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Abstentions Broker Non-votes Treated Access Information
Accessing Yahoo Inc Annual Reports Proxy Materials Via Accrued Expenses Other Current Liabilities
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss
Acquisition Completed 2002 Acquisitions
Acquisitions Completed 2005 Acquisitions Result Operating Difficulties Unanticipated Liabilities
Acquisitions Strategic Investments Result Adverse Impacts Operations Unanticipated Acquisitions Transactions Completed 2005
Additional Employment Rights Address Principal Executive Offices Including Zip Code
Adjustments Adjustments Changes Capitalization
Adjustments Changes Capitalization Dissolution Liquidation Sale Adjustments Target Awards
Administration Adopted Pursuant
Adoption Executive Incentive Plan Adoption New Executive Incentive Programs
Advertisers Marketing Solutions Tools Advertisers-marketing Services
Advertising Costs Affiliate Commitments
Affiliate Sites Refers Yahoos Distribution Network Third-party Entities Affiliate Transactions
Aggregate Past Purchases 1996 Employee Stock Purchase Plan Aggregated Option Exercises Last End Values
Agreed Voluntarily Executed Agreement Acceptable Please Sign Below After Separation Date
Ahoo Alibaba China
Alibaba International Alibaba Investment
Alibabacom Alibabacom Media Relations Contacts
Alipay Online Payment Solution Allocation Purchase Price
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Also Face Competition Other Internet Service Companies Including
Also Face Competition Other Internet Service Providers Including Amended Restated 1996 Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Amended Restated 1996 Employee Stock Purchase Plan Notice Amended Restated 2007
Amendment Amendment Bylaws
Amendment Termination Amendment Termination Purchase Plan
Amendments Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amortization Intangibles Annex
Annual Cash Bonuses Annual Meeting Stockholders
Answers Anti-takeover Provisions Make Difficult Party Acquire
Anti-takeover Provisions Make Difficult Third-party Acquire Appendix
Applicability Appointment Certain Officers
Appointment Officers Approval Amendments Amended Restated 1995 Stock Plan
Arbitration Arbitration Acknowledge Reviewed Agree Enclosed Agreement Guide2workingyahoo At-will
Assets Sufficiency Assignment Transfer
Audience Audit Committee
Audit Committee Report Authority
Authority Duties Officers Authorization Etc
Authorization Signature Authorized Signatures-sign Here-this Completed Instructions Executed
Autos Available Information
Avenue Sunnyvale California 94089 Avenue Sunnyvale California 94089 Address Principal Executive Offices
Award Paid Cash Award Paid Cash Stock Option
Award Paid Stock Awards Restricted Stock Units
Base Salaries Base Salary
Base Salary Bonus Basic Diluted Net Income Per Share
Basis Fair Value Measurement Basis Presentation
Bear Cost Soliciting Votes Annual Meeting Before Seperation Date
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Benefit Plans
Benefits Binding Effect Agreement Shall Inure Benefit Parties Hereto
Binding Letter Agreement General Terms Board Action Written Consent Without Meeting
Board Committee Human Rights Board Directors Statement Against Stockholder Proposal
Board Directors Statement Recommendation Against Stockholder Proposal Board Recommend Vote Proposals
Bonus Bound Plan
Broadband Business Outlook
Business Segment Results Capital Expenditures
Capitalization Etc Cash Equivalents Short Long-term Investments
Cash Flow Balance Cash Flow Changes
Cash Flow Information Certain Markets Depend Limited Number Sources Direct Significant
Certain Transactions Certificate Book Entry Form Legend
Certification Ceo Cfo Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Certification Ceo Pursuant Securities Exchange Act Rules 13a-14
Certification Cfo Pursuant Securities Exchange Act Rules 13a-14 Certification Chief Executive Officer Financial Pursuant Usc 1350
Certification Chief Executive Officer Pursuant Securities Exchange Act Certification Chief Financial Officer Pursuant Securities Exchange Act
Chairman Vice Board Directors Change Control Following Provisions Shall Apply Event Prior
Change Control Following Provisions Shall Apply Event Such Change Control Severance Benefits
Change Vote Revoke Proxy Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Regulations User Concerns Regarding Privacy Protection Data Charter Review
Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer
Code Conduct Code Ethics
Committee Minutes Committee Responsibilities
Committees Directors Common Stock 001 Par Value
Communications Communications Communities
