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Able Ontents Acceptance Appointment Successor
Acceptance Terms Trust Agreement Guarantee Indenture Accepting Gifts
Access Annual Report Proxy Statement Via Internet Access List Holders Names Addresses
Access List Securityholders Names Addresses Access Proxy Materials Electronically
Access Proxy Materials Internet Access Proxy Materials Via Internet
Account Relationships Accurate Records
Achieving Compensation Objectives Acknowledgment
Acquisitions Divestitures Adjusted Activities Customers Vendors
Acts Holders Additional Information Directors Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Additional Information Grants Plan-based Awards Table Additional Information Summary Compensation Table
Address Principal Executive Offices Zip Code Adjustments Multiplier Settlement Property
Advance Notice Procedures Advice Customers
Advisory Vote Executive Director Compensation Agreed Tax Treatment
Agreement Not Petition Agreement Plan Merger
Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New Agreements
Already Existing Outstanding Amendment
Amendment 1503 Indenture Hereby Amended Restated Entirety Follows Amendment Require Independent Chairman
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Annex
Annex Form Cent Annex Form Junior Subordinated Debenture
Annual Compensation Anti-dilution Adjustments Discontinuance Fund Alteration Method Calculation
Anti-dilution Adjustments Relating Ishares Fund Discontinuance Alternate Calculation Appendix
Applicability Applicable Law
Appointment Independent Auditors Appointment Paying Agent
Approve Increase Authorized Common Stock Approve Non-binding Advisory Resolution
Approve Performance-based Compensation Policy Attend Annual Meeting Vote
Audit Examination Committee Audit Examination Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures
Audit Examination Committee Report Authority Responsibilities
Authorization Enter Certain Transactions Authorized Denominations
Ayment Ccount Bear Stearns Litigation
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Board Committee Meetings Annual Meeting Attendance
Board Directors Board Directors Recommends Stockholders Vote Proposal Approve Amended
Board Directors Recommends Stockholders Vote Proposal Ratify Appointment Board Directors Recommends Vote
Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Proposal Identified Proxy
Board Lea Dership Structure Lead Director Board Member Philip Quigley Elected Lead Director
Board Recommend Vote Board Recommend Vote Shares
Board Recommends Stockholders Vote Proposal Ratify Appointment Kpmg Board Recommends Vote
Board Recommends Vote Against Board Recommends Vote Against Proposal Identified Enclosed Proxy
Board Recommends Vote Against Proposal Identified Proxy Card Boards Role Risk Oversight
Bona Fide Book-entry Capital Securities Certificates Common Certificate
Book-entry Trust Preferred Securities Certificates Common Certificate Borrowing Lending Other Credit Transactions
Business Business Expenses
Calculation Agent Cancellation Agreement
Cannot Sold Until Capital Purchase Program Investment Re-paid Cautionary Statement Forward-looking Information
Cautionary Statement Forward-looking Statements Ccm4521
Certain Duties Responsibilities Certain Federal Income Tax Consequences
Certain Notices Certain Relationships Transactions Directors Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider
Certain Relationships-executive Officers Certain Rights Property Trustee
Certain Rights Property Trustee Delaware Change Vote
Chief Executive Officer Compensation Chief Executive Officers Compensation Determined
Choice Law Integration Survival Citing Loy Lorm Corp
Citing Meiselman Citing Paramount Commcns Inc Qvc Network
Citing Peace River Elec Coop Inc Ward Transformer Citing Phelps Dodge Corp Mcallister
Civic Activities Co-trustees Separate Trustee
Code Administrator Assignments Code Administrator Duties
Code Training Combination Stripped Pps Normal After Stock Purchase Date
Committee Charter Performance Evaluation Committee Determination
Committee Resources Committees Board
