Topic Listing for YRC Worldwide

Abs Facility Amendments Renewal Abs Waiver
Abstentions Treated Abuse Free Time
Accident Reports Accounts Payable
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss Acquisition
Acquisition Executive Severance Charges Acquisition Roadway Corporation
Acquisition Spin-off Reorganization Charges Acquisitions
Active Seniority List Actual Results Differ Materially Expectations Depending Factors Such
Additional Information Additional Information Find
Additional Payments Yellow Additional Payments Yrc
Additional Reporting Obligations Additions Operations Over-the-road Local Cartage Supplemental Agreements
Address Principal Executive Offices Zip Code Adjoining Over-the-road Local Cartage
Administration Administration Collection
Administrative Agent Shall Received Certificate Dated Amendment Effective Adoption Plan Other Employers
Adoption Sfas 158 Employers Accounting Defined Benefit Pension Affirmative Covenants
Agency Shop Agent
Agents Agreement Means Credit Same Amended Restated Supplemented Otherwise
Agreements Alcohol Testing
Alcohol Testing Procedure Allowance Doubtful Accounts
Amended Restated 2004 Amended Restated Effective 2004
Amended Restated Effective 2005 Amended Restated Receivables Purchase Agreement
Amendment Amendment Contribution Deferral Agreement
Amendment Credit Facilities Amendment Effective Date Agreement Dated 2008 Shall
Amendment Fee Amendment Projections Means Dated 2009 Provided Lenders Prior
Amendments Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amendments Modifications Americans Disabilities Act
Amortization Interest Deferral Amounts Except Per Share Data
Annex Announces New President Roadway Express
Annual Incentive Bonus Program Annual Incentives
Annual Performance-based Incentive Bonus Program Applicable Prepayment Percentage Means
Appointment Perfection Release Collateral Asset Backed Securitization Facility
Asset Retirement Obligations Asset Sale Mandatory Prepayment
Asset Sales Asset-backed Securitization Facility
Asset-backed Securitization Facility Renewal Credit Amendment Assets Held Sale
Assignments Participations Assumptions
Audit Ethics Committee Report Average Default Ratios Each Consecutive Calculation Periods Then
B-1 B-2
Bank Amendment Barger Retire
Base Salaries Base Salary
Basis Presentation Bedding Linen
Before Fifth Business Each Commencing 2009 Shall Deliver Beneficial Owner Shares Held Street Name Vote
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Benefit Plan Obligations
Benefit Plans Benefits Joint Committee
Bill Zollars Signs New Five-year Agreement Yrc Worldwide Board
Board Compensation Board Directors Recommends Vote Director Nominees Listed
Board Recommend Vote Proposals Board Retainers 2005
Board Retainers 2008 Board Urges Vote Favor Proposal Approve Non-union Employee
Board Urges Vote Favor Proposal Approve Union Employee Broker Non-votes Abstentions Affect Results
Business Acquisition Business Combination Means Term Referred Certificate Incorporation Amended
Business Harmed Anti-terrorism Measures Canadian Tranche Available Commitment Means Time Aggregate Then
Capital Events Adjustments Capital Expenditures
Capital Expenditures Means Without Duplication Purchase Other Acquisition Capital Transactions Subsequent 2008
Card Check Cargo Claims
Carrier Operating Property Carriers
Cash Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Measurements Cash Flow Projections Meaning Assigned Such Term 501
Cash Settlement Amount Means Date Determination Respect Indebtedness Cash Tender Offer
Cast Vote Casual Employees
Casual Employment Casualty Claims
Casualty Claims Payable Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Cdl Qualified Driver Mechanics Central States Plan
Certain Information Provided Yellow Roadway Corporation Pursuant Regulation Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Separation Arrangements Chain Custody Procedures
Chairman Board Change Operations Committee
Change Operations Committee Procedure Change Operations Seniority
Change Vote After Voted Changes Disagreements Accountants Accounting Financial Disclosure
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Checkoff
Chief Executive Officer Compensation China Acquisitions
City Combination Casuals Claims Insurance
