Topic Listing for YPF Sociedad Anonima

Acceptance Period Access International Capital Markets Influenced Perception Risk Argentina
Accounting Asset Retirement Obligations Accounting Consequences Review Reserves
Accounts Payable Acquisition
Acquisition Certain Repsol Ypfs Latin American Assets Acquisition Exploratory Acreage Crude Oil Natural Gas Reserves
Acreage8221 Actions Achievement Corporate Purpose
Actions Board Directors Senior Management Active Markets Not Develop Class Shares Adss
Activities Audit Committee Actual Anticipated Sales Substantial Number Class Shares Decrease
Additional Information Address Principal Executive Office
Address Principal Executive Offices Administrative Expenses
Agreement Federal Government Province Neuquén Aguada Toledo Sierra Barrosa
Alejandro Almarza Alejandro Quiroga López
Alfredo Pochintesta Alicia Schammah
Allowances Reserves Amount Available Distribution
Analysis Main Accounts Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Analysis Main Accounts Consolidated Financial Statements
Analysis Main Accounts Financial Statements Annex
Antitrust Agreement Antonio Brufau Niubo
Antonio Gomis Sáez Aníbal Guillermo Belloni
Applicable Law Jurisdiction Applicable Rules
Appointment Directors Officers Certain Board Decisions Argentinas Economy Not Continue Grow Current Rates Contract
Argentine Economy Negatively Affected Developments Other Countries Argentine Environmental Regulations
Argentine Equities Market Argentine Law Concerning Related Party Transactions
Argentine Law Shareholder Rights Different Other Jurisdictions Argentine Legal Requirements
Argentine Market Argentine Natural Gas Market
Argentine Natural Gas Supplies Argentine Oil Gas Production Concessions Exploration Permits Subject
Argentine Securities Market Argentine Tax Considerations
Articulo 11° Directorio Articulo 19° Facultades Del Presidente Directorio
Articulo 23° Representación Articulo 24° Celebración
Articulo Capital Articulo Derecho Preferencia
Articulo Ejercicio Social Arturo Alonso Peña
Artículo 10°-títulos Emitibles Artículo 11°-directorio
Artículo 12° Garantía Artículo 12°-garantía
Artículo 13° Vacantes Artículo 13°-vacantes
Artículo 14° Remuneración Artículo 14°-remuneración
Artículo 15° Reuniones Artículo 15º-reuniones
Artículo 16° Quórum Mayorías Artículo 16°-quórum Mayorías
Artículo 17° Facultades Del Directorio Artículo 17°-facultades Del Directorio
Artículo 18° Presidente Vicepresidente Del Directorio Gerente General Artículo 18º-presidente Vicepresidentes Del Directorio-gerente General Subgerente
Artículo 19º-facultades Del Presidente Directorio Artículo 1°-denominación
Artículo 20° Comisión Fiscalizadora Artículo 20°-comisión Fiscalizadora
Artículo 21° Convocatoria Artículo 21°-convocatoria
Artículo 22° Publicación Artículo 22°-publicación
Artículo 23º-representación Artículo 24°-celebración
Artículo 25° Ejercicio Social Artículo 26° Reglas Que Rigen
Artículo 27° Artículo 28° Normas Especiales Para Adquisiciones Del Estado
Artículo 29° Derogado Artículo 2°-domicilio
Artículo 3°-duración Artículo 4°-objeto
Artículo 5°-medios Para Cumplimiento Del Objeto Social Artículo 6°-capital
Artículo 8°-derecho Preferencia Artículo Denominación
Artículo Domicilio Artículo Duración
Artículo Medios Para Cumplimiento Del Objeto Social Artículo Objeto
Asset Retirement Obligations Assets Retirement Obligation
Audit Committee Audit Committee Comité Auditoría
Audit Committee Financial Expert Availability Foreign Currency Deriving Exports
Available Information Balance Sheets 2008 2007
Basis Consolidation Basis Presentation Financial Statements
Board Directors Board Practices
Bonds Other Titles Buenos Aires 2007 Stock Exchange
Buenos Aires Argentina Buenos Aires Stock Exchange
Buenos Aires Stock Market National Securities Argentina Business Depends Significant Extent Production Refining Facilities Logistics
By-laws Call
Capital Gains Tax Capital Investments Expenditures
Capital Stock Capital Structure 2004
Capital Structure 2005 Capital Structure 2006
Capital Structure 2007 Capital Structure 2008
Capital Structure 2009 Capitalization Financial Expenses
Carlos Alberto Olivieri Carlos Alfonsi
Carlos Bruno Carlos Jiménez López
Carlos María Tombeur Carlos Vega
Cash Cash Current Investments Trade Other Receivables Payables
Cash Equivalents Certain Natural Gas Export Authorizations Revoked Suspended Secretariat
Certain Oil Gas Terms Certain Provisions Relating Acquisitions Shares
Certain Strategic Transactions Require Approval Holder Class Shares Certification
Certification Chief Executive Officer Certification Chief Financial Officer