Common Stock Units Employee Benefit Plans Communication Presents Only Overview Complete Proxy Materials Available
Communications Directors Community Bankings
Comparative One- Three- Five-year Financial Results Compensation Actions Named Executives
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Committee Report Certification Review Seo Incentive Compensation Components
Compensation Determinations Certain Senior Executive Officers Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Indemnity Fees Compensation Objectives
Compensation Tables Information Compliance
Compliance Legal Regulatory Requirements Policies Compounded Quarterly Dividends Reinvested Annualized
Conclusion Conditions Obligations Underwriters
Conference Call Information Conference Call Update
Confidential Information Conflicting Interests
Consolidation Merger Conveyance Transfer Lease Contents
Continuation Issuer Trust Conversion
Corporate Communications Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Guidelines Codes Ethics Corporate Opportunities
Corporate Property Trustee Required Eligibility Issuer Trustees Administrative Counterparts
Covenants Covenants Subordination
Credit Committee Cross-reference Table
Cusip Numbers Date Report Earliest Event Reported 2008
Dealings Government Officials Dear Wells Fargo Stockholder
Declaration Trust Default Underwriter
Defeasance Covenant Deferred Compensation Plan Independent Sales Agents
Defined Terms Definitions
Definitive Capital Securities Certificates Definitive Trust Preferred Securities Certificates
Delegation Power Delivery Payment
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Deposit Liabilities Derivative Hedging Transactions Securities Issued Wells Fargo
Derivatives Description Plan
Designation Determination Cmt Rate
Determination Commercial Paper Rate Determination Euribor
Determination Federal Funds Open Rate Determination Federal Funds Rate
Determination Final Award Number Determination Libor
Determination Maturity Payment Amount Determination Prime Rate
Determination Rate Determination Treasury Rate
Determining 2006 Competitive Pay Named Executive Officers Did Receive Notice Regarding Internet Availability Proxy Materials
Did Receive Proxy Materials Did Wells Fargo Decide New Notice Access Rule
Director Compensation Director Election By-law Amendment
Director Election Standard Director Independence
Director Independence Determination Director Nomination Process
Director Nominations Director Nominees Election
Director Voting Policy Disclosures Requests Approval
Discontinuance 500 Index Alteration Method Calculation Discontinuance Basket Component Alteration Method Calculation
Discontinuance Basket Index Alteration Method Calculation Discontinuance Dow Jones Global Titans Alteration Method Calculation
Discontinuance Index Alteration Method Calculation Discontinuance Rogers Index Alteration Method Calculation
Dissolution Dissolution Expiration Date
Dissolution Liquidation Merger Distributions
Dividends Due 2008
Due 2010 Due 2011
Due 2012 Due 2013
Due 2014 Due 2015
Due Date Issue Each Guarantor Guarantee Trustee Hereby Irrevocably Waives Fullest
Each Parties Hereto Hereby Irrevocably Waives Fullest Extent Early Dissolution
Early Termination Ecitals
Ecitals Ompany Ecurities Elated Atters
Effectiveness Redemption Efinitions
Elected Board Elects Exercise Such Right
Emarketable 750 Unior Ubordinated Ote 2044 Emarketable 925 Unior Ubordinated Ote 2044
Emarketing Ate Eset Rocedures Emergency By-laws
Employee Plan Participants Enstar Corp
Entitled Vote Annual Meeting Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Epresentations Arranties Ovenants Equity Compensation Plan Information
Ertificate Uthentication Esop Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock
Ethics Committee Review Events Default
Evidence Compliance Conditions Precedent Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Exceptions Exchange Act 1934 Amendment
Exchanges Excludes Deposits Greater 500 Single Banking Store
Execution Delivery Trust Securities Certificates Executive Compensation