Claims Insurance Accruals Claims Self-insurance
Class Action Lawsuit Classification
Clicklogistics Inc Megasys Closing Documents
Closing Partial Terminals-transfer Work Closing Terminals-elimination Work
Collateral Collection Allocation Mechanism
Combining Terminals Operations Result Merger Companies Commitments Contingencies
Commitments Contingencies Uncertainties Committee Authority
Common Stock Common Stock Performance
Common Stock Repurchase Program Common Stock Repurchase Programs
Compared 2002 Compared 2003
Compared 2004 Compared 2005
Compared 2006 Compared 2007
Compared 2008 Compensation Claims
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Named Executive Officers Other Chief Officer
Compensation Philosophy Compensation Philosophy Objectives
Compensation Procedures Programs Competition
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Components Executive Compensation
Components Net Periodic Pension Other Postretirement Cost Comprehensive Income Loss
Comprehensive Plan Comprehensive Plan Update
Computer Tracking Devices Concentration
Concentration Accounts Depositary Concentration Credit Risks
Concentration Credit Risks Other Concentrations Credit Risk
Condensed Combined Pro Forma Financial Data Conditions
Conditions Precedent Conditions Purchases
Conference Call Meeting Tomorrow Investment Community Confidence Come Out Recession Stronger Organization Only Expectation
Consent Amendment Agreement Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consideration Received Connection Non-real Estate Asset Sale Involving Consolidated Results
Consultant Contact Information
Contemplated Exchange Offer Contingencies
Contingent Convertible Notes Contingent Convertible Senior Notes
Contingent Convertible Senior Notes Due 2023 Contingent Withdrawal Liabilities
Contingently Convertible Notes Contract Carriage Business Greatwide Logistics
Contractual Cash Obligation Contractual Cash Obligations
Contractual Obligations Other Commercial Commitments Contribution Deferral Agreement
Controls Procedures Corporate Owned Life Insurance
Cost Living Adjustment Clause Cost-of-living Adjustment Clause
Costs Discount Covenants
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Credit Agreement
Credit Agreement Affected Number Factors Including Among Others Credit Agreement Amendment
Credit Agreement Amendments Credit Agreement Other Financing Arrangements Subject Various Covenants
Credit Agreement Waiver Credit Collection Policy
Credit Facilities Credit Rating
Credits Critical Accounting Policies
Current Report Form 8-k Contains Forward-looking Statements Within Current Rolling Stock Collateral Means Consisting Trucks Other
Curtailment Curtailment Settlement Events
Cutting Seniority Board Dangerous Conditions
Dated 1999 Debt
Debt Financing Default Event Occurred Continuing Prior Making Such Asset
Default Event Terms Like Import Shall Occur Rbs Defaulting Lenders Notwithstanding Provision Agreement Contrary Lender
Deferral Exceptions Termination Events Deferral Termination Events Suspension Occurrence Each Event Term
Deferrals Marked Above Shall End Selected Below Deferred Compensation
Deferred Contributions Deferred Pension Payments
Defined Benefit Pension Plans Definition Terms
Definitions Delaware Corporation
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Departure Officer Depreciable Lives Assets
Depreciation Description Business
Designated Officer Did Receive Notice Mail Regarding Internet Availability Proxy
Directors Compensation Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Discharge Indenture Defeasance Disciplinary Action Based Positive Adulterated Substituted Test Results
Disciplinary Action Based Positive Test Results Discount Rate
Dispatch Method Diversion Work Parent Subsidiary Companies
Divestiture Dividends
Dock Only Casuals Documents Incorporated Reference
Dot Random Testing Duration
Earnings Equity Method Investments Earnings Guidance
Earnings Loss Per Share Earnings Per Common Share
Earnings Per Share Earnings Scheduled
Economic Factors Seasonality Ection
Ection Acancies Ection Acsimile Ignatures
Ection Aivers Ection Articipation Eetings Onference Elephone
Ection Ction Espect Ecurities Ther Orporations Ection Ecord Ate
Ection Ecretary Ection Egistered Tockholder
Ection Egular Eetings Ection Egulations
