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Access Information Accidental Nuclear Outage Insurance
Accounting Regulations Unique Public Utilities Change Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable Sales Program Accounts Receivable Variable Interest Entities
Acid Rain Program Additional Covenants
Additional Earnings Information Conference Call Additionally Shareholders Help Reduce Printing Mailing Costs Further
Address Including Zip Code Telephone Number Area Registrants Administration Plan
Admission Ticket Please Bring Annual Meeting Notice Shareholders Advanced Metering Infrastructure Ami
Affidavit Affiliate Long-term Debt Other Mandatorily Redeemable Securities
Aging Infrastructure Asset Management Aging Infrastructure New Load Reliability Projects
Agreement Assume Leasehold Interest Jeffrey Energy Center Agreement Purchase Electric Generation Facility
Air Emissions Allowance Funds Used Construction
Although Customers Endorse Energy Efficiency Express Desire Little Amendment Articles Incorporation Westar Energy Inc
Annex Annual Indicated Dividend Now 100 Per Share
Annual Meeting Admission Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2009
Annual Performance Evaluation Annual Report Shareholders
Anthony Isaac Anyone Know Vote
Application Filed Environmental Regulators Regarding Emission Control Equipment Appropriate Supply Plan
Arthur Krause Asset Retirement Obligations
Attend Annual Meeting Audit Committee
Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures Audit Committee Report
Audit Fees Barber County
Baseline Assumptions 500 Basis Presentation
Believe Environmental Stewardship Now Taken Level Importance Akin Benchmarking
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Board Agenda
Board Committees Board Directors Recommends Vote Nominees Listed Below
Board Directors Recommends Vote Proposal Board Directors Recommends Vote Proposals
Board Directors Responsibilities Board Directors Self-evaluation
Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Vote Favor Each Above Board Meetings
Board Meetings Committees Directors Board Size
Box 750320 Topeka 66675-0320 Business Organization
Capital Leases Capital Resources
Capital Spending Plans Releases 2009 Results Capital Structure
Cash Compensation Cash Equivalents
Cash Flows Financing Activities Cash Flows Operating Activities
Cash Flows Used Financing Activities Cash Flows Used Investing Activities
Cash Flows Used Operating Activities Cash Surrender Value Life Insurance
Certain Beneficial Owners Common Stock Certain Relationships Directors
Chairman Board Chief Executive Officer Change Control Agreements
Change Control Benefits Change Pension Value Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Earnings
Change Vote Changes Named Executive Officer Compensation 2007 2008
Changes Net Income Changes Prices
Changes Primary Employment Changes Rates
Charles Chandler Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer-james Haines Chief Financial Officer
Circleville Substation Claim Relief
Class I-term Expiring 2009 Class Ii-term Expiring 2010
Class Iii-term Expiring 2011 Clean Air Act
Clean Air Mercury Rule Clean Air Visibility Rule
Clean Coal Technologies Climate Change Policy
Coal Coal Inventory Delivery
Code Ethics Commercial Commitments
Commitments Contingencies Commodity Derivatives Not Designated Hedging Instruments 2009
Commodity Price Exposure Common Preferred Stock
Common Stock Issuance Common Stock Offering
Communications Directors Compact Fluorescent Lights
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Consultants
Compensation Directors Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Executive Officers Compensation Executive Officers Directors
Compensation Philosophy Compensation Philosophy Objectives
Compensation Plans Compensation Program Structure
Competition Deregulation Competitive Pressures Electric Industry Deregulation Adversely Affect Revenues
Complaint Completed Purchaser Above Checked
Compliance Existing Regulations Compliance Filings
Composition Board Membership Criteria Conference Call
Conference Call Additional Information Conflicts Interest
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income
Consolidation Variable Interest Entities Contents
Contingencies Litigation Continuing Directors Class I-term Expiring 2006
Contractual Cash Obligations Contractual Obligations
Contractual Obligations Commercial Commitments Controls Procedures
Convictions David Wittig Douglas Lake Overturned Corporate Governance Guidelines Independence
Corporate Governance Management Corporate Governance Matters
Corporate-owned Life Insurance Costs Not Fully Recovered Rates
Costs Not Fully Recovered Retail Rates Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement
Credit Ratings Credit Risk
Criteria Critical Accounting Estimates
Current Report Pursuant Ecurities Exchange Act 1934 Current Requirements
