Topic Listing for Xcel Energy

A-3 Abbreviations
Abelman Art Glass Encana Corporation Abelman Art Glass Ercana Corporation
Acceleration Payments Acceptance Shares
Acceptance Successor Trustee Accordance Emerging Issues Task Force Issue 96-19 Eitf
Account Account Balance Benefit Formula
Accounting Deferred Compensation Postretirement Benefit Aspects Endorsement Split-dollar Accounting Income Tax Benefits Dividends Share-based Payment Awards
Accounting Policies Accounting Standards Codification
Accounting Uncertain Tax Positions Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes
Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Interpretation Fasb Statement 109 Accounts Receivable Allowance Uncollectibles
Accrued Special Charges Achieving Financial Objectives
Acknowledgements Borrower Hereby Acknowledges Acknowledgment
Acquires Act Requiring Majority Vote Preferred Stock
Action Action Securityholders
Acts Include Redemption Preferred Stock Actual Investment
Actuarial Equivalent Addition Borrower Shall Pay Other Taxes Relevant Governmental
Additional Base Load Capacity Projects Sherco Monticello Prairie Additional Covenants
Additional Information Additional Other Voting Requirements
Address Changes Comments Adjustments Account
Administration Administrative Agent Lenders Incremental Non-excluded Taxes Interest Penalties
Administrative Contractors Administrative Expenses
Administrator Administrators
Admission Ticket 2005 Annual Meeting Shareholders Admission Ticket 2006 Annual Meeting Shareholders
Adoption Rules Advisory Services Nature Respect Owes Fiduciary Similar Duty
Aep Afdc
Affiliate Affirmative Covenants
After Applicable Time Shall Not Occurred Following Suspension Agents
Agreed Tax Treatment Agreement
Agreement Intended Legally Binding Document Fully Enforceable Accordance Agreement Regarding Property Tax Refund
Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New Agreement Subordinate
Agreements Shall Survive Termination Agreement Payment Revolving Loans Agrees Each Underwriters
Air-quality Improvement Rider Aqir Alj Expected Issue Recommended Decision Late 2009 Final
Allowance Funds Used Construction Afdc Allowance Funds Used Construction Equity Debt Afdc
Allowance Funds Used Construction Equity Debt Afudc Amended Agreement
Amended Employment Agreement Wayne Brunetti Amended Restated Effective 2009
Amendment Amendment Award
Amendment Bylaws Amendment Discontinuance
Amendment Plan Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amendments Fasb Interpretation Sfas 167 Amendments Senior Executive Severance Change Control Policy
Amendments Uniform System Accounts Public Utilities Provide Inclusion American Clean Energy Security Act
American Clean Energy Security Act Aces American Ref-fuel
Amount Terms Commitments Amount Terms Revolving Commitments
Amount Unlimited Ancillary Service Markets
Anizational Structure 2003 Results Anizational Structure 2004 Results
Annual Automatic Adjustment Report 2005 Annual Automatic Adjustment Report 2006
Annual Automatic Adjustment Report 2007 Annual Automatic Adjustment Report 2007 2008
Annual Automatic Adjustment Report 2008 Annual Automatic Adjustment Report 2008 2009
Annual Bonus Targets Annual Dividend Increases Consistent Long-term Earnings Growth
Annual Equity Grant Annual Growth Rate
Annual Incentive Bonus Annual Incentives
Annual Retainers Annual Review Remaining Lives
Annual Review Remaining Lives Depreciation Filing Appalachian Power
Appearances Appendix
Applicability Applicable Law Provisions Plan Shall Construed Administered Enforced
Application Attorneys Fees Expenses Application Increase Voltage-level Line Loss Factors
Application Moneys Collected Trustee Application Payment
Application Trustee Moneys Deposited Appointment Removal
Appointment Successor Trustee Appointments Fill Vacancies Trustees Office
Approximately 126 Xcel Convertible Notes Due Nov Arandell Prime Xcel Energy Nsp-wisconsin
Asbestos Removal Asc 815 Derivatives Hedging
Ashland Manufactured Gas Plant Mgp Site Ashland Manufactured Gas Plant Site
Ashland Mgp Site Ask Payment
Asset Valuation Assignee Shall Not Lender Deliver Administrative Agent Questionnaire
Assignments Shall Subject Following Additional Conditions Assumptions 2005 Earnings Guidance
Attorneys Expenses Attorneys Fees
Audit Committee Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies
Audit Fees Audit Non-audit Fees
Audit-related Fees Authenticating Agent
Authority Authorization Trustee Effectuate Subordination Securities
Authorized Claimant Authorized Claimants
Authorized Former Participant Claimant Authorized Number Classes Shares
Authorized Participant Claimant Automatic Removal
Awards Background
Background Information Background Proceedings Details Settlements Described Below
Base Electric Utility Margin Base Electric Utility Revenue
Base Electric Utility Revenues Base Rate
Base Rates Base Rates Electric Bills
Base Salary Basic Benefit
Basis Presentation Basis Settlement
Bay Front Biomass Gasification Bay Front Biomass Gasification Announcement
Bay Front Emission Controls Certificate Authority Bear Cost Soliciting Votes Annual Meeting
Been Advised Counsel Negotiation Execution Delivery Agreement Other Beginning Holdings
Ben Fowke Vice President Hief Financial Officer Bender Xcel Energy
Beneficial Owner Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficiary Beneficiary Designation Form
Benefit Plans Other Postretirement Benefits Black Box Resolution Reconciliation Period Issues
Blic Service Colorado Blue Ridge Power Agency
Bluefield Board Composition Independence
Board Directors Board Directors Recommends Vote Against
Board Structure Compensation Boardofdirectorsxcelenergycom
Bonavia Leave Xcel Energy Bonus Stock
Boroughs Ellwood Borrower Agrees Pay Administrative Agent Fees Amounts Dates
Borrower Receipt Written Notice Relevant Lender Agrees Issue Borrower Shall Default Observance Performance Agreement Contained Respect
Borrower Shall Repay Outstanding Bridge Loans Each Lender Borrower Shall Repay Outstanding Revolving Loans Each Lender
Breckenridge Brewery Prime Xcel Energy Inc Building Core
Business Business Combinations
Business Combinations Sfas 141 Revised 2007 Business Combinations Statement Financial Accounting Standards Sfas 141
Business Segments Organizational Overview Business System Accounts
Cabin Creek Hydro Generating Station Cabin Creek Hydro Generating Station Accident
Cair Calculation Payment 2004 Annual Incentive Awards
Calculation Payment 2005 Annual Incentive Awards California Refund Proceeding
Call Meetings Securityholders Call Meetings Trustee
Camr Cancellation Securities Paid Etc
Cap Rock Entitled Refunds Result Sps Charges Old Capability Demand
Capacity Demand Capital Commitments
Capital Equity Investments Capital Expenditure Forecast
Capital Expenditure Regulation Capital Requirements
Capital Sources Capital Spending Financing
Capital Structure Petition Capx 2020
Capx 2020 Transmission Project Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Dioxide Emissions Lawsuit Carbon Emissions Management
Carolina Power Light Cases 2006 Impacts
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow Hedges
Cash Flows Cash Payment Amount 4050000 Paid Executive Effective Date
Ccg Customers Entitled Refunds Result Sps Charges Old Ceasing Employee Circumstances Provided Shall Participant Purposes Remaining
Celotex Corp Catrett Centralized Regional Wholesale Markets
Certain Awards Deferring Receipt Compensation Certain Elections Form Payment Incentive Awards
Certain Participants Certain Provisions Law Well Bylaws Shareholder Rights Plan
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certificate Service Certificate Xcel Energy Inc Trustee Series Notes Due
Certificates Notice Trustee Certificates Shares
Certification Certification Pursuant
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Cessation Eligibility
Chairman President Ceo Change Accounting Nrg 2003
Change Board Members Change Control
Change Control Shall Occur Change Effective Control
Change Ownership Change Vote
Change-in-control Occurrence After Effective Date Events Described Subsections Changes Capitalization Xcel Energy