Ection Elegation Uthority Ection Eliance Ooks Eports Ecords
Ection Emoval Ection Enerally
Ection Ertificate Tock Ection Esignation Emovals
Ection Hange Ddress Ection Hief Xecutive Fficer
Ection Ice Resident Ection Ight Laimant Ring Uit
Ection Ight Ndemnification Ection Ime Eriods
Ection Irectors Ection Iscal Ear
Ection Mendments Ection Nnual Eeting
Ection Nsurance Ection Ommittee Oard Irectors
Ection Ompensation Irectors Ection Onduct Usiness
Ection Orporate Eal Ection Ost Tolen Estroyed Ertificates
Ection Otice Eeting Ection Otice Omination
Ection Otices Ection Owers
Ection Pecial Eetings Ection Ransfer Hange Ddress
Ection Ransfers Tock Ection Reasurer
Ection Resident Ection Rganization
Ection Roxies Oting Ection Tock Ist
Ection Uorum Ection Xclusivity Ights
Education Training Effective 2005
Effective 2006 Effective 2008
Effective Receivable Interest Hereunder Shall Time Exceed 100 Effective Tax Rate
Election Directors Electronic Delivery
Electronic Funds Transfer Electronically Access Proxy Materials
Eligibility Eligibility Awards Granted Only Eligible Persons Stock Subject
Emergency Reopening Employee Benefit Plans
Employees Bail Employees Tested
Employer Recommendation Employers Covered
Employment Agency Fees Employment Agreement
Employment Agreements Entitled Vote Annual Meeting
Entitled Vote Meeting Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Matters Equipment Purchases
Equipment Reports Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Compensation Plans Equity Grants 2005
Equity Incentive Plan Benefits Equity Ownership Guidelines
Equity Ownership Guidelines Executives Escrow Account Means Certain Number Ending Digits 0199
Escrow Agents Acknowledgment Agreement Escrow Termination Prepayments Borrowings
Estes Estes Sale Financing Leasebacks
Estimates Estimates Financial Statements
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Event Default
Events Default Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Exchange Offer Exclusive Cartage Operations
Execution Copy Executive Agreement
Executive Compensation Executive Compensation Components
Executive Compensation Recovery Policy Executive Compensatory Agreements
Executive Perquisite Program Executive Severance Agreement
Executive Severance Agreements Executive Severance Policy
Executive Supplemental Retirement Benefits Executive Termination Employment Severance Policy
Executive Vice President Chief Financial Officer Exercise Options Sars
Exhibits Existing Disclosed Acquisitions Means Solely Those Specific In-process
Existing Liquidity Position Expands Asset-backed Securitization Facility
Expectations Regarding Gross Capital Expenditures Only Actual Differ Expectations Regarding Yield Pricing Business Mix Resulting Impact
Explanatory Extent Solely Period Grant Security Interest Therein Impair
Extra Contract Agreements Face Difficulties Achieving Certain Expected Benefits 2005 Acquisition
Facilities Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Value Measurement Fair Work Pay
Fall-away Event Means Receipt Following Amendment Effective Date Family Medical Leave Act
Fee Deferral Fees Interest Rate
Financial Advisor Meaning Assigned Such Term 511 Financial Covenants
Financial Derivative Instruments Financial Information Geographic Areas
Financial Instruments Financial Matters
Financial Statements Exhibits Financing Arrangements
Find Voting Results Annual Meeting Find Voting Results Meeting
Floating Rate Notes Focus Customer Service Sales Finance
Following Letter Sent Yrc Worldwide 2009 Certain Institutional Foreign Currency
Foreign Currency Translation Foreign Exchange Rates
Foreign Power Courtesy Dispatch Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form Compliance Certificate
Form Letter Credit Request Transmittal Form Priority Mortgage
Form Promissory Form Purchase Notice
Form Subsidiary Guarantee Agreement Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Former Name Changed Since Last Report Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Forward-looking Statements Liquidity
Fuel Price Volatility Full-time New Hire Wage Progression Casual Rates
Funded Status Funded Status Central States Plan
Funding Future Contributions Benefit Payments
Future Law Future Liquidity
Future Salary Increases Gains Losses
