodafone
Phones Phones Shipped Vodafone Own Brand Range
Photo Interview Opportunities Pietro Guindani
Pilot Launched Between Kenya Poland
Polkomtel Poll
Portugal Post Balance Sheet Events
Post Comments Blog Entries Post Employment Benefits
Post Transaction Ownership Structure Based Current Shares Outstanding Postal Share Dealing
Potential Cash Inflows Potential Cash Outflows
Power Attorney Power Change Capital
Power Increase Capital Power Reduce Capital
Pre-emption Rights Pre-emptive Rights New Issues Shares
Preferred Partner Program Premium
Premium Account Prescribed Period
Presentation Presentation Adjusted Operating Profit
Presentation Adjusted Operating Profit Measures Presentation Differences
Presentation Differences Equity Accounted Investments Presentation Financial Information
Presentation Financial Statements Presentation Information
Press Contacts Press Speculation
Price Plans Prime Rate
Principal Benefits Principal Differences
Principal Risk Factors Uncertainties Principal Subsidiary
Principles Network Sharing Principles Ran Sharing
Pro Forma Financial Information 2004 Pro-forma Amounts New Accounting Policy Related Post Employment
Proceedings General Meetings Proceeds
Product Details Professor Jürgen Schrempp
Proforma Financial Information Property Plant Equipment
Property Plant Equipment Finite Lived Intangible Assets Proportionate Customers
Proportionate Information Proportionate Results
Proposed Dividends Proposed Return Capital
Proposed Return Cash Prospects Ahead
Prospects Current Prospects Remainder
Provisions Proxies
Proximus Proxy
Proxy Form Public Limited
Purchase Commitments Purchase Own Securities
Purchase Shares Pursuant Rules 13a-16 15d-16
Pursuant Rules 13a-16 15d-16 Securities Exchange Act 1934 Pursue Growth Opportunities Total Communications
Push Email Vodafone Put Option
Qatar Qatar Licences
Qualification Director Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quity Dividends Ordinary Shares Quorum
Quorum Needed General Meetings Rank Ranking
Ranks Rapidly Changing Environment
Rbm Global Partnership Reason Notification
Receivable Affiliates Net Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements
Reclassification Non-equity Minority Interests Liabilities Recognised Clearing House
Recognised Investment Exchange Recognition Deferred Tax Assets
Recommendation Board Directors Wayfinder Reconciliation Proportionate Ebitda Operating Loss Financial
Reconciliation Proportionate Revenue Statutory Reconciliation Proportionate Turnover Statutory
Reconciliations Gaap Record Dates Payments Other Matters
Redeem Redemption Redeemed
Redemption Redmond Wash Newbury 2005
Redmond Washington Newbury England Feb 2009 Reducing Cost Roaming Businesses
Regional Structure Register
Registering Personal Representatives Registrars Transfer Office
Regulation Regulatory Decisions Changes Environment Adversely Affect Groups Business
Related Party Transactions Relevant System
Remuneration Structure Performance Remuneration Structure Performance Measures
Renunciation Renunciations Allotted Unissued Shares
Report Ads Holders Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Members Vodafone Representative
Representatives Companies Requisition Meeting
Research Development Research Development Expenditure
Reserve Reserve Fund Reserves
Reserves Resignation Vittorio Colao
Resolution Resolutions
Respective Responsibilities Directors Auditors Respond Mail
Responsibility Responsibility Statement
Responsible Behaviour Restated Guidance Ending 2006 2007
Restated Outlook 2006 Ending 2007 Restricted Share Plans
Result Review Remuneration Committee Concluded Existing Policy Remains Resulting Situation After Triggering Transaction
Retail Pricing Retirement Benefits
Retirement Director Retirement Ken Hydon
Retiring Directors Return Cash
Revenue Revenue Recognition
Revenue Stimulation Revenue Stimulation Cost Reduction
Revenue Stimulation Cost Reduction Europe Review
Review Conclusion Review Groups Business
Review Notice Annual General Meeting Review Strategic Objectives
