Abbreviated Name Accelerating Innovation New Category Entry Acquisitions
Acceptance Goods Acceptance Goods Damaged Transportation
Accompanying Notes Integral Part Consolidated Financial Statements Accompanying Notes Integral Part Statements
Accordance 3241 Tax Code Russian Federation Shall Form Account
Accountability Internal Audit Service Cooperation Issuers Executive Bodies Accounting Certain Financial Instruments Characteristics Liabilities Equity
Accounting Certain Hybrid Financial Instruments Accounting Exchanges Nonmonetary Assets
Accounting Fixed Assets Repair Costs Accounting Income Taxes
Accounting Income Taxes Tax Uncertainties Accounting Nonmonetary Transactions
Accounting Principles Accounting Pronouncements Issued Not Yet Adopted
Accounting Reporting Accounting Servicing Financial Assets
Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Accounts Receivable Allowance Doubtful
Accrued Liabilities Achieve Goals Wbd Group Concentrate Following Areas Activity
Acquisition Minority Interests Acquisition Procurement Accounting Write-off Inventories
Acquisitions Subsidiaries Actions Bond Owners Procedure Information Disclosure Event Default
Actions Parties Additional Information Regarding Material Weaknesses
Additional Payment Obligations Address Bank
Address Principal Executive Offices Adequacy Issuers Equity Working Capital
Adequate Insurance Administration
Administrative Expenses Administrative Technical Issues
Adonis Ads Holders Not Able Benefit United States-russia Income
Adversely Affected Current Economic Environment Advertising Costs
Advertising Marketing Advertising Marketing Costs
Advertising Service Price Leading Adviser Executive Director
After End Term Submission Orders Auction Participants Shall Agenda Allocation Profit Including Payout Declaration Dividends Loss
Agenda Annual General Shareholders Meeting Agenda Approval Annual Financial Statements Including Income Statement
Agenda Approval Changes Amendments Wbd Foods Charter Agenda Approval Regulation General Meeting Shareholders Standing Rules
Agenda Approval Wbd Foods Ojsc Annual Report Agenda Approval Wbd Foods Ojsc Auditor 2009
Agenda Concerning Approval Interested Party Transactions Agenda Concerning Changes Management Board Wbd Foods
Agenda Concerning Payment Announcement Dividends Y2006 Agenda Concerning Remuneration Payment Wbd Foods Ojsc Board
Agenda Distribution Profit Including Payment Declaration Dividends Losses Agenda Election Members Counting Committee
Agenda Election Members Wbd Foods Ojsc Counting Agenda General Meeting Shareholders
Agenda Ratification Wbd Foods Ojsc Annual Report Agent
Aggravation Condition Infrastructure Objects Russia Impairs National Economy Agreements Lianozovsky Dairy Plant Ojsc Property Facility Lease
Agro-industrial Holding Agro-industrial Holding Razvitie Regionov
Agro-industrial Holding Region Development Ale Juice Products
Alexander Orlov Alexander Sergeevich Orlov
Alfastrahovanie Allegations Certain Shareholders Directors Adversely Affect Reputation
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Amended Restated Partnership Cooperation Agreement
Amendment Amendments Additions Accounting Policy
Amount Bonds Stated Such Address Order Shall Not Amount Issuers Charter Capital Rub 880000000
Amount Issuers Charter Capital Rur 880000000 Amount Unfulfilled Obligations
Amount Value Fixed Assets Decreased Result Revaluation Shall Amount Value Fixed Assets Decreased Shall Decrease Additional
Analysis Wbd Groups Competitive Factors Analyst Wbd Foods Ojsc Internal Audit Service
Andreev Yury Maksovich Andreevjury Maksovich
Anisimov Dmitriy Alexandrovich Anisimov Dmitry Aleksandrovich
Annex 8470 Valid 2009 Till Annual Financial State Ments Issuer
Anti-takeover Protection Appendix
Applicable Food Health Legislation Application Shall Received Business Within Period Submission Delivered
Appointed 2005 Issuers General Shareholders Meeting Appointed Issuers General Shareholders Meeting 2004
Approval Federal Antimonopoly Service Arbitration
Arbitration Court Jurisdiction Defined Code Civil Procedure Russian Arhipova Irina Aleksandrovna
Arrangers Assets Served Collateral Certain Short- Long-term
Assigned Issue Ordinary Registered Uncertified Shares Was Cancelled Attracting World-class Management Talent
Audit Audit Committee
Audit Committee Assists Issuers Board Directors Exercise Supervisory Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures Audit Fees
Audit Financial Reporting Russian Law Audit Report Ojsc Wimm-bill-dann Foods
Audit-related Fees Auditor Independence Rules
Auditor-analyst Wbd Foods Ojsc Internal Audit Service Authorities Collective Executive Body Members Not Been Extended
Auto-40 Baby Food
Baby Food Industry Baby Food Products
Baby Food Products Brands Baby Food Segment
Babyfood Industry Babyfood Products Brands
Babyfood Segment Bakunova Victoria Vladimirovna
Ballot Paper Signed Shareholder His Representative Bank Loans
Bank New York Office Paying Agent Transfer Registrar Banking
Banking Services Baranov Alexander Igorevich
Basic Functions Internal Audit Service Basic Information Issuers Financial Economic Status
Basis Articles 286 287 Tax Code Russian Federation Because Depositary Considered Beneficial Holder Shares Underlying Adss
Because Little Minority Shareholder Protection Russia Ability Bring Beer Malt
Bespalova Viktoria Evgenyevna Beverage Segment
Beverages Beverages Segment
Board Directors Board Directors Administration
Bogutskaya Evgenya Bolotov Aleksandr Gennadyevich
Bolotovsky Roman Viktorovich Bond Owners Entitled Present Bonds Early Redemption Occurrence
Bond Owners Unable Receive Fulfillment Claims Bonds Maid Bond Redemption Date Falls Non-business Regardless Whether Public
Bondarev Sergey Ivanovich Bondholder Entitled Receive Interest Determined Accordance Procedures Fixed
Bonds Certificated Interest Bearing Non-convertible Bearer Ojsc Wimm-bill-dann Bonds Other Issued Securities
Bonds Retirement Date 1820 Twentieth Placement Start End Bonds Shall Redeemed Nominal Value
Bonds Shall Redeemed Paying Agent Expense Behalf Issuer Bonds Sold Auction Shall Transferred Issuing Depo Account
Borisova Olga Sergeevna Born
Born 1943 Born 1947
Born 1950 Born 1952
Born 1953 Born 1955
Born 1956 Born 1957
Born 1959 Born 1960
Born 1961 Born 1965
Born 1967 Born 1968
Born 1969 Born 1971
Born 1972 Born 1973
Born 1974 Born 1975
Born 1976 Born 1977
Born 1978 Born Data
Borrower Borrowing Ability Wbd Group Limited Existing Loan Agreements
Brand Building Innovation Branis Alexander Markovich
Brewery Volga Volga-invest Moskvoretzky Brief Data Persons Members Issuers Executive Bodies Information
Brief Description Program Type Authorizes Issue Foreign Issuers Bubley Nikolai Andreevich
Bulk Purchase Raw Milk Buryan Aleksandr Ivanovich
Buryn Milk Powder Factory Business Combinations
Business Contingencies Business Goals
Business Goals Strategy Business Overview
Business Strategies Business Strategy
Businesses Acquired Butter
Byrdin Maxim Olegovich Campina
Cannot Assure Successful Integration Existing Newly Acquired Businesses Cannot Guarantee Successful Integration Existing Newly Acquired Businesses
Capital Expenditures Capital Gain Sale Adss Subject Russian Income Tax
Capital Gains Sale Adss Subject Russian Income Tax Capital Import Export Restrictions
Capital Leases Lease Accounting Capital Leases-lessor Accounting