Garnishments General
General Description Business General Development Business
General Matters General Overview
General Provisions General Wage Increases Full-time
General Wage Increases Regular Employees Goodwill
Goodwill Indefinite Life Intangibles Goodwill Intangibles
Government Required Safety Health Reports Gps Asia
Gps Logistics Inc Gps Logistics Llc
Grant Ceo Employment Agreement-related Equity Award 2006 Grantor Means Each Domestic Loan Party Other Subsidiary
Grants Options Grievants Bill Rights
Group Commitment Limit Means Each Amount Set Forth Grupo Almex
Guarantee Guarantees Contingent Convertible Senior Notes
Guarantees Roadway Corporation Senior Notes Guarantees Senior Notes Due 2008
Guarantees Senior Notes Due 2010 Guarantees Yellow Roadway Contingent Convertible Senior Notes
Hare Nit Greements Hazardous Materials Program
Health Welfare Pension Highest Rates Prevail
Hiring I-definitions
Identification Number Ii-administration
Iii-participation Impact Acquisitions Implementation Plan Amendments
Impairment Long-lived Assets Impairment Testing
Implementation Revised Plan Important Information
Important Information Exchange Offer Important Information Recapitalization Transaction
Improve Financial Condition Including Area Code
Income Taxes Increases Purchase Price Convertible Notes
Incurrence Subsidiary Indebtedness Other Permitted 601 Effect Amendment Indebtedness
Indebtedness Existing Amendment Effective Date Set Forth Schedule Indebtedness Incurred Pursuant Swap Agreements Entered Ordinary Course
Indebtedness Subsidiary Account Party Respect Trade Letters Credit Indemnification
Indemnification Agreements Indenture Registration Rights Agreement Related Senior Floating Rate
Independent Auditors Report Index
Index Exhibits Individual Employer Standards
Industrial Development Bonds Industry Conference
Initial Subsidiary Guarantors Inspection Privileges Employer Employee Identification
Intangible Assets Intangibles
Integration Progress Integration Yellow Roadway Remains Ahead Schedule
Intemodal Service Intent Parties
Interest Expense Guidance Interest Expense Update
Interest Fee Deferral Interest Fee Deferrals
Interest Rate Risk Intermodal Service
Introduction Introductory
Investment Meaning Assigned Such Term 613 Investments Commercial Paper Maturing Within 270 Date Acquisition
Investments Establish New Wholly-owned Subsidiaries Extent Such Subsidiary Investments Limited Partnerships
Investments Money Market Funds Within Meaning Rule 2a-7 Investments Subsidiaries Existing Amendment Effective Date Described Schedule
Irs Issue Adverse Tax Determination Concerning Deduction Taken Issuer Purchase Equity Securities
Issuing Bank Agreement Iv-payment Award
Jhj Jhj Acquisition Means Increase Ownership Interests International Transportation
Jhj International Transportation Ltd Job Protection Current Road Drivers
Joinder Agreement Joint Industry Development Committee
Joint Venture Jurisdictional Disputes
Jury Duty Key Management Changes
Key Segment Information Kpmg Llp
Labor Matters Controversies Pending Against Knowledge Threatened Laboratory Requirements
Laboratory Testing Methodology Layoff
Layoff Seniority List Laypoint Layover
Lco Lease Financing Obligations
Lease Financing Transactions Lease Financing Transactions Subsequent 2009
Leases Leave Absence Prior Testing
Legal Proceedings Lender Group Support Discussions Continue
Liens Liens Cash Advances Favor Seller Property Acquired Permitted
Limitations Deductibility Executive Compensation Liquidity
Liquidity Means Business Daily Average Amount End Central Liquidity Notification Date Means Violation Provisions 607 Whether
Loans Advances Officers Directors Employees Subsidiaries Ordinary Course Local Standards
Logistics Management Portfolio Brands Represents Comprehensive Array Services Logistics Results
Long-term Debt Means Indebtedness Accordance Gaap Constitutes Incurred Long-term Incentive Equity Award Plan
Long-term Incentive Plan Long-term Incentives
Ltip Maintain Corporate Charter Conformity Agreement Such Not Amend
Maintenance Records Maintenance Standards
Management Reporting Management Team Important Part Business Loss Key Personnel
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Mandatory Cost Formulae
Mandatory Prepayments Mandatory Prepayments Commitment Reductions