Changes Disagreements Accountants Accounting Changes Disagreements Accountants Accounting Financial Disclosure
Changes Investment Fund Elections Chanhassen 55317-2007
Cherokee Station Alleged Caa Violations Cherokee Station Alleged Clean Air Act Violations
Cheyenne Light Fuel Power Electric Utility Segment Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer Compensation Cincinnati Gas Electric
Cities Aitken Cities Greenwood
City Vernon California Claim Review
Claims Procedure Claims Review Procedure
Class Regarding Claims Other Aspect Agreement After Net Clawback Policy
Clean Air Interstate Mercury Rules Clean Air Interstate Rule
Clean Air Interstate Rule Cair Clean Air Interstate Rule Lawsuit
Clean Air Mercury Rule Clean Air Mercury Rule Camr
Closing Agreement Xcel Energy Inc Subsidiaries Ein 84-0296600 Coal
Coal Deliverability Coal Deliverability-
Coli Coli Dow Chemical Court Decision
Colorado Climate Action Plan Colorado Legislative Changes Psco
Colorado Resource Plan Colorado Staff
Comanche Comanche Generating Station
Comanche Permit Litigation Comanche Unit Clean Air Act Lawsuit
Comer Xcel Energy Inc Commercial Paper
Commissions Appointed Governor 6-year Term Commissions Appointed Governor Five-year Term
Commitments Contingent Liabilities Committee Size Members Qualifications
Commodity Cash Flow Hedges Commodity Derivatives
Commodity Marketing Operations Commodity Price Risk
Commodity Trading Commodity Trading Hedging Activities
Commodity Trading Instruments Commodity Trading Operations
Common Stock Common Stock Dilution
Common Stock Dividends Common Stock Dividends Per Share
Common Stock Ownership Directors Executive Officers Shareholders Commonwealth
Commonwealth Edison Communication Audit Committees
Communications Board Directors Company-owned Securities Disregarded
Comparative Total Return Comparison 2002
Comparison 2003 Comparison 2004
Comparison 2005 Compensation
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Expenses Trustee Compensation Philosophy
Compensation Survey Data Complainants 206 Filing
Complaints Completed Rate Cases
Compliance Audits Compliance Nerc Protective Maintenance Standards
Compliance Trust Indenture Act Effect Supplemental Indentures Comply Contractual Obligations Requirements Law Except Extent Failure
Components Xcel Energy Executive Compensation Program Conciliation Estimated Regulatory Reporting Gaap
Conclusion Conditions Precedent
Confidential Information Trade Secrets Conflict Interest
Conflicting Interest Trustee Conflicts Interest
Connecticut Light Power Consent Independent Registered Pubic Accounting Firm
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Conservation Demand Side Management Dsm
Conservation Demand Side Management Dsm Program Expenses Conservation Demand-side Management Legislation
Conservation Dsm Conservation Dsm Program Expenses
Conservation Incentive Filing Consideration
Consolidate Etc Only Certain Terms Consolidated Edison Ferc
Consolidated Proceeding Consolidation Variable Interest Entities
Construction Completed Fall 2009 Construction Completed Fall 2009 Total Cost 135
Construction Contracts Awarded Construction Plan
Consumers Energy Contemplated Hereby Thereby Reasonably Expected Material Adverse Effect
Continuing Operations Controlled Outage Investigation
Controls Procedures Convertible Debt
Convertible Senior Notes Cornerstone Propane Partners Prime Inc
Corporate Governance Documents Available Web Site Corporate-owned Life Insurance
Corporate-owned Life Insurance Coli Cost Savings
Costs Demand Side Management Programs Allocated Wholesale Customers Count Vote
Courts Fairness Hearing Covenants Agrees Several Underwriters Pay Cause Paid Following
Covering Specific Matters Cpuc Decision Psco Rate Case
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Credit Agreement Administrative Agent Shall Received Executed Delivered
Credit Facilities Credit Facility Bank Borrowings
Credit Facility Borrowings Credit Metrics
Credit Related Contingent Features Credit Risk
Credited Service Distributions Crediting Deferred Compensation
Credits Critical Accounting Policies
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Ctric Fuel Purchased Energy Cost Recovery Mechanisms
Cumulative Effect Fin Cumulative Preferred Stock 360 Series
Cumulative Preferred Stock 408 Series Cumulative Preferred Stock 410 Series
Cumulative Preferred Stock 411 Series Cumulative Preferred Stock 416 Series
Cumulative Preferred Stock 456 Series Cumulative Voting
Cunningham Maddox Station Groundwater Cunningham Station Groundwater
Current Initiatives Cusip Other Numbers
Customer Rate Regulation Deadline Claim
Deadline Legal Action Death Change Control
Death Prior Full Distribution Debits Credits Accounts
Debt Exchange Decision Expected 2009
Decommissioning Deemed Absolute Owners
Default Default Event Contractual Obligation Borrower Significant Subsidiary Litigation
Default Event Shall Occurred Continuing Such Date After Defendants
Defendants Counsel Deferral Elections
Deferrals Interest Payment Dates Deferred Financing Costs
Defined Contribution Plans Defined Terms
Definitions Delay Payments
Delay Retail Competition Delegation
Deliver Low-risk Competitive Total Return Deliverability
Demand-side Management Cost Adjustment Dsmca Denied
Denied Excelsior Energys Motion Closes Docket Denominations Dates Interest Payment Record
Department Labor Audit Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Arrangements Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Deposited Moneys Held Trust Trustee Deposits Escrow
Depreciation Amortization Depreciation Amortization Cash Flows
Derivative Action Derivative Financial Instruments
Derivative Instruments Derivative Valuation Financial Impacts
Derivatives Hedging Disclosures Derivatives Not Qualifying Hedge Accounting
Derivatives Risk Management Market Derivatives Risk Management Market Isk
Deriving Demand Cost Allocation Factors Post Test Adjustments Deriving Demand Cost Allocation Factors Wholesale Retail Interruptible
Description Awards Description Capital Stock
Designate Designate Subsidiary Significant
Designated Employers Affiliates Detail Interest Other Income Expense Net
Detail Interest Other Income Expenses Net Detail Interest Other Income Net
Detail Interest Other Income Net Nonoperating Expenses Determination Incentive Awards
Determinations Determining Fair Value Volume Level Activity Asset Liability
Development Event Had Reasonably Expected Material Adverse Effect Did Sps Properly Recover Cost Paid Coal Supplier
Did Sps Test Energy Purchases Against Hourly Avoided Direction Proceedings Waiver Defaults Majority Securityholders
Director Attendance Director Independence
Director Stock Ownership Guidelines Directors Compensation
Directors Compensation 2006 Directors Deferred Compensation Plans
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Directors Whose Terms Expire 2006 Disability Benefits
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Amendment Fasb Statement
Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Sfas 161 Discretionary Termination
Discussion Conclusions Disposition Asset Interest Therein Borrower Significant Subsidiary
Disruption Black-out Regional Electric Transmission Grid Negatively Impact Dissolution Bankruptcy
Distribution Date Distribution Election Form
Distributions Trust District Minnesota
Dividend Arrearages Dividend Other Capital-related Restrictions
Dividends Dividends Common Stock
Documents Incorporated Reference Dollars Per Share
Dual Capacity Duplication Benefits
Duration Amendment Termination Duties Responsibilities Trustee
Each Abr Loan Shall Bear Interest Rate Per Each Such Legal Opinion Shall Cover Matters Incident
Earn Allowed Return Equity Earn Authorized Return
Earnings Earnings Guidance
Earnings Per Share Summary East
East Downtown Minneapolis Paul Economic Conditions Negatively Impact Business
Economic Stimulus Plan Ectric Fuel Purchased Energy Cost Recovery Mechanisms
Ecuting Operating Plan Ecuting Operating Plans
Eei Typical Bills Summer 2004 Effect Modification Stipulation
Effecting Validating Additional Stock Securities Convertible Effective Date
Effective Date Amended Restated Policy 2009 Effective Date Term
Elections Form Payment Incentive Awards Electric
