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Accounting Changes Error Corrections Accounting Share-based Compensation
Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Accounts Receivable Net
Accrued Expenses Other Liabilities Acquisition Amarin Development
Acquisition Andrx Corporation Acquisition Goa
Acquisition Manufacturing Facility Goa India Acquisition Sekhsaria Chemicals Ltd
Acquisitions Acquisitions Product Rights
Acquisitions Products Businesses Acquisitions Technologies Products Businesses Difficult Integrate Adversely Affect
Action Without Meeting Activities
Actos Extended-release Metformin Combination Product Additional Information Transaction Find
Additional Investment India Additional Investment Scinopharm
Adjustments Restricted Stock Administrator Adjust Accordance Provisions 123 Administration
Admission Such Shares Listing Stock Exchanges Class Then Advertising
Advertising Costs Affirmative Covenants
Albert Hummel Albert Paonessa
Allen Chao Allen Chao Phd
Amendment Restatement 2001 Incentive Award Plan Watson Pharmaceuticals Amendment Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc Key Employee Agreement
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amendments Board
Amendments Stockholders Amortization
Amortization Expense Anda
Andrew Boyer Promoted Senior Sales Marketing Generics Division Andrew Turner
Andrx Andrx Corporation
Andrx Corporation Subsidiaries Andrx Corporations Business
Anexsia Annual Cash Incentive Awards
Annual Cash Incentive Awards Chief Executive Officer Annual Cash Incentive Awards Named Executive Officers Other
Annual Debt Maturities Annual Incentive Awards
Annual Meeting Annual Meeting Stockholders
Annual Meeting Stockholders 2008 Annual Meeting Stockholders 2009
Annual Regular Meetings Antitrust Authorities Attempt Delay Prevent Acquisition Andrx
Apportionment Payments Arbitration
Asset Impairment Charges Assets Liabilities Held Sale
Assignment Separate Certificate Assignment Syndication
Assistance Assistant Secretaries
Assistant Treasurers Assumed Liabilities
At-will Employment Attorneys Fees
Audit Committee Audit Fees
Audit-related Fees Award Agreement
Award Restricted Stock Background
Backlog Balance Sheet Components
Barbara Meyers Bayer Appeal 2003ap2840 Base Salary
Based Last Reported Sales Price New York Stock Basis Presentation
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Blackout Period Dates
Board Independence Board Meetings
Bonus Borrower Not Assign Rights Relieved Obligations Without Prior
Brand Business Development Brand Pharmaceutical Companies Successful Limiting Generics Through Legislative
Brand Pharmaceutical Expenditures Not Result Commercially Successful Products Brand Pharmaceutical Products
Brand Products Brand Research Development
Brand Segment Business Continue Expose Risks Environmental Liabilities
Business Description Business Meetings
Business Overview Business Segments
Business Special Meeting Business Strategy
Business Suffer Result Manufacturing Difficulties Delays Capital Expenditures
Cardizem Antitrust Litigation Cardura
Cash Discounts Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Operations Approaches 280 Cash Flow Operations Exceeds 177
Cash Flow Operations Tops 105 Cash Flows Operations
Cash Operations Catherine Klema
Cause Cautionary Language Concerning Forward-looking Statements
Cautionary Regarding Forward-looking Statements Certain Definitions
Certain Federal Income Tax Consequences Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certificates Uncertificated Shares Certification Chairman Chief Executive Officer Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley
Certification Chairman Chief Executive Officer Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Certification Chairman Chief Executive Officer Pursuant Rule 13a-14
Certification Chairman Chief Executive Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 Certification Chief Executive Officer Pursuant Rule 13a-14 Securities
Certification Executive Vice President Chief Financial Officer Pursuant Certification President Chief Executive Officer Pursuant Usc 1350
Certification Principal Financial Officer Pursuant Rule 13a-14 Securities Certification Principal Financial Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 Created
Certification Senior Vice President Chief Financial Officer Pursuant Cessation
Chairman Board Change Control
Change Control Tax Gross-ups Change Control Termination
Change-in-control Change-in-control Gross Payment
Change-in-control Tax Gross-ups Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Working Capital Chargebacks
Charles Ebert Phd Charles Slacik Cpa
Checks Notes Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officers Compensation Choice Law Jurisdiction Waivers
Cipro Cases Jccp Proceeding Nos 4154 4220 Cipro Litigation
Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride Antitrust Litigation Mdl Docket 001383 City New York Abbott Laboratories Inc Civil Action
Civil Action 98-3032g Florida Circuit Court Leon County Clare Carmichael