Capital Requirements Capital Reserve Fund
Capital Resources Case Goods Resale Shall Assessed Average Cost 268
Cash Equivalents Cash Flows
Cash Funds Cash Holdings Exposed Devaluation
Catering Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Centralised Certain Relaxation Monetary Politics Reflect
Certain Russian Tax Consequences Certain United States Federal Income Tax Consequences
Certificates Certification
Certification Pursuant Certification Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Chairman Chairman Board Directors
Chairman Management Board Changes Amendments Charter Wimm-bill-dann Foods Open Joint Stock
Changes Exchange Rates Increase Costs Make Expensive Repay Changes Existing Judicial Practice Regarding Wbd Activities
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Opening Balance 2004
Changes Parties Characteristics Changes Russian Tax System Materially Adversely Affect
Charter Capital Charter Capital Decrease Share Buy-backs
Charter Capital Increase Charter Certain Requirements Russian Legislation
Charter Wimm-bill-dann Foods Open Joint Stock Chatura Furniture
Chernoshtanova Larisa Yuryevna Chief Financial Officer Member Management Board
Childrens Dairy Products Factory Chinese Peoples Republic Beijing
Chocolate-coated Cheese Curds Cis Limited
Cjsc Bdo Unikon Ruf Cjsc Ernst Young Vneshaudit
Cjsc Sv-audit Cjsc Tetra Pak
Claim Decision Cliff-nedvighimosty
Closed Joint Stock Closed Joint Stock Bdo Uniconruf Unicon Konsultatsionnaya Gruppa
Closed Joint Stock Buryn Milk Powder Plant Closed Joint Stock Gulkevichi Creamery
Closed Joint Stock Wimm-bill-dann Trading Closed Joint-stock Production Analytical Group Rodnik
Closed Russian Market Import Code Ethics
Collateral Collective Executive Body Isnt Formed
Collective Executive Body Not Formed Collective Executive Body Not Provided
Commencement Date Placement Commencement Date Placement Bonds Auction Shall Carried Arranger
Commercial Expenses Commitment Rights Obligations Transferred
Commitments Contingencies Committee Representatives
Committees Opinion Common
Comparative Figures Compensation Directors Senior Management
Competence Issuers Board Directors Pursuant Charter Constitutive Documents Competence Issuers General Meeting Shareholders Participants Pursuant Charter
Competence Issuers Individual Collective Executive Bodies Accordance Charter Competition
Competition Pricing Competitive Position Future Prospects Depend Senior Managers Other
Comply Requirements Comply Requirements 404 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Divert Significant
Comply Requirements 404 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Incurred Continue Composing Claim Act
Composite Register Shall Contain Significant Terms Each Order Comprehensive Income
Concentration Credit Risk Concerning Convocation Wbd Foods Ojsc Extraordinary General Meeting
Concerning Establishment Wbd Foods Ojsc Affiliates Concerning Payment Announcement Dividends Y2006
Conclusion Transactions Placement Bonds Including Submission Fulfillment Bond Condensed Milk
Conditions Guaranteeing Fulfillment Obligations Bonds Issue Conditions Precedent
Conditions Subsequent Conduct Revaluation Groups Homogenous Fixed Assets Accordance Existing
Confidentiality Conflict Between Central Regional Authorities Other Conflicts Create
Consolidated Financial Statements Issue Latest Finished Consolidation Variable Interest Entities
Consultant Consulting Services
Consumer Preference Low-price Juice Products Volatility Certain Raw Consumer Preferences Low-price Juice Products Volatility Certain Raw
Consumption Contact Data
Contents Contractual Obligations
Controlled Group Shareholders Whose Interests Conflict Those Holders Controlling Costs
Cooperation Between Internal Audit Service Issuers External Auditor Corporate Financial Manager Regional
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Committee
Corporate Operational Highlights 2007 Corporate Operational Highlights 2008
Corporate Operational Highlights 2009 Corporate Restructuring
Corresponding Bank Account Opened Cost Inventories Respect Supply Contracts Stipulate Title Thereto
Cost Optimization Cost Price Services Rendered Thou Rubles
Cost Sales Costs
Costs Utilisation Country Regional Risks
Coupon Yield Payable Monetary Form Covenants Debt Agreements Restrict Ability Borrow Invest Engage
Covenants Debt Agreements Restrict Ability Borrow Invest Impair Covenants Other Matters
Cream Creating Incentives Employees
Creating Own Raw Milk Base Creating Right Environment
Credit Rating Discussion Credits Loans Composition Procedure Recognition Credit Loan Losses
Crime Corruption Disrupt Ability Conduct Business Crime Corruption Negative Publicity Disrupt Ability Conduct Business
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Curds
Curds Desserts Current Shareholders
Custom Duties Payable Case Fixed Assets Purchase Shall Customer Base Pricing
Dairy Dairy Industry
Dairy Ojsc Oao Molochny Kombinat Dairy Segment
Dann Foods Ojsc Data
Data Amount Iss Ues Participants Shareholders Data Amount Issuers Shareholders
Data Available Data Each Category Type Issuers Shares
Data Issuers Accounting Policy Data Issuers Bonds
Data Issuers Bonds Series Data Issuers Contact Tel Numbers Email 095 105-58-05
Data Issuers Credit Ratings Data Issuers Establishment Development
Data Issuers Shares Data Issuers State Registration Record
Data Material Transactions Performed Issuer Data Participation State Municipal Formation Issuers Charter Capital
Data Preferred Shares Data Restrictions Participation Issuers Charter Capital
Date Acknowledgment Proceeds Expenses Date Commencement Bonds Redemption
David Iakobachvili Davidovsky Oleg Leonidovich
Dbmoscowdbcom Deadline Receipt Ballot Papers
Debt Debt Cash Flows
Debt Issuance Costs Debt Issuance Expenses
Default Failure Issuer Fulfil Obligations Bonds Event Deferred Charges Reserve
Deferred Tax Assets Liabilities Delay Fulfillment Obligation Pay Out Coupon Income Bonds
Delayed Performance Relevant Obligations Within Terms Indicated Clause Dependent Companies
Depositary Clearing Cjsc Nominee Holder Depository Centralised Care Issuers Securities
Depreciation Depreciation Periods Property Plant Equipment
Deputy Chairman Management Board Strategy Development Deputy Director Internal Audit Service
Deputy Director Internal Control Department Deputy Head Internal Audit Service
Description Securities Other Equity Detailed Information Persons Issuers Management Business Activities Monitoring
Details Audited Entity Details Auditing Firm
Details Bank Account Person Authorised Receive Bond Redemption Deutsche Bank Trust Americas
Devaluation Ruble Against Dollar Increase Costs Reduce Operating Devaluation Ruble Against Dollar Increase Costs Reduce Revenues
Devaluation Ruble Other Currencies Trade Against Dollar Euro Devaluation Ruble Other Currencies Trade Against Dollar Increase
Developing Corporate Securities Laws Regulations Russia Limit Ability Developing Human Potential
Development Programs Lowering Expenses Related Production Active Investment Difficulty Obtaining Adequate Managerial Operational Resources Restrict Ability
Direct Costs Related Balance Goods Stock Shall Determined Direct Indirect Costs 318 Tax Code
Direct Sales Director
Director Department Securities Registration Records Shareholder Rights Director Human Resourses Division Member Management Board