Communications Communities Front Doors Communications Connected Life
Communications Consumer Services Communications Directors
Communities Compensation
Compensation Arrangement Yang Compensation Arrangements Bartz
Compensation Chief Executive Officer Compensation Committee Actions After 2007
Compensation Committee Actions After 2008 Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Discussion Analysis Compensation Philosophy Review
Competition Compliance Laws Instruments Consents
Composition Committee Comprehensive Income
Concentration Risk Conditions Commencement Termination Prior
Conference Call Conference Call 530 Pdt Wednesday
Confidentiality Conflict Execution Delivery Performance Agreement Such Shareholder Not
Conflicts Etc Execution Delivery Performance Agreement Ancillary Agreements Connected Life
Consent Independent Auditors Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consent Spouse Consolidated Balance Sheet Data
Consolidated Balance Sheets Data Consolidated Financial Statement Details Other Income Net
Consolidated Financial Statements Statement Schedule Consolidated Statements Income Data
Consolidated Statements Operations Data Consolidated Subsidiaries
Construction Definitions Contingencies
Continuance Employment Service Required Contracts
Contractual Obligations Commitments Controls Procedures
Copy Bylaws Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Guidelines Corporate Limited Liability Partnership Power Authority Case Execute
Corporate Status Corporate Transactions
Cost Initiatives Cost Reduction Initiatives
Cost Reduction Initiatives Not Yield Anticipated Benefits Manage Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities
Council Institutional Investors Endorsed Advisory Votes Bill Allow Counterparts
Counterparts Agreement Executed Several Each Shall Deemed Original Covenants
Creditor Not Know Suspect Exist His Her Favor Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
Critical Accounting Policies Judgments Estimates Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Daniel Rosensweig Data Provisions
Date Incentive Payments Date Other Companies Also Agreed Advisory Vote Including
Death Optionee Debt
Decreases Delays Advertising Spending Advertisers Due General Economic Decreases Delays Advertising Spending Due General Economic Conditions
Dedicated Considerable Resources Provide Variety Premium Services Might Dedicated Considerable Resources Provide Variety Premium Services Not
Deferral Election Form Deferred Income Tax Asset Valuation Allowance
Deferred Other Long-term Tax Liabilities Net Delegation Subcommittee
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Llc Departure Director
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Deterioration General Economic Conditions Caused Cause Additional Decreases Dex
Difficulty Scaling Adapting Existing Technology Architecture Accommodate Increased Director Compensation
Director Independence Director Restricted Stock Unit Award Agreement
Directors Disability Optionee
Disbursements Disclosure Controls Procedures
Dividend Equivalents Dividends
Documents Incorporated Reference Each Yahoo Softbank Management Members Representative Not Subsidiaries
Earnings Equity Interests Ebt
Eip Acknowledgement Eip Bonus Pool Allocation Individual Awards
Eip Bonus Pool Funding Eip Effective Period
Eip Interpretation Elated Arty Ransactions
Elect Receive Yahoo Stockholder Communications Electronically Rather Through Election
Election Director Election Directors
Elements Executive Officer Compensation Eligibility
Eligibility Participation Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Employees Employment Agreements
Employment At-will Employees Only Employment Contracts Termination Change Control Arrangements
Employment Letter Balogh Enhanced Offerings Systems Improve Monetization
Enrollment Agreement Entertainment
Entire Agreement Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Compensation Plans
Equity Investment Alibaba Equity Investment Yahoo Japan
Equity-based Awards Established New Alliances Industry Partners
Established New Alliances Partnerships Estimate Tax Liabilities Final Determination Subject Review Domestic
Evaluation Committee Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Exceeds Revenue Business Outlook Demonstrates Ongoing Improvements Search
Exceptions Modifications Exclusive Technology License
Execution Corporate Contracts Instruments Executive Compensation Advisory Vote
Executive Compensation Program Objectives Overview Executive Compensation Programs
Executive Officers Executives
Exercise Option Exercise Price Term Options
Exhibits Expect Operating Expenses Continue Increase Attempt Expand Yahoo