Current Status Debt Reduction Plan Customer Demands Met
Customer Education Customer Rebates
Customer Refunds Rebates Customer Service Enhancements Improvements
Cygne Unit Lease Cygne Unit Lease Commitments
Date Incorporated Debt
Debt Covenants Debt Financing
Debt Financings Decrease Income Operations
Decrease Net Income Defendant
Deferred Compensation Department Labor Investigation
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Depreciation Depreciation Amortization
Depreciation Amortization Expense Derivative Instruments
Derivative Instruments Hedge Accounting Description Business
Description Plan Determining Whether Instruments Granted Share-based Payment Transactions Participating
Diesel Oil Dilutive Shares
Director Access Management Independent Advisors Director Compensation
Director Nominees Director Orientation Continuing Education
Director Orientation Education Director Qualifications
Director Recommendations Nominations Director Responsibilities
Directors Executive Officers Registrant Directors Nominees Election
Disclosure Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Discussion Dividend Equivalents
Dividends Dlc Dsm Programs
Documents Incorporated Reference Dollars
Douglas Sterbenz Executive Vice President Chief Operating Officer Earnings Decline Driven Coolest Summer Over
Earnings Guidance Earnings Per Share
Economic Conditions Edwards
Efined Erms Elect Access Future Proxy Materials Via Internet
Election Election Defer Compensation
Election Paid Stock Electric Loads Resources Modeling
Employees Employers Disclosures Post-retirement Benefit Plan Assets
Employers Disclosures Postretirement Benefit Plan Assets Employment Contracts
Emporia Energy Center Additional Land Emporia Energy Center Plant Site
Energy Act Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency Demand Side Management Initiatives Energy Efficiency Key
Energy Efficiency Programs Sometimes Considered Expenses Fact They Energy Efficient Hvac Equipment
Energy Inc Long Term Incentive Share Award Plan Energy Marketing
Energy Marketing Activities Energy Marketing Contracts
Energy Policy Act 2005 Enforcement Provisions
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Cost Recovery Rider
Environmental Costs Environmental Issues Projects
Environmental Legislation Environmental Matters
Environmental Projects Epa Lawsuit
Epa New Source Review Equipment Failures Other External Factors Adversely Affect Results
Equity Compensation Plan Information Evaluation Potential Supply Demand Resources
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Executive Compensation
Executive Compensation Process Executive Officer Compensation Program Structure
Executive Officers Executive Salary Continuation Plan
Executive Sessions Exhibits
Existing Baseload Coal Explanatory
Extremely Cool Temperatures Soft Wholesale Energy Markets Drivers Face Financial Risks Associated Wolf Creek
Face Financial Risks Nuclear Facility Face Financial Risks Ownership Interest Wolf Creek Nuclear
Face Liability Ongoing Lawsuits Investigations Fair Value Energy Marketing Contracts
Fair Value Energy Marketing Fuel Contracts Fair Value Measurements
Fasb Codification Fees Earned Paid Cash
Ferc Investigation Ferc Proceeding Request Change Transmission Rates
Ferc Proceedings Ferc Proceedings Request Change Transmission Rates
Ferc Settlement Ferc Subpoena
Fifth Fiftieth Supplemental Indenture
Fifty-fifth Supplemental Indenture Fifty-first Supplemental Indenture
Fifty-fourth Supplemental Indenture Fifty-second Supplemental Indenture
Fifty-third Supplemental Indenture Fin Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes
Finance Committee Financial Condition
Financial Information Financial Investments Trading Securities
Financial Statement Exhibits Financial Statements Disclosure Other Risk Management Compliance Matters
Financial Statements Exhibits Financing Rate Implications
Financing Strategy Foreign Currency Translation
Forfeiture Assets David Wittig Douglas Lake Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form Bond
Form Opinion Davis Polk Wardwell Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Forty- Ninth Supplemental Indenture Forty- Sixth Supplemental Indenture
Forty-eighth Supplemental Indenture Forward Equity Transaction
Forward Sale Agreement Forward-looking Statements
Fossil Fuel Generation Fsp Eitf 03-6-1 Determining Whether Instruments Granted Share-based
Fsp Fas 107-1 Apb 28-1 Interim Disclosures Fair Fsp Fas 115-2 124-2 Recognition Presentation Other-than-temporary Impairments
Fsp Fas 132 Employers Disclosures Postretirement Benefit Plan Fsp Fas 157-4 Determining Fair Value Volume Level
Fuel Commitments Fuel Deliveries Interrupted Slowed Transmission Systems Constrained
Fuel Mix Fuel Purchased Power
Fuel Purchased Power Expense Fuel Supply
Full Results Compared 2006 Full Results Compared 2007