Cessation Natural Gas Deliveries Bolivia Material Adverse Effect Chairman Vice Board Directors General Manager Assistant
Chairman Vice-chairman Board Directors General Manager Chairman Vice-chairmen Board Directors General Manager Assistant
Changes Argentine Economic Rules Changes Board Directors Committees Management
Changes Estimated Net Proved Reserves Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Standardized Measure Discounted Future Net Cash Flows Chemical
Chemicals Chief Financial Officer
Chihuido Sierra Negra Class Veto Rights
Closing Transaction Cndc
Code Ethics Comisión Nacional Valores National Securities Argentina
Commitments Contingencies Communications
Compensation Directors Officers Compensation Nomination Committees
Competition Compliance Nyse Listing Standards Corporate Governance
Composition Board Directors Comprehensive Income
Concession8221 Conclusion Regarding Effectiveness Disclosure Controls Procedures
Conclusions Regarding Reserves Booked 2005 Conclusions Regarding Review Reserves
Condensed Consolidated Statements Income Six-month Periods 2008 2007 Condensed Consolidated Statements Income Six-month Periods 2009 2008
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consolidated Balance Sheets 2009 2008
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidated Oil Gas Reserves Production
Consolidated Operating Income Consolidated Statements Income 2009 2008
Consolidated Statements Income Accounts Consolidated Statements Income Accounts 2005 2004 2003
Consolidated Statements Income Accounts 2006 2005 Consolidated Statements Income Nine-month Periods 2006 2005
Consolidated Statements Income Three-month Periods 2008 2007 Consolidation Policies
Consolidation Variable Interest Entities Interpretation Arb Contractual Commitments
Controlled Stations Controlling Shareholder
Controls Procedures Conversion Table
Corporation Cost Sales
Costs Incurred Covenants Indebtedness
Covenants Ypf Indebtedness Credit Rating
Critical Accounting Policies Crude Oil Price Exposure
Crude Oil Products Transportation Storage Current Investments Trade Other Receivables Payables
Decision-making Declaration Knowledge Acceptance Ypf Internal Regulations Conduct Securities
Declining Export Volumes Deferred Income Tax
Defined Benefit Pension Plans Other Post-retirement Post-employment Benefits Defined Benefit Pension Plans Other Postretirement Postemployment Benefits
Deposit Withdrawal Class Shares Exchange Adss Depreciation
Depreciation Oil Gas Producing Properties Deregulation Privatization Recent Developments
Derivative Instruments Differences Between Accounting Principles Followed United States America
Differences Between Argentine International Prices Hydrocarbon Products Directors
Directors Outside Business Interests Experience Disclaimer
Disclosure Certain Information Disclosure Committee
Disclosure Exchange Differences Generated Translation Interests Foreign Entities Disposition
Dividends Dividends Policy
Dividends Tax Domestic Division
Domestic Marketing Division Domestic Properties Production
Downstream Operations Duration
Duration Termination Duties Liabilities Directors
Earnings Per Share Ebitda Reconciliation
Economic Financial Information Economic Political Regulatory Developments Argentina Adversely Affect Domestic
Economicofinanciera Informes Financieros Informeanualformato20fypfsa Defaultaspx Edf International Claim
Edgardo Sanguineti Eduardo Angel Garrote
Eduardo Elsztain Eduardo Elzstain
Election Directors Electricity Market
Electricity Market Generation Employee Matters
Enrique Eskenazi Enrique Locutura
Environmental Liabilities Environmental Liabilities Litigation Other Contingencies
Environmental Liabilities Maxus Environmental Liabilities Ypf
Environmental Regulations Ernesto Dardis
Eskenazi Family Estimates
Exchange Controls Exchange Differences Generated Translation Interests Foreign Entities
Exchange Differences Generated Translation Interests Foreign Entities Measurement Exchange Rates
Executive Officers Executive Officers Business Experience Functions Within Ypf
Expected Natural Gas Deliveries Bolivia Material Effect Long-term Exploration Production
Exploratory Well8221 Export Taxes
Exposed Fluctuations Foreign Exchange Rates Expressed Argentine Pesos
Extension Exploitation Concessions Province Neuquén Extensions Discoveries
External Auditors Ezequiel Eskenazi Storey
Fabián Falco Factors Affecting Operations
Fair Value Financial Instruments Concentration Credit Risk Fair Value Measurements
Federal Income Tax Considerations Federico Mañero
Fernando Dasso Fernando Ramírez Mazarredo
Finance Income Expense Net Holding Gains Financial Condition