Expenses Expenses Except Set Forth Below Otherwise Specifically Provided
Explanatory Exposure Additional Tax Liabilities Negatively Impact Income Provision
Extension Negotiation Period Enter Definitive Search Advertising Services Extension Option Exercise Period
Face Competition Other Providers Search Marketing Affect Operating Face Competition Other Providers Sponsored Search Advertising Services
Face Significant Competition Companies Such Time Warners Aol Face Significant Competition Large-scale Internet Content Product Service
Face Significant Competition Traditional Media Companies Adversely Affect Face Significant Competition Traditional Media Companies Affect Operating
Face Significant Competition Users Advertisers Publishers Distributors Principally Fail Detect Click Spam Lose Confidence Advertisers Thereby
Fail Detect Click-through Fraud Lose Confidence Advertisers Thereby Fail Detect Click-through Spam Lose Confidence Advertisers Thereby
Fail Prevent Click Fraud Choose Manage Traffic Quality Fail Prevent Click Fraud Choose Manage Undesirable Clicks
Failure Manage Expansion Diversification Changes Business Adversely Affect Failure Manage Growth Diversification Business Harm
Failure Manage Growth Diversification Changes Business Harm Failure Scale Adapt Existing Technology Architecture Manage Expansion
Fair Value Financial Instruments Farzad Nazem
Federal Income Tax Aspects 1995 Stock Plan Federal Income Tax Aspects Directors Plan
Fees Billed Services Rendered Principal Registered Public Accounting Fees Compensation Directors
Fees Revenue Financial Highlights
Financial Results Financial Results Particular Period Not Predict Future Periods
Financial Statements Financial Statements Exhibits
Financing Fluctuations Foreign Currency Exchange Rates Affect Operating Results
Foreign Currency Foreign Currency Risk
Form 10-k Form 10-k Amendment
Form 10-q Form 8-k
Form Release Form Timing Payment
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Founded 1975 Microsoft Nasdaq Msft Worldwide Leader Software
Front Doors Full 2007 Financial Results
Full 2007 Segment Financial Results Full 2008 Financial Results
Full 2008 Segment Financial Results Full Operating Income Before Depreciation Amortization Stock-based Compensation
Further Actions Future Subject Intellectual Property Infringement Claims Costly Defend
Future Subject Intellectual Property Infringement Other Third-party Claims General
General Administrative General Services
Generate Revenues Geographic Areas
Global Business Global Deal Creates Better Choice Consumers Advertisers
Goodwill Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Governing Law Governing Law Dispute Resolution
Grant Exercise Options Grant Option
Grant Restricted Stock Grant Restricted Stock Award
Grant Restricted Stock Unit Award Grant Restricted Stock Units
Grants Plan-based Awards-fiscal 2008 Headings
Held 2007 Held 2009
Highlights However
Income Taxes Incorporation Plan Capitalized Terms
Incorporation Reference Indemnification
Indemnification Agreement Indemnification Directors Officers Employees Other Agents
Indemnification Yahoo Alibaba Independent Consultant Peer Group
Index Index Exhibits
Individuals Utilizing Non-pc Devices Access Internet Versions Service Individuals Utilizing Non-personal Computer Devices Access Internet Versions
Information Information Content
Information Entertainment Information Rights
Inktomi Insert Address
Insolvency Inspection Directors
Intangible Assets Net Intangible Assets Other Goodwill
Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Rights Committed Make Certain Payments Various
Intellectual Property Rights Valuable Failure Inability Sufficiently Protect Intellectual Property Rights Valuable Inability Protect Them Reduce
Interest Rate Risk Interested Directors
Internal Control Integrated Framework Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Internal Control-integrated Framework Internal Software Website Development Costs
International International Markets Compete Local Internet Service Providers Competitive
International Operations Subject Increased Risks Harm Business Operating Interruptions Delays Failures Provision Services Damage Brand Harm
Interruptions Delays Failures Provision Services Harm Operating Results Introduced Social Community Tools Expanded Offerings Content Yahoo
Introduction Invalid Provision
Invested New Existing Offerings Further Improve User Experience Investigations Studies Outside Advisers
Investment Gmarket Inc Investment Risk
Investments Equity Interests Issuer Purchases Equity Securities
Issues Jobs
Joint Venture Networks Limited Jorgensen Separation Agreement