Future Cash Requirements Future Cash Requirements Renewable Generation
Gain Fuel Supply Contracts General
General Allegations Generation Capacity
Generation Considerations Glossary Terms
Goddard Substation Good Utility Planning Traditionally Sought Minimize Variables Make
Governing Law Agreement Rights Obligations Parties Shall Governed Grand Jury Subpoena
Grants 2008 Grants Plan-based Awards
Great Bend Radio Tower Growth New Environmental Standards
Guardian International Preferred Stock Guiding Principles Westars Strategy
Haines Hedging Activities
Hedging Activity High Capacity Transmission Line Projects
Ice Storm Identifying Number Assignee
Impact Regulatory Accounting Important-please Sign Date Reverse Side Return Promptly
Improvements Westars System Income Tax Expense
Income Taxes Income Taxes Other
Incorporation Reference Increased Capacity Future Plans
Increased Gross Margin Increases Net Income
Increases Prices Increasing Cost Fuel Purchased Power
Increasing Cost Sales Independence
Independent Auditors Independent Registered Accounting Firm Fees
Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm 2009 Index
Index Exhibits Information
Informative Billing Interest Expense
Interest Rate Exposure Interest Rate Swap
Interim Pension Post-retirement Benefit Disclosure Internal Auditors
Introduction Introduction Planning Uncertain Era
Investments Isin
Issuance 300 Mortgage Bonds Issue Bonds 2014 Series
Issue Bonds 2017 Series Issue Bonds 2020 Series
Issue Bonds 2033 Series Issue Bonds 2035 Series
Issue Bonds 2036 Series James Haines
James Ludwig Executive Vice President Public Affairs Consumer Jeffrey Energy Center
Jerry Farley John Nettels
Johnson County Joint Ownership Utility Plants
Jurisdiction Venue Justice Department Subpoena
Kansas Building Site Kcc Asked Approve Settlement Agreement
Kcc Order Kge Deferred Compensation Plan
Lacygne Sale Leaseback Agreement Lacygne Station
Larry Irick Vice President General Counsel Corporate Secretary Lawrence Energy Center
Lease Obligations Leases
Legal Liability Legal Liability Wolf Creek
Legal Proceedings Limitations Inherent Audit Committees Role
Liquidity Capital Resources Litigation Evaluation Committee
Long-term Incentive Compensation Long-term Incentives
Loss Adjustment Expense Reserves Majority Voting Policy
Making Continue Make Significant Investments New Generation Transmission Management Evaluation Succession
Managements Estimates Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Manufactured Gas Sites Market Price Risks
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Market-based Rates
Marketable Securities Material Agreements
Material Financial Exposure Clean Air Act Other Environmental Material Financial Exposure Relating Environmental Matters
Maturities Meeting Environmental Standards
Meetings Non-management Directors Membership
Michael Morrissey Miscellaneous
Mission Mollie Carter
Mortgage Bond 615 Series Due 2023 Mortgage Bond 653 Series Due 2037
Mortgage Bond 664 Series Due 2038 Mortgage Bond 670 Series Due 2019
Mortgage Bonds Due 2047 Naaqs
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Natural Gas
Natural Gas Generation Nature Action
New Accounting Pronouncement Changes Error Corrections New Accounting Pronouncement Uncertainty Income Taxes
New Accounting Pronouncements New Baseload Coal
New Construction Plans New Generation Transmission Construction Plans
New Plan Benefits New Source Review Investigation
New Transmission Construction Nine-month Results
Nine-month Results Compared 2006 Nine-month Results Compared 2007
Nominate Director Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Non-employee Director Stock Ownership Non-legal Liability Cost Removal
Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
Nonrecurring Fair Value Measurements Not Applicable
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders
Notices Notices Requests
Nuclear Decommissioning Nuclear Decommissioning Trust
Nuclear Fuel Nuclear Insurance
Nuclear Liability Insurance Nuclear Power
Nuclear Property Insurance Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Officers Address Officers Name
Oil Ongoing Earnings
Ongoing Earnings Guidance Ongoing Investigations Department Labor Investigation
Operating Leases Operating Maintenance
Operating Maintenance Expense Operating Results
Operations Option Exercises Stock Vested
Other Air Emission Projects Other Benefit Programs Perquisites
Other Business Other Compensation
Other Events Other Fuel Matters
Other Income Expense Other Information
Other Named Executive Officers Other Provisions
Outages Outstanding Equity Awards Year-end
Overall Planning Approach Overview
Page Part
Part Other Information Participation Executive Officers
Participation Preparation Board Meetings Payment Rebates
Pays Solicitation Proxies Pension
Pension Benefit Plans Pension Benefits
