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Accounting Advance Payments Goods Services Used Future Research Accounting Collaborative Agreements
Accounting Share-based Compensation Accounting Stock-based Compensation
Accounting Warrant Liability Accounting Warrants
Accrued Liabilities Accrued Restructuring Costs
Accuracy Company8217s Representations Warranties Accuracy Investor8217s Representations Warranties
Addition Shares Option Plan Restricted Additional Contract Clauses
Additional Far Contract Clauses Included Full Text Additional Financial Results
Additional Licenses Advance Understandings
Affirmative Covenants Aggregate Exercise Price
Aggregate Limit Aggregate Option Exercises Last Fy-end Values
Agreement Agreement Targets
Agreements Parties Significant Business Expose Numerous Risks Alexion
Alternate 1997 Far Clause 52215-14 Integrity Unit Prices Amended Restated 2002
Amendment Amendment Xoma Ltd1981 Share Option Plan
Amendment Xoma Ltdrestricted Share Plan Amendments Directors Plan
Amendments Eliminate Discount Pricing Restricted Plan Amendments Option Plan Restricted
Amendments Waivers Analyst Investor Scheduled
Animal Welfare Anti-botulinum Neurotoxin Program Contract Niaid
Anti-gastrin Mab Aphton Anti-lobbying
Antibody Discovery Collaboration Arana Antibody Discovery Collaboration Kaketsuken
Antibody Process Development Manufacturing Contracts Anticipated Milestones
Aphton Appointment Independent Auditors
Approval Lucentis Japan Approved Stock Plan
Assignment Assignment Grants Rights Covenants
Attenuon Auction Rate Securities
Audit Committee Authorized Substitution Clauses
Available Information Aveo
Background Background Introduction
Bacterial Cell Expression Bce System License Program Bacterial Cell Expression System License Program
Bacterial Cell Expression Technology Basis Presentation
Baxter Because Companies Business Also Biotechnology Sector Volatility Affect
Because Expect Royalty Payments Receive Sales Raptiva Decline Because History Profitability Biotechnology Sector Been Characterized Highly
Because Product Candidates Still Being Developed Require Substantial Because Product Candidates Still Being Developed Sustained Losses
Because Products Still Being Developed Require Substantial Funds Because Products Still Being Developed Sustained Losses Past
Because Relatively Small Biopharmaceutical Limited Resources Not Able Benchmarking
Berkeley 2005 Berkeley 8211 2008
Binding Baseball-style Arbitration Procedures Biodefense
Biodefense Contract Manufacturing Biodefense Subcontract Sri International
Black Scholes Value Board Directors Shareholders Xoma Ltd
Board Meetings Board Meetings Compensation
Bpi Bpi Neuprex
Bpi Program Neuprex Bpi Program Neuprex Licensed Zephyr Sciences Inc
Brief Description Services Brief Description Supplies Services
Business Business Experience
Business Internationally Subject Additional Political Economic Regulatory Uncertainties Calamities Power Shortages Interruptions Berkeley Headquarters Manufacturing Facility
Calculation Fees Expenses Capital Changes
Capital Market Conditions Reduce Ability Access Cash Cash Equivalents
Cash Equivalents Short-term Investments Cashless Exercise
Ceo Transition Certain Other Payments Change Control
Certain Technologies Relatively New In-licensed Parties Capabilities Using Certain Transactions Confidentiality
Change Control Changes Internal Control
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Chapter Title Usc 1350
Chiron Chiron Oncology Collaboration Ind Filed
Cimzia Clauses Incorporated Reference Far 52252-2 1998
Closing Closing Sale Price
Collaboration Agreement Collaboration Arrangement
Collaboration Management Collaboration Overview
Collaboration Products Resumed Ongoing Reactivated Collaboration Targets
Collaboration Targets Resumed Collaborative Agreements
Collaborative Agreements Royalties Collaborative Agreements Royalties Milestone Payments
Collaborative Arrangement Expenses Collaborative Other Arrangements
Commercialization Commercialization Agreement
