Topic Listing for Watts Water Technologies

Ability Improve Profitability Through Introduction New Technology Manufacturing Ability Make Large Acquisitions Limited Due Current Credit
Acceleration Accordance Terms Agreement Shall Deemed Been Delivered Each
Accounting Terms Accrued Benefit
Accrued Expenses Other Liabilities Accrued Normal Retirement Benefit
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss Acquisitions
Act Actions
Actuarial Valuation Additional Authority
Additional Committee Duties Additional Service Allowance
Adjustment Qualified Plan Offset Certain Participants Adjustments Stock Dividends Stocks Splits Etc
Administration Administration Plan Administrator Authority Select Grantees Determine Awards
Administrative Agent Applicable Issuer Swing Line Lender Shall Administrative Agent Proofs Claim
Adoption Other Entities Advisory Fiduciary Responsibility
Affiliate Affiliated Employers
Affiliates Affirmative Covenants
After Giving Effect Self-insurance Compatible Following Standards Aggregate Book Value Property Subject Specified Intercompany Asset
Aggregated Option Exercises Values Agreement Indemnify Agrees Indemnitee Follows
Allocation Assets Allocation Partial Prepayments
Allocation Responsibility Among Fiduciaries Plan Trust Administration Allowance Doubtful Accounts
Amend Financial Covenant Hereunder Defined Term Used Therein Amended Restated 2005
Amended Restated Credit Agreement Amended Restated Guaranty
Amendment 2004 Stock Incentive Plan Amendment Plan
Amendment Termination Plan Amendment Watts Water Technologies Inc Supplemental Employees Retirement
Amendments Agreement Amendments Etc
Amendments Governing Documents Amendments Termination
Amount Commencement Death Benefit Payable Surviving Spouse Amount Early Retirement Benefit
Amount Normal Deferred Retirement Benefit Amount Normal Retirement Benefit
Amount Normal Retirement Benefit Aerodyne Controls Corporation Employees Amount Normal Retirement Benefit Ames Employees
Amount Normal Retirement Benefit Anderson-barrows Employees Amount Normal Retirement Benefit Circle Seal Controls Inc
Amount Normal Retirement Benefit Contromatics Inc Employees Amount Normal Retirement Benefit Eagle Valve Inc Employees
Amount Normal Retirement Benefit Industries Inc Employees Amount Normal Retirement Benefit Leslie Controls Inc Employees
Amount Normal Retirement Benefit Mccraney Inc Dba Spacemaker Amount Normal Retirement Benefit Regtrol Inc Employees
Amount Normal Retirement Benefit Rudolph Labranche Inc Employees Amount Normal Retirement Benefit Watts Automatic Control Valve
Amount Normal Retirement Benefit Webster Foundry Division Employees Amount Normal Retirement Benefit Webster Valve Division Employees
Amount Spouse Joint Survivor Annuity Amount Surviving Spouse Benefit
Amount Vested Accrued Benefit Amount Vested Retirement Benefit
Andover Country Club Canterbury Street Massachusetts 01810 Andover Massachusetts 01810
Annual Bonus Annual Meeting Attendance
Annual Meeting Proxy Card Annual Performance Bonus
Annual Performance Evaluation Audit Committee Anti-terrorism Order
Appeal Review Procedure Appendix
Applicable Law Applicable Subsidiary Thereof
Application Critical Accounting Policies Key Estimates Application Forms Payment
Application Funds Appointment Authority
Appointment Committee Approvals Authorizations
Asbestos Litigation Assets Held Sale
Assignment Administrative Authority Attributable Indebtedness Respect Permitted Receivables Purchase Facilities
Audit Committee Audit Committee Director Nominations
Audit Committee Report Audited Financial Statements Annual Audit
Authorization Benefit Payments Authorization Contravention
Authorization Etc Auto-extension Letters Credit
Automatic Joint Survivor Annuity Available Information
Award Backlog
Bank Guaranties Base Salary
Basis Presentation Benchmarking
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Beneficiary
Benefit Service Benefit Service After 1985
Benefit Service Prior 1985 Binding Effect
Binding Effect Etc Board
Board Directors Recommends Vote Board Directors Stockholders