Clarithromycin Biaxin Class Director Nominees Election Meeting
Class Director Whose Terms Expire 2011 Meeting Class Directors Whose Terms Expire 2009 Meeting
Class Directors Whose Terms Expire 2010 Meeting Code Ethics
Codes Commitments
Commitments Agreements Commitment Parties Described Herein Subject Conditions Commitments Contingencies
Committee Meetings Committees
Communications Board Directors Compared 2006
Comparison Cumulative Total Return Among Comparison Cumulative Total Return Among Watson Pharmaceuticals 500
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Consultant
Compensation Director Fees Compensation Philosophy
Compensation Philosophy Objectives Competition
Competitors Successful Limiting Competition Certain Generic Products Through Completion Acquisition Disposal Assets
Compliance Compliance 409a Code
Comprehensive Income Concentration Credit Risk
Concentration Major Customers Suppliers Conclusion
Conditions Increased New Commitments Shall Become Effective Such Conduct Meetings Stockholders
Confidentiality Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Financial Statements Statement Schedule Consolidated Financial Statements Supplementary Data
Contact Information Contingencies
Contract Services Controls Procedures
Corona 2006 Corporate Developments
Corporate Financial Performance Corporate General Administrative Expenses
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Guidelines Code Conduct
Corporate Seal Cost Method Investments
Cost-method Investments Counterparts
County Columbia Abbott Laboratories Inc County Cortland Abbott Laboratories Inc
County Dutchess Abbott Laboratories Inc County Erie Abbott Laboratories Inc Index Number 2005-2439
County Lewis Abbott Laboratories Inc County Nassau Abbott Laboratories Civil Action 05-10179-pbs United
County Orleans Abbott Laboratories Inc Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement
Credit Facility Critical Accounting Estimates
Current Investments Customers
David Buchen David Hsia Phd
Deadline Extended 2006 Allow Further Ftc Review Debt Borrowing Capacity
Definition Definition Cause
Definition Good Reason Delayed Payments
Department Health Human Services Subpoena Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Derivative Financial Instruments
Derivatives Description Business
Description Class Equity Securities Subject Blackout Period Design Development Manufacture Sale Products Involves Risk Product
Diltiazem Hcl Canada Diltiazem Hcl Cardizem
Director Executive Officer Notification Restrictions Insider Trades Retirement Director Independence
Director Nomination Process Directors
Directors Compensation Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Directors Whose Terms Expire 2006 Directors Whose Terms Expire 2007 Meeting
Directors Whose Terms Expire 2008 Meeting Distributed Products
Distribution Distribution Operations Concentrate Generic Products Therefore Subject Risks
Distribution Operations Highly Dependent Primary Courier Service Distribution Segment
Distribution Segment Information Distributions 409a Award
Dividend Equivalents Deferred Stock Payments Restricted Units Documents Incorporated Reference
Drug Pricing Litigation Durand
Early Extinguishment Debt Earnings Equity Method Investments
Earnings Loss Equity Method Investments Earnings Loss Per Share Eps
Earnings Losses Equity Method Investments Earnings Per Share
Earnings Per Share Eps Earnings Per Share Outlook
Edward Heimers Effect Blackout Period
Effect Irregularly Called Meetings Election
Elections 409a Awards Electronic Distribution
Elements Compensation Employee Retirement Plans
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employees
Employment Employment Agreements
Eneral Rovisions Enoxaparin Sodium Generic Version Lovenox
Entire Agreement Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Matters Equity Award Plans
Equity Compensation Plan Information 2005 Equity Compensation Plan Information 2006
Equity Compensation Plan Information 2007 Equity Compensation Plan Information 2008
Equity Earnings Losses Joint Ventures Equity Losses Joint Ventures
Ermination Mployment Escrow Agent
Espp Essex County Abbott Laboratories Inc
Estimates Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Events Default Rights Remedies Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Except Share Amounts Executive
Executive Compensation Executive Compensation Deferral Program
Executive Officers Executive Officers Registrant
Executive Sessions Executive Severance Change Control Agreements
Executives Resignation Good Reason Executives Voluntary Resignation
Exercise Options Exhibits
Expect Believe Anticipate Intend Estimate Continue Pursue Expenses
Expiration Employment Term Explanatory
Extensive Industry Regulation Had Continue Significant Impact Business Facility Equipment Leases
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Other Financial Instruments
Fda Matters Fda Related Securities Claims
