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Accrued Liabilities Acquisitions
Acquisitions Investments Acquisitions Investments Disposals
Action Respect Securities Other Companies Action Without Meeting
Actions Initiated Against Corporation Additional Responsibilities Management Associates
Address Principal Executive Offices Zip Code Adjournment
Adjournment Meetings Adjustments
Administration Adopted Majority Board
Advancement Expenses Advertising Costs
Advisory Vote Executive Compensation Affiliate
Aggregated Option Exercises Last End Values Aida Alvarez
Alcohol Drug Abuse Allen Questrom
Amalgamation Consolidation Merger Conveyance Transfer Amend Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
Amended 2005 Amended Effective 2005
Amendment Amendment Agreement
Amendment Restatement Wal-mart Stores Inc Director Compensation Plan Amendment Restatement Wal-mart Stores Inc Supplemental Executive Retirement
Amendment Termination Plan Amendments
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Andrews
Andrews Kurth Letterhead Andrews Kurth Llp Wal-mart Stores Inc
Annual Annual Director Compensation
Annual Meeting Annual Meetings
Annual Retainer Annual Shareholders Meeting
Another Enterprise Antitrust
Appendix Approved Agreed
Approves Assign Fill Form Below
Assignment Form Assistant Secretaries
Assistant Treasurers Associate Responsibilities
Attest Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Committee Financial Experts Audit Committee Pre-approval Policy
Audit Committee Report Audit Committee Service
Awards Balance Page Intentionally Left Blank
Basic Beliefs Basis Presentation
Benchmarking Data Used Cngc Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Bentonville 72716-0860 Bentonville Ark 2005
Bentonville Ark 2006 Bentonville Ark 2007
Bentonville Ark Nov 2006 Bentonville Ark Sept 2005
Bentonville Ark Sept 2006 Board
Board Attendance Annual Shareholders Meetings Board Committee Governing Documents
Board Committee Such Filing Shall Paper Form Minutes Board Committees
Board Directors Board Independence
Board Meetings Bribes Kickbacks Payoffs
Business Business Annual Meetings
Business Segments Business Social Responsibility Report
Bylaws Bylaws Shall Require Vote Greater Number
Capital Resources Capitalized Interest
Case Certificated Shares Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Instruments Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements Information
Certain Balance Sheet Information Certain Long-term Debt Transactions
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certificate Incorporation
Certificates Stock Certifications
Cfo Magazine Chair
Chairman Board Changes 2009 Further Emphasize Pay Performance
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Charitable Contributions Report
Chief Financial Officer Christopher Williams
Claims Claims Appeals Procedures
Claims Procedure Claire Watts
Cngc Set Tdc Cngc Take Tax Consequences Account Designing Executive Compensation
Code Ethics Ceo Senior Financial Officers Commitments
Common Stock Dividends Communication Shareholders
Communications Board Comparable Sales
Comparable Store Sales Comparable Store Sales Excluding Fuel
Compensation Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Disparity
Compensation Established Committee Independent Directors Compensation Nominating Governance Committee
Compensation Other Named Executive Officers Compensation Philosophy
Compensation Plans Compensation President Ceo
Compensation Program Contain Provisions Addressing Recovery Nonpayment Event Compensation Program Emphasizes Performance
Compensation Pursuant Stock Options Compensation Wal-marts President Ceo
Competition Component
Comprehensive Income Comprehensive Income Loss
Conduct Meetings Confidential Information
Conflicts Interest Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Results Operations Consolidation
Contents Contingencies
Contract Rights Controls Procedures
Conversion Accounts Copy Annual Meeting Proxy Statement
Corporate Address Corporate Information
Corporate Seal Corporation
Cost Sales Counterparts
Counts Votes Covenant Not Compete
Covenants Covered Statement Ethics
Craig Herkert Cross-reference Table
Cumulative Voting Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Date Report Earliest Event Reported 2006 Dated 14th 2009