Kelkoo Lease Commitments Leases Office Space Data Centers Operating
Leaves Absence Part-time Employees Legal Proceedings
License Agreement Lifestyles
Limit Other Authority Limitation
Limitation Preemptive Rights Limitations Participation
Limitations Rights Associated Units Limited Non-exclusive Patent Cross License
Liquidity Capital Resources Local
Long-lived Assets Long-term Debt
Long-term Incentive Equity Awards Long-term Incentives
Long-term Performance Retention Arrangements Certain Key Executives Lost Certificates
Maintains Strong Balance Sheet Cash Marketable Debt Securities Maintains Strong Balance Sheet Over Cash Marketable Debt
Maintenance Inspection Records Majority Revenues Derived Marketing Services Reduction Spending Loss
Management Board Directors Changes Management Change
Management Members Representative Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Market Information Common Stock Marketing
Marketing Services Businesses Marketing Services Revenue
Marketplace Material Modification Security Holders
Matters Require Approval Board Shareholders Matters Require Approval Yahoo Except Prior Written Not
Media Entertainment Media Relations Contacts
Meetings Meetings Action Committees
Meetings Committees Board Directors Meetings Procedures Committee
Membership Merger Sale Assets
Method Exercise Method Payment
Microsoft Microsoft Yahoo Change Search Landscape
Microsofts Unsolicited Acquisition Proposal Created Distraction Management Uncertainty Minority Interests Operations Consolidated Subsidiaries
Minutes Reports Miscellaneous
Mobile Modifications
Morse Appointed Chief Financial Officer Yahoo Musicmatch
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Narrative Disclosure Summary Compensation Table Grants Plan-based Awards
Negotiation Execution Definitive Agreements Networks Limited
New Hires New Technologies Block Ads Harm Operating Results
New Technologies Block Advertisements Search Marketing Listings Harm Nolo Contendere
Nomination Director Candidates Nominees
Non-employee Director Compensation Table Non-equity Incentive Plan Awards
Non-gaap Financial Measures Non-transferability Awards
Non-transferability Option Noncompetition
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Not Able Generate Substantial Revenues Alliances Internet Access
Not Applicable Not Successful Expanding Number Users E-commerce Offerings Result
Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2005
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2006 Notice Disqualifying Disposition Incentive Stock Option Shares
Notice Exercise Notice Intention Exercise Stock Option
Notice Restricted Stock Unit Grant Notice Stock Option Grant
Notices Number 0-28018
Number 000-28018 Objectives Eip
Obligations Obtain Separate Set Proxy Materials Share Address Other
Offering Periods Purchase Price Offerings Businesses
Offerings Services Advertisers Publishers Offerings Users
Office Expenses Removal Replacement Officers
Open Platforms Operating Expenses Continue Increase Rate Faster Grow Revenues
Operating Income Before Depreciation Amortization Stock-based Compensation Expense Operating Leases
Option Exercises Stock Vested Option Exercises Stock Vested 2007
Option Exercises Stock Vested-fiscal 2008 Option Grants Last
Options Options Stock Appreciation Rights
Ordinary Shares Closing Date Number Voting Agreement Shall Other Acquisitions
Other Acquisitions Business Combinations Other Acquisitions-business Combinations
Other Agreements Yahoo Not Enter Agreement Understanding Person Other Assets
Other Commitments Other Events
Other Income Net Other Information
Other Liabilities Other Long-term Assets
Other Long-term Liabilities Other Matters
Other Offerings Services Other Tasks Responsibilities
Other Transactions Shall Been Consummated Prior Closing Date Oversee Financial Reporting
Oversee Internal Audit Controls Risk Management Oversee Legal Ethical Compliance
Overture Overview
Ownership Shares Part
Part Financial Information Part Other Information
Patent License Option Pay-for-superior-performance Proposal
Payment Adjustments Etc Payroll Deductions
Performance Graph Performance Highlights
Performance Restricted Stock Unit Award Agreement Performance-based Awards
Performance-based Requirements Performance-based Vesting
Personals Plan Benefits
Plan Continue Operate International Markets Limited Experience Rely Plan Expand Operations International Markets Limited Experience Rely
Policy Attending Annual Meeting Stockholders Policy Respect 162
Potential Continuing Uncertainty Resulting Microsofts Recent Unsolicited Acquisition Potential Payments Termination Change Control
Power Attorney Preemptive Rights
Preliminary Premium Internet Packages