Executive Compensation Components Executive Compensation Objectives
Executive Compensation Predatory Lending Executive Officer Exceptions
Exercise Price Exhibits
Federal Reserve Wells Fargo Agree Future Loan Loss Fiduciary Activities
Fiduciary Duty Final Component Level Initial
Finance Committee Financial Services
Financial Statements Exhibits Find Information Electronic Delivery Proxy Materials Benefits Wells
Find Information Secs New Notice Access Rule Works Fixed Rate Notes
Floating Rate Notes Due 2011 Floating Rate Notes Due 2012
Force Majeure Foreclosed Assets
Form 8-k Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Former Wachovia Stockholder Previously Elected Receive Proxy Materials Forward-looking Statements
Free Writing Prospectuses Included Disclosure Package Gaming
Gaylord Container Corp General
General Corporation Law State Delaware General Information
Get Copy Printed Proxy Materials Mail Sign Future Get E-proxy Notice Still Copy Printed Proxy Materials
Get Paper Copy Proxy Materials Get Proxy Materials Statement Annual Report Card Meeting
Gifts Activities Customers Vendors Giving Gifts
Glossary Commonly Used Terms Governance Nominating Committee
Governance Policies Governing Law
Governing Law Internal Laws State New York Shall Guarantee
Guarantee Agreement Shall Governed Construed Interpreted Accordance Laws Guarantee Trustee
Guidelines Activities Outside Headings
Hoc Hold Securities
Holder Action Written Consent However
Hrc Gnc Compensation Consultant Hrc Review Incentive Compensation Programs Senior Executive Officers
Hrc-executive Compensation Process Procedures Human Resources Committee
Human Resources Committee-executive Compensation Process Procedures Hunton Williams Llp Thomas Cottingham Patrick Robson Edward
Ights Emedies Important Notice Concerning Rights Wachovia Savings Plan
Important Notice Concerning Rights Wells Fargo 401 Plan Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials 2009 Annual Important Notice Regarding Internet Availability Proxy Materials 2008
Inappropriate Sales Incentive Compensation Awards
Indemnification Contribution Indenture Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New
Index Index Exhibits
Information Information Merger
Information Merger Find Initial Contribution Trust Property Organizational Expenses
Initial Ownership Insider Trading
Inspection Records Integration
Integrity Financial Reportin Interest Rate Reset
Internet Address Http Wwweproxycom Wfc Introduction
Investment Wells Fargo Customer Vendor Iscellaneous
Iscellaneous Rovisions Ishares Funds
Issolution Iquidation Erger Issuance Capital Securities
Issuance Common Securities Subscription Purchase Debentures Issuance Common Securities Subscription Purchase Notes
Issuance Trust Preferred Securities Ixc Commcns Inc Sholder Litig
Ixc Commcns Sholders Litig John Chen Elected Wells Fargo Board
Kpmg Fees Last Year-end Option Sar Values
Lead Director Learn
Ledge Limitation Rights Holders
Limitations Voting Rights Linked World Equity Index Basket Due 2011
Liquidation Loan Portfolio
Loans Loans Held Sale
Long-term Compensation Long-term Disability Plans
Long-term Incentive Compensation Plan Long-term Incentive Compensation Plans
Lticp Maintenance Office Agency
Manager Senior Leader Responsibilities Marcoux Prim
Market Disruption Events Material Features Equity Compensation Plans Not Approved Stockholders
Material Inside Information Meetings Attendance
Meetings Holders Capital Securities Meetings Securityholders Trust Preferred Securities
Members Audit Examination Committee Members Human Resources Committee
Membership Action Committee Mendment
Merger Consolidation Sale Assets Not Liquidation Merger Conversion Consolidation Succession Business
Mergers Consolidations Amalgamations Replacements Issuer Trust Minimis
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Provisions
Modification Waivers Money
Montgomery Street San Francisco California 94104 Mortgage Servicing Rights Certain Other Interests Held Securitizations
Mortgages Held Sale Mhfs Much Stock Directors Executive Officers Own