Dated 16th 2007 Dated 2005
Dated 2006 Dated 2007
Dated 2008 Dated 2009
David Glass Debt Offering
Deductibility Compensation Deferral Account
Deferral Accounts Definitions
Delegation Authority Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Depreciation Amortization
Derivative Financial Instruments Destroyed Certificate Certificates Such Owners
Determination Entitlement Indemnification Determination Voting Rights Conduct Adjournment Meetings
Development Dignity Respect
Diluted Income Per Common Share Continuing Operations Diluted Net Income Per Common Share
Diluted Net Income Per Share Continuing Operations Attributable Director
Director Compensation Fees Director Election Majority Vote Standard
Director Independence Director Stock Ownership Guidelines
Directors Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Discipline Violations Disposal
Disposals Distribution
Distribution Amounts Deferral Account Distribution Amounts Unit Account
Distribution Date Distribution Event Directors Death
Dividends Dividends Paid Per Share
Dividends Payable Per Share Documents Incorporated Reference
Douglas Daft Douglas Daft Appointed Wal-mart Board Directors
Douglas Degn Duties Powers
Duties Powers Officers Corporation Shall Provided Bylaws Not Duties Shareholders
Each Director Chosen Shall Hold Office Until Next Earnings Guidance
Earnings Per Share Eduardo Castro-wright
Eduardo Castro-wright Promoted Vice Chairman Effective Date Transition
Election Directors Elections
Electronic Access Wal-marts Future Annual Reports Proxy Materials Electronic Transmission
Eligibility Employees
Employees Associates Employment Agreements Neos
Employment Termination Non-competition Agreements Entire Agreement
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Health Safety
Equal Employment Opportunity Report Equity Compensation Glass Ceiling
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Compensation Report
Equity Grant Practices Establish Human Rights Committee
Estimates Assumptions Ethics Concern
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Exact Name Specified Charter Except Fill Vacancies Board Provided Adjourn Vote
Except Otherwise Provided Herein Executive Compensation
Executive Compensation Framework Executive Compensation Vote
Executive Officers Executive Officers Registrant
Executive Summary Exempt Status Cases
Exhibits Explanatory
Face Impediments Expansion United States Including Conversions Discount Face Strong Competition Other Retailers Wholesale Club Operators
Failure Attract Retain Qualified Associates Other Labor Issues Fair Market Value
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Instruments
Fair Value Measurements Financial Condition Results Operations
Financial Instruments Financial Integrity
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Supplementary Data
Floating Rate Notes Due 2007 Floating Rate Notes Due 2008
Following Reports Available Without Charge Request Writing Investor Following Table Reconciles Diluted Income Per Common Share
Foreign Currency Translation Form 10-k
Form Final Term Sheet Form Global
Form Global Notes Form Global Notes Representing 6500 Due 2037
Form Global Represent 5000 Notes Due 2012 Form Global Represent 5375 Notes Due 2017
Form Global Represent 5875 Notes Due 2027 Form Global Representing 5800 Notes Due 2018
Form Pricing Agreement Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Forms Securities Forward-looking Statements
Fraternization Free Cash Flow
Future Expansion Gain Access Such List Furnished Notice Meeting Ordinary
Gender Class Action Lawsuit Gender Discrimination Cases
Gender Identity Non-discrimination Policy General
General Economic Factors Domestically Internationally Adversely Affect Financial General Economic Other Conditions Domestically Internationally Adversely Affect
General Liability Workers Compensation Change Estimate General Provisions
Gifts Gratuities Goodwill Other Acquired Intangible Assets
Governing Law Governmental Dealings
Gross Misconduct Reduction Plan Benefits Guidance
Harassment Inappropriate Conduct Held 2005
Held 2006 Held 2007
Held 2008 Held 2009
Highlights Holders Lists Reports Trustee
Holders Record Holdings Major Shareholders
Humane Poultry Slaughter Immediate Release
Immigration Immunity Incorporators Stockholders Officers Directors