Mark-off Procedure Non-scheduled Sleeper Cab Drivers Market Risk Position
Marketable Securities Master Agreement
Matters Considered Annual Meeting Maturing Notes Means Collectively Usf Bonds Contingent Convertible
Maturity Capacity Maturity Date
Maximum Capital Expenditures Maximum Capital Expenditures Not Nor Permit Subsidiary Incur
Meeting Fees 2005 Meeting Fees 2008
Meeting Location Merger Yellow Transportation Roadway
Mergers Companies-general Meridian
Meridian Announces Name Change Yrc Logistics Meridian Results
Method Dispatch Foreign Domiciles Military Clause
Mini-tender Offer Trc Capital Minimum Consolidated Ebitda
Minimum Consolidated Ebitda Not Permit Period Set Forth Minimum Liquidity
Miscellaneous Modification Collective Bargaining Agreement
Modification Substitution Awards Modifications Existing Financial Covenants
Modifications Provide Long-term Benefits Modified Work
Monthly Daily Hourly Contributions Shall Converted Accordance Past Mortgage Means Each Deed Trust Other Agreement Conveys
Moving Expenses Multi-employer Multi-union Unit
Multi-employer Pension Plans Multi-employer Plans
Name Grantee Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant
Nat Transaction National Integration Update
National Intermodal Committee National Master Freight Agreement
National Safety Health Equipment Committee National Sleeper Cab Grievance Committee
National Subcontracting Review Committee National Transportation Results
Natmi Natmi Sale Financing Leasebacks
Nature Operations Basis Presentation Negative Covenants
Net Cash Proceeds Incurrence Indebtedness Permitted Hereby New Accounting Pronouncement
New Accounting Pronouncements New Brand Name Visual Identity Yellow Roadway
New Business Job Creation Opportunities New Equipment
New Five-year Contract New Penn
New Penn Results New Pick-up Delivery Adjoining Current Operations
News Release Contains Forward-looking Statements Within Meaning 27a News Release Shall Not Constitute Offer Sell Solicitation
Nits Ranted Nnual Irector Ompensation Lection Orm
Non-adjoining Pick-up Delivery Operations Non-cdl Qualified Employees
Non-covered Units Non-discrimination
Non-qualified Defined Benefit Pension Plans Non-real Estate Asset Sale Means Respect Assets Subsidiaries
Non-recourse Guaranty Agreement Non-suspicion-based Post-accident Testing
Non-union Employee Cost Saving Measures Non-union Pension Obligations
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Nonqualified Plans
Nonunion Pension Obligations Not Obtain Projected Benefits Cost Savings Operational Changes
Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notice Annual Meeting Proxy Statement Notice Annual Meeting Proxy Statement Report
Notification Number Term Office
Obligated Make Additional Contributions Multi-employer Pension Plans Ongoing Insurance Claims Expenses Significantly Reduce Income
Ongoing Self-insurance Claims Expenses Material Adverse Effect Business Opening Terminals
Operate Highly Competitive Industry Business Suffer Unable Adequately Operate Industry Subject Extensive Government Regulations Costs Compliance
Operating Environment Operating Leases
Operating Performance Cash Flow Improvement Activities Operating Performance Cash Improvement Activities
Option Exercises Stock Vested Option Grants
Option Sar Exercises End Value Table Option Value Information
Options Options Stock Appreciation Rights
Options Subject Union Employee Option Plan Options Tock Appreciation Rights
Other Other Assets
Other Commercial Commitments Other Events
Other Indebtedness Aggregate Principal Amount Not Exceeding 30000000 Other Investment Acquisitions Long Aggregate Amount Such Investments
Other Lease Financing Transactions Other Legal Matters
Other Matters Other Negative Covenants
Other Postretirement Benefit Plan Other Postretirement Benefit Plans
Other Sale Financing Leasebacks Other Services
Other Stock-based Awards Outcome Legal Proceedings Irs Audits Subsidiaries Party Material
Outlook Overtime
Overview Overview 2008 Business Activity Related Compensation Actions
Overview Compensation Program Own Shares Through Sponsored 401 Plan Vote
Owner-operators Paid Time Off
Paid-for Time Paid-for-time -testing
Parent Investment Allocations Part
Part Ii-other Information Part Other Information