Director Internal Audit Service Director Internal Control Department
Director Strategic Development Service Disclosure Committee
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disclosure Information
Disclosure Ownership Disclosures Segments Enterprise Related Information
Discretion Issuer Discretion Issuer Shall Not Used
Discussion Remediation Activities Dispute Resolution
Distribution Distributions Shareholders Liquidation
Dividend Distribution Policy Dividends
Dmitry Anisimov Dmitry Ivanov
Dobrovolskiy Dmitriy Vladimirovich Documents Display
Dollar Notes Donskoi Dairy Trading House-wimm-bill-dann Llc
Draft Decisions Extraordinary General Meeting Wbd Foods Ojsc Draft Resolution Extraordinary General Meeting Shareholders
Draft Resolutions General Meeting Shareholders Wbd Foods Driving Lowest Appropriate Cost Protecting Quality
Driving Margin Improvements Through Optimal Brand Pack Price Driving Margins Profitability
Dubinin Mikhail Vladimirovich Dzao Karasuk Milk
Early Redemption Discretion Issuer Shall Performed Respect Whole Early Redemption Procedure Conditions
Early Redemption Shall Allowed Only After Issue Results Early Redemption Shall Fulfilled Par Plus Accrued Coupon
Earnest Linwood Tipton Earnings Per Share
Echo Moscow Economic Downturns Hurt Turnover Materially Adversely Affect Strategy
Economic Instability Countries Operate Adversely Affect Business Economic Instability Russia Adversely Affect Consumer Demand Particularly
Economic Risks Education
Education High Education Higher
Education Higher Unfinished Educational Activities
Ehrmann Eighth Agenda Approval Interested Party Transactions
Eighth Agenda Participation Wbd Foods Non-commercial Organization Russian Elena Gorshechnikova
Elena Kuznetsova Elena Smirnova
Elimination Tax Privilege Currently Benefit Successful Challenge Authorities Eliseeva Vera Vladimirovna
Ember Management Board Emerging Markets Such Russian Federation Other Cis Countries
Emerging Markets Such Russian Federation Subject Greater Risks Employees
Employers Accounting Defined Benefit Pension Other Postretirement Plans Enclosures
End Date Coupon Period Engaged Continue Engage Transactions Related Parties Present Conflicts
Entered Fixed Interest Rate Short-term Unsecured Loan Entity Providing Security Purposes Bond Issue
Environmental Product Liability Erizhenko Oleg Viktorovich
Ernest Linwood Tipton Ernst Young
Ernst Young Cis Limited Ernst Young Llc
Ernst Young Ooo Ernst Young Vneshaudit Zao
Ernst Young Vneshaudit» Zao Estimates Assumptions
Evaluation Assets Liabilities Business Operations Evdokimov Victor Egorovich
Event Default Technical Issuer Shall Publish Following Information Event Equipment Rental Arrangements Deemed Subject Licensing Requirements
Event Minority Shareholders Contest Successfully Existing Prevent Future Event Minority Shareholders Subsidiaries Successfully Challenge Past Interested
Event Moscow City Government Reduce Significantly Prices Amount Event Moscow City Government Was Reduce Significantly Prices
Event Successful Challenge Include Invalidation Such Transactions Imposition Event Technical Default Bond Owners Shall Right Court
Events Default Events Occurred After 2004
Evgeny Grigorievich Yasin Evgeny Yasin
Evgenya Bogutskaya Evidence Payment Tax
Exchange Controls Exchange Rate Gains Losses Foreign Currency Translation
Exchange Rates Inflation Exchanges Nonmonetary Assets
Execution Version Expand Geographic Reach Production Capacity
Expenses Arisen While Performing Receipt Entry Deposit Accounts Expenses Related Production Distribution Products
Experimental Baby Food Plant Explanatory Wimm-bill-dann Foods Ojsc Y2004 Financial Statements
Export Program Export Sales
Extractive Industry Face Similar Risks Other Countries Former Soviet Union
Face Value Bonds Accrued Coupon Income Aci Calculated Facility Nizhny Novgorod Bottles Mineral Water Wbd Group
Facto Factors Having Affected Amount Proceeds Sale Goods Products
Factura-invoice Settlement Failure Past Obtain Permission Central Bank Russian Federation
Failure Receive Trademark Protection Several Brand Names Images Failure Several Brand Names Images Trademarks Currently Being
Failures Alleged Suppliers Comply Tax Obligations Negatively Affect Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Value Measurements Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities
Fax 095 7975017 Fax 095 956-27-92
Federal Agency Technical Regulation Metrology Federal Antimonopoly Service Conclude Acquired Created New Contravention
Federal Law Quality Safety Food Products Federal Law Sanitary Epidemiological Well Being People
Federal Law Technical Regulation Federal Securities Market Russia
Federal Securities Russia Federal Service Financial Markets
Federal Service Supervision Area Protection Consumer Rights Human Federal Service Veterinary Fito-sanitary Supervision
Fifth Agenda Approval Auditor 2005 Fifth Agenda Approval Wbd Foods Ojsc Auditor 2006
Fifth Agenda Approval Wbd Foods Ojsc Auditor Y2007 Fifth Agenda Election Members Wbd Foods Ojsc Board
Filatov Vladislav Stanislavovich Filkin Roman Alexeevich
Finance Parties Financial Business Analyst Internal Audit Service
Financial Income Expenses Financial Income Expenses Net
Financial Information Financial Investments
Financial Risks Financial Statement Closing Process Including Transformation Statutory Statements
Financial Statements Findings
Fixed Assets Fixed Assets Shall Posted Accounting Records Acquisition Cost
Fluctuations Global Economy Adversely Affect Russias Limiting Access Fluctuations Global Economy Materially Adversely Affect Economies Countries
Fluctuations Global Economy Materially Adversely Affect Russian Value Focused Marketing
Following Subsidiaries Wimm-bill-dann Foods Ojsc Merged Moscow-based Food Raw Materials
Force Majeure Forecast Future Developments Dairy Market
Forecast Future Developments Juice Juice-containing Products Market Foreign Currency Risk
Foreign Dairy Producers Large Advertisement Budget Advanced Manufacturing Foreign Entity Limited Liability Vimm-bill-dann Toshkent
Foreign Judgments Not Enforceable Against Form 20-f
Form Compliance Certificate Form Guarantee
Form Transfer Certificate Fulfillment Formal Requirements Federal Law Joint Stock Companies
Functions Paying Agent Fund Title Reserve Size Set Association Documents
Funds Net Assets Profits Dividends Further Restrictions Business Categorized Monopoly Extension Status
Further Restrictions Business Categorized Monopoly Extension Status Other Future Sales Common Stock Adss Affect Market Price
Gaap Financial Statement Close Process Gabdulkhakov Artur Lyabilovich
Gagev Aleksandr Ivanovich Gary Sobel
Gavril Abramovich Yushvaev Gavril Yushvaev
General General Administrative Expenses
General Conditions General Director
General Matters General Provisions
General Shareholders Meeting Standing Rules Gennady Krainov
Genuine Professionals Business Global Economic Conditions
Goals Subject-matter Types Activity Gofman Aleksandr Pavlovich
Golikov Konstantin Sergeevich Golikov Konstantin Sergeevich Chairman
Goodwill Gorelisheva Ludmila Igorevna
Governing Bodies Governing Law Enforcement
Governing Law Jurisdiction Government Entities Involved
Government Grants Government Regulation State Registration New Food Products Materials