Review Work Performed Revised Dividend Policy
Richard Saggers Head Mobile Advertising Vodafone Roundtable Rights
Rights Appointed Proxies Rights Issue
Rights Obligations Novate Rights Obligations Novated
Rights Restrictions Attached Deferred Shares Risk Factors
Risk Factors Seasonality Outlook Risk Factors Trends Outlook
Rns Reach Releases Roaming
Roaming Price Text Information Service Roaming Services
Robust Financial Performance Romania
Roshan Safaricom
Safaricom Vodafone Launch M-pesa New Mobile Payment Service Sagem Communication
Sagem Communication Supply Vodafone-branded Mobile Phone Demonstrating Further Sale Interest Proximus
Sale Interest Swisscom Mobile Sale Vodafone Sweden
Schedule Schedule Conditions Precedent Documents
Schedule Fixed Rate Bonds Preference Shares Schedule Mandatory Cost Formulae
Schedule United Kingdom Tax-favoured Options Scope Consolidation
Scope Review Scrip Dividends
Scrobbling Seal
Seasonality Seasonality Cyclicality Interim Operations
Secretary Secured Borrowings
Securities Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Exchange Washington 20549 Form 20-f Securities Seal
Security Other Arrangements General Meetings Segmental Other Analyses
Segments Sending Information Appointed Proxy
Senior Management Appointments Senior Management Change
Senior Management Organisational Changes Service Contracts Appointments Directors
Service Revenue Service Tanzania
Services Services Nokia Handsets
Services Rolled Out Vodafone Customers Setting Reserves
Sfas 123 Revised 2004 Share-based Payment Sfas 157
Sfas 158 Sfr Cegetel
Share Share Capital
Share Certificates Share Continuing Dividend
Share Dividend Calculation Period Share Incentive Plan
Share Option Plans Belonging Subsidiaries Share Option Schemes
Share Options Share Ownership Guidelines
Share Price History Share Price History Ordinary Shares
Share Purchase Programme Share Purchase Programme Update
Share Purchases Share Repurchase Programme
Share-based Payments Share-based Payments Ifrs Payment
Shared Efficiencies Shared Efficiencies Reduced Duplication
Sharegift Shareholder Enquiries
Shareholder Information Shareholders
Shareholders Cannot Traced Shareholders Equity
Shareholders Meeting Shareholders Owe Money
Shares Shares Scheme Elections Redemption
Shares Uncertificated Form Sharesave
Sharesave Scheme Shiro Tsuda
Shop Short Medium Term Incentive
Short Medium Term Incentive Annual Deferred Share Bonus Short Term Incentive Plan Stip
Show Hands Signatories
Signature Signatures
Significant Accounting Policies Significant Transactions
Simon Lewis Simon Murray
Simple Stylish Solid Construction Sir David Scholey Cbe
Sir John Bond Sir John Bond Succeed Lord Maclaurin Chairman
Sir Julian Horn-smith Site Sharing
Slow Luxury Sms Usage Growth Groups Principal Mobile Markets
Snapin Software Social Products
Softbank Sold Europe Through Key Vodafone Operating Companies
Sony Music Entertainment South Africa
Spain Special Distribution
Special Notice Special Provisions Directors
Special Provisions Employees Special Rights
Special Rights Shares Specific Information Investors
Spectrum Spectrum Value Partners
Sponsorship Staff Accounting Bulletin 107
Staff Accounting Bulletin 108 Stake Changes
Stakeholder Engagement Key Lessons Stamp Duty Reserve Tax
Standards Standstill
Statement Corporate Governance Policy Statement Lord Maclaurin Knebworth Chairman Vodafone Group Plc
Statement Regarding Alltel Statement Regarding Vodacom
Statutory Declaration Statutory Financial Information
Stephen Pusey Stephen Scott
Stephen Scott Secretary Sterling Libor
Stock Strategic Objectives Impeded Fact Not Controlling Interest Some
Strategy Strategy Board
Strategy Progress Strategy Review
Strategy Update Vodafone Strengthen Capital Discipline
Strong Financial Performance Strong Progress Strategic Priorities Data Revenue Exceeded
Strong Strategic Rationale Turnaround Opportunity Stylish Additions Vodafone 533 Catwalk Collection
Subdividing Subject
Subordinate Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Subsidiary