Commitment Disbursement Fees Commitment Protect Non-public Information
Commitments Contingencies Common Share Purchase Agreement
Common Shares Common Stock
Compensation Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Report Executive Compensation Components
Compensation Discussion Analysis Compensation Executive Officers
Competition Compliance Securities Exchange Act 1934
Comprehensive Income Loss Comprehensive Loss
Concentration Risk Conditions Precedent
Confidentiality Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consequences Termination Expiration Consolidation
Construction Consumer Inquiries
Contact Contract Development Collaboration Agreements
Contract Revenue Contracting Officer Require Contractor Submit Detailed Support Costs
Contractor Establishments Construction Work Sites Located Jurisdiction Named Contractor Notification New Departing Employees Requiring Background Investigations
Contractor Shall Comply Provisions Executive Order 13201 2001 Controls Procedures
Convertible Debt Convertible Notes Other Arrangements
Convertible Securities Convertible Senior Notes
Convertible Snaps Due 2012 Covenants
Critical Accounting Estimates Critical Accounting Policies
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Cross Reference Table
Cubist Debt Obligations
Debt Other Financing Debt Other Financings
Defaults Senior Securities Deferred Revenue
Deferred Savings Plan Definitions
Definitive Agreement Deliveries
Delivery Risk Loss Storage Fees Delivery Warrants After Closing Buy-in Respect Share
Department Labor Publishes Official Employee Notice Variations Contractors Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Arrangements
Description 1992 Directors Share Option Plan Description Bcp
Description Option Plan Description Restricted Plan
Description Share Issuance Program Detailed Table Contract Contents
Development Marketing Licensed Products Dex Financial Statements
Difficult Enforce Judgment Obtained Against Because Foreign Entity Director Compensation
Director Compensation Policy Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Directors Share Option Plan Directors Share Option Plan Other Options
Discharge Indenture Disclaimer Indemnification
Dispute Resolution Distribution
Dividend Policy Documents Incorporated Reference
Dtc Dyax Grant Rights Xoma
Early 2008 Key Events Effect Termination
Effects Adoption Proposal Eligible Market
Emea Health Canada Recommendations Fda Warning Regarding Raptiva Employee Separation Checklist
Employee Share Purchase Plan Employees
Employment Contracts Termination Change Control Arrangements Employment Contracts Termination Change-in-control Arrangements
Enabling Chiron End Schedule
Enforcement Collaboration Patent Rights Post-effective Date Enforcement Related Nvdi Patent Rights
Enforcement Related Xoma Patent Rights Entire Agreement
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Equal Treatment Purchasers
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Line Credit
Estimated Cost Fixed Fee Estimated Cost Plus Fixed Fee
Estimates Estimates Reclassifications
Evaluation Controls Procedures Even Once Approved Product Subject Additional Testing Significant
Even Party Collaborators Licensees Bring Products Market Unable Events Default
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Except Per Share Amounts
Exchange Act Excluded Securities
Execution Execution Version
Executive Compensation Executive Officers
Exercise Delivery Documents Exercise Notice
Exercise Price Exhibits
Expansion Collaboration Takeda Expenses
Expiration Date Expiration Termination
Exposed Increased Risk Product Liability Claims Exposed Increased Risk Product Liability Claims Such Case
Extent Present Future Revenues Consist Royalties Product Sales Face Uncertain Results Clinical Trials Potential Products
Fair Value Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Value Measurements Fair Value Non-financial Instruments
Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities Federal Income Tax Consequences