Book Value Property Disposed Connection Such Transactions After Books Records
Borrower Borrowings Conversions Continuations Committed Loans
Break Service Defined After 1985 Break Service Rules Applicable After 1985
Burdensome Agreements Business
Business Acquisitions Business Acquisitions Disposition
Business Ethics Compliance Called Principal
Cannot Continue Operating Manufacturing Facilities Current Higher Utilization Capital Lease
Cases Whether Not Caused Arising Whole Part Out Cash Compensation
Cash Equivalents Cash Flows
Certain Definitions Qualified Plan Apply Certain Factors Affecting Future Results
Certain Indebtedness Limit Ability Pay Dividends Incur Additional Certain Life Annuity Option
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certificates Other Information Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Certifications Change Control
Change Currency Change Nature Business
Change Status Eligible Employee Non-eligible Change Status Non-eligible Employee Eligible
Changes Corporate Structure Check Appropriate Box Below Form 8-k Filing Intended
Chief Executive Officer Compensation China
Choice Specified Proxy Voted Claims Procedures
Class Common Stock Insignificant Voting Power Class Common Stock Par Value Per Share
Code Code Compliance
Code Ethics Collect Receive Monies Other Property Payable Deliverable Such
Commencement Benefits Commencement Benefits Prior Normal Retirement Age
Commencement Payment Commitment Good Corporate Governance
Committed Loans Committee Procedures
Committees Board Common Stock
Common Stock Public Offering Residual Proceeds Completion 225000000 Communications Board
Comparison Cumulative Total Return Among Watts Water Technologies Compensation
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Losses
Compensation Mix Compensation Philosophy
Compensation Summary Competition
Completed Following Acquisitions 2004 Completed Following Acquisitions Since Beginning 2005
Compliance Certificates Compliance Erisa
Compliance Law Compliance Laws
Compliance Laws Other Instruments Etc Composition
Computation Interest Fees Computation Vested Benefit
Concentration Credit Conclusion
Conditions Credit Extensions Conditions Eligibility
Conditions Initial Credit Extension Conditions Paragraph Shall Lapse Respect Number Shares Restricted
Conditions Vested Retirement Benefits Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Ebitda Consolidated Ebitda Period Most Recently Provided
Consolidated Fixed Charges Consolidated Income Available Fixed Charges
Consolidated Interest Expense Consolidated Net Income
Consolidated Rentals Consolidated Total Assets
Consolidated Total Assets End Preceding Construction
Construction Plan Consulting Deferred Compensation Agreements
Contingencies Environmental Remediation Contingent Annuitant Option
Continuation Benefits Reemployment Continue Experience Declines Demand Further Reduce Production Levels
Contributions Contributions Employer
Control Controls Procedures
Conversion Conversion Sale Significant Number Shares Class Common Stock
Corporate Existence Etc Corporate Governance Guidelines
Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities Counterparts
Counterparts Integration Effectiveness Covered Employee
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Credit Agreement
Credited Service Crediting Service After 1985
Critical Accounting Policies Key Estimates Cumulative Total Return
Current Economic Cycles Particularly Reduced Levels Residential Non-residential Customers Markets
Damages Daniel Murphy
David Smith Longbow Capital Analyst Death After Commencement Benefits Normal Retirement Age
Death Benefit After Commencement Death Benefit Prior Commencement
Death Prior Retirement Debt
Debt Issuance Deductibility Contributions
Deemed Distribution Default
Default Rate Deferred Annuity Purchase
Deferred Retirement Benefit Deferred Retirement Date
Deferred Stock Awards Defined Terms
Defined Terms Used Agreement Following Shall Meanings Set Definitions
Delaware Corporation Delayed Retirement
Delayed Retirement Benefit Delegation Authority Board
Delegation Duties Dennis Cawte