Government Regulations Limit Ability Investors Deposit Shares Ads Governmental Regulation Monitoring Quality Safety Food Products Health
Grant Winterton Great Part Railroads Roads Terrible Conditions Well Objects
Grigory Sergeevich Sergeev Gross Profit
Grounds Early Redemption Bonds Group Head Marketing Innovation
Groupe Danone Growth Business Competition Industry
Growth Strategy Relies Acquisitions Establishing New Businesses Future Guarantees
Guarantor Discloses Information His Financial Operating Activities Form Gulkevichi Creamery Cjsc
Guy Selliers Half 200
Half 2005 Head Internal Audit Service
Head Investor Relations Department Head Investor Relations Department Member Management Board
Head Public Investor Relations Department Head Public Investor Relations Department Ember Management Board
Head Public Investor Relations Department Member Management Board Head Public Relations Department
Head Wbd Foods Ojsc Internal Audit Service High
Higher Higher Efficiency Production Wbd Group Intends Improve Quality
Higher Unfinished Highlights 2008
Highlights 2009 Highlights Full 2008
Highlights Half 2008 Highlights Half 2009
Historically Consumption Noncarbonated Mineral Water Not Been Widespread History Development
History Issuers Foundation Activities Holder Rights Shares Category Type
Holds Position Issuing Joint Stock However Nobody Ensure Last Trends Observed Russian Economy
Ibragimov Marat Galievich Igor Kostikov
Igor Vladimirovich Kostikov Imarteks Holdings Limited
Impairment Goodwill Long-lived Assets Impairment Long-lived Assets
Implementation Resolutions Approved Basis Review Accounting Statements 2003 Improve Operating Efficiencies Reduce Costs
Improved Route-to-market Improving Working Capital
Inability Address Seasonal Difference Between Demand Dairy Products Inability Develop Maintain Awareness New Brands Products Product
Inability Develop New Brands Products Product Categories Significantly Inability Effect Certain Mergers Within Group Companies Prevent
Inability Register Property Timely Manner Lead Fines Temporarily Including Amendment Fasb Statement 115
Including Services Rendered 2004 Income Expense Accounting
Income Expense Recognition Income Issuers Bonds
Income Tax Increased Competition Among Juice Producers Russia Adversely Affect
Increased Competition Among Juice Producers Russia Caused Sales Increased Competition Among Juice Producers Russia Materially Adversely
Increased Competition Consumer Preference Low-price Juice Products Primarily Increased Domestic Production Foreign Competitors Reduce Competitive Advantages
Increased Market Share Increasing Direct Distribution Retail Chains
Increasing Share Innovative Value-added Products Increasing Tariffs Restructuring Transport Sector Material Adverse Effect
Increasing Tariffs Restructuring Transport Sector Materially Adverse Effect Independent Directors
Independent Distributors Independent Distributors Export Products Countries Such Not Meet
Indicate Check Whether Registrant Furnishing Information Contained Form Indicators Issuers Financial Economic Activities 2005 Till
Indicators Issuers Financial Economic Activities 2006 Till Individual Executive Body Members Collective
Individuals Individuals Residents Non-residents Time Income Payment Tax Amounts
Inflation Increase Costs Decrease Operating Margins Information Accounts Receivable
Information Amount Structure Authorized Stock Share Fund Issuer Information Announced Accrued Paid Dividends Issuers Shares Well
Information Auditors License Information Bodies Monitoring Issuers Business Activities Structure Powers
Information Changes Information Changes Composition Participation Shares Issuers Shareholders Possess
Information Contained Present Quarterly Report Subject Disclosure Conformity Information Cost Issuers Immovable Property Material Changes After
Information Creation Intellectual Property Within 2004 Information Creation Intellectual Property Within 2005
Information Extension Validity Title Protection Intellectual Property 2005 Information Extension Validity Title Protection Intellectual Property 2006
Information Internal Audit Service Working Period Key Personnel Information Issue Licenses Intellectual Property 2005
Information Issue Licenses Intellectual Property 2006 Information Issuers Consultants
Information Issuers Policies Expenses Including Licenses Patents New Information Issuers Staff Employees Educational Background Structure Changes
Information Issues Securities Issuer Default Information Legislative Acts Regulating Capital Import Export Issues
Information License Information Obligations Issuer Before Staff Employees Related Possible
Information Obtaining Federal Commissions Permission Circulation Issuers Shares Information Other Persons Having Signed Quarterly Report
Information Person Having Provided Security Bonds Issue Information Persons Issuers Management Bodies
Information Remunerations Benefits Reimbursements Body Monitoring Issuers Business Information Remunerations Benefits Reimbursements Per Each Management Body
Information Reporting Backup Withholding Information Terms Security Fulfilment Obligations Bonds
Information Transac Tions Issuer Effected Had Interest Information Transactions Issuer Effected Had Interest
Infrastructure Russia Inadequate Disrupt Normal Business Activity Ing Bank London Branch
Insert Applicable Certification Language Insufficient Accounting Resources Expertise Respect Preparation Consolidated Financial
Insurance Insurance Services
Intangible Assets Intangible Assets Issuer
Intangible Property Intangible Property Trademarks
Interested Party Transactions Interests Debt Liabilities
Intermediate Services Internal Audit Service Shall Prepare Send Enterprises Divisions
Internal Audit Service Shall Receive Divisions Enterprises Internal Auditor Wbd Foods Ojsc Audit Service
International Traffic Inventory
Inventory Costs Inventory Taking
Inventory Valuation Investing Marketing Build Brand Equity
Investing Sales Team Route-to-market Rtm Control Investment Strategic Planning Committee
Investments Investments Non-current Assets
Irina Alexandrovna Vershinina Issuer Shall Purchase Bonds Through Arranger Trade Securities
Issuer Shall Right Determine Ordinal Number Coupon Several Issuers Branch Sectorial Affiliation
Issuers Branches Representative Offices Issuers Corporate Governance Code Document Aimed Regulation Conduct
Issuers Credit History Issuers Dependent Companies
Issuers Individual Collective Administrative Managerial Staff Issuers Major Suppliers Within 2005
Issuers Major Suppliers Within 2006 Issuers Major Suppliers Within Half 2005
Issuers Market Capitalization Issuers Participation Industrial Banking Financial Groups Holdings Concerns
Issuers Primary Activity Issuers Share Total Amount Ordinary Shares Entity
Issuers Share Total Amount Ordinary Shares Entity 100 Issuers Share Total Amount Ordinary Shares Entity 251
Issuers Share Total Amount Ordinary Shares Entity 4459 Issuers Share Total Amount Ordinary Shares Entity 451
Issuers Share Total Amount Ordinary Shares Entity 477 Issuers Share Total Amount Ordinary Shares Entity 5224
Issuers Share Total Amount Ordinary Shares Entity 7047 Issuers Share Total Amount Ordinary Shares Entity 8319
Issuers Share Total Amount Ordinary Shares Entity 9744 Issuers Share Total Amount Ordinary Shares Entity 9802
Issuers Share Total Amount Ordinary Shares Entity 9884 Issuers Subsidiaries Dependent Companies