Pension Obligation Pension Post-retirement Benefit Obligations
Pension Retirement Plans Performance Corporate Strategy
Performance Graph Performance Improvements
Phase Electric Generation Facility Completed Planned Capital Expenditures Significant Results Operations
Please Fold Detach Admission Ticket Here Please Fold Detach Card Perforation Before Mailing
Please Insert Social Security Other Identifying Number Assignee Please Sign Date Proxy Indicated Above Before Mailing
Please Sign Date Proxy Indicated Below Before Mailing Policies Procedures Approval Related Person Transactions
Policy Acquisition Costs Post-termination Executive Compensation
Potential Changes Rates Potential Future Cash Requirements Renewable Generation
Potential Liabilities David Wittig Douglas Lake Potential Payments Change Control
Potential Payments Termination Prairie Wind Transmission Llc
Prayer Relief Preferred Stock 4-1 Series 100 Par Value
Preferred Stock Not Subject Mandatory Redemption Preferred Trust Securities
Premium Refundings Premium Revenue Recognition
Present Supply Plan Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principles Consolidation Procedural Matters
Procedures Proceeds Used Retire 975 Senior Notes
Programmable Thermostat Direct Load Control Capability Project Status Plans
Property Equipment Property Plant Equipment
Proposal Proposals Inclusion Proxy Statement
Proposals Not Included Proxy Statement Proxies Work
Proxy Card Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Annual Meeting Shareholders
Proxy Statement Public Offering Common Stock
Public Utility Holding Act 1935 Purchase Electric Generation Facility
Purchase Leasehold Interest Jeffrey Energy Center Purchase Orders Contracts
Purchased Power Purchased Power Fuel Commitments
Purpose Purpose Plan
Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Qualified Legal Compliance Committee Qlcc
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Questions
Questions Answers Meeting Voting Radioactive Waste Disposal
Rate Differences Between Westars North South Regions Rate Implications Sustained Capital Investment
Rate Matters Regulation Rate Rebates
Rate Review Request Ratification Confirmation Deloitte Touche Llp Independent Registered Public
Real-time Energy Imbalance Market Real-time Pricing
Real-time Pricing Initiative Reclassifications
Reclassifications Revisions Recognition Presentation Other-than-temporary Impairments
Recognition Previously Unrecognized Tax Benefits Recorded 203 Increase Aro Reflect Revisions Estimated
Recovering Decembers Ice Storm Redemption Guardian International Preferred Stock
Redemption Substitution Redemption Substitution Bonds 2017 Series
Redemption Substitution Bonds 2020 Series Redemption Substitution Bonds 2035 Series
Redemption Substitution Bonds 2036 Series Reduce Mailing Costs
Reduction Debt Reduction Planned Capital Expenditures
Regional Transmission Organization Registrants Business Operations
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 785 575-6300 Regulation
Regulation Disclosure Regulation Rates
Regulatory Accounting Regulatory Plan
Reimbursements Reinsurance
Related Party Transactions Related Party Transactions Legal Proceedings
Related Party Transactions Oneok Shared Services Agreement Relationship Between Revenues Fuel Purchased Power Expense
Reliability Initiatives Reliability Strategic Plan 2004 Through 2008
Reliability-based Sharing Proposal Reno County
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reporting Board
Request Change Transmission Rates Request Includes Plant Investments Needed Meet Growing Customer
Request Increase Revolving Credit Facility Request Place Trial
Requests Changes Transmission Rates Response Shareholder Proposal
Restricted Cash Restricted Stock Units
Results Results Compared 2006
Results Compared 2007 Results Compared 2008
Results Operations Financial Condition Retail Energy Cost Adjustment
Retail Rate Review Retirement Age
Retirement Plan Retirement Plans
Revenue Recognition Energy Sales Revenues
Revenues Depend Decisions Regulatory Bodies Revenues Depend Rates Determined Kcc
Revenues Depend Rates Determined Kcc Ferc Review Compensation Philosophy Objectives Program Structure
Review Compensation Program Structure Review Financial Guaranty Industry Accounting Practices
Revolving Credit Facility Risk Factors
Ruelle Executive Vice President Chief Financial Officer Sab 108 Effects Prior Misstatements Current Financial Statements
Salary Sale Utility Assets
Sales Taxes Sandra Lawrence
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Savings Plan
Savings Plans Schedule
Schedule 14a Schedule Valuation Qualifying Accounts
Schedules Schedules Omitted
Seasonality Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Exchange Inquiry Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Security Price Risk