Fda Status Federal Regulation Arrangements Between Manufacturers Brand Generic Products
Financial Covenants Financial Highlights
Financial Information Segments Financial Instruments
Financial Outlook Financial Statement Schedule
Financial Statements Financial Statements Businesses Acquired
Financial Statements Exhibits Financing Andrx Acquisition
Financing Cash Flows Following Report Audit Committee Not Constitute Soliciting Material
Foregoing Option Grants Authorized Subject Stockholder Approval Plan Foreign Bank Certifications
Forfeiture Severance Benefits Form 10-k
Form 10-k 2007 Form 10-k 2008
Form 10-q Form 10-q Quarterly Period 2005
Form 10-q Quarterly Period 2006 Form 10-q Quarterly Period 2007
Form Notice Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Fortamet Altoprev Forward-looking Statement
Forward-looking Statements Francois Menard Phd
Fred Weiss Full 2004 Results
Full 2005 Results Full 2006 Business Segment Results
Full 2006 Results Gaap Eps 031 Adjusted 033
Gain Legal Settlement Gain Loss Asset Sales Impairments
Gain Loss Sale Securities Gain Sale Phoenix Facility
Gain Sale Securities Gain Sale Subsidiary
General General Provisions
Generally Available Benefits Generic Business Development
Generic Cardizem Tiazac Generic Glucotrol
Generic Lovenox Generic Oral Contraceptive Products
Generic Otc Claritin Products Generic Paxil
Generic Pharmaceutical Products Generic Prilosec
Generic Products Generic Research Development
Generic Segment Generic Wellbutrin Zyban
Glaxosmithkline Settlement Global Economic Conditions Harm
Global Supply Chain Initiative Good Reason
Goodwill Goodwill Allocation
Goodwill Impairment Goodwill Indefinite-lived Intangible Assets
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Goodwill Product Rights Other Intangible Assets
Goodwill Product Rights Other Intangibles Gordon Munro Phd
Governing Law Governmental Reimbursement Investigations Drug Pricing Litigation
Granting Awards Granting Options Employees Consultants Independent Directors
Gross Margin Gross Profit
Gross Profit Fluctuate Period Depending Product Sales Mix Gross Profit Margin
Headings Healthcare Reform Reduction Reimbursement Levels Governmental Authorities Hmos
Hormone Replacement Therapy Litigation Householding
Http Wwwwatsoncom Http Wwwwatsonpharmcom
Impairment Disposal Long-lived Assets Impairment Investments Other Assets
Impairment Product Rights Impairment Puerto Rico Facility
Impairment Puerto Rico Facility-assets Held Used Implementation Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Cause Business Interruptions
In-process Research Development Incentive Compensation Recovery
Income Taxes Indemnification
Indemnification Officers Directors Employees Other Persons Index
Index Consolidated Financial Statements Index Form 10-q Quarterly Period 2007
Individual Departmental Performance Industry Veteran Lead Brand Products Initiatives
Information Website Instructions
Insurance Intentionally Omitted
Interest Expense Interest Income
Interest Payments Interest Rate Risk
Interest Rate Swaps Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Internal Control-integrated Framework Internet Telephone Vote Authorizes Named Proxies Shares Same
Invagen Pharmaceuticals Inc Inventories
Inventory Costs Inventory Valuation
Investigations Calculation Average Wholesale Prices Adversely Affect Business Investing Cash Flows
Investment Equity Method Investments Investment Joint Ventures
Investment Risk Investment Scinopharm
Investments Investments Available-for-sale
Investments Interests Iprd
Issuance Debt Equity Securities Materially Change Operating Results Issuer Purchases Equity Securities
Jack Michelson James Nash
James Nash Resigned His Position Joint Escrow Instructions
Key Employee Agreement Lapse Restrictions
Leases Legal Matters
Legal Proceedings Lemelson Patent Litigation
Litigation Relating Watson Merger Litigation Settlements Other Charges
Litigation Settlements Related Liabilities Long Term Incentive Awards
Long-term Debt Long-term Equity Incentives
Long-term Obligations Loss Early Extinguishment Debt
Loss Equity Method Investments Loss Gain Asset Sales Impairments
Loss Gain Sale Securities Loss Impairment
Loss Impairment Assets Loss Impairment Investments Other Assets
Loss Impairment Product Rights Loss Key Personnel Cause Business Suffer
Loss Revenues Ferrlecit Significant Product Material Adverse Effect Losses Earnings Equity Method Investments
Making Revolving Loans Mallinckrodt Claim
Management Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Manufacturing Suppliers Materials Market Registrants Common Equity
Marketable Securities Meeting
Merger Agreement Andrx Merger Agreement Andrx Corporation
Merger Agreement Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc Methylphenidate Concerta
Methylphenidate Hydrochloride Generic Version Concerta Metoprolol Succinate Generic Version Toprol-xl
Metoprolol Succinate Toprol-xl Michael Fedida
Michel Feldman Miscellaneous
Naproxen Sodium Naprelan Need Raise Additional Funds Future Not Available Acceptable