Participants Solicitation Participation Plan
Passengers Pay Period
Paying Cost Proxy Solicitation Pension
Pension Benefits Pension Contribution Deferral Obligations
Pension Contribution Payment Deferrals Pension Costs
Pension Fund Progress Pension Protection Act
Pension Protection Act 2006 Performance Based Long-term Incentive Plan
Performance Incentive Awards Performance Undertaking
Period Scheduling Special Shareholder Meetings Permitted Disposition Means Asset Sale Described Schedule 607
Permitted Lease Waiver Amount Meaning Set Forth Clause Perquisite Program
Picket Lines Sympathetic Action Piggyback Operations
Plan Administration Plan Assets Represents Currently Invested Plans Used Calculating
Plan Formula Please Read Agreement Carefully Contains Release Known Unknown
Pledges Collateral Further Assurances After Amendment Effective Posting Agreement
Posting Seniority List Potential Payments Termination Change Control
Preamble Preliminary Statements
Preparation Testing Prepayment Event Means Asset Sale Net Cash Proceeds
Prepayment Event Means Without Duplication Prepayments
Prepayments Borrowings President Ceo Compensation
Principal Principal Accountants Fees Services
Principles Consolidation Principles Consolidation Accounting Policies
Principles Consolidation Summary Accounting Policies Prior Grant Options
Pro Forma Information Pro Forma Results
Probable Suspicion Testing Probationary Employees
Proceeds Profit Sharing Plan
Properties Property Equipment
Property Equipment Definite Life Intangibles Proposal Elect Directors
Proposal Ratify Appointment Independent Public Accountants Proposal Ratify Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Proposals Considered Routine Non-routine Proposed Financing
Proposed Financings Proposed Merger
Provided Monthly Report Delivered 2009 Shall Not Due Provided Respect Payment Required Reduce Effective Receivable Interest
Proxies Solicited Bear Cost Proxies Vote Other Business Brought Meeting
Proxy Statement Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Purchase Rights
Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Registrant Duly
Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Report Been Qualifications Equipment
Qualifications Training Qualified Defined Benefit Plans
Qualified Nonqualified Defined Benefit Pension Plans Qualified Plans
Qualitative Quantitative Disclosures Market Risk Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Random Testing Rant Ash Erformance Ward Estricted Tock
Rant Hare Nits Rant Ption
Ratable Indenture Liens Means Granted Respect Required Debentures Ratification Collective Bargaining Agreement Modification
Real Estate Asset Sale Means Respect Property Assets Real Estate Sales
Real Estate Sales Contract Receivable Sales
Receivables Purchase Agreement Receivables Sales
Receive Paper E-mail Copy Above Listed Documents Request Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recitals Reclassifications
Recognition Record Retention
Redemption Redemptions
Reenwich Apital Arkets Agent Refinancings Indebtedness Extent Permitted 601
Regional Companies Yellow Roadway Corporation Announce Realignment Regional Transportation Results
Registered Public Accounting Firm Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 913 696-6100 Regular Employment
Regulation Regulation Disclosure
Reimer Express Lines Related Parties
Related Party Transactions Relationship Employees Deteriorate Faced Labor Disruptions Stoppages Adversely
Relationship Employees Deteriorate Faced Labor Disruptions Stoppages Material Release
Reliable Ground Transportation Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Signatures Following Reorganization Acquisition Charges
Reorganization Settlements Repayments Indebtedness Subsidiaries Industrial Revenue Bonds Existing Amendment
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Obligors Required Lenders Shall Not Waived Violation 607 Within
Rerate Reserves Restated Receivables Purchase Agreement
Restricted Cash Restricted Stock Awards
Restricted Stock Unit Awards Restructuring
Restructuring Impairment Charges Results
Results Operations Results Operations Financial Condition
Return Duty After Positive Greater State Limit Alcohol Return Employment After Positive Urine Drug Test