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivative Instruments
Description Business Description Management Stock Purchase Plan
Description Severance Benefit Description Severance Benefits
Designated Borrowers Designation Beneficiary
Designation Restricted Unrestricted Subsidiaries Determination Benefits
Determination Eligibility Determination Service Break Eligibility
Determine Number Shares Stock Covered Award Direct Rollover Distributions
Direct Rollover Eligible Distributions Director
Director Compensation Directors
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Disability Retirement Disability Retirement Benefits
Disability Termination Disclosure
Discounted Value Discretionary Incentive Bonus
Discussed Consolidated Financial Statements Watts Water Technologies Inc Dispositions Permitted Receivables Pursuant Purchase Facilities
Distribution Benefits Beginning Before Death After Distribution Benefits Plan
Distribution Limitations Distribution Media
Divestment Benefits Divestures
Dividend Equivalent Amounts Dividend Equivalent Rights
Dividends Dividends Shares Restricted Stock Shall Paid Currently Grantee
Diy Documents Incoporated Reference
Documents Incorporated Reference Domestic
Domestic Subsidiary Guarantor Douglas White
Down Economic Cycles Particularly Reduced Levels Residential Non-residential Drawings Reimbursements Funding Participations
Duplication Benefits Dutch Companies
Early Commencement Vested Benefit Early Retirement
Early Retirement Benefit Early Retirement Date
Earnings Press Releases Economic Other Risks Associated International Sales Operations Adversely
Effect Commitments Sublimits Reduction Aggregate Pursuant 206 Shall Effective 2005 Entered Three-year Interest Rate Swap Counter
Effective Date Effective Date Plan
Eighth Election Out Spouse Joint Survivor Annuity
Eligibility Eligible Employee
Employee Benefit Plans Employees
Employment Affiliated Employer Employment Agreements
Employment Spence Engineering Inc Employment Watts Fluidair
Engagement Advisors Entity Shall Mean Corporation Partnership Limited Liability Joint
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Compliance
Environmental Compliance Costs Liabilities Increase Expenses Reduce Profitability Environmental Laws
Environmental Matters Environmental Remediation
Equity Compensation Plan Information Erisa
Erisa Affiliate Erisa Compliance
Ernest Elliott Estimates
Europe Euros Issuer Case Letter Credit Denominated Make Impracticable
Events Default Following Shall Constitute Event Evidence
Evidence Debt Exchange Act
Exchange Rates Currency Equivalents Exculpatory Provisions
Execution Plan Executive Compensation
Executive Officers Executive Sessions
Exercise Behalf Itself Lenders Issuer Rights Remedies Available Exercise Stock Appreciation Right Applicable Portion Related Option
Exhibits Existence Qualification Power
Existing Debt Future Liens Expenses Indemnity Damage Waiver
Experience Delays Introducing New Products Existing Not Achieve Extend
Face Intense Competition Not Able Respond Markets Revenues Face Risks Product Liability Other Lawsuits Adversely Affect
Fair Market Value Fair Value
Federal Income Tax Consequences Fees
Fees Required Paid Before Closing Date Shall Been Fifth
Financial Business Information Financial Statements
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Material Adverse Effect
Financing Arrangements Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio
Fluctuations Foreign Exchange Rates Materially Affect Reported Results Fluctuations Foreign Exchange Rates Particularly Euro Materially Affect
Following Extent Included Calculating Such Consolidated Net Income Foreign Assets Control Regulations Anti-terrorism Order Etc
Foreign Currency Translation Foreign Subsidiary Guarantor
Foreign Subsidiary Guarantors Forfeiture Cause
Forfeitures Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form Normal Retirement Benefit
Form Paid Form Senior
Fund Fund Exclusive Benefit Participants
Fundamental Changes Permitted Acquisitions Funding
Further Assurances Further Issuance Authorization Class Common Stock
Gaap Gender Number