Fees Expenses Financial Discussion
Financial Provisions Financial Reporting Instructions
Financial Results Financial Statements Supplementary Data
Financial Terms Future Collaborative Licensing Arrangements Result Dilution Footnotes
For8221 Foreign Operations Information
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form Assignment Acceptance Form Invoice
Form Legal Opinion Cahill Gordon Reindel Llp Form Legal Opinion Conyers Dill Pearman
Form Notice Form Placement Notice
Form Press Release Form Promissory
Form Release Claims Agreement Form Representation Date Certificate
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Information Cautionary Factors Affect Future Results Forward-looking Statements
Fundamental Transaction Furnishing Information
Further Information Concerning Rights Wish Contact National Labor Genentech
General Administrative Expenses General Release Not Extend Claims Creditor Know Suspect
Global Credit Financial Market Conditions Reduce Ability Access Goldman Sachs Term Loan
Governing Law Grants Rights Covenants
Guarantee Guidance
Guidance Update H10 Omb Clearance
H10 Press Releases H10 Prohibition Contractor Involvement Terrorist Activities
H11 Information Security H11 Reporting Matters Involving Fraud Waste Abuse
H12 Anti -lobbying H12 Publication Publicity
H13 Intellectual Property Option Collaborator H13 Reporting Matters Involving Fraud Waste Abuse
H14 2000 Compliance H14 Obtaining Disseminating Biomedical Research Resources
H15 Obtaining Disseminating Biomedical Research Resources H15 Sharing Research Data
H16 Possession Transfer Select Biological Agents Toxins H16 Sharing Research Data
H17 Hotel Motel Fire Safety Act 1990 101-391 H17 Possession Transfer Select Biological Agents Toxins
H18 Hotel Motel Fire Safety Act 1990 101-391 H18 Prohibition Contractor Involvement Terrorist Activities
H19 Nih Policy Enhancing Public Access Archived Publications H19 Prohibition Contractor Involvement Terrorist Activities
H20 Nih Policy Enhancing Public Access Archived Publications Hcd122
Hcd122 Formerly Chir-1212 Novartis Hcd122 Formerly Chir-1212 Novartis Collaboration
Headings Health Care Reform Measures Other Statutory Regulatory Changes
Healthcare Reform Measures Other Statutory Regulatory Changes Adversely Held 900 2005
Held 900 2006 Held 900 2007
Held 900 2008 Hhsar 352223-70 Safety Health 2001
Hhsar 352223-70 Safety Health 2006 Highlights
Highlights Multiple Myeloma Phase Chiron New Cubist Contract Holder
Http Aisncinihgov Forms Suitability-rosterxls Http Csrcnistgov Publications Nistpubs 800-64 Nist-sp800-64pdf
Http Grantsnihgov Grants Guide Notice-files Not-od-03-032html Http Oampodnihgov Cps Cpsasp
Http Ocmodnihgov Cdmp Cps Contractorhtm Http Wwwaphisusdagov Programs Selectagent Indexhtml Bioterr Formshtml
Human Materials Human Materials Assurance Ohrp Compliance
Human Subjects Inactive Targets
Incentive Compensation Plans Income Taxes
Increase Number Authorized Incyte
Ind Filing Opt-in Rights Indemnification
Indemnification Limitation Liability Indemnification Limitation Liability Insurance
Indemnification Purchasers Indemnity
Independent Nature Purchasers8217 Obligations Rights Independent Registered Public Accountants Indicated Substantial Doubt Ability
Index Consolidated Financial Statement Index Consolidated Financial Statements
Index Financial Statements Indirect Cost Rates
Information Below Relates Company8217s Active Share Option Plans Information Reports
Ing-1 Licensed Triton Injunction
Insert Stock Transfer Agent Inspection Acceptance
Integration Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Option Collaborator Intentionally Omitted
Interest Expense Interest Expenses
Interest Rate Risk Interim Course Action Terms
International Operations Introduction
Invention Reporting Requirement Investment Interest Income
Investor Conference Call Invoice Financing Request Contract Financial Reporting Instructions Nih
Invoice Instructions Nih Fixed-price Contracts Invoice Submission