Mutatis Mutandis Mutilated Destroyed Lost Stolen Trust Securities Certificates
Name Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant
Named Executives New
News Release Corporate Communications Non-cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock Series
Non-qualified Stock Option Agreement Non-solicitation Employees Customers
Noncontrolling Interest Nonmarketable Equity Investments
North Carolina Judge Rules Favor Wells Fargo Wachovia Not Responsible Recitals Issuance Securities
Not Valid Form Picture Identification Proof Owned Legally Not Valid Picture Identification Proof Owned Legally Authorized
Notes Due 2011 Notes Due 2012
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Notice Corporation Redemption
Notice Holders Election Cause Redemption Notice Meetings
Notices Notices Clearing Agency
Number Issuer Trustees Number Shares
Obligation Absolute Office Delaware Trustee Principal Place Business
Officers Offices
Ollateral Greement Ontrol
Option Exercises Stock Vested Option Extend Maturity
Option Grants Exercises Option Sar Grants Last
Optional Redemption Orm Ote
Other Additional Terms Other Compensation
Other Compensation Arrangements Certain Executive Officers Other Compensation Components
Other Compensation-2007 Other Compensation-2008
Other Compensation-2009 Other Events
Other Liabilities Other Matters Relating Directors
Other Transactions Relationships Executive Officers Otice Nnual Eeting Tockholders
Oting Ights Otes Outside Business Employment Activities
Outstanding Overdrafts Fees Service Charges Rate Concessions
Oversight Oversight Auditors
Overview Ownership Common Securities Depositor
Paper Copies Proxy Materials Partial Invalidity
Partial Payment Participation Retirement Other Benefit Programs
Pay Executive Officers Payment Account
Payment Expenses Issuer Trust Payment Procedures
Payment Verification Payments Due Non-business
Payments Indenture Pursuant Direct Actions Pays Cost Soliciting Proxies
Peer Group Abbreviations Peer Group Compensation Performance
Peer Group Compensation Performance Comparisons Per Annum
Performance Policy Performance-based Compensation Policy
Perpetual Existence Perquisites
Perquisites Other Compensation Perquisites-2007
Perquisites-2008 Perquisites-2009
Personal Recourse Personal Trading Investment
Personal Transactions Persons Deemed Holders
Persons Deemed Securityholders Persons Subject Lock-up Agreements
Please Make Sure Notice Available Please Sign Exactly Name Appears Proxy Card
Political Activities Political Contributions
Position Board Directors Post Hoc
Post-employment Compensation-in General Post-retirement Arrangements
Potential Post-employment Payments Powers Duties Rights Guarantee Trustee
Preferential Collection Claims Against Depositor Issuer Trust Previously Indicated Get Proxy Materials Electronically Still Them
Pricing Date Pricing Information
Pril 2005 Pril 2006
Principal Stockholders Pro Forma
Pro Forma Condensed Combined Financial Information Pro Forma Wells Fargo Before Stock Issuances
Pro Rata Proposal
Proposal Approve Amended Restated Long-term Incentive Compensation Plan Proposal Approve Amendment Long-term Incentive Compensation Plan
Proposal Approve Non-binding Advisory Resolution Regarding Compensation Named Proposal Approve Performance-based Compensation Policy
Proprietary Information Provided
Provided Furthe Provided Further
Provided However Proxies Discretion Vote Other Matter Properly Before Annual
Proxies Etc Proxy Solicited Board Directors Wells Fargo Annual Meeting
Purchase Sale Purchases Sales Securities Issued Wells Fargo
Purpose Notice Inform Restrictions Ability Directly Indirectly Buy Purposes
Pursuant 151 General Corporation Law State Delaware Qualified Default Investment Alternatives Wachovia Savings Plan
Qualifying Treasury Securities Questions Concerning Notice Please Call Service Center 1-877-hrwells
Quoting Union Corp Quoting Union Corp Suntrust Banks Inc
Ranking 1-year Metrics Ranking 3-year Metrics
Ranking 5-year Metrics Ranking Common Securities
Receive E-proxy Notice Still Paper Copies Proxy Materials Receive Paper Copies Proxy Materials E-proxy Notice Mail