Subsidiary Undertakings Substantial Increase Returns Shareholders
Suite Innovative New Internet Services Mobile Summary
Summary Aggregated Financial Information Less Owned Entities Accounted Summary Availability Groups Key Product Services
Summary Boards Report Shareholders Directors Remuneration Summary Consolidated Cash Flow Statement
Summary Consolidated Income Statement Summary Consolidated Statement Recognised Income Expense
Summary Differences Between Ifrs Gaap Sums Payable Share Allotted Treated Call
Supplemental Financial Information Ifrs Supplementary Statements Operations Information
Supply Chain Management Support Immediate Deployment Rapid Response Ict Teams
Sweden Swingline Lenders Commitments
Swingline Rate Swingline Total Commitments
Swisscom Swisscom Mobile
Switzerland Table Contents
Table Other Standard Regulations Not Apply Takeover Offer
Talk Tango
Target Tariff Details
Tavistock Communications Tax Obligor
Tax Obligor8221 Tax Overall Net Income
Taxation Tdc
Tech Data Corporation Tele2
Tele2 Italy Tele2 Spain
Telecom Egypt Telefónica
Telenor Telephone Share Dealing
Telkom Telsim
Term Term Notes Payable Affiliates
Terms Agreement Terry Kramer
Text Information Service Works They Include
Thomas Geitner Tim Miles
Timing Poll Title Sponsor
Tiw Clearwave Tom Alexander Ceo Orange
Toshiba Corporation Total
Total Commitments Total Communications Initiatives Share Group Revenue
Total Equity Shareholders Funds Total Gross Borrowings
Total Gross Borrowings8221 Total Group Operating Profit Before Goodwill Amortisation Exceptional
Total Shareholder Returns Touchscreen Devices
Tower Transactions Trade Receivables
Trademarks Transaction Benefits
Transaction Overview Transaction Own Securities
Transaction Own Securities Voting Rights Capital Transaction Structure Funding
Transactions Directors Other Compensation Transactions Joint Ventures Associated Undertakings
Transactions Own Securities Voting Rights Capital Transfer Purchase
Transfer Treasury Shares Transferring Shares
Transparency Transparency Measures Support Customer Choice
Treasury Shares Treaty Lender
Treaty Lender8221 Trend Information
Trustees Turkey
Turnover Twentieth Century Fox Television
Uefa Champions League Uk8221 8220united Kingdom8221
Unclaimed Assets Register Unconditional Irrevocable Undertakings
Underwrite Unincorporated Associations
United Kingdom United States
United States Tax-favoured Options Universal Music
Universal Music Group Update Adoption International Financial Reporting Standards
Update Ifrs Implementation Update Refinancing Newly Acquired Czech Romanian Subsidiaries
Updated Outlook Upload View Photos
Urban Poverty Usage
Using Proceeds Sale Validity Directors Actions
Valuation Assets Variable Interest Entity
Variation Rights Varying Rights Fixed Rate Shares
Venture Devices Verizon Wireless
Verizon Wireless Acquire Alltel Verizon Wireless East
Verizon Wireless Vodafone Create Best-in-class Global Service Multi-national Vgplc Break Fee
Viacom Brand Solutions International View Friends
Vip Virtual Authenticity
Visit Mobile Site Http Vodafonemobi Vittorio Colao
Vittorio Colao Chief Executive Commented Vizzavi
Vodacom Vodacom Group
Vodafone Vodafone 1240
Vodafone 135 Vodafone 235
Vodafone 340 Vodafone 3gsm World Congress Barcelona 2006
Vodafone 527 533 Catwalk Collection Vodafone 533
Vodafone 540 Vodafone 541
Vodafone 835 Vodafone 840
Vodafone Acquire Additional Stake Vodacom Group Vodafone Acquire Control Mobifon Romania Oskar Czech Republic
Vodafone Acquire Tele2s Businesses Italy Spain Vodafone Acquires Additional Stake Polkomtel
Vodafone Adds Cpw New Connections Extends Agreement Phones4u Vodafone Adds Hong Kongs Smartone Partner Network Community
Vodafone Agrees Acquire Control Hutch Essar India Vodafone Analyst Investor
Vodafone Analyst Investor Emapa Region Vodafone Analyst Investor Event
Vodafone Announces Acquisition Zyb Vodafone Announces Agreement Opera Software Enhance Mobile Internet
Vodafone Announces Board Change Vodafone Announces Completion Acquisition Assets Telsim Turkey