Invoice Submission Contract Financing Request Invoice Submission Contract Financing Request Financial Report
Issue Additional Equity Securities Thereby Materially Adversely Affect Key 2004 Events
Key 2005 Events Key 2006 Events
Key Events Early 2005 Key Events Early 2006
Key Events Early 2007 Key Personnel
Key Personnel Hhsar 352270-5 2006 Lawsuit Alleging Raptiva Injuries
Leases Legal Proceedings
Legal Proceedings Commitments Contingencies Letter Credit
Level Leverage Debt Service Obligations Adversely Affect Financial Lexicon
Lexicon Collaboration Lexicon Genetics Collaboration
License Agreement License Agreements
License Collaborative Fees Licenses
Licensing Agreements Line Credit
Liquidated Damages Liquidated Damages Failure Comply
Liquidity Capital Resources Liquidity Financial Condition
List Attachments Listing Common Stock
Litigation Regarding Intellectual Property Costly Expose Risks Counterclaims Loans Payments Principal Interest
Long Term Debt Long-lived Assets
Long-term Debt Loss Key Personnel Including Chief Executive Officer Delay
Loss Key Personnel Including New Chief Executive Officer Lucentis
Lucentis Approval Royalty Genentech Lucentis License Agreement Raptiva Collaboration
Lucentis Ranibizumab Injection Genentech Lucentis Ranibizumab Injection Royalty Genentech
Major Subdivision Dental School Medical Etc Component Code Management Collaboration
Management Incentive Compensation Plans Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Manufacturing Rights Manufacturing Risks Inefficiencies Adversely Affect Ability Manufacture Products
Manufacturing Supply Manufacturing Technology Transfer Agreement
Marked Signed Returned Proxy Card Market Registrants Common Equity
Marketing Sales Effort Support Only Product Interest Received Maximum Percentage
Meetings Teleconferences Metabolic Disease Target Collaboration Lexicon
Metabolic Disease Target Lexicon Milestone Payment Schedule
Millennium Miscellaneous
Mln2222 Collaboration Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc Most Therapeutic Products Not Received Regulatory Approval Receive
Name Last Initial Degree Organization Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant
Nasdaq Composite Index Amex Biotechnology Needle Exchange
Negative Covenants Net Income Loss Per Common Share
Net Loss Per Common Share Neuprex
Neuprex Opebacan Rbpi Neuprex Opebacan Rbpi Xoma-owned Product Candidate
News Release Niaid
Niaid Anti-bioterrorism Antibody Manufacturing Contract Niaid Contract Anti-botulinum Neurotoxin Program
Nominating Governance Committee Nominees Board Directors
Non-public Information Non-qualified Deferred Compensation
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Not Know Whether Continue Viable Market Products Ownership
Not Know Whether Viable Market Raptiva Other Products Not Realize Expected Benefits Initiatives Reduce Costs Across
Notes Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements
Notice Employees Notices
Notification Listing Shares Novartis
Obtain Judgment Against Difficult Enforce Because Foreign Entity Obtaining Disseminating Biomedical Research Resources
Oncology Therapeutic Antibodies Collaboration Chiron Oncology Therapeutic Antibodies Program Collaboration Chiron
Oncology Therapeutic Antibodies Program Collaboration Chiron Corporation Oncology Therapeutic Antibodies Program Collaboration Novartis
Onyx Operating Costs Expenses
Opinions Counsel Bring-down Option Exercises Share Vested Table
Option Grants Last Options
Organization Other
Other Companies Render Some Products Noncompetitive Obsolete Other Current Liabilities
Other Developments Other Equity Financings
Other Equity Financings Arrangements Other Income Expense
Other Matters Other Products
Other Shares Common Stock Outstanding
Overall Purpose Scope Overview
Overview Governance Ownership
Ownership Intellectual Property Patent Rights Packaging Marking Shipping
Parent Entity Part
Part Other Information Parties Responsibilities