Electric Commodity Adjustment Electric Commodity Adjustment Eca
Electric Commodity Trading Margins Electric Department Earnings Test Cpuc Reliability Inquiry
Electric Fuel Cost Recovery Electric Fuel Surcharge Application
Electric Gas 2008 Rate Case Electric Gas Rate Case
Electric Limited Reopener 2009 Rate Case Electric Margin
Electric Natural Gas Rate Case Electric Purchased Gas Resource Adjustment Clauses
Electric Rate Case Electric Reliability Standards Compliance
Electric Reliability Standards Matters Electric Resource Adjustment Clauses
Electric Revenues Electric Revenues Margin
Electric Trading Docket Electric Transmission Rate Regulation
Eligibility Eloigne
Email Fayemwahlstrandxcelenergycom Emission Allowances
Emissions Lawsuit Employee Deferrals
Employees Employer
Employer Contribution Employer Credits
Employer Discretionary Credit Subaccount Employer Matching Credit Subaccount
Employers Disclosures Postretirement Benefit Plan Assets Fasb Staff Employers Disclosures Postretirement Benefit Plan Assets Fsp Fas
Employment Tort Commercial Litigation End Summary
Ending Holdings Energy Conservation
Energy Cost Recovery Mechanisms Energy Efficiency Renewables Law
Energy Legislation Energy Sources Related Initiatives
Energy Sources Related Transmission Initiatives Energy Supply Requirement Capability
Energy Utilities Group Engthen Balance Sheet Increased Equity
Enhanced Demand Side Management Dsm Program Enhanced Revenue Recovery Legislation
Enter Bank Enter Bank Magna Missouri
Entergy Ential Regulatory Income Depreciation
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Contingencies
Environmental Costs Environmental Legal Other Matters
Environmental Litigation Environmental Matters
Epas Proposed Greenhouse Gas Endangerment Finding Epas Proposed Greenhouse Gas Ghg Endangerment Finding
Eps Guidance Continuing Operations Equity Earnings Unconsolidated Subsidiaries
Equity Ratio 485 Erating Companies
Ergy Supply Mix 2004 Owned Purchased Erisa Litigation
Escrow Agent Escrow Agents Fees Expenses
Establishment Policy Establishment Trust
Estimated Impact Temperature Changes Regulated Earnings Estimates
Events Default Events Developments Since 2005
Ever-bloom Inc Xcel Energy Prime Evidence Compliance Conditions Precedent
Evidence Compliance Supplemental Indenture Furnished Trustee Ewable Energy Sources
Excelsior Energy Excelsior Energy Inc
Except Provided Awards Shall Not Payable Participant Prior Excess Plan Participant
Exchange Registration Transfer Securities Excluding Impact Coli
Executing Energy Supply Plan Executing Financial Plan
Executing Operating Plans Executing Strategy
Execution Authentication Delivery Dating Execution Counterparts
Executive Executive Compensation
Executive Compensation Elements Design Executive Compensation Philosophy Core Principles
Executive Officers Exercise
Exhaustion Administrative Remedies Exhibits
Existence Eligibility Trustee Expense Deductibility
Expiration Restricted Period Explanatory
Facility Payment Factors Affecting Results Continuing Operations
Failure Designation Fair Value Hedges
Fair Value Inactive Markets Fair Value Liabilities
Fair Value Measurements Fair Value Measurements Sfas 157
Fair Value Measurements Statement Financial Accounting Standards Sfas Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities Including Amendment
Fairhaven Power Encana Corporation Fargo Gas Explosion
Fasb Accounting Standards Codification Hierarchy Generally Accepted Principles Fasb Interpretation
Fasb Interpretation Fin Fca Investigation
Federal Audit Federal Clean Water Act
Federal Court Authorized Notice Not Solicitation Lawyer Please Federal Income Tax Consequences
Federal Regulation Federal Reserve Statistics Releases Data
Federal Uranium Enrichment Facility Ferc Audit Wholesale Fca
Ferc Financing Authorization Ferc Investigation Against Wholesale Electric Sellers
Ferc Omoi Compliance Audit Ferc Rules Implementing Energy Act
Ferc Rules Implementing Energy Policy Act 2005 Ferc Tie Line Investigation
Ferc Transmission Rate Case Fica Other Taxes
Figures Except 2004 Depreciation Estimated Regulatory Basis Differs Final Approval Settlement
Finance Committee Financial Condition
Financial Disclosure Financial Eview
Financial Hardship Financial Hardship Distribution
Financial Impact Qualifying Cash Flow Hedges Financial Instruments
Financial Market Risks Financial Results Regulatory Reporting Frequently Differ Gaap
Financial Review Financial Statements Borrower Shall Furnish Administrative Agent Turn
Financial Statements Exhibits Financing Certificates Authority
Financing Costs Preferred Dividends Financing Plans
Find Voting Results Annual Meeting Fix Interest Payments Certain Floating-rate Debt Obligations Derivative
Fixed Bill Complaint Florida Power Light
Following Following Events Shall Occur Continuing
Following Provisions Shall Apply Respect Proposed Transfer Regulation Following Provisions Shall Apply Respect Proposed Transfer Rule
Following Summarizes Components Changes Base Electric Utility Revenues Foreign Currency Exchange Risk
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form 8-k Form Generally
Form Global Security Form Opinion Jones
Form Payment Form Reverse Security Xcel Energy Inc Junior Subordinated
Form Security Form Trustees Certificate Authentication
Fort Collins Manufactured Gas Plant Mgp Site Fort Collins Manufactured Gas Plant Site
Fort Collins Mgp Site Forward Test Jurisdictions
Forward-looking Statements Forward-looking Tatements
Franklin Life Ins Fru-con Construction Corporation Utility Engineering
Fting Paradigm Fuel Adjustment Clauses Wholesale Rate Schedules
Fuel Clause Fuel Contracts
Fuel Cost Recovery Fuel Cost Recovery Mechanisms
Fuel Cost Recovery Rulemaking Fuel Disposal
Fuel Purchased Energy Conservation Cost Recovery Mechanisms Fuel Purchased Energy Cost Recovery Mechanisms
Fuel Sources Fuel Supply Costs
Funding Location Trust Future Cost Recovery
Future Financing Plans Ganizational Structure 2004 Results
Gary Johnson Retirement Agreement Gas
Gas Meter Module Failure Gas Meter Module Failures
Gas Trading Litigation General
General Economic Conditions General Rate Case
General Restrictions General Rules
Generally Generating Facilities
Generation Interconnection Rules Golden Spread Complaint Settlement
Governance Compensation Nominating Committee Governance Compensation Nominating Committee Xcel Energy Board
Governance Guidelines Code Conduct Governing Law
Governing Law Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance State Governing Law Waiver Shall Governed Construed Interpreted Accordance
Grand Meadow Wind Farm Grant
Grant Timing Practices Granted
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Guarantees
Gulatory Net Income Growth Potential Harbor
Heartland Heartland Regional Medical Center Prime Xcel Energy
Hedges Foreign Currency Exposure Net Investment Operations Hedging Contracts
Hereby Ordered Adjudged Herein Shall Deemed Limit Rights Administrative Agent Lender
Hierarchy Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Gaap Sfas 162 High-level Radioactive Waste Disposal
Hill Psco Hoffman Northern States Power
Holding Special Charges Holdings
Houlton Water Maine Pub Svc Ies
Ignificant Accounting Policies Illinois Power
Impact 2003 Medicare Legislation Impact Accounting Tax Treatment Executive Compensation
Impact Nonregulated Investments Implementing Strategy
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Annual Meeting Improves Environment
Inc Essmacher Brunetti Mclain Incentive Cost Adjustment Ica Interim Clause Iac
Incentive Cost Adjustment Interim Clause Incentive Period
Included Included Proxy Statement
Income Growth Potential Income Tax Expense
Income Taxes Increase Amount Preferred Stock
Increase Earned Return Equity Increase Risks Regulatory Penalties
Increased Equity Approved Bolster Psco Credit Rating Increased Risks Regulatory Penalties Negatively Impact Business
Increasing Costs Associated Defined Benefit Retirement Plans Health Increasing Costs Associated Defined Benefit Retirement Plans Other
Increasing Costs Associated Health Care Plans Adversely Affect Indenture Securities Solely Corporate Obligations