Nephrology Net Gain Loss Asset Sales Impairments
Net Revenue Estimates Segment Net Revenues
New Drug Application Nda New Hire Awards
Newly Acquired Distribution Segment Concentrates Generic Products Therefore Newly Acquired Distribution Segment Highly Dependent Primary Courier
News Release News Release- Draft
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Nomination Directors
Nominees Election Meeting Non-competition
Non-current Investments Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
Nonsolicitation Notice Grant Signature Page
Notice Meetings Notice Stockholder Business
Notices Now Therefore
Number 0-20045 Number 001-13305
Number Tenure Qualifications Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Omeprazole Generic Version Prilosec Omeprazole Prilosec
Ompensation Ongoing Patent Infringement Litigation
Operating Cash Flow Remains Strong 136 Operating Expenses
Operating Results Financial Condition Fluctuate Operating Results Financial Condition Fluctuate Number Reasons Following
Operating Segments Operations
Option Exercises Stock Vested Option Exercises Year-end Values
Option Grants Option Vesting
Options Options Exercises Stock Vested
Options Granted Incentive Award Plan Other
Other Agreements Other Assets
Other Benefits Other Business
Other Compensation Other Fees
Other Income Expense Other Intangible Assets Net
Other Operating Expenses Other Pending Litigation
Other Pending Matters Other Revenues
Outlook Outside Activities
Overview Overview Compensation Program
Overview Watson Paid Time Off
Parachute Payments Part
Part Other Information Signatures Participants Solicitation
Parties Claim Infringe Proprietary Rights Prevent Manufacturing Selling Patents Proprietary Rights
Paul Bisaro Paul Bisaro Succeed Chao President Chief Executive Officer
Payments Prepayments Peer Group Review
Pension Fund Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc Usca Docket 04-56791 Performance Graph
Period Ending Perquisites Other Personal Benefits
Pharmaceutical Companies Successful Limiting Generics Through Legislative Regulatory Pharmaceutical Distribution Operations
Pharmaceutical Industry Average Wholesale Price Litigation Mdl Docket Pharmaceutical Industry Highly Competitive
Phase Phen-fen Litigation
Philip Orlando Allen Chao Case 403717 Charles Zimmerman Place Meetings
Please Complete Date Sign Return Proxy Envelope Provided Policies Regarding Returns Allowances Chargebacks Marketing Programs Adopted
Policy Deductibility Compensation Policy Deductibility Executive Compensation
Potential Payments Termination Change-in-control Ppa Litigation
Pre-launch Inventories Preferred Common Stock
Preferred Stock Prempro Products Liability Litigation Mdl Docket 1507
President Principal Accounting Fees Services
Principal Payment Term Facility Pro Forma Condensed Combined Financial Information
Pro Forma Financial Information Pro Forma Information Periods Prior Adoption Fas 123r
Pro Forma Results Operations Product Rights
Product Rights Amortization Outlook Product Rights Other Definite-lived Intangible Assets
Property Equipment Property Plant Equipment Net
Proposal 1-election Directors Proposal 2-ratification Appointment
Proposal Election Directors Proposal Ratification Appointment Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp
Proprietary Information Inventions Provided
Provides Outlook 2005 Provides Outlook 2006
Provision Income Taxes Provisions Sales Returns Allowances
Proxies Proxy Voting Instructions
Proxy-solicited Behalf Board Directors 2005 Annual Meeting Stockholders-may Purchase Commitments
Purchase Price Allocation Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Pursuant Rule 13a-14 Securities Exchange Act 1934
Pursuant Usc 1350 Created 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Quantitative Qualitative Disclosure Market Risk
Quarterly Period 2005 Quarterly Period 2006
Quarterly Period 2007 Quorum Adjourned Meetings
Quorum Voting Rate Interest
Reason Blackout Period Rebates
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Reclassifications
Record Date Registered Office
Registered Owner Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Regulation Disclosure Regulatory Compliance Committee
Related Parties Related Party Transactions
Release Release Agreement
Remaining Restricted Stock Escrow Agents Possession Belonging Holder Remedies
Removal Resignation Replacement Certificates
Report Audit Committee Report Compensation Committee Executive
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reports Strong Adjusted Ebitda Operating Cash Flow
Reports Total Net Revenue 621 2006 Reaches 198 Representation Shares Other Corporations
Repurchase Common Stock Required Vote
Required Vote Approval Amended Restated Plan Required Vote Election Directors
Research Development Research Development Activities
Research Development Expenses Research Development Outlook
Reserves Resignation Chao
Resolved Litigation Respect Agreement Notes Other Loan Document Hereinafter Referred