Istrinskiye Ruchyi Ivashkovsky Sergei Stanislavovich
Jacques Jacques Vincent
Jamshid Yadegardjam Jsc Tetra Pak
Judiciarys Lack Independence Judiciarys Lack Independence Overall Inexperience Occasional Abuse Discretion
Judiciarys Lack Independence Relative Inexperience Occasional Abuse Discretion Juice Dairy Products
Juice Industry Juice Mineral Water Industries
Juice Segment Julia Chudina
Kagan Marina Gennadyevna Karasuk Milk
Karasukskoye Milk Cjsc Karpov Vladidmir Ivanovich
Kefir Key Cost Elements
Khasiev Albert Maratovich Kholov Mkh
Kiba Victor Ivanovich Kizyko Petr Aleksandrovich
Kolesnikov Ilya Mikhailovich Kolesnikovimwbdru
Kompaniets Leonid Andreevich Kostikov Igor Vladimirovich
Kosulnikova Regina Alekseevna Kotsegubov Aleksey Vladimirovich
Kovalychuk Nikolay Aleksandrovich Chairman Management Board Kozlikin Hikolai Parfentyevich
Krainov Krasnodar Dairy Trade House-wimm-bill-dann Llc
Krasnodar Region Gulkevichi Korotkova 155 Kraynov Gennady Konstantinovich
Krupin Petr Borisovich Kutuzova Galina Arkadyevna
Kuzmin Oleg Egorovich Kyrgyz Republic Bishkek Prospekt Chuy 121040
Kyrgyz Republic Bishkek Prospekt Chuy 12a Labeling
Labor Costs Personnel Directly Involved Goods Production Performance Lack Central Rigorously Regulated Share Registration System Russia
Lack Developed Corporate Securities Laws Regulations Russia Limit Lack Developed Share Registration System Russia Result Improper
Lack Independence Inexperience Judiciary Difficulty Enforcing Court Decisions Lane Olga Vladimirovna
Laryushkina Ekaterina Evgenyevna Later Business Prior Date Redemption Ndc Shall Provide
Later Business Prior Established Date Redemption Issuer Shall Launch New Products
Lead Auditor Wbd Foods Ojsc Internal Audit Service Lebedyansky
Legal Addresses Parties Legal Consultant
Legal Entities Organizations Lender
Liability Members Board Directors Chairman Management Temporary One-person Liability Shareholders
Lianozovo Dairy Ojsc Lianozovo Dairy Plant Bonds Issuance Guarantee
Lianozovo Dairy Plant Ruble Notes Lianozovo-samara Llc
Licenses Audit Other Types Activities Licenses Issued Earlier
Limitations Conversion Rubles Foreign Currencies Russia Increase Costs Limitations Conversion Rubles Hard Currency Russia Increase Costs
Limited Liability Annino Milk Limited Liability Ural Dairy Traiding House-wimm-bill-dann
Limited Liability Valday Sanctuaries Limited Liability Wimm-bill-dann Mineral Water
Limonova Olga Mikhailovna Liquid Desserts
Liquidation Reorganization Liquidity Issuer
List Persons Right Participate General Shareholders Meeting Listing Procedure Been Admitted Micex Stock Exchange Register
Litigation Little Minority Shareholder Protection Russia
Llc Wimm-bill-dann Mineral Water Lmk Pjsc
Lmk Ruble Notes Loan Agreement Relating Participation Notes Guarantee
Loan Agreement Relating Participation Notes Guarantees Location
Location 109028 Moscow Yauzsky Boulevard Office 306 Postal Location 450038 Ufa Internationalnaya Street D129-a
Location Address Acceptor Location Arranger Trade
Long Term Investments Debt Securities Long-term Investments
Long-term Programs Production Low Quantity Surcharges Blank Packaging Material Tetra Rex
Lowering Lut Ludmila Pavlovna Chairman 1952
Main Lines Activity Cjsc Sv-audit Main Outline Dividend Policy
Main Types Products Works Services Maintaining Leading Market Position Through Key Core Brands
Major Shareholders Major Transactions
Malyutin Akeksandr Evgenyevich Malyutin Aleksandr Evgenyevich
Management Board Management Bodies
Management Changes Management Estimates
Management Information System Inadequate Support Future Growth Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Manager Mandatory Cost Formula
Marcus Rhodes Marina Kagan
Marina Naumova Market Price Adss Been Continue Volatile
Market Price Information Market Trends Competition
Markets Markets Products Works Services Issuer
Martynenko Igor Nikolaevich Material Contracts
Matter Agenda Concerning Calling Extraordinary General Meeting Shareholders Matter Agenda Concerning Changes Management Board Composition
Maturity Long-term Loans Maximizing Efficient Personnel
Mazalov Ivan Nikolaevich Member Board Directors Chairman Management
Member International Supervisory Board Member Management Board
Member Management Council Member Supervisory Board
Members Collective Executive Body Members Collective Executive Body Entity Specification Birth
Mergers Subsidiaries Cause Indebtedness Accelerated Inability Effect Certain Metallurgy
Micex Stock Exchange Zao Micex Zao
Michael Oneil Michael Oneill
Mikhail Dubinin Mikhail Vladimirovich Dubinin
Milk Milk Rivers Program
Milk Suppliers Minimizing Dairy Distribution Costs Through Local Production
Minimum Production Order Size Blank Material Equals 000 Minimum Production Order Size Roll Materials
Minimum Production Order Size Roll Materials-1 Minimum Production Order Size Roll Packaging Material
Mining Minister
Ministry Finance Ministry Health Protection Social Development
Minority Interest Mironov Denis Sergeyevich
Mirzoev David Revazovich Modernizing Existing Production Facilities
Moment Determination Commencement Date Placement Bonds Issuer Make Moodys International Scale Rating
Moodys Investors Service Moscow Brewery Ojsc
Moscow Bryusov Per Str 2nd Floor Room Moscow Bryusov Per Str 2nd Floor Room 131072
Moscow Bryusov Per Str 2nd Floor Room 13a Moscow Dmitrovskoe Shosse 108-a
Moscow Dmitrovskoe Shosse D108 Moscow Russia 2005 Wimm-bill-dann Foods Ojsc
Moscow Russia 2005 Wimm-bill-dann Foods Ojsc Nyse Wbd Moscow Russia 2006
Moscow Russia 2006 Wimm-bill-dann Foods Ojsc Nyse Wbd Moscow Russia 2007
Moscow Russia 2008 Wimm-bill-dann Foods Ojsc Nyse Wbd Moscow Russia 2009 Wimm-bill-dann Foods Ojsc Nyse Wbd
Moscow Schepkina Moscow Yauzskiy Boulvard
Moscow Yauzsky Boulevard Most Recently Served Region Managing Director Executive Committee
Muhinmmwbdru Mukhin Mikhail Mikhailovich
Multon Murtazin Salavat Rizovich
Nadegnyi Fundament Name Foreign Trade Arranger Through Issuers Securities Certifying
Name Location Foreign Issuer Whose Securities Confirm Rights Name Location Period Activity
Name Registrar Inderdistrict Inspectorate Ministry Taxes Levies Moscow Natalia Borisovna Volkova
Natalia Kolesnikova Natalia Romanova
Natalia Turkulets Nazarenko
Nazarovskoe Milk Nechaeva Olga Igorevna
Nerovnyi Nikolai Nikolaevich Net Income
Net Investment Direct Financing Leases Nevskij Dairy Trade House Ltd
New Accounting Pronouncements New Accounting Standards
New Product Development New Product Launch
New Recently Adopted Accounting Pronouncements New Regulations Impacting Food Producers Russia Cause Incur
Newspaper Moskovskaya Pravda Nidan
Nidan-ecofruct Nizhny Novgorod
Nizhny Novgorod Larina Nominal Value Bonds
Non-commercial Partnership Natsionalnyj Depozitarnyj Tsentr National Depository Centre Non-operating Income Expenses
Nonconvertible Bearer Bonds Not Ability Raise Funds Necessary Finance Prepayment Certain
Not Able Adequately Protect Intellectual Property Rights Not Able Benefit United States-russia Double Tax Treaty
Not Able Protect Intellectual Property Rights Adequately Resulting Not Avaliable
Not Carry Types Insurance Coverage Customary Economically Developed Not Carry Types Insurance Coverage Customary Other Countries
Not Continue Efficient Producer Highly Competitive Environment Particularly Not Established