Independence Discussions Audit Committees Independent Public Accountants
Independent Public Accountants Fees Independent Transmission System Operators
Indeterminate Asset Retirement Obligations Index
Individual Notice Inflation
Information Contact Information Furnished Participants
Information Nominees Information Nominees Continuing Directors
Information Not Given Connection Initial Administrative Expense Payment
Initial Claim Initial Election Investment Funds
Initial Plan Participation Innesota
Instituted Merp Rider Minnesota Jurisdiction 2006 Insurable Interest
Inter Alia Interest Charges
Interest Charges Financing Costs Interest Deduction
Interest Expense Deductibility Interest Financing Costs
Interest Investments Interest Orderly Constructive Meeting Following Guidelines Apply Xcel
Interest Other Income Expense Net Interest Other Income Net
Interest Other Income Net Expense Interest Other Income Net Nonoperating Expenses
Interest Rate Cash Flow Hedges Interest Rate Derivatives
Interest Rate Fair Value Hedges Interest Rate Risk
Interest Rights Preserved Interest Shall Payable Arrears Each Payment Date Provided
Interest Thereon Rate Per Annum Equal Daily Average Interim Disclosures Fair Value Financial Instruments Fasb Staff
Interim Disclosures Fair Value Financial Instruments Fsp Fas Interim Fair Value Disclosures
Internal Control Integrated Framework Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Internal Control-integrated Framework Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting
Internet Interrelationship Plan Trust
Introduction Inventory
Invest Utility Assets Earn Allowed Return Equity Invest Utility Assets Through 2009 Earn Allowed Return
Investigation Sps Participation Southwest Power Pool Inc Spp Investigation Sps Participation Spp
Investment Election Form Investment Fund
Investments Power Plants Transmission Lines Driving Costs Ironmental Initiatives
Irrevocable Irs Coli Settlement
Irs Corporate-owned Life Insurance Coli Settlement Issuance Stock Preferred Over
Issuance Terms Preferred Stock Issuing Lender Shall Time Obligated Issue Letter Credit
Ivers Value Creation John Deere Wind Complaint
Joint Common Wholesale Energy Market Joint Venture Created Hereby Other Loan Documents Otherwise
Junior Subordinated Notes Junior Subordinated Notes Series Due 2068
Kentucky Utilities Key Assumptions 2005 Earnings Guidance
Key Assumptions 2006 Key Assumptions 2007
Key Assumptions 2008 Knowledge Fact Participant Imputed Beneficiary
Krenik County Sueur Lamb County Electric Cooperative
Lamb County Electric Cooperative Lcec Lamb County Electric Cooperative Sps
Lampkin Lampkin Travelers Ins
Largest Owners Xcel Energys Shares Lea Power Purchase Agreement
Lead Independent Director Lead Independent Directors
Learjet Inc Prime Xcel Energy Learn
Leased Employees Least Cost Plan Lcp Investigation
Least-cost Resource Plan Leave
Legal Contingencies Legal Costs
Legal Opinions Administrative Agent Shall Received Following Executed Legal Proceeding
Legal Proceedings Legal Settlement
Legislative Resource Commitments Lender Issuing Negotiating Effecting Payment Amending Otherwise Administering
Letters Credit Levee Station Manufactured Gas Plant Site
Leyden Gas Storage Facility Lic Service Colorado
Limitation Director Liability Limitations Duties Holders Senior Indebtedness
Limitations Rights Trustee Creditor Line
Link Searchable Text Slide Shown Abov Liquidation Dissolution
Liquidity Capital Resources Litigation
Load Resources Long-term Awards
Long-term Borrowings Long-term Debt
Long-term Incentives Long-term Investments
Louisiana Power Light Low-level Radioactive Waste Disposal
Low-sulfur Western Coal Lpp Purchase Power Agreement
Maddox Station Groundwater Mail
Mail Each Holder Copy Prospectus Forming Part Exchange Majority Decisions
Majority Voting Mallon Xcel Energy Inc
Man Agement Compensation Linked Shareholder Interests Management Report Internal Controls
Management Report Internal Controls Over Financial Eporting Management Report Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting
Managements Strategic Lan Managements Strategic Plan
Mandatorily Redeemable Preferred Securities Subsidiary Trusts Manner Mailing Notice Securityholders
Manufactured Gas Plant Insurance Coverage Litigation Manufactured Gas Plant Insurance Coverage Litigation Nsp-wisconsin
Manufactured Gas Plant Sites Market Based Rate Authority
Market Based Rate Rules Market-based Rate Authority
Material Assets Reflected Borrowers Consolidated Balance Sheet 2006 Maximum Amount Available Awards
Maximum Payable Meanings Given Terms Defined Herein Shall Equally Applicable
Meeting Attendance Meeting Election Directors
Meetings Members Following Class
Mercury Cost Recovery Mergers Acquisitions Divestitures
Merp Project Merp Rider Regulation
Method Executing Instruments Metro Emissions Reduction Project Merp Accounting
Metropolitan Airports Northern States Power Metropolitan Emissions Reduction Project Merp Rider
Mgp Insurance Coverage Litigation Mgp Sites
Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator Inc Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator Inc Miso Long-term
Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator Inc Miso Operations Minnesota
Minnesota Department Commerce Sister Agency Performs Advocacy Function Minnesota Legislative Session
Minnesota Mercury Legislation Minnesota Power Light
Minnesota Rate Cases Minnesota Resource Plan
Minnesota Service Quality Investigation Minnesota Staff Provides Advisory Function
Minnesota State Other Jurisdiction Incorporation Minus
Miscellaneous Miso
Miso Ancillary Service Market Asm Cost Recovery Miso Ancillary Services Market
Miso Arbitration Nsp-minnesota Nsp-wisconsin Miso Cost Recovery
Miso Cost Recovery Nsp-minnesota Nsp-wisconsin Miso Cost Recovery Petition
Miso Generation Interconnection Cost Allocation Tariff Miso Long Term Pricing
Miso Long Term Transmission Pricing Miso Long Term Transmission Pricing Nsp-minnesota Nsp-wisconsin
Miso Long-term Transmission Pricing Miso Market Cost Recovery
Miso Market Operations Summer 2006 Miso Operations
Miso Operations Nsp-minnesota Nsp-wisconsin Miso Pjm Seca
Miso Remand Missouri Public Service Prime Inc Xcel Energy
Money Pool Moneys Held Trust
Monticello Certificate Need Monticello Nuclear Plant 975 Capacity Factor Set New
Moodys More-
Morgan Trust Prime Xcel Energy Inc Mortgage Bonds
Most Junior Subordinated Debt Mpleted Construction Projects
Mullenax Natl Reserve Life Ins Multiplied
Mutilated Destroyed Lost Stolen Securities Name Address
Names Directors Native Village Kivalina Xcel Energy Inc
Natural Gas Natural Gas Cost
Natural Gas Cost Recovery Mechanisms Natural Gas Costs
Natural Gas Distribution Activities Involve Numerous Risks Result Natural Gas Margin
Natural Gas Rate Case Natural Gas Revenue
Natural Gas Revenues Natural Gas Revenues Margin
Natural Gas Supply Costs Natural Gas Utility Margins
Natural Gas Utility Revenue Margins Natural Gas Utility Trends
Negative Covenants Net Income
Net Settlement Fund New Fcac Consistent Regulations Precedent Policy
New Fcac Supplemented Detailed Protocols Governing Application What New Mexico
New Mexico Electric Rate Case New Mexico Electric Rate Case-
New Mexico Energy Efficiency Disincentive Rulemaking New Mexico Fuel Continuation
New Mexico Fuel Factor Continuation Filing New Mexico Fuel Factor Continuation Filing Sps
New Mexico Fuel Review New Mexico Fuel Review Sps
New Mexico Renewable Portfolio Standard New Mexico Retail Electric Rate Case
New Plan Benefits New York Investor Meeting 2005
New York Office Attorney General Subpoena Newable Energy Sources
Newmech Northern States Power Nicollet Mall Minneapolis 55402
Nicollet Mall Minneapolis Minnesota Nmc
Nnesota Electric Rate Case Drivers Nnesota Regulatory Process
Nomination Directors Nominees Directors Terms Expiring 2006
Non-fuel Operating Expense Other Non-fuel Operating Expense Other Costs
Non-gaap Reconciliation Non-unanimous Stipulation
Noncontrolling Interests Noncontrolling Interests Consolidated Financial Statements Amendment Accounting Research
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Nonqualified Pension Plan
Nonqualified Pension Plan Benefit Account Balance Top Hat Nonqualified Pension Plan Benefit Excess Participants