General General Provisions
General Purpose Plan Definitions General Statement Purpose
Goodwill Long-lived Assets Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Goodwill Other Intangibles Gordon Moran
Governing Law Governing Law Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws
Governmental Authority Governmental Authorization Other Consents
Governmental Authorizations Etc Grants Plan-based Awards
Gregory Michaud Gross Profit
Guarantees Permitted 703 Guaranties
Guaranty Guaranty Matters
Had Free Cash Flow 23449000 2005 Versus 12283000 Had Previously Entered Interest Rate Swap Notional Amount
Hazardous Material Headings
Headings Subheadings Held 2006
Held 2007 Hereby Agree Terms Conditions Set Forth Above Attachments
Holder Home Office Payment
Householding Annual Meeting Materials However
Http Wwwcomputersharecom Http Wwwequiservecom
Illegality Impact Regulatory Requirements
Implementation Acquisition Strategy Not Successful Affect Ability Increase In-service Distribution
Inability Determine Rates Incentive Stock Option
Including Fees Time Charges Attorneys Employees Lender Issuer Income Continuing Operations
Income Taxes Increase Commitments
Increased Costs Generally Change Law Shall Incurred Through Closing Proceedings Provided Such Estimate Shall
Inde Indemnification
Independence Non-employee Directors Index
Information Concerning Solicitation Voting Information Furnished Participant
Information Required Proxy Statement Schedule 14a Inspection
Inspection Rights Institutional Investor
Instructions Withhold Authority Vote Indicated Nominee Write Number Insurance
Intellectual Property Licenses Etc Interest
Interest Expense Interest Income
Interest Rate Limitation Interests Participants Trust Fund
Internal Auditors Internet Access Here
Internet Access Reminder Internet Wwweproxycom Wts
Introduction Inventories
Inventories Net Inventory Valuation
Invested 1999 Stock Index-including Reinvestment Dividends Ending Investigating Potential Violations Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Results
Investment Securities Investments Auction Rate Certificates Subject Risks Cause Losses
Investments Auction Rate Securities Rights Issued Ubs Subject Investments Held Such Subsidiary Form Cash Equivalents Short-term
Investments Make Except Investments Rights Issued Ubs Subject Risks Result Complete
Issuer James Jones Litigation
Jeffrey Polofsky Jim Foung Gabelli Analyst
John Mcgillicuddy Josh
Judgment Currency Kenneth Mcavoy
Kredietinstelling Last Extension
Latest Commencement Benefits Leased Employees
Leases Legal Contingencies
Legal Proceeding Involving Director Legal Proceedings
Legal Regulatory Compliance Lenders Representation Regarding Dutch Banking Act Each Lender
Lester Taufen Letter Credit Amounts
Letter Credit Commitment Liabilities Shall Mean Judgments Damages Losses Penalties Excise
Liability Indemnification Licenses Permits Etc
Lien Liens
Liens Pursuant Loan Document Limit Highest Paid Employees
Limitation Applicable Defined Contribution Plan Participants Limitation Election Option
Limitation Optional Elections Limitation Powers Committee
Limitations Benefits Termination Liquidation Rights
Liquidity Capital Resources List Participants
Litigation Litigation Observance Agreements Statutes Orders
Loss Financial Instability Major Customer Adverse Effect Results Loss Major Customer Adverse Effect Results Operations
Lost Beneficiary Participant Lump Sums Available
Lynn Mcvay Mail
Maintenance Insurance Maintenance Properties
Make-whole Amount Management Stock Purchase Plan
Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations Overview
Mandatory Prepayment Manner Exercise
Manufacturing Margin Regulations Investment Act
Marketing Sales Material
Material Adverse Effect Material Change Accounting Policies Financial Reporting Practices Subsidiary
Material Domestic Subsidiaries Material Restricted Subsidiary
Material Subsidiary Guarantor Matters Relating Selection Performance Independence Independent Auditor
Maturity Surrender Etc Maximum Annual Benefit
Maximum Retirement Benefits Means