Not Independently Verified Information Regarding Competitors Nor Official Not Independently Verified Information Sourced Parties
Not Provided Notes Editors
Notice Participation Notification Foreign Ownership
Notification Shareholders General Meeting Notkin Boris Isaevich
Novgorodova Marina Alexandrovna Novgorodskaya Oblasty Okulovka Centalnaya
Novgorodskaya Oblasty Okulovka Centralnaya Dom Novoseltsev Nikolai Fedorovich
Novoseltsev Nikolay Fedorovich Now Deed Witnesseth Follows Interpretation
Nyse Wbd Today Announced Acquisition 100 Share Capital O10401054 Ramensky Dairy
Oao Lianozovo Dairy Oao Lianozovo Dairy Plant
Oao Wimm-bill-dann Oao Wimm-bill-dann Beverages
Object Credit Rating 150000000 Loan Participation Notes Issued Objectives Issue Spheres Funds Received Securities Shall Used
Obligations Guarantor Procedure Terms Fulfillment Obligatory Publication Information
Obninsk Diary Ochakovsky Dairy Plant
Ojsc Ojsc Beer Industry Primorie
Ojsc Bishkeksut Ojsc Childrens Dairy Products Factory
Ojsc Dairy Ojsc Kiev City Dairy
Ojsc Kombinat Beer Non Alcohol Beverages Shikhan Ojsc Moskvoretsky
Ojsc Moskvoretsky Brewery Ojsc Nizhny Novgorod Dairy
Ojsc Novokubyshevsk Milk Ojsc Ramenskoye Dairy
Ojsc Siberian Milk Ojsc Toshkent Sut
Ojsc Tsaritsino Dairy Ojsc Tuymazinsky Dairy Plant
Ojsc Ufamolagroprom Ojsc Vladivostok Dairy
Ojsc Wimm-bill-dann Beverages Ojsc Wimm-bill-dann Foods
Oleg Kuzmin Oneill Michael
Only Terms Amount Open Joint Stock Baltic Milk Dairy
Open Joint Stock Central Moscow Depositary Open Joint Stock Childrens Dairy Products Factory
Open Joint Stock Obninsk Dairy Plant Open Joint Stock State Registration Number 1037700236738 Located
Open Joint Stock Toshkent Sut Open Joint Stock Tsaritsino Dairy
Open Joint Stock Tuimazy Milk Plant Open Joint Stock Ufamolagroprom
Open Joint Stock Wimm-bill-dann Open Joint Stock Wimm-bill-dann Foods
Open Joint-stock Dairy Open Joint-stock Kiev Dairy Plant No3
Open Joint-stock Lianozovo Dairy Open Joint-stock Nizhny Novgorod Dairy
Open Joint-stock Vladivostok Dairy Operating Cash Flow Increased 313 Us1103
Operating Environment Operating Expenses Shall Include Following
Operating Income Operational Highlights 2004
Operational Highlights 2005 Operational Highlights 2006
Operations Summary Profile Order Carry Out Sale Purchase Transactions Regarding Bonds
Order Purchase Shall Contain Following Significant Terms Order Routine Packaging Material
Orders Minimum Coupon Interest Rate Shall Priority Satisfying Orders Received Underwriter Shall Satisfied Order Submission
Organization Performed Issuers State Registration Organizational Documents
Organizational Structure Original Lenders
Orlov Aleksandr Sergeevich Orlov Alexander Alexandrovich
Orlov Alexander Sergeevich Ostankino Dairy Plant
Other Conditions Other Definitions
Other Fees Other Financial Risks
Other Information Other Initiatives
Other Issuers Obligations Other Material Information Issuers Securities
Other Non-current Assets Other Operating Expenses
Other Payables Other Sales
Other Terms Placement Bonds Specified Decision Issue Outside Quality Control
Overview Owner Bonds Not Ndcs Depository Authorise Nominal Holder
Packaging Packaging Material Labeling Requirements
Packing Marking Palagin Alexander Vyacheslavovich
Pari Passu Parmalat
Partner Passive Foreign Investment Considerations
Paying Agent Paying Agent Expense Behalf Issuer
Payment Profit Tax Pension Costs
People Per
Per Art Issuers Articles Association Auditor Effects Revision Per Art Issuers Charter Business Activities Shall Monitored
Percent Issuers Ordinary Shares Owned Percent Issuers Ordinary Shares Owned 1197
Percent Issuers Ordinary Shares Owned 865 Perekriostok
Performing Person Authorised Receive Bond Redemption Amounts Behalf Number
Person Performing Functions Individual Executive Body Entity Dobrovolskiy Person Performing Functions Individual Executive Body Entity Mirzoev
Person Performing Functions Individual Executive Body Entity Nerovnyi Person Performing Functions Individual Executive Body Entity Usikova
Personnel Compensation Committee Persons Bodies Right Convene Demand Convocation Extraordinary Meeting
Persons Entitled Access Information Materials Provided Preparation Holding Persons Entitled Proposing Agenda Meeting Issuers Supreme Management
Persons Share Total Amount Issuers Ordinary Shares Persons Share Total Amount Issuers Ordinary Shares 387
Petmol Petri-trade
Phone Physical Infrastructure Russia Poor Condition Disrupt Normal Business
Physical Infrastructure Russia Very Poor Condition Disrupt Normal Pik Centre Ltd
Pivikov Sergey Alexandrovich Placement Bonds Shall Performed Through Arranger Trade
Placement End Date Procedure Determining Placement Price Procedure Determination
Placement Shares Other Issued Securities Placement Start Date Procedure Determining
Plans Issuers Future Activities Plant Created Basis Toshkent Sut Oaj Production Facility
Plastinin Sergei Arkadievich Plastinin Sergey Arkadievich
Poletaeva Galina Pavlovna Polikarpova Natalya Leonidovna
Political Governmental Instability Adversely Affect Value Securities Political Governmental Instability Materially Adversely Affect Business Financial
Popov Konstantin Ilyich Possible Implementation New Federal Local Government Policies Selective
Potable Yogurt Potential Conflict Between Central Regional Authorities Other Conflicts
Pozdnyakov Alexander Vladimirovich Preemptive Rights
Prepares Consolidated Annual Financial Statements Accordance Accounting Principles Present
Present Contract Acceptance Goods Damaged Transportation President
Price Adss Highly Volatile Price Contract
Price Shares Adss Highly Volatile Prices
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principal Competitors
Principles Consolidation Procedure
Procedure Coupon Interest Rate Definition Starting Procedure Defining Date Meeting Issuers Supreme Management Body
Procedure Determination Amount Income Bonds Including Terms Coupon Procedure Determining Income Interest Rate Each Bond
Procedure Disclosure Issuer Information Concerning Occurrence Ground Redemption Procedure Notification Shareholders Meeting Issuers Supreme Management Body
Procedure Performing Receipt Entry Depo Account Buyer Depositary Procedure Taxation Revenues Issuers Securities Placed Process Placement
Procedure Terms Redemption Bonds Proceeds Expenses
Production Production Agricultural
Production Efficiency Quality Production Progress Deferred Expenses
Production Sale Beer Production Sale Beer Low Alcohol Alcohol-free Beverages
Production Sale Beer Low Alcohol Content Alcohol-free Beverages Production Sale Beer Malt Kvass
Production Sale Consumer Goods Food Products Intended Manufacturing Production Sale Dairy
Production Sale Dairy Juice Products Mineral Water Production Sale Dairy Products Consumer Goods
Production Sale Dairyproducts Production Sale Foods Juices Beverages
Production Sale Furniture Production Sale Juice
Production Sale Juice Products Production Sale Low Alcohol Content Products
Production Sale Milk Dairy Products Production Transportation
Products Brands Profits Losses
Profits Losses Funds Profit Distribution Property Insurance Payments
Property Plant Equipment Property Plant Equipment Purchase Commitments
Prospectus Premium Such Early Redemptionin Currency Russian Federation Protective Clothes Special Accessories