See Accompanying Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Segments Business
Selling General Administrative Selling General Administrative Expense
Service Reliability Standards Settlement Date Means Respect Called Principal Bond Fifty-sixth
Settlement Radioactive Waste Disposal Lawsuit Sfas 157 Fair Value Measurements
Sfas 158 Employers Accounting Defined Benefit Pension Other Sfas 159 Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities
Sfas 161 Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Shareholder Meeting Held 2009
Shareholder Nominations Annual Meeting Shareholders Shareholder Proposals
Shareholder Supporting Statement Shares Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans
Shares Including Full Partial Stock Credited Direct Purchase Short-term Debt
Signature Signature Page Follows
Signature Page Global Signatures
Simultaneous Service Other Public Boards Site Selected Natural Gas Peaking Power Plant
Six-month Results Six-month Results Compared 2007
Sixth Solid Waste Landfills
Some Costs Not Fully Recovered Retail Rates Spp Required Projects
Staff Other Parties Pre-filed Positions State Other Jurisdiction Incorporation
Statutory Accounting Practices Statutory Regulatory Background
Stipulation Agreement Stock Awards
Stock Based Compensation Stock Compensation Plan
Stock Ownership Stock Ownership Requirements
Stock Performance Graph Stock Trading
Storage Spent Nuclear Fuel Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Submitting Director Recommendations Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Subsequent Event Ice Storm
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries Registrant
Summary Compensation Table Summary Significant
Summer Winter Pricing Differences Interruptible Program Supplemental Cash Flow Information
Table Table Contents
Tax Benefit Increases Earnings Tax Consequences
Tax Deductibility Compensation Tax Settlements
Taxes Tecumseh Energy Center
Telephone Vote Calling Toll-free Number Proxy Card Term Agreement
Term Limits Termination Change Control Tables
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Terms Offered Securities
Thirty-eighth Supplemental Indenture Thirty-ninth Supplemental Indenture
Thirty-sixth Supplemental Indenture Time Sale Prospectus
Timing Title Class
Total Cash Compensation Total Compensation
Trading Securities Transfers Pursuant Regulation
Transmission Transmission Delivery Charge
Transmission Enhancements Transmission Formula Rate
Treasury Stock Tuesday 2005 1000 Central Daylight Saving Time Sunflower
Uncertainty Credit Markets Impact Economy Service Territory Uncertainty Income Taxes
Underwriting Agreement Unit Availability
Values Financial Derivative Instruments Values Financial Instruments
Variable Interest Entities Vegetation Management
Vesting Equal Tranches 2005 2006 Vote
Vote Important Urge Read Proxy Statement Carefully Whether Vote Telephone Internet Please Not Send Proxy Mail
Vote Votes Votes Needed
Votes Required Approval Wabaunsee County
Waiver Right Trial Jury Each Party Waives Fullest Way Forward
Wcnoc Interim Pension Post-retirement Benefit Disclosure Weather
Westar Energy Announces 2004 Results Westar Energy Announces 2005 Results
Westar Energy Announces 2005 Results Page Westar Energy Announces 2006 Results
Westar Energy Announces 2006 Results Page Westar Energy Announces 2007 Results
Westar Energy Announces 2007 Results Page Westar Energy Announces 2008 Results
Westar Energy Announces 2008 Results Page Westar Energy Announces 2009 Results
Westar Energy Announces 2009 Results Page Westar Energy Announces Decline Earnings
Westar Energy Announces End 2004 Results Page Westar Energy Announces New Officer Appointments
Westar Energy Announces Preliminary 2006 Results Westar Energy Announces Rate Case Settlement Page
Westar Energy Board Promotes William Moore President Ceo Westar Energy Inc
Westar Energy Inc 2005 Annual Meeting Shareholders Westar Energy Inc Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors
Westar Energy Issues Mortgage Bonds Page Westar Energy Realigns Leadership Team
Westar Energy Requests Increase Electrical Rates Westar Energy Requests Rate Review
Westar Energy Responds Kcc Rate Order Westar Energy Retail Rate Case Earnings Update
Westar Energy Settles Shareholder Lawsuits Westar Launches Kansas Largest Wind Energy Program
Westars Application Westars Dlc Dsm Initiatives
Westars Relatively Low Electricity Prices Without Technology Receive What Broker Non-vote
What Constitutes Quorum Meeting What Guides Strategy
What Householding What Mean Receive Proxy Card
Whether Plan Attend Meeting Not Encourage Vote Proxy Wholesale Sales Margins
Wichita County William Moore President Chief Executive Officer
Wind Power Wolf Creek Interim Pension Post-retirement Benefit Disclosure
Work Force Reductions 2002 Voluntary Separation Year-end Results
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