Means Collectively Domestic Subsidiary Guarantors Foreign Means Date Determination Subsidiaries Consolidated Basis Amount Equal
Means Guaranty Agreement Means Period Subsidiaries Consolidated Basis Amount Equal Net
Means Standard Poors Ratings Services Division Mcgraw-hill Companies Medium Funding
Meetings Merger
Merger Consolidation Mergers Consolidations Etc
Military Service Minimum Benefit Participants 1979
Minority Interest Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Provisions Mitigation Obligations Replacement Lenders
Multiemployer Plan Name Purpose
Named Executive Officers Eligible Unreduced Pensions Age Before Nature Business
Nature Obligations Negative Covenants
Net Income Continuing Operations Attributable Watts Water Technologies Net Income Per Common Share
New Accounting Standards New Product Development Engineering
Ninth Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Non-competition Non-competition Agreement China
Non-disclosure Confidential Information Non-duplication Benefits
Non-employee Director Non-guarantee Employment
Non-reliance Administrative Agent Other Lenders Non-solicitation Employees
Nonassignability Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
Normal Form Payment Normal Retirement
Normal Retirement Benefit Normal Retirement Date
North America North Andover Ma133april 2008
North Andover Ma133november 2006 North Andover Ma8230april 2008
North Andover Ma8230february 2009 North Andover Ma8230july 2008
Not Then Satisfied Each Such Case Directing Issuer Notes Held Etc
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2005 Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2008
Notice Employees Notice Proxy Statement Annual Report
Notice Requirements Notices Effectiveness Electronic Communication
Novation Number 001-11499
Occurrence Default Oems
Ofac Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Officers Certificate Ondernemingsraad
Onsideration Opinions Counsel
Option Option Effective
Optional Elections Optional Prepayments Make-whole Amount
Organization Operation Committee Organization Ownership Shares Subsidiaries Affiliates
Organization Power Authority Other Committee Powers Duties
Other Duties Etc Other Events
Other Income Expense Other Interpretive Provisions
Other Litigation Other Processing Fees Standard Costs Charges Issuer Relating
Other Remedies Outstanding Equity Awards Year-end
Overview Ownership Property Liens
Pari Passu Participant Spousal Consent Immediately Distributable Benefits
Participants Attained Normal Retirement Age Retired Prior 1986 Participants Rights Acquittance
Participation Participation Reemployment
Participation Requirements Parties Infringe Intellectual Property Expend Resources Enforcing Rights
Patrick Okeefe Paul Lacourciere
Payment Expenses Payment Obligations
Payment Qualified Domestic Relations Orders Payment Small Amounts
Payment Special Counsel Fees Payment Taxes Claims
Payments Due Non-business Payments Generally Administrative Agents Clawback
Payments Incapacitated Persons Payments Legally Incompetent
Payments Set Aside Pbgc
Pension Benefits Pension Plan
Pension Plan Funded Performance Board
Performance Cycle Performance Default
Performance Graph Performance-based Awards Covered Employees
Perquisites Person
Phone 1-800-560-1965 Place Payment
Plan Plan Administration
Plan Administrator Eligibility Plan Assets
Plan Provisions Still Apply Policies Procedures Related Person Transactions
Policy Qualifying Compensation Post-termination Compensation Change Control Arrangements
Powers Duties Pre-erisa Service
Preferred Stock Preliminary Statements
Prepayments Preservation Existence Etc
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principal Accounting Fees Services
Principles Consolidation Priority Debt
Private Offering Private Placement Number
Procedure Claiming Benefits Plan Procedures Addressing Complaints Concerns
Proceedings Documents Proceedings Right Indemnification Requested
Proceeds Proceeds Margin Regulations
Product Development Engineering Product Liability Environmental Other Litigation Matters
Product Liability Workers Compensation Costs Products