Nonqualified Pension Plan Benefit Traditional Equity Top Hat Nonregulated Commodity Instruments
Nonregulated Operating Margins Nonregulated Results Compared 2002
Nonregulated Results Compared 2003 Nonregulated Results Compared 2004
Nonregulated Subsidiaries Nontransferability
Normal Purchases Sales Contracts North
North Carolina Electric North Coon Rapids
North Dakota Gas Rate Case North Dakota Retail Gas Rate Case
Northeast Utilities Service Northern States Power Company- Wisconsin Net Income
Northern States Power Minnesota Corporation Northern States Power Minnesota Corporation Nsp-minnesota Electric Rate
Northern States Power Nsp Northwest Pipeline Corporation
Not Fewer Times Per Order Not Prevent Defaults
Not Required Register Investment Such Term Defined Act Not Total Year-to-date Number Due Rounding
Notation Securities Notes Condensed Financial Statements
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Payable Commercial Paper
Notice Adverse Determination Claim Review Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders
Notice Class Action Settlement Notice Default
Notice Initial Adverse Determination Notice Redemption Selection Securities
Notice Trustee Facts Prohibiting Payment Notices
Now Hereby Determined Agreed Federal Income Tax Purposes Now Therefore
Now Therefore Indenture Witnesseth Now Therefore Resolved
Nrg Nrg Asset Impairments
Nrg Bankruptcy Nrg Restructuring Charges
Nrg Results Compared 2002 Nrg Results Compared 2003
Nrg Segment Nrg Tax Complaint
Nsp 2004 Resource Plan Nsp Minnesota Annual Review Remaining Lives Depreciation Filing
Nsp Minnesota North Dakota Electric Rate Case Nsp North Dakota Gas Rate Case Settlement Agreement
Nsp System Resource Plan Nsp Wisconsin Electric Gas Rate Case Filing
Nsp- Minnesota Electric Rate Case Nsp-minnesota
Nsp-minnesota Base Load Acquisition Proceeding Nsp-minnesota Electric Rate Case
Nsp-minnesota Minnesota Electric Rate Case Nsp-minnesota Natural Gas Rate Case
Nsp-minnesota North Dakota Electric Rate Case Nsp-minnesota Notice Violation
Nsp-minnesota Nsr Information Request Nsp-minnesota Nuclear Plant Re-licensing
Nsp-minnesota Renewable Acquisition Plan Nsp-minnesota Retail Gas Rate Case
Nsp-minnesota South Dakota Electric Rate Case Nsp-minnesota South Dakota Tcr Environmental Cost Recovery Ecr
Nsp-minnesota Transmission Certificates Need Nsp-minnesota Transmission Cons
Nsp-wisconsin Nsp-wisconsin 2005 Fuel Cost Recovery
Nsp-wisconsin 2005 Fuel Cost Recovery Filing Nsp-wisconsin 2006 Fuel Cost Recovery
Nsp-wisconsin 2006 General Rate Case Nsp-wisconsin Electric Gas Rate Case
Nsp-wisconsin Electric Limited Reopener 2009 Rate Case Nsp-wisconsin Filed Pscw Request Increase Retail Electric
Nstruction Program On-time Within Budget Nuclear Capacity Increases Life Extension
Nuclear Decommissioning Expenses Nuclear Decommissioning Fund
Nuclear Decommissioning Trust Fund Nuclear Environmental Safety Committee
Nuclear Fuel Expense Nuclear Insurance
Nuclear Management Nuclear Management Nmc
Nuclear Plant Operation Nuclear Plant Power Uprates
Nuclear Plant Power Uprates Life Extension Nuclear Power Operations Waste Disposal
Nuclear Refueling Outage Costs Nuclear Waste Disposal Litigation
Number 1-3034 Number Nominees Classification Voting
Number Shares Number Votes
Objecting Settlement Obligation Actively Support Stipulation
Obligation Base Rate Case Obligation Unconditional
Obligations Shall Addition Liability Otherwise Extend Same Terms Observability Fair Value Measurements
Obtain Admission Ticket Annual Meeting Occurrence Default Event
Off-balance-sheet Arrangements Offer Exchange 5613 Senior Notes Series Due 2017
Offer Shareholders Electronic Delivery Proxy Materials Office Notices Payments Etc
Officer Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Officer Director Controlling Person Shall Survive Delivery Payment
Officers Officers Certificate Evidence
Official Acts Successor Corporation Ongoing Participation
Operating Capital Expenditure Forecast Operating Leases
Operating Plans Translate Strategy Specific Goals Actions Milestones Operating Results Fluctuate Seasonal Quarterly Basis Adversely Affected
Operational Operational Developments
Operations Impacted War Acts Terrorism Threats Operations Impacted War Acts Terrorism Threats Disruptions Normal
Operations Nuclear Environmental Committee Ople Right People Jobs
Opt Out Settlement Option Exercises Stock Vested Table
Option Price Options Exercises Stock Vested Table
Order Order Final Judgment
Order Initial Decision Order Motion Clarification
Order Wholesale Rate Complaints Ordered
Original Claim Otal Cost Purchase
Other Other 2005 Compensation
Other Actions Other Benefits
Other Business Other Comprehensive Income
Other Contingencies Other Environmental Requirements
Other Events Other Fees
Other Income Expense Net Other Income Tax Matters
Other Information Other Issues
Other Jurisdictions Other Nonregulated Holding
Other Nonregulated Operating Maintenance Expense Other Nonregulated Operating Maintenance Expenses
Other Operating Maintenance Expenses Other Operating Maintenance Expenses Utility
Other Perquisites Benefits Other Provisions
Other Regulated Subsidiaries Other Regulatory Matters
Other Regulatory Matters Colorado Other Regulatory Matters Jurisdiction
Other Regulatory Matters Minnesota Other Regulatory Matters New Mexico
Other Regulatory Matters Nsp-minnesota Other Regulatory Matters Nsp-wisconsin
Other Regulatory Matters Psco Other Regulatory Matters Sps
Other Regulatory Matters Texas Other Regulatory Matters Wisconsin
Other Results Holding Costs Other Results Nonregulated Subsidiaries Holding Costs
Other Segment Other Stock Based Awards
Other Subsidiaries Other Subsidiaries Natural Gas Utility Segment
Other Utility Operating Maintenance Expense Other-than-temporary Impairments
Outstanding Incentive Compensation Awards Outstanding Stock Evidence Indebtedness
Overpayments Oversight Executive Compensation Program
Overview Owned Purchased
Ownership Properties Pacific Northwest Ferc Refund Proceeding
Paid Parties Expensed Incurred Was Included Interest Charges Papers Submitted Include Case Numbers 03-2218 03-2219 Page
Participant Participant Acceptance
Participant Copy Retain Records Participant Election Time Form Payment
Participant Service Participants Acknowledgment Review Right Revoke
Participants Rights Participating Employers
Participation Party Other Environmental Site Remediation
Paul Bonavia Paul Bonavia Employment Agreement
Paying Agent Repay Moneys Held Payment
Payment Beneficiary Payment Deferred Account
Payment Employment Taxes Income Payment Incentive Award
Payment Income Inclusion Code §409a Payment Obligations Participating Employers
Payment Principal Premium Interest Payment Securities
Payment Securities Default Suit Therefor Payment Securities Redemption Deposit Price
Payment Senior Indebtedness Default Payne Psco
Peak Partner Program Pending Accounting Changes
Pending Rate Cases Pending Recently Concluded Regulatory Proceedings
Pending Recently Concluded Regulatory Proceedings -ferc Pending Recently Concluded Regulatory Proceedings Colorado Public Utilities
Pending Recently Concluded Regulatory Proceedings Cpuc Pending Recently Concluded Regulatory Proceedings Federal Energy Ferc
Pending Recently Concluded Regulatory Proceedings Ferc Pending Recently Concluded Regulatory Proceedings Mpuc
Pending Recently Concluded Regulatory Proceedings Ndpsc South Dakota Pending Recently Concluded Regulatory Proceedings New Mexico Public
Pending Recently Concluded Regulatory Proceedings Nmprc Pending Recently Concluded Regulatory Proceedings Pscw
Pending Recently Concluded Regulatory Proceedings Public Service Wisconsin Pending Recently Concluded Regulatory Proceedings Public Utility Texas
Pending Recently Concluded Regulatory Proceedings Puct Pending Regulatory Proceedings -ndpsc Sdpuc
Pending Regulatory Proceedings Ndpsc South Dakota Public Utilities Pending Regulatory Proceedings North Dakota Public Service Ndpsc
Pendix Pension Benefits
Pension Benefits Table Pension Equity Benefit Formula
Pension Fund Pension Plan Assets
Pension Plan Costs Assumptions Per