Receive Paper E-mail Copy Documents Request Charge Requesting Receive Proxy Materials Electronically Future
Received Printed Copy Proxy Materials Mail Receive Electronically Recitals
Recommendation Vote Required Reconfirms Merger Expense Saves
Record Date Voting Other Purposes Recordkeeping
Redemption Referrals
Regarding Payday Lending Regarding Performance Shares
Regarding Report Charitable Contributions Registered Stockholders
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 1-800-292-9932
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 1-866-249-3302 Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 1-866-878-5865
Registration Transfer Registration Transfer Exchange Capital Securities Certificates
Registration Transfer Exchange Trust Preferred Securities Certificates Reimbursement Underwriters Expenses
Related Person Transaction Policy Procedures Related Person Transactions
Relocation Program Remainder Page Been Left Intentionally Blank
Remarketing Certificate Remarketing Elections
Remarketing Procedures Remedies
Repayment Repayment Debentures
Report Hmda Data Report Human Resources Committee Executive Compensation
Reports Notices Demands Reports Property Trustee
Representations Indemnities Survive Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Depositor Representations Warranties Parent
Representations Warranties Property Trustee Delaware Require Independent Chairman
Requirements Meet Attend Annual Meeting Person Residual Distributions
Resignation Removal Appointment Successor Resolution
Resolution Supporting Statement Resolutions Adopted Board Directors 2005
Resolutions Adopted Governance Nominating Committee 2005 Resolved
Restricted Share Rights Award Agreement Restrictions Against Insider Trading
Retention Performance Share Award Agreement Return Realized Common Equity Ranking
Reverse Security Review Compensation Policies Practices Related Risk Management
Review Incentive Compensation Programs Excessive Risks Rights Holders Waivers Past Defaults
Rights Securityholders Waivers Past Defaults Riginal Ssue Otes
Robinson North Carolina Corporation Law Roceeds Ledged Reasury Ecurities
Rogers Index Roxy Tatement
Rsrs Awards Rsrs Retention Performance Share Awards
Rules Regarding Admission Annual Meeting Sales Incentive Programs
Sales Relatives Friends Schedule Exchanges
Securities Available Sale Securities Exchange
Securitizations Beneficial Interests See
See Also See Also Thompson
See Generally See Generally Barger Mccoy Hillard Parks
See Generally Hammonds See Thompson Enstar Corp
See Union Corp Senior Extendible Floating Rate
Separability Separability Clause
Separation Board Chair Ceo Positions Share Exchange Agreement
Short-term Financial Assets Short-term Financial Liabilities
Signature Signature Page Follows
Signature Page Wells Fargo Underwriting Agreement Signatures
Sinking Fund Sixth Names Places Residence Subscribers Capital Stock Number
Sixth Supplemental Indenture Smith Vvan Gorkom
Ssignment Standards Personal Finances
Stock Award Agreement Stock Performance
Stock Settlement Option Stock Transfers
Stockholder Own Common Stock Stockholder Proposal
Stockholder Proposal Regarding Stockholder Proposal Regarding Adoption Policy Limiting Benefits Supplemental
Stockholder Proposal Regarding Advisory Vote Executive Compensation Stockholder Proposal Regarding By-laws
Stockholder Proposal Regarding By-laws Amendment Require Independent Chairman Stockholder Proposal Regarding Director Compensation
Stockholder Proposal Regarding Director Election By-law Amendment Stockholder Proposal Regarding Executive Compensation Advisory Vote
Stockholder Proposal Regarding Human Rights Issues Investment Policies Stockholder Proposal Regarding Neutral Sexual Orientation Employment Policy
Stockholder Proposal Regarding Pay-for-superior-performance Compensation Plan Stockholder Proposal Regarding Policy
Stockholder Proposal Regarding Report Stockholder Proposal Regarding Report Home Mortgage Disclosure Act
Stockholder Proposal Regarding Report Political Contributions Stockholder Proposal Regarding Report Racial Disparities Mortgage Lending