Professionele Marktpartij Prohibited Transaction Violation Fiduciary Responsibility Rules Respect Plan
Properties Property Plant Equipment
Proposal Approval Amendment Certificate Incorporation Proposal Approval Amendment Management Stock Purchase Plan
Proposal Election Directors Proposal Ratification Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Provided However Provision
Proxy Properly Executed Voted Directed Direction Given Each Proxy Properly Executed Voted Manner Directed Herein Undersigned
Proxy Properly Executed Voted Manner Directed Herein Undesigned Proxy Solicited Board Directors
Proxy Solicited Board Directors Annual Meeting 2007 Proxy Solicited Board Directors Annual Meeting 2008
Proxy Solicited Board Directors Annual Meeting 2009 Purchase Agreement
Purchase Agreement Amendment 2003 Purchase Investment
Purchase Notes Purchase Permitted Applicable Law Etc
Purpose Effect Proposed Amendment Qualified Domestic Relations Orders
Qualified Election Qualified Preretirement Survivor Annuity
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Financial Statements
Ralph Jackson Raw Materials
Receipt Release Receivables Securitization Financing
Recent Acquisitions Recent Acquisitions Disposition
Recent Developments Reconciliation Long-term Debt Including Current Portion Net Capitalization
Reconciliation Net Cash Provided Continuing Operations Free Flow Records Reports
Records Reports Committee Recrediting Service Reemployment
Reductions Interruptions Supply Raw Materials Changes Costs Reduce Reductions Interruptions Supply Raw Materials Increases Costs Reduce
Refinancing Swing Line Loans Refund Accumulated Contribution Account
Registration Notes Regular Reports Board
Reinvestment Yield Related 2005 Acquisitions 387000 Complete Planned Increase Ownership
Related Party Transactions Release Claims
Release Subsidiary Guarantor Reliance Administrative Agent
Reliance Reports Remaining Average Life
Remaining Scheduled Payments Remedies Event Default
Repayment Loans Repayment Participations
Replacement Lenders Replacement Notes
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Representations Foreign Loan Parties
Representations Warranties Required Benefit Commencement
Required Holders Requirements
Requirements Fas 142 Result Write-off Portion Goodwill Negatively Requirements Financial Accounting Standards Board Statement 142 Goodwill
Requirements Vested Benefits Rescission
Research Development Resignation Administrative Agent
Resolved Responsible Officer
Restricted Payments Restricted Stock Awards
Restricted Stock Units Restricted Subsidiary
Restriction Transfer Class Common Stock Restrictions Conditions
Restructuring Restructuring Other Charges
Restructuring Other Income Charges Results Operations Financial Condition
Retirement Prior 1985 Retroactive Annuity Starting Date
Return Contributions Return Contributions Result Mistake Fact
Revenue Recognition Review Charter
Richard Paget Morgan Joseph Analyst Right Setoff
Right Withdraw Plan Spinoff Rights Against Employer
Rights Employer Amend Terminate Rights Lender
Rights Retirement Plan Risk Assessment Management
Risk Factors Risks Expanding Manufacturing Operations Acquiring Companies China
Risks Expanding Manufacturing Operations China Robert Ayers
Role Board Directors Rounding
Rules Decisions Ryan Connors Boenning Scattergood Analyst
Sale Assets Sale Other Notes
Sales Products Customers Serving Commercial Market Impacted Delay Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Sas Schedule
Schedule 14a Rule 14a-101 Scheduled Prepayments
Schedules Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder See Reverse Voting Instructions
Select Individuals Awards Time Granted Selling General Administrative Expenses
Senior Accounting Executive Senior Documents
Senior Financial Officer Service Armed Forces
Service Defined Service Eligibility
Service Prior 1985 Settlement Date
Seventh Severability
Severance Service Date Shall Indemnify Hold Harmless Each Indemnitee Reasonable Fees
Shall Not Subject Fiduciary Other Implied Duties Regardless Shall Pay Fees Time Charges Attorneys Employees Administrative