Prepaid Expenses Other Current Asset Prepaid Expenses Other Current Assets
President Product Development
Promotions Eip-eligible Positions Properties
Property Equipment Property Equipment Net
Proposal Approval Amendments 1995 Stock Plan Proposal Approval Increase Shares Common Stock Amended Restated
Proposal Ratification Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Proposal Stockholder
Propose Actions Consideration Next Annual Meeting Nominate Individuals Proprietary Document Formats Limit Effectiveness Search Technology Preventing
Provided Proxies
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Yahoo Inc Annual Proxy Statement
Public Accounting Firm Publishers Alliances Partnerships
Purpose Purpose Committee
Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Conference Call Quorum
Read Understood Provisions Eip Hereby Agree Accept Terms Real Estate
Real Property Receiving Materials
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Bylaw Amendment
Recent Sales Unregistered Securities Recitals
Recommendation Board Directors Reduction Option Grants
Reduction Option Term Regarding Non-gaap Financial Measures
Registered Public Accounting Firm Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 408 349-3300
Regulation Disclosure Regulatory Review
Related Party Transaction Policy Related Party Transactions
Release Claims Relocation Assistance
Rely Distribution Agreements Relationships Various Parties Failure Obtain Rely Distribution Agreements Relationships Various Third-parties Failure Obtain
Rely Party Providers Principal Internet Connections Technologies Databases Rely Party Providers Rich Media Products Provide Technologies
Rely Party Providers Streaming Media Products Broadcast Audio Rely Party Providers Streaming Media Products Stream Audio
Rely Third-party Providers Rich Media Products Provide Technologies Rely Value Brands Failure Maintain Enhance Yahoo Cost-effective
Rely Value Yahoo Brand Failure Maintain Enhance Cost Rely Value Yahoo Brands Failure Maintain Enhance Cost-effective
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Removal Directors
Removal Resignation Officers Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Representation Shares Other Corporations Representations Performance
Representations Performance Etc Representations Warranties
Representative Computershare Trust Tabulate Votes Act Inspector Elections Representative Equiserve Trust Tabulate Votes Act Inspector Elections
Repricing Required Record Significant Charge Earnings Goodwill Amortizable Intangible
Required Vote Required Vote Interests Directors Executive Officers
Required Vote Interests Executive Officers Requirements Stockholder Proposals Considered Inclusion Proxy Materials
Requirements Stockholder Proposals Not Intended Inclusion Proxy Materials Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Award Agreement Restricted Stock Unit Award Agreement
Restricted Stock Units Restrictions
Restrictions Exercise Results
Results Operations Financial Condition Revenue Recognition
Revenue Results Revenue Share Payments Other
Revenue Sources Revenues
Richard Bangs Adventures Right Exercise
Sales Sales Marketing
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Schedule
Schedule 14a Schedule Ii-valuation Qualifying Accounts
Schedule Valuation Qualifying Accounts 2004 2005 2006 Schedule Valuation Qualifying Accounts 2005 2006 2007
Seal Search
Search Advertising Services Sales Agreement Search Agreement
Search Marketplace Secondary Share Purchase Agreement
Secretary Securities Act 1933 Amended Not Transferred Absence Such
Securities Exchange Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Securities Underlying Awards See
Segment Financial Results Segments
Selling Shareholders Representative Service Level Agreements
Shall Begin End Share Certificates Uncertificated Shares
Share-counting Rules Restricted Stock Units Shareholder Actions
Shareholders Agreement Shares Present Represented Conduct Business Annual Meeting
Shares Voted Return Blank Proxy Card Shopping
Sign-on Bonus Signature
Signatures Small Business
Some Shared Revenue Arrangements Not Generate Anticipated Revenues Special Designation Certificates
Specific Benefits Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Compensation Stock Option Restricted Grants
Stock Option Restricted Unit Grants Stock Options
Stock Ownership Program Stock Plan
Stock Plans Stock Price Been Volatile Historically Continue Regardless Operating
Stock Purchase Contribution Agreement Stock Repurchase Programs
Stock Repurchase Transactions Stock Repurchases
Stock Split Stock Transfer Agreements
Stock-based Compensation Stock-based Compensation Expense