Financial Expense Income Net Holding Losses Gains Financial Income Expense Net Holding Gains
Financial Statements Financial Statements 2004 2003 2002
Financial Statements 2005 2004 2003 Financial Statements 2005 Comparative Information
Financial Statements 2006 Comparative Information Financial Statements 2006 Comparative Information Ratification Lithographed Signatures
Financial Statements 2007 Comparative Information Financial Statements 2008 Comparative Information
Financial Statements 2009 Comparative Information Financial Statements Used Consolidation
Financing Transaction Fixed Assets
Fluctuations Foreign Exchange Rates Imposition New Taxes Enactment Fluctuations Oil Gas Prices Affect Level Capital Expenditures
Foreign Currency Exposure Foreign Investment Legislation
Form 20-f 8221 Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Francisco Javier Macián
Free Translation Functional Currency
Functional Reporting Currency Future Capital Expenditures Investments
Gaap Reconciliation General
General Acceptance Period Generation
Gonzalo López Fanjul Governmental Regulations Political Risks Interrupt Production Activities
Guarantees Provided Guillermo Stok
History Ypf Holding Meetings
Ignacio Cruz Moran Impact Oil Gas Reserves Prices Testing Impairment
Impairment Long-lived Assets Imposition New Export Duties Other Taxes Adversely Affect
Improved Recovery Inclusion Petersen EnergÍa Ypf Shareholder
Income Tax Minimum Presumed Increasing Cost Sales
Incur Significant Costs Liabilities Related Environmental Health Safety Incur Significant Costs Liabilities Related Environmental Safety Matters
Independence Directors Audit Committee Independence Directors Board
Independence Members Board Directors Audit Committee Index
Indonesia Information Oil Gas Reserves
Information Reporting Backup Withholding Intangible Assets
Internal Controls Reserves Audits International Distribution
International Marketing Division International Oil Gas Prices Argentine Export Taxes
International Properties International Properties Production
International Properties Production United States International Trade
Inventories Investments
Investments Shares Holdings Other Companies Investor Relations
Israel Lipsich Javier Monzón
Jesús Guinea Jesús Guinea Rodríguez
Joint Ventures Contractual Arrangements Argentina Joint Ventures Other Agreements
Jorge Horacio Brito José Manuel Gallego
José María Ranero Díaz Juan Gelly Obes
Law 26197 Liabilities
Liabilities Contingencies Assumed Argentine Government Limitations Local Pricing Argentina Adversely Affect Results Operations
Limited Review Report Interim Period Financial Statements Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Market Loans
Lock-ups Transfer Restrictions Logistic Division
Loma Lata Lpg General Division
Lpg Marketing Lpg8221
Luis Pagani Luis Suárez Lezo Mantilla
Macroeconomic Conditions Main Activities 2004 Audit Committee Pursuant Regulations Meets
Major Shareholders Related Party Transactions Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Mario Blejer
Mario Vázquez Market Regulation
Marketing Marketing Division
Matías Eskenazi Storey Mauro Renato José Dacomo
Meetings Memorandum Articles Association
Miguel Madanes Modernization Oil Gas Reporting Release Nos 33-8995 34-59192
Money Laundering Regulations Name
National Securities National Securities Argentina
Natural Gas Natural Gas Distribution
Natural Gas Electricity Natural Gas Export Restrictions Domestic Supply Priorities
Natural Gas Exports Natural Gas Liquids
Natural Gas Liquids8221 8220ngl8221 Natural Gas Marketing
Natural Gas Markets Distribution Natural Gas Supply Contracts Exports
Natural Gas Transportation Distribution Natural Gas Transportation Storage Capacity
Negative Economic Political Regulatory Developments Argentina Including Export Net Advances Crude Oil Purchasers
Net Income Net Sales
New York Stock Exchange Nine-month Period 2005
Nine-month Period 2005 Comparative Information Nine-month Period 2006 Comparative Information
Nine-month Period 2007 Comparative Information Nine-month Period 2008 Comparative Information
Nine-month Period 2009 Comparative Information Nine-month Periods 2006 2005
Nine-month Periods 2007 2006 Nine-month Periods 2008 2007
Nine-month Periods 2009 2008 Non-reserved Remote Contingencies
Noncurrent Investments Not Able Replace Reserves
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Financial Statements
Notice Notices Meetings
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offer
Office Oil Gas Disclosures
Oil Gas Industry Subject Particular Economic Operational Risks Oil Gas Industry Subject Particular Operational Risks