Restatement 2006 Results Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Plan Results
Results Operations Results Operations Financial Condition
Returns Other Allowances Returns Other Allowances-
Revenue Provision Sales Returns Allowances Revenue Recognition
Revocation Proxy Rights Stockholder Except Otherwise Provided Herein Including Delivery
Rising Insurance Costs Negatively Impact Profitability Risk Factors
Risks Related Business Role Committee
Role Executive Officers Compensation Decisions Ronald Taylor
Roprietary Nformation Nventions Salary
Sale Massachusetts Aerosol Manufacturing Operation Sale Subsidiary
Sales Internet Assets Sales Products Continue Adversely Affected Continuing Consolidation Distribution
Sandhaus Bayer Johnson County Dist Court Case 00cv06193 Schedule Not Reflect Cumulative Vesting
Seasonality Secretary
Secured Line Credit Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans
Securities Litigation Securities Litigation Against Andrx Corporation
Securities Litigation Against Watson Securities Registered Pursuant Act
See Accompanying Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements See Accompanying Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Segment Contribution Segments
Self-insurance Programs Selling General Administration Outlook
Selling General Administrative Expenses Selling Marketing Expenses
Senior Credit Facility Senior Executive Compensation Program
Senior Executive Equity Compensation Program Senior Notes
Setting Executive Compensation Severability
Severance Benefits Share Repurchase Plan Authorized
Share Repurchases Not Begin Before 2005 Conformity Insider Share-based Compensation
Share-based Payment Shareholders Derivative Actions
Shares Subject Plan Shipping Handling Costs
Sign Bonus Signatures
Significant Balances Intangible Assets Including Product Rights Goodwill Sodium Valproate
Solicitation Proxies Special Compensation
Special Meetings Specialty Products
Standard Benefits State Florida Rel Ven-a-care Keys Inc Mylan Laboratories
State Mississippi Abbott Laboratories Inc Civil Action G2005-2021 Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Awards Stock Option Plans
Stock Options Stock Price Performance Graph
Stock Repurchase Program Stock Repurchases
Stock-based Compensation Stockholder Action
Stockholders Equity Stockholders Proposals 2007 Annual Meeting
Stockholders Proposals 2009 Annual Meeting Stockholders Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting
Strategic Alliances Collaborations Strategic Initiatives Underway Strengthen Long Term Value
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Successors Assigns
Surrendered Lost Destroyed Certificates Susan Skara
Table Contents Tax Accounting Considerations
Tax Fees Tax Matters
Termination After Change Control Termination Cause
Termination Death Disability Termination Employment
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Termination Without Cause
Terms New Loans Commitments Provisions Pursuant Shall Follows Terms Options
Ther Greements Thomas Giordano
Thomas Russillo Time Need Rely Licenses Proprietary Technologies Difficult Expensive
Transferability Restricted Stock Escrow Treasurer
Unable Adequately Protect Technology Enforce Patents Business Suffer Unable Obtain Sufficient Supplies Key Manufacturing Sites Suppliers
Unable Obtain Sufficient Supplies Key Suppliers Some Cases Unable Successfully Develop Commercialize New Products Operating Results
Unanticipated Changes Tax Rates Exposure Additional Income Liabilities Unconsolidated Joint Ventures
United States America Watson Laboratories Inc Allen Chao Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Unsuccessful Joint Ventures Other Collaborations Operating Results Suffer Utside Ctivities
Vacancies Valuation Qualifying Accounts 2007 2006 2005
Valuation Qualifying Accounts 2008 2007 2006 Vice Chairman Board
Vice-president Vote Nominees Recommended Board Directors
Voting Voting Internet Telephone
Voting Proxy Person Voting Rights Solicitation Proxies
Waiver Waiver Notice
Watson Watson Names Durand Chief Financial Officer
Watson Pharmaceuticals Andrx Corporation Receive Ftc Request Watson Pharmaceuticals Announces Resignation Chief Financial Officer
Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc 2001 Incentive Award Plan Notice
Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc 311 Bonnie Circle Corona California Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc Director Independence Standards
Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc Subsidiaries 2005 Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc Subsidiaries 2007
Watson Pharmaceuticals Names Edward Heimers President Watsons Brand Watson Pharmaceuticals Reports 2006 Results
Watson Pharmaceuticals Reports 2007 Results Webcast Conference Call Details
Wellbutrin 150mg Wellbutrin Related Securities Claims
Whereas Witness Whereof
Witness Whereof Parties Executed Agreement Effective Date Above Working Capital Position
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