Percent Respectively Request Assumes Common Equity Ratio 5386 Percentage Compensation Either Case Within Category Deferral Not
Performance Awards Performance Goals
Performance Share Component Performance-based Regulation
Performance-based Regulation Quality Service Requirements Performance-based Restricted Stock Unit Component
Perquisites Person
Pfs Phantom Stock
Philadelphia Electric Photo Identification Required Admission
Pital Expenditures 2005 2009 Plaintiffs Case Contribution Compensation
Plaintiffs Counsel Plan
Plan Account Plan Assets
Plan Changes Plan Interpretations Controlling
Plan Statement Planergy
Please Read Notice Carefully Federal Court Authorized Not Policy Xcel Energy Senior Executive Severance Change-in-control Time
Pollution Control Construction Work Progress Properly Included Rate Polychlorinated Biphenyl Pcb Storage Disposal
Postretirement Benefit Plans Prairie Island Certificate Need Con
Prairie Island Steam Generator Replacement Pre-tax Deferral Subaccount
Pre-tax Deferrals Predecessor Director Retirement Plan
Preferred Stock Preliminary Approval Order
Preliminary Approval Proposed Settlement Notice Presentation 800 Noon
Preserve Renew Keep Full Force Effect Organizational Existence Pricing Information
Principal Accounting Fees Services Principles Consolidation
Prior Agreement Hereby Amended Read Entirety Follows Private Fuel Storage Pfs
Procedures Certain Designated Participants Procedures Designated Participants
Proceedings Securityholders Proceedings Trustee
Process Related Executive Officer Director Compensation Processing Claims Against Settlement Fund Otherwise Respect Administration
Profitability Depends Part Ability Utility Subsidiaries Recover Costs Prohibition Loans
Prohibition Loans Ratification Auditors Prohibition Unenforceability Jurisdiction Shall Not Invalidate Render Unenforceable
Project Status Promptly Such Additional Financial Other Information Lender Time
Proof Execution Securityholders Properties
Property Plant Equipment Depreciation Propose Actions Consideration Next Annual Meeting Shareholders Nominate
Proposed Settlement Principle Provided
Provided However Provision Paying Agent
Provisional Provisions Binding Successors
Proxy Annual Meeting Shareholders 2005 Proxy Annual Meeting Shareholders 2006
Proxy Annual Meeting Shareholders 2009 Proxy Annual Meeting Shareholders-may 2008
Proxy Statement Annual Report Available Http Bnymellonmobularnet Proxy Statement Annual Report Available Wwwproxyvotecom
Psco Psco 2003 Resource Plan
Psco 2009 Electric Rate Case Psco 2010 Electric Rate Case
Psco Colorado Electric Rate Case Psco Electric Rate Case
Psco Electric Rate Case Details Psco Fort Collins Manufactured Gas Plant Site
Psco Least-cost Resource Plan Psco Natural Gas Rate Case
Psco Natural Gas Rate Case Settlement Psco Notice Violation
Psco Notice Violation Nov Psco Quality Service Plan
Psco Qwest Xcel Energy Inc Psco Regulatory Policy Initiative
Psco Renewable Energy Standard Adjustment Resa Psco Renewable Portfolio Standards
Psco Resource Plan Psco Sps
Psco Sps Ferc Transmission Rate Case Psco Wholesale Rate Case
Psri Psri Impact Earnings
Public Service Colorado Public Service Colorado Psco
Public Service Colorado Psco Electric Rate Case Public Service Colorado Psco Gas Rate Case Settlement
Public Service New York Ferc Public Utility Holding Act 1935 Puhca
Publication Notice Puc Docket 29801
Puhca 2005 Purchased Capacity Cost Adjustment
Purchased Capacity Cost Adjustment Pcca Purchased Gas Conservation Cost Recovery Mechanisms
Purchased Power Purchased Power Agreements
Purchased Transmission Services Purchases Acquisitions
Purchases Natural Gas Spss Affiliate Prime Inc Purchases Sales Psco Nsp
Purchases Xcel Stock Class Period Dollar Value Sales Purpose
Purpose Definitions General Provisions Purpose Effective Time
Purpose Responsibility Purposes Meetings
Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Qualifications Voting
Qualified Pension Plan Qualified Pension Plan Benefit
Quality Service Plan Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quorum Preferred Stockholders Qwest Xcel Energy Inc
Raised Floor Rate Case
Rate Case Request Rate Case Settlement
Rate Cases Rate Cases 2006 Impacts
Rate Cases Expected 2007 Impacts Rate Matters
Rategy Rates Regulation
Ratification Appointment Deloitte Touche Llp Principal Independent Accountants Ratification Appointment Deloitte Touche Llp Xcel Energys Principal
Receipt Acknowledgment Needed Receive Complete Proxy Package Possible Eliminate Duplicates
Receive Payment Received
Receiving Materials Recent Allocation
Recent Financing Activity Recently Adopted
Recently Implemented Accounting Changes Recently Issued
Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements Recession Grid Disturbances Acts War Terrorism Negatively Impact
Recitals Reclassifications
Recognition Presentation Other-than-temporary Impairments Fsp Fas 115-2 124-2 Recommend Individual Serve Director
Recommends Vote Against Proposal Record Date Securityholder Acts
Redemption Preferred Stock Reduced Coal Availability Negatively Impact Business
Reduced Exposure Gas Sales Volatility Reductions Credit Ratings Increase Financing Costs Cost Maintaining
Regional Haze Rules Registration Rights Agreement
Registration Statements Regulated Commodity Instruments
Regulated Utility Segment Regulated Utility Segments
Regulated Utility Subsidiaries Regulation
Regulation Derivatives Regulation S-t 1933 Act Commercially Reasonable Efforts Cause
Regulations Regulations Thereunder Including Option Rule 158
Regulatory Accounting Regulatory Plan
Regulatory Recovery Adjustment Sps Rehg
Rehired Employee Reimbursement Citys Rate Case Expense
Related Parties Related Party Transactions
Related Person Transaction Policy Release
Released Claims Released Persons
Reliance Documents Opinions Etc Rely Cash Subsidiaries Make Dividend Payments
Remedies Breach Remedies Cumulative Continuing
Remember Please Not Call Court Xcel Vanguard They Reminder Checklist
Removal Costs Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards Renewable Energy Sources
Renewable Energy Standard Renewable Energy Standard Adjustment Resa
Renewable Energy Standard Res Rider Renewable Energy Standard Rider
Renewable Portfolio Standards Renewable Portfolio Standards Legislation
Renewable Portfolio Standards Psco Renewable Transmission Cost Recovery
Replacement Capital Covenant Replay Numbers
Report Audit Committee Board Directors Report Governance Compensation Nominating Committee Board Directors
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Irm
Reports Trustee Representations Warranties
Request Review Requirement Law Other Regulation Board Public Utilities State
Res Resa
Reserve Primary Fund Resignation Removal Trustee
Resolution Resolved
Resource Plan Resource Plan Filings
Resource Planning Responsibility Recitals Etc
Restatement Restatement Financial Statements
Restatement Plan Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Units Restrictions Transfer Restricted Periods
Resulted Such Agents Gross Negligence Willful Misconduct Agreements Results Local Decision Makers 360 Degree Perspective Responsibility
Results Operations Financial Condition Retirement Benefits
Retirement Deferred Compensation Benefits Retirement Spending Account
Return Authorized Regulators Return Executive Compensation Department
Return Property Return Unclaimed Moneys
Revenue Recognition Revenue Sufficiency Guarantee Charges
Revenue Sufficiency Guarantee Rsg Charges Review Denied Claim
Revisions Perquisite Policy Executives Revocation Consents Future Holders Bound
Reynolds Rices Toyota World Inc United States
Rider Recovery Environmental Investments Including Minnesota Mercury Reduction Right Designate
Right Trustee Hold Senior Indebtedness Rights Employment
Rights Obligations Agreement Including Portion Commitments Bridge Loans Rights Participants
Rights Stockholder Rights Trustee Securityholders Not Delayed
Rights Unissued Stock Other Securities Rising Energy Prices Negatively Impact Business
Risk Factors Risks Associated Business
Ron Darnel Director Pricing Planning Experience Directs Class Rthern States Power Minnesota
Rthern States Power Wisconsin Rules Interpretation