Vodafone Announces Completion Acquisition Economic Interest Bharti Tele-ventures Vodafone Announces Completion Acquisition Hutch Essar
Vodafone Announces Largest Base Paying Music Subscribers Europe Vodafone Announces Major New Football Sponsorship
Vodafone Announces New Chief Executive Vodafone Announces New Football Sponsorship
Vodafone Announces Repurchases Oskar Mobifon Bonds Vodafone Announces Results 2005
Vodafone Announces Single Brand Partnership Launch Iceland Vodafone Apple Bring Iphone Australia Italy New Zealand
Vodafone Appoints Anne Lauvergeon Non-executive Director Vodafone Appoints Anthony Watson Non-executive Director
Vodafone Appoints Eds Ibm Global Outsourcing Deal Vodafone Appoints New Executive Directors
Vodafone Appoints New Non-executive Directors Vodafone Appoints Samuel Jonah Non-executive Director
Vodafone Australia Vodafone Baltic States
Vodafone Barcelona Blog Vodafone Bharti Idea Announce Formation Independent Tower India
Vodafone Boost Backhaul Capacity New Microwave Technology Vodafone Brings Unlimited Music Downloads Musicstation Available Uks
Vodafone Changing Dynamics Business Data Pricing Vodafone Citigroup Announce Worldwide Mobile Financial Remittance Venture
Vodafone Community Asia Vodafone Community Europe
Vodafone Completes Acquisition Control Mobifon Romania Oskar Czech Vodafone Completes Acquisition Stake Polkomtel
Vodafone Completes Recommended Cash Offer Wayfinder Vodafone Continues Lead Mobile Industry Reducing Cost Roaming
Vodafone Cricket Sponsorship Announcement Vodafone Customers Around World Scrobble Music Mobiles Lastfm
Vodafone Deepens Strategic Partnership Rim Selects Blackberry Mass Vodafone Deliver Fixed-line Broadband Services
Vodafone Disclaimer Vodafone Discussions Tiw
Vodafone Dtac Sign Strategic Partnership Vodafone Egypt
Vodafone Enters Strategic Partner Market Alliance Entel Pcs Vodafone Essar
Vodafone Essar Agree Partnership Terms Vodafone Essar Limited
Vodafone Exclusive Handsets Vodafone Extends Popular Own Branded Device Range New
Vodafone Eyes Hspa Key Technology Head Mobile Broadband Vodafone Germany
Vodafone Germany Investor Analyst Vodafone Global Enterprise
Vodafone Google Team Create Innovative Mobile Search Experience Vodafone Greece Hellas Online Form Strategic Partnership
Vodafone Group Vodafone Group 1999 Long Term Stock Incentive Plan
Vodafone Group Allshares Vodafone Group Announces Commitment Reduce Co2 Emissions
Vodafone Group Appointment Vodafone Group Executive Schemes
Vodafone Group Foundation Media Briefing Vodafone Group Media Relations
Vodafone Group Media Relations Tel 44-1635 664444 China Vodafone Group Plc
Vodafone Group Plc -us 4853333331 Revolving Credit Agreement Vodafone Group Plc -us Revolving Credit Agreement Dated
Vodafone Group Plc 8211 4853333331 Revolving Credit Agreement Vodafone Group Plc Announces Transfer Nasdaq
Vodafone Group Plc Annual General Meeting Vodafone Group Plc Extraordinary General Meeting
Vodafone Group Plc Purchase Own Securities Vodafone Group Plc Responds Mini-tender Offer
Vodafone Group Plc Transaction Own Securities Vodafone Group Plc Us4675000000 Revolving Credit Agreement Dated
Vodafone Group Plc Us5525000000 Revolving Credit Agreement Dated Vodafone Group Plc Voting Rights Capital
Vodafone Group Public Limited Vodafone Group Savings Related Sharesave Schemes
Vodafone Group Sharesave Scheme Vodafone Group Trials Femtocell Technology
Vodafone Group Unveils Handset Range Christmas 2007 Vodafone House Connection Newbury Berkshire Rg14 2fn England
Vodafone Iceland Vodafone International Holdings
Vodafone Italy Share Buy Back Vodafone Italy Share Purchase
Vodafone Japan Vodafone Joins Java Verified Program
Vodafone Launch Mobile Broadband Hotspot Vodafone Launches Global Mobile
Vodafone Launches Initiatives Significantly Benefit Key Content Providers Vodafone Launches New Range Mobile Phones
Vodafone Launches Simply Vodafone Launches Travel Promise
Vodafone Leading Mobile Industry Reducing Cost Retail Wholesale Vodafone Live
