New Home Construction

MarketWatch  Jul 19  Comment 
New home construction was hotter than expected in June and May figures were revised up, signalling that the housing recovery is still on track.
Channel News Asia  Jul 19  Comment 
Construction of new US homes rebounded in June to its highest level in four months, a sign that homebuilders may finally be responding to soaring demand, official figures showed Wednesday.
Wall Street Journal  Apr 18  Comment 
U.S. housing starts declined in March, but not enough to signal a reversal from the long-term trend of improvement in new home construction.
Forbes  Sep 23  Comment 
Building product providers, such as manufacturers of roofing products, windows/doors, fencing, or even shutters, offer an opportunity to partake in the new home construction housing market, while also benefiting from growing home renovations and...
Wall Street Journal  May 7  Comment 
The average cost for home builders to comply with regulations for new home construction has increased by nearly 30% over the last five years, according to new research from the National Association of Home Builders.
The Australian  Apr 4  Comment 
New home construction is tipped to run out of puff soon, despite better than expected figures in February.
New York Times  Oct 19  Comment 
The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo builder sentiment index rose this month to its highest level since October 2005, which could lead to a pickup in new home construction.
Forbes  Jun 8  Comment 
It’s no secret that the Texas economy has been on fire in recent years. Thanks to the unconventional oil boom, last year the state’s oil output reached levels not seen since 1976. That sparked a surge in new home construction and a...
Market Intelligence Center  May 20  Comment 
After being stalled by a brutal winter in the first quarter, the housing market started to show signs of a spring rebound. This is especially true given the latest upbeat data, which showed that new home construction jumped the highest in nearly...


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