Impairment Assets Impediments Expansion International Operations Adversely Affect Financial Performance
Important Notice Improper Payments
Incentive Compensation Stock Options Incentive Plan Awards
Income Other Taxes Income Taxes
Incorporated Indemnification
Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Index Exhibits
Index Retailing Industry Segments
Information Board Insert Assignees Legal Name
Insert Assignees Social Security Tax Identification Number Insider Trading
Inspectors Election Insurance
Insurance Self-insurance Insurance Self-lnsurance
Interest Rate Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
International International Operating Segment
International Operations Subject Risks Associated Legislative Judicial Accounting International Segment
International Size1 International Trade
International Worldwide Inventories
Issuance Approval Issuance Stock Certificates Book-entry Purchase
Jack Shewmaker James Breyer
James Cash James Cash Phd
Jim Walton John Fleming
John Menzer John Menzer Retire Wal-mart Vice Chairman
John Opie John Walton
Jose Villarreal José Villarreal
Key Key 2005
Key 2006 Key 2007
Kurth Llp Leases
Lee Scott Legal Proceedings
Letterhead Andrews Kurth Llp Limited Liability Companies Business Trusts Other Entities
Linda Wolf Liquidity Capital Resources
Listing Litigation
Long-lived Assets Long-term Associate Lead Countrys Largest Warehouse Retailer
Long-term Debt Long-term Incentive Plans-awards 2005
Long-term Incentive Plans-awards 2006 Lost
Lost Certificates Majority Board Chairman Vice Chair Chief Executive Officer
Management Incentive Plan Performance Goals Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations
Managements Discussion Analysis Results Operations Financial Condition Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managements Report Shareholders Market Price Common Stock
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Shareholder Matters Issuer Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer
Market Risk Media Statements
Meetings Meetings Holders Securities
Meetings Remote Communication Meetings Stockholders
Merchandise Message Chairman President Ceo
Michael Duke Michele Burns
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Provisions
Modification Mutual General Release
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Natural Disasters Geo-political Events Adversely Affect Financial Performance
Natural Disasters Geo-political Events Costs Adversely Affect Financial Nature Relationship
Neos Neos Subject Minimum Requirements Regarding Ownership Stock
Net Income Per Common Share Net Investment Instruments
Net Sales Net Square Footage
New Accounting Pronouncement New Accounting Pronouncements
New Plan Benefits Nominates New Members
Nomination Process Director Candidates Nominees Election Board
Non-discrimination Non-exclusive Rights
Not Maintain Security Customer-related Information Damage Reputation Customers Not Voted Via Internet Telephone Fold Along Perforation
Notes Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notes Due 2010 Notes Due 2011
Notes Due 2012 Notes Due 2013
Notes Due 2014 Notes Due 2015
Notes Due 2017 Notes Due 2018
Notes Due 2019 Notes Due 2027
Notes Due 2029 Notes Due 2034
Notes Due 2035 Notes Due 2037
Notes Due 2038 Notes Due 2039
Notice Each Regular Meeting Not Required Notice Meetings Stockholders
Notice Non Qualified Stock Option Grant Notice Plan Award Means Agreement Other Document Evidencing
Notices Notification Award Terms Conditions
Now Therefore Number Election Term Directors
Off Balance Sheet Arrangements Officers
Offices Operating Income
Operating Segments Review Operating Segments Review Comparable Store Sales Expectations
Operating Selling General Administrative Expenses Operations
Option Exercises Stock Vested Option Grants Last
Or- Order Corporation Determine Stockholders
Order Corporation Determine Stockholders Entitled Other Benefits
Other Components Executive Compensation Other Components Executive Officer Compensation
Other Enterprise Including Service Respect Associate Benefit Plan Other Events
Other Matters Other Offices
Other Policies Overview
Owned Page
Part Participants Unless Extent Determined Board Chair Meeting Meetings
Participation Participation Meetings Conference Telephone Other Communications Equipment
Paul Reason Pay Superior Performance