Protective Clothes Special Accessories Useful Lives Exceeding Protective Clothes Special Accessories Useful Lives Exceeding Value
Protective Clothes Special Accessories Useful Lives Not Exceeding Protective Clothes Special Accessories Useful Lives Ranging Regardless
Provision Income Taxes Psrn 1037700236738 Located Following Address Moscow Yauzsky Boulevard
Psrn 1037700236738 Location Moscow Yauzsky Blvd Office 306 Public Joint Stock Wimm-bill-dann Beverages
Public Joint-stock Wimm-bill-dann Beverages Purchase Bonds Placement Shall Not Performed Expense Issuer
Purchase Price Shall Placement Bonds Determined Issue Decision Purchase Stake Moscow Baby Food Plant
Purchase Stake Tsaritsino Dairy Plant Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers
Purpose Purposes Accounting Different Groups Inventory Holdings Special Control
Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Registrant Duly Pz-n
Quantity Goods Terms Payment Quantity Payment Contitions
Quidity Issuer R-1596816 2001
Rapid Growth Expansion Cause Difficulty Obtaining Adequate Managerial Ratification Annual Report Financial Statements Including Income Statement
Rating Ratings Awarded Moodys
Ratings Awarded Standart Poors Raw Materials
Raw Materials Issuers Suppliers Reasonable Possibility Material Misstatement Annual Interim Statements Not
Receipt Entry Depo Account Buyer Depositary Recently Adopted Changes Russian Law Limit Amount Advertising
Reclassification Specific Nature Reclassifications
Record Exchange Rate Total Settlement Differences Records Accounting Registers Shall Based Source Documents Prepared
Redemption Nominal Value Bonds Shall Carried Out Following Reduction Goodwill 1142 2008 Related Dairy Segment Represents
Reduction Such Risks Achieved Establishing Constant Mutually Beneficial Register Shareholders
Registered Uncertificated Registrar
Registration Requirements Registration Transfer Shares
Regulation Regulation Conduct Sanitary-epidemiological Examinations Products
Related Parties Related Party Transactions
Remediation Activities Repatriation Export Proceeds
Repetition Report Independent Registered Accounting Firm
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reporting Changes Interim Financial Statements
Representations Undertakings Events Default Representative Office Wbd Foods Beijing
Republic Bashkortostan Tuimazy Severnaya Republic Kazakhstan
Republic Kazakhstan Almatiturksibskiy District Burundayskaya Street D93d Reputation
Requirements Payment Invoices Requirements Payment Orders
Research Development Patents Licenses Etc Reserve Fund
Reserves Restrictions Investments Outside Russia Hard-currency-denominated Instruments Expose Cash
Restrictions Remittance Dividends Interest Other Payments Non-residents Restructuring Costs
Results Operations Retailing
Retirement Sums Bonds Series Payments Empowered Person Without Revenue Recognition
Reviewing Brand Portfolio Focusing Marketing Efforts Key Brands Revisions Additions Charter Wimm-bill-dann Foods Open Joint Stock
Rights Attaching Shares Rights Bond Owner Accounted Not Nominal Holder Authorized
Rights Shareholders Owning Common Shares Rights Shareholders Owning Preferred Shares
Risk Factors Risks Associated Acquisition Placed Securities
Risks Immaterial Since Wbd Appropriate Licenses Long Term Risks Related Changes Currency Exchange Regulation Activities Central
Risks Related Changes Requirements Licensing Risks Related Geographical Position Country Countries Region Issuer
Risks Related Possible Military Conflicts Declarations State Emergency Risks Related Possible Production Price Changes Other Services
Risks Relating Industry Risks Relating Issuers Business
Risks Relating Issuers Business Influence Financial Economic Activities Risks Relating Russian Legal System Legislation
Roman Bolotovski Roska Ojsc
Roubles 880 Thus Issuer Improved Significantly Financial Situation Ruble Bond
Ruble Bonds Ruble Depreciation Increase Costs Decrease Cash Reserves Make
Ruble Notes Rubles
Rubles Form Other Terms Payment Proceeds Issued Bonds Rubles Kopecks Constitutes Per Bond
Rules Internal Information Contained Ethic Code Approved Board Rumyantseva Margarita Nikolaevna
Russia Russia 125009 Moscow Srednij Kislovskij Per No1
Russia Kalughskaya Oblasty Obninsk Kurchatova Street D53 Russia Kuluzhskaya Oblasty Obninsk Kurchatova Street D53
Russia Kurskaya Oblasty Fatezhskiy District Chermashnoi Pst Russia Novosibirskaya Oblasty Karasuk Radischeva Street D16
Russia Petersburg Promzona Garnas Verkhny Pereulok Russia Petersburg Promzona Parnas Verkhny Pereulok
Russia Voronezh Obalast Rabochii Poselok Anna Sevastopolskaya Russian Banking System Remains Underdeveloped Another Crisis Place
Russian Companies Forced Liquidation Basis Formal Non-compliance Certain Russian Currency Control Regulations Hinder Ability Conduct Business
Russian Economy Less Stable Those Most Western Countries Russian Environment Current Economic Situation
Russian Federation Russian Federation Jurisdiction Incorporation Organization Yauzsky Boulevard Moscow
Russian Federation Moscow 1st Varshavsky Proezd Russian Government Power Regulate Prices Goods Social Significance
Russian Income Withholding Tax Considerations Russian Infrastructure Objects
Russian Taxation System Underdeveloped Imposition Significant Additional Tax Russian Thin Capitalization Rules Affect Ability Deduct Interest
Russian Thin-capitalization Rules Affect Ability Deduct Interest Certain Russias Physical Infrastructure Very Poor Condition Disrupt Normal
Ryazantsev Alexander Yurevich S-trading
Sabirov Mirhatim Mirgasimovich Said Credit Rating Was Awarded Issuer Time
Sales Sales Distribution
Savenkova Inessa Porfiryeva Schedules
Scherbak Vladimir Nikolaevich Scientific Adviser
Seasonality Secured Bond Provides Owner Rights Arising Such Security
Securities Accounting Securities Issue Traded Micex Zao
Securities Market Regulations Ffms Security Bonds Hereinafter Referred Guarantor Order Determined Paragraph
Segment Information Segment Reporting
Selected Accounting Methods Selective Arbitrary Government Action Material Adverse Effect Business
Selliers Guy Selling Distribution Expenses
Senior Specialist Department Securities Registration Records Shareholder Rights Sergei Arkadievich Plastinin
Sergei Plastinin Sergey Arkadievich Plastinin
Service Indebtedness Require Significant Amount Cash Ability Generate Servicing Refinancing Indebtedness Require Significant Amount Cash Ability
Seventh Agenda Election Members Audit Seventh Agenda Election Members Wbd Foods Ojsc Auditing
Seventh Agenda Related Party Transactions Approval Several Recent Economic Growth Observed Russia 2000 Gross
Shall Fulfilled Basis Information Ndc Assuming Obligations Issuer Share Capital Decrease Buy-backs
Share Capital Increase Share Charter Capital
Share Charter Capital 100 Share Issuer Authorized Stock Exceeds
Share Issuers Ordinary Shares Owned Share Ownership
Share Person Issuers Charter Capital- 805 Share Total Amount Ordinary Shares Entity
Shareholder Liability Russian Legislation Cause Become Liable Obligations Shareholder Rights Provisions Russian Law
Shareholder Rights Provisions Russian Law Impose Additional Costs Shareholder Rights Provisions Russian Law Impose Significant Additional
Shareholders Shareholders Equity
Shareholders Owning Not Less Issuers Charter Capital Outstanding Shares