Partners Patent Protection Principal Products Processes Not Enforceable Partners Unable Protect Intellectual Property Particular Patent Protection
Partnership Products Party Collaborators Licensees Not Able Increase Existing Acquire
Party Collaborators Licensees Not Adequate Manufacturing Capacity Sufficient Party Collaborators Licensees Not Successfully Develop Market Products
Patent Prosecution Patents Trade Secrets
Payment Investor8217s Counsel Fees Due Diligence Expenses Payment Invoicing
Payment Method Payment Set Aside
Payment Timing Payments
Payments Computations Pension Benefits
Performance Performance Graph
Performance Investor Period Performance
Person Pfizer
Pipeline Highlights Plan-based Awards
Possession Transfer Select Biological Agents Toxins Post Award Evaluation Contractor Performance
Preference Shares Present Future Revenues Rely Significantly Sales Products Marketed
Press Release Press Releases
Price Prices
Prices Payment Principal Accounting Fees Services
Priorities Remainder 2009 Xoma Proceedings Litigation
Proceeds Procurement Certain Equipment
Procurement Certain Equipment Nih Product Available Out-licensing
Product Development Diligence Product Highlights
Production License Products Technologies Other Companies Render Some Noncompetitive Obsolete
Products Technologies Other Companies Render Some Product Candidates Project Objectives
Project Officer Properties
Property Equipment Proprietary Product Summary
Proprietary Products Protecting Intellectual Property Costly Expose Risks Counterclaims Against
Protection Personnel Work Nonhuman Primates Protection Proprietary Data
Provisions Applicable Direct Costs Provisions Common Plans
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Publication Publicity
Purchase Obligations Purchase Rights
Purposes Terms Research Tools Materials Resources Used Interchangeably Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Period 2009 Raptiva
Raptiva Efalizumab Collaboration Genentech Raptiva Efalizumab Collaboration Genentech Inc
Raptiva Efalizumab Collaboration Genentech Merck Serono Raptiva Efalizumab Royalty Genentech
Receipt Audited Financial Statements Receivables
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Developments
Recent Highlights Recent Highlights Developments
Recitals Reclassifications
Recommendation Records Net Income 028 Per Share Sharp Reduction
Records Record Keeping Payment Terms Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registration Rights Agreement Registration Statement
Regulatory Regulatory Matters
Related Party Transactions Releases
Remedies Repayment
Replacement Securities Reporting Matters Involving Fraud Waste Abuse
Reporting Requirements Representations Certifications
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Disclaimer
Representations Warranties Lender Representations Warranties Purchasers
Reproduce Exact Duplicate Copies Department Labors Official Poster Required Holders
Required Reserve Amount Rescission Withdrawal Right
Research Development Research Development Commercialization Agreement
Research Development Expenses Research Development Programs
Research License Agreements Reservation Common Stock
Restricted Cash Restricted Share Plan
Restriction Live Vertebrate Animals Restructuring Charges
Restructuring Collaboration Novartis Results
Revenue Increases Expenses Decreased Revenue Recognition
Revenues Revenues Currently Rely Significantly Raptiva Sales
Review Research Development Priorities Right Refusal
Roster Employees Requiring Suitability Investigations Royalties
Royalty Revenue Royalty-style Payments
Rule 10b5-1 Plans Salary Rate Limitation Legislation Provisions
Sale 600 Principal Amount Convertible Senior Notes Sale Lucentis Royalty Stream
Saturdays Sundays Holidays Etc Schedule
Schedule 146 Schedule 163
Schedule 189a Schedule 3a1
Schedule 6a3 Schedule Contractual Obligations
Schering Plough Schering Plough Aveo
Schering-plough Schering-plough Aveo
Schering-plough Aveo Pharmaceuticals Inc Schering-plough Collaboration Undisclosed Targets