Oil Gas Prices Affect Level Capital Expenditures Oil Gas Producing Activities
Oil Gas Reserves Oil Gas Terms
Oil Natural Gas Reserves Estimates Accordance Guidelines Established Operating Income
Operating Leases Option Agreements
Orrego133 Oscar Alberto Oroná
Other Agreements Other Assets
Other Condensed Consolidated Financial Statement Information Other Expense Net
Other Expenses Other Expenses Net
Other Fixed Assets Other Income Expense Net
Other Investments Activities Other Regulations
Other Taxes Oversight Internal Control System
Overview Paragraph Subsection -transfer Shares
Part Participacion Otros Titulos
Parties Hereby Set Forth Following Party Number Legal Proceedings
Passive Foreign Investment Passive Foreign Investment Pfic
Passive Foreign Investment Rules Peisa
Pension Plans Performance Bond
Performance Bonus Programs Period Financial Statements
Personal Assets Tax Petersen
Petersen EnergÍa Pluspetrol Energy Contractual Obligations
Policy Regulatory Developments Argentina Political Instability Uncertain Regulatory Outlook Bolivia Material Adverse
Political Regulatory Developments Argentina Affect Domestic Operations Powers Board Directors
Powers Chairman Powers Chairman Board
Powers Chairman Board Directors Preemptive Accretion Rights
Preemptive Right Preemptive Rights
Presentation Certain Information Presentation Financial Information
Presentation Financial Statements Presentation Financial Statements Constant Argentine Pesos
Press Release Dated 2005 Titled Sale Petroken Price Transaction
Principal Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Income Statement Line Production
Production Concession Exploration Permits Production Concessions Exploration Permits
Production Crude Oil Reserves Production Other Operating Data
Property Plant Equipment Proportional Consolidation
Proved Developed Reserves8221 Proved Oil Gas Reserves8221
Proved Undeveloped Reserves8221 Provisions Applicable Acquisitions National Government
Proxies Public Emergency
Public Tender Offer Cannot Remain Open Less Nor Publication Notices
Publicity Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers
Purpose Qualitative Quantitative Disclosure Market Risk
Quorum Majorities Quorum Voting Requirements
Rafael López Revuelta Ramos
Ratification Lithographed Signatures Raúl Fortunato Cardoso Maycotte
Recent Developments Recent Events
Recognition Revenue Criteria Recognition Revenues Costs Construction Activities
Recommendations Recovery Factor Recoverable Amount Original Residual Estimated Hydrocarbons
Recovery Factor8221 Ref
Ref Adjustment Hydrocarbon Reserves Ref Financial Statements 2006
Ref Ministry Economy Resolution 1023 Over Shared Ownership References
Refined Products Refining
Refining Capacity Refining Division
Refining Marketing Registration Rights Related Agreements
Regulation Argentine Securities Market Related Party Transactions
Relations External Auditor Relations External Auditors
Relative Maturity Oil Gas Assets Remuneration
Repatriation Foreign Currency Report Independent Public Accountants
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reporting Requirements
Representation Repsol Ypf
Repsol Ypf Controls Significant Majority Shares Voting Rights Research Development
Reserves Audit8221 Reserves Estimate
Reserves Production Likely Decline Reserves Reporting Systems Manual
Reserves Restatement Reserves Review
Reserves Revisions Independent Review Restatement Comparative Information
Restricted Assets Guarantees Given Restrictions Control Acquisitions
Restrictions Movement Capital Out Argentina Impair Ability Receive Restrictions Related Party Share Acquisitions
Restrictions Related Party Transactions Restrictions Unappropriated Retained Earnings
Results Operations Retirement Plan
Revenue Recognition Criteria Revisions Previous Estimates
Revoked Risk Factors
Roberto Baratta Royalties Withholding Systems Hydrocarbon Exports
Rubén Laizerowitch Salaries Social Security Pension Plans Other Postretirement Postemployment
Salaries Social Security Pensions Other Postretirement Postemployment Benefits Salaries Social Security Pensions Plans Other Postretirement Postemployment
Sale Other Disposition Class Shares Adss Sale Petroken
Salvador Font Estrany Santiago Carnero
Santiago Lazzati Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Schedule Seaq International
Seasonality Sebastián Eskenazi
Securities Corporation Issue Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Securities Reporting Obligation Pursuant Act Security Zones Legislation
Segment Reporting Selling Expenses