Vodafone Live Active Devices Vodafone Live Christmas
Vodafone Live Customers Vodafone Live Offer Google Maps Mobile Alongside Search
Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes Handsets
Vodafone Media Contacts Mobile World Congress Vodafone Microsoft Collaborate Deliver Comprehensive Email Solution Business
Vodafone Mobile Advertising Media Briefing Vodafone Mobile Broadband Hotspot Creates Wi-fi Cloud Capable
Vodafone Mobile Connect Data Cards Vodafone Mobile Money Transfer Media Briefing
Vodafone Mobile World Congress Website Vodafone Mobilises Fast Growing M2m Market
Vodafone Mts Sign Strategic Partnership Vodafone Mtv Discover Next Big Music Act
Vodafone Music Unlimited Vodafone Offer Apples Iphone Markets
Vodafone Offer Microsoft Online Services Voice Data Vodafone Offers High-speed Data Business Customers Move
Vodafone Partner Markets Vodafone Passport
Vodafone Passport Simply Mobile Connect Trademarks Group Other Vodafone Passport World Trade Marks Group Other Products
Vodafone Pay Call Costs Simply Tariff International Vodafone Press Briefings
Vodafone Ramps Hspa Deliver Peak Speeds Excess 20mbps Vodafone Re-brands Central Telecom Drive Unified Communications
Vodafone Reaches 150 Customers Strongest Since 2000 Vodafone Reaches 165 Proportionate Customers
Vodafone Reaches 200 Customers Vodafone Realise Cost Savings Earlier Forecast Consolidation European
Vodafone Reduce Cost European Roaming Least 2007 Vodafone Reports Kpis
Vodafone Reports Kpis Reiterates Guidance Vodafone Roll Out Advanced Customer Service Directly Handset
Vodafone Selects Indias Onmobile Ring Back Tones Emerging Vodafone Selects Preferred Suppliers Global Outsourcing Deal
Vodafone Sell Iphone Ireland Vodafone Set Global Distribution Channel Signed Agreements Ingram
Vodafone Share Incentive Plan Vodafone Sign Strategic Partnership
Vodafone Signs Handset Procurement Agreement Chinas Zte Vodafone Signs Strategic Handset Partnership Huawei
Vodafone Simply Vodafone Softbank Agree Form Mobile Partnership
Vodafone Soundbites Vodafone Sources Asia New Range Single-branded Handsets Maximize
Vodafone Stand Hall Vodafone Subsidiaries Connect Abroad Tariff Applies
Vodafone Sweden Vodafone Tango Sign Strategic Partnership Luxembourg
Vodafone Teams Myspace Create Web Music Platform Vodafone Telecom Egypt Announce New Strategic Partnership
Vodafone Today Announces Recommended Cash Offer Sek Per Vodafone Toshiba Announce Strategic Handset Partnership
Vodafone Trade Group Other Products Names Mentioned Herein Vodafone Trials Hspa Mobile Broadband Speeds 16mbps
Vodafone Trials New Product Aims Boost Mobile Coverage Vodafone Turkey Announces Acquisition Borusan Telekom
Vodafone Universal Music Group International Sign Strategic Partnership Vodafone Welcomes Fyr Macedonia Global Community
Vodafone Welcomes Latvia Global Community Vodafone Welcomes Serbia Global Community Partner Market
Vodafone Wins Gsm Association Best Roaming Product Service Vodafone Wireless Office
Vodafone-only Branded Handsets Media Briefing Vodafones Commitment Reducing Roaming Costs
Vodafones Energy Consumption 2006 Vodafones European Wholesale Traffic Priced 128045 Per Minute
Vodafones Roaming Services Voice Minutes Usage Growth Groups Principal Mobile Markets
Voice Revenue Voice Roaming
Voice Services Votes Joint Holders
Votes Shareholders Voting Directors Meetings
Voting Procedures Voting Rights
Voting Rights Attached Shares Voting Rights Capital
Waiver Dividends Warner Music Group
Warner Music International Warren Finegold
Waste Water Wars
Wayfinder Western Union
Wholesale Data Rates Wholesale Pricing
Wider-range Investments Wind
Winding Winning Developer Each Phases Vodafone Appstar Competition Pocket
Wireless Local Area Networks W-lan World Food Programme Wfp
Worlds Fully Convergent Music Service Wwwhtccom
Wwwvodafonecom Wwwvodafonecom Agm
Wwwvodafonecom Investor Wwwvodafonecom Responsibility Businessprinciples
Yahoo Youtube
Zte Zyb
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