Schering-plough Research Institute Collaboration Multiple Antibody Projects Undisclosed Scope
Scope Project Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Laws Disclosure Publicity Securities Purchase Agreement
Securities Registered Pursuant Act See Accompanying Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements
Segment Information Selling General Administrative Expenses
Services Severability
Shall Construed Accordance Governed Law State New York Share Based Compensation
Share Delivery Date Share Option Plan
Share Options Share Options Warrants
Share Ownership Share Price Volatile Not Active Trading Market Common
Share-based Compensation Shareholder Proposals Other Communications
Shareholder Rights Agreement By-laws Prevent Transactions Beneficial Shareholders Shareholder Rights Agreement Bye-laws Prevent Transactions Beneficial Shareholders
Shareholder Rights Plan Shareholders
Shares Authorized Shares Reserved Future Issuance
Shipping Short-term Investments
Short-term Loan Signature
Signatures Significant Accounting Policies
Significant Revenue Growth Other Key Milestones Attained 2005 Significant Revenue Growth Pipeline Advancement Characterize 2006
Spa Warrants Specifically Contractor Shall Perform Activities Accomplish
Spri Aveo Sri International Subcontract
State Other Jurisdiction Incorporation Statement Work
Stock Based Compensation Strategy
Subcontract Management Reporting Subject Increased Risks Because Bermuda
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries
Successor Corporation Successor Entity
Successors Assigns Summary Objectives
Supplemental Cash Flow Information Supplemental Indentures
Supplementary Executive Officers Registrant Survival
Suspension Suspension Etc
Table Contents Takeda
Takeda Collaboration Undisclosed Targets Takeda Pharmaceutical Collaboration Multiple Antibody Projects Undisclosed Targets
Taligen Targeted Affinity Enhancement Technology
Taxes Technology Information
Technology Licenses Technology Licensing Xoma Pursue Additional Revenue Product Opportunities
Technology Transfer Other Activities Production Term Loan
Term Survival Term Termination
Termination Termination Target Development Programs Schering-plough Research Institute
Terms Agreement Press Release Publicity Testing Delivery Regulatory Matters
Therapeutic Antibodies Program Collaboration Novartis Therapeutic Antibodies Program Collaboration Schering-plough
Therapeutic Product Candidates Not Received Regulatory Approval Receive Third-party Beneficiaries
Title Arab Promoters Method Producing Polypeptides Including Cecropins Title Methods Materials Transient Expression Recombinant Protein
Title Novel Plasmid Vector Pectate Lyase Signal Sequence Tpo Mimetic Collaboration Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc
Trademarks Trading
Transfer Agent Triton
Ucb Undisclosed Targets Collaboration Schering-plough
Undisclosed Targets Collaboration Takeda United States Means District Columbia Puerto Rico Northern
Vote Ways Waiver Jury Trial
Warrant Warrant Shares
Warrants Warrants Revaluation
Weighted Average Price Whereas
Withdrawal Raptiva Market Witness Whereof
Workforce Reduction Xma0052
Xmp629 Acne Xoma
Xoma 052 Xoma 052 Formerly Xma0052
Xoma 052 Formerly Xma0052 Xoma-owned Product Candidate Xoma 3ab
Xoma 629 Xoma 629 Reformulation Xmp629
Xoma 629 Reformulation Xmp629 Xoma-owned Product Candidate Xoma Cubist Establish Strategic Antibody Manufacturing Relationship
Xoma Focuses Highest Value Opportunities Reduces Costs Xoma Not Receive Estimated Total Amounts Funds Cannot
Xoma Patent Rights Human Engineering Xoma Reports 2007 Financial Results
Xoma Reports 2007 Results Xoma Reports 2008 Financial Results
Xoma Takeda Collaboration Xoma Takeda Establish Collaboration Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Development
Xoma Takeda Expand Collaboration Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Development Xomas Antibody Development Manufacturing Capabilities
Xomas Right Resumed Products Zephyr
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