Rules Regarding Participant Contributions Rules Regulations
Saemrow Dairy Partnership Xcel Energy Safe Harbor
Salary Sale Offer Buy Security
Sale Pending Kansas Oklahoma Properties Sales
Sales Growth Sales Then Such Mean Next Preceding Shall Used
San Luis Valley-calumet-comanche Transmission Project Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Satisfaction Discharge Indenture Savings Clause
Schedule Schedule 14a
Schedule Participants Scheduled Maturity Provided Clause Shall Not Apply Secured
Schlumbergersema Inc Xcel Energy Nsp-minnesota Scope Business Borrower Shall Cause Each Significant Subsidiary
Scope Effect Settlement Searchable Text Graphics Shown Above
Sec Sec 211
Sec 211 Plan Sec 212
Sec 212 Predecessor Plan Sec 214
Sec 214 Retirement Plan Sec 215 Successor Employer
Sec 216 Sec 216 Vesting Service
Sec Accrual Percentage Sec Actuarial Equivalent
Sec Administration Committee Sec Amendment
Sec Amount Normal Retirement Benefit Sec Beneficiary
Sec Benefit Change Control Sec Benefits Not Assigned Alienated
Sec Capitalized Definition Sec Cessation Participation
Sec Change Control Sec Committee
Sec Compounds Word Here Sec Construction Applicable Law
Sec Construed Whole Sec Death After Termination Employment
Sec Death Prior Termination Employment Sec Designation Beneficiary
Sec Disability Before Retirement Sec Eligibility Participation
Sec Final Average Compensation Sec Financing Order
Sec Guarantee Employment Sec Headings
Sec Name Plan Sec Normal Form
Sec Normal Retirement Date Sec Optional Forms
Sec Participating Employers Sec Purpose
Sec Reduction Early Retirement Sec Special Provisions Psco Sps Serp Participation
Sec Termination Plan Sec Unfunded Unsecured Plan
Sec Vesting Benefit Sec Withholding Taxes
Securities Action Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Exchange Reports Securities Issuable Form Global Security
Securities Litigation Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
Securityholder Lists See Also Knetsch United States
See Bottom Following Page Additional Information See Ohio Edison
See Xcel Energy Inc Securities Derivative Erisa Litigation Senior Executive Severance Change Control Policy
Senior Notes Series Due 2036 Separation Benefits
Separation Service Seq
Seren Seren Innovations Inc Other Segment
Seren Sale Series Notes Due 2017 Shall Issued Fully Registered
Serp Serp Participants
Service Cap Rock After Refund Effective Date Subject Service Process
Settlement Settlement Agreement
Settlement Claim Settlement Class
Settlement Class Counsel Based Amount Claim Issued Pursuant Settlement Defendants Elect Not Waive Condition Then Agreement
Settlement Fund Settlement Reimbursement Administrative Expenses Extent Party Deems Necessary
Settlement Terms Severance Change Control Policy
Severance Multiple Each Participant Number Set Forth Opposite Severance Policies
Shall Used Fund Settlement Described Escrow Agreement Interest Shareholder Approval Term
Shareholder Proposal Shareholder Proposal Relating Executive Compensation
Shareholder Proposal Relating Role Chairman Ceo Shareholder Read Notice
Shareholder Record Shareholders Not Present Admission Ticket Verification Ownership Admitted
Shares Awarded Sherco Project
Sherco Upgrade Short-term Borrowings
Short-term Funding Sources Short-term Investments
Short-term Wholesale Commodity Trading Margin Short-term Wholesale Commodity Trading Margins
Short-term Wholesale Commodity Trading Results Above Table Reflect Short-term Wholesale Commodity Trading Risk
Short-term Wholesale Margins Shriver
Siewert Xcel Energy Signature
Signatures Significant Accounting Policies
Signing Above Parties Certify They Read Agreed Terms Sinclair Oil Corporation Prime Inc Xcel Energy
Site Remediation Small Amounts
Social Security Supplement Source Payment
Sourcing Savings South
South Airport Bloomington Edina South Dakota Electric Rate Case
Southwest Power Pool Spp Restructuring Southwestern Pub Serv
Southwestern Public Service Southwestern Public Service Sps -texas Electric Rate Case
Special Charges Special Provisions Applicable Covered Employees
Special Record Date Special Rules
Specific Duties Specific Rules
Spendthrift Provision Spousal Rights
Spouse Spp Energy Imbalance Service
Spp Energy Imbalance Service Sps Sps
Sps 2008 Transmission Formula Rate Case Sps 2008 Wholesale Rate Case
Sps 205 Fcac Filing Sps Aggregation Wind Energy Purchases Purposes Evaluation New
Sps Electric Rate Case Texas Sps Federal Energy Regulatory Ferc Settlement
Sps Formula Transmission Rate Case Sps New Fuel Clause Need Revised Comport Rulings
Sps New Mexico Electric Rate Case Sps New Mexico Fuel Factor Continuation Filing
Sps New Mexico Retail Electric Rate Case Sps Participation Spp Rto
Sps Permitted Recover Energy-related Costs Associated Long-term Purchases Sps Permitted Recover Spp Losses Through New Fcac
Sps Rate Cases Sps Recovery Energy-related Costs Purchases Qfs Long-term Contracts
Sps Recovery Energy-related Costs Wind Energy Purchases Consistent Sps Resource Planning
Sps Retail Fuel Cost Recovery Sps Texas Electric Retail Rate Case
Sps Texas Retail Base Rate Fuel Reconciliation Case Sps Texas Retail Electric Rate Case
Sps Texas Retail Fuel Cost Reconciliation Sps Texas Retail Fuel Factor Change
Sps Texas Retail Fuel Reconciliation Filing 2002 2003 Sps Texas Retail Fuel Surcharge Case
Sps Wholesale Customer Complaints Sps Wholesale Customers Subject New Fuel Clause Entitled
Sps Wholesale Power Base Rate Application Sps Wholesale Rate Complaint
Sps Wholesale Rate Complaints Sps-texas Electric Rate Case
Standard Review Standing Committees
Standing Committees Independent Members State Audits
State Energy Policy Rider State Energy Policy Sep Rider
State Resource Plans Statement
Statement Claim Statement Financial Accounting Standards 157
Statement Financial Accounting Standards 158 Statement Financial Accounting Standards Sfas 123 Revised 2004
Statement Financial Accounting Standards Sfas 157 Fair Value Statement Operations Analysis Continuing
States Steam Cost Adjustment Sca
Steps Minnesota Stipulation Agreement Settlement Erisa Actions
Stipulation Class Certification Settlement Stipulation Settlement
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Equivalent Plan
Stock Options Stock Ownership Guidelines
Stock Unit Awards Stock-based Employee Compensation
Stockholder Protection Rights Agreement Stone Webster Inc Psco
Strategic Board Retreat Annual State Presentation Ceo Offered Strong Regional Economy
Sub-account Plans Shall Thereafter Distributed Only Accordance Applicable Subject Business Continuity Risks Associated Ability Respond Unforeseen
Subject Capital Market Risk Subject Commodity Price Risk Credit Other Risks Associated
Subject Commodity Risks Other Associated Energy Markets Subject Credit Risks
Subject Environmental Laws Regulations Compliance Difficult Costly Subject Information Security Risks
Subject Interest Rate Risk Subject Legislative Regulatory Responses Climate Change Compliance Difficult
Subject Physical Financial Risks Associated Climate Change Submission Application Court
Submission Jurisdiction Waivers Each Party Hereto Hereby Irrevocably Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Submitted Audit Committee Xcel Energy Board Submitted Audit Committee Xcel Energy Board Directors
Submitted Governance Compensation Nominating Committee Xcel Energy Board Subordination Rights Not Impaired Acts Omissions Holders
Subrogation Subsequent Distribution Election
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries United States Subsidiary Nsp-minnesota Subject Risks Nuclear Generation
Subsidiary Psco Received Notice Internal Revenue Service Irs Subsidiary Psco Received Notice Irs Proposing Disallow Certain
Substantially Form Included Jones Chicago Illinois Counsel Substitute Form W-9
Succession Merger Etc Successor Corporation
Successor Corporation Substituted Successors
Such Request Action Taken Failure Act Pursuant Thereto Sui Generis
Summary Summary Compensation Table
Summary Recent Federal Regulatory Developments Summary Recent Regulatory Developments
Summary Regulatory Agencies Areas Jurisdiction Summary Significant Accounting Policies
Supplement Such Form Prospectus Shall Disapproved Promptly After Supplemental Indenture Dated 2000