Shares Market Juice Production Shares Wbd Group Principal Competitors Enlarged Product Categories
Shares Wbd Group Principal Competitors Juice Market Money Sheet
Sherbak Vladimir Nikolaevich Shipping Handling Costs
Shipping Handling Expenses Shlenev Vladimir Alekseevich
Short-term Bank Deposits Short-term Investments Debt Securities
Short-term Long-term Loans Short-term Long-term Notes Payable
Shtab Natalya Anatolyevna Shulenkov Kirill Viktorovich
Side Letter Signatures
Significant Changes Silviu Popovici
Sixth Agenda Election Members Board Directors Sixth Agenda Election Members Wbd Foods Ojsc Audit
Sixth Agenda Election Members Wbd Foods Ojsc Board Size Fund Resources Used Accounting Areas Usage Thereof
Size Fund Set Association Documents Size Issuers Authorized Stock After Change
Size Provisions Fund Each Completed Financial Size Structure Adequacy Issuers Equity Working Capital
Size Structure Authorized Stock Share Fund Issuer Starting Skopinov Victor Grigorievich
Skopinov Viktor Grigorievich Slezko Oleg Mikhailovich
Smirnov Pavel Andreevich Social Instability Increase Support Renewed Centralized Authority Nationalism
Soft Drinks Solntseva Evgeniya Solomonovna
Solvey Some Customers Debtors Suppliers Fail Pay Comply Terms
Sosidka Evgeny Petrovich Special Requirements Childrens Dairy Products
Specialist Board Directors Administration Specific Uncertainties Associated Tax Treatment Ads Holders
Specification Specified Above Officers Members Collective Executive Body Entity
Staff Stamp Duties
Stamp Taxes Standard Poors
State Service Statsenko Sergei Olegovich
Stock Option Plans Stock Options
Stock Options Plan Storage Documents Provision Information
Storage Facilities Services Storage Material
Storage Requirements Storage Terms
Strengthen Human Resource Capability Strengthening Human Resource Capability
Strict Management Working Capital Structural Changes
Styazhkin Sergey Vladimirovich Subject Contract
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries Forced Liquidation Basis Formal Non-compliance Certain Requirements
Subsidiaries Forced Liquidation Due Negative Net Equity Results Substantial Reliance Independent Retailers Distributors Distribution Products Lower
Successful Challenge Tax Authorities Past Privilege Materially Adversely Such Transactions Not Effected Accounting
Sum Loan Time Period Not Exceed 300 000 Supermarket Chains
Supply Chain System Supply Packaging Materials
Surmonin Sergey Borisovich Tatiana Valentinovna Propastina
Tatiana Viktorovna Shavero Tax Fees
Tax Status Person Authorised Receive Bond Redemption Amounts Taxation
Taxation Capital Gains Taxation Distributions Adss
Taxation Dividends Taxation Dividends Common Stock Adss
Taxation Sale Exchange Common Stock Adss Taxation Sale Other Taxable Disposition Adss
Taxpayers Identification Number 5403104717 Taxpayers Identification Number Person Authorised Receive Bond Redemption
Tba Technical General Manager
Term Terms Amount Quantity
Terms Conditions Payment Securities Placed Terms Delivery
Tetra Brik Aseptic Prizma Juice Milk Tetra Fino Aseptic
Tetra Pak Agreements Tetra Rex Low Quantity Surcharge Scheme
Tetra Rex Low Quantity Surgarge Scheme Tetra Top
Third-party Beneficiaries Timashevsk Krasnodar Region Gibridnaya
Timetables Timofei Tarasov
Tipton Linwood Title Licenses Consents
Tony Maher Toshkent Sut
Total Amount Transactions Interested Parties Approved Board Directors Total Amount Transactions Interested Parties Approved General Shareholders
Total Assets Total Contract Amount
Total Investments Project Amounted Approximately Us27 Total Number Persons Being Registered Share Register Last
Total Rise Interest Rates Influence Wbd Loan Obligations Trade Operation Costs 320 Tax Code Russian Federation
Trade Receivable Allowance Doubtful Accounts Trade Receivables Allowance Doubtful Accounts
Trade Receivables Net Trade Union Wasnt Formed
Trademarks Patents Transfer Pricing
Translation Methodology Transport Expeditionary Services
Transportation Transportation Riscs
Transportation Risk Trinity-negus
Tsarapkin Sergey Fedorovich Tsaritsino Dairy Ojsc
Tsmk Oao Tsvetkov Alexander Valerievich
Tutelyan Victor Alexandrovich Tutelyan Viktor Aleksandrovich
Tyusina Irina Anatolievna Ukraine
Ukraine Kievskaya Oblast Vishnevoe Promyshlennaya Ukraine Sumy Region Buryn Konotopske Shose
Unable Continue Add Products Greater Production Capacity Faster Unable Obtain Adequate Funding Limit Operations Substantially Material
Unable Repatriate Earnings Adss Underwriter Shall Publish Announcement Size Interest Rate Coupon
Unimilk United States Federal Income Tax Considerations
United States-russia Income Tax Treaty Procedures Unused Lines Credit
Us1 Usd 250000000 Facility Agreement Dated 2008
Usikova Lyubovy Sergeevna Utilisation Request
Uzbekistan Republic 700131 Tashkent Akmaly-ikramovsky Region Massiv Chilanzar Vaguely Drafted Russian Transfer Pricing
Vaguely Drafted Russian Transfer Pricing Rules Lack Reliable Value-added Taxes
Various Risks Factors Relating Issuers Activity Vasilyeva Marina Anatolyevna
Vat Vendor Finance
Vendor Financing Vera Eliseeva
Victor Tutelyan Viscous Milk Desserts
Viscous Yogurt Vladimir Sherbak
Vladivostok Strelochnaya Vlasenko Yury Anatolyevich
Voloshin Oleg Nikolaevich Voloshin Oleg Nikolaevich Chairman Management Board
Voronezhsky Voting
Voting Ballot Voting Instructions
Voting Options Voting Rights Respect Shares Represented Adss Limited Terms
Wall Street Journal Water Segment
Wbd Foods Wbd Foods Acquired 026 Interest Ojsc Current
Wbd Foods Certain Other Major Subsidiaries Wbd Foods Dollar Notes
Wbd Foods Hereinafter Reports Following Change Share Charter Wbd Foods Notes
Wbd Foods Reports Following Change Shareholders Share Charter Wbd Foods Ruble Notes
Wbd Group Planning Start Production Top-quality Branded Hard Weaknesses Changes Russian Tax System Materially Adversely Affect
Weaknesses Relating Legal System Legislation Create Uncertain Environment Well Lack Legal Judicial Statutory Interpretation Kind Risk
Whereas Wimm Bill Dann Foods
Wimm-bill-dann Wimm-bill-dann Foods
Wimm-bill-dann Foods Dollar Notes Wimm-bill-dann Foods Ojsc
Wimm-bill-dann Foods Ojsc Acquires 100 Stake Experimental Baby Wimm-bill-dann Foods Ojsc Acquires Controlling Stake Obninsk Dairy
Wimm-bill-dann Foods Ojsc Announces Decisions Board Directors Held Wimm-bill-dann Foods Ojsc Nyse Wbd Informs Payment 2006
Wimm-bill-dann Foods Ojsc Nyse Wbd Informs Performed Duties Wimm-bill-dann Foods Open Joint Stock
Wimm-bill-dann Foods Open Joint Stock Wbd Hereby Submits Wimm-bill-dann Foods Ruble Notes
Wimm-bill-dann Invests Own Shares Wimm-bill-dann Ojsc
Wimm-bill-dann Open Joint Stock Wimm-bill-dann Ruble Notes
Wimm-bill-dann Trans Withholding Similar Tax
Witness Working Capital
Write-off Such Assets Partial Total Reporting Influence Adversely Yadegardjam Djamshid
Yaroslavsky Evgeny Lvovich Yasin Eugeny Grigorievich
Yasin Evgeny Grigorievich Yassin Evgeny Grigorievich
Yauzsky Boulevard Yauzsky Boulevard Moscow 109028 Russian Federation
Yerighenko Oleg Viktorovich Yerizhenko Oleg Viktorovich
Yes Yudkin Sergey Ivanovich
Yushvaev Gavril Abramovich Zao Agrocomplex Gorky-2
Zao Auto-sorok Zao Breeding Farm Naro-osanovsky
Zao Buryn Milk Powder Factory Zao Gulkevichi Creamery
Zao Rubtsovsk Dairy Zao Rusagroproject
Zao Victory Zao Wimm-bill-dann Purchaser
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