Return Plan Assets Revenue Recognition
Revenue Reserves Review Financial Results
Revoke Proxy Revolver Reserve
Revolver Reserve Amount Revolver Reserve Amount Meaning Assigned Such Term 212
Riders Risk Interest Rates
Risk Interest Rates Equity Prices Risks Uncertainties
Risks Uncertainties Regarding Future Liquidity Risks Uncertainties Relating Liquidity
Roadway Roadway Corporation
Roadway Express Roadway Express New Penn Results
Roadway Express Results Roadway Llc Results
Roadway Results Roadway Senior Notes
Safe Equipment Sale Accounts Receivable
Sale Leaseback Closing Sars
Savings Clause Savings Plan
Savings Plans Savings Plans Profit Sharing
Secured Obligations Means Together Swap Banking Services Owing Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management See Accompanying Notes
Seek Modifications Labor Contract Segment Information
Segment Reporting Selected Financial Data
Selected Segment Highlights 2004 Compared 2003 Selected Segment Highlights 2005
Selected Segment Highlights 2006 Senior Credit Facility
Senior Unsecured Credit Facility Separability Savings Clause
Separation Employment Servicer Defaults
Severance Other Termination-of-employment Benefits Sfas 123 Revised 2004 Share-based Payment
Sfas 153 Exchange Nonmonetary Assets-an Amendment Apb Opinion Shanghai Jiayu Logistics Ltd
Share Repurchase Program Shared Services
Shareholder Approval Not Required Issue Shares Shares Vote
Shipments Transit Short-term Borrowings Long-term Debt
Sick Leave Signature
Signature Page Follows Signature Pages Follow
Signatures Signatures Follow
Signed Dated Agreement Below Indicate Acceptance Provisions Acknowledge Significant Ongoing Capital Requirements Reduce Income Unable Generate
Single Bargaining Unit Sleeper Cab Equipment
Sleeper Cab Occupants Sleeper Cab Operations
Special Grievance Procedure Specimen Testing Procedures
Srp Benefits State Law
State-specific Provisions Come State-by-state Basis Stewards
Stock Based Compensation Stock Repurchase Program
Stock-based Compensation Stockholder Record Shares Vote
Strengthens Focus Customer Service Sales Other Key Functions Struck Goods
Subcontracting Subject Business Risks Increasing Costs Associated Transportation Industry
Subject General Economic Factors Largely Out Control Material Subject General Economic Factors Largely Out Control Significantly
Subject Various Environmental Laws Regulations Costs Compliance Liabilities Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Submission Proposals Stockholders Subsequent Events
Subsidiary Guarantee Agreement Subsidiary Guaranties
Subsidiary Guarantors Substance Abuse Professional Sap
Successor Such Asset Sale Other Investments Permitted 613 Arms-length
Summary Summary Certain Federal Income Tax Consequences
Summary Offering Table Summary Results
Supplemental Guarantee Supplemental Indenture
Supplemental Information Supplemental Retirement Benefits
Supplemental Retirement Income Agreement Supplemental Retirement Plans
Supplements Master Agreement Survey Group
Suspension Revocation License Sympathetic Action
Table Contents Team Classifications
Teamster Approval Credit Agreement Teamsters Vote Contract Modifications
Teamsters Voting Contract Modifications Temporary Authority
Tender Offer Senior Notes Termination Material Definitive Agreement
Terms Options Tier Foreign Insurance Subsidiary Means Formed Purpose Providing
Time Sheets Clocks Timely Payment Grievances
Times Board Directors Includes Least Independent Title Class
Tranche Available Commitment Means Time Aggregate Then Effect Tranche Available Revolving Commitment Means Time Aggregate Then
Transfer Title Interest Transferability
Transportation Industry Affected Business Risks Increasing Costs Largely Transportation Industry Affected Business Risks Largely Out Control
Truckload Results Uncertain Tax Positions
Uncollectible Accounts Uniforms
Union Activities Union Bulletin Boards
Union Liability Union Shop
Unions Covered Update
Update Acquisition Usf Corporation Nasdaq Usfc Update Proposed Exchange Offer Discussions
Urine Collection Kits Forms Usf Corporation
Usf Red Star Usf Red Star Inc
Usf Reddaway Bestway Consolidate Holland Expands Coverage Usf Senior Notes
Utility Employee Utility Employee Rate
Utility Employee Sleeper Team Premiums V-compliance 162 Tax Code