Supplemental Indentures Consent Securityholders Supplemental Indentures Without Consent Securityholders
Supply Additions Supply Contracted
Supporting Materials Agendas Supporting Statement
Supra System Average Interruption Duration Index Saidi
Table Contents Tail Electric Rate Comparison
Take Action Subject General Service Process Taxation Such Tampa Electric
Target Annual Incentive Awards 2004 Target Annual Incentive Awards 2005
Target Bonus Tax Benefits Related Investment Nrg
Tax Fees Tax Matters
Tax Matters Corporate-owned Life Insurance Tax Matters Corporate-owned Life Insurance Coli
Taxes Other Income Tcr Factor Rulemaking
Technology Agreement Telephone
Temporary Securities Tential Regulatory Income Depreciation
Term Annual Plan Term Certain Installments
Term Employment Term Omnibus Plan
Termination Termination Employment
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Termination Plan
Termination Service Termination Settlement Agreement
Terms Final Settlement Terms Hereof Herein Hereby Hereto Hereunder Herewith Refer
Texas Energy Efficiency Cost Recovery Factor Eecrf Rider Texas Energy Efficiency Cost Recovery Factor Rider
Texas Energy Legislation Texas Interruptible Credit Option Savers Switch
Texas Jurisdictional Fuel Allocation Methodology Texas Renewable Energy Zone
Texas Retail Base Rate Case Texas Retail Base Rate Fuel Reconciliation Case
Texas Retail Fuel Cost Texas Retail Fuel Cost Sps
Texas Retail Fuel Factor Change Texas Retail Fuel Surcharge Case
Texas Settlement Agreement Texas Transmission Cost Recovery Factor Tcrf
Texas-ohio Energy Inc Centerpoint Thereunder Such Amounts Shall Not Reduced Regardless Whether
Thern States Power Minnesota Thern States Power Wisconsin
Thorough Study Legal Principles Applicable Actual Potential Claims Through
Through 2002 Thwestern Public Service
Tie Line Cost Recovery Tillman
Time Form Payment Time Payment
Time Table Time-of-use Pilot Project
Timing Timing Next Fuel Reconciliation
Top Hat Participant Total Plaintiffs Case Contribution Compensation
Totem Gas Storage Facilities Town Concord Ferc
Town Norwood Ferc Trading Short-term Wholesale Margins Projected Decline 2004 Levels
Traditional Benefit Formula Transfer Subaccount
Transitional Elections Translink Transmission Llc
Transmission Cost Adjustment Rider Transmission Cost Adjustment Tca Rider
Transmission Cost Recovery Transmission Cost Recovery Legislation
Transmission Cost Recovery Tcr Rider Treatment Awards
Treatment Purchase Power Fuel Cost Adjustment Clause Electric Treatment Purchased Power Fuel Cost Adjustment Clause Electric
Treatment Tuco Inc Costs Future Proceedings Truly Elected Director Xcel Energy Board
Trust Trust Fund
Trust Indenture Act Trust Indenture Act Control
Trustee Trustee Authenticating Agent Paying Registrar Own Securities
Trustees Certificate Authentication Tus Electricity Regulation
Types Accounting Derivative Instruments Uce Environmental Impact
Uce Manage Energy Consumption Ucing Regulatory Risk Major Investments
Uncertain Tax Positions Undertaking Pay Costs
Underwriters Underwriting Agreement
United Gas Pipe Line United Gas Pipeline
United States United States District Court Minnesota
Unrecognized Tax Benefits Uthwestern Public Service
Utility Commodity Price Risk Utility Engineering
Utility Engineering Corp Utility Industry Growth
Utility Operations Subject Long Term Planning Risks Utility Restaffing
Utility Restructuring Retail Competition Utility Results
Utility Savings Refund Services Llp Reliant Energy Inc Utility Segment Results
Utility Segments Utility Subsidiaries Subject Regulatory Restrictions Accessing Capital
Utilize Services Depositary Exchange Offer Valuation Date
Value Imputed Renewable Energy Credits Value Lines
Variable Interest Entities Vie Vesting Account
Via E-mail Mail Vis-à-vis
Visual Inspections Voluntary Capacity Upgrade Emissions Reduction Filing
Vote Confidential Vote Required
Vote Shares Votes Counted
Voting Waived Objections Shall Forever Barred Raising Such Other
Waiver Shall Governed Construed Interpreted Accordance Laws State Warnock
Was Sps Recovery Through Old Fcac Energy-related Costs Wayne Brunetti
Wayne Brunetti Employment Agreement Wayne Brunetti Employment Agreement Retirement
Weather Well Material Financial Commitments Credit Arrangements
West West Coast Products Llc
West Plymouth Maple Grove Cloud What
What Appropriate Interpretation Phrase Avoided Variable Costs Sps What Appropriate Time Period Covered Investigation Concerning Sps
What Appropriate Treatment Renewable Energy Credits Base Rate What Classes Shares Entitled Voted
What Difference Between Holding Shares Shareholder Record Beneficial What Happens Additional Proposals Presented Annual Meeting
What Information Contained Materials What Just Reasonable Base Rates Applied Service Provided
What Mean Receive Proxy Voting Instruction Card What Other Options
What Proper Treatment Undistributed Subsidiary Earnings Former Subsidiaries What Proposals Voted Annual Meeting
What Quorum Requirement Annual Meeting What Settlement Provide
What Shares Vote What Voting Recommendations
What Voting Requirement Approve Each Proposals Whats
Whereas Whether Just Reasonable Separate Provision Qfs Sps Proposed
Wholesale 2005 Power Base Rate Application Wholesale Capacity Interruptible Sales
Wholesale Energy Market Regulation Wholesale Power Base Rate Application
Wholesale Rate Case Application Wholesale Rate Complaints
Wholesale Rate Complaints Case Whos Included
Wind Generation Wisconsin Energy Efficiency Renewables Law
Wisconsin Operating Capital Expenditure Forecast Wisconsin Public Service Corp Complaints Nsp-minnesota Nsp-wisconsin
Wisconsin Public Service Corp Miso Withdrawal Request Increase Coal Inventory Levels
Withdrawal Request Share Margins Wholesale Non-firm Sales Withdrawal Requested Special Circumstances Finding
Withholding Withholding Taxes
Witness Whereof Witness Whereof Xcel Energy Inc Caused Instrument Enacted
Witnesseth Written Consent Resolution Board Directors Xcel Energy Inc
Wwwstockbnycom Wwwxcelenergycom
Wwwxcelenergysettlementcom Wyco
Wyco Development Llc Equity Investment Xcel Energy
Xcel Energy 2007 Earnings Guidance Xcel Energy 2009 Earnings
Xcel Energy Announces 2005 Earnings Xcel Energy Announces 2006 Earnings
Xcel Energy Announces 2007 Earnings Xcel Energy Board Unanimously Recommends Vote Against Proposal
Xcel Energy Capital Structure Xcel Energy Capital Structure Financing
Xcel Energy Cautionary Factors Xcel Energy Credit Facility Amendment
Xcel Energy Earnings Guidance Xcel Energy Employee Erisa Actions Newcome Inc Barday
Xcel Energy Enxco Join Major Wind Farm Developments Xcel Energy Filed Registration Statement Sec Exchange
Xcel Energy Files Several Proposed Electricity Bill Changes Xcel Energy Inc
Xcel Energy Inc 2009 Earnings Xcel Energy Inc 414 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis Minnesota
Xcel Energy Inc 800 Nicollet Mall Suite 3000 Xcel Energy Inc Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Xcel Energy Inc Minnesota Corporation Xcel Energy Inc Securities Class Action Litigation
Xcel Energy Inc Securities Derivative Erisa Litigation Xcel Energy Inc Securities Litigation
Xcel Energy Inc Shareholder Litigation Xcel Energy Inc Subsidiaries
Xcel Energy Inc Subsidiaries Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Xcel Energy International Inc Prime Other Segment
Xcel Energy International Prime Xcel Energy Issues Debt Securities Refinance Retiring Maturities
Xcel Energy Names Fowke Executive Vice President Xcel Energy Pension Plan
Xcel Energy Reaches Settlement Lawsuits Xcel Energy Reports 2004 Earnings
Xcel Energy Requests Increase Natural Gas Distribution Rates Xcel Energy Resource Need
Xcel Energy Seeks Electric Rate Increase Minnesota Xcel Energy Seeks Increase Texas Base Rates
Xcel Energy Senior Executive Severance Change-in-control Policy Xcel Energy Stock Performance Graph
Xcel Energy Utility Subsidiary Credit Facilities Xcel Energys 2008 Diluted Earnings Per Share Key
Xcel Energys Environmental Leadership Year-to-date Increase Was Due Planned System Expansion Partially
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