Stockholder Proposal Stockholder Rights Plan
Stockholders Equity Stockholders Record Close Business 2005 Date Entitled Notice
Stockholders Record Close Business 2006 Date Entitled Notice Strengthened International Presence
Structured Stock Repurchase Structured Stock Repurchases
Subject Foreign Government Regulation Internet Claims Remedies Including Subject Foreign Government Regulation Internet Mobile Voice Over
Subject Foreign Government Regulation Internet Voice Over Protocol Subject Legal Liability Online Services
Subject United States Foreign Government Regulation Internet Mobile Subject United States Foreign Government Regulation Internet Voice
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subordinate Officers
Subsequent Events Subsequent Events Stock Repurchase Program
Successors Sue James Elected Yahoos Board Directors
Summary Summary Compensation Payable Named Executive Officers
Summary Compensation Table Summary Description 1995 Stock Plan Proposed Amended
Summary Description 1996 Employee Stock Purchase Plan Summary Description Directors Plan
Summary Significant Accounting Policies Sunnyvale Calif 2005
Sunnyvale Calif Beijing 2005 Sunnyvale California 94089
Supervise Independent Audit Supplemental Cash Flow Disclosure
Supplemental Cash Flow Disclosures Supplemental Information Regarding Projected Incremental Impact Microsoft Search
Supplemental Release Supplemental Schedule
Supporting Statement Survival Representations Warranties Etc Contained Agreement Shall Survive
Survival Rights Tag-along Described Sections Through Shall Terminate Table Contents
Tao Bao Share Purchase Agreement Taobao
Target Awards Tax Information
Tax Matters Tax Withholding
Technology Term
Term Option Termination Agreement Terminated Time Prior Closing Date
Termination Employment Termination Employment Loss Eligibility
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Termination Provisions
Termination Relationship Terminations Employment
Terms Conditions Award Terms Options
Time-based Awards Only Time-based Vesting
Title Class Title Shares Capitalization Etc
Tockholders Quity Traffic Acquisition Costs
Traffic Acquisition Costs Tac Transactions
Transactions Completed 2005 Transactions Completed 2006
Transactions Completed 2007 Transfer Agent
Transfer Restrictions Transfer Stock
Transfers Transition Implementation Plan
Travel Treatment Outstanding Equity Awards
Ubsequent Vents Unable Attract Sustain Renew Distribution Arrangements Favorable Terms
Unable License Acquire Compelling Content Reasonable Costs Not Unable Maintain Caliber Existing Senior Management Key Personnel
Unable Provide Innovative Search Technologies Other Services Generate Unable Provide Search Technologies Other Services Generate Significant
Unable Provide Search Technologies Services Generate Significant Traffic Unable Recruit Retain Key Personnel Might Not Able
Unable Retain Existing Senior Management Key Personnel Hire Uncertainty Resulting Pending Agreement Microsoft Adversely Affect Business
Uncertainty Resulting Potential Proposals Acquire Part Yahoo Adversely United States
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds User Offerings
Users Engagement Services Offerings Users-engagement Offerings
Vacancies Offices Verdisoft Corporation
Vesting Options Vice Presidents
Vote Shares Annual Meeting Vote Shares Without Attending Annual Meeting
Vote Telephone Internet Please Not Mail Back Proxy Voting
Voting Agreement Waiver Notice
What Effect Abstentions Broker Non-votes Proposals What Happens Additional Matters Presented Annual Meeting
What Information Contained Materials What Mean Receive Proxy Voting Instruction Card
What Need Admission Annual Meeting What Proposals Voted Annual Meeting
What Quorum Not Present Meeting What Shares Vote
What Vote Required Approve Each Proposals Witness Whereof
Yahoo Yahoo Auctions
Yahoo Autos Yahoo Communities
Yahoo Desktop Search Yahoo Europe Korea
Yahoo Executive Incentive Plan Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Front Page Yahoo Games
Yahoo Health Yahoo Hotjobs
Yahoo Inc Yahoo Inc Form 10-k 2006 Index
Yahoo Inc Form 10-k 2007 Yahoo Japan License Fee Calculation Example
Yahoo Local Yahoo Mail
Yahoo Maps Yahoo Media Relations Contacts
Yahoo Messenger Voice Yahoo Mobile
Yahoo Music Yahoo News
Yahoo Personals Yahoo Photos
Yahoo Real Estate Yahoo Reports 2009 Results
Yahoo Reports Full 2008 Financial Results Yahoo Search
Yahoo Search Mobile Yahoo Shopping
Yahoo Small Business Yahoo Sports
Yahoo Toolbar Yahoo Travel
Yahoo Yellow Pages Yahooligans
Yes Following Requirements Apply Stockholder Proposals Including Director 
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