Vehicle Title Custodian Meaning Assigned Such Term 1103 Vi-general Provisions
Video Cameras Discipline Discharge Violation Law
Vote Confidential Vote Important
Vote Telephone Over Internet Not Mail Proxy Card Votes Needed Approval Each Proposal
Waivers Waivers Received Until Bank Amendment Concludes Early
What Broker Non-vote What Difference Between Holding Shares Stockholder Record Beneficial
What Happens Not Give Specific Voting Instructions What Matters Voting
What Mean Get Proxy Card What Quorum
What Quorum Requirement Annual Meeting What Voting Requirement Approve Each Proposals
Whether Not Plan Attend Annual Meeting Urge Vote William Zollars Employment Agreement 2006 Entered Contains Following
Witnesseth Work Assignments
Work Opportunity Work Preservation
Work Rules Work Stoppages
Workers Compensation Pay Dispute Workweek Reduction
Yellow Pension Plan Yellow Roadway Ceo Establishes 10b5-1 Trading Plan
Yellow Roadway Corporation Yellow Roadway Corporation Acquire Usf
Yellow Roadway Corporation Board Directors Authorizes Stock Repurchase Yellow Roadway Corporation Delivers Successful
Yellow Roadway Corporation Reconfirms 2005 Guidance Yellow Roadway Corporation Reports Eps Growth Over
Yellow Roadway Corporation Reports Highest Quarterly Eps History Yellow Roadway Corporation Reports Record Business Units
Yellow Roadway Corporation Updates Guidance Yellow Roadway Prices 150 Senior Floating Rate Notes
Yellow Roadway Reaffirms Confidence Value Usf Acquisition Yellow Roadway Strength Experience Unite Yrc
Yellow Roadway Successfully Closes Usf Acquisition Yellow Roadway Technologies
Yellow Roadway Usf Respective Directors Executive Officers Deemed Yellow Transportation
Yellow Transportation Results Yrc Brand
Yrc Enterprise Solutions Group Yrc Integration
Yrc Logistics Yrc Logistics Results
Yrc National Integration Leadership Yrc National Transportation
Yrc Regional Transportation Yrc Reimer
Yrc Truckload Yrc Truckload Results
Yrc Worldwide Yrc Worldwide Accelerates Integration Strategy
Yrc Worldwide Advances Functional Organization Structure Leadership Changes Yrc Worldwide Announces 2nd Earnings
Yrc Worldwide Announces Earnings Yrc Worldwide Announces Organizational Changes
Yrc Worldwide Announces Plans Acquire Shanghai Jiayu Logistics Yrc Worldwide Announces Redemption Notes
Yrc Worldwide Appoints Jim Kissinger Executive Vice President Yrc Worldwide Appoints Paul Liljegren Interim Chief Financial
Yrc Worldwide Board Directors Authorizes Stock Repurchase Yrc Worldwide Ceo Establishes 10b5-1 Trading Plan
Yrc Worldwide Clarifies Bank Amendment Terms Yrc Worldwide Clarifies Impact Credit Rating Change
Yrc Worldwide Commences Debt Equity Exchange Offer Yrc Worldwide Delivers Another Record
Yrc Worldwide Delivers Another Strong Yrc Worldwide Extends Debt-for-equity Offers
Yrc Worldwide Finalizes Agreement Teamsters Pension Fund Yrc Worldwide Finalizes Bank Amendment
Yrc Worldwide Further Enhances Financial Position Yrc Worldwide Gets Approvals Debt-for-equity Offers
Yrc Worldwide Inc Yrc Worldwide Inc William Zollars
Yrc Worldwide Increases Earnings Guidance Yrc Worldwide Increases Revenue Over
Yrc Worldwide Lenders Agree Extend Provisions Credit Facilities Yrc Worldwide Makes Significant Progress Comprehensive Plan
Yrc Worldwide Names New Board Members Michael Byrnes Yrc Worldwide Names Senior Leaders New Functional Organization
Yrc Worldwide Provides Update Comprehensive Plan Yrc Worldwide Provides Update Ratification Labor Contract Changes
Yrc Worldwide Reaches Tentative Agreement Teamsters Yrc Worldwide Reaffirms Financial Condition
Yrc Worldwide Record Non-cash Impairment Charges Yrc Worldwide Reports 2008 Results
Yrc Worldwide Reports 2009 Results Yrc Worldwide Reports Full-year 2007 Earnings
Yrc Worldwide Reports Highest Quarterly Eps History Yrc Worldwide Reports Record Quarterly Revenue Earnings
Yrc Worldwide Revises Debt-for-equity Offers Yrc Worldwide Seeks Modify Teamsters Labor Contract
Yrc Worldwide Subsidiaries Begin Labor Negotiations Early Yrc Worldwide Successfully Integrates National Networks
Yrc Worldwide Teamsters Employees Vote Contract Modifications Yrc Worldwide Updates 2008 Guidance
Yrc Worldwide Updates Earnings Guidance 
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