Stockholder Proposal Regarding Separation Board Chair Ceo Positions Stockholder Proposals
Stockholder Proposals 2006 Stockholder Proposals 2007
Stockholder Proposals 2008 Stockholder Proposals 2009
Stockholder Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting Stockholder Proposals 2011 Annual Meeting
Stockholders Asked Vote Other Matters Stockholders Meeting Held 2010
Subordination Common Securities Succession Planning Management Development
Successors Successors Assigns
Summary Compensation Table Supplemental Indenture
Supporting Statement Supporting Statement Resolution
Sustainable Long-term Growth Strategic Role Executive Compensation Table
Table Contents Table Price Earnings Ratio
Table Rank Average Rankings Across Metrics Table Return Equity
Tarp Cpp Compensation Restrictions Tax Returns Reports
Team Member Plan Participants Team Member Responsibilities
Telephone Call Toll Free Touch-tone 1-800-560-1965 Termination
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Terms Agreement
Ther Pps Elated Rovisions Timing Stock Option Grants
Title Trust Property Tock Urchase Ontract Greement
Total Annual Return Total Return-fund Options
Trade Secrets Confidential Information Trading Assets
Transactions Wells Fargo Transfer
Transferable Only Books Corporation Holder Hereof Person Duly Trust Indenture Act
Trust Indenture Act Conflict Trust Securities Certificates
Trustee Proofs Claim Two-for-one Stock Split
Ualifying Reasury Ecurities Uarantee Greement
Ubordination Underwriter Representations Agreements
Undue Influence Union Corp
Unocal Corp Mesa Petroleum Unprecedented
Update Regarding Previously Announced Retirement Executive Officer Ustody
Ustody Otes Valuation Date
Vote Annual Meeting Vote Been Cast
Vote Confidential Vote Counted
Vote Dont Attend Annual Meeting Vote Internet Telephone Mail
Vote Internet Telephone Mail See Reverse Side Instruction Vote Internet Wwweproxycom Wfc
Vote Person Annual Meeting Vote Required Recommendation
Vote Shares Vote Shares Held 401 Plan Stock Purchase Wells
Vote Shares Hold 401 Plan Stock Purchase Vote Shares Ways
Vote Telephone Internet Votes Counted
Votes Present Hold Annual Meeting Votes United States Person
Voting Rights Wachovia
Wachovia Announces Shareholder Approval Wells Fargo Merger Wachovia Bank Settles Previously Disclosed Compliance Matters
Wachovia Savings Plan Fund Changes Wachovia Shareholder Vote Remains Schedule
Waiver Jury Trial Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo 401 Plan Fund Changes Wells Fargo Announces Agreement Buy Back Auction Rate
Wells Fargo Announces Common Stock Offering Wells Fargo Board
Wells Fargo Board Elects Members Wachovia Wells Fargo Capital
Wells Fargo Chairman Kovacevich Retire Stumpf Succeed Him Wells Fargo Common Stock 2007 Per Share Data
Wells Fargo Common Stock Per Share Data Wells Fargo Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Wells Fargo Hold 2008 Annual Meeting Stockholders Wells Fargo Hold 2009 Annual Meeting Stockholders
Wells Fargo Hold 2010 Annual Meeting Stockholders Wells Fargo Prices 10650 Capital Raise
Wells Fargo Prices Capital Raise Wells Fargo Repay Entire Tarp Investment Announces 104
Wells Fargo Senior Evp Oman Retire Year-end Wells Fargo Senior Leaders Receive Base Pay Increase
Wells Fargo Strong Secure Well Capitalized Growing Market Wells Fargo Using Secs Notice Access Rule Deliver
What Boards Recommendations Stockholders Vote Matters What Broker Non-vote
What Deadline Voting What Difference Between Holding Shares Record Holder Street
What Difference Between Record Holder Street Name What E-proxy Notice Look Like
What Function Committee What Goals Compensation Policies
What Householding What Proxy
What Purpose Annual Meeting What Purpose Performance Policy
What Vote Required Approve Each What Voting Annual Meeting
Whereas Wholesale Bankings
Wills Trusts Estates Without Government Assistance
Witness Whereof Witness Whereof Said Corporation Caused Certificate Signed Duly
Witness Whereof Wells Fargo Www Rlf Com
Wwwrlfcom Xpenses
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