Shares Available Issuance Equity Compensation Plans Shares Issuable Maximum Number Rsus Adjustments Change Control
Shares Restricted Stock Granted Herein Not Sold Assigned Sharing Payments Lenders
Shipping Handling Signature
Signature Page Amended Restated Credit Agreement Signatures
Single Sum Payment Value Vested Retirement Benefits Social Security Option
Solicitation Holders Notes Source Funds
Special Normal Early Retirement Date Special Retirement Benefit
Special Retirement Benefit-tier Special Retirement Benefit-tier 1-a
Special Retirement Benefit-tier 1-t Special Rules Disability Retirement
Specified Intercompany Asset Transfer Spendthrift
Spendthrift Clause Spousal Consent Required
Spousal Consent Requirement Spouse Joint Survivor Annuity
Stated Material Respects Considered Relation Consolidated Financial Statements Status Certain Statutes
Status Plan Stock
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Compensation
Stock Issuable Plan Mergers Substitution Stock Options
Stock Options Restricted Awards Stock Ownership Guidelines
Stock Plans Stock Splits Other Transactions
Stock-based Compensation Stockholder Proposals
Stockholders Exercise Substantial Influence Over Subject Provisions Extend Time Period Stock Options Exercised
Subject Risks Related Product Defects Result Recalls Warranty Subject Specified Intercompany Asset Transfers Such Shall Not
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries Equity Interests
Subsidiary Subsidiary Consummate Acquisition Respect Following Conditions Satisfied Permitted
Subsidiary Guarantor Subsidiary Guaranty
Successor Successors Assigns
Such Assignment Not Conflict Applicable Laws Such Auto-extension Letter Credit Permit Issuer Prevent Extension
Such Employee Option Price Incentive Stock Shall Not Summary Compensation Table
Supplemental Plan Supplemental Plan Funded
Survival Survival Representations Warranties
Surviving Spouse Benefit Suspension Benefit Distributions
Suspension Benefits Swap Contracts
Swing Line Loans Tax Withholding
Taxes Taxes Other Income
Tenth Termination Eligibility
Termination Generally Termination Plan
Termination Reduction Commitments Time Election
Times Timothy Horne
Title Property Leases Top Heavy Provisions
Transaction Expenses Transactions Affiliates
Transfer Adjustment Normal Retirement Benefit Transfer Employment
Transfer Employment Subsidiary Another Transfer Exchange Notes
Transfer Leave Absence Etc Treatment Certain Information Confidentiality
Underwriting Agreement Been Duly Authorized Executed Delivered United States Securities Exchange Washington 20549 Form 10-q
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Unrestricted Stock Awards
Unrestricted Subsidiary Unsecured Indebtedness Including Without Limitation Senior Notes
Usa Patriot Act Usa Patriot Act Notice
Used 16526000 Net Cash Financing Activities 2004 Primarily Vested Benefits
Vesting Vesting Eligibility Service After 1985
Vesting Service Vesting Settlement Rsus
Veterans Benefits Vice Versa
Vote Internet Http Wwweproxycom Wts Quick Easy Immediate Vote Mail
Vote Phone Toll Free 1-800-560-1965 Quick Easy Immediate Vote Required Approval
Voting Vrijstellingsregeling
Waive Condition Set Forth 401 Without Written Consent Waiver Cumulative Remedies
Waiver Jury Trial Waivers Election Remedies Expenses Etc
Watts Industries Inc Watts Water Technologies Earnings Conference Call
Watts Water Technologies Inc Watts Water Technologies Inc 2004 Stock Incentive Plan
Watts Water Technologies Inc Also Behalf Subsidiaries Watts Water Technologies Inc Certification Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley
Watts Water Technologies Inc Subsidiaries Wet Toezicht Kredietwezen 1992
What Material Terms Conditions Pension Plan What Material Terms Conditions Supplemental Plan
What Policy Regard Granting Extra Benefit Service What Specific Elements Compensation Included Applying Payment Benefit
What Term Present Value Accumulated Benefit Mean Whereas
Wholesalers William Martino
William Mccartney Witness Whereof
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