Separate Meetings Non-management Directors Sfas 161 Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Sfas 165 Subsequent Events Sfas 168 Fasb Accounting Standards Codification Hierarchy Generally
Sfas Interpretation Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Fasb Statement Sfas No141 Business Combinations 160 Noncontrolling Interests Consolidated
Share Purchase Agreement Related Financing Agreements Shareholders Agreement
Shareholders Equity Accounts Shareholders Liable Argentine Law Actions Determined Illegal Ultra
Shareholders Meetings Shareholders Outside Argentina Face Additional Investment Risk Currency
Shares Shares Belong Controlling Group
Signature Signatures
Significant Accounting Policies Significant Accounting Policies Restatement Comparative Information
Significant Differences Between Corporate Governance Practices Those Required Silvana Rosa Lagrosa
Six-month Period 2005 Six-month Period 2005 Comparative Information
Six-month Period 2006 Comparative Information Six-month Period 2007 Comparative Information
Six-month Period 2008 Comparative Information Six-month Period 2009 Comparative Information
Six-month Periods 2006 2005 Six-month Periods 2007 2006
Six-month Periods 2008 2007 Six-month Periods 2009 2008
Social Other Employee Benefits Sociedad Anonima
Source Banco Nación Source Banco Nación Central República Argentina
Source Central Bank Source Cnv Instituto Argentino Mercado Capitales
Source Comisión Nacional Valores Instituto Argentino Mercado Capitales Special Rules Acquisitions National Government
Stamp Taxes Starting Date
Statement Income 2007 Comparative Information Cost Sales Statements Income 2009 2008
Statements Income Accounts Statements Income Nine-month Periods 2006 2005 Cost Sales
Statements Income Nine-month Periods 2008 2007 Cost Sales Statutory Audit Committee
Statutory Audit Committees Report Stock Exchange Automated Quotations System International
Subject Direct Indirect Export Restrictions Affected Results Operations Subject Exchange Capital Controls
Subject Organized Labor Action Subsection -parent Shareholder
Subsection -shares Owned Parent Group Subsection Parent Shareholder
Subsection Shares Owned Parent Group Subsection Transfer Stock
Subsequent Events Summarized Balance Sheets
Summarized Consolidated Balance Sheets Summarized Consolidated Statements Cash Flows
Summarized Consolidated Statements Income Summarized Income Statement
Summarized Statements Income Summary Findings
Summary Significant Differences Between Accounting Principles Followed United Supervisory Committee
Supplemental Information Oil Gas Producing Activities Table Contents
Tag-along Rights Right Participate Public Offering Refusal Tax Claims
Tax Claims Ypf Tax Debits Credits Bank Accounts
Tax Treaties Taxation
Taxation Capital Gains Taxation Distributions
Taxation Dividends Taxes
Taxes Withholdings Royalties Temporary Differences
Tender Offer Capital Stock Petersen Energía Tender Offer Petersen Energía
Three-month Period 2005 Three-month Period 2005 Comparative Information
Three-month Period 2006 Comparative Information Three-month Period 2007 Comparative Information
Three-month Period 2008 Comparative Information Three-month Period 2009 Comparative Information
Three-month Periods 2005 2004 Three-month Periods 2006 2005
Three-month Periods 2007 2006 Three-month Periods 2008 2007
Three-month Periods 2009 2008 Tomás García Blanco
Trade Receivables Trading Division
Transactions Controlled Companies Transactions Unconsolidated Variable Interest Entities
Transfer Taxes Translation
Transportation Transportation Liquid Hydrocarbons
Unable Exercise Preemptive Accretion Other Rights Respect Class Unable Exercise Voting Rights Respect Class Shares Underlying
United States United States Federal Income Tax Considerations
Upstream Operations Vacancies
Valuation Criteria Valuation Inventories
Value Added Tax Voting
Voting Shareholders Meetings Voting Underlying Class Shares
Walter Cristian Forwood Ypf
Ypf Announces Findings Independent Review Ypf Argentine Operations
Ypf Board Directors Management Ypf Holdings
Ypf Holdings-operations United States Ypf Holdings-operations United States America
Ypf International-ypf Holdings Ypf Sociedad Anonima
Ypf Sociedad Anónima Ypf-argentine Operations
Ypfs Acquisition Exploratory Acreage Crude Oil Natural Gas Ypfs Characteristics
Ypfs Oil Natural Gas Reserves Estimates °-board Directors
°-capital °-compensation
°-corporate Purpose °-domicile
°-duration °-fulfillment Corporate Purpose
°-meetings °-name
°-performance Bond °-preemptive Rights
°-vacancies Ángel Ramos Sánchez
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