Pay-for-superior-performance Pay-for-superior-performance Proposal
Payment Plan Benefits Payment Retainer Deferral Elections
Payments Suppliers Performance Measures
Performance Share Award Notification Terms Conditions Performance Shares
Performance-vesting Shares Person Occurring Prior Time Such Amendment Repeal Modification
Persons Deemed Owners Place Meetings
Plan Plan Accounts Credits
Plan Attend Please Bring Admittance Slip Back Cover Please Refer Reverse Side Telephone Internet Voting Instructions
Political Activities Political Contributions
Political Contributions Report Post-termination Non-competition Agreements
Pre-opening Costs Preservation Confidential Information
President President Ceo Sams Club
Presiding Director Pricing Agreement
Principal Accountant Fees Services Print Type Assignees Name Address Zip Code
Privacy Proceeding
Properties Proposal
Proposals Proxies
Proxy Statement Purpose
Pursuant 301 Indenture Qualifications Director Nominees
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosure Market Risk Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Financial Data Quarterly Reports Form 10-q
Quorum Quorum Vote Meetings
Raise Ethics Concern Ratification Independent Accountants
Receivables Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recitals Reclassifications
Record Date Recoupment Senior Executive Compensation Policy
Redemption Securities Regarding Board Independence
Regarding Director Election Majority Vote Standard Regarding Equity Compensation Report
Regarding Executive Compensation Framework Regarding Political Contribution Report
Regarding Sustainability Report Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 479 273-4000
Registrar Transfer Agent Registration Debt Securities
Regular Meetings Related-party Transactions
Relating 3000 Notes Due 2014 Relating 320 Notes Due 2014
Relating 4125 Notes Due 2019 Relating 4250 Notes Due 2013
Relating 4875 Notes Due 2029 Relating 5000 Notes Due 2012
Relating 5375 Notes Due 2017 Relating 5625 Notes Due 2034
Relating 5800 Notes Due 2018 Relating 5875 Notes Due 2027
Relating 6200 Notes Due 2038 Relations Suppliers
Reliance Books Reports Records Rely Extensively Computer Systems Process Transactions Summarize Results
Remedies Breach Report Ethical Standards
Report Executive Compensation Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Reports Records Filings Trustee
Resignation Removal Resolved Shareholders Request Wal-mart Stores Amend Written Equal
Responsibilities Regarding International Business Practices Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Awards Restricted Stock Rights
Restrictions Ability Neos Engage Speculative Transactions Involving Stock Restrictive Trade Practices Boycotts
Results Operations Results Operations Financial Condition
Results Operations Financial Conditions Retail Industry
Retainer Retirement Agreement
Retirement-related Benefits Return Investment
Revenue Recognition Revoke Proxy
Risk Factors Risks Associated Suppliers Products Sourced Adversely Affect Financial
Risks Associated Suppliers Products Sourced Safety Those Adversely Risks Associated Vendors Products Sourced Adversely Affect Financial
Robert Connolly Roger Corbett
Roland Hernandez Same Named Executive Officers Performance Shares Represented Percentage
Sams Club Sams Club Membership Fee Revenue Recognition
Sams Club Operating Segment Sams Club Segment
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Schedule
Seasonal Aspects Operations Secretary
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
See Accompanying Notes Segment Operating Income
Selected Financial Data Self-insurance
Separation Agreement Severability
Severance Agreements Neos Share Repurchase Program
Share Repurchase Program Common Stock Dividends Share-based Compensation
Shared Voting Investment Power Shareholder Proposals
Shareholders Shares
Shares Authorized Issuance Shares Subject Plan
She Signature
Signature Guaranteed Eligible Guarantor Institution Pursuant Rule 17ad-15 Signature Pages Follow
Signatures Significant Changes Executive Compensation Program 2010
Significant Long-term Debt Transactions Significant Subsidiaries Wal-mart Stores Inc
Sinking Funds Social Reputation Impact Report
Special Ledger Special Meetings
Special Shareholders Meetings Special Shareowner Meetings
Special Stock Option Grant Statement Ethics Organized
Statement Understanding Statement William Steiner
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Certificates Uncertificated Shares
Stock Certificates Uncertificated Shares Capital Corporation Shall Represented Stock Corporation
Stock Incentive Plan Stock Incentive Plan 2005 Amended
Stock List Stock Options
Stock Ownership Stock Ownership Guidelines
Stock Performance Chart Stock Repurchase Program Common Dividends
Stock Shares Stock-based Compensation
Stockholder Stockholder Supporting Statement
Store Count Strategic Priorities Growth Leverage Returns
Subject Certain Legal Proceedings Adversely Affect Financial Condition Subject Certain Legal Proceedings Adversely Affect Results Operations
Subject Certain Legal Proceedings Affect Financial Condition Results Subject Rights Holders Class Series Capital Stock Elect
Subject Shares Means Such Term Defined Plan Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Submission Shareholder Proposals Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries Wal-mart Stores Inc
Subsidiary8217s Successors Assigns
Summary Critical Accounting Policies Supplemental Indentures
Supplemental Information Supporting Statement
Susan Chambers Sustainability Report
Table Abbreviations Table Contents
Tax Consequences Telephone Number Including Area Code 479 273-4000
Term Office Vacancies Termination Material Definitive Agreement
Text Press Release Text Proposal Business
Text Statements Thomas Coughlin
Through 2005 Through 2006
Through 2007 Through 2008
Timing Election Receive Deferred Benefits Installments Total Sales Comparable Store
Trade Secrets Transaction Review Policy
Transfer Exchange Transfer Rights Plan
Transfers Stock Transition Payments
Treasurer Uncertificated Shares
Underlying Diluted Earnings Per Share Continuing Operations Unfunded Plan
Unit Unit Account
Unit Counts Segment Unit Data Segment
United States Units
Universal Health Care Policy Usa Patriot Act
Usc 1350 Adopted Using Statement Ethics
Vacancies Newly Created Directorships Vice Presidents
Vice Presidents Each Executive President Senior Elected Board Vote
Vote Confidential Voting
Voting Information Voting Other Information
Wage Wage 8220off Clock8221 Class Actions
Wage-and-hour Class Actions Waivers
Waivers Notice Wal Mart Stores Inc 2005 Annual Shareholders Meeting
Wal-mart Announces Launch Debt Offering Wal-mart Assets
Wal-mart Ethics Hotline Wal-mart Ethics Office
Wal-mart International Wal-mart Reports Record Sales Earnings
Wal-mart Stores Wal-mart Stores Inc
Wal-mart Stores Inc 149 Bentonville Arkansas 72716-0215 479-273-4000 Wal-mart Stores Inc 400 Notes Due 2010
Wal-mart Stores Inc 4500 Notes Due 2015 Wal-mart Stores Inc Director Compensation Plan
Wal-mart Stores Inc Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Wal-mart Stores Inc Nyse Wmt
Wal-mart Stores Inc Stock Incentive Plan 2005 Amended Wal-mart Stores International
Wal-mart Stores Operating Segment Wal-mart Stores Segment
Walmart Stores Stock Incentive Plan Notice Non Qualified Web Site Availability Sec Reports Other Information
Website Availability Sec Reports Other Information What Cngcs Role Determining Neo Compensation
What Financial Performance Metrics Applied Neos Compensation Awarded What Happens Ethics Concern Raised
What Law Applies What Other Information Cngc Consider Establishing Tdc
What Performance Metrics Applied Neos Compensation Awarded 2008 What Perquisites Other Benefits Neos Receive
What Practices Granting Stock Options Other Equity Awards What Primary Components Executive Compensation Program
What Role Management Compensation Consultants Respect Neo What Significant Changes Executive Compensation Program 2009
What Types Retirement Benefits Neos Eligible What Vote Required Pass Other Proposals 2007 Annual
What Voting What Was Tdc Each Neos 2007 2008 Respectively
What Was Tdc Each Neos 2008 2009 Whereas
Withholding Committee Withhold Accordance 119 Amounts Necessary Collect Withholding Taxes
Witness Whereof Parties Hereto Executed Agreement Date Written Working Capital
Wwwinvestorvotecom Wmt Wwwwalmartstorescom News
£1000000000 4875 Due 2039 £1000000000 4875 Notes Due 2039
£1000000000 5625 Notes Due 2034 ¥50000000000 178 Notes Due 2011
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